The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1935 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1935
Page 7
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PAGE sis Ex-Red Birds Succeed will Many Oilier"'Clubs Ii Major Leagues (This 'is the eighth of u serlo fit srllflcs on The Smartest Ma: fn RiM.-b.tll—llmnrli Klcliey, Hi bruin behind the world clianinioi SI. l.ouls Cardinals). nv HAKRY OltAYSON Spurts l-Ullor, NEA Srrvli>» / know I have no right to make very much comment, but it .seem, lo me that Die fncts about tilt number of players that have gone out from Hie si, Louis Cardinal organization to other major league clubs ought to be a very conclusive answer to Ihe criticism lhai has been made (o the effect ihat Branch Rickey has held players down—kept them hi the clmtn gang. 1 hove just gone through the reserve lists of the National and American Leagues. It. is possible that I have omitted some that should be included, or Included some that properly should be omitted. The following list, according to the up-to-the-minute major league records, Includes nil players In the National and American Leagues who obtained their slnrts from clubs' in the so-called St. Louis National League farm system. No less than 57. not to mention the 35 on the Cnrdttin! reserve list, 33 of whom nrc either total or partial farm producls, broke In that way. Jtcfcmiifd Cardinals But let's get down to reformed Cardinals — players who escaped from the so-called chain gang u will convince you (hat players of metlt «cre not. hobbled, their careers blighted, by being vnssnls of the St. Louis system. Rogers Hornsby, the St. Louis Browns' manager, cun thank the Cardinals for himself and the outfielders, Ray Pepper nnd Clarence Mueller. Tiie Detroit Tigers purchased Heinle Schuulc from n Cardinal farm. They also obtained Catcher Eugene A. Desautols from the same source, bul their shipping him back only once more proves (ARK,) COURIER NEWS • • . High Voltage Battery me proves thai Rickey was right In the first pincc. . The Cleveland recruits, Waller Carson, and Ab Wright, and the southpaw, Forrest P. Twopood, are refugees from the Cardinal chain fonn n-mlnls cent of tliofi mld-.season performance, carl Iluuhell, pitcher and C;ils Mr.ncusu, catclu-r, are giving Malinger Hill Terry the Inipre.y.on nuil the great ainn battery Is lictter limn ever Htililjclt. aliove, and Ma The Babe Has a Habit, Dizzy, of Taking Care of Such Guys BYV i'L AR J lV1G "* YSON i* mlld te "'"awed for the classic ' to us," Is what niw.y iJenn remarked when lie learned thai the National Lengue Braves hud taken over the buslln' baby, George Herman Ruin. And we Imve an Idea Dint, thai remark of Dean's Is due to be crammed right down his throat before the season Is far along. The IJnbe hns n hnblt of l.iklni! cure of such Buys. There was thai time In the third of the 1932 world series I Chicngo. Tlie Yankees were two games to the good, having wmi them nl home, and were even up with tho Cubs. 4-4. going Into the lift]. Inning. The boys on the Cubs' bench were giving tlie Dam an unmerciful riding. Guy Bush, the Mississippi Mudcal, wns particularly offensive as Chnrley Hoot got little Joey Sewell easily and the Mighty | Man with the mace strode nlnte- [wnril. There he stood, Ills spindly let's supporting that barrel torso, and that, peanut cap .struck perilously on top of his -noggin. A smile ! wreathed his mouth as he-glanced [at the lippy ones in the opposing I dugout, but there was a look determination In those eyes Kept went to . work on George Herman. The count, grew lo tine the Ncvpi'U eless. the Cards-took it with Dad Brace, and ubiisc was heaped on the heads of Umpire Pfinnaii and nuth himself as the » * Here It Cnmtft—Thffc n Sherilcl prepared Lo His first delivery wa« "'"-side for a bin, .