The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1968 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1968
Page 6
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Pi* * - EtrfwvCt (At*.) Orator Km - Monday, Aprfl t, CHINESE ART of Ivory carving has reached a high degree of perfection in Hong Kong, where more than 3,000 skilled workmen create figurines and even more complex designs, such as the concentric ball, top right, .containing up to 11 layers of ivory loosely placed inside each other. Using traditional tools, a craftsman, top left, may take several months to produce one article. A carving such as Hong Hai, top center, sells in Hong Kong for about S165, U.S. money. Several craftsmen combined their talents to produce the too-foot-long Chinese garden, above, carved from tin of an elenhant's tusk. By HAL BOYLE YORK (AP) - Keep, burdened with a preten- , tious humility, nor should the | average American ever let him- NEW ^_ _ stone comments of a pavement, se j t d egenera t e into meretriPlato: clous masochism. I am tired of the hangdog! American. The hangdog American is a The hangdog American is gei- I ting the bad habit of sticking out ,.-•.-. ,. ,.-, i his chin and then hitting it with ? U L!* 0 ^ V fLL n ^ Efillfc own fist. He is getting the bad habit of looking at himself in the mirror and breaking into self-pitying tears because the face he sees there isn't that of a universally accepted god. The hangdog American is in danger of losing the fierce independence and self-pride of his pioneering ancestors. He is not only capitulating to his carping on earth and feels hej has to apologize for his own existence. There is no longer much danger of the average American bragging himself to death. He is more likely lo wither on the vine from unnecessary guilt. It is hard today to name a thing that doesn't afflict the typical American with a sense of being in the wrong. If he is over 40, he feels guilty because he isn't younger. If he has children and can't give them everything they ask for, he feels lie is letting them down. If they turn out badly, he is sure it must be his fault, not theirs. He feels guilty if his wife has to wear a cloth coat instead of a fur one, or if the refrigerator in her kitchen is more than 10 years old. If the opera bores him, he feels he is a musically illiterate boob, because everyone is supposed to be cultured today and enjoy opera, whether he likes it or not. If he is 10 pounds overweight, he feels guilty because he reads that half the people in the world go hungry overnight. If he goes to war—and he does —he feels guilty because his enemies fight back and his unfaithful allies don't rush to his support. If he gives away billions to other lands—and he does—he feels guilty because his beneficiaries do not stun his ears with thsir applause. This cringing posture of the hangdog American is something relatively new to our national life. Never before did we insist or require that the rest of mankind love us; why should we now? Never before have we looked down upon ourselves, our conduct, or our motives; why should we now? Uncle Sam should never Jet himself become another Uriah critics—he js becoming his own worst critic by doubting or distrusting his own obvious virtues: courage, ingenuity, loyalty, generosity, idealism. That is the worst thing that can happen to any man—to lose faith in himself. And that is what is happening to the hangdog American. THEN SHE THOUGHT AGAIN CALCUTTA, India (AP) - A young couple ended their romance on their scheduled Wedding day in an argument over loyalty to Marxism, reported the Statesman. The story said the girl fled in tears after her fiance said he would die for Marxism "without question" but if asked to do the same for his wife "I would think twice." Read Courier News classifies April, 1968 Lost month's largest payment for the care of one member $2,861.36 17,002 Number of payments made for the care of Arkansas members Total amount paid for the health care of Arkansas members $1,313,396,53 HERMON C. JONES nGlueii Men's Avtnnnee Co 5S5 So. Perkins Extended Suil« 404 Ph. (8Z-96U Memjihfi, rename* iurant for butt Plinilni Kt! Man - ranntrihip • Cor- pOi j att<Jn - Group PecsioB • B**i Irrrnfnt . HoipluliMliom. The special "Everyone Can Join" campaign now in progress has Stimulated questions, some of which are answered below: Q. I HAVE BEEN TREATED FOR AN ILLNESS NOW FOR SEVERAL YEARS. IF I JOIN TOLL THIS BE COVERED? A. Jf your application is received in our office by April 15, your existing illness will be covered as soon as your membership becomes effective. Even obslctrical cases are covered after 9 months of continuous family membership. Q. IF I JOIN NOW, WHEN WILL MEMBERSHIP 11EGIN? A. If your application was received by March 25, membership starts on April 15. If your ^applies-' tion reaches us by April 10 membership starts May I. If your application reaches us by April 15, your membership will start on May 15. Q. TOIERE CAN I GET A MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION? A. Complete the coupon below or from any of our ads and mail at once. We will send you free infor- mation'and an application for membership. Be sure to include your age. Q. HOW MUCH DOES MEMBERSHIP COST! A. There is no joining fee. Dues, which may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, aro quoted in the literature sent with your application for membership. Q. CAN I JOIN AFTER APRIL 1ST A. Yes, but then you will be subject to regular enroll* rncnt requirements nnd waiting periods. It is to your advantage to join now! SFtCIAl OPEN CHROUMtNT PERIOD ENDS APRIL 15 RUSH COUPON BSLOW FOR fRtf INFORMATION What's for Lunch? BLYTHEVILLE Tuesday Beans & Franks Chilled Tomatoes W. K. Corn Milk Cornbread Peach Cobbler TUESDAY, AFRO, t 2:30 ALL ABOARD He Skates O'er The Ice With The Greatest of Ease. 3:00 JOURNEY Caracas: City of Eternal Spring. 