The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE BIX BLYTHEVlLljE. (AKK.) COURIER NEWS •THURSDAY, Of.TOERR Ifi, Backs Carry Ball But They . Don't Go Places Without A Good Line. These Porkers Lug Pigskin BY BILL Coach Univfisily or California IMS Anjflfs I.OS ANGELES, Oct. 13. — No foolusl! team hus gone far nor won any rhamplonslilus without it smooth c-iieWiH', line. Altr-r all. it is lilt line which makes the ball go no und down the Held. Riariliii: with the i-enu-r, llw heavlf-r Ihr lino the bolter so loni! r.s it't Inu-rfern with lhr : aallltv' t.nd .'.need ol the Individ-1 ual player. The ccntc-r must lx-, | fivsl. nn excellent passer, for ench i back liar, his own peculiarities nnd the ball mutt 1* \OXSFI\ lo .i-nr-li | Jost so. If p.-bad-, can depcntl on u pt-r- [f.n v&f.s from center, he doe.Mi'i v.-orry nbaut the ball and can we Ms of fort thinking of where he I* jjoing -and huv.-. he is going lo W~ there. Nothing slows np • the ball cariier so much ns lo have a center ia which ho has no uonfldiMw. Alier' the center passes ihe ball, lie 'nui.-.i have poise enough nnd sufficient balance, lo protect, himself against flip onslaught of :i <!i- femlve mart. On defense, a ccnlcr may I/' called upon to pull mil of llic line to make tackles on the wings anil alto ip help In the passing game. In other words, when fl blx-mnn line is i^ed, he might become a second fullback ro' thul u good center plays on the line physically, and In the open mentally. Ouardx must be rugged and ng- grosslvi'. and at least one must be f.b!e to pull oul and nm Intcrfer- Chirkasaw Chattel Otld SVwn and View* From B, H. S. i The Chicks enjoy playing under | the floodlights so much that they were willing to forego their ijrst trip of the season In order to brliv' Slinwnce here for Friday night's] game. Season Tickets May Be Used For Game Moved the Johnny western 1 i Southern Republic Antici- Ha the Fri. su- ni-c. • mid Uif LcagllC Stars. jcd a scrutiny team »l Shaw-' They Lied llic Chicks lust jtur. U.n nclL sei veil wnriiliii! on i m - JACQUIK ll'AKMANl) Ir.r.-ih lo wf.Uh win for llil-ij fnitiMl I'ri-ss SUIT Currei-voiid i MKXKJO CITY, irjl'i— Tne tloiial .'.port .of Uie United S'.nl'.-s doftalcd Truiniiini lapidli 1 Is becoming one of tin. 1 nwjor siwrt:; o[ Mexico as tin; bii-.cball «as<in here approaches :i climax Kli;iwr)'-c luiK nnd Parkin by big Mores but lost >u J'l'irfiKOulU bv u'.Miuill imu-uln. Tlicv an 1 and clever and the s will ,httve an iiitcrc <,/ it. in siiy Use least. n ,„, ^ t | lc v j s)t , ;-,,,. ,, r t!l( . Mnjo , . |/M1(11( . til'' Ar.tecas, 'Mexico's Switching this Kanic'vlves the i Dluhovilli- team Its full quota of .ni'lH games. Till' twilight, nl'falr ' v.'itli Oscculu prevented many of »].•.• i-(-giil:ir "ulKlil owls'" from bc- | ing prr-senl. .Season lickot.s flt'O I rood loi this yuim;. AU . only [ Star: . class A club, liar, Ixif-n undergoing a wntimng-up campaign with las', minor league club-i frnrn llu- UnlU-d slates. The attendance -ai, these games ha.< Jell mile rt&iibll ii:; to tin- .strong liolcl baseball has; nn Mexico. ] ,,,.,. . „. . , , As .soon as tin- mlnu: 1 li-Jg'ie' ; HlyiJievi I,- Is L-xhUiuinj! u letter; ,. cason ,. m , C(1 ,„ Ul( , Ullllr , ( , Ktau ... l,n,ml nr blocking• ilils year. Many. , fi Amcrl can dub invatU-d elevn.- JUKI hard blocks have leal- M , rj L |t lh Foi , I iDCil Uii- three KHIDCS played so j lar. In the Tech game Motley (.scored twice on an end run, u fea- of cjuch play being a hard Season tickets Issmd for regularly scheduled games at Field may be ussd for Hhaww-c-Blythevlllc HU here .dav night. Crawford Greene, litriiitendent of Blytlieville •.•cno'Jh. . aiir.c:nutd lodaj. i Tne tickets, sold early in t:".•'• [:.( .T.^IJI, allov: each hcVJcr adniis- .siMi to four football yanic.s and ••i-M-rai oilier alhleilc cn-n's ihir- iju; Hie year Incluiiiit, I.-JCK. bps- 1 xrtbiill and bav.-ball. •.•.inn's lipvi: already been ,>layed lure an;! many iioldeis of .i^uson 0::'«-u have 11.'.id three uf their op'.bns. Wliilc t"ie Hhawnee game -vas originally Jateil to In- ]>loyed at Jijirx-r tlie ^ame V.D^ Lraiisfi-j' In re alter u conlerr-nti- txjtv.'en olliciuls ol the two s-lwals. After li'.e decision Lo remove tlie game thai they would al.