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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado • Page 2

Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado • Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
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Fate I GREELEY DAILY TRIBUNE Tuemtay, April 17 17 or 19 Gun Salute Argued For MacArthur San Francisco. April 16--M--The army said it would extend honors' 'to General Douglai MacArthur when his plane lands at San Francisco Tuesday night. A seventeen-gun'salute will be fired from two field pieces. The sixth army band will follow with four ruffles and flourishes, and the "General's March." The of honor will consist nf four platoons from the 30th engineer -topographic battalion. ji Sixth nrmy spokesman, reminded that MacArlhur was accorded a nlneteon-gun salute as he left Japan, remnrked that nineteen booms are reserved for a "general of the armies." such at the late Gen.

John J. Pcrslilng. MacArthur, as a "general of the nrmy," Is entitled to--Mid will get--seventeen. The extra salute in Tokyo was KEEFER GARAGE Motor Overhaul, Tune-Up Battery Charging Irake and Light Inspection 5U4 N. llth Ave.

Ph. 3108W TIRES OFF These are brand new tiros that have been rejected because of some slight blemish. Reg Price Our Price Pints Second! 20.10 10.05 24.80 12.40 8.70-15 52.05 11.03 7.W-1S 26.75 13.38 All Prlcea Are PJua Fed. Excise Tax. sites In proportion.

SHEDD AUTO SUPPLY CO. 152 N. 11th Ave. Ph. 2S70 ellberate, according to icadquarlers spokeinwa tbere who "General MacArtiur raa given the lalute depcrtlai upreine commander ot the Alllod lowers.

We feel It vai moat ap- roprlale to give him nineteen." officer there uld--Inform- see no reason why they hould do lest In San FrancUco." Meson Urges luick Action on irain for India In the Courts District Court T.mirenco B. Conaway, Perry, filed Bnlt against Clarence C. Everett D. Conaway for the nlo of property In LuSalU and of the proceeds. The pro- icrty.

Inherited from their moth- ir who died March 13. 1949, can- lot be divided equitably, the infes. Laurence Conaway also asks as his share of what would mvo been fair rental for the pro- icrty, occupied by the brother! linco 1949, and asks for a judgment against the defendants for ils share of the personal property. Road estate Involved ii lots IS und 29, block 4, Ellis addition to town of LaSalle. A petition for determination of interests in northeast Weld property was filed by Mela H.

Paul of Maxwell, Nebr. The land belonged to J. F. Buss, also known as Jan P. BUSH, who died in 19Z8.

Included are SHtt NB14-1W-57, and SH NEK and NWK of 12-8-57. Mrs. Mary Schermer, Route 1 Brlggsdale, filed a petition for determination of interests in property which had belonged to George Kupei, who died In 1938 The property Is the northeast quar ter of 14-7-61, except for a parce' conveyed by Kupei to J. P. Rode- ter.

Testing Fire and Police Squada Santa Ana, Santa Ana six-year-old listened to MB teacher's instructions carefully Then he put them Into practice. Dialing carefully, he telephoned the police and fire departments He told the first his home had been robbed. He told the seconi his home was on fire. When officers and fire equip meut roared up, he explained was testing the "what to do In ai emergency" lesson he learned a school. Joslin's Free Demonstration 10 a.m.

to 12 1 to 4 p.m. Wednesday Only Free Powder Samples Ex-Cel-Cis Cosmetics of Distinction Cleansing Creme 2 FOR 1 SALE No. 8 Jars Regular Price $2.25 $225 plus tax Select the special type just right for your skin. Normal Sensitive Oily One time offer only during 1951 SAVE MONEY Buy 2 for 1 Washington, April ary of state Acheaon today urged ongress to act quickly to send ,000,000 toni of grain to India where, he uld, a famine Is devel- ping more rapidly than tills coun ry anticipated. Acheaon went before a closed eailon ot the senate foreign re ations committee to discuss the ndlan all proposal.

He leemed ertaln, too, to run Into question- ng about Far Eastern policy gen- rally. That policy has run Into Increased fire from ma.ny republicans ilnce the ouster of Gen. Douglas MacArthur top U.S. and United Natlona commander because of his differences with the Truman ad nlnlatratlon over the course of the Korean war. Altho Acheson's appearance was a a closed committee session, the itate department made public his irepared statement.

