Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on February 7, 1930 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 9
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School atC.T.C. Training Greeley, Colorado, February 7, 1930 COLORADO fAGB NINE Pong Tourney Entry List of at Junior High I,, usive Ping Pong tournament Courtesy Campaign Conducted at Eaton by Literary Council a J.-HIB *-".. ^ " Eatoq, Feb. 0--Students coming A oft at the junior the high school this week noticed d oil at u J ; ----- ' . I iilayou *«·-· ~- ---.--: n v club now with around s The contestants may play mes anytime they choose, re- tlie results and making ar- nta for further ganies. The played upon, a table, made by,c! presj boys with the aid of Reuel with "I amial training instructor. Ihe similar to that of tennis aud ,(;d itself very popular with ·nntestants are as follows: Boston, U Mitchell, Brush, lining the halls. Some read "Boys should not honk for girls," "Courteous - boys tip their hats," "Girls be courteous to your mothers. The members of the literary coun- lented all senior high students , the three keys of courtesy" during first period Monday. Three golden keys were tied with a golden cord and Inscribed with "*" "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod," "by Grace ilalilt. A playlet "The Fairy Shoemaker," was given by the following pupils: Fairy Shoemaker, Nile' Lo'wroy; Tom, Fay Young; Mother Florence Kinsfathor; fairies, Vivian iBedford, Rachel Meyers, LeVeta Morris, Roxana Lynch; and elves, Bert in.!Rogers, Gordon Brown, Ernest Serrano and Mathew Martinez. The program closed with the follow- please," "Thank you," welcome." and If you "You're Ruth Hall, chairman of the literary Ing singing games "Looby Loo," "How Do You Do My Partner" and "Bluebird." Bi-ossniekle,! McCall accompanied him at the Bald- Scott. Baiter, . G. Baker, Kent, McGre-\v, Stephens, Tim Miller, Youns, Beeson, R. Johnson, E. Boyd, rley, Phelps Lyons, Johanna- gen, H. Mashburn, Houtchens, ' Archuletta, Simpson, Reed, Messer, Walton and Harris. Juniors Defeat Raymer Boys' Team Feb. ?'.--Keota junior high ,11 team defeated New Bay- nday in a game that was fast ting from start tp -.finish. The re was 16 to 13. Moore, Keota opened the scoring with a 1 was .followed: soon by Buch- 1 of Raymer made a free nd Buclver followed with an- isket making the first quarter to one in Keota's favor, or opened the second quarter 9 K point rally and led 7 to 6. the quarter was over Keota hree field goals and the score talf stood 12 tp 7 for Keota. ,our work and close guarding the third period with each : uring a field goal. Then Ray- ;eil a second rally making two la and the count was 14 to 13 ?oiil\by, Bucher finished the ter the/.evening. )x score follows: fg ft'N. Raymer 13 fg f f 0 0 Knol, £ ,3 1 f 5 0 Fiscus, f "Mrs. J. C. Casey introduced Miss Durwood of Ft. Collins, the speaker i£ the- morning.' Miss Durwood gave a wonderfully nterestiug and helpful talk on courtesy. "Courtesy is something we have :o put into ourselves which becomes a part of our being," she said. "As infants we all were little savages. We scratched, bit, pulled hair, snatched toys and were very rude, ut gradually we learned how to con- luct ourselves in the company of others. "I still, believe courtesy is oest de fined as 'politeness Is to- do and say the kindest thing in the kindest way.' "Boys so often believe, kindness to be mush or ; softness, but a 'good sport' in the athletic realm is kind. He has lost his infant savageness and now [mows how to conduct himself in society," she said. Many instances of courtesy and discourtesy were cited when Miss Durwood closed Shakespeare idea, "if -people insist on having bad manners, men will forget them." Each class room, contained, a quo tation on courtesy. Foundation Day Is Theme for P. T. A. Foundation Day was the themo of the 4 meeting held by P. T. A. on Feb. . at