The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1933 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1933
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVtm:. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OC'J'OUHK l<i:« THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS ' THE COURIER NBW8 CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCJf, Editor H. W. HAINB8, AdvertWn« lianigsr Sole NiUootl Advertising Rcpi ArkUBM Wiles, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louli, Dallas, Kansas city, Little Rock, __ Published Everr Atlemoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter nt Ihc pos! office at niythcvUlc, Arkansas, under act of Congress Oc£•• lober 9, 1317. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION KATTU~ By carrier in Uie City ol Blythevllle, J5c per neek or $630 per year in advance. By mail within a radius ol 50 miles, ?3.00 per Star $160 lor six months, 85o lor three months; by mail in postal zones two to six, inclusive, JS.50 per year, in zones seven and eight, HO.M per year, payable in advance. enough to clean house "Ji all of our political machines; sense enough to stop listening to dtiuiaKOKues, to elect capable public servants instead of corruptible politicians, t?. demand service instead of fair words—and, thereby, to replace the weak link in the I'hiiin with on« lluit *ill slum! «»>' pull? —Unice CtiUoii. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark The Price We Pay For Machine Politics In all the noise that is being mad*- 1 about the mayoralty light in New York City you can hear, if you listen closely, the ominous howling of a very cold wind—the coldest wind, perhaps, that has ever shaken the fabric of American democracy. Back of the frantic negotiations, campaignings anil wire-pullings of the New York situation, where the nation's largest city tries desperately to gel Tammany off its back, there stands tin- simple and unpleasant fact that our system of numidpal government has " come perilously close to breaking down . entirely. : New York is proving—just as Chi• cago and a host of oilier cities have al' ready proved—thai our familiar lyp:: • of machine politics is totally inadequate to meet the problems of the-' modern world. t » * For a great many years we have innocently gone along, handing over our city, county and state governments, to men who quite frankly were not especially into'pstp.d in good govcrn- ; ment, but whose chief concern was the building up o.f theii' own political fortunes. The results wero scandalous—but while times were good wj could afford them, or we thought we could. The. local government became (he weakest link in the democratic, chain, but the chain was slack during prosperity and nobody-minded very much. Now tin; : chain is stroll-lied taut.' Tlie weal; ; link is being strained right to the '. breaking jwint. Machine politics, in other words, is as anachronistic as one of Columbus' caravels. \Ve have got to .the point where we simply can't put up with il any longer. And what is hapiwrnng in. New York is an ob.jecl lesson for • the remotest county courthouse, town - hall and state eapiloMn America. * » » foreign observers have long predicted ; that if the American democracy broke down the collapse would b'.'giu with the municipal government. Are we begin- iiing to witness thai collapse now? Is the cold wind that howls n from Manhattan island going to !)'