The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 9, 1937
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBEll 9, 19M (AUK.)' COUU1KU NKWS TU C PLW HEBE UBT TNET1ISBH Blytlieville To Lose Big Number Of Players This Season BY J. P. FKIKN'l) Ten members of Ihe Blylhcville Chlckusaws will make their final home appearance as Maroon and Whito prep griddeis, Thursday af- lerncon when the Chicks and cy Lions stage their football wai us a feature of the American Legion Armistice Day celebration. 'Ihev are: Captain Alfred "Slick" Mjree'Jth, quarterback; JnmesMSab' Roberts, end; Lloyd "Tour" Wise, tackle; James "Steele" Burton lUiaril; Homer "Bo" Besharse, halfback; L5Roy "Bronco" Brown, fullback; HUdrcd "Buster" Bunch, center and end; Charles "Peek" Hardin. reserve end, and Dick Burns reserve guard. With lt|e exception of Hardin, nil arc due to go via the sheepskin route. "Peck" will reach the high school age limit before another school year rolls around and therefore will be ineligible. Only Captain Meredith Is earning his fourth letter. The star blocking back, rated without peer in the stale, got his chance when n'Neil Craig was injured during Coach Carney Laslie's first year and he made good. His wori was so impressive that Craig .found it exceedingly tough to get back in aftei his recovery, with two .good Mockers on the squad Laslie solved the problem by shifting Craig into the line at guard the next year. The change worked neatly as oneii turned out to be a fine guard and "Slick" improved with every game He was signally honored this fall by his election of captaincy, and i was also entrusted with the si» calling duties. He lias done well at both. Besharsc, Moody and Burton have been with the squad for four ..years but did not letter their first season. A transfer from Stcele, Mo., Burton was ineligible, and the other two didn't get in enough servica to warrant a "B". Roberts, Wise and Brown are serving their third year. "Bab" started as a guard but was shifted to end after the graduation of Gene Blackwell and Robert Baxter. He is expected to be chosen of the All-State squad. Last year was Bmiclis first, serving as understudy for Byron "The Ripper" Walker and subbing at end. He was first string center until the last two games ago. With Warringtoii on the sidelines with a bidly bruised hip. Bunch was moved out to right end against Hope and did well. He is expected to get the call at the terminal. Thursday. Hardin played some lasl year, his first, but not enough for a letter. He probably will (his year as he has broken in •several games as first aid to Roberts. Burns has subbed for two seasons without official reward. Chicks Work Inside Th" weatherman thwarted the training plans of chief Dildy yesterday but did not prevent the Chicks from getting a workout They limbered up at the National Guard armory but were unable to do much since they had no tennis shoes. Dildy was afraid of blistered feet and called a halt early, with but two days remaining the Tribe Will likely get in a good drill this afternoon, the. elements permitting. A scrimmage is likely with tapering tomorrow. Searcy's record is not impressive, having been beaten by Newport and Walnut Ridge, but since this seems to be open season oil favorites, the game may develop into a real tesl for the Dildymen who will be seeking their eighth consecutive victory. Foy "Five Yards" Evans, battering fullback, is on the job and is better that ever, according to reports. Blylhcvillc was the only team to j successfully check the powerhouse in '36, smothering the Lions under a 51-0 rout in a brilliant display of offensive drive. Coaches Dildy and Mitchell Best were jubilant over the showing of their charges, Friday night. They were