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Palladium-Item from Richmond, Indiana • Page 10

Richmond, Indiana
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THE RICHMOND PALLADIUM AND SUN-TELEGRAM, SATURDAY, MAY 8, 1915 PAGE TEN NEW YORK PAPERS FEAR OUTCOME FROM LOSS OF LUSITANIA AS ROOSEVELT SEES IT. SYRACUSE, N. May Theodore Roosevelt, former President of the United States learning details of the sinking of the Lusitania, made this statement: "This represents not merely piracy, but piracy on a vaster scale of murder old-time pirate ever practiced. This is the warfare which destroyed Louvain and Dinant and hundreds of men, women and children in Belgium. It is warfare against innocent men, women and children, travlow eling on the countrymen, ocean, who and are to camong the sufferers.

"It seems inconceivable 1 that we can refrain from taking action In this matter, for we owe it not only to humanity, but to our own tional self-respect." DENOUNCE GERMANS. NEW YORK, May denunciation of the sinking of the Lusitania yesterday, appears in the New York morning. Here are some of the editorial views. HERALD--Henceforth is International anarchy, to be the controlling factor warfare? Henceforth is piracy high seas to be recmarthe ognized and go unprotested and unpunished? Henceforth is the wanton of neutrals and noncombatmurders passengers to be treated as regretable incidents and go at that? It 1s a time In American history unmatched since the Civil War. This cold-blooded, premeditated outcolossal will cause such 8 blinding white rage on scale, of indignation throughout the neutral portion of the unhappily growing smaller and smaller, that there cannot conceivably world, be in Washington any thought of turning back from the note to Germany sent February 10.

WORLD--We venture to say that single act this conflict has so outraged American opinion or so riddled German prestige in this country the destruction of the Lusitania. as every American citTRIBUNE, For out clear and all fact, thista morning. In debeyond not alone of every principle of fiance international law, but of every dictate of common humanity, American men, and children, citizens of this women neutral nation, have been exposed to death, have perhaps been actually murdered, by German war craft. The which remembered the sailors nation Maine forget the civilof jans ther the Lusitania! PRESS--If facts prove to be as horrible as is now indicated this human will call for strong words slaughter and yet stronger actiotruck may well be that the hour for Amershow the kind of stuff there 1 is ica to in her. SUN--If no American lives had lost on the Lusitania the debeen struction of the does not even within the scope of our Governcome ment's warning and notification to concerning its actions in the Germany so-called war zone.

Even if American have been lost the case falls belives bind that of the Gulflight in importance and urgency. That it was premediatated we know; that it was reckof innocent noncombatant lives less and "dastardly" is the we are sure; word on millions of American lips this morning. FEARS OUTCOME. BALTIMORE, May Baltimore American, in an editorial on the Lusitania: "The promise of safe convoy for the Lusitania by British warships was carried out and there doubtless is not no intention of giving any such security to those who travel in British liners. And these liners are still sailThis country has nothing to do ing.

with the lives and property of its own citizens. Is there any security for these? Germany has said 'no' and points to the Lusitania. The American government says American citizens shall enjoy their acknowledged rights upon the high seas. Here is the issue: Where will it land this country? Indeed, the question is, has it landed this HEALTH PROMOTES HAPPINESS. Without health, genuine possible; without good digestion and regular bowel movement you cannot have health.

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Chamberlain, American consul at Cork arrived here at midnight and took charge of the task of caring for the American survivors. "I am afraid that Mr. Vanderbilt perished," he said. 44 am unable to get any trace of him. Many of those rescued from the Lusitania and landed here were on the verge of collapse and only fragmenstories of the disaster could be tary obtained from them.

All were unanithat the ship wa ssunk without mous warning. The survivors agreed that there was no panic on board the lIner, though there was considerable excitement among the steerage passenAccording to the survivors the ship gers. sank in 13 minutes. Some say saw the periscope of a submarine they had taken to the boats. after they The Lusitania went down by the head causing a suction that pulled down several boats alongside her as she plunged.

