The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1935
Page 6
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TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 1935 . BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS to* SALE TOR RENT AGtusWanh Classified for Your Benefit PAGE FIV* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive Insertions: (Five average words to a Jlne) One time per line 100 Two times |icr line per fay .. P8p Three limes per Hue per clay .. Ofic Six times per line per day .. 05o Month rate per lino 60c Minimum charge 60c Ads ordered tor llircu or six times and stopped before expiration will lie charged loi 1 the number of times the art appeared and adjustment oJ bill made. All Classified Advertising ropy submitted by persons residing outside of (lie city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may • easily computed from above table. No rtipoiisiDimy will be iafcen for more than one incorrect in- witlon of any classified ad. , , , „ , „-,„„,. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions take the one time rate. | Business Directory Feeds, Seeds Our Complete. Line of Builders Material & Glass of All Kinds Is Our Specialty. Farm Wagon & Mule Disc For Sale Cheap. JESSEWEBB Lumber Co. W. Main at Cotton Belt R, R. Phone 215. AGAIN . \VK WILL BE U13AD- QUA11TEHS FOR -ALL KINDS OP. FIELD '& GARDEN SEED. Hubbard Hdw. Co. BEE HIVE ALFALFA, ALL KINDS FIELD & GARDEN SEED. HIGHEST QUALITY Obcrsi. Store Co. PARKS BROS. COAL CO, PHONE 877 FOB "Hi-I,o Alabama" "Energy Illinois" "Hlack Royal Kentucky* CLEAN COAL—LOW PRICED Phone 100 i. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. For iiuormation On Moor Finishing or New Floors over Old PHILLIPS' USED CARS HEADQUARTERS USED CAN BARGAINS In E.xccllctil CniKlilion and Priced Low DOWN '30 KOIU) CAlSKlOLliT ? 0?. 'SI <J II f V 1C O L K T COWL', Itumblc Seal S I'l "K FOUI) VICTORIA 5"" '32 CHEVROLET COACH .... $"« '33 1'ORI) TDDOlt SI'K •33 OHKVUOLliT COACH .. 51I>1 '34 FORD COUPE Slii'J •34 CHEVROLET COUPE ... $l5i) '34 FORD TUDOR SEDAN .. $15i> '34 CHEVROLET PICK-DP .. 5135 '34 FORD PICK-UP 5115 Many Mote In Our Lot PHILLIPS' USED ^ CAR LOT WaiiiGt & First Sis. Phone 813 Automotive GARAGE Garland M. Morgan Auto repairing— "V-S" Service For Reasonable Prices Phone 420 Yarbro road near Morgan Utilities POE BATTERY SERVICE Ben Clime 201 W. Ash Phone 8. Special prices on Auto Accessories, Tires and Tubes. Guaranteed naileries S3.95. Auto Tops & Side- curtains $1.50 up. Alcohol 75c gal. Car heaters $1.50 up. Cylinder Heads, Floor Mats. Scrap Iron metal in demand WOLF ARIAN - - 128 E. Main AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 HARPER AUTO SERVICE BATTERIES Starters ami Generators Gas, Oil Hiul Tires Aulo I'arls ami Aeecssuries I'lione SOS fnr Knad Service Main & Lake Sts. "Garage Man" We have a complete stock ol Tools, special Wrenches, When you get n chance Come around and look them over. Hubbard Tire & Battery Company Wauled To Buy For All The Fanner Needs We have a large supply of Mississippi county's Ijest Middle Breakers and Cultivators. MoJiiic & Avcry Let us demonstrate the nccur- aoy of Duplex Hoppers on our Planters. We also carry Shares to (It All Plows. Harness CompleU: oullitlers for Horses and Mules. Large Slock of Bulk Garden Seed, Field Seed & Flower Bulbs. Our Price Is Right, Our Quality Right, We Treat You Right, stop in and see If this is RIGHT. PAUL BYRll 120 E. Main SI. WELDING & MACHINE WORK. Blylheville Machine Wks. 2ND & ASH—PHONE 808 Jack Finley Robinson Sells %'estmghouse Refrigerators & Farm Light Planls 5 Year Guarantee - 3 Years lo Pay Call 350 COPPER WEATHER