The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 2, 1940
Page 3
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1940 BnTHT3VTU,E (ATUC.) COURIER NEWS rsiitt Toy Planes With a Serious Purpose PAGTC !v' r < T ramee's Contentment Is Deemed Necessary Fa Efficiency WASIHNC5TON <UP) -A corps of specially i rain eel arm-y interviewers ; ha.s questioned the first contingent j | »f trainees called to .service under 1 1 UK- conscription act. Their object v.'ii-s to place the nft\v soldier in :\ position that will army H'ficiency. This group of men. charged \vith properly classifying- trainees, consisted of both commissioned and i:on - commissioned officers. Many of the interviewers, especially National Guard and reserve officers, 'v/tvt- personnel managers in private industry. To iifiSsdurtn efficiency of the army and keep the personnel .satisfied with army life, these men classified trainees according to Ui'-ir pdvate occupations or .special qualifications. The trainee underwent his first clarification test immediately upon airival at the reception center to which he was .sent after induction. At thai time, he received the army general classification which classifies him according to his general capacity to learn. Tests Not Formal His grade on this test helped the interviewer from an estimate ot his probable skill and adaptability. This interview was not a stiff, formal question-and-answer proceeding. The officer with whom hu talked sought to put the new man at ease and to enjoy -more of a casual chat with him, for this in- lerivew was an all-important point in final classification of the trainee. The information he gave about himself — his occupation, hobbies, favorite sport, knowledge of foreign languages, musical or theatrical talent, education, and skill in his chosen vocation—was recorded on what is known as a Soldiers Qualification Card, a record that will follow him everywhere he goes in the army. If the trainee exaggerated and attempted to ,pull the wool over the eyes of the interviewer in hopes of getting a soft job. and was caught' by the interviewer, he probably was sent to a trade-tester whose | Radio Active Treatment. Is found To Reduce Leukemia •EKKELEY. Cul. 'UI') -Health- j ccvkuiils that may .-un- i!u- | :U';ul!y ili-i.-.i.v,. of Jr.ikt>mui i:; tlu> j jatos; in-udUL'l ol' tlu- Htuiii-smiuh- j iny_ cyclotron of UK- Univyr.suy uf i Ctilil'uniia, university :ui:hori!hv> I'WVT .inr.oum-cd. ^ U'Ukcmiu, siih lisrrd :is a ma- i ligMiun and iiu'iirabk' c ist>ast\ has now hern found to reload lo a lH'n;:n<-nt ol uraiigo-juin- roi'k- atils mixed wiiii radio-active phosphoric n>, produced by iho vyc.lo- Iron ihrcuii'li I'.R- bri-sikiiiji dow'u ol atoms (Ji tlit'ir eell-de.siruyiny, HIV*, i Tnc disrovi'i-y is Uu- in iho i li>. I O! ! Mtlinphs ill S(;il'll('(! WiUt'I) tin.' o'/!(/!ron has made puvsib'u 1 , While t'xptT'.moms have been un- dw uay since \\m !or used-lain- i ing '"'i' 1 lehntpctut: 1 value not only ' j of Uii' rays pnxluci'd by I he- 220- i 1 ton cyclotron bui also of (he .syn- I thc-tii: radium and various radio also Ls beJiiR 1 obtainwl in (his way with the control of cancer by radio-active s'<\s m'tilwrt b' v I he cyclotron. Conslnnt I'xperimentutiou continues with the various ntdjo-iruive subsiunc'P.s on various other dis- i'use.s to M?R 10 what oxtcm. it may Mijjphmt or prove even .superior to other forms of radiation trr-iK- mont by X-rn.v.s and nidium. Still Kreaicr results arc e.vxvtY'd when the now $J.500.000 4.000-to:' t'.vdoiron, now umtor co.M.sini"tlr)'- K completed. TJjis will jx-rjuii tV direct uppllciilioM to hmiiun hein- of its niy.'i. Tue United Siiiies Army now i'; UK- 17th in u,,, worl( , KiMm loiui.s nil co-.mtrii'.s i/i .sixe o! ;irmy. Dive-bombing, which plays such an important i:a:-:, in modem military technique, is one of the .subjects ;u -tive .substances wlm-h it ctvati's closely studied by U. S. Army Flying Cadets at Randolph Hvki, Tex. Above, four Hedging hold modfl aii'ccs.s with (he leukemia trWi- bomber.