especially delighted over the fine work of the line which hcW the Bobcats to 19 yards from scrimmage and tossed them for a loss of 24. Coming on the heels of their indifferent snowing at Greenwood, the performance erased many doubts. They appear best under pressure, anci when the stakes are hiehest. H would be unfair to single out any Iwo or three as shining lights, but (he great manner in which Hildred Hunch stepped into the breach as ailing Dan Warrington's successor was consoling to the mentors. It was feared that ther; would be a weakness but Dangerous Dan's absence was net noticed on the defense. Winning Plays of 1937 **+r,r...,J i>P !?/£' MOST DISCUSSED ,PUV OF TtK SEASON HOW JilCJ< VMKRKLT QCORBD roUCf/OOWsJ -, '"re, 7-6,."..',' , TAXIS MIL -. IT O.V Gli ' LfGS... RfltfXltWfr WES our To UKT AS If lie MO BALL (5) . vo CW fcV<a!V£> M; if (MM _ . KtXfrsoV 6ET5 IIP, PICK'S UP PALL, MO FOLLOW if S(A»tP£KlV$ Sl> 1HROS To ItsCHt The Dope Bucket By J. P. Friend Sec by the papers that Little Rock and Pine Bluff are tn sew up the Arkansas football cham- picnsbip cnce and for all. Saturday . . . They clash In the Zc- bra back yard and the winner will . Hot From this corner it emerge the chnmpeen stuff! appears that from the beginning the rest didn't have a chance . . . They are not going to let Ihe title pass into hands other thn.-i tin- so-called, self-styled "big teams" if they can possibly avoid it ... And appear to be content with a "mythical" championship instead of actual . . . Your correspondent was present at - the ^ meeting last year when plans''were discussed 'but must have sicut during the adoption of l clause that stipulated the winner would be dccidd by the team Claying Die larger number of conference games . Also, was in on the discussion when Pine Bluff ind Little Rock were approached for games Niilhin' doin' Their slate was filled except first games and ONLY tit home . . . Didn't care to come up to Blythcville . . . Small school . . No crowds . . . Hadn't played anybody Hadn't proven 'heir right to even think of playing the big toys on a home-anri- 'iiomc bssis . . . Bosh and tommy rot! This conference dope is getting in my hair (both of 'em). 9 * X Hcrky Mcsley was considered a ?reat ail round back here . . . His running and passing were su- pcrb ... He was rated a great Wcker but not quite as proficient in that art as in lugging the leather or heaving the pigskin . . . But at Alabama he is reaching greatest heights with his unerring; boots . . . "Moslcy demonstrated under fire lie was the Tide's premier punter, for Jiis five punts averaged 41 yards without a sign of a return on any kick. No attempt to return any one of them was possible." scribbled Sports Writer Bob Phillips in the Age-Herald, commentine on the ' 'Bamn-Tulanc game n> i •• " ----- ' ' ' Blackrcll and Jimmy Tipton as for a $100 a month maintenance . . . A denominational conference for tlic South has been suggested by Ga. Tech mentor, W A. Alexander . . . Will help solve prctlems of smaller schools Sewance . . . Davidson . Mercer. . . Howard . . Birmingham Southern . . . Wake Fcrrest Loyola and others mentioned as possibilities. Cid you know that Rams average only 183 pounds? . . . The Chicks scale about the same .... Some mathematical bird has figured it out that it costs $110.50 to shoot a duck . .. Would cost me (hat much to shoot AT cue . . . Expe Captain George E. Experts guess thai -. Eystou's Thunderbolt would reach a maximum sjiccd of 350 M. P. H. . . Tires wouldn't stand Die gaff at that rate . . . Barney Ross, kingpin of the welters, has been landed a'heart, punch by Dan Cupid ... Is soon to trip down the aisle with Pearl Siege) . . . This story conies from Alabama: Flo- was slated to play Paiv- waton hopc Eac:i boarded a bus each coach thinking the grime was scheduled for the other field . . The -busses met at Bay MineUe . . . The teams unloaded played the game there . . . Both regular guards of L^ s. U. scored touchdowns against Miss State . . Hampton Potts, Slate frosh Spring Played Miss. College Friday night, then hauled if into buss&s, drove 250 miles to Jackson ,MLss.. and took on Mllisaps the next day. . . . Lost both. 18-7, and D-C . .. 