-,„," lh7 boys mi tho bench began" to let MI- Hum have a. Bail lJvo. (IS o £',' »L l M!f' a " (I %*?«» *» ^S^r^^J? ] %™*^K3ffi»™ ALLRY OOP fTHERE'S TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 1935 Hnmlin OUR fAKE ATTACK, fV SO.SHE WON'T r two-and the no'lsc from i,u i' dugout was loii_d and iineom- uncomplimentary. Then Ruth pulled the most dramatic gesture'- ever in any W0 rid scries. made nan Lewis nig B s. and Outfielder! Dues have an eye on has been re ival Goodman. Mlzc. Myers. Iliggs, turned lo the minors. nnd Goodman are direct from Cardinal hideouts. Al IIolHiiBswortli Is another who na'iiagccl 'to [/sc.opc- the tentacles or the St. Loiils octopus.' ' Pitcher .----„ .. UJ .L i, lt »_MII uilltll LELIIHI T-,!, i ... gang, aim, to date, none lias shown p.; , . A 11 *" Stmlt WOIlt lo tllc anything to cause Rlckov to or- ,2 HS "1 •'"'' - ^ -cornered,, ganl/e a posse. ' ' nnrt pltcll «' Theodore Klclnhfuis . ,, Amoni; the mighty few good tall playere. that 'niekey .traded off or made a mistak(r~oir~-was^vValtcr Stewart, the frnll Washington southpaw. Ray p r im. another left- hand pitcher, comes to the Senators this spring Irom Albany none wear In a Cardinal I He wone for clialn -store. Tlie ' Cardinal chain gang contributed Outfielder Wallace Moses lo ihc Philadelphia Athlelics; Second Baseman Roy Schnlk, iviio already, has been returned to Newark by the Yankees; and' last sea-, son sold Soutlipaw ,- Fred Osler- mueller and - Calch'cr- Gordon Hitf- kleito. the-JZcd Sox. . Fra^nkhousc Tielonged Getting into the Cardinals' r,wn league, lak'e a look at the Boston.,, Braves. They'd be In a fine flxlr without the Cardinals, from whom they obtained Fred Frnnkhouse' Flint Rhem. Bill Lewis, Johnny T.vler. nnd Rupert 'Hiompson And how about the Brooklyn dub, whose Ray Benge. Jim Bucli- <T, Tony Cuccluello. Linus Frey, and Jimmy Jordan served time under Warden Rickey? Did you know' that Charley Grimm, manager of the Chicago Cubs, played 50 games for the Cardinals under President nickcv in 1918? And that Lon Wanieke and Chuck Kieln once were tinder contract lo Cardinal sugsidiaiies? Perhaps that Is why Grimm was so eager lo take Tex Carieton from the Red Birds and Catcher .Jimmy ODca from their Columbus subsidiary. A pilcher. Bill Lee. and h s new catcher, Wall Goebel. waddled out of the Crimson Canary incubalor. Don Hurst, who was sold by the Cubs to Columbus of the St. Louis cham this year, is only pinking up where he left off to venture fovth in a foreign field. The Cincinnati Pinks Charley Dresscn's Cincinnati Jtals look like a pale pink edition of Ihe St. l.ouls Red Birds wilh Hafey, Jim Bottomiey Paul Pger, Sparky Adams, and the ! nign.priced recruits, F^ Baseman Jo nny Mire. $55,000; shortstop Billy Myers, $28,000; Third Bnje FREE SHOW TICKETS aiis wound up in Newark In the barter (hut switched Outfielder Sammy Byrd from the Yankees. In tlie Reds, which --sorvcs-boll'i -right. . The Giants have Catcher GUS MnncHso, and Pitcher^Airrefl Smith to show J OI - efficiency. Not lo mention nm . Terry's lieiid- The, Phillies •hn're- Pitcher Svl- vcsler Johnson, Outfielder Decree Walkins. and Piteber j| m 8 | v ^ who ,von 20 nnd lost 14 in Corking, for Tutsa and Galveston last The Cardinal farm contrlbiilion to the Pittsburgh Pirates is Pitchers Dnrrell Blnnton and Harold Smith. First Baseman GII.S - Sulir. Sliorb op' Tommy Thevcnow'.'