The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1931
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 1931 P.l.YTIIEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE TURK! Citv Mcmph .oses Business to liis but Gains From Country Report Says. WASHINGTON, March 1C—niy- tlieville's dry goods merchants suffer- strongest competition fr=vn M'tupM-i. although other smalbr towns In this vicinity compete for the county trade. Although the Improvement of roads has win many buyers to Msmp'iis, this has largely been offset by the number cf Colored Students Honor RoscnwaM The Blythevilie Colored Junior! High school otaervsJ Rosen.vild : Uay with an appropriate i.*ovy:! Friday attended by more than 2011 citizens. Including; pastors of all the : city negro churches. Presiding Elder Wade of this district in tlr: Methodist church, and a number c'. Professional m;n. The Rev. C. R. Carrington V,UB the principal speaker. In his a:l-, dress l-,e quoted from an address of i Julius Ilosenwald In which he sa;:l, people. Negroes are one-tenth o; our population and if we promote better citizenship among the ne- gice-s not only are (hey improved lilted." He also pr?3ented dam that .showed Mr. Rcsemvald has assU:- :d in approximately 800 building i Tallulah Bankhead Is Neither Temperamental IN or" Uppity * ---- , . , t A. .. , » LU |i4 oiJiJiuAuiiaiei^ people brought Into t he city fro,, projecls ,„,. - { small to*ns around Blyt.hev.lle. ; of scut! . e , n s!atts v;hlch to(al ex . |x?ndlture of $4,000,000 Olher mfmb incl i :dt( ,. Ialk ,. w ,, v w ' ob{ i Rosem vald Day." Eimyrllj Llov-J- These and several oilier conclusions nre reached by the dopaTt:n;nl of conunerce In a report put'.ishod today following an extensive s'.irve •• Ki^i^S i: ^STw^S.W "<££. i er cities In Arkansas. , " Ark!ms0b/ . by glrls cf '„,,, flm '; • Traile Area .Maintained ; grade; talk. "Attendance anti \ w' Eight cities in Arkansas were ; Achievements of the Blylhevllle Ne- j ' vlsifed by commercial investigators | 8ro School," Gladys Gillette; po-jin, ; foi-,the commerce department—Ely-! Robert Seahorne; trio.. Lucile Welt? J theyille. Camden, Fort. Smith. Hel- i a "d others; chorus. West End Bap- ! i eisa.. Jonesboro. Little Reck. Pino. list church choir; talk, "Home nnd' Bluff, and Texarkana, although j Church Improvements," Naihanie: Texarkana Ark,, v;as included PS. , Mflbln; chorus, Bethel A. M. E. Texarkana, Tex., and Ihe report !•;! church choir. included In a summary of dry I Roods distribution in Texas, Th-2 report on Blyihcville, verbatim. n| as 'follows: | "The population of Blythevllb. according to the 1930 census was 10,098, with a total of 222 retail outlets, cf which 13 or approximately 53 p=r cent were depirlmen'. stores and dry-goods stores. Threi' i stores were visited In this, i representing total ml sales of S555.- I 000. ^The trade area extends to Ca- I nilhWsville, Pas:ola, and Kemistt I on the north, to the St. Francis' rik'er on the west, and tj Wilson on the'.Mississippi river to Ihe south. Ti>6 of the merchants .reported SMILE mm SUITE uniinrr and Ihe flnnnclal losses! of Ntilurnl History to da;s has pub- j ten In popular style and ni KCCl din-Ing the 1927 llood were given as the causes for the breaking down of the suite's cconcnilo lyslfin. £inse March 1, Evans said, there has tccn u marked decreas; in the niiinljcr of c;ills .I'lion ihii Red Cress. Ri'-i'stnbllshnmit of farm i-mtlt facilities. Ihe nvallubllilyi o! U'c'.crnl fowl, seed and fertilizer j leans am! veirr.".n's loans were' r ri ' t C A ' "uiiied " s tin- cause for diinlnlsh- U'OSS Uliet OCCS Ar-|lne relief calls. Evans Is of the From c l >ill ' on tlle R f & Cross can wlth- . _„ « Ilulu !dr.»w from Arkansas shoilly, but 1930 Disaster. (incrgcncy cnto has been treated, he said, seltlnv; ul res'. rumors Dull immedliue withdrawal of the Hrd Croxs was planned. Mlnp IVrrkm Suffer lishcd 280 books In Us regular se-ifor the !ay n i-les of anthropological, botanical.] . geological, zoological