'Tweren't nuthin' . . . They'd lost six already . . . Grant nice passing to the kicks barefooted Hill College can take it credits forward great Notre Dame team of 1913 . . . First passing combination wa.s Gus Dorias to (he imiuorta! Knule Rcckne. Gc " e fcoltol l BV I1AHKY GliAYSON *Iiorts litlilor, MCA .Service Some of the more useful piavs in dentally . . stumbled upon ac-i- affair, is progressing nicely . Frank Thomas has a nack of call- Ing on sophs and having them "" . . Called tourhdoiwi ccmc through for him on "Mose" to toss a pays in a tight spot . He did • • . U bfat Tennessee . . 'Sandy" Sanford, another Arkansas sophomore, wax rushed In to soot a field goal from the 31, and it was the payoff margin over Tulanc . . . Was the first field goal he ever kicked . . . n a d place kicked for extra points. Attention. A. L. wrestling promoters! Mike Kilonis attempted o assault Hie world's endurance record following his match in p c - oria last week Was sealed n a 4500 pound ice tomb . . . Sig- Sister of Jimmy Cagney Star in College Qrama NEW YORK I UP)—Jimmy Cagney's 18-year-old sister Jeanne Is a star in (lie Htmter' College Varsity production of "Another Language." which will be presented at the Heckscher Foundation. Jeanne Cagney has been acting ever since she can remember, but always for the fun of It. She has appealed in the productions by Make-Up Box, '. Hunter College's dramatic society, / of "Elcctra," "Little Glass Houses" and "The Kelly Kid." Her serious at present Is being a senior at Hunter, wheie she is majoring in German and taking courses In music, French and speech. lalcd by means of flashlight when ready lo come out Believe they've got sometl there . . . Sammy Boline. Red ... fielder, twice spoiled perfect gam- fs . . .singled in 6lh off Ernest Csborne, Pittsburgh . . . with tivo down Iti 9th singled off Daz- zy Vance . . . Jimmy Caras set a new tournament record in beating GcoTge Kclley in world's pocket billiard tournament . . . Took only fcur Innings . . . Previous low Inning score was established by Onofrio Laurl, Brooklyn . . . Bob Weed. Minn, guard. Is an expert baker . . . Specialty: cakes and pies . . . Joncsboro scribes insist Fontaine Dreher Is all-state timber . . . Same goes for Mutt Alexander and Willanl Tilley. Wilbur Brubaker, pirate 3rd sacker, has ireeii sued by his of the year was conceived by Ray Morrison of Vanderbill. but looks like an accident, and scarcely will be incorporated in the Commodores' or the system of any other crach. It served its purpose, however. It, beat Louisiana stain in an upset, 7-G. Describing Vandcrbilfs hidden ball trick, you run the risk of being warned to quil drinking the stuff before you go blind. The diagram looks like n man of Boston j. «. uu.iwii, wuuui, 11. am; vjuwuuys Jiail seven There have been several cxplana-1 "icu on tlic line of scrimmage when To Discuss Plans Of Raising Funds To Build Sladiunr, Finns fo™ obtaining funds to supplement''ii possible govcrnmcul allotment for the construction o: a new high school stadium will be discussed by members of the Ctiio.kasaw Athletic Club at a meeting In the Rose Room of Noicl No'olc tomorrow night. Application for the $31,000 project was filed recently by C. Q Redman, chairman of the club'6 stadium comnilllcr, and