The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1935
Page 3
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IDKESDAY, MARCH e, 1935 IfC'omiiniPd Pi am I'iiai! n T by ills early majority, lived a Work Never Finished While Life Remains Said Holmes BLYTHBVILLB, (ABfeJi JDOU&IBR WASHINGTON, Mar. G iUP> — "Coath plucks my ear and says 'live, 1 am coming.' ' With thin quotation from a' l.iUin poet, Oliver Wendell Holmes i closed his last, public ultcrance. j 'Hi? tccnsitjii was hi.s SJOih bir- j .-. - . • thday. on March 6. 1B3I. Members l '"" l! " ! <.' ull «n»»ioi'.ihe bur. friends and udmirer.s ... ... 1 !m<! fathered In many cities lo Wounilc,! „, avil War j ( , 0 ||jm h(mot . ^^ ^ ^ I' 1 Civil War brofcc out when he I still m Harvard. He left in |thf 2'jih Massachusetts Volun- W-ii'n the war v.iis ovc-r he J achieved the rank of ileuten- Ito.'&nr-l find jiad (>:-en wounded times. i'.udy of his modest home here jurist heard the Die .spei-ciir-s ol tribute by radio. From hi.i study he made his reply. Even Ihen 'Holmes Ml ki'enlv , b , !; , J1)m;K .i, ,, r , lMllll . , int ^ ,-, ih ' i n r , , hil(i icsl "°"' c of hls «'nrml)j ol « Die ball of a Co'ifr-acrat? | feclir,.; and cxprcwloii. Friends et pierced his throat. Hi., fa- lx ,o,,,| m «„,.,,.)., m ljm , oc . I hurr!!,d lo ihi- sct-ne but could c a sic i, (mc ot lllp , ;Mt ex ainple« Imii huii. A frantic si-areh fol- of llJ5 , :ty i t , and philo^ophv. They II. Rciimted. on a ir:'.!n n?ar | f 3 |i uw: ••rstO'.vn, Md., the ereetlnj was j -j,, Uits .svinjwsium my mn is I are von, K 3 y?" ; ,iid "How arc m! i y lo sii in .silence. To ex- l. Da f\ ? " I IHf-'-s one's foelliigs as the end |.er the war nohnos eiitfrcd jiri- 1 ciraws i.s tco intimntc -i 1 practice in Roslon. Soon hijin^: |nc a lecturer and profrssor in! "ijiii I may mention oiie •lhou«lil lard University ta\v sc!;:iol nnd j thai eomes to me ns a llsl-npr'in tye-i tnirw as an r.ii'.ho-iiv •>„ : The riders in n nice do not slop •>:i law. His first bnok, "TJi^ j .Oiort ivi:ei> ihei- reach the ..-OA! Law." 2 series or leclures j There is a little flnlshhi" canter • •shed 54 years :i'4o. still is a l;eju:e cnniln» lo a nnndstill textbook of Ihe subject, j Ther- is lime to hear 'the kind Uarcl ...^ „_„.,..,.., , ,,^.. ,., <nj lt: <0 near me hind been translate! lino »jany j I'Ciee of friends and to say to cs - oiK'Seli: The work Ls done.'' "Hut just as one" says Hint the answer comes: The race is I was at Harvard that the Influ- I he was to as.H-rt on American l?)it first btrair.c apparent.. His |iry style was pungent nnd bi'il- It was renowned lor its clar- fcut tin worker over never is done while the power to work remains. Tne canter that brings you to a standstill need not |je one corn- Anointing ol Jesus Is Dr. Morgan's Subject 1882 he became an associate .her of ihe supreme judicial p of Massachusetts. In 18IW he ne its chief justice and so reed until President, Theodore •velt appointed him to ihe suit court in 11)02. lie sowed for almost 30 years, writing and. "',. Friend of Hrandds friends were many and not- Tiie closest in his la'cr,,.-~. , v was Brnndcls. On and olficf Jesus'VeT by" a''penUent"wo- Oliver Wciulell Holmes hif to rest. It cannot be. while you still live. to live is ic That is ail (here is to function. livin.. "And fa I end with a line from Latin peel who uttered the mes- IBC more .than fifteen hundred years ago: "Death plucks my car and says 'Live. I am coming.'" Craig's Dairy Introduces 'Cream Seperator' Bottle bottle Agnin (ranspsrting his hearers A new lypc of > Jiidea for a notable scene tie life of Jesus, Ihe Rev. P. jhas been bought by Joe Grain's Crcssley Morgan, n. D., holding :i Dairy and will" be put in use here W»ri™ eh'nreh * •. F "' st . p ''H Mr ' ? raig sald tho ncw lloUlc is duced