-; to illustrate progressive position of plain- in dive-bombiny operation. White thread 10 model mem is tlu ' niast - notable one oo- battle.ship murks pilot's line of sight, ln.stru-.ior at riyht checks up on the .studeiU-piloLs. '• talni<l1 tlllls fni>; Manila Society—Persona! Vvomim's Society of Chrfstian Service The members of the Society of Christian Service of the Manila Methodist Church met at the home of Mrs. H. Poo Friday, Nov. 29. with a large number of members present. Mrs. Fred Needliam, Secretary of Bible Study and Spiritual Life, led the program for the afternoon. It- was bused on a piiase of Spiritual Life. "Faith". A scripture on .Faith was read followed by s discussion of "What Faith Is'' by Mrs. C. H. Ashabranner and a tali: en 'Faith as We Use It In Our Lives", by Mrs. Jack Tip ton. Mrs. • i • , . * -' •>••**•!. t.i»«_ri. J.1JJV.UII. iVilft. job is to ascertain a man's Skill, j Needham retold a story of an old Interviewers pay close attention to hobbies and vocations which the trainee might- have wished to follow. for. 4 the atmy has learned that from thl^syst-fim-^the; mau 'rnay^be more proficient., and, likewise, of more value to the army. Find Classification Made When the interview was over, the trainee returned to his group and the card went to an expert classifier who. after studying it and consultin a list of civilian | and military occupations, decided where the trainee should be sent. The classifier's opinion goes before the chief classifier who sent the card to a coding section. After the cards have been arranged in alphabetical order, men with given qualifications can be -selected from the group quickly by a punch -card system which the army is instituting. If a man becomes skilled in his occupation while in the army, that fact will be noted on his card. Officials said specialists were not assigned indiscriminately. If a reception center had 100 automobile mechanics on hand and was asked for only 25, those 25 would be selected through aptitude tests which would establish priority ratings. couple that lived by faith. Other interesting comments were made on ; the- subject, Mrs. H.. M. Fleeman. president of •the=-W^i-"C:'-s;". : ^resided "'over the business meeting which followed the program. rived dressed as tacky as possible. Mrs. Melvin Downing received the prh'.e for bein^ the tackiest, woman present and Grover Snider was given iho prize for the tackiest dressed man. Boxe.s were auctioned of! to tlie highest bidders. A sum of near S1H7.00 was realized from the sales. The proceeds of this party will go to decorate the Ne'.v Liberty building and to buy more books that are needed. Two turkeys were given nwuy supper. Rev. and Mrs. O. M. Campbell Honored The members and friends of the Manila Methodist Church honored che new pastor and his wife with an old fashioned pounding at the church Wednesday night. As the members gathered, they were led in singing of a number of old time songs. Rev. Campbell and wife received a large number of gifts. After an evening of fun and songs the ones present were served refreshments. At the same, time in the Church basement the members of the Board of Stewards met with their chair- ('a Hod !*o minis I Sui-ct-ss It also is considered the nnxst in the week for some hunting. They important uchievcment madt- by plan to return this week end. ' tn( - cyclotron since Dr. 6. Mrs. Fred Needham and children, LawriMU-e. it.s creator, rea-m-d the in phy.sU-.s lor its In- Jordan Doss and Unmona Jeanne, have returned from a visit with relatives in Pocahontu.s. Mrs. Reed Threlkeld has as her guest.s this week her Mster and family. Mr. find Mrs. Sum Shell ol Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Bertha Ross, who has been visiting ner sister, Mrs. i. Griffith in Manila for the past week has returned to her home in 'Senath. Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Kip Moore were guests Thursday ' of Mr.';. Moore's parents. Mr. and Airs. Robert Fisher of Monette, Ark. Mrs. Charles Seamon left Monday for Han ford, Calif., where she will make her home in the future . Dr. and Mrs. VV. P. Hutchins are spending a. few weeks in Hot Springs, Ark. Dr. Hutchins is under medical treatment there. Mrs. W. A. Walker has as her guest, her son. Martin, from the Nuvy station-in Norfolk, v-.i. She expects another .son from there for a visit the last of this week. Mrs. G. O. Stuart of Equality. sion. m- . L i>*io. ^j. vv. ucuciirt. iui;ui r The hostess served refreshment- Cross chairman, is leading a dr.