In It he said le la sure the committee and the senate Itself "are aware ot the urgency of the need an will act as quickly as possible." Legislation has been pending foi weeks to authorise a (190,000,001 grant to finarce the proposed whea gift. The administration la hoplni to get action promptly In the house Slots Are More karce in West (ANOcItted Prns) Now that slot machines are ge ting scarce out west, a lot of dude may have to spend their summer outdoors looking at the scenery, An Associated Press survey six Rocky Mountain states--Coli rado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexici Montana and Idaho--shows tha today. In, the past year ha Been the slot become extinct. Th republican-dominated legislator voted $40,000 tor cleaning up gam! ling. Many politicians figured would get the popular new demi cratic Attorney General, Arnold 1 Olsen, Into trouble and out of pol tlci.

Instead, he closed few club in the right places, had slots de clared "Illegal lotteries" by carry ing a few test cases thru the court and suddenly the machines wer gone. New Mexico, too, has clampe down on the slots, and some tics say it will go hard with th tourist business. In Taos, for ex ample, they say the value tou 1st accommodations--bars, cafe tourist courts and resort hotels' has been cut in half, and the gloomily predict lots of empty ba stools in the old corral. But optimistic Now Mexican say the gambling money will spent In the shops for curios, work ot local art, and handicraft piece Qov. Edwin L.

Mechem said th gambling order "may be a blessin In disguise. Folks will have chance to find the real values 0 this country." Utah's experience with gamhlin makes that sound reasonabl Heavily Influenced by the Morrao church, Utah has for many year outlawed all form of gambling, 0 caskmally some one set up a ban of machines, only to have thei confiscated. But the tourists kep coming, attracted mainly by th beauty of the state's parks. Th Salt Lake chamber of commerc says a record crop of tourists expected this summer. I Dude rajiches, rodeos, and sta 1 and national parks are also the to drawing cards in Wyoming.

Tl state hasn't put on a concerte drive against slot machines, hi they been pretty well cleane out by local authorities, except a few resort areas such as Jac son. There gambling of all sor runs strong, and nobody talks abot it up. They don't regar oeal opllM Mot of tht rger towni outlawed for every Urge town tkere one right nmr willing to are alot machines. Ketchum and alley, near Sua Valley, do specially good tiusinem.

Gambling completely dlsappeftr- In Colorado a few months no, hen Denver police cracked down nd the legislature wajs talking mut.rigid enforcement. Now, with te legislature adjourned, a few the gadgets are reported back Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and ome ol the countlea adjoining )enver. Parl-mutual betting Ii legal in olorado, Montana and New Mex co, and they all have (airly lengthy leasons, drawing good rowda and better-thM-average ogs and horses. There are punch boards, too. For Luxurious-" Floods of Hiat Consumes AI Iribisk and Waste Comfort and Convenience THE OAKLAND "Hired-Hand" I I A Performs All Jobs At Once heat for the kitchen wi incinerator for waste paper and other rubbish ALL-IN-ONE! Yes, the Oakland Kitchen Circulator is the handiest kitchen helper of the year! It's proud in looks and beautifully streamlined and finished in life-lime porcelain enamel.

Extra large storage compartment holds plenty of fuel extra deep firebox extra large feed door opening. Yet, with all of these EXTRA features the Oakland is compact and handy occupies barely two square feet of space. See it Today I but taurUUlif surjr, Idaho ilot machlno 01 a Herdman Electric Co. 809 10th St. Phone 109 Illeial, bat they are la MotUana, in an effort to make pinch boards carry the load the machines to theu la kardljr room on many ban to put drink.

Usual Surgical Practice Brings Prison Sentence Aden--tjn--An Aden barber received a two-year sentence here recently for causing the death ot a child by removing its urula with a pair of hair-cutting scissors. The uvula is the pendent fleshy lobe in the middle of posterior border ot the soft palate. Cutting It out is a widespread practice in this British protectorate. It ranks with bloodletting and branding, to which many local Inhabitants resort as a cure for children's ailments. The operation is usually carried Itrictly speaking they are usually out liy barbers who malie a iironta- Ready Loans for Any Worthy Purpose You'll be pleased with our lack of "fuss" and red tape.

