The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1950
Page 6
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PAGE ETGHT Chicks'Offense Rolled Over 4,673 Yards in 1950 Season •*' , Br GEORGE' CI.AKK (Cutirlir Newi Sport • KHItor) The Blyiheville Chicks, in wiunij^ 13 straight games and /he state Class AA football championship during: the 1P50 season, propelled their combined air-j?round offensive might over more than (wo and one-half miles of chalk-striped gridiron turf. According to unofficial statistic.";*— — compiled by th« sports staff of l,h Courier News, the Chirk*' hiphlj regarded 'offensive machine clicke for the amazing overall total t 4,673 yards during the season j» completed. That the Tribe's four-system of fenstve attack was one of Ihe mos versatile in Arkansas htRh srhoo football history U borne out b these figure.*. The unofficial statistic,* show tha on the ground Blythcvllle. back fiteatn-rollert (or a tola, of 3,18 yards in 514 plays and thai in th air the Chicks completed TO of 12 passes for 1,402 more yni tis. That means that every pf-nlcr .1. C. Uroke snapped tlie had he (ween his legs a Rafn of 7,33 yards was chalked up on Ihe blark Ink side of Ihe ledger. BI,VTHEVn.i.E (ARK.) COURfKR NEWS Broken down, the figures shuw thai In Iheh- 510 ground plays the Chirks averaged 6.20 yards per play anil every llmr nne of Blyllie- ville's three pass-throwing hacks rocked an arm it meant * gain of 12.P more yards. The Chicks' cround game was led by all-stater Charley rRuff) l,u( c , and Robert Held, the dynamo-pow ered fullback. Lutes set sail 146 limes during the 13 outings and hula-hipped hi: way over 1.209 yards. That's an av erase of belter than 8.21 yards ever?, time he lugged the leather. "Mr. four-Yard Keirt Reid, who was overlooked when all-state laurels were handed out was given the ball 163 times during the season and he more than livec np to his nickname of ''Mr. Four Yards" by crashing tackle for a total of 1,052 yards, an average o . slightly more than 6.26 yards. And equally as amazing Is the passing record of halfback Mel Hay According to the figures Hay threw all but 21 of the Chicks' 123 passes, had 5B completions for average of .586. His average yards gained per completion was 30.2. Far threw 15 touchdown passes In Ihe 1.1 eamw. The shortest nf lhe*e traveled 15 yards from scrimmage, and the longest 60 yards. Both hit tangrst and his short- : Krt touchdown flings came In Ihe aame game, Ihe Pntlo Bowl till at Charleston. Mo., against Russtil- Tllle, Kr. The Chirks also gnt one ntra point nn a Hay-thrown«. Mel's favorite target was Lute: whom hf hit with 10 of his touchdown «erial«. The other five were thrown to the Chicks' all-state end. Ted Vane*. He had three touchdown twisses nullified by penalties. In their 13 games the Chicks •cored a total of 4H points, an average of 31.8 point* per game. Lutes ltd *h« point making with 2t touchdowns and 3 extra point.! for « total of 158 point.!. Robert Reid was next in line with IS points and Ted Vance got 61. Chicks' Defen*- Clicks Defensively, the Chicks were also well above par. They limited their 13 opponents to 113 points, 112 first downs and 1,437 yards gained rush- In?. The opposition threw 164 passes, completed 52 for a net gain of 778 yards. Twenty enemy aerials were Intercepted by Chick defenders. No team scored more than 14 Points against the Chicks and only three were able to garner that many, Bartlett. Tenn.. Whltehaven, Tenn,. and Camden. CBC of Memphis scored 13; Poplar Bluff, Mo., 12; Forrest City. Jonesboro, Piggott and nussellvllle. each rot seven and ParagouM, J.ick- son, Tenn., and Marked Tree made but six. Benton, III., was blanked 320. A New Member The "Let's Don't Play with flip nip Bully" Club has a new candidate for membership. He's James Bechtelhimer, sporl.s editor of the Camden News who likes his football lace-lrlnuned with covered buttons and satin bows and who has a bit of distaste for Ihe way the Blytheville Chicks play Ihe sporl. fifchteihimer made Jone.sboro's heari Jump