The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1933
Page 5
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11), 1988 BLVl'HEVILLE. (ABK.V COURIEU NEWS PAGE Slaking Thirst For Knowledge I lypiial is rou p i mdii? taken w , o: children. i Fsr 10 nlflit" tl'.i- children ware ;v. away from ilu movici und t.-r sln> w.i:: m^suvcd. Then liend Comlcr N'cws Ada. (holy sleep wif> Tli i. 1 1 "Ami make mine v.ith a low white collar." Thai's the Inlsst fashion trend with co-eds ai the University o'. Wisconsin this season. Dresses, of course. Never! Beer! For. jiisl as a safety measure, the board of resents has approved the sale of 3.2 brew In university quarters, to keep the girls away from unsutervised taverns. A group of sc going co-eds is shown here, in chaiyc of their iehoaners. m-.M 10 iiishls nlii"' nwy I'-'- 1 ' 1 1)OL '" i pciiitlltni lo so? iiwvk's. Tho Iilms j incliKfcd coini'dlrs. de'.i-i-live pic- lurvs. dramas, nnd uaseclU'.s of one l\ps- cr another. lu gi-n?i»l. t.'-.'ai 1 im'csllBAlloiis I snowed that eiilldreu do »<n M?cn m\irly as well a!in 1 svring movies : as they do normally Most ol 111.' 1 I rc-'tlrssness emirs in th; 1 Ihsl licm I altor eoinjj to bc;l—liir time w;:in ' s'.'.'ti) a'huiild I>L' most tnuet. A child wi:n s-lejp.s 1);1 ' 11 !' "'Uh'-l-, ill-' »U l; l iiw-ikens fali'jisc:! >'«.- ii.-xt inoviuin!. i U v:n» lor.nd that i-'ildrra bf'ow i 10 yiars of a'j? aiv k'.-s inlluciiw:! • bv llu- ni'ivU"; iii;-:i aiv alihi 1 cl"l- i iicn. Tiu- inv'.i'.is-ii'-i!> b.'h.'vc i till: is IjL'C.iui? th: 1 y:v,iii^e: i-liil- jilron ar? easily la'.isii-'d an:l i.c-ni:: 1 siet-s) h-jttcr. Jl was a!s^ [oinid ih:u children Ixlov the- aft oi 10 iiR-fc:- c=:n:- dii's and piclures oi tiic wi!:l '.vf>: I tyii! nnd c'.o not cars ]>,irll-:ul.irly ,-.;iOiK set'lns diallies. '!'••; invi'sl!- uaifcis ca:iclii:li'il th;". ::nu' films iiuHic'. 1 a dlsliu-buiito i:f jvl-.ixe.'i s'.et 1 ]* in c-liilarcn to n fli. 1 :;^ 1 .' v.lilc'.:. if imiiiisrn in Mi'.'i si-llicunl Irc- (|U<-ncy. ran beccme t:: iio'.n:al health and urowih. h'ot certain hl«!ily ssiiHitive and niiftable c'nildi?n. Ihe best hj'BleiU" ; no'Uv would \f.' to attend carefully 'J- I ' J . . . . ;. ,._ efU-ct on thcfo who see them. A sluJy alFo wis made on tl^j-- -- • " eflocts of coflei, 1 on vflflotis IVP*^' f* & *L. J i .,i ciiucl:e:j n w»s fov.nd Hul^O 10 tne OrUg SlOtf 'ofl" 1 . 1 Oces r.ov have Ihe comlnnt | | dc-tiiiRcntnl clttci on the sleep of :aiKI get a boUle or C/ all children lint it eeucrully is us- j _ suiiied 10 luive. some cl-ildren were! to lake jusl before and pur IMS disturbed iliau others. Fur sonii* children, cold'e dls- ii-ts-i! their sleep during Ihe 1i' st v. 1 hmirs: tur ulcers. Ill tl'.e ml:ld;i\ of il-.i- night; and Mill others ing painful monthly limes. seoii:cd in be iiiu n I\K\\ oil through iv mo:v restless t'.rlnWiiR i-alleine-ln-e coll re u:i!:i)iiry coltce. Mo.-<; nUi're. : uu^ of all. howeve:', i 'va- thi' lacl that seeing ll'.-' «r»i)s j kind of irioiion pictures btlrm 1 1 gohii: to sleep vi'biilii'd in the jrial- ."•Aor of s.-il L'hiiiilst nt Norili Ciirollnn '• SHAVING ;p colloti 1 Miy:. alkaline- soil will j KRES; SL- i!os»oo-J bhisi-.