Call us today for your loan. IRST INDUSTRIAL BANK! 725 Ith St--Jurt I atep off 8th Ave, Phone 731 bit aWellne oC It. A Maker of death, hare tract tkli practice In the lut few yean but It ku dtfOcmtt to Metre tioB, which wtmU nu couiiw lo popular foellBf. H.U'ter Alfred PeilM, II, and a 13-year old (Irl an held It WtM county Jell tor the ikwttt at Laredo, Tex. Pealna la charged wltn wlU protaMr ke 'A the fM.

Skerltt W. C. mw Mid. Tkey Imu cmitody ky fort UIE THI TftlBUNI WANT ADI Put them up, keep them up-- snjr wenhtr all year 'round Rny Awttiagt defy all elemtnts, elimtnite. fife They're mide of fint aircraft aluminum, with a special infra-red, baked -on tnimcl finish, Sive money and add to the beautjr and value of your property.

CANVAS AWNINGS Get a head start on summer heat select your canvas awnings now All colors and styles. FREE Estimates 51 Years Experience In Solving Awning Problems-Bring Yours To Us Greeley Awning 118 8th AVI. Ph. 383 JONES cxatl ORIGINAL MORE BUYS 2 SATURDAY 2 0 2 SUPER VALUES AS ADVERTISED IN UFf IOOK POSr COUIER' 'ARM JOUBNAI AND ON THE fttfilO SHOW starring AMOS 'N ANDY SUNDAYS IBS Who! a Avyf i-z-m SUN GLASSIS )c Sole Voiws foe Good To Mm! ENVELOPES 2 hr I Ii BOBBY HHK 2 fw lie BOMQ AGW 4s. 2 for Mt RUBBim M.CMOL^ 2 for Me Ot, IfcnlPetrel.PI,lk»59e'2 fa Bfc NURSER 3tt BATH POWDER 2 hr I.I I OUVE OH 2 hr IJt SQPPOStTMHES ci 7 2 hr BALI POUT PHI 2 hr I Jl GASCARA 2fer8lc QWK-SWABS nc 2 hr Me SHOE LACES 2 fir I le HORMONE CREAM CHOC BARS MINERAL OIL UppniCH' HHnerfl4 oil; ockxhM, cobrteu, lottelMs.

TOOTH PASTE Combolt Ioe4h decay, leavei oo ticensod by U. of Klmois Fotndotfon. 3V. OZ. TUK HRANTFAOUTBHIK TOOTH PASTE Reirt Milk of Mignesit 3H on.

1 ftr 5fc lEEF.WME IRON Pint 2 hr 1.41 MtlME Lori Baltimore, sinjlt ftr Kc MXAll HITCH HAZtt uMaitat. PM TOOTH MHISHES atom nylon, three styles 2ltr40c REXAll EPSOM SALT nwdkinit Pound for 41; 7oi. In ZforJJc CANDYPOK DiSWfKTAHT No. 6 Pine Oi fW 2ftr1.ll CASTOKW RmnpertM lUAYIrtBiaraM SRDCr PWlferSle ACA-DEX«iMd,pMiigr/|h«ml.PM 2fwl.ll SOW STRAWS KIENZO Hair brisk amtmrfw, 2 styte lord fir 1.01 KX-StLTZBt Ruill, dktlizing libt 25's I ftr CASUUCOMP. 100 libs.

2 for 4ie CAMPMOUTEO Oft RextU, IMTWM 4 2 for 56c NIK OMTMENT RcxiK, irM? 1 oz. 2 2k IYE LOTION 20 foldtd nMK with flapi variety of printed ctaigm; I Menvtlow. Iq. 30. 1.

