The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1940
Page 3
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1940, BLYTHEVTLLT3 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Ideas In Gifts For The Ladi ' LIKE (HE IN EIFI LINES Try To Learn Her Favorite Brands Of Lotions, Perfume, Makeup fcy ALICIA I1AKT NBA Service Start' Writer The avemge woman on your , Ciiristma.s .shopping list, whether ; .she i.s 9 or 90 or somewhere iu be- I /.ween, wants generous quanutie.s o:' the things that men pretend to con- .side;- really 100 .silly and. in gen- <-ntI. jufii plain oui-anct-ou: luxuries. In other words, she. wants creams Dnd lotions anci perfume and makeup. Even thoug'li you think beauty item* are silly and toe, 100 luxurious, give them LO her unyv/ay. Thai i.s, unless you'd j rathej- yourself than the recipient. While you're about it, you might as well know ihat she prefers one i'ai lipstick in a beauii- lu! ctise to a pint-sized kit con- 'uuning liny dabs of two or three preparations. (We'll come to kits later. There are kits and then again jhere are k,ii£. you know.) She'd like a small 1'lacon of exquisite perfume belter than a lui-ie jug of junk. Unless you kno.v what her favorite cleansing rmd night creams are, better give her some wonderful bath oil or a couple of huge cakes of good bath soap or some sumptuous, foamy bath powder rather than cream:, you think she might like-. GIFT ORDER OF FACIALS However, if you do know what creams she uses, you can't go wrc^ on a large jar of each. In fact, you can't do better, except by playing Giant Santa and giving her a gift order for a couse of facials at her j favorite beauty salon. Little girls will like the smart manicure kits in cases whic^i car. be used for handbags: soap in animal, vegetable und fruit' .•ihdp;:;; irnagiitjilve dresser s.^t with the combs, brushes and mirrors scaled down in si^e to fit small, childish hands, and ligha;; scented bath powder, packed with soap suitable .for a child's skin. Their slightly older sisters \vani makeup kits of preparations designed especially for young skins; lightly scented cologne—particularly if the bottle is strapped to a whimsical, miniature horse with pink pluijjej^jn hl^iJ^i^ 1 ?- They'd 1 be intrigued by a "'"crate"' of soap'oran- ges; a key ring from which dangles a lipstick wardrobe—three smai lipsticks in different shades;a.Santa Glaus whose face and whiskeiv conceal a box of fine dusting powder. Brand new and sure to make the sophisticate happy are: a red and white striped candy stick which holds' a box of dusting powder and a lipstick; : a wheel of fortune, containing bath prep- i.ratio::s and makeup (the top may be-used a>; a roulette wheel); a gold compact • with a show horse in enamel on the top; a glittering Christmas tree bauble which holds a flacon of perfume. If you give a fitted weekend case, make sure that the preparations can be securely anchored to the case. Nothing- is more demoralizing than to open a bag and find creams, lotions, bottles and toothpaste in a veritable knot with nightgown, slippers and handkerchiefs. A FLYAWAY KIT TO PLEASE COEDS An interesting flyaway kit—for A frisky little horse with plumes of soft pink i'eathcrs on his head carries on his back blue grass flower iuis$, a lightly scented toilet water. HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD Holly wood Sres George Brenfs Hand In Ann Sheridan's Sit Down Strike. HV PAUL HAIUUSON ( N1CA XtTvici' Skill' ('onYspomii'iil ! HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 28..-.-lii!hiud | the .vreon: They .say that in loot- j ball \vhoii ;m irresistible !'or;-e i ;m-Ks un.mmovable objei-t, the re- i *»lH i.; time out. It's !hc siime with j • hi.' Mthij-y .-,(|uabblt? between Ann i J*'iK'!'idaii and ner studio: n»Mthor s;d<' will yield, and .s!u.> remains us Mi:-pi-nsii>n. A:J iuU'inpt wa.s m.nle to ar- :U!i'i- Lin "m-fidenial" meeting bc- t'.vin-ti ,i»r and a .studio executive v.'hii-h i-'uki have simd lam 1 lor :/>lh o! iliem and (nuybe lc:ui ;o ,-i JH'arc u,lk. But Annie didn't '.•hO\\ lit;.\ \\-iocl i.s in-jliiK-d to blame .Gei :•-!!