with elation the other day when he was quoted through an Associated Press column written by Justin R. Anderson of the Little Rock Al' bureau as saying that the Chicks were having trouble scheduling Arkansas teams because of their style of play. "Just nsk some of tlie Camden players," the quote said. "Cnmden doesn't mind playing a tonsil opponent, with hard Mocking and tackles but extra elbow work, pile-one out of bounds and other tvpe of play not found in Prank Leahy's manual is not Inviting to most teams' schedules." Then wlipn (his department, In a defensive maneuver, contacted Sam Cnleman, Camden cnach. for romnirnl nn thr quotes, Brchte.1- liimer iliit a quick double takr and fired us a three-page telegram nlTerlne an explanation for liK wrlliiiE*. But actually he did nothing mnrp thiin further confine us by repealing his charges. The telegram read in part: North Rougher than South "I would like to take this opportunity to further explain my writings In which some issues seem to have arisen. First, let me make it clear that I nor the fans of Camricn feel llial Blytheville did not deserve their Class AA victory. They did. Even the statistics clearly Indicate that, I would also like to say that the Chick team ns a whole was a fine coached team. They displayed a type of ball playing that is stimulating .o the fan to watch (otislde kicks, hide-out passes, end around etc.), but t is my observation that most teams In North Arkansas play n rougher type of football than most of those of Ihe south part of the stale. Naturally this Includes Blytheville. A further explanation to what I mean by that is that It seems the players are more free In the use of elbows and pile-ups. "Several Cnmden players have said that Blythcvilie was one of the •otlglicst (don't misquote (hat word rough. Nol necessarily meaning dirty) they had played., They attributed most of that to three nr four ilayers whose names should not be mentioned. In the penalty department Camcien hnd one lor five yards and Blytheville seven for 70 ajid one-half yards, four being for personal fouls. One Camden player lost a tooth (he did nol do It to himself). Another received a fist In the eye and he displayed a nice shiner for several days. Others fell the effects of free elbows which should prove that the Chicks play PL rougher style of ball. Now to the point of scheduling Blyiheville on cards of state ichools. For some reason most schools do not care to play Blytheville. do not know the reason but I did note lhat Jonesboro decided not io •enew Its contract for a game because of this rough type of plav. There- ore most other schools probably feel the same way about thai'type of ptny. Par be It from me to begrudge a tenm of a win. 1 just say tiat most teams don't prefer to play their game that way." j There Another Style? Then he went on lo say that Blylhevitle could play the way it pleased nd other teams could do likewise with their schedules. But there Is one lung he didn't sny and that's how Ihe other teams like, to play their ootball. We didn't know there was bul one way. We have been walching ilgh school football for more than 15 years, in all sections of the state n<i we haven't seen but one style. Football, If it's played according lo Hoyle. is a rough game and it starts getting rough the minute a player •alks on the field. We never knew It to be any other wav. Bechlelhlmer spoke of Injurlrn t« Camden plajer.. B«l what ahoal the loose leelh and aklnned faces of Rlvthrvillr players? (and there were some). Or U It Ihil lh»>- don't eount? Besides, we're itrrn ' hlack eves »nd fat linn rome oal nf . Snntiaj School picnic. And as for his referrnre tn Frank I.eahy'j manual, we don't recall off hand any yelling by Notre flame opponent. thi« jear bni there wai plenty of II last year when the Irish were nationally what the Chirks are in Arkansas. Maybe all this a.ccuslni: will jiop too, when the Chicks atari losing. . ~^_"'; ockey Culmone r- u / e* / Gets 371st Win Field for Bmg s $70,000 Open Is Announced The only dark spot on the Chicks' brilliant record this year was In the penalty departmenl. The Tribe was assessed a total of S3 penalties which cost them 852 yards. Final Sfallstlrs Scores First Downs . Passes Attempted . - Completions Yds. Gnd. passing . Intercepted by Penalties Yds. Penalized . Indivldu Player Chirks Opposition 113 112 414 166 123 70 1.492 20 B3 ... 