The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1933
Page 7
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1933 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN: Einstein Here to Teach at Princeton Holland News Notes "ank and Its President Furnished Shares Market Opcriilion. for Mr. and Mrs. Basil Edwards drove ID. S(. Louis Sunday to vlbit Mrs. parents, Mr, and firs Rakil Shaving Mirror Started Fire in CCC Camp THREE RIVfHS. Clll. (Ul>)— A i having mirror, an<l a I'.ol sun col Mi- and Mrs. Theodore Kifer of' Aether wllli the result lhal, a live Ncwcllon; I*., nnd' daughters, Bet- w ' l-i l>ll »' twl " l lll(; Ml "">" clm| H l» i'lsn Hunt | l-'ne' Arts. Ttie group will cxca-^'b'rolfcors,'rt-afilt, Wlhfleld and H«r- lA'(UP)—A party i vole n:-ar Teheran, Ihu capital ol vy Kcyter, are assigned to tho sarfft;/ of" ardsncologh'.s from the Unlvov- l>n'ib.. i Boston & Mains railroad train on.- rliy ol Peiinsyl'vanlii will go' (u| I the Hew Hampshire Division ijs£ 1'e'rsla us pint'of a joint i-xpcdl-j llrnlheri Onr-ralo Train j conductor, baggageman and flag- ;iun with (hi 1 Boston MIBCUIII oil CONCORD, N. H. <UP> — Tlntc man. " '•' tv June ami U'lna Mac, utc licrc of Hi,- Civilian Coiisi'i'valoii Corp 1 ! IV lIll'IV 141 111 Irfi U.ll lliklVl 1'IV IIV' *• . for an i-xlcnrtcd visit wllli Dwiv, 11 " 1 oilier day. parents, Mr. and Mis. J. A. Kltcr]' Tl-e sun's rays. loniH'd liy UK- mid Mr and Mrs,, a McCormlcK. ! irmror. set Ore to Charles Mycr.V junk'. Hirnill Is unimproved 1m and bunk and «as well M'.iyleil fiom 11 fall which lie surtcrcd some on Ills lent when oilier members time a JO. j ' .JlhC WASHINGTON, Ocl. 19 <U1'J- Civautotion of a S17.850.0CO joint M^ -JHic Plnkslon has rcUirn- tradiisB'account lo l>a?s on to the !''d «H;r ,Micndln e a week with her public BO.OOO shares of Chase Nn- | f-"^'. M«- Fr »»k r™«. ot Ijcc- I'riial B.ii* Mock at the lop ot (he i lor. Ark., and Brandmolhcr. liia!) bourn' was s-hmvii loiliiy by I Mrs Sarah Wickl-..iiu ot Corning, tli sciialc iloek market Invcstign- j Ar.-t. ! on to have hem achieved with; &upl. and Mrs. W. 1. Myeis and tile a'f-tenci: of '.lie Ijnnh itself. | daughter. Dixie O:n;, arc vaca- I-VfJun'and. 1'ccoia. committee Honing at Jackson, Mo., with Mr. COTnW-l'drew from Albert H. Wig- Myr-rt fallicr. until ichcol Is re- gin, liion head of I he bunk, tcstl- Uunicd alter liic collon pick Ins inoiiy '.hat the bank Itself Indirect-] ho'iday. ly supplied 40.000 shares which i 1'e.e 5-days-old infant ot Mr. anil were tu be passed on to-the pub-1 Mi j. Wec-Jio'.v Kuonce died Friday: '.if Uv.oiieh a Inigely profitable j night fyiullciilc operntiou managcil by Mr ami Mrs. Allen Ilowem of: ricmlnlck «nd Uomlnipk. Inokeis oon-ci: are heir for an iiKlcfiiiltc; who have figured in market trad- . viiil wllli the former's parents. Mr.! ilia throtitlioul the investisalion of | ai !