*o make admls-! cuscd of murder and. two witness* Slon to the game as one ol t!ie op-jcs, -to make them speak the tnitli tloa? of sea<on ticket holders pos-1 P«t them to sleep instead, Police slblc, | Lieutenant Charles E, cooV re- Shnwnee and Blylhtvllle battled ported. to a draw last year with Shawneel : —' • rfglsterlng n moral victory, The' .B)f Gold Nurttt Found grldders from the consoltdaUd AJO, AH?. (UP)~A gold nii»gei stliool at Joiner have liigh hopes! weighing 3.3 pounds was reported of scoring a victory in fact lomor-! found by Arthuro Monreal in ihr row night, bin the locals should: Altar mining district. Based on rate silgiH favorites. . price of {30 an ounce, the nug- . gel is estimated to be worth tl,- Snorei " 200. ' Trutlt Heruni. Kroughl UETKOIT, Mich.'igH)— Hc-rinn:' administered to two persons ac- Kead Courier News Want, Ads FAYETTEVIM.E. All:. - five backlield men v;ho hnvi; ttone imiel) to put tlic University of Arkansas football icani in llrsl place In the Southwest Conlerenct aie: Joe Middle. Utlle Hock; OlarX and deorgc .Ionian. Fnrdyce; LVD t;or- ence as fast as a back. He niiisLJ rolto, Fort. Smith; und Al Ilarriss, be abie to knock down at least one Bauxite. has ne of Hit .';ccoinlaiy defense. If he Is] uiddle. a 110-lb. fullback, ' . . a. blg'man. he inlshl run slitiifiht' liown 'the field, with the ball rnr- rior utins him c-s a dodging post. A t;o«l guard always will pro- ben the liazorbaeks' mor.t. k^ out ol a llaylui. Clark sho'- lo Cii-wye who ran halo 3fi-yard '20 yards lo: 1 I lure I block bv Heck, each of whlcli took ' a Ti'di lai/l:tec out of Mosley's 'pulh. I Murshall lllaekiii'tl, . tackle, is i nurslni.' a criopled l]and sustain- icd in the Ti'cii name. It has j him out of .scrimmage this week. Max Uiilchlns iflvcs promise of bcccmiin; a regular halfback In the i mum He's small but Is ag- the winning touchdown. Ti3lh ol boys ;mnt, nnd ttaVj on runnbi^ plays. They :ue both haH- backs and wei^h 170 iKiunils each. CorroUo Is a 19D-!b. fullback \ lnex|>eriencL l i.-; the only thing thai ktejxs him irom being a regular. He is one of ihe gressive and Is one of the mainstays of the Papoose backfleld. "R-We" Fi-ndlcr has about won the honor of bcliiK the regular kickoff man for the chicks. Fend- cut ground gainer although !:e has i punters on the Mjuad and dues been called upon lo handle the ball more than any o'Jitr player. His a i ler's big Toot gives the pigskin mighty heave into Ihe enemy territory. Worth club of U:e Texas I/jague, !«1 by Jake Atz, one of the gams'.s best known figures and former Alar or the old Chicago white Sox --the "Hltlcs.s Wonders." Fort Worth had goiw throng" a rather dl.suppoinling senson, but. >ield world's record in having won stvcn coascculive Texas league psnnnnt.s umler Atx. >lexlcaas Win Series Tiic repiilfttlon failed to over awe ihe A/tccafl, who set, about doing a btitlness-llkc Job of laliing seven games out uf 11 played. Ambassado:- Ja : eph'.is Daniels,. w r ho characw:ri/.es himself as an 4 "old first, baseman," l.s wit of Mex- i Ico's inos 1 . eiHlniKlastic fans and j won tlio affection of all Mexican I en;husia.st3 when he was ihe guest l!?r<!. .school ai.-lli3riUfi announced j Better Bargains In Reconditioned USED CARS FOKI> V-» IHI.uxe >f«ltl se<s*d. Only Cannot He Xtw ltl, HCIMW- 1.500 Jlilfs; Told from S58S specially is IhiL- plunges, uui IK also Hunts JUKI pisses, and is a hard- hitting line backer. The twin rombliution of Clark and GcorjjL> Jordan, the Fonlyce twins who gained fume in Arkiin- sas high school football, puijcd the rangy so he can cover n lot of ter- down under ed, o)>eniugs are made in the defensive line which enable the backs ,o reach the open. tcct ihe center, who Is helpless until after he gets the pass awiiy. At leas', one gur.rd is almost always ii>.