in this sccl'lon. : •-'- ""*' "" "' "t-i^ ict;; uy a pciuicnt wo- )cneh they appeared inserrar- man as He reclined at (he table Often they came lo court of Simon, the Pharisee in arm and led the same. I Poinlina; out ths superlative After Holmi's retired, in Brandeis called frequently in red brick homn where Holof a a fnmilnr erec of her faith and love as evidenced by her acts of devotion, and the .strik-h)" contrast tstwcch thesL- and Simon's perhaps pmiuseful neglect of the common courtesies of Ihe East. Dr. lived almost the sc. They were walking beside each nther. and forth the scant half from Holmes' house to the .•r. Only in recent weeks did custom halt. . close students know 'the it of-Ins contribution to Amer-, law and its adniiui.itralion.lgnn said" that Gcd rccoijnizf ot these who knew felt com-1 every difficulty we have to fac» to describe without nian.v| b«t challenges .in spitf O f the One critic , acscrjjjad^it a.s.Jdifficulty, that'he revels our duty . ' One side of the bottle is imlent- ec! at the lower neck or "cream line" and permits the cream to be poured off the milk without mixing. This Ls said to be an improvement over certain other bottles of similar ty|ic which make Singing Will Be Here Sunday Choir pi-actlce was held al the Assembly ot God church Tuesday evening in preparation for Ihe Mississippi County singing convention to be held at this church next Sunday, March 10, The choir practice was in charge of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rylee. A solo. "Tho Jericho Road," wiis rendered by Od!c Smith of Missouri. HLs sister, Miss ixjii- Ise Smllh, was at the piano. The singing convention is for every church In Mississippi counlv It will begin about 11:30 nm. mid continue throughout die day,'with dinner on the ground. Everyone In the county Is Invited to come, bring a basket dinner, and spend u w any. Fylanila School Faculty for Next Year Is Chosen MANILA, Ark. — Superintendent nnd instructors for Manila hjgli school have been elected for the year 1935-38, by the board of education. They are: w. W. Fowler, superintendent and malhemaiics; i/:c- man Holt, science; Miss Ada Howen, English; Miss Eva Carawav first gratle; Mrs. Vcr.i p,j ce , second grade; Miss Carolyn Haley third grade; Miss Anne Hout, torn ti' An. outstinuhi faclurcr In ttiis liros. & Slubbf McinphLs. Here n! are fub 's, banks, ni auditoriums, iruill 1'hllliiis. rifth Milton Sharer, grade; Howard grade, and Miss , ' i.JJJ.3 .J*,.llL-| sixth grade. Elementary work: Mis Clola McCormick, and'MLss Piiirisli Needlmm. The high school civics instructor IH'IS Hoi b!en tinmecl. The board of 'education Is composed of C. W. Tiplon. president w. L. Thompson, secretary, Alex Baker, Epter Da\'ls, and IfariT w Cowan. ' il nccessnry to dip out ihe cream ' , - - - After the milk has stood in the I!"?'' 1 '" 11 ? 1 ."? tllcir windows will, Improved Displays Increase Store Sales A beautifully appointed, panelled or otherwise attractively finished store window, in which n limited amount of merchandise is artistically displayed, adds n note of finality and superiority. Exhibiting wares In overcrowded display windows with a mass of articles of different Muds, qualities ind prices, detracts from (he sala- n'lity of merchandise. Overproduction and uiidercoiisifmplion have resulted in .such keen competition Unit proirre.sslve slore owners are PA'Qfe THREfe. NOTED MEMPHIS BUSINESS FIRMS [fol'til <*!4it>-,f UM...I 1 . in .j .1 i. i , ' - »»T*^^ •s, \Vliolesjili.'l.'jK.MrK inslllulu.iis „ hcnnpiiK-ut. Services mid I'onimnilHios of ,\|| ";""ls. Arnold Bros. & Shibbe, - Draperies Valances, Interior Decorations For Stores & Clubs 7'"';! " lfs m "" > ""'> 1 ™" 10 ' 1m " 1 ' '" il """ lll( ' r llwl «'lll meet with i .i i, """") Avc '" ""' ° m ''- v » of cuslomers