• a dcstroy- - ing cyclone that finds us with no storm cellar handy? Or arc we going l;j havu sense Fixing the Power Rate Yardstick Watching the various I'lcments of the new deal take shape these days is a lillle bit like peering into a test lube in which a chemist is attempting an entirely new, elaborated complicated kind of synthesis—will i the added factor that at least a few of the chemists on the outskirts are ».ol dead sure that the whole mess w^n't presently blow up and wreck (he laboratory. Some of us fmd one part of the experiment most interestinj!, and some of us find another; but certainly one of the most striking in its potentialities is that being conducted at Muscle Shoals. A great many reasons were advanced for the Muscle Shoals program while it was being debuted, and one of the chief ones was thai it would serve as a yardstick by which electricity rates cotdd be measured; and it is pretty evident now that .the authorities are going lo do everything they can to make the yardstick a good one. t t * 11 has been announced already that consumers of power from Muscle Shoals will be charged, on the average, two cents per kilowatt hour. The significance of this figure rests upon two facts: First, that this—according to power authorities at Washington—is just a little more than half the average power rate for the nation last year. Second, that thu Muscle Shoals authorities are taking the utmost care to make the return they will receive from their sale of power equal to the return a privately owned utility would have to receive in order to meet fixed charges, taxes, interest and depreciation. "Thesi; rates," says David E. Lilien- ihal, director of power development at the Shoals, "have been computed on a conservative basis to cover all the costs of furnishing the service, including operation, maintenance, depreciation anil I axes. In addition, ivn have made provision for interest and retirement although such provision i-; not required by the Tennessee Valley Authority act." books but they have loimd Oml n ^ man of my knowledge and ability j Is not so easily taken m and when' I toW them they should have been more- loyal to me and did as 1 have done, stayed out of the church, bin they said they could find no real excuse for staying out of church, thai they were e'ad U> tx- oil Unheard, Unit, all they to do nvx 'vas to crltlclM. They ^a:d the membership committee was planning on calling on IIIL> ai an early date. Ol coi.rsc, I understand this, llie church fbourd liiis RJIK; Just about as far as il can no. mid tliis is to be an effort to get in,buck so that they can have the advantage of my knowledge and ability. Well, let them «jine. they Kill find me very gelid about, the mailer. (Copyrighted.) BLYTI-IEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From (be. files of the BlyttevUIe Dally Courier Friday, Off. 19. IM. The lollois'ini; tnen inaric i:;c iup lo Memphis today when; Blyl.'c- villc liigli .school football team uicets Memphis .University .school, champions of Memphis: Juck Craiy. Jdise Ebcrdt, Be Oils Koonce. Leslie Adams. I'C-rcy Wrig!'.t. Hobcn Grimes, Elberl' Alley, Rcbt>rl Elliott, Ellis Johns. Tale, 1'red Bray, 1 i Pml Pcnningtoi], Tobe Stanley, i Bruno Whllworth. Gorman Bonn. : Coach Lincoln, Mr. Minyard and '. Prof. Haley. "You think everybody is^O. K, doncha? When yuuVu my {^'^""' agr you'll, know thcy's folks what cant he trusfucl. HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY BY DAN THOMAS It's.-not Hie' Cicurgc E. atom- is another lillle There is litlle danger thai [he sale of light wines and brer will ever be legalized mull you convince .en- men that homes will b? happier, children better fed and clothed, vice less rampant, useful lives increased in number, industrial accidents less possible, workmen better aule his bills and own n Ford. THIS CURIOUS WORLD' - fife FAMOUS LOTUa Or G/?