The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1968 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1968
Page 5
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Blythevllle (Ark.) Courier News — Monday, April 1, 1968 — Page Flvt. Why Campus Barnstorming? Robert F. Kennedy ' By JOSEPH E. MOHBAT Associated Press Writer IN THE WEST WITH KENNEDY (AP) - "Bobby" is What's happening on campus. The quadrangle and the basketball court are the forums Robert F. Kennedy has chosen for the launching of his campaign to snatch the Democratic presidential nomination from Lyndon B. Johnson. By tonight he will have barnstormed through a dozen campuses west of the Mississippi since declaring himself a candidate two weeks ago. All but one of his formal appearances—as opposed to shopping center, airport and street corner rallies—have been before enthusiastic thousands of students. They're demanding that is what, they come out to see. To evaluate his effectiveness on campus, an observer does not listen closely to his speeches. He walks around the hall and watches the faces. The dominant expression is or.e of hopeful ;attentiveness to every word and besture. Their ,lips are parted, their eyes wide. They have been waiting for something. Maybe this is it. They cheer when he says he understands those who conscientiously object to serving In Vietnam, and when he says, "If that's what your conscience tells you to do, then you have to do it." But they become confused when he adds: "But you must do it." But they become confused he when he adds: "But you must "tell it like it is," and-he is responding vigorously, giving some answers they like and some they do not. Kennedy needs 1,312 delegates when the Democratic National Convention gathers five months hence to nominate a candidate. Few, if any of those delegates are likely to be a college student. Why the campus, then? There are several reasons, in the New York Democrat's case: —Since his days as attorney general, in the Cabinet of brother John, he has.always had remarkable rappbrt with young people. He'speaks best when-he is with; them.—With his candidacy announced out of the blue, it fell upon his staff to generate big crowds fast. The campus was a natural choice. —Kennedy believes the students, as the most vocal and emotional:segment of American society, will play a major role in prodding delegates to break traditiona nd throw the nomination his way. —The students' boisterousness and enthusiasm are impressive on television and in the newspapers, helping Kennedy to reach - _an audience far beyond the 'ivied walls. And he needs all the publicity he can get. —Kennedy wanted to prove that Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy, who also is waging a youth-oriented campaign, hadn't tured all the young hearts. cap- For a figure as controversial as Kennedy is, the response on campus has been decidedly one-sided in his favor. His campaign keynote—to throw out the Johnson policies in Vietnam, stop the bombing and get to the negotiating table—is what the students want to hear. But Robert Francis Kennedy QUICK QUIZ Q—Who is considered the "father of the modern band"? A—Frederick the Great of Prussia. In 1763 he ordered a military band to be established and named the instruments to be used. Later military bands were sponsored by other countries of Europe. Thus the band came into being through its use in military training. be prepared to face the legal consequences." They cheer when he says he would like to abolish the draft; but many jeer when he adds: "But not now, with a war going on. I think we should draft by lottery. And student deferments should be abolished." * * , * Kennedy has encountered serious heckling on only one cani- pus—at San Fernando Valley State College in conservative Southern California. There he got heavy booing for his stand on the draft. "I come here and you'say 'tell it like it is,' and I tell you the truth," he retorted. "Our views may not agree—but all should be heard." But the least enthusiastic reception came at Brigham Young University in Pr'ovo, Utah, deeply '• conservative school in Mormon country. Applause was scattered, and he didn't get the standing ovation that had marked appearances elsewhere. * fci;'.>.t .The highlight'] of "his appearances—for him and his audiences—is the inevitable questioning after the speech. The questions seldom vary from one campus to another. What dpes he think of the Pueblo incident? What about the draft? What will he do immediately upon taking office about Vietnam? He fields them smoothly, usually answers to their satisfaction, and goes away with the plea: "I need your help if we are going to turn this convention and this country around." And then the students swarm ar'ound him to touch him, shake his hand, shout his name. Their Again." r\ Eugene J. McCarthy signs say "Camelot Q-When did- World War H officially end? A-On Dec. 31, 1946, the end of war was proclaimed officially by President; Harry S. Truman. Q—What is a campanile? A—A bell tower, especially one built separate from a church. Remember Pay Your Paper Boy By HARRY KELLY Associated Press Writer MILWAUKEE, Wis. (AP) .Why does Eugene J. McCarthy spend so much time campaigning for the presidency of the United States on college campuses? The