lo, S [ OJ .,, iS , i llll others. Here may b:i hud dmp. eiles, artisilcally made, to .suit till needs. Whatever the recjiiiiv- ment.s mny be in ihe dmpery or vnliince line, they may | x . Slll | s . lied here In a rmlltnble nuinner Night clubs and other places ol entertainment are outfitted wilh draperies Hint will certainly ser«: to make Jmerior.s ntlmclK-c inul decorative, lictall stores nrc sup- plicd wilh valiinres lor slunv window dresslni!, Unit will render any rein!) shop dlsllnctlvc In ' und iiuitietlve. . fact, there I.s nothing in the line O. llox endowed with great nrll.stic abll- vVoil-s ]> u Ity. The workmanship will Uc |>arkwiiy mid' 1 lound m be of high' .[iiallly. This Memphis This fmtni'iMt' ii'rutM li« ..r.,,r _,„ ' ' * *it* . would Ije glad lo ciiiote - es on nnylliliig In (he - r f draperies. Wl orders ' V.n be ,e7 n ° »un»ses" made up upon .slmrl nolle;-. This . e i ee Is concern also hamlles n lull line of furniture for nil uses nnd purposes, and also does interior dec- . dcicd will in- round conrleous, mid the price 1 ; as in- d«rt reasonable. Uitpilrles are solicited rruin northeast Arkansas, whether for home:i, stores, nlglil rliibs. <" Series and "^^ ^ eSls.n'Ss.' '"** '"' °'"" Standard Textile Co. - Makers of Famous Blue Goose Work Clothes Noted For Durability Prominent in the field of work clothing Standard mnmilnctiiring Textile Co., 15 soulli 3rd St., Memphis, makers ot the famous Blue CTTmse work clothes Here work clothing j, s manufactured In many designs by expert craftsmen with ninny years' experience, out of materials (hat are durable nnd long wearing, nine Oooie work clothes will wlthstnml hard usage, anil are noted for Ihcir strength. The Standard Textile Co., caters to clothing stores, furnishings' stores, general stems und other establishments handling wcnring apparel, Fanners have used Blue (.loose work clothes for many years ami have found them hard to \venr out. Dealers will Hud Blue Goose work clothes lo handle, This binml of work elolhe: enjoys n great. sal» In this ler- j'ltory nnd will certainly help to build up n lai'ijc piitronii|>e. Manj designs ure carried to suit tin. needs of any .locality or These who desire 10 handle mialily incrchimillse will do wcl to set In touch with the Slnmlim Textile Co. .Samples will lu> shl|i- lied upnn. iTquost to nil iwlnl.s In northeast Arknnsns nnd southeast Mtanurl, and orders are jirompllj niled. which mny be placed elthei by mud or telephone. A vlsll I" till! Standard Textile Co., wll certainly jirovc to be prolllnblu Inquiries ure soliclled from all meichanls, and [he assurance Is that Illue Cioose work clollifs bottle for about eight hours the — — vi i '"* *^^, L*t.|"«j"'^ iuj .luuni. uigni nours The chnllejiged us'of today to (cream which is poured off is suit- rcnitnire fni- tlr. ^,,,1 ^hlo fi\,- ,,.K;.»*:..., ^... ^..._, - . great"!- penitence for stronger failh in Him. This niorniiiB at 10 o'clock, c\- pouiiding' "The Second Message" of the Hqok of Haggai, Dr. Mor- summarized "it as holdin (ho constitution, far from ur.- iron hum! designed to fuliire Bciieratiruis despotically, n framework which ml»ht t ilsc-lt iike that discouragement is. best and only met by tf, e reassurance of our God's presence and blessin? Tonight at 7:30 Dr. Morgan will continue on the general theme of. -Christ In The Presence- of human Need", the particular phase lor tonight being "Intellectual . .. -and mere words ?ei plenty", the problem of Nica- beeti written explaining it jdcmus. the Tuter"- of Israel The creating i,_it has become the studies in Hnsgai continue at C stay of _ those shaping present A. M. tomorrow. future problem th;u might lalever it legislation. That influ- has spread among' tile great s of Ihe country i.s perhaps ndieatsd by the fact that thr: died liberal "minority" on the -me emirt now often forms majority. Leachviile Scliooj Faculty Is Chosen able for whipping. Mr. Craig Old Manila Resident Buried at Flint, Mich. MANILA, Ark. John 1,. skinner one of the oldest citizens of Manila, die* Sunday at the home of ills daughter, Mrs. Prank Hester Flint, Midi. He was 03 years of i»ge and had spent 39 years in Manila. Funeral services were held Tuesday at FJint. He is survived by his wife, five sons, Ray, Cecil, and James, of Manila, Joe, of Black Oak, and Edgar of Pontiac. Mich., three daughters, Mrs. C. s. Hooper, Manila, and Mrs. Frank Rosier and Mrs C A Brown, of Flint. Mich., three sisters. Mrs. Molly Lyons, Rich Hill Mo.. Mrs. LOU Lamb. Eurn-n :pnnss. Ark., aim Miss Alice Skinner, Rich Hill, Mo. loans which have been insured by "'- Federal Housing: Admlnistra- the Markets Closinff Stock Prices U?ACHVILLE. Ark.-Tlle silp-1- i •intcndent tmd ljisl.rn.-tnr,, n( ,.„' ,,. i I'ainl Medicine Clicst — I School Will Give Us , medicine chests .. — _.._ i . . —..... ,,4 L-inii/iuiuii i or 111" i iiif rliniiij- Musical Cornedv Friday i^v^ f ^ 30K(rs , " p"«»ed . c n-li hioi, ,rt nn ". ,,•„, ,,,..,Jt B ,,H,,; t f..: ,..L": Ka ' >so '-.. sll l >srl »-!'w and chemicals neties nnd other Doll high school will pre-! lendent.'foV fourth conseciitive ye"r" i! a three-net musical comedy. 1 W. w. Cos. Mrs I. u HiibbirV '• i Blue Bonnctt." Friday even-[Mrs. Mary Mitchell H T Sohnr-c ' it the school auditorium., iliay Smith. M r.s. D D ]ii' n MrHirev' t ,7,, « Ruth Wall will be "Miss'«Miss Ruth Miss M-iv F Ills Mto ! Boni^it" antl Ray Wnitemora j £fcll:e ,May Co.v. Miss'Lavcrn John! : have be- The \va i' 1 medicines " °'' Cll ° Sts arc tlftcn if" '° n ""' " nlsi1 ' mar '- ctcnoratlll S »• A, T. and T. Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler '.'.... Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester McKesson-Robbias ...... Montgomery Ward New York Central .'." " Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp _' St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N J Texas Co U. S. S::iellii: g '..'.'. U. S. Steel .... Zonite 104 1-2 0 1-2 ..HI u.ue uoose work clothes lo win nil every renulreinenl be popular items and profitable ml quality, style and price Myers Church Supply House Carries Complete Equipment & Supplies For Churche: mcnt, the Myers church simply House, 311 North 3rd St., Memphis, cannot be surpassed. This con every church, of every denomination, and any song books desired will bs delivered as per specifications, in any quantities. A full line of communion services equipment' is also handled, siicli us Irnj-s and ply House carries the largest and mosl complcle line of Bibles in the Tri-Slale ierritory. Tim firm has catered to churches and schools for many years with credit and Ing In (be construction ot church furniture and equipment. Pews maj lors' altars, altar equipment, clc Church and scluwl sealing is n specialty of Ihls concern. The Myers Chv.rch. Supply House has supplied home of the largest and mos prominent churches in this par 25 33 5-8 1 117 1-2 34 22 3-3 28 1-4 3 ' ^ carried represents the »n ;"~<" 5 '- lllc products of II 22 3-4i 13 1-2J distinction. Here may be procured cbiircii furniture of every description and style, including auiwln-- School tables and chairs, for adult and children's classes. Tlie slock small . curc Is especially catered to, us no order is too large o r loo smnll for il to handle. The Myers Church Supply House is known for reliability nnd fair dealings, and the s?rvlc" ns prompt, efficient, nnd courteous" Pastors and church trustees are Invited lo call or to communicate wilh this company, nnd the ttssur- qual- nnc e is piven (hat patrons will re'• inaiui- |ccive entire .satisfaction. 