( j MIS. w. t4. Kuvvrn. commercinl nnd private banks. j .ji n . colioon drove to Caj>i' Ol- I'hbtoslatlc- records- produced by | ravrt?an Wednesday tor his daiib'h- Pecora showed flmt Ihe Sliermar | Corporation, personally owned by ol tliu camp \Vl(!Rin, put up an additional 40.000 fliaic.s. The 80.000 shares were optioned to Dominlck and Dominic!; I under an' aerecniciil. that favored \yitjgiivs Ic: s. Mrs. Itusscll b:vovc an:! Miss Iln/cl, who will ipend tne wesk- e!:.'i here. Orvlllc pinksiun and Tint KJn- luy have ieturnc;l from Flint' Mirh., where they were employed personal corporation - lr t | 1( Chevrolet factory, him $3.300.000 for hi' : g\iar.nnlMlng him $3.300.000 for lnj| Ti r Ml£SCS Hllby Lyilll nnd Mal - y 4C.COO shares, while the -.O.COO P>»1 Virginia Capehart were gueski Siiii-1 up indirectly by the bank wcie day 0( t ,. cir sjstsr Mrs Cc - cll , i|]d . joptioncd for an aggregate sum of rain0at and big velvet hat, and carrying Insj Molin, Prpfe^oi' Albert Einstein is shown as lie airived in Ncu- Ycr:; to assume his duties as professor of mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton Uniycreity. Princeton. N. J. In an si-- tcnipt'ito dorisc interviewers,' the'famed physicist sceretly Icfc bis liner; speili of CniuthcrsvUlo. Miss Roscinmn S:abaugh was the "Shermar ran '.he greatest risk,' | ~ ' '.I'uleu very much ,, Helms drove to Cai'-nvay. Friday for a uricf visit with Wasfiinglon Plans lather today. STtVENS POINT. Wis. ecM'" Repeal Session' ^ ^ * ocrn Fifteen squealing polcnib! por- filni aelors •and'"-«ctrcs!es"w>>fR Farmers arc 1 fcgtiUUing prairie; cl:ie):cu hunting in the Stockton i tiisirict, ot Portage county -by: a 50-cent ilaily tor a ipvcial s-cssion ot the Wash- ^'^ "_^-"- ingtcii state legislaUivc, : wcft:laad. ... u .j;.' today by stale officials Gov-'Teom 10 Have Barrels of Liquor Ready OLYMPIA. Wash. iUP> — Plans I in tod . . . . enior clarence Martin, it «.^. learned. .. ;V:u , .j The legislators probably' will be ; 1 :.-••_• •••• r- _ called in November,', accordiiig- to:J:---FEORIA,.J !. (UP)-Poovians will officials Ti-c prospect ' of repeal' have Si.GOO barrels of liquor ready before 'the end of the year, the for blending purples by New confusion in the state las pro- Year's Day, William B. Hul BCII- -ram the neccssily for empower- eral manager of Hiram Walker & iiiK {h"'Coulee Dam Commission , Soip. distUlcrj', announced recunlly. to assure federal .support ol me | The liquor Is being conditioned cioantlc TOwcr project, and the i in. : » -tcinporary plant while work- ncccssitv for direct relief to v.n-' men arc -rushins tee completion employed this «mer, were con-! of a new $-l,000,OM plam being considered cmcrucney problems t!:al structcd by the company. ''"•'--''- '• installation of a gin still nnd other .pquiiinieht,ifor : tho manufacture of-liquor.lias:'i;enrt started in the coiilpahy's rectilying plant."Whether ogcd.liqubr will be imported from iom which lie is now rccov- orli-.f. William Wilson has recovered en „.,, ,,^>,,. f,,<, I 1! '-'2iii a severe malarial at'.ack. ' to hi, mat, a tt , °^^^ <S£^^[ ^ -^-^-^ ^ jmcnt^iujhcj^.ii.o. ' nymcd ;,(, yimidlc, Sao I'atilo, •iiveiverv Company Gin niul other'Hianl. which country plans to splrlls'iilso n-m'bc; niiimifacliircd cancel all munlllon orders placed ' Ucoree Albert!, Los nanos the firm. . in liuropc. necessitate action by-'the" lawmakers, it was said. •' .