852 Krcnrtls Trlrs Cirri. Avf. 146 1.209 R.21 !«R MIAMI, fla., Dec. 23. M»I—Lead- ig jockey Joe Culmone. who has ven up trying to break a 44-year d riding record but is still deter- iliiL-d to be the top jockey of 1950. returned -to thr saddle yesterday and brought home his 371st winner of the year. » Injured in a nasty spill Saturday, Culmone resumed riding for the first time in nearly a week al Tropical Park. He hart four mounts in- nine races but was able to score in only one. His closest rival. Willie Shoemaker. scored with lour winners at the New Orleans Fairgrounds to boost his tolal winners of lhe year to 366— five short of Culmone. Before Culmone's accident, he had 161 hoped to break the record' of 388 _52 u-inncrs ridden by Walter Miller In 1906. 11 | Culmon ie was scheduled for only mount.s on the overnight line 31 i two but was expected to get several others before post time. •R low «•>/•' ' Calendar year is 365 days. 5 i ™« ,tr ho " rs - 48 minutes. 16 seconds long. 4 38fi 4.10 hl[t the , nie |he of ^ I full revolution earth with j reference to the. stars, is 20 minutes 24 .seconds longer. Totals Scoring 3.181 ' Vance s R. Reid 1.35 Hay IS! D. Reid HO Criner . -2 Gentry . — O'Urirn 6.11 Smith . 414 DEL ,\fONTE. Calif., Dec. 13. Lf } —The list of amateur golfers invited to play in the Slo.OOO national pro-amateur golf championship sponsored by Bing Crosby, was announced today by Larry Crosby, general manager. The list includes some of lhe greal names of Hollywood, of baseball, boxing and lhe loctball world -and some of the all-time great amateurs in the field of golf. It also includes the likes of Bob Hope. Mickey Rooney and Joe niMaggio, all new names this year. There are many more. The tournamenl will be played on Jan. 12. 1951, al Cypress Point Club, on Jan. 13 at Monterey peninsula Country Club and. on Jan. H. at the world famous Pebble Beach links. Last years' tourney attracted more than l.i.OOO spectators, who paid J30.000 for charity. Bin? Crosby personally takes care of the expenses of running the show. The amateurs were paired with top professionals, such as Ben Hosan Sam Sueacl. Lloyd Mangrtim. Jimmy Demaret and other noted players. Amateurs who will pla.v, in addition lo host Bing Crosby, are: Bob Crosby, Bob Hop», Johnny Weismuller. Van Johnson, Dennis O'Keefe. John Hodiak. Howard Kill. Mickey Rooney. Lefty O'Doiil, BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA WRESTLING Monday, Dec, 25 8:00 p.m SPECIAL XMAS CARD 6-MAN TAG MATCH 3 Welch Brothers Roy — Joe — Lcslcr vs. Dnnny Dusek, Bill Canny, Al Geti Adults 50e—Chtldr.n 1 5e Also 3 1-Fall 30 Minut* Matches L«st«r Welch vs. Conny Al G«ti vs. Roy Welch Jo« Welch vs. Dusek 8 ATUK DAY,' PECEMWTK tt, Mack's Success Tip— 'Buy Club, Keep Job' By KAI.PH HKKNSTKIN PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 23. lAI'A-Cmnelius McGlllicudy isn't given o handing out trade secrets. Six-Man Bout Dn Auditorium Wrestle Card Mike Meroney. promoter of the American Lesion's weekly wrestling houis has lined up a six. man tag bout for Monday night's card at Memorial Auditorium as his annual special holiday program. The six man boul will pit three of the four Welch brothers. Roy. Joe and Le.ster. against three • veteran tout-hies. Danny otisek. Bill Carmv and Al C!et7. This match is expected to be one of the roughest ever staged here for it will be a revival of the ancient Welch-Canny fued. Members of the Wrestling Cherokee family and Canny have been al odds for years and have virtually quit meeting in the ring. The Canny-Welch fued is expected to highlight the king-sized program but Get?, and Dusek will come in for their share of the fun, too Neither think too highly