3 7-8J Murray Co. Completely Outfits Gins 14 1-2 4 1-2^ 1 1-8 7 38 18 3-4 '- With Machinery & Equipment •unn!i,., CG ' T," S » I11!lcl ' i » cr >- fl » 11 1 Placemen!., or oilier elianges < LT"^, ™,. "' In 2. y " n '. p . a ' 1 >- uttWc ""vlco will le givc'n „ 30 1-2 3alboim si.. District !i one of the probably i:ed in tip f'.outh to harallc alt - - •*••., .-.< . it.v. » ill Ll ; K J * 1-11 \VI1I1- Memphis.] out nny obligation regarding any "«'ier. is | cotton i;in equipment problems. wimp-jTiic pricos wl n !,„ f(l]in[I rensfll rcqiiircnicnts. New York Cotton NE\M YORK, Mnrch c (UP) _ pletcly ''r\t l^>,i . /.l^r^-.i ... ... '*.. company Cotton - closed steady. open high March May July Oct Dec manufactures cotton gin machinery and cleaninjf equipment of all j kinds. Cotton gins mny be com- outlHtcd here, rcgardlcs." Orleans Cotton -.far. 6 (up")— closed steady. open high low close 1223 1229 1220 12201] 1236 1242 122S nm 1241 1247 1234 1238 1234 1238 '1324 1225 1238 1244 1230 1230 1241 1245 1241 ]03 3 t, fillets, closed quiet at 1240, O fj B Chicago Wheat open high 95 1-2 fl 7 5-8 -AND NOT SO SWBKT! i NOW, YOU MOOVIAM 'SHE-DEVIL, V '' LL ACGUE THE POINT TTH YOU, BIG- FELLA, GET MY HAN05 OM THIS AV.E' „ - low 1222 1228 1217 1235 1240 1220 1240 1246 1235 1231 1238 1223 '1235 1243 1228 1238 1245 1231 close 1220 1232 1230 1223 1MO of the size of plant desired. Whatever the necessities mny b;. | M ti, c line of cotton gin machinery and equipment, they may 1-e sn'tistied able, and the service as prompt expert und courteous. This company invites inquiries from norlh- c:i;t Arkansas, and the assurance Fay Roclgers Refrigerator Wks. - Complete Refrigeration Equipment For All Lines OIK' kif Hie most prominent ooimnerclnl rcfrlncratlon mnnn- concerns in the South ncfrlgciaior Konth C, li. H., In company fnbrJ- •nles "and distributes commeidi'l reliicenuion equipment tor all e.s, in units ty of nil n'qulre- - .. complete line of vfiljicralors is handled for meat restaurants and meiil.s. Here i\ and there; Is a refrigerator, to In 'lad here for every line of husl- retail stores or wholesale ('.•iliibll.shmmU, IMrli!- r-rators nrc curried In nil sines ami In many designs. They are noted for tliolr economy, great utility niul tool-proof o|K>ra(ln>i. The re- frlRcmlor Miles ciises foi :lorcx olfer Mlraetlve- display of , foods lo customers, at the same l lime keeping such foods muler proper lefrltrouillon. The latest type counters tiro also handled, n.s well as eoolerji and freezers netcssiiry for all requirements and J'H' Ajx:el«l conditions, HiKehers, nmikels, grocers und other dcal- eis will find here n wide array of refrigerators that will cover tiny iiecrts, at prices 'that will come wlihln any budget. New and re-built refrigerators may also be hud for dallies, restaurants, meat and grocery stores. Ice- cream places, etc. Whatever the needs may be in the line of commercial refrlKcralloii, they may be Eatlsfled hcrt! In an admirable inner. Kxiwrl, advlco will ulatlly be lUvcn upon any refrigeration problems. The piUronngc of north- eiisl ArkansiLs and southeast, Missouri is solicited. Banes Jewelry Co. Pays Highest Prices For Old Gold The Unni's Jewelry Co., 170 South Miiln St., Memphis, is one o[ the most reliable In tho Trl-Blate territory at ;,vh!eh lo sell old gold. Here 8old of every description Is purchased, including broken jewelry urldRcwork, gold teeth, old watches us well as .silver by weight. There' ore ninny milclc.s lying around the Hint arc no longer useful, bill which contain gold in ci-rlnlii nmillty, Hint can be turned Into money. Broken jewelry sometimes contains enough gold Unit cnn bo turned Into a tidy sum. j(. mlglil pay anyone lo mnko 11 search of the house nml gather up scraps of old Jewelry or other nrtlclcs thnt contain gold or .silver. • which run be convened Inlo ready cnsh by bringing such articles to the IJnnes Jewelry Co. ['iirchnscs nrc also made from dealers n.v well as the public, Alter Inquiries made al several old ijoUl dealers II was rcpart- that the Uanes Jewelry Co. of- ,..j ,., , t ,„ 4-^viiw; inerchanls can expect lo .