3:30 THE FRENCH CHEF Mousses, bombes, and parfalts Delicious soft French ice creams. 4:00 WHAT'S NEW Wildlife and Reptiles. A look at big-horned sheep. 4:30 N.E.T. JOUNAL Men Against Cancer. 5:30 BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE lems. 6:00 MUSICAL FORMS The Scherzo terms used by composers explained in layman's terms. 6:30 WHAT'S NEW Wildlife and Reptiles. A look at big-horned sheep. 7:00 ALL ABOARD He Skates O'er The Ice With The Greatest of Ease. 7:30 CHANNEL 10 TRAVELS Caracas: City of Eternal Spring. 8:00 TOPIC: MEMPHIS CITY SCHOOLS Our Changing Schools. A comprehensive look at physical facilities of the Memphis City Schools. ;30 GODWYN , INSTITUTE LECTURE SERIES Theodore Bumiller will be the featured lecturer! He will discuss Germany, and narrate a film taken by him. LOOK TOO IDLE NEW DELHI (AP) — Indian government employes have been asked not to play cards in public places during office hours. The Home Ministry said the large numbers of civil servants who rush to nearby parks and lawns to play cards during lunch or tea breaks presented ian "undignified" appearance. JACOBY ON BRIDGE NORTH AAQS2 VK3 < AK62 + Q82 EAST AJ109754 483 41043 #1065 SOOTH (D) *Void * 9 *AKJ743 East-West vulnerable West North East I* 4V Pass 2* Fas, 4N.T.Pass Pass 6V 7* p ass Dole. Pass '¥ Opening lead— 4 1C pass Jim: "We haven't spent much time discussing squeezes lately." Oswald: "No, we haven't. Maybe we should remedy that lack right now." • Jim: "Here's a good example. The six no-trump contract is eminently sound since in his hand and dummy's South has four spades, two hearts, three diamonds and three clubs in top cards. A rubber bridge player wouldn't worry much about an overtrick because he would be satisfied with scoring 190 below the line plus 500 for the rubber and 750 for the slam, but he might just as well go after the overtrick as a matter of technique." Oswald: "The basic play for the overtrick is to see if clubs break. If each opponent holds three clubs, South's fourth club becomes the 13th trick. If not, there must be some squeeze possibility since either dummy's fourth diamond or South's own third heart becomes a potential squeeze card." Jim: "That is the base of all squeezes. You can't make all the tricks without exerting pressure. You exert the pressure and the squeeze operates." Oswald: "This hand is sel I up as a simpie one-way squeeze against East. South wins the , heart opening and runs off four ' spade tricks. He throws a small heart from dummy. West lets a heart go also, as does East. Then South leads a second heart to his hand and East is squeezed. He has to throw away a club or a diamond and either discard gives South his 13th trick. Jim: "This band represents a three - suit squeeze situation. Take West's four of hearts and trade it for East's five of dia monds. Now the four spade leads and two heart leads won't bother East because he could only stop clubs anyway. West won't be bothered up to that point, but South will squeeze West when be leads out dummy's three top clubs. West will be forced to throw a diamond or his last heart. Either discard will give South the 13th trick. POWERFUL PLUNGER CLEARS CLOCCED TOILETS , NEVER AGAIN that tick felling whtn your toiltt overflows TOILAFLEX Toilet Unlike ordinary plungers, 'le-iiafiex does , not permit compressed air or messy water to splash back or escape. •With TbiUfleK the full pressure plows through the clogging, mass and swishes it down, • SUCTION-RIM STOPS SPUSH BACK • CENTERS ITSELF. CANT SKID AROUND • TAPERED TAILOIVES AIR-TIGHT FIT Get trie Gtnulne Tollaflii' *2« AT HARDWARE STOKES A SOBER STIFF MEMPHIS (AP) - As far ai Bruce A. Leach is concerned, the prewedding prank pulled by eight buddies was a case of bad casting. They held him down while one buddy, a hospital resident, rolled Leach into a full body cast from ankles to wrists. Then they propped him up through the sunroof of a small foreign car, drove him back to his apartment and left, him on the floor where two puppies took turns licking his face. The cast was removed the next morning just in time for Leach lo make the 9:30 a.m. ceremony and exchange vows with his bride. Every Homeowner needs it... ONLY ORKIN can give you ORKIN New PLAN OF COMPUTI PROTECTION AGAINST TfRMirt S DONTWAIT-CALt TODAY Mt •UAUNTKD MOTECtMM PO 3-8233 ARKANSAS BLUE CROSS * BLUE SHIELD, INC. 6TH & GAINES / LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 72203 Please send FREE INFORMATION about how I can |oin during your Special Open Enrollment .Period which ends April 15,1948. NAME __A6E ADDRESS CITY_ EMPLOYED AT_ THERE ARE , ARKANSAS ..EMPLOYEES WHERE I WORK, IF YOU FARM FOR A LIVING, CHECK HERE D STOCK SALE Our Full and Complete $100,000 Inventory is Included in A Price Slashing Sale That Will Save You Money just in Time for Easter Sewing. To Clear Our Shelves WE ARE MOVING As Much of Our Present Inventory As Possible A % 1 1 Ik I /^ f AVINGS You Will Find Fashion Fabrics Far Below Regular Prices. Drapery and Upholstery Fabrics-Thread-Trimmings-Notions. All Priced for Quick Clearance. Now at Cost or Less YOU WILL FIND A NEW DOOR CRASHER EVERY DAY ALL SALES CASH, DEAL'S FABRIC CENTER (Across from Starlings)

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