of the ] Welchs and will o f!er "caney plen- ,' ty of assistance. * j Topping off the Christmas pro- 1 aram will be three preliminary ' bumf. These win pit Lester Welch ! vs. Canny: Getz vs. Roy Welch j and Dusek v.s. Joe Welch, But .since today Is his 83th birthday and he's retired, the still yomig in spirit man from Meriden, Conn., let the baseball world in on » big secret. It was a simple and effective method for remaining manager of the same team for 50 years. McGilllcudy is "Mr. Baseball" himself. Connie Mack, president of the Philadelphia Athletic.!. A. 1 ; press and radio men gathered around yesterday Mr. Mack gave away tii.s key to success. "If you want to succeed as a manager. Just buy the ball club.. That's the only way to survive the | last place days every club usually goe.s tliroueh at one time or another. Id have been fired on many occasions if i hadn't been the owner. Naturally, as owner, I wasn't always satisfied with' "me the man- aaer.' But I had patience wilh myself and things usually worked out. Oklahoma Aggies Thump Loyola of California 62-48 LOS ANGELES, Dec. 23. iAP. _ Oklahoma A and M.. the country's fifth ranking basketball team. leave.! the 'Southern California scene with its record intaci today following a two night stand at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium. The towering Aggies trimmed Loyola University. 62-48. in the first game of last -night's double header. Southern California, which bowed to the Oklahoman.s by M- \Vaitprf Too Ix>n£ I "I never did like the idea of fir- I inc myself. That's probably why I I waited at least a year too' long to j quit. Actually, t should have' resipn- | eti in 1949 but 1 did want to finish ; that 50th year." I The questions flew thick anrt last. And Connie an-swered them all with the infinite patience- even with himself—that has seen him through, his 67 years a* player and manager. He retired last October 18. What doe.s he think of high scores and slugging tactics of present- day baseball? "Personally. I'd rather jee the dead ball back In the same, j |ij; P the pitchers duels and the stealing .that helps to win games by small margins. "But the fans ;eem lo like the singeing, the home run*. And ff .that's what they like, we have to give it to them. That's what we're on the field for, to please the fans." • COMEBACK? -Jack Dempsey and Primo Camera, who were supposed to feature a wrestling show at the Boston Garden, look more like they did . when they where world heavyweight boxing champions, when the gigantic Camera refused -to desist from roiah tactics, Referee Dempsey let go with "Iron Mike' 'and an Incipient pri/e flKht was broken up by Don Eagle, UJe other gcappler who went on to win the mat exhibition. Lions Plaster Greene County Tech 62 to 34 LKACHVILLE, Dec. 13 _ Coach Ethridge McKeel'.s Leachville Lions rung up their ninth straight victory last night, downing Greene County Tech 62-34 in a game played at Paragotild. The game was the feature of a twm-bill. In the first game the Green County girls defeated Leachville 69-12. The Lions led all the way and were never seriously threatened. They led 13-4 »t the end of the first quarter, and 28-8 at halftinle. Mylon Buck and Teddy Gilpatrick led Leachville's scoring with IS points each. Ke.ster paced Greene County with 22. The lineups: Leachville tfi2) Pos. . HO) r. . M. Buck (15). r .Scott (9) .... C. . D. Buck 13) .. G ....... T. G'trick (15) G. ...... Substitutions: Leachville—' Jones 15). Sain (1). P.-Gilpatrick (2) and Keith (2). Greene County Tech— Shattey and Dowdy! Field Condition Big Factor in NFL Tilt CLEVKLANl), Dec. 23. (AP)—What's under the UP. paiilins they haul off Municipal St«tium here Sunfitqr af. lernoon may have a lot to do with the way the National Football League championship game goes. — • * But whether the turf it frocnljfc concrete consistency or 'whether IK thawed deep enough for i cleat t* catch hold, It will be ewctly th. same for both the visiting Ijo* Angel»« FUrm an<l th« Cleveland Brown*. Chance* an weather condition, won't be known until a few hour* before a crowd of about 10.000 gathers for the 12:30 p.m.