The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1933 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1933
Page 11
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THURSDAY, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFOUMATION ADTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wait, cull us for better service. Piionc C33. Slicmsc-LiUlo Chevrolet Co. 10v'kll-lU IJaily rate per line for consccu- ihe insertion.*: (Five average words to a line) One time per Hue ll)c Tv.-o limes per line- per day .. C8o •Inree. tunes per linn per day .. We, bix times per line per day — 05c Month rate per line COc Minimum charge 5Qc Ads ordered ior three or six limes and Mopped before cxpiru- Kill be charged for the iiuiii- tcr of times ife ad appeared and adjustment, of bill made, All Classified, Advertising cops s-ir-millcd by Arsons residing out.- Eid': ot the city musl be accom 1 anied by cash. Hates may be i-aflly coni|iuicd from above table No responsibility will be takci for more then one incorrect in scilion of anv classified ad. Advcrtisini; ordered for irregu lar insertions take the one lini laic. hone306 Gateway „- joiid Mcchanice-Wurk Guaranteed I'riees K is lit 19p J'rep.ire Vuur Car for Winter Villaril Dallcrics-Kvcrcadj- Frcsliino iviri llcavrrs - A. C. Spark Plugs HUBBAKD HAHDWAUK CO. Automotive Depl. Autu Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. JOc. kll-10 house In Blythcvillc. Avkansus, between Ihe hours of nine u'dodi In Die niormns: and three o'clock In Hie atlernooii. on the 3rd "day rtf Novumlwr. 13J3. tin; following described lands located m tin- Chick- axiwba District ol Mississippi Joimty, Arkans:is: 1.01s One. (1) and Two <2) in In Block "C" of the liarron ^ Lilly Addition lo tin: Cily of lllylhcville. its shown by Ihe recorded pint of said nddllion. Puii'hater will be required to give bond with good and approved security on the day of the sale. Given under my hand and seal ol Ihe court on this 5 day of Oc- tobre. 1033. H. I,. C1A1NDH. |'j Ccmmisjiioner. WRECKEK SKKVICK Cull us when you need a wrecker Day and N'lght Service. Call (J33 bhoiise-Littlc Crcvrolct Co. culeiiim and phobplioiotls thntl clthiT meat oi" efits. Pcemiii 'are. the only mil clnsslllcd us beinu rleli in iron. However, lliey uro POOL- in pvoU'in and phosphorous. • Tnv vltainln U content of wal iuili cqutilj eggs und meal. All ir.ns lack vilimiin C but their A content crmals meiil. T!n> question of the digestibility ol mils is often under discussion. Day & Niglu Service Station Complete Lino Shell Products Hepair Work at Any Time Milton Slembcrg Phone COS lOc kll-ia FOK SALK _ D1UECTORY ~~ New and Used Furniture Houshl and Sold Stoves icpaired— Any make Alvln Ilardv 517 \V. 20p ktO "Happy ilavs are. here asai"-" Drink BUDWElSKlt, kins of bottler! l)ccr. Me klu -~ u Waler-rri'or Tarpaulins r ->\) SM5; 3x!tl .}3.SO; SX12 $^. 0x15 $G.C(J: other :i/e.s and weights ni'-dc to ordei. Carney Awning Co.. 113 S. First St. 18p klO-lt» EXPERT Tjp.^vritiilg and Adding Machiue. Rtpniring. U- S. Blan i-.enship, 116 E. Rose. Call 163-J. Kcslsltrcd Spencer Cursetieru Mrs. 3. J. Davis; Phone « 20C klO-2 "CLEANERS, AFB. gocxl business. Selling causc of oilier interests. Address Courier. 