The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1950
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MAY 23, li)!50' (ARK.) COURIER Congress Stirred by Wartime Secrets Theft- Amerasia Story Promised Truth in Case Will Be Told, Tydings Says «*B>' BARNEY LIVINGSTONE ^PVASUINOTON, May 23. m—The newly-revived Amerasia case of wartime theft of government secrets has stirred fresh Interests In Congress, along with Republican charges of "cover-up" Promises of "the full and complete story" were made today by Senator Tycllngs (D-Md), who declared "a lot of people are drawing conclusions about things of which they know nothing." Tiie 1945 Amerasia magazine case cropped up recently in connection with the senate investigation of charges by Senator McCarthy (R- Wi.'O that Communists have Infiltrated the State Department. Tydings Is chairman of the Senate sub- tomlnlttee Investigating McCarthy's charges. It came before the whole House late yesterday when Rep. He-bus (D-Ala) threw aside the official secrecy which has shrouded Congressional hearings on the case since 1946. Hobbs \Vns Chairman . Hobbs was chairman of the 1946 investigating committee. He told the House he was speaking out now in answer to "a large number of unwarranted statements which won't bear the light of day." The record disclosed, among other things, that some In the Nnvy suspected I.t. Andrew Roth of being a "fellow traveler." Roth was one of six persons arrested in the case. He was later cleared. naval intelligence officer testi- in 194G that, in his opinion Navy was forced to accept Roth because of pressure from "some higher source." Also disclosed was testimony by one "Brooks"—who Hobbs revealet to the House as the wartime cover name of Prank Bielaski. chief investigator of the Office of Strategic Services. Brooks-Bielaski testified In 194C thnt a raid / on the Amerasia magazine office In New York rcvealoi hundreds of secret and confidential government documents. . All Bore Stamp "Everyone of them bore the stnrnp that possession of the documents is a violation of the espionage act," his testimony related. The Amerasia case featured the arrest of six persons in 1945 on charges of illegal possession of government documents. One was Philjp Jaffe, .editor of the magazine Amer- asia. Another was Lt. Roth. Two were State Department employes, Emmanuel Larson and John S. Serv- |3»ffee and Larsen got off with frtWs. Service and two others were not indicted. The sixth case was dropped. Rep. Brown (R-Ohlo) demanded that congress "go to the bottom of «hts." Saying a feeling existed that there had been "a cover up in the Amer- asia. case," Brown declared: Rumors Float Around "More recently there have been dirty, sly little rumors floating through the cloakrooms that the fix has been put in again, and that the whole thing will be covered up once more—the whole thing whitewashed again." Hobbs said there had been no attempt by his subcommittee in 1946 to hide the facts. But he contended the committee at no time ever jaw any document marked "top secret.' He also questioned the legality of conducting the Amerasia raids without search warrants. Nonetheless, Hobbs said he thought there might have been some connection between the now defunct magazine and Russia. There was "something terribly phony" about the publication, lie declared. It had "magnificent equipment" for duplicating material, he said,, although it was losing $5000 a month. But to GOP charges that his committee was "covering up", Hobbs pointed out that nothing was said of the case during 1047-48 when the Republican-controlled 80lh Congress was in power. "Brooks" Told All Hobbs also told his GOP clitics that Bielaski (or "Brooks") told the committee he had recounted every- hmg he knew Now, Hobbs declared, Bielaski supposedly claims to know a lot more than he told in 194G. This was in reference to a broadcast statemc-nt by Bielaski that an international figure of considerable fame was L volvcd in the Amerasia case, but that his identity had not been made public. Tydings told reporters that Bic- laski had given the Senate committee the name of this "famed" figure, but that he also testified he had no connection with the Amer- asia -case. Meanwhile, developments spotlighted efforts by Rep. Dondero (R- Mich) to obtain a re-investigation of (he case in the House. "The whole case Ls a strange and mysterious situation," porter. he told a re- OY SCOUTS F AMERICA HONORS BOY SCOUTS—This brown, Uuoe-cent stamp honoring the Boy Scouts of America will be placed OH Ilrst-day sale nt Valley Forge, Pa., on June 30, the day President Truman opens the Scouls' national jamboree there. More than 47,000 Boy Scouts and their leaders, including 570 from 20 foreign