has nl- ready been given the approval t>] state WPA authorities. Finnl action by government officials li Washington is also necessary. In case favorable action is taken In Washington on the application it will be necessary for locti 1 backers of the project to obtain approximately $9,000 or $10,000 as their share of the cost i;f the structure. It is probable that the club will attempt (3 secure a l=ar for this amount to be liquidate. through a portion of the gate receipts of football jjamcs played here In the future. James Terry, president cf the club, today urged all members of Die group to attend Wednesday night's meeting at which u number of other Important subjects are scheduled for action. The meeting will begin promptly at 7:30 o'clock. spun around to hnnrl it to another back who was supijosed to corns across. The other back wasn't there, and when Beetle's momentum spun him around again hs saw a gaping hole in front of him and shot right down the, middle. the Statue of Liberty. Dropping back to toss a forward pass, the pigskin fell from his hand just as he brought it back. For some inexplicable reason, a teammate was PAGE VIVI Sinkcy DCtV-ais Italian; Marcus I'twrs To Uahban Officials Slop On One Another's Toes In I lii inj. ... D 1 ony - HY UAliltV (iHAVSOX spoils i.uitnr, KK\ SITVKY In acquiring Tony La//.?!-!, I'hiliu K. Wn-.'lev ciily iultls | u (he chl- tajju Cubi' confusion mid iwyroll. i. <-i [ iy/,.[.j hi'i'u nsmu'il iiumii- Ki'r. t!u- drill for his services wc'.ikt iiakc sense. But ejiBiijtliij. sic-h an •.•slablishwl >lar in lli c KMT nn : l yelhw of his 'iircor us u conch und utility iu- li'ldcv. particularly one who i>p.>nly voices niunui;criiil aspirations, d'.x's- I'l liiiiirr Hi end any <i[ ilir l.ii'tUin- il lights that huvp him both Uio nislnrss and pluytini ilfp.irtnu'nlK of the Cub oiipiniy.iitlon. Haw would you feel if you were Whut would be ihe rem-llnn of our pluym? H IJl'lH'lally is SlISlHTlril Hut' Orlinin will li c iTllevt'it of tin- (; u b ccmmiinil In-fore nmithcr !-:tiii|ialnn comes to a close. The custom?!-* have homed im the old lii'sl hiisc- iimn tn such im extent th-U rloac observers suy he citn'l wissiblv last. Wrisley lms SUM Unit wlM-n » change wus made an outsider would be brought in. What ouMcIer womil be better ciuallllcd than Iji/rorl, the veteran with the IrUuc'r basebull brain who helped Din New York Yankees lo six pennants hi 12 years? C'uli Oflli'iiils Slo|i on One Anc.(hei''s Ttii's Before WrlBlPy llioiiijhl of Limmi. much of (he Cubs' Ivoiibl-; coukl be (raced to the multiple ol Cub olllclals. Wflgley is too important inrl busy a mini lo devolo loo much Him- to baseball, so ho lias a personal representative in Charles Dinke. J:;lm O. Keys, grizzled vice pm;ldenl, doesn't lilt it off any too well with Drake. Charles l Hoots) W.'lur Is business manager, and Rub::rt C. Lowls Imvclinsf secretary. CIuriMice (Pants) Rowland, who guided (he White Sox to n worl;l r titli: in S917, i.s lo have more r,T a voice In the assembling of talent. PanUs was at the last wnrkl Kfiries, speaking with plenty of authority. Men- comes tiie highly competent Lazzerl to fill a rule that is a bit vague, to stiy the least. Where C.rimin formerly looked up and saw only one j'cut, Cabby Ilint- iwtl, who would be vastly more, jiciyiular at Ihe Jii'lm than IvUmelf, lie now will sec two. Hhrtnet is anothei' who may resent Lnzzeri'i; iippoiiitincnt. Th? large backstop has nrrii iirciuirl a year longer than Si?,nor Tony. ;\n:l is thinking of his own future. Well Stockcil With managerial Candida Irs - 7!artiictl turned In n spbmlW job of bossing the Cubs while Grimm was relegated to the sidelines by thai buck ailment last slimmer. His name was prominently mentions:! when there was talk of Dill Terry giving his enlirc attention to the Giants' front, olllce, again in connection with Brooklyn, and once before Casey slcngal landed with the Boston uce.s. j The 34-year-old Laz/.erl may still I be good for a year ci' two of good flwrlos siiik.