The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1968
Page 3
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'Aviations Future Largely A Matter Of Size By NOEL GROVE NBA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON - (NBA) ''Big" to the Wright Brothers must have been their post-Kitty Hawk model with wirigspread of 40^4 feet. ' "Big" in the '50s was the Ifrengined B-36 bomber — six props arid four jets. On aviation's horizons now-are such flying behemoths as the SST, the Boeing 747, and Lockheed's. C-5 Galaxy, the' latter of which could tuck the entire fuselage of the old B-36 in its ample belly with room to spare. is of-the SST streak- ing from New York to Paris in four hours at 1,800 m.p.h.; of the 747 carrying 500 passengers in a single, flight; of fleets of C-5s moving whole armies and their heavy equipment halfway around the globe. And a commercial version of the C-5 could haul a whopping load of 750 passengers. As with mile-run records and miniskirts, the casual observer might well ~ask — .Where will it all end? . . ' Where concerned, replies the aviation industry, the. end is not yet in sight. The 728,000 - pound C-5' unveiled If Doesn't Add Up By JOHN CUNNIFF AP Business Analyst .NEW YORK (AP) - It isn't only the weather that is-perplexing this spring, although it is difficult to .-imagine a more spiteful mockery than, a foot of snow oh the South's new crops and warm rains on the northern ski slopes. .. Sn ? 'the. financial world there are many situations that just don't add up or, that- seem upside down or reversed or-inexplicable 'or confusing. There are answers; but more might be learned from pondering the questions instead. Why:—are people storing move than 7 per cent of their take-home pay in the bank when inflation is eating away at it like moths in a clothes closet?.'And, incidentally, who are these people? Your neighbors? —does the Johnson administration fail tune after time to come up with correct budget estimates for spending in Vietnam? —is the entire world, East and West, upset or concerned with the availability of a yellow metal dug from the ground that nobody intends to do anything with but rebury in a vault or in the ground? . —after ignoring food manufacturing and retailing stocks for so long, are so many analysts now reversing themselves and recommending . selective purchases, even though the fundamentals don't seem to have changed a.lot? —has Britain, in the midst of an austerity program to encourage.- an -inflow, .of investments, also decided on a show, of confi- lowering the bank rate to 7.5 per. cent from 8 per cent, thus making British investments less attractive? ' —did American monetary managers apparently make, a firm promise at the recent conference of world bankers in Washington to • take action against the imbalance of foreign payments when they have had so little control over the situation in the past? —if the growth of insurance companies, mutual funds and pension funds is creating such an enormous demand for stocks —some analysts even speak of a potential shortage—aren't the prices of stocks stronger than they are? . —did American automakers, Who. supposedly have their ears attuned to consumer wants, permit foreign compact cars to take such a large portion of the U.S. car market without offering competition? ; V-with President Johnson keeping consumer interests constantly .-in mind—even appoint ing the government's first consumer sounsel, Merle M. Me? Curdy—are consumers described as fretful and critical? -did Wall Street, whose ana, lysts always look for growth prospects In other businesses, fail to recognize or plan for the gnat arowth to it* own af bin, early In March currently holds the heavyweight title, but a larger version weighing more than a million pounds is reported already on the drawing boards. Airplanes are being pushed toward bigger and bigger sizes because the bigger they are, their developers claim, the more efficiently they Operate. The result could be eventual lowering of airway rates, for both passengers and freight. Skeptics had originally maintained that a point of diminishing returns would be reached in airplane size, because the cost of fuel needed to 'keep a monster in the air would fail to justify the mass movement of cargo. ."We expected that," said W. D. Perreault, program manager, of Lockheed's commercial version of the C-5, "but with the higher efficiency of engines and design, it hasn't happened that way." . ' : : When one plane can haul the same load as three smaller planes, naturally the operating costs are lower for the one than the