«u lo protect the passer or a forward, and sometimes both guards ruH out for this purpose. On defense, if the center is not i;? the roving type, one of the guards must lx? shifty enough to diop hack anil help on passes, Uike hit place in the secondary defense; ritory and make tackles on the wings as] and posse*. ivell as back up the line. A line of this sort of material 1 To be a tackle of chnnipionshlp makes It easy for backs to gain, csiibe;- E good amount of weight Alter tile line hns vurkcil lo- Is necessary as he Is the one who Bcthor for a time, team play is bears the brunt of the defense, 1 developed, and when » play is call- and who Is called upon to slop all plays directed at his side of the line. The fact is practically nil offensive plays arc directed just inside or off tackle, putting great pressure on this position. A tackle should be u veritable tiger. On' olfeiisc he must handle his opponent, who usually is a guaul, it the offense is to get any place—so the belter the tnckle, the better'the. offense. Some coaches run their tackles in Interference. ' so speed Is a great asset. A tiood end must 'oe fast and Fhlflv enough to handle weight. He should have big hands to catch forward ^passes Irom any position. Bia hands are necessary also holding bock Interference until the tackle is wade. The reason at! end should be heavy is because he is called upon lo handle the tackles we have Just • noo talked about. He rmut be tall and i The goo:l Job of smashing his way | Masly-'s niiiUlng has been of through opposing lints. Harrivi is i adviinuigc to the Chicks so fur 11 quarterback who is tailed upon! this .sciu>on. For the most part his when the Fiazorb.ncks star i an i kicks have been timely nnd wcl' aerial -t'lart .placed. Mosley Is not a long dis- ... '" ." I lance kicker bill is fiiirly Biddle is n senior, Iho Jordan j p ne blocked punt in the Tech twins and Harriis arc juniors, and Corrolto is a sophomore. FOKO 1!(. ,TOS 'IHIX'K [n Vse Onl) 4 Slonlhs, Dual IVhrck, Closed l.'ab, Slake Body. A-l Conililion. SJUO Sivin- S- l-'ORIk V-8 Ti;il()K Safety GU», <jo<xl Tires, Clean and AUrurtive. Kinu, fine SJ45 U PONT1AC "C" COACH Excellent Condi lion in Every IV-iy. A Heal Bargain. Only S1S5 '1931 FOKI) TOWS SEDAN F i n f. same is the .score against him in thai respect. , ii large crowd is expected as It kicks j if also Coininiinity P.iir day. Th» I liiis-u|) follows: John Howard White, Gv.urd. wrenched u knee in. prac- Wtlson Jerome HJnke WO? Js We Walden We.=ibiook ] G. Lynch | J. E-.sley JGiay I Shaw Clinton C. Lynch I'O-i. IiE LT 1C, C nc. HT RE LH rm QT3 FD Hen.snn llollta Cromer Snckon Koonlz Edrington ChLsenhall lice Wcdne.'-cliiy and may be out of the Joneslwro Training School game. Be.iuliful Sfdan of ho::or at the opening of a recent series. The Atnbxssador was cheered as he threw iho first ball, from 3 grassland box to the Az-1 Haint > TIt * s - Mftlor - U P teca catcher. ! holsUry, tie., he«ks Katie Kutli N'ow Ambassador Daniels is using his influence to persuade Bab? accurate.! 1 * 11 " 1 to make a Irip r.ere. He re: i-ently uddres&ed a telegram to Ruth,.calling on him ns a fan and in his official capacity to give Mexican baseball lovers ;-.n opportunity lo see him this fall. All. American teams appearing S365 XABORS SPKIN'G TKAIIXR With Lnr;e Sfed Kodv and Good Tlr^s. Oulv . S 19UO C I! E\Tl O LET A Ver>' (.'lirari, ning Car fur C 0 U I', E iwil Run- Miss Mayme Nell Pruitt Lepanto Football Queen Tavlor Lapldes Chiles Wilson and Osceola Teams Clash In Wilson Fair Fealure. WILSON. Ark.-The Wilson Bull- nogs, under Coach Harris, are preparing lor their nunuM clash with Ihe Osceoln Indians Friday nfler- Tiny Two-Acre Far m Supports Five Families BAKERSFIF.Ln, C,1l. I UP) — A '.wo-iicie farm near here supports five families. The plot, called "ihe busiest (wo acres In California." Is owned by C. D, Oldershmv. who farms il with Ihe aid of four heads of families whom he hires. He raises winter cucumbers on the land, selling his product as far north' as Gentile. Wash., anil as far east as Chicago. I.EFANTO. Ark.—MUs Mamye c Neil Pruitt. pretty I/;paiHo hig'.i 81 -I school student, was chosen football queen in a popularity contest s|)D:'i«ored by the Lepanto football team. The following girls competed ir. the contest: Misses Virginia i'orlis, Maxine King. Uana Rice. Kathyleen Jacks. Mildred Lee, and Ailiiie Fof:l. . Mils Pruill. who is the daughter of ftev. and Mrs. J. R. Pruitt of Lc- paiilo. will 1>? crowired football <li:rcn, wheii the Lepnnto squatl pl.iy.