-y. (h i> Ciirinlh, Mi's, biirfon- , V |, 0 .spends his ovcu- IIIBK mi tin- \vm>lllnii nml, ini't n loiiK-tmirisI unit who nonled n mmniliif:. nnd promptly unvc It to him In n "wild und \vooly" miilfh lit the U'Hlcn nirnu liwe )« S ( night. Ills iippoiu-nl was Pletro HosbJ, Hiimin hi'«vy\vi'ight, who tiinu-:! out to bo .so rat Umi. | )v nppeurod more like u kcwlilskercil btlllkc-n than mi nthldp. liusM, ivhosii lonn i-iirly leeks mid Vim Dyke beurd KIIVC slnkcv plenty ol opportunity u, v \ m w (|,c c . r ,wd. .MiocecxU'd In ivlimlnn the first full. Iwnvcvcr. In Hie miniit?s. Hcfiw Mike Moroiwy nniioiinci'il Ilial How! hud "choked a lull" out of Slnkcy. * When the two were scuffling for n second full Mcroney suffered, nn Injury to his eye und wus forced lo turn occi' (lie rcfcrcelng to Na[ Jecb Ralibau. £lr,ki!j t:ok the s?c- oiul full In six minutes wllli a cr.ib hold nixt reiientcd with the same hold to win Hie deciding full, In I lie preliminary bout Rabbuji took tile second and Ihlrcl (nils lo defeat sld Murciis In one of the deanesl and fimlcsl mulches over .singed In the local menu. Mnrcus Iwk Ihe first full In 12 inlmito with u Hying tm-klc and body yln and liubbnn nnlshed the nmlfh \ using (he front crotch and body i .slums lo win both of his tumbles. Schmeling Will Meet Neusel Early In 1938 BERLIN, Ncv. 9 (UP) _ Max Bchmcllni?, Clsrmtiny't leading challenger for the heavyweight title.-to- cny signed a contract to meet Wiiller Neiiscl, another German hvavywclclil, here In Marcli 1033 It will be SchinellnB'& third Ii«h{ nrepiiratory to Ills title match with .'oc f.ouls next summer. SchmelitiL' knocked out' Neusel Iti the eighth icuwl of their lasl nialch In 193^. Cnlilusc l-'iiur-lleiide:l | I'AtNKHVIU.K. O. (Ul')-.n II i iflrreii loi.iul n foiir-heu.lnl aib- i IN DlimilCT HTATK OK AUKANSAH, I'latnllll' V«. No. (HX(| DKI.lNQyivNT LAND.S IN THK IlLVTHKVII.Ui IJIOTKICT OV , haiin.! c'OUNiv i.'OBFKn-En J.'OR NON-PAYMW,' 01' !'.£. AND .401,0 TO TIIE BTA'l K OF AHKANHAH Dcfond I, "(•..u,,..., „, . ... „ , „, < .''" 0 " JII « ! " v;l >' i>l " !tl ^ , , ClLA Sfel3Ono, N, J. (UlV-Sluk "iKhway cnuliicjrs are watchlnj' carefully tests of the durability of « »t'« f type "cotton" highway here c " lto " fabric, cut In Ions, \vJd« ' '" " V ' '" " 1;1 " d( '' ' i™ '<«- ,. <W'rtslcl« Coiiinraliim) ' "''"'elm's h 1 ''"'' Ad. N.I. ll s 01 lfl:w ' " im lms i "> "'< "" !y "' Mlsste """- «« "Wrt d a "mi I/iun ti II. T. Tyle,, m iruveli'i's lliiiliihig nii'l !/i;ny ,'( i i Kilwln Hnliliisnn Aililllioii in Itlytbevltlc Ma llill:l)iiiv| . jr, IliJlS I(l« Hiibbard J. II. ilrinliii.-ks •1. II. llendrli'ks KWHO Wiihl Mary Cos In the Dlyriirvlllr Dl.slrli't of AlIB-j'"•'"' WhlmpiT "'•• '•' ' i'Ved Whlinpcr 01' SiTATli I.ANDK IN IMISKISSH'1'1 iii,vriii:vii,i,i: DiK'niurr I ; ()ltl'i:ni;i) Kt)ll IIKIH TASKS UOUNTY !)• M. Alexander Clius, YIIIIC-U .. H. A. Nekciii ... M'lry \Vcoil . II. W. Cownn... W. L, lionsou .. Ira (Walkins ... S. L. caneley. Hi W. W. Shaver I'.ivl of '.-Jcctlon Tnwiislii|i M North, Itiinni' R .j. NK NK |.| Tiiuiislilji 15 Nol'lll, Hiiiiuc n i' i(s ( HK aw 'i SW SH u .'....: Uit H N i.; SK It ' K Hit lot 2 N<:. UK II ME NK ||) NW SH 21) S'.i Lot II KW III NF. NK ;H Tiitfi).sbl|i Hi Nnrlli, Kaiifjc « l-.'asl lion Ari'a A C<«|, 1-1 -K) lli.US •Id 2.111! •10 31.8-1 1.80 1'1,011 11 12.10 •10 SI.IH •II) ,'il.)H . N ! NW !) lin Lot 7 , , TlWIlshlji IS N'orlli, II Jolni M-.-D:ile Lnl , N; ,, Nw JY'}. 