three," said Bill McGinty of Boeing's Washington office. "The 747 for example, requires the same number of crew members as the 707, and you're only maintaining one airplane instead of three." Bigness in engines is an asset in itself, says General Electric's Don C.' Berkey, : who headed up the development, program for the engines powering the C-5. Bigger parts are less intricate, more dependable,.and can be made hollow, thus making them lighter in respect to their THINK BIG - The flight deck of the C-5 (left) is located above the huge aircraft's gaping cargo compartment entrance and sits some 27 feet off the ground. An over-all view of the plane (at roll-out ceremonies, above) shows its awesome size. development; is also as underscored by the present breakdown in ^handling . paperwork? ?.-••'* —have seme'.European, officials demanded that .the United States get its balance of payments in order, which means spending cuts, while suggesting retaliation if the United States cut spending too much? j —just weeks,after agreeing in j the Kennedy ;Round of -tariff' talks that the growth^ of world trade demands, a lowering, of barriers, have some nations, the United .States included, toyed with, the idea of'protectionism? —is everyone in Washington talking about inflation and doing so little to combat it? " There is no easy answer to that last question,, but an analogy may be offered. Inflation is like the weather. You can talk and talk about it and never run out of things to say. In fact, as the storm cloud; gather there seems to be all the more to talk about. But nobody does much about it. size. Engine boosting fuel mileage. Fuel weight.-for. the Galaxy .would have been 400,000 pounds under previous .airplane, designs,, said Lockheed's Perreault, but-new designs- have cut that by 100,000 pounds. '• Not -even noise -and runway length appear to stand in the way of the subsonic "(about 5001 m.p.h.) C-5 and 747,. although The C-5 is meant to enable the Air Force to move Army troops and 99 per cent of their heavy equipment to trouble spots anywhere .within hours. Currently, men and small equipment may be moved with dispatch,-but their tanks trucks, trailers, personnel .carriers and big 1 guns follow by ship and rail days later. With the C-5 not even flown yet, it may have already set <J record -for the most colorful superlatives and -simile's ever used in describing ?n aircraft. Its engineers gleefully report: Its cargo, area .is.longer than the Wright Brothers' first flight. It is capable of carrying six cross - country a time. Its fuel capacity would run a Volkswagen for more than-100 years. Its four engines equal the combined power of. 800 average automobiles. .Stretching 264 feet from nose to tail, it looks like a.pregnant News Briefs PITTSBURGH, Pa.'-.(AP),— The 10.members-of'the Robinson Township police force m.p.n.J ^ ana ,*,, ai - R y - read in part: ..; such; problems have: aheady department - for h ? e .... placed question marks in the future of the SST. Both the slower, transports will run only slightly louder, than today's jets and will, land on a shorter runway. .'First of the jumbos, on the commercial scene will probably be Boeing's. 747, scheduled to be in service in late. 1939. Maximum passenger capacity is set at 490, but -the 747 will probably carry about 390 at the outset. This will add roominess in the 20-foot-wide .cabin and ease the economy competition against the hundreds of older, smaller planes that will be in operation for some time yet. Lockheed's C-5, while bigger than the 747, is being built as a military aircraft, and development of a commercial version will pu*. it on the market after the 747. . "Police have department. giin' will travel." They'said'the town offered them a §25 a month,-raise to present salaries of $4,800 to $5,700 a year -but they wanted month. at -least ?100. a. LYNN,. Mass. (AP) — Richard -Sorel has been named .student-nurse of the year-at Lynn Hospital. The 'selection ;.was made by, the student .body of Lynn Hospital School of : Nursing, and. the fact that Sorel is a married with two children didn't prejudice their choice. CANTERBURY, N.H. (AP) Voters at a town meeting have authorized the sale of half a bridge across Merrimack River. The community of Boscawen owns the other half. Canterbury residents say the bridge was closed three years ago for repairs to be made on condition Boscawen repaired the other half but nothing was ever done. NEW YORK (AP) - Goya's satirical reflection of a society he viewed, as degraded, depicted in "Los Caprichos," a series -of 80 etchings, was auctioned for $15,000 