-i at home [of the firsl lime. Friday. October i>1. against the Market! Tree tudinns in a return Oov. sippl Sennell Conner ol Mii was "graduated" from all over agniu this year lost his original diploma BliICK -6" C O U V E This Car Will Give You Many Thousands of Miles of llepenctable S e r vice. Only $: __. Our Used Cars Today and A good play is a good play You'll Se!?ct One That Suits You o them ami Americans are cheer- I Exactly. ed as heartily ns Mexicans upon j the execution of a skillful maneu- •er. here have bcsn Imprescd by the j fairness ot Mexican faiis. calm in ' thir demeanor, ihey are enlhnsias- j tic in their approval of the game, i •\nrl without u irace o; partisan- j see We Can Now Sell HOMES Belonging to the AMERICAN BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION CHEAP Morse & Kirshner AGENTS PHONE 811 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Players Crt Grid Test ! SALEM, III. lUP)—Desiions oij having his players well' informed i. as to foolball rules. Coach O. B. I Riegel of Salem high school gives'; members ol his varsity tqmul a i test on the rules before each game. , ' L^___ As a'; reward lo Ihe player having | LC'ST— At school or school grounds the best, score he is permitted to ! girl's red sweater with • silvci act as caiitnin its u-e game. Uuilons. REWARD. Phone 811. Opposite Hospital Klythrviili Costs are LOWER New Patterns in Topcoats 'It's a fact! Old floors look new \ W A L L H I D E when painted with Florhide ' brings you one- day painting H F.RK is the quick, easy way to make exterior or interior floors look like new ... to keep them that way! Use FlorhiJe, the special floor enamel. You'll find ici cost is surprisingly lo\v! it doesn't matter how worn your floors are. In most cases only one coat of Klor'nide is needed because Florhide is made to cover worn spots and produce a beautiful, even appi-irsnrc. l\\ easy lo apply. No evprriaice U nec«sar>'. And the extra t.m^li fiiilsh Florhidc brines r^•ii^t^ the hardest kind ot wear. You'll find the 10 HorriiiU colors just what you want foi your porch, hall, kitchen, luv- mcnt or garsjc floor—or for .(ny fioor in your house. Come in u>- day for free Florhicie Color Card. N OW without any co^t to you, yim can have ihis remarkable interior Decorators Color Rule for jour o«n! We oft'i r it to you free with ihe purchase of any siie can of Wallhidc, the \'ito!i/ed Oil Paint that hrin[>s you One-day Painting. Come in today. Sec ho'w this new sliding Color Rule enables Ton '-1 provide more bcau- tifi-l color in your home. It shows JIM what wall and -eil- itiK colors can he most attiiti- tally combined with \\nmU\ork and furniture painted with Watcrspar Quick- Drying Knamd or Varnish. At a glance you ciin sec ho-\ service FASTER with \ the V NewF0RDV-8 : Triick '^"* PROVED HERE IN THE MID-SOUTH Smoiler goa and oil consumption them a four I Gr»at»r horsepower par pound oi fuel than •ran the t-cylinder Ford developed ! Fosl«r eervice . . . lower cost per load ! That's what thousand* oi owner* report about Ihe N«w Ford V-8 Truck. On top o! this comes more proof in th* 5,000' mile truck endurance run finished Friday, October 13, a grueling test run through Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky. Tennessee . . . 4,000 miles of it on loose gravel or i mountain roads ! No truck in actual service erer faces such a te«t, yel here are the results: ...5,300 produce perfect color harmony and contr.w. '["heir low cost will M.,- prise you! Hubbard Hardware Co. Net Load (pounds) Miles per Day _...!275 Average Speed (miles per hour) 45 Gas Mileage (miles per gallon) 11.65 Oil Used NONE . . . b«twcrn l.COO-mtie draining! For lower costs ... lor faster service . . . drop in today ... and gel the facts about Ihe New Ford V-8 Truck and Commercial Car. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealer These new .Topcoat u-ittem effects arc very characterful without being hold. Foundation colors of browns. Kreys and tans. £17.50 OTHER TOl'COATrt $i9.7. r ) to $22.50 Men's Suits $19.75 Up Fortune Shoes $4 - $5 Nunn-Bush-Shoes $6.50 -$8M Fall Hats $3.50 Up R.D.HliGHES CO.

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