• iin-nt. lor coavhin^ her '.J:t! ;h;>. sit-out .strike. He did • lor Bet'c- DuvLs when ly romsinoinx. and tin- wen! broke fifth; in*; the cuurt. •ilit-y Newest beauty kit for travelers and college girls is this smart peacock blue bengaline and black velvet striped carry-all with five zipped compartments, labeled A, B, C, DandE. Each section contains an essential cosmetics item. Just like the water-color painting sets you used to get every Christmas when you were a youngster is this smart new makeup box. containing appropriate cosmetics to harmonize with any color in a wardrobe. Any beauty-minded woman would be pleased to have so many shades cf lipsticks, rouge and eye makeup—all in one box. Mississippi Ciunty Negro. Farmer To Receive State-Tenant Honor A Mississippi County negro farmer will be publicly acclaimed the test tenant farmer in Arkansas and ?;ill receive $50 in cash Wednesday •00 negro farmers and agricultural leaders, will be climaxed with presentation of prizes totaling SGOO to state winners in the Landow la Memphis for ,a prize in the ne- and Tenant Divisions, the sweep- ^ro live-at-home division of the stakes prize of $250 and a trophy Plant To Prosper Contest sponsor- and trophies to the counties hav- -:d by Memphis Commercial Ap- ing the most entrants and the ex- peaal with the Courier News co- i tension worker who produced the operating in the Mississippi coun- j sweepstakes champion. Ly eliffiiastlori. The contest for the Plant To The award will be made at the Prosper Division will be: climaxed annual Live-At-Horne Competition j with an all day program in Mem- i i.iuMic H.ili, wlio lius been diih- • , try over tin; Cuban .sonii-and- j dance boy, DrM Arruu- ,'vrr .since t , they wuikcd toxetVu'-r in "'t'o Many i OliK," almo.sL choked on a line aiu: had to .spi-ak iti "Three Ciirls und u tiob." li was u comemptu- > ou.s remark that "Latins ,\re lousy ! lover.s." and it was written into 1 the .script inerc-ly to rib the a:> .tress. Mis-; Ball Jidn'i know tlint 'the Hays office won't pass the word "lousy." With u new coniraia beiiuj written for her at RKO. Oinyer Rogers isn't so sure she wants 10 be i just an actress and would like lo do another musical with Fred .Astaire. Which reminds me that 'during their last one, A.stalre had t he Him of one of their danco numbers equipped with special 1 ; sound ellecUs. ' When Miss Rogers went to see the rushes she was horrllleil us !'jvr solo tnpiMng clattered Hicc a.;va!ry crossing a bridge. When she struck a pose and arched u ley to begin a dance, she creaked like a dry axle of a wagon. Her leaps ended with heavy thuds, .in:! the finale brought a crash of dishes and a blackout. Wult Disney, setting piny-dates and leasing theaters for the next two years, 'estimates his "Fantasia" will ^russ $15.000.000 in that time "Howard Hughes, the lanky. VviMJthy loolmaker and flyer, finally .;•; .Jl set to resume picture prochrj- Jun where he left off with "Front Pn^r-" and "Scarfac-i." First on his ;.cw schedule is "Tlve Outlaw," •.viih Howard Hawks directing' Second Street Cafe Sold To Cape Couple 'Hie Trieschmann Cafe on North Second street-, owned by Mrs, 'Joe 0. Trieschmnnn, has tx>en sold to Mr. and Mis. Roy Cunningham, of On pe Cjii'fii'denu, Mo. The now owners assumed charge Sunday of the l>us)ne.s,s which win continue lo bear the same name for the ))resent-. IK IT/ » TUESDAY BARGAIN DAY Mai. JOc & I5c; Night Iflc *,^c GIRLS UNOIt 21 HfAOlO FOt UNOitWOKLOi^ sP MKS"™ ^ THE Arkansas Paint-Glass, Wall Paper Co. Formed Wilson^Greer Paint Company IIILS 'jhanycd its name to the> Puinl-Gluss ivnd Wullpuper Co., of < Blytht'vilU;, li was mmoimcetl to- ' iluy by John D. Burnette, manam:r \ ol tin- firm slniie it opened here, i Tne oo;np:uiy plnns to continue ; earryinjj a L'omplKf line of paints, i varnishes, wallpaper, automobile. yhi.v; and tools for painters and { pai>er hungers, Mr, Burnelte .said, Location 01 • the firm remains at- 10!) Main .street. Novelty Short & Comedy WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY WltLlAM CAtCAM HARRY CAREY . fRANK FAY I'annmimt News A: March of college girls as well as travelers— has u gay covering in red. blue and yellow plaid and holds brushes for hair, complexion, hands and teeth as well as tooth powder and a comb. This is the size of a purse, has a handle to go over the arm and is just about the most useful type of kit for any woman who travels. To flatter knitters, consider a red. white and