-'ami lOutnolrLn. vxr n ii.. ,»__,._ _. -•' vighl-liander, iwon llsnud lost'8 r Albany->j n iltol. Roetlgcr hns ill-prgfessional baseball to coach the (cams of the Uni lurned lo the minors. When tho Cardinals get nu they've got lo hop, or hop out of the hopper. ' ': Rickey, the master east- ing dircctnr ami Cardinal roroiml snulrlirrs. Postpone City League Games Until Thursday Own nc.s in . the City,-:!)askclb'all ), scheduled for tonight; luive poslponetl until Thursday ced by 'league .The games nnlional aunrd are "played armory. al thp Eiioiigi, newsprint is made l n the mod States fm|r ^ " .strip as wide as n dally nanei- « tonit enough to reach', 0 Th ami Lack. Nnw Loc-alfd al 101 North Sfeoiiil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Propritlor ill makes of wsmu Typewriters, Mdlng Machine, ind C.IcuJator, ReaIrin-_ m\v with Given free., two tickets to show at .the; Rite or Roxv the purchase of one ton of X-CEL Or ( 1 ticket with the purchase of V> ton^of X-CBI,, the World's Best Coal. We give these tickets in order ( 0 introduce X-CEL more quickly. Se« add over comics on the Want Ad page. Superior Coal &Mng. Co. Phone .700 ANYTIME MOVING and Trucking I wish to .imioimcc that « have again tnttrcii tlie local transfer business and am ready to serve you In the simc dependable manner that I formerly dirt. I \rill .itso continue to cpcratc my coal and wonil I us I new. 107 JOHN BUCHANAN "My Coal Is Black But I Treat You White" Nonijhalnntly resting 6n his bat the C!|-cat One ceremoniously cle- nitcd [in arm, extended'it In the Bcneral direction of" the flaimole vay out there In center field ai,d pointed n ffrlmy dinll. at the steel •w'fi " S T lf '" Convoy tlle ' 1(tal: Well, yuh smart guys, out there the next out. goes." Ills Slmt And out (lien- It went! m,lli night hold of (he next pilch of Roots, a low one a little outside wiing ividi nil (lie power In Ills ix-'uig, nnd Ihc longest home run •ver made in .Wrl e fcy Field closed Lie Efibby ynps of the Cubs for '" -series. ' til Then Ihcre fourth ...... *t,n|, 1UIJ1 III same at (he 1328 series against the Cardinals. Tlie Yanks hnd taken Ihe first :hrec, and tlie Cards were n E htin B with their backs lo the wall in nelr own bailiwick. Wee Willie Shentel was pitching for the Red Birds, nnd was enjoying a 2-1 lead soing Into tlie seventh, Ihc Ynnks' •mi. having been made by a homer rom the Bnin's blujgcon. At the beginning o{ the seventh Kocnlg popped to Maranville. Then Wee Willie dusted two strikes norms the plate and had Mister IWth in « bari>way.-'.- I •Immediately f after ''the second' itrike. Sherdel tried n quick re^ urn,, sneaking, the bail across the lean of the plate while Ruth had its head lurned, lalklnij to Catch- r Earl Smith'..'.' ' But .Umpire. Pfirman refused (o nil the slrikc. He. pointed out. that' m agreement wns mime between he two .teams before the series, '""led Hint Ihe 'quick return *..!, /SLHL-Uf/ JCV -«? ss», »£ ...S^'lie'^o^fdfl^ "Bht field bleachers You could see hi,,) im kl ,,., ,, himself as he circled the bases Mi'ining lo sny: * "f nth1c . , wbc W Wed to snea °"'i a third strike on the Hiln 1.1 they? well, kid. it^cTt nlc f Probably-Dizzy Dean.didn't, meai nnsthing when he made 1Is reccn declaration - and probably T) 2'M'!, 1 ™. an . a '»t>""E whe, '" was slill ii nskcd.lf Broolcly,, Hie league last spring But Casey Stengel, whether Terry