The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1968 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1968
Page 9
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Btythsvffle (Ark.) Courier News — Monday, April 1, 19H — Pag* Nine! In Wake of LBJ's Announcement Demos, GOP Reevaluate Course By JACK BELL AP Political Writer Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, D- N.Y., emerges as the leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination 'after President Johnson's world-resounding announcement that he will not seek renomination. The mathematics of politics ordinarily would assure Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy, D-Minn., the uncringing challenger of the President's expected bid for a second elective term, top place among the contenders for the vacated prize. But in. the emotional year of 1968; the men, the money and the myth of Camelot are all on Kennedy's side. McCarthy will get a satisfying boost by winning Wisconsin's presidential primary- Tuesday after the President's default. But once the balloting is over, sonje Wisconsin leaders of the Johnson and McCarthy organizations may swing, quickly to Kennedy. The Minnesota senator is spending all that comes in on winning primaries while Kennedy's unlimited financial resources are pointed at the selection of delegates at state on- ventions, where the nomination demonstratedly is won or lost. McCarthy and Kennedy will face their first countdown at the ballot box on .May 7 in Indiana, Where the voters are reputed to be considerably more conservative than either. Both McCarthy and Kennedy have focused their"campaign attacks on Johnson's Vietnam policies. Johnson's announcement that he is "substantially reducing" the current level of hostilities 071 a unilateral basis is exactly what both have called for. They-and other doves who have opposed the President's policies vigorously in thq Sqnate could only applaud the President's decision to eliminate 90 per cent.of the air attacks on North Vietnam. Yet in reversing the hard line he has taken, Johnson stuck to the proviso that the. bombing lull must be matched by "restraint in Hanoi" if there are to be peace negotiations. But his observation that "the main burden of preserving their freedom must be carried out by the South Vietnamese themselves" fitted exactly the Kennedy-McCarthy precepts. Even in their wildest dreams, however, the dissenters did not expect Johnson to say: "I shall not . s e e k ~a n d will accept the nomination of party for another term as your president." .. . . - The reaction of Richard M. Nixon, the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, that Johnson "may have strengthened his hand in the party and made it possible for him to name his successor" was not shared generally by political leaders. In. their estimation, Johnson's .declaration, transferred him immediately from a powerful White House force into i lame duck president. Such presidents have been notably unsuccessful in trying to name their successors as party nominees. . The presumption was that Johnson v/suld like to see Vjqe. President Hubert H. Humphrey to the wire |n Tuesday's Wisconsin primary, declined to call Johnson's withdrawal a victory for him. Only his and Johnson's names are on the Democratic ballot. He said, however, that Johnson's action was a "generous judgment" that cleared the way for a reconciliation of the American people. In obvious reference to Kennedy's candidacy, he said the voters now Will have a different choice to make. Kennedy, arriving in New York from a western campaign swing, declined immediate comment on Johnson's statement. He indicated he will give his reaction at a Monday news conference. By RELMAN MORIN AP Special Correspondent NEW YORK (AP) — A top-j the nomination" He has'demon- ranking side to Gov. Nelson A.! strated in New York state-~ try will be rethinking their positions now." These favorite sons included Govs. Ronald Reagan of California, James. Rhodes of Ohio, Raymond P. Shafer of Pennsylvania, and possibly Sen. Charles Percy of Illinois. "Nobody knows yet who we're going to be battling in November," a Republican professional said. "I don't think it will be (Vice President Hubert) Humphrey. Bobby (Kennedy) would eat him for breakfast," Richard M. Nixon f.s the acknowledged front-runner for the Republican nomination. He said Sunday, "Don't downgrade Vice President Humphrey." But Nixon said he wanted to "study the text of the President's remarks before I comment on them." Rockefeller, potentially, is a strong challenger to Nixon for Rockefeller of New York said Sunday night, "The governor has no immediate comment" on President Johnson's announcement that he will not seek re-election in November. He stressed the word "immediate." The source would not go so far as to. say that-Rockefeller may be reassessing-the position he stated on March 21 when he said, "I have decided to reiter- nee. But the about-face on step into his shoes as-the nonu-j-ate unequivocally that I am not r,no Bllf tho PmDirtonl'a ohimnf 3 Candidate '. . . fflF the prBSl- dericy of the United States." In spite of this disavowal, Rockefeller remains a factor jn tion for president. Draft'Rocke- feller groups have not iisband- abrupt his Vietnam course, left Humphrey floating alone as the advocate of the hard line the. 'President .previously had pursued in Asia. In Mexico City, Humphrey ed in the states where they or- said Johnson's decision was no surprise to him. The vice presi* dent, who campaigned vigorously in Wisconsin for Johnson's policies, had given no previous indication that he expected any such startling development. McCarthy,-campaigning down' ganized 'before he stated his position, ;It -appeared likely that they: would redouble their, efforts on his behalf in the wake of Johnson's announcement. j that otjr concepts as a nation GOP leaders expressed the -- 1 "-' "— u ' where the Republicans are the minority party, as they are na. tionally—that he can pull votes from Democrats and independents. He .is' serving his third term as governor. On the basis of the New Hampshire primary, Nixon's aides said he, too, had drawn heavily from these same groups. His office issued an. analysis of that election making two significant points. It said: 1. "A record number of hide* pendent voters chose the Repute lican ballot and. cast their vote, for. Richard Nixon, 2. "Mr. Nixon received four times as many Democratic write.jn votes as Bobby Kenne* : dy," .Rockefeller has not fully de^ fined his position on the issue of Vietnam. He did .say in his March 21 statement, "I think opinion that, as one put it, "The favorite sons all over the;cdun- and that our actions have not kept pace with the changing conditions. And -therefore 'our actions are not completely relevant today to the realities of tlje magnitude, and the complexity, of the problems that we face." Nixon is advocating the "hard" line on Vietnam.- He says the U.S. should not invade North Vietnam nor use nuclear weapons but he believes pressure should be kept on Hanoi until the North Vietnamese agree to negotiate. Rockefeller disagrees with Nixon on civil rights and, specifically, on the question of disor^ ders stemming from that problem. Nixon commented on the report of the President's ommis- sion on Civil Disorders, "They blame the riots on everybody but the' rioters. You get pro. gress through order." 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