the Ault high school. G. R. gmith pened tho meeting with a short dis- usslon ot tho meaning of tho day. He Iso announced that Professor Georgo . Barker ot Colorado State Teach- rs college would speak to the assocla- ion on March 3. Mrs. tKans Pearson presented some acts about the founding o£ P. T. A and its history. For the evening's entertainmem hose present were divided into four groups to see which group could pro iuce tho best program. Mr, Masoi save, a reading. H. D. South and Jadge Woods sang a duet. Mrs". Curry's section gave a group chorus, and Mrs. Carter's section, gave Seth Parker production. Mrs. Yoxall had a charade and also Jack and Jill stunt. Mr. Brayton jave a reading. Mrs. Walling's had a quartet. Mrs J. I. Wjkert gave a reading, aud Ml Rienks sang a solo. with a quotation from which ends with 'this 0 0 ._ -1 0. _8 0 Dunlap, c N., Barker, g B. Barker, g Totals -- .0 0 _3 0 ..0 0 -0 0 _6 1 Begun on Junior. Class Play at Ault Feb. 6--Monday night was the Second Graders Put on Milliken Program Milliken, Feb, 7--Mjss Nina Ander son's second grade pupils had charge of the assembly program at Milliken schools Tuesday morning. Their first number Included the fol lowing exercises: "Head, -shoulders 'knees and toes," . "Jack in a Box,' "Arm Exercise/' "Spring Jump," anc "Folding and' Unfolding .Flowers." The .second number, was a- play en -titlei! "How,-Fib? Waa?; Brought-to. tin Indians."' J. R. Stewart,. Bobby Me Cullock, Ernest Serrano, Bert Rogers, John, Wigham, Fay Young, Gordon Brown, Elbert jones'.-James Lynch and Junior Class Rings Received at Aul Ault, Feb. 6--Ault high school jui lor class members have received the! rings. They are octogon shape wit A. H. S. written in an oval. 0 one side .of the ring 19 is writte and on the other side 31. They ai of yellow gold with a fine black sign. ·The girls ordered boy's rings an no one ordered pins, so all are allk TORRID ZONE FURNACES COUZENS DAY GO. 81514 Eleventh Street .Phone 343 . . . " «-"-- j ) f , nke for the junior play "And mie. Lbwrey were the. Indians. Wjl- mppeared." The cast practiced u am Wigham, the wolf; Wayne JKar- Ault high school. They read r ; Si tne frtig;-Doris Case, the squirrel;. rts through together and are Id to know the first act. by ly, when, they plan to practice As the play is scheduled for j and is In four. acts,, the jun- |n to learn an act each week. Petit and Geneva Purcell ·able to be there Monday night.- T I M E TABLE fNION rACIl'IO t Bound m Leave Greeley, , 9:24 a. m. Esther Kaiser, the bat; Phyllis .Snedden, the bear; Jaihle Polly,, the deer; Manuel Vasquez, tho serpent and Myrtle Garne,r and, Natalie Adkinson, e old women. The third number were, spngs by the second grade pupils. The next were readings on toads; the frogs goodbye; the donkey, and Mary had a little lamb; the stories of which were written by the second grade. The next number was' a poem ! to Cheyenne -d. train to Briggsdalo m, Wed., Friday 10:00 a. m. Laramie, Wyo. 3:03 p.TO. Cheyenne ---- 5:48,p. m. Cheyenne - ---- 8:23 p. m. ops at Baton and Ault only ed train to Purcell , Thur., Sat. 10!00a.m. Ennt Hound to Denver il from 1 Cheyenne -8:19 a..m. Cheyenne 10:22 a. ni. Laramle and west-12;47 p. ro. -« train from Briffss- ilc Mon.. Vveii.. Fri. _ I:f0p. m. n Purcell, .Tuesday, mrsday, Saturday-- 1:4 Op. in .1 ___J 5:34 p,,m. TROUBLE A T L L N O W gg's ALL-BRAN neflted This Woman- ions today ara eating ·'a ALL-BEAN--guaranteed ve both temporary and' re-. . ; constipation. ·cause of constipation is the ·roughage in food* Add suffi- Rughage and constipation dis- ft. Kellogg's ALL-BEAN is . gall roughage. j is n letter from Mrs. H. It, 107 E. Knight Ave., brood,. N, J., whicli will be f ing to many sufferers: i a very serious operation in f and when I came from the 1 my main trouble was con- l"i. One day I said'to the doctor, IBolng to eat ALL-BRAN, 1 and · started t have no trouble what- · So yom see I can't praise It I and am always tolling my I What It ma forme."' pill enjoy Ihe nut-like flavor' plicious,re.ady-to-e;at cereal., J* in iron, and wnen eaten Ink or fruit juices, adds im- B vitamins to the diet. K8's ALL-BEAN is an cs- I m any reducing diet. It Icvery-day health to people fr the world. Your grocer |li the red-and-green pack- *rv«i everywhere.