^CST) kickoff. Temperature* have (one u» Sports Roundup HUGH nlU.EHTON JB. NEW YORK. ne c . 23. (/Tj—Eighteen years ago, on Dec. 1*. 1932, the Chicago Rears and Portsmouth Spartans wound up the pro footbal season by playing an Indoor gamp In the Chicago stadium. . . . That was a sort of trial run for the championship playoffs, which began the next year. ... If the weather comes up cold In Cleveland tomorrow. K lot o( fans probably will wish the league had stuck tn the- Indoor '•'•'a. . . . Item from West Virginia ,™s head coach Pappy Lewis cracked down oti one of his freshman tackles for failure to attend classes. 'Pappy insist. 1 ; they're supposed to set an education. too.> . , . The kid's shphtly .startling reply was: "I am not interested in school work and will withdraw. I never wanted to attend the university in the. first place." . . . Jim Nevins. Knicks' basketball trainer, speaks nine lanRuages and once .sang in i;rand opera. . . . Maybe Ned Irish will hire him to SJIIR the blues if attendance rioetn't perk up. G.c.T. (34) . (Ml Hester ft, carr do) Reeves Dunnam Oupp North and South Squads Taper Off, MIAMI. Pla.. Dec. 23. l/Ti—Coaches for the North-South all star - -,- -- — ... .... u> ^u-1 football game Christmas night in 4s the night before, beat the weary j the Orange Bowl cooled their 30- Wa-shlngton State Cougars. 55-47,; man hand picked squads to a low In the finale. j simmer today with only freshening Loyola battled the clever A2g;es! u P drills scheduled, on even terms for the first 20 min- 1 Coach Herman Hickman of Yale utes. but A and M.'s hcizh; ?.d- • switched his scheduled all-out vantage made lhe difference in the: scrimmage yesterday io a brisk ' ' " hour-long dummy drill. He told his Yankees to report for drill today in short* and T-Shirts Instead o f heavy football gear. The Rebels under Coaches Andy Gustafson of Miami and Bobby second half. The Aggie* meet California University at San Francisco t/>n!eht. Bill Boyd. Hilton. lxv> rocher. Jerry Priddy. Ralph Kinor. Vern Stephens, Bob Lemon. Joe Dl- Malfio. Ray Flaherty, Louis caw and Newt Tarble. Dodd of Georgia Tech. also planned only a brief polishing up workout. stiessing assignments. punting, passing and kicking of extra points. IN THE PROBATE COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, ' .MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS -;. ' Estate of Luther Gray. Deceased. Last known address, Blytheville Ark. • .. - , Dale of death: Nov. M. 19.W. An instrument .dated Nov. 14.1950, ha.T been admitted to probate as the last will and testament of lhe above named decedent and the undersigned ha-s been appointed Executrix thereunder. A contest'of the probate of the will can'be effective only by filing a petilion within the time provided by law. I ' All persons having claims against the estale must exhibit them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned within .six months [rom the date of the first publication of this no- lice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estale. First notice published Dec. 23. 1950. Mrs. Ruby P. Gray, Executrix 120 K. Sycamore St., Blytheville, Ark. Prank C. Douglas, illy.. Blytheville, Arkansas. 1223-30-116 Though rivers generally »re at » low stage . In hot months, those arising Irom glaciers frequently flood during the hottest months from melting snow, according to the Encyclopedia Britannlca. GROCERY •• Seagram'* V.O., per fifth 5.75 All popular brand Cigarets ctn. 1.50 Echo Springs - !/i pint 1.40 Echo Springs - pint 2.75 Old Charter - !/i pint 1,90 Old Charter - pint 3.75 Old Charter - fifth '..:'.'.'..'. 575 Cascade - '/.pint 1.50 ..... pint 3.00 Cascad « fifth 4.65 James E. Pepper, Bonded - Yi Pt 1.80 James E. Pepper, Bonded - pint . 