STRIP Saves fuel at smaii cost Avkmo Lumber Co. Cash Feed Store Field Seed - Garden Seed Flour and Meal Purina Feed Highest Cash Prices I'aid For Poultry ami Eggs 112 E. Main - - Phone 154 Cobb'Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE Phone 26 D. R. Hall Ath Flat, Ark., CobWcslone Contractor and Builder. Rocks furnished if desired. Painting anc Paperhanging Auto Painting Furniture RcfinlsliitiB All Work Guaranteed. Freeman & Wheat Phone 749 for Estimates Remodel Your Home Will a genuine KUBDEROID HOOF 5% Interest, 3 Years to Pay East Arkansas Builders 1 Supply Co. Phone 2P I FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS I BE NT ' OUR, FLOOF. SANDER ' ARKMUDUMBER CO. COTTON SEED, CORN AND COTTON. GOOD I'LANTlN'Cf CO1TON SEED FOR SALE Sec Us for Best prices Harold Stcrnberg nt STKKNBERG COTTON' CO. Hotels Peabody Hotel •111!* E. Main St. Steam lieal and not waler. Rooms SOc, 75c and tl SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES Room arid Board Salesmen Wanted WANT SALESMEN wllh car to cover Osccola and Wilson territory for nationally advertised product. Call Mr., Walter Light, Noble Hotel, Thursday for appointment. 1 silver lax fur. . t 5c k7 Potter, caU 722. DUST IN TUB AIE IS INJURIOUS T-O HEALTH. BUY SWEEPING COMPOUND FROM Hubbard Hdw. Co. BUY FUKNITURE NOW I'AYj.JHIS FALL Get Oi)v Terms HMHBAKD FURNITURE co. Room & Board Excellent, home cooked MEALS reasonable. Large front bedroom for mt>\t or men. Miss Beps' Hall, 611 W. NfalH. CaU 260. 7-ck-tf Losl ___ Dark brown tail with whlt^Tlp off ' Mrs. Hubert 4c-k8 Coal & Wood Exclusive Agents tor the original genuine Montavallo Coal We also sell Brilliant. Ark. Anthracite, Illinois nud Kentucky Coals. Phone 477 WONDER CITY COAL CO. See Us About Your Cml Blylheville Gin Co. "Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 2U Why Buy Coal From Us? 1—30 years In business. 2—Quality of coal handled. 3—Prompt service. I 4—Courteous treatment/ 5—You jjct all you pay for. "Quality Group" distributed by Gay & Billings Phone IS My Cual Is Ulack Bui I Treat Yon White, Fill Up Now JOHN UUC1MNAN - 1'HON'E 107 Personal DICK'S CAFE Across street Iroin Kress — I'ig, Pish or Steak Sandwiches lite. • .... , ., . STOMACH ULCER, GAS PAINS and Indigestion victims, why suffer? For quick reltnf get fi five sample of.Udga Tablets, » doctor's prescription, at Kirby Bros. U Co. 4p Clubs NEW ORCHESTRA AT CKESCENT NIGHTCLUB Joe Leliiuer nnd Ills Missouri C'olton Pickers Sluecst & Hcsl B piece orclieslvn between Memphis & St. Louis DANCING EVERY NIGHT All for 50c Couple 3 miles noilh Arkansiis-Mlssouvl 5 miles uorlh Ark-Mo line on fliiSlitt'iiy lil nl Ilollnnd Silver Moon NigJU Cl^b' 2!-i miles norlli slule lino Diuiciu^ Each Niglu EKCcllcnl music Uaiirts Perfectly Conducted SOc Couple Filling Stations: ' sropTf I1AKHY UAlLliY'S VOK CiASOLINK & othei- needs lor Ihe car; CIGARETTES, low tax, l-'KKSH CHAPl'K & other good footlt, nt, oui' ivsliniiiuil. Open Day & Night Oldest station nt Missouri sliito line. MILK FED FRYERS, Rliodo Is- liimi lud BETTING EdGS. Pifkurd'b store, 1IM-1 Chlckncawbii. If or Ken i We pay highest cash price for all kinds 'of poultry. End ot pave- ncnl, 315 E. Miilij. B. T. WORTHY Ren? Estate HOUSES roit .SALE 7(B niul 70S South Mike a room House, S200 '•i room House, $300 Or. will sell boll) hoases and lot for SfiOO I'lionc 101) - - E. i). Ferguson 'i Nicely Punilshcrt 1)KU1<OO1>£>, koiml II (tosivcd. Mi-s. IK'ltc Wood, 1'JO Doiiuim, IMions 7U5-J. rUHNlSHKD Apinlnicnt, 10« West Kentucky, phone i>83. rip kill URiCK STORK ItOOM^ia'v^UO j located on Mi\ln Street Slime Formers Dunk, Now occupied. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION if de.slreil. Address "IJox A" Cornier Ninv.s. PKONT HEUROOM, IW \v7iMalll" Mis. Imlln sunders, 4-p-k-B FOR SALE iiilnirbun cottage with 1 acre or more yrouml on Clciir Luke curt, graveled, siimle trees. Prlc- <1 from S15.W lo $950 /or wilck nlc. Kenscmiiblc discount, (cr cash. lliomns Land Co. FOR RENT—Nicely furnished ucd- rooin, hot wiiti'r, Iil5 Chlckn- sawbu. a-p-k-9 Hoom PUHNISHED iipnvlmimt, n)o vi. Wuiiuii. 2-ck-ti Sggs; Poultry Sill Highest. CA6K prices paid for POULTRY & EQOS I/west CASH prices on highest quality Feed, Seed & Coal. IMKMEKS t!ASII FKKD & Sl'tl> CO. PHONE 127 Champion Shows His Skill to Make No Trump Contract HIGHEST MARKET PRICES paid for nil kinds of uoiillry nl Ma- hnn's Qln. lilCE & FI6HEIV Shoe Repairing SPECIAL PRICES on repairing of all kinds. lirel nmtcrlnls used Progressive Shoe Shop 103 a. and at Cleaners, Tailors CLEAN W Sulb; Cleaned & Pressed ...... BOc Hals Ulocked .................. 50o Dresses ..................... . . .15c Hudson Tailor Shop Telephone 53 Solution to Previous Contract Problem BV WM. K, McKKNNHV SirnUry, Aiiicrlcnn Hrldje l<a»uc I nm pleased lo be able to start :<xl«y a series of six unusual Imnds played by our present, im- loinil cliiiitiiiloav, Jolinny Him ind Charles Loclirldue, bolli ol New York. Johnny Jtnu «nlDc<l Innic sev- •I'ut yenvs iigo when, with his .mvtner, Willlum Uarrctl of Al- Innta, he won a. imtlonul clinm- pionslilp when bolli were Just pnst 21 yenvs o[ nte. This new comhlimllon of Rau nnd Ixiclirldgo Is niiother-imlr of lio|iulnr youngsters ami, oddly enough. n B ain nnu's partner Is nn Allmila. Go,, boy. Quick tlilnk- crs are these popular chiimplons, us yon will see from this series 01 Imnds. II .tviis l>Dclirl<lsi! who played lodiiys hand al Itu-ea no Inunp. 'till: I'llly wesl opened ll lc deuce of clubs. Easl went up win, n te IQ,,, and South won tho trick with the cniccn. He then laid down lh« nee of dlaniomls and followed with TOU SALE I Here and C room residence; -jiettv ' trcos ' shatlc, pecan and fruit on gravel udjolniiii; Blyl Triced for (|iikk sale ...... SI 051) 51UD CASH - - fit) MONTHLY Tlionias Land Co. For Sale: Small Rim from Blythcville on E. J. Heaton. . 4 miles Hgwy 01. 12-ck-3-12 Now is the time to take PELLAGRA medicine. Von ciin nud me al llfi West, Sycamore street, near Blyllievillc laundry. H. G. Camp- New Beamy School opening In Blytlievllle, if you are' Interested in enrolling write "Mrs. X" care Courier News, at once. FARMS FOII SALE With immediate possession BO acres, 5VJ miles west, of Slkcs- on, Scott Comity, Mn. Piicu S30 acre | 50 acres. 15 milf-s northwest, of .Elkeslon, In Staddard County. Mo. ! lYlcc f'20 acre A. T. Earls Sc W. 0. Alexander .„ Stccle. Mo. family wants to shnrcurop next year. Two men and woman n family. Excellent recomnicndo- :ipn. George Smith, 1109 Hcarn St., Robinson addition. Portly Xiirnlslicd APARTMENJ' wllh good healing system. Phone 97 or 571. 16-c- Wan Led tight house keeping rooms, hot wincr. E. JM. Eaton, 71J Chlckii- sawba. l-p-k-6 OOOn loratlon on Highway Ul for EATS .t L.IC5UOH3. F-10'J ',i, Courier. 28-ck-7 WANTED—anil Hand FURNITURE DOCK DAVIS, 408 K. MAIN Popcorn Machine 1'Vjr Sale - JB5 I-'RONT DEDROOM, I'lione 2D3-M. •!OJ N. Droadwny. '^3-ck-lf FRONT bed room, steam heat, hot bath, garage, I'lioiic 5GO. 30-ok-U For Saio UNUSED bluck Bciiulni) rowhldc DR1EP CASE, size 12 x 10. Call Five passenger Packard sedan car with less than 30.000 miles on it, in good rnniiln? condition, ID35 license, will soil cheap or trade (or Eood span of mules. J. w. Uador. HUY 1'UIZNITURE tJOW PAY THIS FALL Get Our Terms IlUIiUMlU FUKNITUHB CO. Furniliu'e DUY ruiiNiTuni! NOW 1'AY THIS 1'ALL Get Our Terms HIIISHAHl) FUHNITIIRE CO. Baby Cliicks BABY CHICKS ALli VAHIETIES llnlchlnu Dpne for the Public MARILYN llATCHEltV Blythcville, Ark. ,•'-.' Hatchery Code No. 80 Found Snvert liy Muroi'.s UALE1Q11, N. C. (Ul>)-Tlllco Ndrlh Ciirollnliins owe tlicir 'lives In u ease of mumps. Wlille 'Edwin M. Gill, stale commissioner of pn- ! rules, wns nursing lliis disease in jbcd here, reprieves had lo be grnnlcd lo lljrce coitdcinncd men, whose upiicals for clemency aro before llm cominifision. ' ---- __ _. 