- Made by T in Battle'Creek. Phone 23SW ' Acute and Chronic Diseases DR. W. I. RUNNELLS CHIROPRACTOR X-Ray and Neurocalometer Service Over Hlbbs Clothing Store GORDON G. MOSS Radioservice and Television Laboratories. 934 9th Ave., Greeley. Phone 51SJ oving Cup Will Be Given at'Ault to Honor Student Ault, Feb., G--Associated students of ujt high school, a student organiza- on plans, to award a loving cup to e hoy and girl who has participated the most school activities and has een the best citizen of tho school urlns their four years ot high school, he cup will be awarded in the sen- r year. The idea was decided upon at the ·eekly meeting of tho organization uesday noon. ' ' 'At the same meeting, J. B. Mori- ague was appointed the now bust manager for the school. Nutritionist Talks on Food at North Ward "Regulatory Food" was discussed uite fully in an interesting and pleas- ig style by Miss Mary Esther Bison- arth. Weld county nutritionist, who s presenting a series of lectures to ho North Ward nutrition class, "VVed- esday afternoon. Charts were used ffectively by the speaker in showing he different values of foods. The class meets every two weeks nd is eager for additional members. Several new members were added to he roll. Wednesday afternoon, any- ue interested may join without be- ng a member of the North Ward P. T. A. "Vitamines" will be discussed by Miss Eisenbarth at tho meeting in wo weeks, Feb. 19, at the North Ward school. Ault School Paper Issued (Junior High Band! j Under Roberts Plays The Junior hjgh school hand under the direction ot John Roberts presented a musical program at the school assembly Wednesday morning. The hand was organized under tha direction o£ Mr.. Roberts early "in the school year. Work has progressed steadily in quality and unification and the members are now ahlo to render rojiUy good music that pleases their audiences. The hand includes about forty-five members who practice regularly twice a week under the leadership aud direction ot Mr, Roberts. The program was as Hollows: "Nitty" inarch by I. S. Loos? "Mellow Moon" by Cherette; "Masterbllt Overture" by Altprd; "Sabbath Chimes" by Forest; "Pilgrim's Chorus £rom Taunhauser," by Wagner; and "Step Lively" a march by Wendiand. Jim Vaiulerlip a 7A student gave a comic reading "The Naughty Girl'" which very effective. Clevor cos- turning IJdod much, to the presenta tion of IV reading. Ault Club Girls Drive to Greeley for Movie Ault, Feb. 6--Fourteen girls who boons to the Home Membership club f the Ault high school went to Gree- ey to a theatre party in two cars ilonday night, driven, by Grace Petit and lone Brown, The girls saw "Chasing Rainbows" at tlie Sterling theatre and afterwards went to tho Candy Land for refreshments. , Thoso who went wore Betty Armstrong, lono Brown, Marian, Hazel Simpson, Bessie Duncan, Loma Frost, Elste Burnham, Grace PeUt, Geneva Purcoll, Helen Wolfe, Gertio Cook, Imogone Woods, Althea Westphal, and Miss Mao Finch who chap* eroned the party. debating teams. For the benefit at the parents in the district, a. preliminary debate will be given between the affirmative and negative teams of Milllkeu at the Ugh school auditorium on Wednesday night, Feb. 12, Ault Basketball Girls Play Cheyenne Friday Pupils Move Into Kuner District Kuner, Feb. 7 -- The following pupils entered the Kuner school within the past month; Satoshl, Fred and. Car Morlta of the Wyatt school dlstrie No. DO. Daily, Josephine and Martha Getz of the Prospect valley school. Henry, Burnhard, Elsie and Ruben Reffel of