- unng the sowal hour that came, this week to raise Manila's quota *•- »«. close of the afternoon ses-1 for Red cross work. She asks all The Society v;ill meet next Friday afternoon at 2:30 at the homo of Mrs. M. L. Downing, at which time the regular monthly meeting will be held. All -officers man, . Robert Killian, presiding at Hi., arrived thus week for u visit the meeting. ' ' •••••- -t * * Mrs. O. W. Sellers, local Red to cooperate in putting this across. The Lions Club has selected :i committee to aid her. •• ~ * Liens Club to Sponsor A .Christmas Tree „. ,, t i**v.'*n.i.^vwm 1 a.iicu inust have their monthly report, f Tho Iocal Lions club hns an Pentecost Church Sen'icc at nounced that they will sponsor ! agaiii this year n community j Christmas tree and party. This will take place In the business set-tion , The entire membership . of the [of the town.' The purpose of the Pentecost Holiness Church of Ma- tree will be to bung the community together in one big Christmas party with gii'r.s for everyone provided fcy the Good Feliow.s fund. The en- with her sons, Luke and Domikl. of Manila. Mrs. W. F. Turner and have as their guest this week. Mrs. Carrie Cagle, ol Savannah. Teuu. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Copple spent Thursday as the guest of their parents in Jonesboro. Ark. Mrs. R, O. Flnley of Detroit Mich.. Ls visiting her son. Lee Finley and other relatives in Manila. J. T. Beard of Marian. Ky., is the guest this week of his brother. A. F. Beard and Mis. Beard ui Manila. Nobe vention. I The experiments completed in the treatment o! leukemia wt-re cunciui-U'd on 100 victims ol the mulndy. including « controlled group of GO patients, of whom four were relieved of all symptoms and 12 were improved considerably. Heretofore, leukemia, which is n blood disease in which there Is u tremendous excess of white bktorl corpuscles over the red ones, has been considered incurable. Different methods of administering the radio-active phosphorus created by the cyclotron were u.sed sucn-ssiuily. n was round MIL- treatment could be administered in orange-juice cocktails or by injection dircL-tly' into the blood. ,Bec;uLsc it Ls possible to trace in the body tha route taken by this radio-active substance, it WHS sti- certained that it Ls absorbed directly by the bone-marrow and the .spleen, both of which play a dominating role in the fonnntioi •?!' red corpuscles.. ( ..Further Research M;>de Experiments still continuing' are LO ascertain if the treutment cun- •iot hi- handled, sumelhlng as Ls done with insulin. LO maintain a i'on.staiu control of t.hb disease. oven it it cannot be cured. It is believed that the slow decomposition of the radio - active phosphorus >n the bone marrow nila met Thursday for an all day meeting, dinner, and a day of thanks and praise at the "local church here. Services were conducted throughout the day. Miss Campbell. evangelist, who is conducting a series of .services at the church. preached the sermon. -Many out of town visitors were present from Cm-dwell, and Memphis. At the noon hour the ladies of the church served a lunch, laid out in an old fashioned dinner on the ground style in the church. The membership of this church although not large in number has. 0 ...... .. ....... „... long been noted for its meetings j blue patriotic "motif was carried h - ri and especially for its observance of cut. Mrs. Green .served refresh- Tmmksgivmg and Christmas by (ments to the large number present .such rallies as^ this one Thursday, j L. E. Mobley, son of Mr. and * (Mrs. L. E. Mobley. was entertained Banquet Held The directors of school district No. 15. their wives, the teachers from Brown. Manila, Shady Grove. Milligan Ridge and Lost Cane were Turkey Forward-Passed By Hungry Young Thieves SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—Fool- giving. Birthday Parties Two members of the Younger sen _ in Manila were entertained with i parties in honor of their birthdays this last week'by their parents. Billy Green, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orin Green, was honored with a party at his home. A number of his friends met there Tuesday for At The Hospitals Blytheviile Hospital W. B. LofUn, Huffman.' admitted. Mrs. J. F. Sandridge, city, admitted. WiHwm Beavers, city, dismissed. Walls Hospital Mrs. Edward Dinsmore, Steele, admitted. Frances Wanette Ferrell. Steele. admitted. Mrs. A. s. Deen. city, admitted. W- W. Simpson. Dell, admitted. Born to Mr. and Mrs. R. L Tri- muc. city, a daughter Sunday morning, weighing eight and a half pounds. Mrs. H. C. Robinson and baby. Steele, dismissed. Carrol! Johnson, city, dismissed. Helen Spicer. city, dismissed, i James Kinney. Burdette. dismissed. Memphis Baptist Unspital Mrs. Harry Kirby, city, admitted. Bradford ohipp. Dyess. admitted. -\Icmpiii.s ISIcLcmorc Clinic —- —.