/45S LAKE. LAKE COUNTY ILLINOIS, WERE PLANTED e>v FISH HAWKS/ 7HE PLANTS ARE IDENTICAL >VITH THOSE POLAND IN EGYPT. YUAAA, ARIZONA, HAD 3.135" INCHES OF RAIN IN 24 HOURS. ...MOSE THAN THE NOPJMAl. AMOUNT FOR. AN [0-19 C i The loins is one of the world's i-aivot now;r--. gro-Mii-j in but tlirco coi!ntric3....Esypt, China and the United Staler. After Hi? dLscovci-y of the lotu;, in the lakes ul county, Tiliiiois. pcupio came from far and '.side lo pick the blossoms and feed peels. tlireaten^d \vitl'. o:{iiiielion. and it became ncccs- The t-j l"y| sar v ' beds lU !!i! « stale law nroti-'iinr, the piants. Head Courier News Want Ads. I NET4T: How Ion;; tan a sraht- so without vole in 'The llns bt ' ?n HOLLYWOOD ,. Ize Dial counts, nor the mtaiiUb' "ttor who hns made a big name -it's Ihc quality.- '"'•' MrnxW. Stone Hns had only This rule lira:-be applied ralhcr small pans in a lot ol his pictures, acncrnlly. It holds in Movieland • but in r-nch inslance he hart made IK: much ns. it not- more, tlmir thai pan HO vital thai ihc picliire anywhere else, in Iho world. A-i would nol liavc been complete lapld'Rlaitcc around the film can- v.-Uhout it. l:ii reveals an- niiinber of little 1 Sucli aclii^ naturally brings its men who arc doing bin things-': io«ard and (iiviw 301 his in the posidbly.'because 'they're loo small ;H.ape o[ [he slarvii to-dp-llillr things^ ' i "is Brnln," which They couldn't .bo rivelcrs. ilig j complclcd. Another Midt;rl ll'-j difficult to ;-Liy wlii'tlicr Mcr- •jyn LcRoy is U-st known for the pood pictures lie has directed, for Ins small slalusT. or for the Inicic t.ijars lie inwrini'ly smokes. However, he easily is Ihe sirmllcsl | Ohcclor in th: business ajid so| 1-oylsh in appf'tirance that even ditches, or do any heavy wovk. because • Ihi'v huvcn'i the strength. I They have to use their heads, anil, -is a.-re-sull. Ihcy arc among the leaders, in (hi: film industry. In all branches of thn business ive 1111(1 little fellows doing big things—-nmoni; the executives, the directors, the actors. The two oul- .'.landing . execnlins in the entire Imoile racket siaml less than five if'er his k-ct four Incliof. in height. They a director ere frviug Thaltwrg and Darryll seriously. However. first couple of years as notody would take him I'ublic opinion :s the cKientlal power In llils raunlry. In llic end il will bvenk down and UeMroy cvciy subversive intU'cncf. —General lluyh H. Johnson. As :i nation v.e arc npproachins the Illlh lU-prcs-ioii winter with decreased faith in the cdicucy ol ciomintc panaceas, but with increased conlidcnce In our capacity for co-opcr- utive iiction. —Col. Ixionnrd P. Ayrcs, Clvvc- land JUT OUU WAY By Williami 'there's Thiillir rp Thnlberg. for years the production chief of :he gigantic Meiro- Golihvyn-Mnycr Hiidio, IOHH has been recognized as a i;eiiltis in milking pictures. He has been re- jpimHble for seme o( Ihc biggest hits ever placed on Ihc .--crccn for .'; far back us "Tin:- Biy Parade." And lie has ghvn Ihc world some real cinema blars—Oarbo, Joan Crawtcid, Notma Shearer, John Gilbert. Ramon Nornrro ai:'d I llil others Zunucli. loo. i:. :i luairof genuti'.t! accomplishments. Single - handed, he bnili ihc Warner Brotheu-- Firs', National organization into ic of Ibc leading inmlr linns. I.H grralcst iichicvcment, liowrvri. me after lie broke with Warners st spriiiR and with Joseph M. cheiick oigani/ed Twentieth Cci:- .ry Pictures. In four month". !r an orRani?;ilion. rompl. inl • m-cllctil pictures and pal otlicrs into produclbn. wiLh -Little Caesar," Five S(nr Final." 'Tin A Fugitive Prom a Chain Gang." "Tug Boat Annie" and n !c\v others under hif bell, he doesn't have to worry bout thai sc'jrc :iny longer. DElilX IlKKU TOl>.lV HOlt WESTON. 5.UH ul :\ mil- ll^nutiL', eumca (u Muiil'lils Iti •-.f.ilietjtliin ullh a trxllle I'lnnt uu- UIT construction fur hi* father's t'oni|i:iii>. Unli imil 10 IN U'AJl- l.vr; rail in Imo ^IIJi i-:i.