The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1950 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1950
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TKF rV^MIW i M'T» *.TT7ilItl*. n 1 ni-irt ^~.^. . _ • W W ^^^T VOL. XLVI—NO. 237 Blythevllle Daily H«w* Blythevllle Courier Mississippi Valley Leader BlyUuvllle Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI 'ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DHCKMBKU 23 1050 TWELVE PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Murder Charges Filed Against 3, Pemiscot Boys 8th Army Head Dies in Korea — Lt Gen. Walker Killed In Jeep-Truck Wreck By Wl1.1,1AM J. WAIIGH SEOUL, Doe. 23. (AI')-Lt. Con. Walion H. Walker U. S. Lvighth Army commander, was killed almost instantly in a head-on collision of his jeep iind a truck. ~ ' * Walker, a lighting protege of the —Courier News Fholo ON THE IllVEKFKONT—Charged with first degree murder in the death of Paul u-e Nicholson. 8, of Carnthcisville are (left to right) Walter Hcrrin, 11, Haymcnd Herrin, 8. and Harvey Journey, 11. The boys, who live In waterfront shacks have confessed to tieing and gagging young Nicholson and throwing him in the Mississippi River. They are shown in Pemiscol County Jail. 8-Year-Old Paul Nicholsons Body Found in Cove o/ River Ten Old People Burn to Death Texas Fire Disaster Strikes Home For Aged as Victims Laugh over Yule Gifts AMARILLO, Tex., Dec. 23. (fl>)— Ten feeble old people, trapped ns (hey laughed over Christmas present 1 ;, died late yesterday in a blaze that devoured their barn-like barracks home. It was the worst fire in the Texas Panhandle's history. All the victims were bedridden. Three were blind. Thirty-five patients ir other units of the four-unit, frame and stucco home n-ere saved anrt taken to an Amarillo hospital for temporary care. Rescue workers ilug for hours in darkness before they freed the last body from the gutted barracks, part of the Walker Convalescent Home six miles northeast of here. Reporters said the concentrated hysteria anrt panic at the home was terrible. Several attendants; .when they had done all they could, broke down. From the barracks, the fire raced through a covered passageway to another dormitory but caught no one there. rJ?rt n Nlch , olsons ho<1 J' was and Harvey Journey. 11. All live found after a four-day search that on the Caruthersville waterfront i g I ?,-'"""' M< " lda y and cndcd : They admitted throwing the about 1:3= p.m. yesterday when a , Nicholson boy into the river when ormer.musse fisherman-found the picked up forquestioning "III Cs" J mr, Thn h ? 'i° "*' Ir< " M dly """ °" iCOr5 ifl "^- tha t he iv7™ H , y , W M S '° ca ed be - vvas lasl secn Plains "" 'he «'ater- Ueen two tree., at the spot where front and two coats he was wear- Ifce lrio_snLfl they threw the lad j ing were found near the cove after '. . his hands and feet Monday. The boys, committed to Pemiscot County Jail after Prosecuting Attorney Elmer Peal filed first degree murder charges, are Waller Herrin. 11. his brother Raymond, 8. Weather Arkansas forecast: Fair this afternoon, tonight and Sunday. Not much change in temperature. Missouri forecast: Pair and continued mild tonight and Sunday- low tonight 30-35; high tomorrow 55-00. Minimum this mornins—34. Maximum yesterday—GO. Sunset today—-1:54. Sunrise tomorrow—7:05. , Precipitation 24 hours to 7 am f 'today— none. Total since Jan. 1—61 97. Hfcan temperature (midway between high and low)—47. Normal -neat, temperature for December—41.fl. Tins Dale l.asl Year Minimum this morning—24. Maximum yesterday—36. Precipitation Jan. I to this date Services al 2:30 p.m. Today Funeral services were to be conducted at 2:30 p.m. today In It S Smith Funeral Home Chapel here. Pemiscot County Coroner Jimmy Osborne of Warden said no inquest .would be held because of the confessions . of the three youth's— who first, told conflicting stories but yesterday agreed that he was tied" up thrown into the river and creek. Investigators art still hunting the exact cause of the; blaze. In Today's Courier News— The coroner stated thnt his initial examination