I I HTMOCU HMXIBf A GRKTWGl CARDS (w -i hr 3.ZU (MUVnNMlli potwn Pint tier U1 CAPMMt 4 eswnlJrfumm 100's I tar I.M KTA-CAK VIIMlin I upltto IWl far 111 PWTUPS cMMm's MM-MMim fte Ml TAeim A 1 l(Ts be 1.11 I it, hf. WJ, hr J.74 SPIRIT CAMPHOR Btt 37c 2 for 38c AFTER-SHAVE LOTION gic 2 for 86f GREETING CARDS everyday. Reg. II Box 2 1.01 GYPSY CREAM for sunburn ot, teg 59c 3 for AOc BUBBU BATH uo a for 1.11 PIPES Imwted MX; 2 for 1.01 SOLVENT painless ounce, Reg. 29c 2 hr Me COUCH STRUP Rexillani 4 oz Reg 59c Hie Me REX-RUI Alhlele's Liniment 6 oz.

Ret 89c 1 ler We aASOl HAM LOTION 8 oi, Rej. 79c I lef lie TABLETS puretel, 5 jr. Rej. Z7e Itr M. STATK)N(Ry Royallon, 24 flit shells, Reg.

85c Box lee. lie TINCTUK lODIIK U.S.P. purelest 1 oz, Reg. 29c fee Me DEODORANT Elkaj's Wickslyte 6 oz. Reg.

S9c 2 hr Me SACCHARIN TABinS grain 1000's, Reg. 1.2S fee 1.J7 SHAVI CREAM Reall, brushless or lather Reg. 39c Tube 2 fee We STAC BLADES single or double edge 5's, Reg. 25c 1 (er lit PILE OINTMENT soothing, astringent 1 oz, Reg. 65c 2 lee 4te COUGH DROPS Aspirex, with aspirin Reg.

lOc Pkg. 2 IM- 1 le riASTK IMFOiD; men's ladies' Reg. 5100 2 fw 1.01 SODA MINT TABLETS 1 Ws, Reg. 35c 2 fee 36e MT RUM ideal allcr-shave Reg. 59c Pint 2 lor Me LEAD PENCILS Old Colony Reg.

5c each 2 ftr tc MCNACET COMPOUND APC Tablets fc's, Reg. 29c 2 ler He VITAMIM Ii ThiamineHydrodiloridelOmg. 100'! Reg. 1.93 2lerl.9t DAINTY DEODORANT CREAM IM oz, Reg. 49c 2 fir SOe FLAVOREIASPKim lor children 1 jr.

50's, Reg. 35c ler Me JACK KNIFE Iroquols, 2 blades Reg. Me hr tic TALC Hall's Borated Full Pound, Reg. 59c 1 fee Me MERCUROCHROMr purelest oz, Reg. 25c 2 Me SPKIITI Of AMMONIA Aromatic 1 oz, Reg.

20c 2 he Me FACIAL SOAP lavender Box ol 3 cakes, Reg. 75c 2 fee 7te ADHESIVE PpWMR Denlurei 3 Reg. 55c 2 fee 56c MAM RRUSH Klenra, isstd. colors Ree. SOc 2 lerSlc TOOTHACHE DROPS lor temp, relief Reg.

2Sc 2 fer 2k MICH. PINCH Lord Baltimore Reg. 5fe 2 he lie LORK COLOGNE, 4 oz. bottle, Reg. J1.25 2 fer Ul ISStHCI PlPPEKMKfT U.S.P.

strength 1 oz, Rtg. 47e 2 he 4lc SRME CREAM SHAMPOO oz. jar, Reg. J1.S9 2 fir l.M CASCAMSACRADA Sgr.laiatiycllbS.,,', 1 feeUe RIXAll HAIR 4 01, Rtg. 2 fee Mt MK TABLET Medlord, pllin or.mltd.

Rtg. 10c 2 lee lie HAW LOTION Mascal's Almond Reg. G9c Pint 2 ler 7fc COMtS Miiimum, hard rubber, 2-itylei Reg. 29c 2 hr Sde CASTtEjOAPNurserr 3oz. Reg.

19c 1 ftr 1st mUNrC NWIU A A A 2J6c leona TlMtMed COLD CRIAM CMclly, Ho GILBERT-BISHOP'S 820 8th St. Phone 700 WELDORADO DRUGS 800 nth St. Phone 2800.

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