-h ulhrr lllll IIAUJIAR.N COl'U r.M-'.V, Mii-l«-<>' ulrl, iirlu-niv?, to tukc linn nn.ty <roi;, Junn. ThtoKRli Urtrli.iT-:i, .li);n. ta In- Tiled r.i n Tiuusi; pnrlj- ril irhltli Bob Iji nlni. i, £iic:»t. Mi^ninlcr- aiid Hob. KltKilly. xurc lljii I Tic no lnu£cr vnrc» for h«r. nnr rt.-iiirnN lo )lr>i.,hli i.Hl, Jill WAllf-'lCLU. ftlnii at the* |i.irl>. Hi«ltr. la lnr:itll.iled ultlt JBHOJli: FOBHIiSTEH. bull ot tier *-mnlorer. Juuu IcMrus Frutu her »-otlcr Dial Pal ha* Iicen soin^ to parties wnurc tlierc la n i;uud laical 0( drlnkh.t-. .IfiTjS inlcrcM In CLA1IIE \VII- I.IA^IS, a married tvcniun. .Ti-rry ^-ulUi for I'at unc nlcht nnd they ilrEiv to a roild lionse. Lnti'r, t?l»crLljn^ hnnic III .lurrj'* c:ir, Thry colHilc i\lth another' nutumublli-. Jerr.r la klllcrt. liob'n fallicr, iTlin fiay just nr- ritrri In 9Ieniphls, rendB nbuDt Ihr arclitent In ne\Tjipniiern n n il Iu':ir» that Pal !• Ihc AlHter of tin: Rlrl hiH i:ov lovea. lie ti&ka UDU <o t;lvc up Joaa* i»ow uo o.\ WITH Tin: STOKV CHAPTER XIX ' TJ-ll telephoned the hospital lo iutptirn about Pat. He sent towers. But be did not telephone to Juan. fotiglit lo pi-olix-l I'al fi-ciin ihc iii- •vltilble nirjlb-d r.-:-.-lioii. It had been Isai-tl .il ih-.- !n 1: -i>i- l^btil [lioru Siatl b^'.-n t.-.M-ucmciit. even driiinn. in i-ic !ii:.y i-.-niL-r of il'e iiucl dt-iith. - | brouslil you. I had saved a lillle. in tlio bank, enough lo Uceii me in New York uulil 1 liiul n jnh. Don't worry about mo. I'm not v.'orlh it. "f.yvc—rat." .loan laid the note aside and i lu!i(; ' 1 :lt )lor walch. Huvcn iifly- | liv *;- 'I'licru wcru two cavly Irains | l ° ^ ew York. One left about Hi 13 timo Joan Kot out liCy ';uilcasc Ttuin ! lliu nloc'jl and he^~( N i tbrov,- ia Us ii3i]nlrc'<l at'iiit L!IL- pielly j tnilient who hr.d Li^mcd in llivi [ragfldy aiid luoli-.d iuriim$ly| throujih the hull-open door. I Friends and neighbors (.aik-d lo I e.viircss sriuiiiilliy. i I Hut now I'al was liuc-1; home ' cloililng. In Ihc iiiid.^ .-V patfc ins and ihe big hoit^.j sct-mcd cmply ' f]lc ran lo t!l0 Elalrs t\ Mil aud s,lill. No one tt-'.t like luiitfli- j tically, "Molliijr. Uill!" iiiK wllli lier.iiy tick and lively! • • » I'al moving about liko :i ghost of!'!Jt ; " cxciltrl voi.j> broii>jjA Mr«. Iber fonner self. A suiiso ot toss Wariua un (ho htaira jml * •spread OVIT the uiiiiro liouscliuld. '• imimciit. lalpr liiil wns besi^r. IK-I. i Wllli I'm un loiigiT working, | "Joan, dear, ci-<* vt^\ dui Joan iusislcil Ui-jl her siller ucj- : insV" ;comi:iiiiy liur un licv vouiid of let- "Mollif-r, Pat's HOIIC'." sons-. Af'ur ihc lii-Lt few days "IJontV" Pat !-i'Iio!ed. It was Inn-ins; lo Us-j Joan put. the note in her inulh- tcu I" .[oaa cradling, lo see her ] ur's lianda. "She's run away." tlon tin-"suliooliiiiu-iH" esui'ession I Tlicn, as Mrs. Wariiu; (jollaijscd iand iiii-n iiriuleinlr. II was even j weakly into a cliiiir, Joan was. un j nsorc- ii-ynij; lu sil in tlic'car uul : ] li'.'r kuti's bnsido licr. 'iido i,nd \v,iit. "There', clear! Wh:sl nn idiot I w siiiiiiit-d or vun through Aud wailing for lime I after her!" "GuiiJ? i\ 11. c the film indiisliy wouldn't be same wilhnil iheni. way to bridge it. fused, mistaken. lie had Leeu ecu- The talk wilu hh uu.-.l uii. frigidly, nud moved U; ot culor to f al'a I down her cliecks. '0[ CO11VSL 1 . K 2 ! ' : -j-^:-^ _ J ' CHURCH EXCUSES By Gco. W. Barham I ml There's Cli-iplin Chief among ;hc small actor.-. Jiirsc. is Chiirilc Ctiaplin. J;o:n there Is no whomrr carcrly is nr-cc.-.sfiry tci r-i jn'.n liaplin's ;iccompiislim?ti;s [{i i Icturcs arc ivrll knov.n and li-.c .'