^..^ hiirh quality merchandise at prices . that will certainly prove attractive. A free price-list w|ll gladly be mailed to anyone upon In- Jiniry, either' by mail or telephone. The niilrotinge .of norfhciist Arkansas \f. solicited. Is nnconditlojially Miiarnnleeil la be esaclly us rcprescnlca, and Technical Products Co. - Laboratory Supplies For Schools rromlncnlly know]) t,, (j lc ncl(I of chemical laboratory supplies is Iho Technical nrodiicts Co., located In the Medienl Arts lildg'., In Memphis. This company carries " comiiletc slock of supplies for chemical laboratories, such as Uliirawnre. testing cfl uip m e n t, chemicals, acids, as well iis laboratory furniture, microscopical sifp- Ples. etc. it caters lo hlgli schools, colleges, tnstltuLlons, chL-m- Icnl laboratories and Industries of every rtcscrlullon. -=lc. Whatever the rcnulrcments may lie In the y o. o- , •••>. .I-IIHHLIUCIHS may be In the cr«l lop pr ccs. On the nest dip (field of .chemical laboratory s , , 10 MemimlS llC -stir,' nnd InL-,. <ilnnn I] PK Fm- hl.rl,' ,...! ___ ,.. ' .. . '. to Memphis be sure and take along whatever broken Jewelry, old gold Iceth or oilier nrtlclcs that, lire no longer useful, mid pay MIC Danes Jewelry Co. a visit. It will certainly prove lo be advantageous, The service rendered here will be found prompt, nnd conrleous. Patrons may be certain lo receive fair treatment for this company possesses a rcputati ' lilies for high' schools and colleges, they may be supplied here. Chemical apparatus of every description may also be had here for work In all lines of Industries, Orders from schools and • colleges »i-3 inomptly filled. The service rendered will be found prompt, cllictenl and courteous. The prices will be -found hi keeping with the , „„. ttf,,,,, j |it*3ai;a.'>ca U ] "- "-nnm m |-.*JUJ)lliy \vlltl tllG lion for Integrity, reliability I Pfesiiu day .conditions Th" Tecli- nmt lioiiMt business methods. Call- "''"I 'J'rotlucls Co./waiilfl be'Bind crs may be confident that the true!' 0 luote prices on chemical lab value of articles will be made I oratory supplies In nny quantities Known, and that honest valuations 1111111 U"- 1 "ssurance Is ulren thnl' will be undo. Gold and silver may !P»trons will bc'nlforcled every ,nt- lie sent by mail, for which prompt remittances will be mads, and which shipment will be held to the tlnal acceptance of customers. Sam Plough Sales Service - Rebuilt Amusement Machines R?coi>nlired as a headquarters ior nuuisement slot n - , — ..P.U* m,M uvciy flllL- lEfuclion. inquires are solicited from Edicols and collefes In north- cast Arkansas aiid southeast Alls- sou rl Is Riven that customers will be in u manner that will come! tr'itle lo all specifications. afforded every satisfaction. Inquiries may be uuidi; by either mail or telephone, or better still, by a personal visit. The Murray Company h widely known in the '-"'- -- a e-oiK-rrii ol integrity, and high standard busi- taBia The lion. IRi>ihv>v ke'l to 0. Cox Corporation Will Pay High Prices For Persimmon & Hickory Logs & Blocks .° n r!p Lf .E 1 ^,^; 1 .; *'•>• «»« "w ««">*.ni b mtiass methods. Sellers will nml It pleasant to establish relationships with Mils company. Ready cash can be ixraminnn and.rcnltecd in (he .sale of these IORS. O. Box" !«.' iStntion, Hollywood St. at Union '""•' Memphis, I.s in the mar, rr . " l ow close 91 3-4 95 02 1-2 89 3-1 Chicugo Com open high 81 3-! 