of young Nicholson's body revealed that (here were no marks on the boy other than those made by Ihe pieces of rope with which the child was tied. The boy was fully clothed h c ' Board said. Thi.s negated a story of the three youngsters that they had stripped him before throwing him Into the water Causes of Dcalh Listed Coroner Osborne stated that strangulation and drowning would be listed as the causes of death. Asked if he thought voimg Nicholson had been strangled before he was thrown into the river, he replied. "There was a cnrd around his neck and It had been pulled pretty See MtJKDKR , ln Page 12 Awards mat/i- in Home Christmas IK-coralion Contest pictures and story on I'aije 5. World faces Christmas reminiscent of those just before world War II...story on Page 12. lilytlieville's N'cgro children at- tesd Christmas party at .laycec G'hihrmim sponsored hy llela Sigma Phi. . .picture on I'age 12. Sports of 1950 reviewed In pic- lures...see Page 9. Year's holy anniversary marks an unholy one. too. . .see editorial on Paje 6. of Trade Closed The Blythevillc Board of Trade was closed loday and will he clos- rti Monday, in observance of Christmas. It will re-open Tuesday. Tomb of St. Peter Found ROME. Dec. 23. l/Ti— Pope Pius XII announced today that the tomb of St. Peter, Prince of tile Apostles aho »T' C th C<i . b5 ', Roman Catholics seniah. Blythevllle .lit. also as the first Pope, has been found in the subterranean grottos ( of the Vatican. late George S. Pulton, Jr.. died while enroutc to the Western Korea front where his forces arc bracing against a threatening new Chinese Hed offensive. There were some conflicting versions of the fatal jeep smashup and the moment of Walker's death. n. Walton H. Walker with a truck." Associates said General Walker had planned to decorate his only son. Capt. aam Sims Walker. 25. briefing or a hearing of the sen- eral's Christmas message to his The first official Army version See IVALKICR on Page 12 Ex, U.S. Sabre Jets Down Six Soviet Migs over Korea TOKYO, Dec. 23. (Al>) — riiebei-caral.U. S. Kijrlith Army, suffered by the loss of its fighting commander, faced "P today against the growing probability of n bloody red Christinas in battle. The next staggering blow is expected to be a massive onslaught by Red Chinese who may already have 'ought their way in force across Ihe bleak Parallel 38 boundary into Souih Korea. General Mai-Arthur's headquarters fMiickly announced the appointment of Lt. Gen. Matthew B. Ridgwny to succeed Walker as Eighth Army chief. The new commanding general of the United Nations force in the Northwest comprising American, ! British, Filipino, Turk and South Korean troop is a much decorated j U.S.,Airborne Corps general officer of World War II. Only in the air was the news good. Six American F-BS Sabre Jets shot down six Russian-built MIG- 15 Jets Friday in a Ijallle that flar- Sro WAIt un l-a B c n e Red Onslaught low 38th Parallel UN . )R,N AWAIT I-AHTY-MOTC than m umisrprlvlliged children ganged around the door of th. xec Club House «, North Second Street this morning awaiting the start of the Klwanis-Jaycees annuU Chrisimas party tor nnde, privUcged c. a. Stevens, over-al, chairman o, the par y Tated ha tns years party was the la, 6 esl ever wilh more than m sacks of toys, nuts, fruil, and candy a died (o? he k ,ds who others, might not have a Christ,,,,,, ,'oys for Ihe parly were soliciUd by tle™,ian. inue Is Killed Shooting — Oiirk'r Vcsvs I'hoto MKltRV CHKIST.MAS-The lucky daughtc. of M, and Mrs. A. II. I, will get a whole stocking lull of wripglmc furry puppy come Christmas morning, it will come as a surprise this picture notwithstanding-shc's Just four years old and can't read thi- One Negro was killed and another seuously wounded lust night 111 n shooting scrape on the F.d Ilardin farm one mile east of Dell. Killed was Ivory Merchant, about .'10. believed by officers to lie from St. i.ouis. III. Seriously' Injured was John Glover, fifl. of nell. He i.s reported hi a critical condition al Rlythcvllle Hospital. Merchant as -liot 11,rough the head with a .44 calibre pistol, Glover was shot, in the right cl:cst with a .1(2 calibre pistol said to have been fired by Merchant. According lo Sheriff William Berryman Hie shooting occurred around midnight Inst night in frmit of Glover's home on the llardtn farm. Ar^iimcnl Occurred Sheriff Uerryman quoted twc Nc- l^roe witnesses. Richie Hoyt and Press Watson, us saying they saw Merchant slioot Glcver but did not see Glover Shoot Merchant. However. Mr. Hardin stated I hat iflcr the shooting Glover told him that "he (Merchant) shnl me through and through but I believe I got him." and vVaUson told Sheriff liiMEyinan thai Merchant and Glover v.