The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1933
Page 8
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COURIER KKWS THURSDAY, OOTOBKR irm Ilayti Society •— Personal Finds Son in Noose Shadow The Association 13. Y. P. U. rneeiinR was held Iwe Tuesday .ovenhi" wilh nbnut ISO nlieudini!. Rei'ic'entaiti'Cs wep 1 nrfsetH from fciidocio and Hayli. ft. poll'ick 5.up',x : r was .served IM-Tore Hie bu'.ine"? meeting, which •v. : iVi provided over by the oresidciit. 1 V'>:~. .li-n'ol Williams of Gnruthcrs- \illr. The ncut meeting will 'bo 1.--M .it Caruihoraviile Hie Mon- I'H- after the third Sunday In "wembor. A duet bv Georse Ixing r,nd M : '.i Aiice Lulcsi of Curulhersville v- smit; oiler which a iilnvlct, ''Hr 1 n»iinlt. of Or-iH'rat 11'isim-s.s M'dinr. In II. Y. i'. U." by llayti, i\ :" ?,ivr-n. t.ikiir; imi-l ue;i; !-v,n Alirn. Virginia MrDnnaid. f'liudia Man-hall, Mildred Himin?. Ma'H'l Alovnnilcr. lid;-'"!' Ilmrrsc. Pi" 1 Sefh Couip 1 ?^. 'Hi- efficienev banner was elven lo t.i>e Cflruthor&ville Juniors aiK' 11"! Allendttncc hinuer was iiward- i''' 'he Su'Ule Seniors. Mr-^tlanies Hirffii l^orri.s and son. .lot ' Jaffie :ind ":on. and B. n O'O'.ve visited wilh n-!:ilivcs Ir Meiiirtils Kiiixlay. They vi';)ii-ii with Mrs. Dorris nnd Mrs. .laffue'^ Inuhcr. Clm-lrs Ed":\r Duncan. i"ho is tttlendini; the university Ihsre. anil wii'-i Mrs. .luffee's hus- bnnd. nnd Mrs Crowe's son, Dr. l.nflfi Crowe. J. T. Bnrklev accomrianic<l uv Mesit-inies H<insto:i Buckley nnd r'aiifliior, Alice, nnd Mrs. J. B. npr!ii/.v pnd r-hU:lm\ motored lo >?r-mni^K Si'nf^iv and'iNl uilh •;Mr=. n'nii- nm-ljlf-v's liil<il),niil. \Vh" Is riv/'lvhn! tiendnent for his brok- ' en '«:. . | Mr. nnd Mr« Wiifn.-rl Saui|.-.|.;| f!iiv!i« MV| vi«iit''d wilh former! Pint 10 Years ol Wedded i Bliss Most Dangerous i PROVIDFNCK, R. I. (UP>-Tllo first ten years of married lift 1 nre the most dangerous, according lo Dr. Lester A. Round, Rhode 1s- Jaiid Slalr [Juilslrur, who Is mnk- | Ini! an Inti study of dUwce : In 10:11 Hie stale had C1!i di-i jyorces and 4t:!(! inuirlaKCS. l>lvciic-j !'j)]an 1 lnB(-.s diupped tit 1.083. Dr. •Wvjiliiipcd "' ~'' K > '" lu: '-' while lijoiindl f?ui;d thai divorce was mo.s! likely lu ori-ur In the (Irst ten years o( married life. Mississippi Business Shows Good Increase I JACKSON. .'.!!«. (UP)— Umlncss I Inti'ca.sfrd 23.8 |R'r com In Mlssis- |.si]>pl ilurinit (Iv linst ihrc-e months. iCimlrmun A. II. Stonu uf l!ie_ ifilnlc Titx CoiiunlSKlwi rO]»rleil i iTcciilly. j 'Hie two |*-ricxls used as a for cotilrasl Hie three iwmihs tl)p K ^ mK tax endliiK July 31, 1M2 ' [In [it months of 19^3. fi'.one report'-d Uial sales icumi.s slicnvcd that stiles tills porlod In IU32 totaled $W,784, C498C. Sales lu: Urn sainu iH'iiod in 19S3 wi-rc' j.-.7,931,102.GO. I'OL I'y .-li'iul 1:1011 m loinid li '•i Itoy JM-baH jilriy-r, in Sac- Calif., jail, u-lit-n !»• > sun. miili'i' On- Harm- Mniui. nliovo. I'onJlnHl • re, ;ifOi.*--il iir iiinrijorinK a ••lami'iilo fill. Tlir rlillil, i'ii t. 1 was U-i'i In care of ,il • ai To|k-k.-i. Unn., when motli'T ilii'il. During the n. i; nf r.)i>yi tie. tin; family ml nivay ;,nil all iraee of •liilil was li)«r. Siriklin: 10- il:nn'i> ni failii-i- ami son is .M i!i 1)1- im-um-.