84 1-4 77 80 !ow close «1 81 i-£ 16 3-4 77 1-i Jii thai sellers will bo alforded the Sam I'lougJi Sales Service. Ill Monroe Ave., Memphis. Here Inrge line of used and reconditioned amusement machines are bundled in prices Hint Mil prove to be- a revelation. !!«•• may be had Mills Uicalalor' doulib Sole Descendants of Adam ST. SEHASTMN, Spain (UP)_ The only descendants of Adam live hi this corner of the world' ac- cordlng to nil old Basque t'rndi- toji. IJie n.isqucs believe that they are the sole children • of .._ Adam, and that their lanuiiiiEe nachhies Is .was spoken in n lc Garden of Men''; es hervirf. t — Jack-i»ls. as Jeiinliig;. CHOSS MISSISSIPPI KIVBR VIA All in - - n ' i laill ; f i" 11 ' i « should b, ad<lr<-,sed tn U - 0 ins cruanizaiion. which is! at Unio .Railway M-nnhh 01 known for reliability, inlca- tnlephor.c *-\m Children's fW0ii« Frank Grasmick - saws 01 AH Kinds N J r 1 RCPaired & Re - Co "^ tione d P-r Mills & Factories Need Creomulsion Always get the -best, fastest «M surest treatment for y 0ur cbil " cough or cold. Prudent mothers more and more are («,„'„" ,rrniiniK1/M» f^v- «.... . ° Creomulsion cmiilslfics creosole itb six o her Important medicinal elements-it Is truly an decant prescription. It Is not a c£ emcdy, but contains no narcollrc! >nrt your own druggist b author- zed to refund your money on the pot it your cough or cold b ,,oll eheved by Creomulsion, -Adv 10 Mills, wntling, Pace nml Rob;r(.sl single jack-txit inaehtnos, as well I us Olher type machines. Retail slorcs, pool rooms, drug stores lesl.iurants. night clubs and othcio •vill find it profitable to their own machines, where, alii the profits would (jo to the own- rs. since these machines mny be I iiirchnscd at very rciisonnblc I •,nc;s, representing but a small I Mivfstineni which will be , rJiiald. ,'"!•'' ~"^^" irnny /old In a short. iieriotf.»prf|fi li KU fl ' oall machines 'liiiiy • rilso be "pro-", '•• \) ••'•. cured hery wilh i-cCnt ond.5-cent l/flA Iol3. at- well as one-cent wieh- '/' '.- ' "5 scales at ijrcatly reduced prices Ihe installiillon of amusement machines will add greatly to the Fronts of any establishment, bften- !lines eainin? more than entire .vcihcad expenses. Dealers, lunch- rcom proiirlelors c.nri olh-ri will 3nd it profitable to pay this cst- inlUhnicnl n visit, where machine; ^ many tync-s may be inspected ^>ere it sleek of coffee urns, radios •:iano? and other mcrcliamliT 'is! 'so handled. All merchandise here \ I PERKY All Weather Itoad Slirrlrtt roiilc tn Uc;lfool lake, 1'ailurali, f(y., Nash- vill,', etc. 'i' n j(p || s „, ,.. lo I'orlagcvillc, Mn. .SKRVICK FARMERS BANK Jt TRUST CO. i.ssiiRAM'f v<r.rr. Now t.nrnlrrt .il 101 North Srronil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU "ON KI)\V,M!|»S. r-i,prlrioi nr rebuilt rvprirrltrrs, «dln» Mli-lilnra .mil Kcpairin-—Par!' firm of Frank Grasmick 237 Etui Court, Memphis. | S considered to be one of tile most competent in ihi= teiritory. Here saws of evry description are repaired or ser- to nfford customers ir and complelo satisfaction. Saws of every nature arc reconditioned in a skillful manner by experts wlt)i ninny years' experience In the saw business. Th Ijusitiess of saw niii| s nnd other factories using saws is solicited The Inrge clientele of this firm attest to the excellent scr- ••a\v rcpalrhiB they can be satis fi«l lien- in a manner that will mcrl with Ihe entire approval of natrons. Saws of every size, style nnd design, and for all uses and purposes, are re-conditioned here in a manner that will nfford n;w saw performance. The service rendered will be found reliable, prompt and courteous, and all ucrkmansnlp is delivered at the lime promised. The prices will te found reasonable and just. For savy requirements of any nature Prank i Grasmick should be patronized. I Burke Hardware Blytheville

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