The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1950
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Aid Offers Go to Quake Area Peruvian City 4 Digs from Ruin; 60 May Be Dead CUZCO, Peru, May 23. (AP) — Offers of help came from all parts of the Americas today for this thotuand-year-old city, digging It- JJlf out of earthquake-strewn rub- j§e which was expected eventually *v yield 60 or more bodies Prom as far away as Washington and Santiago, Chile, came sympathy and aid for the survivors of the violent quake Sunday which left centuries-old historic buildings In ruins. Peru's president, Brig. Gen Manuel Odrla, with his ministers of public education and public works, was flying here today from Uma after a cabinet meeting yesterday which voted 3,000.000 soles (about $200,000) for relief and' rehabilitation. Planes Move In Six transport planes loaded with relief supplies and workers already had been sent from Lima. As workers continued to search the rubble of the elty. 43 bodies had been recovered. City officials said the death ll<t was expected to total at least 60. About 250 were injured. The brief shock ' left ancient churches and some of CUMO'S most beautiful historic buildings in ruins. ' The huge Inca ruins in the stricken city were not disturbed by the quake. But the church of Sanlo DomliiRo, an architectural gem built alongside the ancient Inca Temple of (lie Sun, was left a heap of ruins. Other historic religious buildtnes also were badly damaged. Peru Official Arrives ^Peru's minister of public health. Alberto Lopez, arrived yester- 9? to direct relief work. The Colombian and Bolivian Red Cross the Pan-American Sanitary Office !n Washington and other agencies In the hemisphere sent offers of assistance, President Truman and Chile's President Gabriel Gonzalez Videla Rl<o cabled messages of condolence and offered help. One visitor to Cuzco at the time of the quake estimated that the city of 45,000 was 90 per cent destroyed. He said most of the dead Imd been • truck or burled by stones falling from church towers. No foreign visitors were known to be among the casualties. £LL COLORS TO THE MAST-An Ingenious ship "Europe" nymg the Bags of all Marshal] Plan nations is tlie central Bgure in this winning poster in an Inlra-European Marshall Plan coster conlert sponsored by the Economic Co-operation AdmWstration in Washington. Heijn Dirksen, 25-year-old Dutch 'artist, won nrsl prize for the poster, one of more than 10,000 entered in the contest. Morley Praises Court Ruling LITTLE ROCK, May 23. (AP) — Arkansas Revenue Commissioner Dean Mortey said today that the state supreme court's ruling upholding constitutionality of the liquor price-fixing act "will contribute to more rigid enforcement of liquor control laws." He said he was pleased with the court's decision. One of the provisions ot the act authorizes the revenue department to employ an additional 20 agents to investgiate alleged violation o[ liquor laws. While not commenting on the price-fixing aspects of the act, Morley said that without the additional agents "we would have inadequate facilities and personnel to enforce the state's liquor laws." The ohm, measurement of resistance to electric current, was named by George Sumon Ohm, who discovered the principle In 1826. Anglo Churches Advised to Ignore 'The Red Dean' AUCKLAND, N.Z., May 33. (AP) —The head of the Church of England has advised Anglican churches throughout the world to Ignore visits of the "Red Dean" of Canterbury, Dr. Hewlett Johnson. Mayor John C. Allum said yesterday he wrote recently to Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, asking him to define the position of the Church of England toward the Dean of Canterbury so Hie city authorities would know how the church stood with regard to any visit Dr. Johnson might make here. "My advice to Anglican churches overseas," the archbishop replied, "Is they should completely Ignore a visit of Dean Canterbury. "It Is unfortunately true that Dean Canterbury so conducts himself as to create embarrassment and difficulty wherever he goes, not as Dean Canterbury or as an ecclesiastic, but purely aj an Individual who .desires to declare his belief on cerlain political matters. There Is no obligation on civic authorities to take any notice of him. r.e is completely unrepresentative of the Church of England and this country." Dr. Johnson frequently speaks at Commnnlst-sDonsored peace con- gre.ves outside K n g 1 a n d. The Church of Enelnnd has disavowed pro-Russian sentiments expressed by htm, but It has been explained that he cannot be removed from office ber.iusc he hr>s not made himself liable to charges in either a civil or ecclesiastical court. f-fit in Olive OJ/ Tariff To Increase Size Here DAVIS. Calif. (AP)—Th avrr- ajje olive In California probably will be bigccr If the tariff 071 Imported olive oil Is cut 50 per cent, as expected. Imported oil would thus be better able to compete with domestic oil, which is usually pre-sed from olives considered too small lor canning. Size can be Increased by thinning part of the growing crop on the trees, reports H. T. Hartmanu. University of California pomologlst. He says trees with tight crops generally produce fairly large fruit, while those with heavy crops yield a high percentage of olives too small for canning. EDSON Continued from Paje I one. What 1 fth* ofUprln* turned out to ban his beauty and her brains? •pin the WhMl Perlups the easiest way to start on this problem would be to conduct a national lottery. Leave It to chance. That'i what Mother Nature has done since the beginning of time. It hu produced aome terrible mlsflU. It hM ako produced Abraham Lincoln, Thomas A. Ertl- son, Mark Twain and Walt Whitman. Ten people picked at random —if of