16ck23 IN THE CilANCEKV COURT l-'OU THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. R. lj. Bradley, as Receiver fcr First National Bank ot Blytheville. Ark., and A. a. Liu:c, as Trustee, Plaintllts, No. 551C vs. C. S. Lemons, Kxw.ilor of il'.e cs- late of Addie M. Mason, deceased W. b. Mason. Paul Victor Masoi and Dorothy Jean Mason, Defendants. WARNING ORlJEtt Tin. 1 non-resident defendant W S. Mason and tlie non-resident mi ors. Paul Victor Mason and Dorolh Jean Mason are Hereby warned to OMK PLACE on East Main, rea- sunubV terms. I-Vank E. Thrash- Phone H7. lick 18 he BEIiK AVEISLK, are dtinkin? U\jU- 'K of Irotlled Beer. 2Cc. klO-'JO appear'in tile Chancery Court fo [lie chiekasiiivbs District of Missis tippi County. Ark., within liiirl days and answer llie complaint o the plaintiff. K. L,. Dradley ;is Re ceivcr of the First National'Ban of BlylheviHe, Ark., and A. O. 'OR SALE—1932 Chevrolet, Sedan. Oocxl coiulillon. X, Courier News. 7dli tf REAL ESTATE Cone In, list yuur real estitt Sec wliat we have fu sell ).. M. Terry Licensed Dealer, Tcrry-Worlhlnslon Title Co. JMteville 1'hotiu S17 23c klQ-23 tie, as Truste Witness my Tlie portrait Is of GLKNN "POP' WAltNIJH.HKAO-COACJl OK KooTiiAi;!, sit TK.MPM: 1'NIVHRSITY YK1.1.OWSTONT, PA UK hns .111 area of 2,H2.m -\CltKS POLAND won (lie (lor- sKiii Beirnelt jnternatfonat bal- ••>oii race Hilt yeai SISTER 'MARY'S KITCHEN Ajcd Bullrtiiis SHU Stand* JANESV1U.K, Wis, lUl 1 ) — '(In.' butldlnt; In which. Tom l.appln cpcned JnueiVllle.'fi Hl'*l store, in mo Mill standi here imd Is usud OL a home hi the residential sec- lion. I.uppin cut down llio trees mxl slmved llie. limbers for the building himself. carlx>iiate idnc ore aunin In tie- birds every year. Mm oils ate not indigestible, bill like all (als. lliey do lake lime to digest. Finely chopped or ground nut., and nut bullets are more easily digested than nuts In their natural slulc • Thorough mastication is essential if full vnhu: is derived from niil.s niiil unless older children and adults an: willing lo do tins, u is belter to use the Kiound products. We fhoiild fol* low the example of Hie. .squirrel «iih his nibble, when we eiil mils. Chestinils With Meat Tlie raw starch of chestnuts is difficult lo digest, but if lliey are [roasted o:- boiled lliey become dl- fic.siible, just like any .shucliy vegetable. ClieslnuUs, because- of tlieir • hitili Mai-ch eontenl are splendid to serve with meiit as a stuffing I os as a vegetable. I There are Innumerable ways In j wlneii niit-s may be useil to nd<l in- i lerest to other fnods. Combined i with vegetables, lliey make sub- slamial main dishes. Added to sal- BY SISTEII -MAIO | n(1s anA ( ] ewcv is. they do much to NKA Service Writer ! increase llie nourishment of Nuts usually nrc served with no ' courses. In liread, lliey nrc a vulu- ihought of Iheir focxl value Ev- | able agenl toward amending the eryone like.s them and they nrc re- ; protein deficiencies of, Brains. Acrd MlnMfr Stckb /.llie HiaHLAND. WIs. (Ul'> — i"uiul, .Mm I' 'Black Jack; M,»n-j old Troupers ijelllt l)tbl w. «l. Ls i>iv;ai:ert in dnveloplimi owoiiTO, Mich. (UP)—Scpaut- new /me. mine near here, llnieri for 20 years, two cid troupjrs ixnects lo Hike out on' at a ileplli) invt, liele recently and settled a ol 5U in- HO fo"i. . M-ceiu, debt. Charles Amle, stage — I nunngiT ol a local theater, yas England is bulldlni; special sets'waled in a restaurant- when' in of perches on Utjl-.lhouse.s at. sis walked Herman Smith. noV con- poims where feathered visitors nccled with an indoor circus. Each ert^s her shores, so tliey may pause recognized tlie oti-er immediately, and i en. 11 is estimated Hint they Alter renewing actiuaiutnnoe, Smith will save the lives ol thousands of handed Amle 50 tents, borrowed in Chicago 111 1913.' OUR BOAR DING HOUSE By Ahern WHAT WK5 THE OF-F XOUtt rAOUSTACUt'S WU LOOK UK'cr A"PV./XV£ O^ ^SCUITS, ):'• NOW 1 i WOUIJDW'T KMO\N YOU - TWO OP YOU W&KF. OM ONE \'ou THE HOUSE SO rVvtJCVA c } SOrACTWK!