1 '''.'f U>1 13 SIO N W ; uc.Ha c.ln Company u ,i n K ,,. SK . Township 15 Nnrlli, llnnj;!- 10 I'ast fonnu- AlexaniJer w H .; )a „. N of ' I) N 1 -'. SI'' ' Dralnnac UiKtria 17 E of u" NK ; ,,, .... Tiiwiislilii l!i Niiilh, iinnuo. 11 li.isl AS"'^ -.::::::: ft l $M s^ 1 "^' ::::::::::::^t^^ w '(.on •I.VS 1.75 «.3fl T.l.i part-time but the end for a substantial gain. Quirk Lineup HUH Gonil Ilicy'rc slill working the quick lineup, ton. In Hardm-Simmon.s' engagement with Loyola of Los Angeles, the ball went out of bounds. and Ihe referee brought it in. The Hfirdin-Sininious players sauntered to their positions slowly. Tlic Cowboy center stooped down and apparently started tying his shoe laces, nut instead he passed Ihe ball back to n backfiekl man who lalcrnlcd to another back who' passed down field for a touchdown. The play caught the Lions fast asleep. But the officials, told by tin Hardin-Simmons coach before the game that the Cswboys were gohig to pull the play, saw nothing illcaa'l about it. The Cowboys had sevei tions. but motion pictures show that this is what happened before thousands of pairs of astounded eyes as Vandcrbllt shaded Louisiana Slalc by shaking a t.ickle. HickcUon, loose for a 56-yard touchdown run in the lirst fiv c minutes of play. Pew g o as a steady diet, but like Quarterback Reinsdimidt deftly! fie spinner, some of them sorve to the ball was snapped back. Loyola pulled the same trick on Saint Mary's a week later. Trick plays arc great when the element of surprise is there, or you catch the other side asleep. -*-.-n....,,,,^ r«;iii,-,i.iiiimtL aeiuy ; u ' c ^iimni:!. tunu: in cnem serve i ething took thc b!lU from center, placed it,' improve offensive football in gei ,_,„!) ^V^^M ^ S I ^ — the left as if ho had the bail. Rlck- vni; iciv ai> ii nc nan tne Dan. Rlck- cUon dropped back and fell on the i C ub Formi Wirri Rrotilltl as IhoiiDli lii- ,. wo ^« • _ ' 1!> " ll " ground as though he were down, i T io Protect Batchelorhootl the Tigers' ..„„...„ sucked to its right. Eickelsoii got up slowly, picked up Ihe ball, and i scampered to the touchdown behind three linemen. Now you Icll one. Spinning the Spinner As related in Ihe foregoing, many of our deceplivc plays were born by sheer accident, most notable of which arc the spinner and U>e dust- Sff 1 S i l!U " C ° f U "?u 15 '' morc fa " ••"'"" ">"• '""»«> K> 25. New mlltarly known as Ihe Michigan! ber.s will be initiated only r>\ ,, , - ol<1 011PS become benedicts D>kc Becde. Canicsw lech back, , To discourage niarriaiK BREMERTON. Wash. IUP> With the slogan, "protect mir bachelorhood," 25 men formed the Benevolent Brotherhood of Bremerton Bachelors. Officers of Ihe club said Us only ,„ purpose was to provide members ju,..,, with enjoyable evenings. Member-1 m issuing the order. Mayor Her ship was limited k> as. New mem- • " man. The latter and hit. shorlstop- ping partner. Billy Juries, have their own ideas of how the Cubs shbuld be run, by the way. What Philip K. Wrigley should do is adopt the more prnciieal policy of his father. William Wriglcy Vceck, B.S president. }la pnrmlttetl him to boss the works, and as it reward saw his entry climb from the cellar to the top an:l tn records for attendance and rcL'fipt.s which still stand. x Club Nrnls J.'inn (iiiiiling Hand and Hitlrr. William Wrijley's one liii; iuist.ike in baseball was k'tlin^ Joe M( i (';u- Ihy go to make room for Holers Hornsby. He made this move usainst the a<tvicc of Veeck, McOartli.v gave Wrigley cvfry- thing but a worhi '.:)i;unpitniship. but Hint apparently wasn't ctimigh. 'Ilic cbewhijr gum mutilate demanded a manager who could go all the way. McCarthy \vas kickoti upstairs— lo the New Yolk Yankees—two or tliree days before the close of the campaign of 1930. and save for a few fleeting weeks in 1!