•>'>•''• Mc(lill Students Open ;-". Textbook Exchange XjONTREAb (UP)—Thnfly McGill pnlvcrslly stiidentvi arc pinch- in:; lie-nines this year by. exchahg- Ibc'"company's Canadian ware'r.cuse depends', largely upon what-congress decides about, the liquor .tariff, Hull said. Work-on a SIM.OOO uddilion to in" u^cd textbooks among them- .the Premier -: Pahst. Corporation scfvcs instead'of buying new oiife.i plant is progressing-rapidly. OBI- .Tlie studenLs' have cstablijhcd'i clals expecL the work to be com' bureau where they ! pie ted by the fust of ti'.e year; an: 'will give the brewery a capacity o 150.000 ban-els of -beer a year. '''Manufacture ot the once'-fnm ous Anibcrliii .branrl liquor ha been started here", bi; the Gipys '•an exchange. ..— t . , gather and trade-in-boaks they no longer need for -hcoks 'they heed.. Books valued • at $1,000 .changed hands during _the first l\vo duys that the bureau operated. • . Blue Boy, Movie Hog, Is Proud Daddy Now; is the time to €€ A T LOS BANDS, Cal. (UP) — Blue Boy, tr.c huge Hampshire hog \vhol co-starred with Will Roses in the film. "S'.ate Pair," was a proud HEMOKUIIOTDS (1'llcs) rur- od \vithuut Ihe trite. Skin cancer, varirosctl "\ cnw, tonsils removed nun-surgically. Ultk. N1ES and N1ES Oiritt 514 Main Phunc as THE- NEW I TRUCK for TUcr-nciv li'lJ . lruck< opi-r.iic x\ilhnc\% v cccHion\v wnd rclnbility, IK>wcr/and ^r^' Cl '- ^^anv r.iirch.Tiw ital refinements set *m\- bt,in;I.irds "f valui: and performance in tl<c field of commcrcultr.inspurt.nion. Built in every singjt P'Jrt for li;.vvy duly truck scmtc. t'orJ -truck-. n'HI cut co-ii "Ucllicr incaMiftJ '.». miles <ir (oil-niilcs Ji>v«, nii:nll\«, or yea". Uscrs cvcry^slKrc i\ill lell yini tliar.fuel anil oil consilmpiion is very luw sml ihat repairs arc fcivanJ incspcn;ivc. Let ul wlk over your Irjnjporlation probl<»u'«vllh youi Heavy ( Duty service ifHILWPS MOTOR '•''" AuitVt>ri/.c<t Ford Dcalor These fine Coats were all boitftht before the price advances Polo Coats Of Fine Texture Beautifully tailored pud shown In colors ot Greens, Browns and Tweeds. $9.98 $12.88 Dress Coats Beautifully Furred Embodying the advanced slylc iclcaj..- In the popular fabrics and colors. t^ t!b< $16.50 Children's Camels Hair COATS With Tarns to match, f Size.s -1 to 12. Triced lo;.v . 'til only - : •- Children's POLO COATS Children's Fur.Trimmed COATS • si- •'•• to« $3.98 REASONS WHY NEW GOODYEARS ARE A WiSE BUY You'll originiilily in ..'weuvcs uml fabric. 1 * - live exclnsiyely I'uilcr-Oriul" . . . .. htylcs.. art valtiL 1 and slylc s we won't lo tiiKu ou limn. New Mead Clothing Co. Shousc-Littlc Chevrolet Co. From Long Slcuvc WASH WIN.NTK MAE FROCKS Sl-.orl and long slocve ttylL-., tailored of Pcp- j;crell P.rlnts. pre->:. fast colors. 1 Iteautiful New Silk and Wool FALL DRESSES You'll llniJl at tlie pretty styles to bs Hiincl hero at tuch !ov. prices Sec them now! S2.98 $2.98 $4.98 Of hers up lo SI 2.50 There will be many a day lhal other dulics will prevent'you', from writing, to those a.l school, and there will be many a,iime thai ' .yl-^'-t} .you aren't in the mood to wnteBhbni a long newsy Idler. Send them llic Daily Courier News at our new reduced college rale. It s tike gelling six letters a week Irc*ni home at only ('•~-'" frJ . -. ••r-ffP*: i -fwrt^ ; •- -!!--? •:) ' - :: >,t. 11 *« Per School Year Vll.^'. Kormei'lv Now Dixie Store CD.

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