In Cochin, China, the inhabitants prefer rotten eggs to fresh ones, PASSENGERS CELEBRATE NEAR END OF VOYAGE WHEN CRAFT IS STRUCK LONDON, May of the ships in the rescue flee declared life that would weather have been conditions were heavier. perfectly It was not favorable, realized otherwise at first the that loss tine ship had la been torpedoed, much, the passengers on the deck had seen no sign of the submarine. The liner was passing at 16 knots through the lane which British warships have tried to keep invaders. The gayety which always marks the end of the transatlantic voyage was already in progress. It was said by persons on a fishing boat off Kinsale that the the Lusitania rose high in the air and immediately afterward the ship began to One said she sank in twelve minutes.

Some the passengers were killed outright by the explosion of the torpedo declared survivors who were taken into Queenstown. Among the survivors were frantic women brought to the verge of madness by the scenes through which they had just passed. The survivors took occasion to praise Captain Turner and his officers for the coolness they showed. ONLY 44 AMERICANS ACCOUNTED FOR WHEN FIRST REPORTS COME IN LONDON, May 8-Practically all the prominent Americans who sailed on Lusitania were still unaccounted for when the admiralty issued its statement and it was feared that Alfred Vanderbilt, Charles Frohman, Elbert Hubbard and Charles Klein had perished. The American consul at Queenstown telegraphed shortly before noon that Mr.

Vanderbilt had probably been lost. The Cunard agency places the total list of passengers at 2160. In addition to the foregoing figures it has just been signalled by wireless that a trawler and two fishing trawlers are bringing in 100 bodies. Many passengers were badly injured the Lusitania was torpedoed and some of these died in the hospitals after being brought ashore. Others rendered helpless by their wounds quickly drowned when the ship went down and they were thrown into the water.

The Germans are believed to have used special torpedoes of unusual power. The missles pierced the double skin of the liner tearing out the ship's vitals. The liner keeled over with such suddenness that the life, boats on the side on which the boat been struck could not be launched. All the hospitals in Queenstown were soon filled and as the injured continued to arrive they were sent to the military hospitals for treatment. AMERICANS WHO WERE RESCUED WHEN LUSITANIA WENT TO BOTTOM WASHINGTON, May the survivors of the Lusitania cabled to the state department by Consul Lauriate at Queenstiwn, Ireland, are: S.

Grab, Major and Mrs. Pearl and two children; Steward D. Audry, New York; Miss Jessie Taft Smith, Braveville, Charles A. Hardwick, Mrs. Stanley L.

B. Lines, C. T. Hill, Robert Rankin, Miss Toney, New York; Mrs. William Doherty, Thomas Phillips, William McAdams, J.

H. Houghton, John M. Sweeney; Oaden H. Commons, New York; J. H.

Brooks, Charles T. Jeffrey, Chicago; C. H. Lund, Mississippi; Arthur Sheppardson, D. D.

V. Moore, Cinton Bernard, Herbert Light, D. C. Harris, Fred Jud. son, Ed M.

Collis, R. C. Wright, Cleveland; F. J. Gauntlet, New York; Knox, Philadelpha; Patrick O'Donnell, J.

Linson, Edith Williams, James H. Leary, M. T. Slidell, New York. ALL PROMINENT AMERICANS UNACCOUNTED FOR LONDON, May that from the sinking of the Lusitania mark at which it was estimated today, news from Queenstown that 45 more This brought the number of known er missing or among the known dead.

many had been rescued at unknown the appalling loss of life resulting may fall materially below the 1500 was engendered by the receipt of survivors had been landed there. survivors up to 703 and left 1403 eithIt also was thought probable that places and would be heard from later. LIST OF SURVIORS INCREASED TO 658 LONDON, May prominent accounted for, Including Alfred G. Klein. A total of 1,502 passengers are fice.

The total rescued was given at passengers. Possibly there are others points on the Irish coast. Of the accounted for. Americans on the Lusitania are unVanderbilt, Elbert Hubbard and Charles uncounted for by the Cunard of658, including twenty-five first class which were landed at isolated 188 Americans, only forty-four are AMERICAN CONSUL REPORTS 634 SURVIVORS WASHINGTON, May American consul at Queenstown has reported to the state department that 634 survivors are listed, among them fifty-one americans. Few others escaped.

A number of corpses have not is been identified. TRAWLERS BRING TO QUEENSTOWN, May that they are loaded with one hundred the trawlers have picked up corpses RAIN STOPS OILING. NEW PARIS, Ohio, May account of the rains of the past few days, the schedule of Contractor W. E. Jones was very much upset, so that the oiling of the New Paris streets was delayed until the highways were dry.