-ms to change. * sTOIU:' ri ij::i'r: lo white. _______ FACTION OtJARANTEfn -"w Wi ' sl Main St. Some Films and Food Found lo Disturb Sleep of Children .selected (limb, and these only inlrr- qutnlly. I say this because there are tome movies thai not only are instructive, but may have a_ rrslful BILIOUSNiSf m Sour sloniiat;li g; KV I)K. MMItKIS F1SHBKIN 'dfring Ihe first half of the timej g gAS ant! MC.ltlaCHe ==. Kilifi.r. .Journal uf llic American I,,].,-, u jn - a ^ f ne average child [ Sp illtK Jr> l?= Medical ^"""l^"- ^ dra °/ n " 5 " ! fnm 0 10 IB yenrs of age stirs oi|jj CONSTIPATION M Tl^'healt!! cTVaur' cWki^en de- '[ >-•'• •"<»«!<* ^ l«^" re <= ;lt or mon? IB p.-uts to a great degree!, en resifnl j llir.i-s evury nine minutes :n eacn j g ilrvy. and plenty ol it. And rest- j foul 1 , nn( | ihe average quiet perlcd = fii- sleep depends on what the j j :r a |i c i)ji t |rcn is about. 11 minutes, yc'uiigslm do and whal they cat Hence children. Ilk; a:luIU. jus', before retiring. : dr.iu lie absolnlclv quicl, but are H has been reported, lor I-.MII"- | likily to move about a great deal pH. '.hat c'.-.ildren sleep less soundly j durii-.jj their sleep, iilicr reading or fciening to fairy ' I i!c.- at bedtime. Some children £!••;•]> less soundly aftor se:ln<i ma- lio:;' pictures. Colfce. il has beer. .•:?. J -:i. keeps children awake by mak- r:n them more excitable and ir- ri'aljic. A group of investigators, who included psychologists from Ohio rule nnd uli:cr uiiivcvsitics studied the -sleep t>[ 110 children during :m nighls. by means of an appa- r.Mus \\hich measures the move- men, in :-lcc|iing pci-sons. They • toiiKM thai restless sleep i;occur; rivnucnlly just"previous lo illness: t::3'. sleep is more constant in win- ter'Ulan in summer; that tcmpcra- tuiL and humidity do not greatly inlhu-nce the quietude o! the steep cf most children. In general, the seieuli.sls noticed, the l:rst jiarl. of a child's sleep is Movies, particularly, were found to have decided effects on ihe rcst- le:-ii:u-s of children in their sleep. ", riesc were s'.'.own by measure- • ps is a Fast, Comfortable and Economical Car The ocw Ford S-cylindcr Pordor Sedan is a roomy, comfortable car, available cilhcr with standard or dc iuxe cquipmcDt. In the dc luxe type you can-have cither mohair or broadcloth upholstery, special quality of safely glass throughout and a choice of pain; colors. Ash trays, lighter, arm rests and other appointments arc included; Smooth, alert performance is assured by the V-typu, 8-cyIindcr, 75-horsepower coginc. Whcclbjse is 112'- Standard Fordor Sedan IT. O. n. nilnil, bttafw;id>t aaj at. Itttrt. fiHit'cri c-:4 !pare lire txlia.} 'ilic Dc Lvxt Fordor Scd.m is priced ut $610. 1 : . 0. U. wf yz f-v* ^** T A: menca s FASTEST SELLING suit BUV-- the New Ford V-8 You'll Enjoy its iconomoy Beauty Safety Comfort Performance Everybody is saying 'TO NEW FORD V-8 is King of the Road " Call today (Phone 811) for a Demonstration WHY? We sell more men's and youny men's suits than.."any house, in,Mississippi county . . . it's not because of our good; looks . . . it's not our pleasant disposition but it is i VALUES? QUALITY/ PRICE/ i We carry a tremendous stock of new; patterns and styles at prices ranging; ^"7^-7-^r/"^- / H V\ H ^-\ JL our star worsted BY 29 .50. 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