s statement was -ifo,- ' not thoroughly boss h ' S bo >' s the 01--'"hut thei^r I v" o jnH^SBt'iir "iling such™ " S - l - !n - 8 fl>mc by rit " Herman Ruth. obbler's Bench Contained His Hoard "other cobbler, lnC " tllc iiddnni lc 'Winery Uddc ily released a catch. A horde * gold and silver coins and bills r con Poured out, Ma,e..l h ad •t+im WELL,OP ALL THE LUCK. ,,., OWE THROW AMD I GOf -//}.THEM BOTH.' BUT ^4$%;'' I'M SURE THESE'S /^~~K AklOTHPC nuc /IWONDERX WHERE HE / is? jx ANOTHER OWE, SOMEWHERE T'M'iiEC.U.S.PAT. OfF •losing Stock Prices] 'New York Cotton A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper Bethlehem steel Chrysler '.'.'," Cities Service ....... Coca Cob '.' General American Tank General Electric General Motors ........ International Harvester' McKeRson-nobbins Montgomery Ward ... NCIV York Central '.. Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp .'.'.' St. Louts-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N. j Texas Co U. S. Smelting U. S. Steel '• Zontte 22 1-8 28 1-2 4 3-4 iTETSQH miTY-LlTE M LIGHT kdto miGHTY NEW YORK, March 5 (UP) •— Cotton closed steady. open high March 1231 1231 May 1237 1239 July 1245 124G Oct 1238 1238 Dec 1243 1243 J an 1246 1247 low 1225 1235 1241 1231 1230 1240 close 1223 1238 1242 1233 1239 1243 Spots closed at. 12S5. unchanged. Chicago Wheat May May Jnl open Sfi 3-4 !)1 1-4 high low !)(! 7-8 95 3-4 91 1-2 90 1-2 close 95 7-8 Chicago Corn open 83 79 1-8 high 83 3-S 79 1-4 low 81 1-8 11 1-2 close 82 1-8 77 5-8 George Spears Hoy Seoul Nisht, Tonight fiirl Seoul N'iuht, \ ' Regal romance,noble nonsenie and royal music 1 S«eihe ncu-danro "Dancing Ihe Vicnneie" T^O mike a "crusher" A hit of tijsue-wcijlic me ii a comparatively simple matwr. But to endow that hit with rugged strength >nd iturdy wearing qualities is i red t«it of hat making. In the famous STETSON ing lightness without sic- rifice of Jtamlna. tn ,i r of MEAD CLOTHING CO. Noteil Instructor and WILL GIVE BILLIARD EXHIBITION- FREE LESS.ONS Old J'lanc. still Good SEATTLE (UP)_A Seattle-built Boeing plane which carried coast- lo-coast passengers for United Airlines eight years ago, now is hi use over the Andes Mountains for Venezuela firm. Tlie plane iiad over 6,000 hours .service in (he United States, before it was retired. ROXY Matinee — Friday, Saturday and Sunday Only Tues.-Wed.-Thurs, MAT. & NIGHT—lOc - 25c Us Woman Whn Didn't Imagine seeing -<.* e::moiuoii and receiving instructions on this fascinating garr.eiv/ one of the world's leading experts All are ,rmted. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity No entry fee —no laV.le charge —no obligation. MARCH 6th PASTIME BILLIARD PARLOR 207 IV. Main St. Instruction ,1 9:M . 10:30 I'. M. Exhibition at 8:30 - i):30 F. M. woman-in RED' 6EH£RWMOKD.6EHEVIEyETOBtK JOHN ELOREOGE » PHILLIP REFR Fox News Pictorial Comedy with toward Everett Horton KoJh»rlne Parnmoiinf Comedy Comiiig Sunday CUES DAVIS and His CHICAGO FOLLIES 35 — PEOPLE _ 35 In A 2 Hour Stage Show ing'for a Greater Blytlieville PROVIDING dependable, economical water service in a courteous manner . . . taking a substantial part in progressive civic affairs . . . and assisting in the development of Blytfieville, arc fundamental policies of the Blytlieville Water Company. The members of this organization . . . are the human media through which these policies are earnestly practiced. BL1THEVILLE WATER CO. U 3 S. Broadway Courteous, Personal Attention to Etiery Customer J

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