>32 antl 1935, player deals ami field management, since have been nulte a' problem to the Wriglcy interests. More skillful direction easily might have prevented Ihe blow-ups which have occurred in four of the Inst five years. What the cubs need is centralized authority and . r i roiijile of blokes who can swat onion in the pinches. Morgue Visits Ordered For Reckless Drivers ST. LCUIS (UP)—Flagrant viola- lors of traffic laws and persons responsible for li'atii:: fatalities hereafter will lie forced in spend at least half an 1 hour in Die city morgue viewing tr.clk^ of auto vic- A. L. Sunders .. A. I,. Sanders .. Oils Ilnrilc.sty Charle-,- Taylor •I. L Carson ... Fred Wnh] Cliff Klnnry ... Orlcnn Hires .. Orli-na Hires .. Orlrnn Hires .. Orlrna Hires .. Orlcnu Hirca .. Oi leii.i Hii'c.s .. Mike KRctisalr . Mrs, Iiichar;j rjluij. nil-hard nlali- Mrs. rilch:uv| Blair J. T. Carson Carrie Rnbinsoji IlnhiiKon «n:l Tliomns when nard L. Dickmna .'-aifi ho believed the visits wonlrl have a Military effect on spce^rr.-, inui i drivers. an.-i: Illylhrvillr 7.8:i T.B.'t ! 1(1 Whose- Num.! Assc-M'tl U TOWN 01- HLYTIIKV1LLI-; Charles Atlord -1H •'. I. Alfcrd XT •I. 1. Alford RB •I. T. Alford nil Allison Adililiou In Will William..: i HiJbi-ils ami Omul I :i Lloyd and Annii Macklin ii y t;;>l} James Vaughn 7 :i IMfl Ktniiia riassell ;( 4 \tm Clins. |{lch;ii(lv)ii 1 ,) r>,m Blythrvillc Lbr. CM. ft •! I. r v10 J. A. W. Shlrer.s t n ]'iAn Coliimliu,s Oliver !i (i in.^S Jones ami Moore II (i 7.8f> Chas. rtichiirdson Ki r, 7.S6 A. Harder EsL llirron and l.ilij Atlilllinn (n lilylhvcillc HW NW 2^ Tumisliiii I!) fVnrlli, K»ni;c 11 Kusl SK NW n] .Tuu'iislilp II Niirlh, Biinj;i! JZ Kusl NW SW I sw aw i SW SE 10 sw KW ia Uil E&.2H U'. ME Ki aw NW M Ti»vnslii|i l(i Nnrtli, linnnc 12 Dusl Lot I NK Nt,' 10 SK SK ;i;i SW SK ;t:i NK sw ;i:i NW BW ;i:t SE 8W .'),'( •, HW sw :H 1'invnslilii 11 Nil,11,. Ha,,,.,, j;. |,;, ls i Lots 3-1-5-11 NK 1 '' ; Lots fi-d NK 7 Lot a NW 7 t/Jts 2-3 at' 7 L'Jl 'I SW l!) ismp K North, llaiiRr 13 Ensl M'l. All SW 3 Frl. All s 1 - NB •! Tux,* Penalty ft Tnivelevs Lot 111.05 •10 :il •in ;n •II) •II) in •in •io 1(1.05 111.05 1(1.05 L'fl.WO •10 111.05 . •10 •ID •10 40 .7(1 M.n; liTl 20 11.01 :i i.iH 31.8-1 31.8-1 20.00 1.11 9.M 3.21 W. T. Incivin) 12 Leonard Taylor !) W. C. Van Bibber r> W. M. Goodman 11 Louise Sanford I fianford a Eddie M^GITROI- n I'.'.BB 2.78 15.40 4.03 Will 'sistrunk William Bnttey .,,-^... , ,, ,.0,, William Batley Illyllic Ailillllon (o Bljlhi-vlllr I Konert MnUt.fy f n f-«i« f i • T >)rt i«,. m T t^nii E. II. nation E. II. nation Mary llchnes (i 7 ID i; 1T.92 3.78 2.78 a.78 Chlrli:i!i»wl>:i Oiu-ilcns Alldilinn lit Iv. i:. .Jack.son K. n. .inckEDii K 71. Jiicksoii fll ,s. Hrnnsnii l>avi.s .Snri>ii(l 2 :i 2.7(1 ;: :t 'l.ts •i :t ^.18 •1 1 2.7S Ailililion (n N. .Jolnii s. 05 p|. i N. jnhns Ex. N. 15 n. I-)' N. Johns VV". 8 N. :to.M 15/10 S.M 12.87 Davis Third Allditinti (,i Ulythrville Virgil llendoi'fnn ,1 • :> :io.51 Ifcarn Addillim lo lilyldcvitle Bella. CnMivd! Delia CnMwell E. D. Glllen K. I). Glllen 25.4!) 25.49 J. E, VIckers . - ..... ,. Aclclillon ( ( i li.'ydicvillc P 7.83 Aililitimi to Ulytlurillc 1.52 J.5: A'Jri Rnffln Ike Wells ,] Ikr \Vi-ll:i f, arl Kcynultls U) II. M'jCnrkli! -3 Virginia CarrulhcriiS :. mid J. .<jliiiiitaiin B Mark Chancy '.! I'iinma lllck.s ' I Minks 3 !i (i ti U II II f) !) i:! ia i a 12 1:1 1:1 1:1 M iu 10 Ki.l't Huildle HrlKhls Aiiilltitm (o lllylln-viiii- i.w 4.ZI) 7.a p i 15.'!l) 1,5^ Ainrrlciin Building and Loan >t Tom w. Jackson V Cico. 