lauds, will camp for a week at the historic spot. South Amboy Explosion Gives Army a Study of 'Bombed City' "I (Io knew the FBI made the six arrests after days and weeks of surreilance. They gave the grand jury everything, and then found themselves wilh only two cases. "It was the greatest repudiation of all time of one of the finest and most efficient agencies anywhere in the world." Dondero has Introduced two resolutions for a new investigation. The last one, put in March 30. is in the rules committee. The other is in (be judiciary committee. Neither committee has acted. Walladfes Plon FEPC Gathering NEW YORK, May 23. <AP) — Henry A, Wallace's Progressive Party announced yesterday it wilt stage a marathon demonstration outside the US. Senate office building for a Fair Employment Practices Commission. The demonstration — called a "People's Vigil for FEPC"—will start tomorrow, the party's executive committee said. It will continue "until, the Senate has acted to break the filibuster and pass the PEPC bill," the statement added.' •The 'Progressives urged members of church, labor, civic and professional groups, "regardless of polit- ica laffiliations," to join the demonstration. SOUTH AMBOY, N.J., May 23.. (IfI— This city's explosic-' disaster' has given the Army a chance to study what might happen if Ameri•" were bombed. The Department of the Army has nt two scientists nere to study ler-effects of the munitions blast ?ich shook South Amboy Friday. IHng 31, injuring more than 300. d ruining [he waterfront. The American continent escaped mbing In both World Wars, and -my men have only the experience foreign countries to go on when uesslng how bombs might affect merican cities. But' now South mboy has become a laboratory iat may throw some light on how mericans might behave in n sur- risc bombing raid. Officials to Study Dr. Leonard Logan, a sociologist, nd Dr. J, B. Green, ii physicist, nkl their report for the Army will scuss the physical, economic, and ocial Impacts of the disaster. Meanwhile there is still no offi- al explanation of what caused GOO ms of munitions, destined for p.kislan, to blow sup at the docks, 'itnesses at a Coast Guard hearing New York limited themselves to uesses. Shopkeepers Return Shopkeepers returned to their oardcd-up stores and glaziers and arpenters were at, a premium. Ex- loslons continued to punctuate the 'r as Army demolition squads ombcd the wrecked area for mines. With the Courts Onle May Circuit Lovelace, administra- trix of estate of Archie Lovelace deceased, vs Bradford Ghitwood, sui to coliecl $758.91 on account. Doctor Swims to Work ADELAIDE, Australia —(/P)— Dr C. A. Moody was competing in a sailing race recently when he saw a Union Jack Hying half-mast from his club shed flagpole. This meant he was wonted ashore In a hurry. He dived overboard swam to the shed, performed an emergency operation in a nearby hospital, returned to his yacht in a rowboat, and finished third In thi race. ACCSPT TH/S ft A/toy SPATULA - >AVM DELRICH Margarine WORTH $1.50 js&Sff mnd Plvi Frodvd S««l From caHvn of ich (M«l wift. c«|»ii kh>w.) NOTHING LIKE IT For turning eggs, poncakej, y paltitj .. . lifting tookiei from I the sh«el... serving cake fj ... itirring up frying foodi 1 Tfcis »rfer h made fo hove yo« try WIRICH GOIOIM Y1LIOW flUARTERSI Heady to serve! A delicious, rich Bprcad. Try Dclrict, in baking and cooking, too-and gcttliia work-win bratula. It delves into the pan, under the food, around the side wilh won- lorlul eaae. Get Delricli today! Off** * Actual wm IOJ< ' incites long •Ilcautiful. da. raMe. polinhcd cowwwxi. hantlfe • ntacfe Rixt hand U •ccurely rivel rd — iron*/ come loom » Floii Mc.cany-to. u?c HA intern RtccJ hl.ida fctep* it» VtGtTAUl MARGARINE The CndahT facklnj Co. ^cpt. sp », Bot n;» Chlujo IT, ni. CUP COUPON:..MAH TODAY! PAGE FIVE 'Big Earl' Shelton Shot Again in Old Illinois Gang War FAIRFIELD, 111., May 13. (ff)— Almost a yenr to the day t second attempt was made on the life of "Btg Earl" Shellon, last of UK notorious Shelton brothers. "Dig Earl" was shot In the right (oreium yesterday afternoon. Last May 24 he was shot. In the back and seriously wounded as he sat In a Rambling house just off Fairflcld Sn.iinre. Yesterday lie nnd his nephew "Ullle Enrl" Shelton were motor- Ing through Pond Creek neighborhood. A shot ripped through the windshield and Into "Btg Earl's" arm. Another slug hit the rear of the car. Treated at ft doctor's office. Earl said he hadn't seen his assailant. but that the shots sounded like they fame from n machine gun. Earl's brother Carl was sliot and killed In the same area In October, 1947. Another brother, liernle, was murdered nine months Inter near I'cortn. 