—. xx UJlwl yii i-- - - — -•••• •-".. ••*• Mr.-;. Dorothy Turner. Osceola. ^ Rle .v and Mrs. John Morris of the ' D - Robinson had gone there earlier admirtoci, Mcmpliis St. Joseph's Hospital Mrs. Osa Barrett.. Hayti. admitted. P~oniptu talks were made by rep- J. T. Holt. Caruthersville. ad- ' resentalives from the different mittecl. schools. C. W. Tipton of Manila. to ease hunger here. While one kept the motor m their car running outside a restaurant, the five others entered, took up a staggered formation, from which the leader, snatching a roasted turkey from a phtiL-v. forward-passed it down the line, f till turkey, formation and all wound | up in the auto and speeded a way j before Ha;r>ld Wilkcnson, the pro- find .spleen may bring the disease under control. similar success W HEN your child can't breathe fr««Iy through her nostril* because the has « cold tn*ert Mchlriolalum In them. Soothing M«ntholatum will ctiar the mucus- clogged (lattaget —will let In the air. It dears the way for braathlnj comfort. Opens STOPPED-UP NOSTRILS due to colds , , rr , t , , . , *"-*<Jl(J 11UH'JU VY Hl-wUlUlUII, LI 1C IJ O- games and fun. The red, white and prletol , even kncw - that .' the , unt - hllll? notion* If" mntlf H-.Tf /«n V •• I a ,-l ! . = MENTHOLATUM '•:P/ye|. CtfjaPORT Doll? s at a banquet Thursday nicht at the Manila Home Economics building. The banquet was given by the teachers of tlie Manila -school. The purpose of the banquet was a get together of teachers. directors of this school and the ATHLETES n. Clearing-up help, heal FOOT , &TCH Cleanng-up help, healing aid 1 '— antisepsis of Black and with a party at his home when his " • mother asked thirty-five of his ?,? ? d Mend, in to,, me evening. Gan« ? ,, were ployed, directed by Miss Cap-; back, vr Vital in cleansm" is "ood tola Jernigan. who also presented soap, get famous Black and White L. E. with an assortment of gifts. The guest.s wete served refreshments of cake, sandwiches and hot chocolate by Mrs. Mobley assisted by some of her friends. Miss Melba Davis of Jonesboro; .' ' •' « •--'VAV-JX tlil\| V> LA IIV bkm boap at all dealers today - PRESCRIPTIONS- Saf« - - Accurate Tour Prescription Dmgglal Fowler Drug Co. Mam & Pint Pbon« .141 other schools of the outlying ciis- spent the Thanksgiving holidays tricts that have students in the"""'"" ' r " 1 "" " " ~ ' ( Manila consolidated .school. It was jto the fact that the Manila f,«chcol is a community school and not serving the town of Manila. Thi.s affair is planned now to be with her father, H. D. Davis, and other relatives in Manila. She returned to Jonesboro Friday. Mrs. H. D. Robinson and Mrs. Herman Alston left Wednesday for Ludlow. Miss., where they will' visit Dr. Saliha's Clinic EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT 128 K. Kentucky Avc.. Corner Fnuiklin & Kentucky GLASSES FITTED .!. A. Saliba, M.D., M.K., Ph.G. Office Phone 418, Res. 410 , ._ \ ari annual event. Miss Carolyn [relatives for the holidays. Dr. H. Manila school gave a musical pro- j ~ ~" ' —~ ?:±,,,[ or .J,!l c .?i lcsts :. s , everal ™- Fistula Sufferers Face is Methodist Hospital Born to Mr. and Mrs. Glen Burton. H.iy;i. a daughter. l.oud Speakers nn Trollej's MELBOURNE. Australia <UP)— All street, cars of the city arc now being equipped with loud speakers Ivlr. Threlkeld of Brown. Mr. of Lost gan Ridge Giovc. Roy Ashabranner of 1C with interesting talks. One of the iragic results of neg- reiKem of Brown. Mr Evans »«&", le^uios 01 neg- Canc. Mr. Bixacv of Mi'lli- j lecled fistula - frcc ^ uen ^y is loss of idge. Mr. David 'of Shariv' bowel contr °J to gether with netv- Rov Ashabranner of No ° US dl5C ? ses and general ill health • v * ^1 i"«U. «r»i».-n/^ KT- f-alf +**i+. .-__ ^-.« and several others responded W. W. Fowler, superintendent of the Manila consolidated school dis- ..