nnd historical works, director Slep!:»m Ci Sims announced, fn addition, tho museum has published subjects, writ- LITTLE ROCK, March 10 (\!P) —Smiling Arkansans went to their asks today cxper.anl of u successful [arming season In 1931 and fissured that relief agencies of the American Red Cross would not vlthiliaw from the field until all emergency cases arc settled. The smile, according to Albert Evans, state director of relief work for the Kcd Cross, has been the savins grace during sulferlng nnd want this winter. Evans estimated Hint 125.000 gnr- deu plots will be planted this year, representing almost that many families who have received garden seed Irom relief agencies Cltrs Causes uf Etrcakduwn The Kick of home Hardens, do- peudnucc of the majority of farmers upon one crop, cotton, the collapse of the slate's banking system, the drouth of the past , Attention, Veterans! We know of u few nice little homi's (hal can be lioujchl for a trifle. Invent part of your bonus where it will do the most i One gloomy condition was pic- tmcd by Evans. That \ias th 1 . 1 silt- feriii)! of mine \votkcis and their families In northwest Arkansas' where It was (Lllmnlcd that up-| wards of 3,000 persons tire still i In need of help and where Immediate selt-suslnlnmij pluns had noli been completed. Evans said i epro- 1 scntntlyr: of Die miners had lold j him wlthdrtitva' of relief unions them would mean untold suffering. | He said local chapters had uei'nj Instructed lo tell these people that they must- shortly make their! own plans fur making themselves: self -sustaining. However relict will: nol be abandoned until this Is done. ! Terry-Worthington Title Company 21I1 W. Walnut Hired. I'hone 617 CHICAGO. (UP)—Field Museum Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 Refuses Reopening of soun Institution, to Mis- I Tallulah jBankhead is rJioivn here as she appeared in three, scenes I from "Tarnished Lady. 1 ' The lna!i In the scene at the upper left Is •Alexander KirklamJ. , BY GENE COHN . Talh'lah had not exactly knocked NEA Service Writer j Broadway dead when she went over- NEV/ YORK.—Over at Astoria. L. seas less than 10 years ago to try I., where movies are made \vhan her fortunes. they don't come from Hollywood, | she returned with the acclaim oi .tho manners, customs and Isalan' England, a favorite of salons and wit of London's May fair are fc?tn;> | n! u^ stage, with the American upon n typical stu-! photographers pursuing her for I pliotos and the reporters trying to j What with Ihe one and only Tal- j lulah Bankhead on the job for a •The' number of weeks, everyone had get a few paragraphs. I have it from Director George Cukor that she has already pissed the test of the trouper. Earlier In CAMPBELL. Mo. March 10.• Firsl National Bank of Campbell '. wondered what would happen when „. „.„ ^. their torrltorv as rcmainl-n^atou'l Cl0£ - ed by ° rdcr Of its boava of di ~ ; the camcr " bc 2 DU tD c """ Io: ! Ihe picture some shots had to be ccnstant ove "^ ^ e ^ \' a ^^ v " al , mmlttt . W;™ ' ™ lul »^>, ? rs 'r starrin - ™hicl., retaken half a dozen times. She while one s'ateO that Ms t-rri'orv ^ nltc1 !' fref . UJeak P 5 ™ission to re- "Tarnished Lady." | did ask Lhat a "stand In" be used was'; expanding prininrnv 'toausi STcu'S^ W ° P ^[" Woukl ^ "° " M ^ b " " °< tCm of good roads. Betw-en 25 and 35 ! in'ton D C Tlie' •—••-•••----••' P° romentu1 ' °" "«I>P^''' per;tent of the busin;ss -' ' ; - J mt-rehants was said to c: thetcity of Blythevilie. communication : Memphis Gains Trade "li vras stated that the chief competition comes from Memphis, where, much of the city trade goes to purchase hijh grade merchandise"; the country trade is said to buy.: largely at hcme. The smalbr of Osceoia. Kennett Steele. Jdjiijsboro and Caruthersvllle com-1 v.'lthhcld. pete, with Blytheviilo for some of theCcoilntry trade. "With the development of bettor roads there Is a tendency for part of the better trade to go to Mem- | institutions and for this permission for reorganizat'.on Ihe First National closed three.'