111. Both slayings nre tin solved. During the twenties the three Shelton brothers and their gnug carried on a racket warfare, using armored trucks and a plane to battle rivals over several Illinois counties. Authorities estimated 40 men lost their lives In the strUR[;les. Teen-Ager Loses at Russian Roulette WESTMINSTEJi, Md., &fay 23. Wi —George William Martin. 17, found » Pistol In a drawer at Carol Millers home last nlghl. So h« was showing hh date how "Russian roulette" was played. Carol wanted him to put the gun down and slop "showing off." "! thought he would stop that foolishness If I walked out of the room," the 15-year-old girl told state police Cpl. James Simmons later. went out the door, she As she heard a report. Mnrtin died on the way to a Bal- U.S. Draft Inductions May Become Necessary As Enlistments Drop INDIANAPOLIS, May 23. (ffV- Draft inductions may be necessary soon, says the nation's selective service director, because military enlistments have been slumping. MaJ, Gen. Lewis n. Hershey said yesterday that manpower experts in Washington are worrying about the recruiting slump. He was here Inspecting the selective service or- BiinluUlon. Howevei. Gen. Hersliey wild no Inductions will be ordered until after Congress has taken action on extending the peacetime draft law beyond June 24. Immediate repair, school let out foi the summer. But high school seniors will be graduated anyway without final exams. The Must occurred while the munitions were being loaded from 12 railroad cars to four self-propelled barges. Tt included military mines for Pakistan and blasting dynamite for Afghanistan. The State' Department said yesterday that the explosives were It- censed in accordance with government regulations and that an investigation has showed no Irregularities. Boat Sinks As 17 Are Rescued HONOLULU, May 23. (/P)— Seventeen persons were rescued unmjured today when a Navy flying boat sank after a takeoff accident at Maleolap Atoll, 270 milts from Kwajaleln. The Hawaiian sea frontier was advised of the mishap by the Kwaja- lein naval base commander who sent a plane to the scene to drop emergency supplies. A surface patrol cratt will pick up survivors tomorrow. A sea frontier spokesman said the PBM struck a submerged object while making an open water takeoff. The plane was on a routine logistic mission. Radio contact was established through Kwajalein. Both the erev, and passengers were nshore, usinp Reds Muff Drive ° To Hit Wonshan With classrooms damaged beyond an emergency transmitter. HONG KONG, Mny 23. Chinese reports agreed today that the lerts failed in their first attempt lo invnde Wansrmn (Lndronel Is- nnd, but predicted n second attempt, A Wanshnn dispatch to the newspaper Wah Kiu Ynt, Po, an Independent, said the Nationalists had driven off tlic'lnst Chinese Communist, Invader Sunday. Notionalist claims ran to 1,000 Reds killed and 70 junks sunk. Traffic plying the Hong Kong- Macao steamer route which skirts Warishnu was resumed lodny. It was abandoned Friday on the advice of Hong Kong harbor authorities. B.E Goodrich SACKED BY FAMOUS t.F.SOODRlCH eUARANTltV&l Don't let that low price fool you! This It no "cheap" tire! It's got a deep, hefty tread. And id cord Ixxly U built with "rythmic-flexfng cords" — the same famous construction that gives M B.F. Goodrich tirej more com fort, safery, and mileage. !»!«(> M 111 Other Ottilia Slut, Tnl "«^AP CORDS MfAN (^ tlTRA SAfin ****** '* Big Value / II. F. Goodrich Garden Hose L.n,* 4.20 or gran f 6 (« 8 limit wolmr • HMtr timpfiiJ wiffc Hurry I Here's the hose buy of the year. This famous make hose, made of locked cord, can take plenty of abuse. Brasi couplings included. 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' Russian roulette" Is played by .nsertlng one cartridge Into an cmp- RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Tuesday "MY FOOLISH HEART' with Dana Andrews anil Susun Hayward Also Warner News & Short Wednesday & Thursday 'SO PROUDLY WE HAIL willi Clamlelle Collierl, I'aiilrlle Ooddarrt mill \Vrnnlca Luk« N'cns * Shorti Home Is Donated To Cancer Fund NEW YORK. May 23. (fl'y—Elnger Ezlo Plnza and his wife have donated their 18-room home in suburban Uye, N. Y., to the Damon Runyon memorial fund for cancer research. The co-star of "South Pacific" values the property at $50.000, suh- Ject to a $14,000 mortgage. The Runyon fund announced the gift last night. It said the property will be offered for sale after June 2. Profits above the mortgage will go to the cancer research program. Pinza will leave the "South Pacific" cast May 31 for a motion picture, career In , Hollywood. y revolver, spinning the chamber, nd pulling the trigger with the gun. 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