-i Tlio ••I- "ill lixln I" i-iivi- Ills am I Him I lie iioosf (allied over fifty dinner isuesls in hnmr hr : re Fiiindiiy In hunoi 1 of Mr. Koury's mother, : who lias insl come from Syrln to niiike lier Home here. There were euesls from lllvthevllle. I.uxora. .Tomer. Cairo, mid Mounds, 111., and from ninny nearby towns. faster Lutes is reported imorov- Inq rnnidly at Campbell's Clinic. MeniBliis. Mrs. Belie Kin? of North Cm- olina is of her sleler, Mrs. John Frame. The Woman's Missionnry Roclctv ctiterlaini'd at a dinner in the Ovi-vtiirf building Tuesday noon. A smnll fee was chai-ged to be nsec* to licl') oav inn pastor's salarv. ' Linking Canada i S^L.^ 0 ^.. Mexico Is Planned PHOENIX, Ariz. (UP)-A new''"."! °"?i 0f ! tesled sulls ever immuiiniiiu.lilgliWAy. linking Can- i s'liangc verdiei »'!ts return-' most hotly con-; lieard here, one! altrncled the rntinlrysiclc en! " Inke or river they pliuigc In and try lo .wirn it without ii ronnd-ntionir '••'*> expecl- nnd Switzerland Canada 1ms refused nn invllri- llon. Canada's refusal is interpreted here ns meaning that Can- ndn tins decided lo side with Ihe Under a prop; .:i| ..f vai::i:x e;:ninl;er:: ol enniiKtrne ihc ni-v: In- trniatluniil roiiiv \VDU!<| Ueglii a 1 .. (iat-'i'iy. Muni., |i:;M;iiu!!:> Wliil.' ICallsjieil anil Mix-»iiU. Mom. Siia,lion<> ; ,nd Tuln Kiil.. Ida., Weils. Kly. liis VcKas, BJII!- i (!er Ciiy. Nov.. acrife Bouldt.- ran- j von <!sni to Kinsman nnd i>liojn:x.' : Ari/. and ^o:Rh lo KO;J;I)H; '.sliri-.-' | it v.o.:!d im-et l!u- I'ai-ilit liiLeiisri- lit) Ilirfliway. , Tl.l- IKOjCKOfl lO.Ki IS I.M.) liliics j 1^ ami UOllld In- Ojii'i) ;i|i ye:iv. I brought snil against | Stone, aliegliii! the cow was killed. liy a bullet from Klonc-'s rille. Stone said he .sii'.v the tow jump from a high I'liibanXmonl. The jiiiy found for S'.osit. ttie ease li:»h i)i v en apiJtaled. i League Plans Aiding Destitute FigraiilsLK^MrSX" 1 ' qiiesllons I lUPi—A League con- 1 forenec will be held here Dec. 4 to plan assistance' for destitute mf- lil'illlU. •Twelve countries will rend ex- IK'rts to ronsidCT the ftue.slion of Gr&y Squirrel Migration Puzzle to Conn. lUPl —OMi- i)f the Stan- i!!-:i:ir!ini.Nt. ul Hiid i;:.iist hen- :ue pux- Insurance Commissioner Gets Cut (or State v f \V. I ri\^s of l^oinl, Plen^rtnt .piKiMrs. I .con I'times of Snn .iw:r>. (T<'i!f.. ivw [iv! cncsls nf Mrs. . *"iv r-.:id Mrs. Hitman Koliu imcl ('nii^li'ei'. li'ina Six? were thiv f-"e;'.*; nf Mr nivl M 1 ^. M. Ki''"\k- el of N'e-.v Madrid Sunday :ifler- nonn. Mi^'lamc- \v. F. Pill, Wlllfird Pi'ssell. Elinmnn Ko5ni. UTnnr Ttnmr.wn nnd J. M. Miles shon- ncd nnrt visitrd with friends In BlvihCA'iPe N'nnrlay afternoon. Mrs. .loe. i<ohn and r.nn wove Ihe nnests nf Mr. and Mrs. H. Kci'olnv of New Madrid Sunday s-.'H Mondny. Mi5. Gnicc Desmond of New Mr.rl.-K' was the miesl of Mrs. J. M. Miles over the weekend. ' Hoherf Donald MsNail. who ha! . Iven working nt Donlnhnn, was Hie-pimsl of hh nircnis. Mr. and Sim-; Michie' wivt titkcn .sudden M«-3. T. A. McKnil. Monday eve-| ] y jirsmidnv niiiht nl his home. He li'iic. He was enroiite ID Caw j v.'ns taken to the Blytheville hos- r;ii-a-<iein. where he has bi-enjpUnl Monday for Ir'eatmenl and liniiFferred. | iclnrned home Tuesday, someivhal Mr^. I. n. McDennoU and' improved. danahlers.