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Her majesty of the sea from the standpoint of speed was undisputed. The Lusitania was one of the larg. est trans liners, as well one speediest. was built in Glasgow She was 785 feet long, 88 feet beam and 60 feet deep. Her gross tonnage was 32,500 and her net tonnage was 9,145.

She was owned by the Cunard Company (Ltd.) of Liverpool. Her captain was W. T. Turner. The Lusitania had accommodations for 550 first-class passengers, 500 seconl-class and 1,300 third After the outbreak of the war most of the largest and fastest vessels of the British trans-Atlantic fleet were requisitioned by the navy.

The Lusiin fact, was then only vessel of tania, this type to continue regular service. Inasmuch as she was the greatest prize which could fall to German warships or submarines, her voyages were followed with particular concern. British shipping maintained, however that she was in no danger, especially after the Atlantic had been cleared of German warships. They felt that her superior speed would enable her to evade any submarine. She had nine decks, with elevators.

Her cabins were designed to look more like a hotel than a ship. There were open fireplaces, windows shaped and curtained as in a private house, elaborate suites and a series of tapestried reception rooms, smoking rooms and cafes. The vessel was pronounced by her builders to be as nearly unsinkable as ship could be. The lower deck any was water-tight. The double bottom was so constructed that should the bilge keel be torn away and the hull pierced the entering water would be confined within the inner and outer bottom.

The lower portion of the hull was divided into 175 water-tight ments, with communicating doors so constructed that they could be closed automatically from the navigating bridge in a few seconds. Everything about the Lusitania was of colossal dimentions. Her rudder weighed sixtyfive tons. She carried three anchors of ten tons each. The main frame and beam, placed end to end, would extend thirty miles.

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Kinsale, off which the Lusitania was torpedoed, is a seaport of Ireland, 13 miles southwest of Cork. It lies near the entrance of St. George's channel, between Ireland and England, through which transatlantic vessels pass on their way to Liverpool. The presence of German submarines off the southern coast of Ireland and along the line of travel the Lusitania would follow in going to Liverpool was made known in a dispatch from Glasgow Thursday night which recited that the British steamer Cherbury had been torpedoed in the Atlantic Ocean off the Irish coast. The Lusitania is the twenty-ninth vessel to be sunk or damaged in the U.

S. IS SILENT AS TO COURSE WASHINGTON, May 8-The administration today remained silent as to what course the United States would pursue as the consequence of the sinking of the Lusitania by a German submarine and the subsequent loss of American lives. No statements of any kind could be obtained and the officials refused to outline a possible course of action. The state department is awaiting fuller details giving an accurate account of the torpedoing and stating the number of American citizens who were killed. That the Cunard steamer Lusitania which was torpedoed and sunk near Kinsale, Ireland, yesterday, an armed vessel was denied today was, officials of the Cunard company.

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Fater Establishment of the German zone. was decreed on February 4 to take fect on February 18. The German Government's decree defined the war zone as including "all the waters surrounding Great Britain and Ireland, including the entire English Channel," although stating specifically that shipping north of the Shetland Islands, in the eastern area of the North Sea, and in a strip of 30 miles wide along the Netherlands would not be imperiled. The Lusitania therefore was war zone when sunk Sentanel TRADE MARK Laxative Tablets PURELY VEGETABLE' 10 DOSES 10 WHEN YOU NEED A LAXATIVEREMEMBER SENT A- NEL THE PILL THAT WILL No calomel in Sentanel Laxatives. All Druggists.


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running north and south from said street between South 15th 16th street, and the lots subject to assessment for said improvement are the lots and parcels of lots lying within 150 north and south of South street. feet, Persons interested in or affected by said described public improvement are hereby notified that board of public works of said city has fixed Thursday, May 20, 1915, 9 o'clock a. as a date upon which remonstrances will be received, or heard, against the amount assessed against each piece of property described in said roll and will determine the question as to whether such lots or tracts of land have been or will be benefited in the amounts named on said roll, or in a greater or less sum than that named on said roll. Said assessment roll showing said prima facie assessments, with the names of owners and descriptions of property subject to be assessed, is on file and may be seen at the office of the board of public works of said city. ALFRED BAVIS, CHAS.

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