<S IW THE. UrvYhA -t6KD— -i 'DON'T K KNOW WWW YOU &Rt. AUUDSN6TO?\ SWW? . /AY rAOUSTA.CVAE Of P VOR AU-TCSR A rAOVitlEST -^ t fv\AY <S>ET TrAE. "ROLE OF JUUUS CAESAR,\W f\ STUPENDOUS 'PICTURE Clerk garded us moie of n "treat" than a source of actual iioiuishmenl. However, n stiuly of their coni[>osi~ liun reveals Iheir woi'lh as a food, it's decidedly iirntifyini; lo know that both tl'.e miin-ral eoiuenl mid c( caloric value of nuts compare, fnv- ffrrrrf , , C HtA-M- \ tVtSi S\\t / Tl-USJV LOOK ,, /AY t^ \ MOW I CAW \ C VENTUUt v \ oursrot 1 ? WlllletlS 111? IlilllM it^ VIILIK ».' I v.'.uuv >n...v. ut ....... ..w.. . r ...«. -" s-i ! d court and tbe seal Iherejf on orably with those staple nnd whole- , tills''8 riay of Sept. 1D33. ' ' ""'"• """' "" vn1 ' 1 ' R." I,. OAINE3. Clerk. ! fomu foods, and brans. HIIEAKFAST: Chlllwl lioneydew melon with lemon sections, cereal, cream, creaiui'cl fiinnan had- die. curninval muffins, milk, cof- ler. LUNCHEON: linked scallops incats.' tKf!s. cereals iMuded e^BPliint- toasted inuffins Pcmuiis. bvillcrniilsivrupc conserve, milk, tea. •>8-5-r'-10ii"id almonds eoiitnlii" more protein j DINNER.: Planked hambun; I n.. m any of these foodstuffs. Fur-' Heal: with stuffed tomatoes Griil Stars Waiters i tliermore. their protein is HLOOM1NGTON. 111. iQl'i—11-' qimlily. iSnfilish walnuts linuls Wesleyan'r. football u-aai | more protein than eygs or oatmeal, fihoiiid be well trained in the art j but lets than beefsteak or dried of "waiting 1 ' out the oppsHion in j beans. i i : I tlie opinion of football experts. Six I Rich in Minerals members of the squad arc waiters When ii comes to mineral con- of high ', nil" in lemon .butler, prune contain'upuie pie. milk, coffee. Ur. Unruardos Home, in don. supplies 25.000 meals 11 lo 8.500 children; milk is Hie [jest item used. 1.000 gallons ES SI ILL HOT WITH OUTSlt>E POR A ^^ ,n,,.v.i.. *.-.. | 0 — belter source of [bcini; - 10 acres good land ad- at Ir^tcrmty houses joining No. icrc. Terms. GIDDY IS SO THOUGHTl'Ul,! FURNITURE New and Used Dod^on 31)1 i:. Mai 2Gc. klf)-l I OK SALL — Pretty collage on Kentucky, 5 rooms and bath. $800 U:ih. Quick bale. DOW &QVO tNS «.^^^2><^ — r - ^>?NWi TOR • VAS NOW. HI 1 ^o^^-^ot•1 TOR VOU , CQRIN , Wfcti THOMAS LAND COMPANY He k24 Unriertalic lOp-kll-l FURNISHKD 2 room 100 West Walnut. urtNISHED r.cdraom. Call after 4 o'clock. N'rs. Ed Haidin. 1017 Sic klO-2I V RCO-. PAT.'OFf.' . O 1933 *T trtX sra-ocr. nta EASY GETSTHE t-or Quality Cleaning i-none 180 n.nvnes NuWa Cleaners HaU Blockc-d Loo:: bike New " J rc.iie 171 umnuc. Cleanlns Sem UKESSMAK1NG 86. Aiu-rnaliuns, Very Rea- Miss Louise Crane, rlione We kl °- 22 M.dein 3 roo'.i furnished or uii- lurnUheil apirtments, newly dcc- iralcd, over K'rby Drug Co. A!so bmldtnc' adjoinine Roxy llieatre P. Simon, 120 W. Davis. 'G-i27c klO-21 BATTERIES Batlcry * Radiator Service We guarantee you better battery or radiator work for lees money. Any make radiator repaired or re- cored. Get our prices on new and rebuilt, latteries. Call 633. Shousc-Littlc Chcnulct C". 10ckll-lO FRONT Apartment, cood locution, k^e lo .school. 