Hudson school. Clarence and Vivian Williims of Northport, Neb. Pauline Vogel of LaSallo. Dramatics Club Plans Party Ault, Feb. a--Members of tho senior high dramatic club of the Ault schools are planning .a. party for -next Saturday night. They plan to attend a show in Greeley and from there will go to the "Red Bird" where they will dance, play cards and have refreshments. Debaters Are Busy on Chain Question Milltkan, Feb. 7--The MHJlken high school dobaters are busy these days preparing themselves to- meet Kersey on the vital question "Resolved, That the' present tendency towards chain store combinations in retail business is to be condemned," on Tuesday evening, Feb. IS, at 7:10 p. m. at Kersey, in tho northern division of the debating league. The Mllliken speakers will have the negative side of tho question at Kersey, and the team will consist of Helen Stantoii, Ethel Christy and Junior Ryan. Other speakers will lake part when the team, has the affirmative side qt the question with other schools. Following is the schedule tor the Mllliken, debating team this year: Feb. 18 with Kersey, March .4 with Ft Morgan, March 11 with Sterling and March 14 with Eaton, who are taking the place of one of the Sterling teams who have dropped from the league. Miss Vora Turgoose is coaching the Ault, Fob. 7--Ault basketball girls are looking forward to the game with Cheyenne alumni scheijuled for Friday night,. Feb. 7. The Cheyenne high school girls defeated the Ault girls in January, but the Ault girls think that it was good practice for them, and ;lmt they will win this time, sinco :hey are better acquainted with the Cheyenne rules. In. the last game they played one Imlf with Colorado rules and the other lialf with Wyoming rule.s. Windsor Man Hurt When Horse Lands on Truck Windsor, Fob. 0. -- George Helzer, Jr. lost a lot of blood thru a cut over the temple of ills head, Tuesday, when a bucking horso climbed on to the radiator of his truck, breaking tho windshield. Helzer was hauling hay with the truck, and the horse, which a Mexican was breaking to ride, got out of control. Dr. G. B. Stanley dressed the wound, having to stop the flow of blood from throe small veins. CHIROPODIST PHYSICAL THERAPY P. COSMAN 217 Park Place Bldo- Phone 675 Ault, Feb. C--Distribution of "The Parrot" was eagerly awaited by the students of the Ault schools during iiome room period Wednesday morning. "The Parrot" is the school paper of the Ault schools and is published .wice a month. This publication contains editorials, themes, poems, and jokes written by people in the school besides the news stories o£ the school. CLIMAX WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR Ground the Old Fashioned Way THE HEALTH FLOUR at your Grocers or Annett's Bakery Dr. C. H. Downing Specialist Artificial Teeth "He Wears Them Himself" 206 Greeley Bldg., Telephone 1066-W ·WE BETTER LIFE'S OUTLOOK" Phone 874 82o Ninth street FREE! FREE! FR PAINLESS EXTRACTING OF TEETH When Plate Work or Bridge Work Is Contracted for and a Sub- :t stantial Deposit Made The Best Red Rubber Plate Made $10.00 The Finest Gold Dust Plate Made $12.50 All Pink $15.00 Best Trubite Teeth.. $20.00 Special prices on Hecolite Aluminum and Gold plates. Crown and Bridge Work, per tooth, $5.00. Any tooth that can be filled with porcelain, silver or cement, $1.00. This work is not done by student, but is under direct supervision of Dr. Larson, who was a professor of the Denver University for one year. UNION PAINLESS DENTISTS 804,1/2 Ninth Street DR. LARSON, MANAGER Greeley, Colo. Over J. V. Smith Son Store The Old Man Little Jimmy; by Swinnerton "BROTHER BAUGEP. HAS SHOWM TfiE Vv/AvV Hb THE TSP OF THIS MB.SA TO THE DUKC-H BY VJAY OF HIS PRIVATE LOT PF OUD ToP "POLLY and Her PALS" - By Cliff Sterrett j f . - -- - : _ _ - ..... Paw's Got a Big Pull with Cocoa THE CHILD SW/4LLER IT-'

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