-months bank was in such preparations as did not require her presence, but that's nothing new. She lias a dressing room that is no ritlzier than the average. Hero she keeps a supply of light reading, with which she relaxe? wlille wuJt- in? for a call. On a desk I observed a pile of film and stage magazines, which she reads avidly, whether or not sho Is mentioned. She explains that she wanb to catch up to all the "low down" she mny have mi-sed \vhlle away. ilrr attendant Is an English woman—a. Mrs. Locke—who became good reads." The eight cities visited in Arkcn- sas represent a combined population of 189,645, with a total of 3,437 retail outlets, of which ISO, or'4.3 per cent are department store and retail dry-goods outlets. Altogether, the Investigators interviewed 33 merchants In the eight cities, their stores representing a' volume of ne'. sales In excess of $11,500.000. Frrnch WiU Print Arne Lindbergh's Poems sidered it umdvisaWe to re-open' yulte different from many of the at the present time. According TO I wldel y advertised youngsters from the letter of refusnl. It v.-f.s noil tn « Hollywood lots, Miss Bankhead thought condltlcr.b at this time \ md not move into one of the obvi- warrmt nn e\'ter.iion of banking j cusly ritzy hotels and take a great reason suite. She picked a' quiet, out-c-f- was|the-way place in the Fifties. She docs, to be sure, appear at work in a most expensive looking by ord;rj car . ^'h a tricky chauffeur. r.f its board cf directors after n-| She does, also, carry a secretary : her "right-hand man" shortly after sustained period of .heavy with-j and dicates letters and newspaper: the first Enrjlish successes Mrs drawnls had jedurcd its roiourcss j quotations when not apiwaring be- Locke has the combined tob of o - - —- fore the camera. She does have secretary, nurse, manager and men- gestures when flicking the . tcr of sorts • her specially made ci ? a- i Y:3| sne wants to B0 back to AJa _ en asstts were held at the time. ous state of rela'mioVwVlle^rest- ' b "™ 3 - f -- a ™ ll ". but . not " a b ?S ' Following the closing oi the : ing. Her movements and carriags bank a representative of the off ice; and general behavior is of the sort of the Comptroller made a check i that some other actresses have of the institution and made cer- I tried to imitate en the screen when tain recommendations to be fol-1 playing the role of a "lady of man- lowed in the event it was decided jners." to reorganize the institution. These, | After observing Tallulah, it's ob- according to'officials and the com- :vious that few know how 'to do it rnunicatlon from the Comptroller's' Tallulah, Just a girl from Alabama \ cf flee, have been met. j who made good in London, has been hnrh ' b ° thcruig PARIS. (UP)-The m . ciety. Le S Ailes ^rlstxs (The Broken Wings), has translated one of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's ' liatn Bankhead, representative from af-1 the 10th Alabama district and niece temocn. about five o'clock, a Ford ! of Senator-elect John B. Bankhead, CARDWELL, Mo.—Saturday Mrs. nest famous poems, "Remembrance." and U soon issuing it in Paris. The American composer Ufaurv Madison, recently set the poem to lroads ^ r with Arknnsa5 »«n,S2 and music from a French translation I occupied by tv.-o unidentified men. of Rene Nazelles. The poem-sons wa£ wrecked on the hign-ay atout has' been offered to the Ailcs Brl- a ™' !e east °' Cardwtll. Tlie car. ss. In French the poem is known headed cast, went into the ditch on ^^"Souvcnance" .highway 25, throwing both mci\ The posm. which starts with the from the car, which was without lirtes: "Your hands .tiave curved ' a (op. Neither of the men was in- ntSmt this bowl; Your lips have' jured. They soon went away and felt a kiss upon the teacup's rim," have nol as yet returned for th? was written by Mrs. Lindbergh be- car. The car, a model T Ford road- fore she married the trans-Allantic