9H Heiirn St. MpklO. For Vrumpt 1'lntnc H Batlcry Service lien Clime. UC'Kli-3 ROOM & BOAKD 1031 MAIN ST. Room, Meals and Garage, $0.00 per week. Mrs. Sanders. Phone (535-J. Ilp-kl6 ^VOU VALUE VOOR LIPE , j £EEP ft POKE'S FACE ft^io ACT LIKE ^ MOTHI(JG'S HWPEWED. CAM SOU? WANTED TO KENT 3 or -1 room furnished apartment down itairs. Call Johntou at 033. ICvkM • Nc-.v t-X>rd Batteries KenUl-Kc'h'Jrf:in5-Repairing 777 -1T.IE & PATTERY STATION 25'j k 10-35 DOGS, I'nr Hcalliiy ll"(ts fc«-ll Miller's Itation f.' <luii-k l.imrt UUUBAltn IlAKinVAKF. I'D. llckll-11 coons Yon will Mud :i tiiinplclr line nf M:W H1OIHX BICYCLES al Hubbiiril Hardware Cuinpany. FOUND on ring. beUvecn T.irmers Baiii: au'i Railroad. Owner muy have .same by comir.s to Courier and payins fov ad. llxx tf STRAYED ON'B UKOWK MARK MULE. 7 JTS old. v.eieht STiO llr,., one llaj Hnrsc Male. 7 yrs. oM, weight 90( Hi". I.rfl H. J. Coie'.s place Oct 8lh KEWATHX If. J. Cole, r,;isora H. f. I). 1. Box 158. lip k LOST — Jcrwy bull yearlir.s, t homed, weiiilit "no or 800 Ibs R'jv.'arcl. A. ]j. Lovelace, Houle. WALL PAPER Single v.osi: lots Sl.OO 2.MO lulls old patterns al Gc. \'j'- 1 MAYFLOWER line lOc to 'iOc Will t. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.[ »'-' L'Oc klC-MiSO'"- COAL "K WOOD Before you buy savr- money. Pi' Tiailroad and A-s Coal Yard. Coal—You ean j i i S's. llnrlnick'sj '.'Oi; klO-na PERSONAL • for i.hiiclien by the. da i- phcr.e 7lj-J, Lorn;i. \\ T \ lie kl iai;t'l. vi-paired. -iu.-pcctci c"ara !- .lc-.'d. W. W. liooV . . Call 100. fur lhc We are exclusive agents for rirnuinr. Monlcvalln and Sipiy. Arkansas Anthratilc and Kentucky Cojls. Ilionc 177 1v. I'. l''fJ' Wiunli-r City C'aal (ninpany D'J kll-3 Leer. r"u"riTAIN.S exiK'.i;v laundered ni'.r! Hretrhcd. l?."i p.iir. Mrs. Henley, Call 3(5-W. 13C k'.! 107 | UOUHANAN "Cjir Co<il is lilac'.-: Dill We Tirat You While." DC kll-'J t all :;U8-Hed's riaic US!;. I'ur Aulu P.unlini, 1 HuUy and lender .Service 1'umicrly ^^itll Sliunsc-I.illlr Co. •2G<; klO-'Ji LEGAL NOTICES NOUCK Notice • is hereby Bivcii that lhc undersigned, as [-or.'.misfioner. pur- lunl lo the dc-rseljl older of I lie Chancery Com; fur Ihe Chlcra- .-.iinUu District ol MU-iw-ippi^ Cotin- iv. Aikaiisas, rendered on Ekincin- her 2S. ID3». l» ^'hich Clifford D 1-iuvt- if :il. tin.-!'''-. V.MS plainlilf and T. U. Kc-ilh el al wi-vi- Ui- k-iulinl.s In which juuguunl v,a.s, iiu-iitv.t Ihe delendiinl-s and tin sale ol the Mini!:- (ircleml t,i , [>• xiiue. will. p',n.-ii:ii>l lo Ihcdi- V,AI«;i;ST STOCK l^i;i) I\\ vcclloiis of said dea-eul order or- Dclwoen Kcnphi" nnd St. bouls fer for sale to :.«• hi;Miest b.ddu Also Anil' JACKSON" I'hone AUTO 1'AUTH CO. 2c kl!-2 a c.icdH "I Ihr willi good and aniiiw at the fronl dcur or \WELt-, MIWBE OUST A UlTTtE TEENV-WEtNV SMlLTi, BUT MQWHOOflK BLUE ClftZfS, '(Oil WO.WHILE FISHIM&, lib 6RAIHS CP DUST I ONUV ^ (?U^RT OF SftND. HOU- MEftK VCXl'l/t FOUNC GOLD? OR'lEUlHG. OUT. VO£'R£ SOMETHIMO WRONG? SALESMAN_SAM u, netie. AM' 6F.UTS, THIS RU«l To p^ soFoP-T(( . MOU,, ft RE. HIS FRIENDS VI1MS BV A SCORE OP 10 To 6 !! COACrl EOVS /4ZOJMP HIM IH THE P36MW.S DIDM'T I WIN TM'SAWe? OlMAT MORE HE V/AMT^I V:o:J IT, DIDN'T I , BOVS / v>JE. v^.'oM ....9U Z'W o'lSADpO'MTED! Vl£ UP A SISGE 1 ?.- SCORE _.*'-'- 5Cor?SP Ai-'- TS ,rrr. ^ POIWTS ,VVSELP !! ^ MWUTE LtPT. C C>AVl9 5TEPS 0AC- -R>-IRV A FIELD tlf lu)(UcI , 20cklO-20

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