- that passengers will have noj lrict No - 15. was the master .difficulty in hearing the motorznan! ceremonies for the cvcnir.s. when he calls the names of streets! ' r " of and stops. License, Draft Number Same BISON, Kas. (UP)—Glenn Friend won't have any trouble remembering his draft registration number. It i.s the same as his auto license, number—575. ous diseases and general ill health caused by self poisoning. Thousands could save themselves from humiliation and serious, illness by taking proper treatment in tinv The Thornton & Minor Clinic—oldest known rectal institution in the world—offers a FREE Book which explains Fistula and other rectal diseases; tells how more than 51,000 persons have been benefited by ""V:r"7A, "^v^Hcr aim their mild, corrective institutional party under the sponsor- treatment — without hosoital ron- ship of the Manila Lions Club was i finement. Write for this Pre* BoY* held at the high school auditorium | and Reference List. Address Thom- Monday night with a large number ton & Minor Clinic Sui'te 1219 present. Fun reigned a s each ar- 926 McGee St., Kansas City Mo ' Community Box Supper And Tacky Party* The community box supper and Try Our "Warm-Morning" Sentry Coal. For the New Warm Morning Stoves GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. PHONE 76 WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT 10* ^ASPIRIN Legion Auxiliary To Meet Tuesday Night Plans for the visit of state oHV cm will be discussed Tuesday night nt Die meeling of the local unit "of the Amreican Legion Auxiliary at the Hut at 7:30 o'clock. All members of the local group are being urged to be present in order that plans may be completed for the larger meeting. The stulc officers are -coming over especially for the installation uf unit olftecrx, the daiu of which will be announced inter. Two-thirds or all the fresh tfa- ter.'on the face of the earth is located on the North American continent. Try this quick. frMiHEADACHEMS NERVE STRAIN" You Jl ajrree that Capudine te wonderfully futib »r.d effective. Relieves to Quickly btfcttuae* it's liquid. tJ«ed over 40 yenn. Follow .Jirectioiis on Itb* 1 !. All uruEBfoli, 10c, 30c, COc boltks. Liquid CAPUDINE WHY PAY MORE? 1.—Short terms considered as cash. i:.—Kvcrythiiiff, everyday, the ln;st for as LESS. !!.—l.urRi'st variety in town—Mcuts-— I'ouHry—Gr 4.—I'rnmpl dt'livcry lawn or country—No Jon^ waiting !».—Quulity uii«'\<!i!lle«I—Never undersold any day. ' All These & Mor« ul the One. & Only RITE PRICfc GRO. & MKT. 111-113 K. Main in mythcvilii-. Phone 234 Miss Whitsitt's •jna ^ . mi^^mm After - Thanksgiving Hero is news for all of you who are waiting lor veal values in COATS, i-'UR TK1MMED SUITS SPORT SUITS and SILK AJD WOOL DKESSES. SILK & WOOL DRESSES ALL $29.95 DRESSES NOW $2295 ALL $25.00 DRESSES NOW $19 95 ALL$19.95 DRESSES NOW $1695 ALL $16.95 &$ 14.95 DRESSES $1295 ALL $12.95 DRESSES NOW $10.95 A small dcposiil will put any .uarmenl away All Sport REDUCED TO NI5W I I'RICES—NOTHING RESERVED ALL $29.95 SPORT COATS NOW ALL $25.00 SPORT COATS NOW ALL $19.95 SPORT COATS NOW ALL $12.95 SPORT COATS NOW $25.00 $19.95 $16.95 $10.95 !)ra«tic reductions have been made on ail fur trimmed coats as well as all fur trimmed suits. (Ruv now and save.) SPECIAL RACK COATS & SUITS Also during this sale we are featuring one rack of specially priced coats and suits'* in values up to $16.95 at the amaxing price of TWO RACKS SILK & WOOL DRESSES Two racks of silk and wool dresses in values up (o $16.05 (while they last) Included in this sale we are offering all of our beautiful collection of hats, ALL S(i.50 HATS NOW PRICED AT $4.95 ALL S5.00 HATS NOW PRICED AT $3.95 ALSO :i OTHER GROUPS OF HATS 9 $2.68 $3.00 ALL DORBS HATS REDUCED Now is the time for the Juniors to dress up as we are including for the first time dresses in our new junior department. $10,95 Junior Dresses $8.95 7.95 Junior Dresses...... $5.95 6.50 Junior Dresses $4.95 3.95 Junior Dresses $2.95 2.95 Junior Dresses $1.95 All Sweaters & Skirts Reduced SALE STARTS TUESDAY MORNING AT 8:30 Owinij to the unusual reductions for this sale there will be a small charge for alterations. MISS WHITSITT'S SHOP Blytheviile, Ark.

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