blue knitting box which contains u removable tray that holds cleansing cream, special soap, cologne, powder, rouge and lipstick. The tray of preparations is handsome on a dresser. The knitting box has ample space for needles in any size and great mrantities of yarn. rally and dinner at Manassas High School. | Mississippi County will be represented by Roy Mclntosh, of Clear Lake, who won first honors in the Tenant Division of the Arkansas contest after winning tb.2 county prize offered by the Courier News, and the county extension agents. W. S. Barabin and Mary M. B?.ni:s will also attend. Mclntosh may also win sweepstakes prize 'for being best negro farmer in Mississippi. phis Dec. 17 when winners will receive substantial awards. Mississippi County is expected to receive a number of honors in this division. Maryland Grist Mill crates 270 Years DENTON, Mcl. i UP)—A <mst mill Football-shaped bath soap, top, Dowling pins arid balls, also of soap, center, .and soap dumbells, bottom, are Christmas gifts that will please the mer. in the family, from father to little brother." be unchanged since.. Colonial day.*. Is operated by P. S. Langrell. The frame building, large und roomy, is known as James Murray's Mil'i. on the banks of the mill .stream. Hunting Creek. When Maj. Nathaniel Potter of Potter's Landing near here was commissioned to buy flour for General Washington's troops, lie •li^n rriportc.'l on :\ London mov- •? theater damaged by n bomb:"Smash Hit!" . . . Most encouraging evidence o! growing anti-Nu/.i sentiment in the Argentine ia that "The Mail I Married" has been approved lor general release. ... Twentieth-Pox has another bitter brew for Hitler on the lire . . George Murphy was n campaigner with the Hollywood committee for Willkie and isn't forgetting hiii assignments. The hoofing actor has refused a third term u;; piesident of the West oicle Te.uiib: Club. It isn't that. Sylvia Sidney has a poker face; she merely kno\%s how to look wuebegone while folding three jacks and a pair ol nines' Clifford Odets and Abeii Kandel paid $400 to watch u lew such performances . . . Speaking of ,>oksr and acting. Martin Greene says there are two ways to Know when Charles Coburn lias a good hand: his face Ufihl.s up, and then lie trees do not. exist on this earth. Stories of them urft tlic products of early-day imaginative writers. Pull the Trigger on Lazy Bowels wrllli Iwrb Uxativt,ccu«bii»eil with syrup pcftiifl to nuk« it acrccabto ami «uy to t«fc« When constipation brings on acid indigestion, bloating, di/.?.y spells, «as, coated tongue, sour taste ami bad breath, your stomach is probably "crying Hie bluest" because yonr.nov/clft don't move-. It calls for Lax.itivc Senna to pull the triKtjer on tliOHy la/.y bowels, combined with good old Syrup Pepsin to make your laxative more agreeable and • easier lo lake, For years many Doctors Ann Sheridan ... ait irrc- i ' iavu uscc * pepsin compounds, as agree- i:U<ii.h. i'«fnii. «.. i ..•„ I able carriers to make otlicr medicines Ms(»blt iorce, and a nice OUL-. Ill0fc p.,i atab ic when your "taatcr" feels regulative nncl now mayor o' Sun L>:is l ly - " p c L S ° » tt * m ' c , y °"* ltlX!U ,i, vc Jivj»» 111 ii t i \ji \i . OH i I COll 1*1 11 l^i ' iVl'll I"* 5 i'*"i>oi i\ I iMnct 1 All 1 Jl" Antonio. Cald'woil'a Ia)xaUve"Scnna7"cOir.bincd A ' * with Syrnp Pepsin.-Sec how wonderfully Metromcn are tnkinK bow t for ilsi ller ' 3 ^""ativc Senna wakes up lazy the dh'Huvrv nt PhUlin nm-n ni -\''ves ntxl muscles m your intestines, to int cib,o\u> ot Phillip Uom, briiiR welcome relief from constipation. \vnos drawing such tor his AiuHce how ilnSymp Pepsin makes'Dr.- roll' in "Escape 1 ," mid here's how Caldwell'amcdic'utcsosmooth and a^ree- ' he wns found: M-G-M asked Unl- a ! J !p to J J touchy gullet. Even finicky vprsnl I'm- n ..iimi^P m' n t nt! t ,„„,!/, children love the taste of this pleasant \usai loi u ullnpse ol a test made f; imi iy laxative. Buy Dr..CaldweU's Lax- ol u ceilnin actress who wns be- H iivc Senna at your driiRKiafa today, ing considered for nn Important, Try one laxative Hint won't bring on role. She didn't get it. but there • vio ^»»t distaste, oven when you take it was plenty of interest In the un- " ftora fu!l mo!lh r.uined youny stooge who worked In the with her. It wns Dorn, Talking about a certain executive. Sir Cedric Uardwicke suict. "That fellow's conscience Isn't his v.!:Ui—It's his accomplice." British Women Cheered Regarding Rayon Hose •LOMDON iUP>—The new artltt- d;.l :i!k slo..kinys .soon lo go 'ton .!u i\vi:'.:-.