[. re arum™ ,, short lime before I he ...huotiiii: occurred l,ia of the argument was unknown. No charges have Det'ii filed pending the outcome oJ Glover's condition, Sheriffs deputies Holland A-kcn Mid Chilli Sh irt ind Bt |i( I .oil I cr.s Clyde fiuvkcr and Don Walk nil ttiustti Kirn, III ,hoot,tlf. t C^Ji '{<»•!«(. — °'" You have a ClmslmW pnt for yoW wtackul away and properly labeled. .John n,,d Mary ,,re remembered and all the uncles and aunls. What about your city? Ever Ibmk- about giving your pi ace of residence a Chi-lstnius present? U | s no t loo lalo yet. No city can he clean and healthy in soul and body- unless tile clti/ens are If lh u Individuals arc selfish and 'greedy and lack vision. the city will 1,0 full of poverty and diseases and wickedness The best gift a citl/en can mi ,ke to his city is to 'decide' to adopt as his person,,! rule the principles of Jesus, uut this rule although it. brings the greatest possible happiness to the individual' ami lo his Kroiip, reiiulres absolute obedience U. His commands Jesus want* ym,. your mind, your heart, your will, lie wants the r.ghl defended and the wrong opposed. He wants the liws of the slate and nation obeyed. He wants good officials praised and supported. He wanU rules for public henllh rigidly adhered lo He wants everyone to work for Ihc good of all, It is service he rcoutrcs-cvciy day of the week Regular church altendance helps tremendously" to strengthen a determination to serve God ratuer than man,n lo ,, Al lcnd son,, church tomorrow, if such has not been your practice. Look for a chance to help .teepcn the religious influences of the city. Scarlet Fever Cases Reported Three cases of scarlet fever and one each of tetanus and measles have been rcrmrtrd to the ZSJytbe- vill(! Health Unit. Mrs. Annabel '•'ill. county liealtl r5 e, announced this morning. Two of the scnrlct fcvc-r cases were In Uixora and the third In Hlytiicvlllc. 'Iliis makes five case- I reported lo Ihe Unit this year. i The tetanus case was In Joiner iml the mcnslcs Oiisc in Blythevllle. Walter Damrosch Dies NEW YORK. Dec. 23. MV-Wnltcr Damrosch. conductor and comrjoser for more than half a century died of a heart attack last night at the age of 88. Courier New* to Take Christmas Holiday I fie Courier News v. ill not publish Monday ns slnST member* will join oilier i!].vl)irrlllc residents In observance fjf Christmas Day. I'lililiritlinn nlll he resumed Tuesday, Dec. 26. urday afternoon with remove a wicker Mrt *, had oeen living will, ^ .-mussel grabs." Here, of," C ont a ,n,n g the boy's body fhm. his grandparents in 'caruther*viile S ^ 1 , T" ^^ ^ *"' fcL ,?* ™ lu " l * wh «' rtm boy ,as an only child and —Cmirlrr Vrws Plinlo JUST AS TIIP.V .SAlD-Harold Nance ol Caruth<-,sville points i,: :h. >pot on the Miislssippi River where three boys, all under 12 years old «,d th.-.v :l,rev the oound form of Paul Uc Nicholson. The body *as te...>v,-rcd from between !h. two u.cs <wlrtc Piece of paper in water., The Nicholson boy was thrown from a pile ol dut by the eity dump and not from t river barge is previously reported. —Courier N T cws Tlioto SHACK IIOMi: OF 1IKUK1N 1,<>VS -Between the Mississippi River and the C, rutheisv.lle ,,-w.m is this shanty built on the back ot An old truck-home of Walter and HaymoMl lltrnn who arc charged wilh murder m the deaM, of 8-year-oW P«ul LCE Mchokon. The bicycle In l>,« foreground belo. 1B s lo (he Herrin boy. t neighbor

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