'I'. Wcbii fl D. ciiiii'cii :t Sumiyslile Aililltlim („ 2U. -15 y.7H fl 17.02 Clcci'o Oylo I'lsl, Kinmii Hick-; I'.'intim Hltks J. Cicero'Ogle Kst Cicero Ogle Kit. Cicero O3'c VjA, tl Cicero Oxlc Est. 5 Jennie Hiiyi l;j Jennie Hays M Cicero Dale Rtl. ;i John Taylor 5 .John T.'vylor « Tom Malhews (1 Tom Muthew.; 7 Cicero 10.38 10.M 12.118 12.1)0 10,35 IOJ5 10.35 1035 4.20 2.CO 12.88 1DJJ5 10.35 12.88 Vltrl;» Hnli-Ulvblait f» t!ly(hcvlllc Lydliv Hnalie.'i K. 10 1-H I'l. a 5.30 Lydlii Uii'jliCG W. M a-3 Ft. 2 15.41) Lydla luiKhes E. aa-;i Ft. ;i i.O'J Went I.'ml h'uti-DIvlsliin lo Illyllievillc (Oufsiile C'lirpanitfnit) Anderson IJullcns 22 2 1.21 Clus Smith 7 8 l,m II. l v Atkins HI II 121 I'link WHlkn Siili-Divisiiin (n lUyllicvlllc (Oiikhlr. t'liriiarnlloii) Coniitnncc Wcsl- hi-tmk 1 8.15 Constance Weal- brook 2 TDVVN OF DKI.I, W. A. Whistle W. A. Whistle W. A. Whistle W. A. Whistle It 27.21 lli.30 iii.Dfl 10.30 TOWN OK LliACHVlLLK Original Survey Hank of l/>nclivillc It 8 I Lin Nancy McKnl;>ht 5 14 9.1:5 llnyia AdtlKInn tn Lcuclivillc 11. II. Hcndrix 0 5 4.1^ OriiCB H. .iacksnn Ailililion lo Leaclifillc Grace W. Willifor,-! 1 A 11.53 Henry nallcy 2 A 18.25 Nelson's ! iv',t Ailililion lu LKifhrillc W. ?.!. Eflgirs •! JJ 5,87 1'ark Adilitiim ti> l.rai-hvllln I'Vnnci.s M. smith 17 B l'J.73 Smith Addition In Leachville l.-cnii B. Wilticlm 21 Li-Jin li. V/llhrlin 22 H. M. Morsaii n ft. M. Morgan 10 R. M. Movsnn 2-1 R. iU. Mol'I-dl 25 C O D D c; c; 1.37 1.37 8 .'M Smith's Siib-Diviiioii io Lcai'livillc C. A. Stuck , and Sons 10 •• J 8.25 W. W. L'dRirs S. 70 Ft. 16 J 0.25 C. A. Stuck aiirt Eons II ,1 1.37 •Slaiitlcitnirycr Aililitlun lo l.cndu'illR .7, E. Sr.'iirnier fi Ii 4.75 TOWN OF MANILA Original tiiido AHhnhramer 1 Lutlc Aslialirnmcr 2 Luric Asbabramor 3 Ludc Ashabramer 4 E'lide, A.sliabvnuicr 5 Ludc (i Liide Ashabramer 7 Mike 43 Mike 48A Francis Austin 12!) T. J. Pi ice 17ft 20 17I..87 21 20.45 26 40.G4 VV. I). Mr*, ld.1 Jtott. u H. B. and H. M. Ncdray 3 H. B. and H. M. Ncdray ^ C. A. Elfranc 2 W. D. Cole S'.. 7 W. D. Cole 0 Klylhcvlllc Liniibci Firsl Artth'fion (o nljfiicvitlc Clialres A. Wood 0 3 20.45 Blylhcvillc Lumber C'otnpnu'v Second Addition to nlylhcviUc L. Boyd 1 1 4.03 L. Boyd 2 1 -t.03 2(! .11 3:1 2.28 J. L, Boyd Addition 1 4.03 K Mrs. E. L. Rhodes li Mr.s. E. L Rhodes Myrlte Sevierc l In nlylhc.viUc 15.40 Jlill nn;| Lumber Ccmpan.v Third Addition lo nlylhrville • - ' ; CourJor Ncivs want ads. 1 D. J. Cartce .1 Carrie p. Rhodes 10 1.83 12.38 L Bell Ora Jones 4 Lijitla Maron I .famr^ Aclililinn (o J. W. Badcr 2 11 '•-- . i. \t. riiv:<j i f.^ 13 '• 52 I Rosa Childcrs W'.i mi H ~""'Rosa CbiWers E 3--I 1B3 1-1 1.52 1.52 1.52 C 17.93 Marsh Addition (o Rlyllievlllci Knox Cr.ilj Cent. 1-3 3. 4 2 15.40 Laura Collins Est W'.i 8 4 7.83 Laura Collins Est, 7 4 40.64 S. C. JvSoorc 2 5 15.40 Morris Addition to UlylhevlHc W. G. B.iker Ada Hicks 13 B C 15.40 P. J. O'Bricu Still-Division lo Blytlieville (Outside Corporation) Win. C. Wood 0 H. Wyalt 4.20 1(3.05 2.23 Park Addition lo lilylhcvillc William 5. Wood 2 Myrtle Botirlnnd 7 Blanche F. Brooks 4 Blanche F. Brooks 3 Mary jone Brnke 5 W. O. Hale 9 1 20.45 25.40 20.45 20.45 17.9: 10.35 1.37 8.13 1.37 8.13 1.37 R.13 1.37 67.74 67.71 1.37 9.25 n.2,> 2.51 1.37 8.23 4.75 J. C. Garner 224 n J. C. Catner 225 17 Troy Wctheny 22G 17 ,., C. I). Ashabrammrr Addition to T.lanih W. L. Grihln 14 3 1.31 W. L. Grinin 15 3 131 W. L .Griffin 16 3 1.37 W. L Griffin 17 3 1.37 W. L. Griffin 18 3 1.37 W. H. Ashabr»mnicr Addition to Manila Lizzie Mae David 3 , 1 22.V5 Lizzie Mac David •! 1 1.37 I'arkview Adclllion lo JL-ilUJa Aubrey Scott 8 5 ' 1.37 O. B. "Barker 10 5 1.37 \Vral End Addition lo Manila Mary Wells 2 4.75 ,1. E. Tollivcr 7 '1.15 TOWN OK YARBKO M. C. Flowers 3 l av;t Dated ;/,;.* O:t. 0. 1D.'!7. K. M. CRAIG, Cleik. SEAL By A. F. SMIIII, D. C.

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