1035 LICENSE for 1 ton truck Ar- TWO UNFUIiNISHED ROOMS. knnsns No. 230-512. Owner may close in. Call 2JD. WANTJSD-Ianndry VTorkTr^h ^±-^L!^± . . -. 4 C -k8 have .same by calling nl Courier otllcc and paying charges. Wf listed Itcvival WINSTED, Conn, mi')—Among a lltler of pigs born on HID Hum of liichnrd CurtlM nt North Norfolk, was one with Uirec cars, 'hvo of Iho cars were on the right side .and one on the left,, In normal positions. A S 10 0 6 2 A J 7 4 >> ' »QS 4 K J 7 5 2 ¥ .1 S 4 3 * K!H + 104 ScnKli 1 N. T, 3 K. T. 4K 1003 »A7 » A .1 B ^'itf „ + A q X 6 ik-r-AII vill Wi'4 Kin-Hi. l'»s» 2N.T. VjlsV J'uiis lentl~-4, 2. Pass p oss the qticcti and South won with tho king. He returned the six : of lUamoiutt, which Sasl won with (he king, West dlscaullng a club. East returned the four of clubs West won with lite Jack and led another spade, the trick being won In dummy wllh ihc ace The two good diamonds then were cashed, , South discarding a heart and'a spade West was forced lo discard the live nnrt the queen of hearts So n small hearl was plajed from dummy uiur won wllh (he nee in declarer's hand. Ho then led Ihc !*n of spades, nliicli West \\as forced to win wllh Iho jack, and he now had lo lead away from his king-seven of clubs Into declarer's «(!-clBhl, thereby giving declarer Ills contract of tlnee no trump. (Copyright, 1935, NEA Service, Inc.) There arc millions of Chinese In northwestern China who have licv- cr lasted nor seen rice. Ihc Jack o! diamonds. West won that Irlck with Ihc nuccu and now .'hlitect lo n small- spnrtc. When tho clsht was played from dummy, East went in wllh CKOSS MISSLSSll'IM HIVBll VIA .T1PTONVJLLE All \Vcnihpr Koail Shnrlrii roiile In Hcelfool I-akc, Pmlucah, Ky., Nashville, etc. T»l<c U. S. (II to I'ortaievlllF, Mo. WITH CHEAP COAL BURN X OljVf / 'Excels • "V-lLl^ \ Al1 Otliora OH CO-LKA-NOH ALABAMA RED ASH The World's Best COAL Holds fire well, Almost Asliloss, HlBhcsl In Heat, Very Lttlio or NO SOOT— STARTS EABItY. Clean— No Slack You'll Like It Regular Price Introductory Per Ton Delivered. $10.00 ' 5(00 Superior Coal Co- Phone 7001 , or finished. liich famllv's KEY KING wllh two keys on II, clolhliig tvnshctt separately by ma- , one a peculiar shaped key with ihlne. Mrs. B. w. Mick, CIO Lake 5806 on It. Owner may have same HOUH SKKY1CE by paying charges. Read Courier News Want Ads. BOOTS C'KKTAINLY LIKES OH .VMW tVJtR MADE Mt y\v IHW ? WOOX.D 1 '. i THM RIK16 VOU .' 1VJ MtMtR S'ttV-S -^-X -< f> <*,'*> ' .•* £\4^' &&4S AH! I'VE BEEN E)CP£CTIMQ VOU/QENTLE-MEhJ. VOU'RE TO OCCUPY MR. BOARDMAN'S OWW \ STATEROOM. Auvrniwa vou WISH is POM ARROWS W QEKIOA, WASH AUD SV HURRY TO THE WATER FROHTJW SEARCH op HORATIO 'SOA YACHT. ? fri935ByNr.ASEBtflCC.ltJC. T. M OUDKKH! Y&J BOYS STAY OUT MERE.' I'M CO|MG |tq frio JA'-K T& HIM AGAIM ! IF I DON'T COME OUT R'JI , FOR HELP / I DOMT KMW WHAT VbUR NAME IS, MISTER,.BUT OWE FALSE MOVE, AMD Vt Xa.'.HX-=?v7ix Yl '° h) r NEEO °Nt! .Ti"i.', C£kf&. S v ' r" ^ r'f t THAT'S A WIRELESS. ALL WGHT.....AMD NO MISTAKE ABOUT if :>' OUT.!'DO Y<X) \ SURE-MY,,'7 IT'S,NONg

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