-Aim and .rnniee are in Mr. nnd Mrs. Clarence Woofi- Menmhis where Ann underwent a W nrd of near Stceie nrc Ihe nni-- tonrilcctonw and Janice received oms of a daughter, bom last. Fii- mrdienl treatment. .lay |,i Ihe nlylhevllle hospital. • Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Nctherv and j Mother and child were in lirst daughter, listtv Sue nnd W. T. very sick but are now ou Ihe load Ncihcrv motored to Memphis Sun- j t 0 recovery, clay, where Belly Sue received nwijcal (refitment. Ernest Leflcr is transacting 1ms- fnc^ in St. Louis a few days IhLs • ueek. Mrs. Joe Jaffee and son. left for Memphis Mondny evening for n visit _ with her husband, who is wr.'kin? there. Mrs. J. Welker ictnnied home Tuesday from Joneslxiro, where OLYMPIA, Wash. (UP)—Kcduc- tlon in nutomubi'.e fire, Ihefl and liability insurance rates was ol>- Uined by sWlc insurance Commis- .•iloncr William Sullivan. He forced insurance companies ojKrating in Wnshlnitton lo make general reductions mnKiiii; from 10 in 15 per cent, "I'm not. through ycl," Sullivan said. "I intlnd lo yul reductions DII lire insurance rates in this stule. The cost ol, iirnn'ttiii); homos at this time, is nlmosl prohibitive." No"BidTo~fhc" ~ Cly-Cas Praise In Rlytheville Mr. Hunt Finds In Two Hoves of Gly-Cus Just the Ku- siilts He Had Keen Wanting for Many Years Ii Is u striking fact thai in ninny instances of awful suifer- ing where all kinds of mcdlclnrs and Irealuwnls hud failed, this now 'veselable Oly-Cns has given -. mritlc relict lhal Ls astoimdlng 'lie most stubborn cases s-liowu Sybil nnd ll:irlura 1.1-lKli Slin-ckfl wilh lit-r molher. Mis Ksmi: Kinefkclf, wmri uu lu ^vcii if djiliiy'.s jjone awa won't be hick. .Mr«. Siirec'lci-lx lias won :i illvorcc finin Adulpli It. Siir.'ckfN, sclmi or (lie wealthy (.'.llifornla ;^ut:ar fauilly, and with II an award <if .fJSii nmiillily fdi' her ilaiiKiiler during her minority. Mrs. K|ir«rkels will i waive 323,7(0 alimony. CAt.[:AO. M W. Hei-'.or's 1 -/l«i by whul appairulJy is a ml- iiation of Hiay .sijuirrels from v. rv;! to ei:r;l ueror.s (hi' .stale. R(-|V)!l.-i llu- Mjiilru-!-. are (r.iv- :"l!nj', in .straight !hn.; r<j- 1 va: i tl Ihe I < is.'-t U:iM' b:-i-n ivii-lud Hum si-v- IUPI — Claience da! yirllnns. L'Mil:,lly uboill 100 5 cow cutiiinill»(l :nv in :t Kiu'.ip. II they co:nc to assistance. They will pri-purc a! draft convention on the subject'. 1 II | P -i 1 will IK the first lime tliat th?:- txpertS Ix-ugue l:as drafted a migration | I convention. - ! Britain, Germany, Poland, Argentine, Denmark. Franco, liun- Kurj. 'Italy. Japan, Mexico. Hol- Sinrfd Hole-in-On? VANCOUVEH, Ii. C. 'lUPl— T)i3 first lialc-ln-une scored by a one- uuued man in British Columbia, was believed lhat niHde by Oeojge Tanaka, manager of a Japanese baseball team. He lioled out his Jury Rules Missouri Cow Committed Suicide Noted fiorilcr Words lianned Kl, I'AKO. Tex. <UPl—1'lilns to .ake "8rln(;o" and "greaser" out of the border vocabulary will b; jjindi- at a convenUon of Mexican unc 1 American iinmlijralion olllcials. Tli: 1 mectlnj; IB Kiitatlvcly s?t lor Oct. 20. U IT/ Thursday & Friday T. i ft; Ni:\V FORD COUPE ? 