.sponslblllty rests uctirciy on his lio-.ildcrs, since he not oiily ;u;-i Ihcm, bul writes ar.d eiirc;'.3 II ;irtr,cri ll::il sinci- \u- were pu : 1 Ihc church board, my .son-in- IHW anil hire:! man have been i reading nrivspniKi's and son-.e kind I | ol pampl'lcl or scnicthim: Ihcy il ul ' lound on u dniitslorr counter. ll:py I; j have talked a lo'. alwul whal ;i Mrs. Pinkham or ^omc woman hud lo soy—bul I Ihink they are only talking to try and embarrass me. tryhig to show that il is nccci sary lor a man to ri-jid pajicrs iiiul n i »n nr h-t SUJTCL LNC .- ' , " 1 DM, ik'ii'i I'ai:" in: •' :i. l.ii'j'.viru; 111'iii: :1 lii-j uori!-. (1 •: Hi. 1 -.. iinirjiin;- il'U'J illi.l i' r-.l cii-i—y-tl i it i.\i!swcrs> on I'liffc III I ••• I i : 'ap Club" had been anullier <UsLi]uiointrni-nt. I'crhaps lie hud 1 1)m ' :rly - ii(>[icil for somolliiiLo—a word, C''?!utc, ;i look i»r lone—«ii;tt isuiilci • liriiiK tticiii i'li>stT tngilficv. rut i: ha-1 not coin'.-. l!ob i-cniviiiliL-n-il Iliu na..|i in IIIT eyes when he lead critici/i-d Jim WarTicld's behavior iiud In ;• MH.I pro|to<inl, "IH-'ii'l you lliii you bad belter j;o Iwck to ).-: fiicnci.i?" Kiiiinij.j li'nv h': had iilll,-.... liimseli" l'.i b'^ loriii''iilr:ii hy tii- : tiiunt^ht ot thio oirl. H bLCiiK'd iiiiiiosnllilc to gel iiw.iy fnnib lit:-. Duly Uial inurnliiK he had been <"i lliu verge cif c-alliuK Iu-r. |;\'i-|it fur the tiilk will: hii Kill.;:. lie would have done so. IE tlici.- had l'L'711 til': s ; lislilc.-l 1'in.uuiuK! 1 i-'.'al fium JOiit. he wulil'l d:».iti:- i-i;: l f .'L '. insvc been uuikiuK a toi.>l of ' I 1 -- li|.iiM:lf ii^nin—over a gi;l who KO: ^ C(i;:lil play fn.-t and louic nit'.i Ui- : li-.- v.iili-ivnl, lLU-1 luDk l>[ :: i-liil'l. ' !': Will, liint nils over: l>. w;!i n.i".. 1O.\N hii'l miiiii Ih': uiiii' I' 1 -1•' ing. She h.iil evilly cI'J-": tu i:-, h:ir:-!i rc.iliti- s i't lir-: a'. '.I.' i-" - lilal ami i! 'had :!liil'!>i:il h'-~ "t s-iltir illiir-iijii? for [he liisu:. :ii ] t;i v|. i-.-.i-uiii ••If I liil'l nut lli-i'll f'-> i'ljH'l-li: il lii'JI'i:ll In my OIMI iiiiliiipt'intss. I wi.-s-iii I'K:. .'van havi; tolii'.: < lus'-r l'» I'al when L-'.I': ii-nlnl mi-." Juan llmiigh'. li. w,i.- liiiliifiil. Ihio i-ullini; .tuiiiflliiMi; ilii.'n-roulnl and t)ci>i- from one's lifr. Tin: Ihird d.iy after I lie. aa-«li.iii I'al L-aniD home. SIic inraii;,";!} 1 cl'Lislcncd I'al, liill'.' CJl-.i ncll.l ul llll:-':iy '.he t'.n»» lh»> folluwc llicm ' r '' :lcil Xr:w Vc'rt: :ibonl l!n I ,. i. ! liiilv. Hurry into your lliir-- the :•!:• 1 ii?;- v.a : :-itl :u dt-;'.r. I'll I!:-.- njfl'i-'-." lr ;-.!i'.lli lili'.l Dill ucmld i-cilil: " I'.'- Wining ot Mymplii.-. ti v. ilij Idoiicl, f-iirty hair ,uid •• i-- v blue s-'li!. Tiiki; t-iirtj n ui.::l i'l-n.M oi ^i5tc-r v.Ii.j n.,. i: N..-.V York a ha al Hi-.- ."I'!;.- ii'jl 10 vin ty. iliill -ii'.iii v.,i., oiiyi;i'; Ki::i!ly u I•-•• h:t-r ^s ^li= slood cr iiiiin i-lcjis lunkins d'jv.j, ii i ii-.iii|ifi and Uiii. "You'i: ^ '. l-h~s;am oif. Hill?" ' "Ihc lllll:l:'.fi Ih'. 1 Iriii'i L.i , ":j!ic*:t MitC M b-- w.i;:u, >". Motlicv. Ai;d if rlr. i- i.lOiiu hi;:!a(cd. hnliliL; i. I' i'l "It Will lr (. mill M ell i. Into U:i I If. dc-" c. Ijini: 1'i't. u [ »b:i- P't" i. . mil-el il iKcr wil'i Ueiii!io:'U il'n:b: i|l!l;;: :••••••; I ••"•-- •• ;• . | li-.i'.b s.ilh iin-i! ! Joan J;isb-^;l ilr.iin \\ii.s imli lii-.irl ili-lii -1 a., of her n-i'.> 1 ltili> f.i.-. v. .f, , ln-va.n.j a linrl tin lus uiii. Juan'.' II,,; l,:,t',icLic fill" 1,1-5,1, (., |-, x . •;-. ju Hil\iOllS w as ii licr biu. Din-in;: I .1,1:11: c nusc licro. It t wan' IlillE ' and c. is iinbCiir.'iVile lo ^i^y lo l)li. how c - i:i'l lie must bci luiili';;; fur v-: .way frotr. ; wi-.ou I KCl tlioicV Joan liiltl li-:r- Hi-

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