to an unnamed. private collector. NOT THE PLACE NASHVILLE, f enn, (AP) - A man walked in and applied for a' job -at the centralTecords division of the Metropolitan police station here. Officers recognized him as .a man wanted for failing,to appear in court on a speeding charge. He was turned over to the Metro traffic court. Established Order The first U. S. decoration ever offered to military men of the ranks was the Purple Heart, authorized by George Washington during the Revolutionary War. REETSIDE PjCKUP (MODEL CE10934) BUY HOW aurins Chevrolet's solden Anniversary mm SALE! SBecteStt eaulBDBd olcKuus: Buy now and get special sale savings on a husky VMon Chevy Job Tamer with a big 8-foot box.) Six;or V8 engine. Custom comfort and appea|ance equipment' Chrome hub caps. And chrome front bumper. Also available at special savings: power steering: and power brakes; 292 Sot en-j gine and 4-speed transmission; 396 V8 and automatic 3-speed {transmission; Soft Ray glass, air, i conditioning and cadio./ *»* ''•'__: Double-wan construction for. double strength and durability., Truck styling that's I And exclusive coil springs at an* four wheels -for the smoothest) pickup rid* on DM road. SMCiaw eauiooea Chew-vans: Pocket special sale savings on a Chevy-Van 108 (with 108"wheelbase and 256 ou. ft of cargo space) or a Chevy-Van 90 (90" wheelbase and a spacious 209 ;cu..ft inside). Buy now and get •special savings on a model that j includes a big 230-cubic-inch Isix-cylinder engine, chrome I hub caps, chrome bumpers, cus- jtom equipment, front stabilizer | bar, and left and right side Junio< West Coast mtrrot^ fins:-.. ' : .... __ Rear doors that measure a big 4 feet squere. A cargo floor that's flat from front to rear with embossed skid strips. And tapered leaf springs front and rear for gentlest load carrying. Only Cnevroiet gives you whale and, at first glance, seems about as likely'to leave the ground. Lockheed says flight tests are set for June. Commercial .potential, t h e company says, may be either a passenger freight combination or all.- passenger loads of 750 persons. Even so, the technology of size appears to have overtaken the technology of ground ac cotnmodations. There is the question of insurance 'coverage for-'cargoes valued in th'e hundreds of millions of dollars, nol to mention 756 lives.' And most. imposing, what airport now 'could' handle three planes the size, of the C-5 landing within 15 minutes, in addition to the rest of today's traffic? "You can imagine the chaos dumping 2,500 or. so passengers with -all their baggage and ground transportation needs, on an' airport within a few minutes," said H. Lee Poore, vice president of Lockheed - Georgia and program manager for the C-5. "I just don't think we're quite ready for that'yet." Today In History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Mondaf. April 1, the 92nd day of 1968. fl»« are 274 days left in the ye^ Today's highlight in history: On this date in (939, Generalissimo Francisco Franco at >-' nounced that the Spanish Civil War was over, arfl ^ government was recogi )lzed b y tne United States. On this date: In 1789, the u£- House of Representatives H eM lts " rst full N6» v "«* &»'• In 1578, the.Engtish physician who discovered tl< e circulation of the .blood, Dr. William Harvey, was born. In 1918, the Royal Air Force was organized-in Britain. In 1937, Britain separated Burma from India and set " U P as a crown colony- . • • In 1945, U.S. forfes began the Pacific war. invasion of Okinawa. In 1946, the United States Cuba it would give up base* a held in Cuba during World WS? ' H. . .:, Ten years ago — France was crippled by a 24-hour strike;hy,~ one million public workers. ='.;•/; Five years ago — New Yorkii: City newspapers resumed pubJ' lication after being closed down 1 nearly four months in a labor''; dispute. ••' • One year ago-^Vice President" Hubert H. Humphrey was meetr" ing with Pope Paul VI at th9 v; Vatican. '•""" Kemehiber Pay Your Paper Boy GETTING UP NIGHTS Common Kidney or Bladder Irrlta*'" tlons make many men and women feel tense and nervous from frequent; burning or itching urination night... and day. Secondarily, you may lose sleep and have Headache. Backacher" and feel older, tired, depressed. In. such cases, CYSTEJC usually brings^ relaxing comfort by curbing Irritatt Ing germs in add urine and quickly easing pain.GetCYSTEX at druggi§t$i;v A beautiful replica- of an expatuive, r solid sold collar . . .now lor )h« flrit «» . a& popular priceil Luxuriout 12-kt. gold filled collar.. 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