sound body and average Intelligence—would probably do as good a job as five Ideal couples. Another approach would bt to pick 'em the way they pick race liorses. Del good stock. Perfect physical specimens, high I. Q Or pick one couple on those standards. Then surround them with four other couples who would contribute most to their staying alive. First off, you would want a scientist. Somebody who could run a Qeiger counter and tell you where it would be safe to put your tootsies without getting them ray-burned In an .atom-contaminated world. That suggests some young atomic scientist like J. Robert Oppenhelm- er, generally conceded the smartest of the American geniuses. Only he'd have to promise not to build anoth- PAGE NINE Politico! Announcement riie Courier Newi hu Men author- ised to announce '.he following can. dlclHtes, subject to th« Democratic primaries July 25 and August I ron COIPSTT JUDGE Roland Green FOR STATE BEPREHENTATTVE L. H Autry Re-election Pott No t John .T. cowan Kenneth S Suiter Pout No 1 B. C. "Gene" Fletman (for re-election Po«t No. 4) W. T. Wells For State Senator W R. Nleholaon J. Lee Bearden Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. «r bomb, if his wife U a schoolteacher let him bring her along to educate the n«xt generation. You would wnnt a young doctor and a nurse, to carry on what mankind has learned so far about curing illness and saving life. Next you would want a good fur mer and wife. Somebody who knew how to grow potatoes imd can tomatoes. Thai suggests picking the champion 4-H Club boy and e'r' each year, and keeping them available. They're young enough, of good country stock, sound of heart, of health, of mind and habit. ' Next you would need a good me chanlc and Jack - of-all-trndes— somebody who could build n porch on the cave, rig up a wateiwheel hook It to a grindstone, build a fire by nibbing sticks together, trap a squirrel, skin a rabbit, build n boat, cut firewood and fix the plumbing By all menus he must be able to do that. Your Jack - of - all-trades would need to have a good practical wife, Somebody who could run a sewing machine, haiig curtnltis over the cave windows, bake a wild chcrrj pie, spin, weave anil dark socks. And there you have your ten. As for all politicians, lawyers, radio entertainers, bond salesmen, bankers, real estate agents, movie stars, executives, Canasta players and newspaper columnists— As the Lord High Executioner sings In the Mikado, "They never would be mUsed, they never would be missed." Did You Hear? of the Crops Kuinrd by Hailstorm near Holland, Mo. Huy Hailstorm Insurance Now—Before it's loo lute United Ins. Agency 1st All Forms of Insurance Main— Rear City Drug GROVER'S BODY SHOP Clear Lake Ave. & Clark St. Expert Body and Fender Repair Highest Quality Auto Painting All Types Radiator Work By Highly Skilled Mechanics Every Job Guaranteed Owned & Operated \ty Grover Canada Phone (J081 *•• IT'S TIME YOU MADE THE fllEROJRY * IO *•• how «<iiy H parks—the effortless way you can slip into— and onl of —the smallest spaces! Te$f Ifi big "Super-Safety- brakes—check them for velvet smooth stops—dependability— ease of operation I Nolle* how It hugs th« rood—with its new safer feel—new better balance! 7 Compare its new quiefnett — the soft whisper of that strong, silent Mercury engine, the relaxing hush of Viberglas soundproofing! Fe«l Hi smoother rid« —the soft comfort of "Cushion-Coil" springing and "Lounge Best" foam-rubber seals I Test I L*«k at Hi beauty— smooth, graceful designing ouuiide, luxurious "Cua- tomii»d" «tyling Irmidel Tnrlll to Hi performance— Mercury's 8-cylinder, V- type engine with super- thrifty "Hi-Power Compression"! (Officially proved "America's No.l Economy Car"— win« Grand Sweepstake Prize In Mobilgas Grand Canyon Economy Run.) Discover its handling ease— the effortless way you glide •round corners—the wonderful feel of "Stedi-Line" ite«ringl 4 Infoy tts greater visibility — the panoramic view you get through wide-sweeping picture windows I .5 R*lax In Its roominess — with plenty o( leg room, head room, and hip room for the entire family! Go -/or j STILL SoArllKRHIRY & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut at First Street "Par nt Pine Valley" is the golfer's dream! Playing this tricky, "toughest- i n-1 h e-world" New Jersey course is "golf at its best"! Whiskey at its "B Hill and Hill will not make you a championship golfer but it will help you make fine drinks! Enjoy it, serve it, tod fly 1 16 HOOf 6SX GKAIH NEUTRAl SPUtTT Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. PRESCRIPTIONS fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores Uerei trie mower every lawn/ Mower Blytheville Machine Shop 211 So. 2nd. . Phone 2828 For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of cases Investigated In several hospilali and clinics, subnormal Kidney function Wai improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the UM of Mountain Valley Water. If your doctor hai diagnosed your condition at functional Kidney Impairment thii natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try II for a few weeks. It U delicious, pure-tasting, and may be consumed freely. CroMtown Whiskey Shop Main & Division AMMONIA FERTILIZER EQUIPMENT 1,000-Gallon Storage Tanks with all hose and fittings $497.50 26750 297.50 BarksdaleMfg.Co. South Broadway Phone 2911 GASOLINE — TRACTOR FUEL — KEROSENE FUEL OIL — DIESEL FUEL OIL & GREASE G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phone—2089^ Office: 116 W. Walnut Bulk Plant: Promised Land In England — Il's the Chemist Shop In France — It's Hie Apothecary Shop In liiythcville — Il's BARNEY'S DRUG Foi Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE

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