3.60 BEER Gri«t«di»ck F.litaff t Cant Cmrry Away fkg. Cans 51 Part, SchHfi Bin* Ribbon ]2D PKort* 3481 Hiwoy «1 Holland. >fo. Perfect Tribute Bruce Drake, Oklahoma V. basketball roach, likes to tell tins nne alxiul Sherman Norton, the 1,1 Orange, 111., hoy ivtm did • swell Joh for thr Soonors against C.C.N.V. Hie other nijlil. . . . Sherrruin. B student of petroleum rnslne<-rinjc. came to tbe varsity the hard way. liuc'kiiif; a lot nf veterans. ... He only gut Into a few earn" last year, hut anr nf them was In hU hnmr territory In Chlraco. and fie had a hip night. . . . Ai tb« Somiers were leaving thr Chicago Stadium, Norton looked happily around the lobby and miirmurrrd: "This basketball !« » wonderful tame. The. man who Invented It wa« a jeniiis." Sportspoitrrl Jimmy McLarnln, tablietl as Canada's greatest bo.ver of a half century, is one of those who wish Joe Louis had made his first retirement stick. Says Jimmy: "He can't go anywhere from here and he must know It." . , ; McLarnin quit when he was 29 years old after he and manager Pop Foster had aareed that tie'tl made enough dough to last him a while. . . ."carl Braun, on leave Irom Port Bragg, reports that two other basketball aces have Just checked In to join the camp league. They're Bill Lloyd of the Washington Caps and Andy Kos- tccka, who used to play for Georgetown. . . . Besides shootin? for' « place In the all-Army tournament the Bragg boys are organizing an all-star team to face outside competition next month Tip from the South is that Sam Mason's Virginia-owned To Market may be a heck of » derby prospect next spring. He has been having his ankles fired and will winter al Columbia, S.C. Weak KnH Vole, Lew Fonsera reveals that R •Blind trick in .lanancs; Is helnt . ---.--.. .._.... H v,t| V ^j_ iome sm« the Rams new In front California Thursd.y night. Th« mercury hasn't come within five d«- grees of Ihe 4Q-mark groundskeen- er s say would be needed ko thaw Ihe dirt under the tarp.. " Coaqh Joe Stydahar inilsrs hit boys have been "spoiled" by Calif ornla weather and Ihelr hlgh-pow- ered of/ellse would suffer heivllv !• effectiveness if the cold, continues. Browns Hal Injuries .Coach Paul Brown seeks 'to counteract this psychological warfare by proclaiming his Browns are phvs" ally "harder hit lhan at any 'tlm. this season." capt. Tony Admle fullback and linebacker, »i,o has' an ankle .sprain, and defense Pt J George Young, with a rib sepafc' lies'fro" ' hC n ' Mt , serio " s «su™ Jew Tork Giant., for^ho Conference ' Brown. All over f over he American * '" e ' ast " ek demonstrat- some excellent football P^f 1 on . hard-frozen fh 1" ' A m " sl ** reine mbered, loo. hat in he playoff here x week ago injury-risk was calculated by each club with the possibility it would be playing the big one a week later »Hrt H bett . ors - '" d'sacree-menl, added another point, lo the mar- they ve accorded ihe home club. The Rams now arc four-point un- derdocs in the wafers. The Rams are the League's biggest point-makers. But they lost wo close ones to the Chicago Bears and were thumped by the Philadelphia Eagles. » pair O f teams th» Browns conquered earlier tht, sea- Amateuri Win W1TCH1TA. K»s.. Dec. M. earn assembled from the WitchiU Amateur Hockey League defeated Denver University. 6 to 5, here last night .in a hockey game. The Wichita team h-eld «".le«rT ,11 (he »'»3'. 3-1 for the first und'i-z for he second period, and staved off a determined bid by. the collegians r. ihe third. : • The clubs play again here M- light. ' ' fll ' made for (h* 19SO world n movies for the first lime. It itvi <-»n Jve hit In Sp.nlsh. IUll«n »n<I G frmin. . . . What, n • Bronklynr,,: . . . r.r - rr.thlnf prediction from >n Indiana h»i- ktlball follower: New Alh.nj.nd Lafayetle.Ui fi|thl It ..t r«- th. stale h!|fh K h<x>l title ne,t Marrh. . . Jimmy Dunn. Guirstnam Tark prr«idrnt. will -txm bit annual ChH(4ma» p«rty lonnrrow with enterUlnnwnt and giru l*r Ihe ehlldrm o* >wntr«, tralnen, etc. ... K» what? Propl, hire hrrn lolni in racetracks for jmra hoplnr to find Santa Clam. «*>* r«w»ra4a« potveMio. it o«r enriching htnnchrrfpi. A»d M i« ( *W « <«T hvpr MMr TM. R. C: FARR & SONS Phillips ^6 Distributor*

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