490 MAT. N1TI-; 10c-:i5c she had been vkltiny her band. who is working there. hus- Stccle Societv — Personal British Child's Writer Seeks Material in U. S. BOSTON tUP) — Mrs. James Crcoks. celebrated. in Britain as a writer of children's stories under i.ot the pen nnmc of Irene Heath. came to this country to find new material "because American children are uoV ns qulel nnd reserved ns nre lillle boys aiul girls in Engi land." Her husband is nr. James Crocks, famrd London surgeon and. Fellow of the Royal College, a s]icclnlisi in children's cases. Mils Alice Smith, who hp.s been tlie eiiest of honor at a number of parlies during 'a three weeks visit i here, returned Suudny to her hnme In Tennessee. Mrs. Hayes Smith nnd Beaumont Smith accompanied her, returning the same day. Nanking Makes Life Safe for Newspapermen PEIPING,. China (UP)-Chinesc newspatier men now are resting easier since the N nuking Government -hns issued a mandate prohibiting (he .summary arrest nnd ; why by the time I finished my * MR. K. G. HUNT rheumatism, neuritis, stomnch kidney, bowel troubles. Read Ihe following prnising slnlemeiu made recently by Mr. R. G. Hunt, 428 N. 9th St.. Blythcvlllc, well known local man: "I had Irled nil kinds of medicines' before but never one to equal Gly-Cns," lie said. "I was misernble years with stomach, bowel troubles. Would become sick at niy slomnch afler eating, foods soured, bloated so. AUvnys had lo take strong laxatives to gel any nction. I was in this condition for years, then since had the till Insl winter my whole system seemed lo go back ou me. Was worn-out, all Ihe time, tired, drnggy and had no pep. But Gly- Cas wasled no time in helping me. Hayborri Overturf of St. Louis is execution of journalists by Pro- visiting his parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Overturf and sister. Mrs. R. C. Steele jr. Mrs. J. N'. Barnes of -Portagc- ville was the week end guest of vi , lcia , Government authorities. ond box I was feeling like a new man. Gaining in weight nnd The order follows the execution strength, cat nnd sleep sood and of a Chinese editor by the Cover- feel fine. U is wonderful to be nor of Klnucsu, the Province in so well n^ain—and I owe all my which Shanghai Is located. There present good health to this one medicine—Gly-Cas." - -. —v....- ..i\vc Oly-Cas is sold by Klrby Bros. nnd. Mrs. E. \Vi McCann fhonncd , e }i, ntl)lttc( ] troublesome journalists Drug Co.. and by nil leading drug by resorlim; to swifl use of the stores In surrounding towns. . her daughter, Mrs. J. H. Workman. , nrc on rcconl numI , rolL , cascs in x . Ir :. an< * M £ P/- T - Lt ^ Lt; ]r '" which Provincial officials have , Memphis Friday. Mr. and Mrs. N. Konry enter- ....and when It comes "to XI s e d Cars the want-ad column* of • the Courier News can't be beat. K yon want prompt results phone 305. Courier News Want Ads _ A(Iv . NOTICE OF ELECTION For tho purpose of electing one member of Hie Board of tlic St. Francis