-i ! i ,j in.i \v,.| even the most fastidious wonu:n iniyers. in l!if opinion of British :niinufu?;ure: - .s. Thc-:se \vill cos; ue- :v, en 4-5 and GG -jent.s. i Ly exptrinicuL and careful selec- tlo-i o' r.:yoa yurn. tiiey .ire ;jro- ciucing : ij.-k.'n.'.s. li:at cunipare fn- v.i;uLlv \v:: u i /; u:v 'ilk the /inle of viii-jh v.i:> c;lined ;u'tt;[- j>iuv. 30. '•'<••• o\ ••.-.•in: the :<hine which Jisis ."Iway.s I)>--n tho dih-f objection !o 'rii'.icia! s!ocri:in;j.s. Rear! Conner N«ws ivont :\<\ f i'hone Hit* 224 Phone Roxy 322 R.OXY TUR'SI)AY-WRDN;BSDAY HAKGA1N NIGHTS lOc & 20c MRYCM WWtD UKEAHUttAHV ... AND SHf DOES TWO! ROSEMARY LANE ttWCE MV£S • JOfft ELMEDCE TUtOMA USSSM. • FIA.VCB IU1LOT Olrtcted by N(MlM. Smith £«*n rUf bj K»Wt K. ftmf rv<Mi i fUy %f Bvty ~im*t A WARMER BR08..n»t Nrt'l nc&m TK^IMk.W Also Comedy 'th i'niil Kelly & Ruchelle Hudson plays it wrony. Or^on Welles ia planning a picture about colorful Maury Maverick, former U. 3. rej)- Try Our "Warni-Monung" Sentry Coal, For (he New Warm Morning Stoves GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. PHONE 76 that turned out flour for Wash- I we:i; - 0 M Urrav . who -round i-orn ington's army during the Revolti-j me <il for the .soldiers." tion is in daily use here in what I ( Tennei-sce or Arkansas, an- | tradition says is its 270th year of j Originally, sideboards v/ere boirris nouncement of this winner has yet operation. honn msrip Thp nri?f !•; RO^n mub TllG Wil To relievo Misery of 666 COLDS been made. The prize Us S250 cash and a trophy. It is also highly probable that Mississippi County will receive enrolment honors as the two exten- i sion agents enroled mere than 1537 families, after receiving second honors in this contest last year. The program, expected to attract The water-powered mill, said to placer! on trestles and used to holti ! dishes during the serving of nvalv'Try Drop tOOK! FOR SALE WALKOUT—1460 acres good sandy loam soil located- in the northwest part of Pemiscot county, Missouri. 40 head mules. 6 tractors, 2 road graders, and all other tools used in farming this place goes with it. About 26 houses, 4 barns, gravel road. REA line available. This is a real buy for the man who wants a place of this size. 500-acre cotton base, and has produced as much as 2800 Ibs. seed cotton per acre. SV-s miles to a good town with 2 gins. Price, SI00 per acre takes the entire outfit. T also have a great many other farms for sale ranging in size from 40 acres to a section to the farm. For further information, write or see W. C. Gates. Blytheville, Arkansas, or J. W. BADER Lilbourn, Missouri. ONtY FOR A AND YOUR 010 TIRE SIZE 6.00 x 16 STANDARD TIRE • K^^^^B^^flU^u^;^^^ IBUYNOWI PAY IATERI BUDGET PLAN TlRDaslowoj M ^^ _ 3U MMICAMTIM* CMA1M Witt PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5*h & Walnut Phone 810 We have a demonstrator ASSEY-HARRIS TWER AT A BARGAIN PRICK Either Power-Shaft Driven or with new motor assembly at bargain price? WE HAVE NEW MOTOR ASSEMBLIES FOR 1939 MODEL TRIPPER COMBINES AT MONEY-SAVING PRICES S229 F. 0. B. Wilson, Ark. WE HAVE UP-TO-DATE REPAIR STOCK FOR TRIPPER COMBINES WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS LEE WILSON & CO. WILSON, ARK. - He Does His Figuring With a Sharp Pencil We know (hut a good farmer figures mighty close when he's adding up expenses. Because farm profits come the hard way—every dollar stands for plenty of hard work and hard thinking. So this bank has developed a complete, up-to- date banking service well adapted to the year- round needs of farmers. In the fall and winter a First National checking account helps you handle farm receipts efficiently and economically. Then in the spring, a First National crop production loan helps you start the new season on a cash basis. We invite you to take full advantage of our year-round banking- service. IN BLYTHEVILLE "The Only National Bank in Mississippi County" MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION

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