Minnesota senator has spoken at colleges from Maine to Wisconsin as he presses his challenge to President Johnson for the Democratic nomination He has even spoken at high schools, where, the only voters were the teachers. Why does he do it? "In part,.i was because I really wasn' being invited to many Demo eratic meetings—until quite re cently," he said. Those invitations have become more numerous and more open since McCarthy eapturec 42 per cent of the vote in New Hampshire and dramatically re vealed Johnson's vulnerability but still he goes back to the col leges. He put it this way to a crowd of students in Wisconsin: "I stil come back to the campuses be cause I think this is the point al which the issue was raised real, ly." The issue is opposition to the Vietnam war, and without Gene McCarthy simply woulc not be a serious contender for the presidency. There, are other practical rea sons: The audiences are lively and bright. They ask good ques tions. He can be fairly sure of a full house. And, an aide noted, in speaking to young persons, McCarthy also is speaking to adults—the voters—through the newsmen that cover his every move. "They make a pretty good forum," the aide said, "but he's talking to the adults too because you guys are there." And of course many college students are old enough to vote and all of them are old enough to work in the campaign. At. the University of Wisconsin, where McCarthy drew his largest crowd of the campaign this week—more than 15,00( persons—the registrar said 19,500 of the 31,000 students are 21 or over, old enough to vote in the primary next week. McCarthy, who came to Congress 20 years ago from a campus (he was a professor), also gets paid for some appearances. Members of Congress who don't have law offices or other sources of income sometimes find it necessary to supplement their salaries through lectures. Almost two weeks ago, when McCarthy was coming off his surprising showing in New Hampshire—and finding Sen. Robert F. Kennedy as a new rival—the Minnesota senator traveled into Maine to give speeches at Bowdoin and the University of Maine. Both were fee speeches. McCarthy explained they had been contracted before he decided'to campaign for the presidential nomi- lation. Also, he said, he needed the money. •McCarthy has faced little if any heckling on campus. 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He was asked at one university: "How do you feel about the situation of clergymen and others who suffer a change of their classification because of their position on the Vietnam war?" Responded McCarthy: "This initially we try to deal with indi- News Briefs OKLAHOMA ITY (AP) The state attorney general's office has ruled the Oklahoma loyalty oath unconstitutional. .It had been required of all state employes including teachers and college professors. The opinion was requested by the University of Oklahoma. A graduate instructor there—Vincent Maefsky—was dismissed last year because he refused to sign the oath. The opinion cited recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings holding similar oaths in Maryland, New York and Arizona unconstitutional. : NEW YORK (AP)-The New York Public Library has published in facsimile Walt Whitman's copy of the 1860 edition of "Leaves of Grass" which contains notes on additions and revisions for the 1867 edition. Oscar Lion, 92, a Whitman collector, presented the book to the library in 1953 and contributed $30,000 to the production of the facsimile. ROME (AP) - The UJf. Food and Agriculture Organize- applause from college audiences. Much of the door-to-door canvassing, filing and cranking of rectly, saying the draft should duplicating machines is done by not be used as a punitive device ... I think the best immediate suggestion is that—since this is really a government of men, not of laws—would be the retirement of Gen. Hershey." This suggestion that Lewis B. Hershey be retired as Selective Service director always draws I them loose." volunteers from the campuses. McCarthy often tells adult audiences that when he started and seemingly with only support from students, "I said I didn't want to lead a children's crusade. I found out you don't have lead them. You just turn tion has worked out 111 rules for handling fresh fish. "The main requirements for gcvd handling of fish are to chill it quickly and keep it chilled from the catch to the retailer," the report said. It went on to recommend that manual handling of the fish be avoided, that only potable water be used to wash the fish, and that fish unfit to eat be separated from food fish. DBS MOINES, Iowa (AP) The manager of a bank's installment loan department pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court of embezzlement and was placed on probation for three years. The prosecution said the manager took money from various accounts and applied it to delinquent loans because he had approved the loans and felt responsible for them. POPULATION UP STOCKHOLM (AP) - Sweden's population grew by about one per cent in 1960 to reach a total of 7,843,088, the Central Bureau of Statistics announced. REVIVAL NUMBER NINE BAPTIST CHURCH Rt. 1 — BLYTHEVILLE April 1 thru April 7 Services Eoch Evening 7:30 P.M. 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