Levee District in each district a* designated by the election commission of Mississippi County, nn election will be held in the following places on Monday, November 6, 1933. District No. 1: lochviUc. Msnlli nnd District No. 2: Ynrbro. Blythr-vlllc and Forty-Eight. District No 3' Dell, Luxorn, Osccola an] Pace's Store. District No. 4: Wilson nnd Kciser. District No. 3i Joiner nnd WlvUton. Election Commissioners of Mississippi County By: W. F. M. Ferguson. Chnlrman, K. R. Thrclkeld, Shaver. Secretary, ROX Last Time Today MAT. & NMTE—10c - 2:,c 'Rome Express' FOX NK\VS - - COMKHY Eriday & Saturday MAT. and MTE—lOp - 2S A Thrillinv; Western Starring Tom Tyl(M ill 'Vanishing Men' CARTOON - - SERIAL Dependable Ford Service \VMI-N you hriux your cur here for service you are always <ure of prompt, Cfitirtcous ireatmcnc from men who know rhelr business. • Our /iiecltantcs are specially rralaed and we hive [he newest and l.ircst service etjulpmeot octdtd to do ao accurate, thoroughly saiisfacioty job. * Only genuine Ford jxirts are usfct! nail all Ialn>r Is charged at a low flat rait; Phillips Motor Co. Aulliori/eit Fnrrt Dea'erK Morc than 150.000 jx-rsons ;irc (•:igiii;c(l in Hie nulomobilo tire ami iicctssory iiiaiiufacuiunt; !». iliis country. SMALL FARMS for SALE fit) A. NEAR 48 SCHOOL Kl) A. NEAR 48 SCHOOL SO A. NKAH 3J11RDKTT :i_l(| A. TRACTS NEAR 1'01'LAR CORNER 2—SO A. TRACTS NEAR I'OPLAR CORNKR «_10 A. TRACTS NEAR ,MAK1K 5—5(t A. TRACTS NEAR LEI'ANTO 1—fid A. TRACT NEAR LEACHV1LLE 1—5:i A. TRACT NEAR i.EACHVILLE 1—SO A. TRACT NKAR LEACH V-ItLE 1—10 A. TRACT NEAR LRACHVILLE Also hitve many hiore ( pliti'fcs not mentioned for sale cheap with small rash 'payment and balance spread over term of years. J. W. BADER Rlytheville, Ark. SATURDAY SUNDAY Big Stage ; and Screen Show At No Advanceln Prices ON THE STAGE IN PERSON . . . Russ Ferris and His WAY VANITIES" of 25 ARTISTS This show combines everything to please—Dancing, Specialties, Beautiful Girl Chorus, Gorgeous \Vardrobe, Music, Comedy and Specialties of Every Type FEATURING — '- • '• —— • FERRIS and RAY TUDOR CAMERON G INA and GAINO » _*. /\ u i ntm. «T !!!«• m*»-* » * »• •«»»»• ^n 9m± ^ X^ "The Cnt rm-1 the tiie Onl<ir*H "Ki;l CHUCK WILSON f.ati- rf "Take A Clwure." Late Orpheum and RKO Hradllne Comedian HARRY FORBES "RKD HOT FEET," from tht Broadw.iy •hew. "Strike Me I'lnk." From Al JoLsot's "Wonder Bar," and from the production IShow .of Shows." ALBE SISTERS Late. of "Hot-Cn*." • • The Ritz-Carlton Orchestra — The Vanitiy Girls Chorus SATURDAY PRICES: 10c .ind 25f 'Ul 5 o'clock — 25c to all aft«r 5 Time nf Vaudeville. Show: 5 Complete Performances Saturday SUNDAY PRICES: 15c and 40o 'til 5 o'clock — «<• to aH after 5 Time of Vaudeville: 4 P. SI., 7 H. SI. 10 P. M. — 3 Complete Shows Complete Clanje of Picture and Stage Show Sunday SATURDAY "Floating Platform One" AND ON THE SCREEN — BIG MUSICAL SHOW On the Stage and Screen Airplane 1'icfm-e Wilh Plenty of Aclion! SERIAL CARTOON SUNDAY BING CROSBY in "TOO MUCH HARMONY" WITH MORE MUSIC. DANCING AMI COMEDY ALSO MUSICAL SHOUT—"HOLLYWOOD PREMIERE" PARAMOUNT NEWS

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