ster. received a broken wheel and ff. i other minor damage. In the .meantime the process of i around quite a bit In tho past eight liquidation is being continued un-1 years. She doesn't have to aff:ct tier the direction of John A. Me- What some might take as a salon Anally of this city who was up-;pose is natural to her. She ls"ani"- polnted receiver soon after the fail- .mated, dynamic; quick nt repartee ure of the bank- | a swell wise-cracker, sophisticated, j quite a young woman of the world , , „ .it j ; apparently trying her darndest not Arkansas Lar Aban-doned i'o be understood. After Wreck Near Cardwell! Car Burns in Garage CARDWELI;, Mo.—Friday nljht In Portlac sedan belonging to J. F. Ladd burned in his garage at his home about three miles west of Cardivell. Tr.e cause of the nre is unknown. The car and garage were both entirely destroyed by the fire. 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS Cure Colds, Headaches, Feve; 666 SALVE Cures Itaby's Cold C6ughed NiRhts So I!ad That" (hat came with bottle she had used, i She Couldn't Sleep Well. Spent Hundreds for Medicines I at once ordered a bo'.tle from our j druggist. The very first dose sortj of relieved me. T took it three limes a day after meals and at bedtime: that night I was sleepy' rnd coush was so much better I FINALLY RELIEVED ;.- IN A SIMPLE WAY'slept soundly all night. It was the •" I first night's rest I had in a long "I'm so delighted and grateful; Hme and from then on I coughed thfre Isn't anything tco good for,] C ss and less until really I can't mo to say about this wonderful ray enough good about Lin-O- IJn-O-Nlne," declares Mrs. F. P.- nine," continued Mrs. P.- P. Mas| . cy . Box 933, KingsvlUe, Texas. Mosscy of Kingsvllle, Texas. . , , . ';! suffered with a bronchial Thousands of mtn and women have cough for the past twenty-five I cblalnrd the same results so no years and during that time I spent i one should hesitate or suffer an- scveral hundred dollars for cough I other day. Lln-O-Nlnc is sold by medicine but never got any 'relief: druggists, 50c or SI bottles or may at:all. A tickling In my throat. ]« obtained direct from the natlon- ca$Kd me to cough Incessantly ally known Kerr chemical Co., of night and day. 1 coughed so deep] Drcnlwood, Md., v.ho gladly mall ;»nrl e.o hard I could not sltcp bottle prepaid to your door on re- i^'shts and had fiboiit decided there; ccipt of price in cash, check, PM no way to get relief. Then ' rtam'ps or mail order. If not de- fv.o weeks ago a friend who knew lighted and completely relieved ' ! ofr I euffered told me about Lin- they cheerfully refund money flith- O-NIne and handed me the circular! out quibble or question. —Adv. We're Sorrs/— \Ve could not supply the'demand last week for our new lott- priced bedroom suites hut have just received another shipment of them and can take care of your order now. Vanity Dresser $^b,£%75 Chestof Drawers Full Size Bed Beautifully finished and strongly constructed. HUBBARD FURNITURE SUNSHINE MELLOWS Heat Purifies LUCKIES are always kind to your throat Everyone knows that sunshine mellows—that's why the "TOASTING" process includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE—mad»of the finest tobaccos -the Cream of the Crop-THEN -"ITS TOASTED" - an extra,secret heating process. Harsh irritants present in ail raw tobaccos are expelled by "TOASTING." These irritants are sold to others. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE. No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. The adiice o\ your physician is: Keep out ofdszis, in the open air, breathe deetdy; take plenty of exercise in the mellow sunshine, and have a periodic check-up on the health of jour body. TUNE II The Lucky Strike Dance Orchettra, every Tuei* day, Thursday and Sat' vrday evening over N.B.C. network*. «* It's toasted Your Throat Protection—against Irritation—against cou< C Itll, Ifct AiMTki* Tobicca Co.. Mfti.

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