The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE EIGHTEEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Mknltaurm ehftrii Mo 1 »lsi« p*r l!n» , lie | llmw p«r line per day I2c I Umw p*r Una p«r day P° • tlmra per lln« per day ,.,.., la It ttmM p*r Jln« p*r day 5c Month pn tint ... POo Count Eire *fpra.g» worrls to the line 'Ad ordered for thn-e or *U tlmf? AT •topped rj*fnr« *iplra*'nn nil bp ctiar) •4 for th« number or tlrnr-« tMf> n • pp«red and ndJUAlmrnl oJ Mil ntnd All C!fc**lfted Adr^/tl^lnf; copy KUI milted by pernons rcRldlne outside *i the city must bs acfo.npnnl^d toy cnst lUtM mtiy tufllj tie computed from tb AdrrttininK order foi recuiAt Inner *ton» infer* the nnp llnie tnhte Ho re»pon*1bl!.tv will br tnkrn fo •von than nnp incorrect irnprUon ' •ny t\*.rfinr6 Ad All »ri* ATI r^nlrlctrd to their pro pi 1 e. "IflcAtlon «t j- I e And up* Tli OftuMer ffpws resprTf." the right to ed 1 cr re.^ct *ny Art TYPFWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. BT.YTHKVTT.I.r:, fARK.j OQUR1KR NEWS :'<'««. Wi'tHlWC^HlWiWJUCtfX*!*" K Plenty of Forking Space 3!M tl for So/e, Misc. Xparfmenf for Rent 1 room fur W. Kv, Ph 3 M'"Hfn in 1221 pk 2 Apt Ph. 2234 1221 pk 1' 2-3 room unfilr. npts 3 room (urnl'ihrd vate bfli'n and on I ran Ph 2072 12 in pk Smnl] Fur Mflrlpnrv Hsrry j.^u-is Diane ."MS? 2 r 67J>8 5 ronm unfnr W Krntuckv Ph Gns lipnt 10 S !27 t p r ^(H-t r 1400 \\> 12J5 pk 31 3 room trnf. npt. Cull 2CCO or 3,1 BB 12 18 ck Call 2660 12:12 ck 3 room Unfur. apt 3 room fur. *p Phone 3963. Finnish eel upstair: vale I>iuh. Utilities 1-109 W. Ash apartment Ptl furnished. AppL 1220 pk 23 Unfur 3 room «pnrtment Phone 555 or 2595 Close In 1127 ti 3 room un[ apt.. prLrata location Ph 3323 hnth coot pk 122 Modern fur apt rqulpmen* Rit D*T!B Ph i373 oorni A Dath refrl^erMnr 12 * Slmnn 10,4 ck II ^urnlahed apt 3 rnomi l»« eQUlpmenl electric t 3oou turnllur. Ph 337.1 3 ilnf roomi and bath hath Coll 4912 10-3 ck U *-room boua« unfur apt 2674 9,6 ck II Auto Supplies and Services AUTO AHD PURNITURS LOANS Prompt Perional Service Oc&tnl Cnmrnct Purchase rjorp 1M South 3lh Phono 8R03 Doa'% endanger jour fumllj w hull? tires—Bin LB1 TIRRS ' ' CT4FU1M S«l'rc« STATIOH Service* Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-lMy mi-Tic w».tch»a nnrt doc* «nn* . by expert trie** Guaranteed work repairman Lnwcst PAT 0' BRYANT Main A Second 103 C* U For Fasl, nepi-mlnlilc ; Television & Radio Service, Call CAKI, t.O-VG RLYTHEV1LI.K TEI.F.VISION & RADIO SERVICE 114'/ 2 \V. Main Ph. 3796 11-15 Frrsli Conn try KKKS. Clirisl- 7t;is Trees, Fireworks. Fresli i'Yiiils ;>n(i Candies. lOajian's Solve. Pojfwoocl Ridprp. 2 mi. R. 61. 12-12 fudpe. pineapple 2ft7D to psaro your or<k-i f«' ionicniatie <|ivinity npsldp down mhos 11127 pk CIIRFSTMAS HAMSTKRS 'D oijoy Ml i ho Vf^i Ml S On My 6J 11:29 nk 12 2 IdrnJ pot.": y A Hunton all rear]j to go i Implement Cn T U U K E Y S Home. 1 rooms, 2 hntris. Cfiolrc loe* clou. Kiit-rlflce, ItifornmtLnn, write llox o-l Courier Xew.s Co. 1220 pk 23 RRALTY HO1.I13AV H -HOMKS 51,500 Ul 1 TO BUY RIDAY, ^'-S'-C^tC^tCtCtc^tC^MtcicKiciVlc^MMVVtt^V^^VVVVW; ^^^^«'«*f*«l«*lfl f ,«««^, < ^ wt ^a <<t< ^ t< ^ tc ^^^^ <<<< ^ << ^ Tractors $985 1095 22, Ferguson Model 48 It's Ready to Go/, /o/»n Deere B Model Good Rubber, 2 Pieces Equipment Ford 8-N 7 Yr. Old 4 Pieces Equipment See These and Other Values Today.' "Complete Tractor Rppsiir Service" Spcthili/ing in Kerj;uson & Knrd T. K. SI'URI.OCK, Shop Foreman Cltv O/1II Cftfe. Lenc 50000 r, 2 botti , rliiilj, John blryrlp, $8.00 Cull '£?M ; 1221 pk 21 i - rrft Trnrior, 2 row nil"- ^' n 1-1" Rrc;i!<rr. MrCionn irirrow, sprint: tnot)> / & Vrre trnllor. M.-rnnnlii: , y r. jtiRin) irraln trailer All ' ack Robinson Implement Co. Hlyfheville , * Phone 2,171 Also Your Ferguson Dealer in Osccola .^^fr^^ « Good Luck! • Fine Friends I • Happiness! • Good Health! • Prosperity! cxl 10 Cloai Ij\ke Churc ____ ___ __ Unrrls 1 Ciracrry Incltidlti? stock mnrr-.v (tninrdtnto po.ssi'fiFlon £!no;l ' iis|iiP5x JocftUon 307 S. FViinMLii ph M 8 J 25 pK 31 Lovely Brick Home On Country Club Drive lofiJal type walnut bookcas Mrs MLtchelJ G389 1215 pk 1 El.ECTHOLUX CLEAN'KKS- p/vlce. Supiillf's Call for tree •;t ration Vour nit] rlcanor li 'roe J a Harris. [>h Cfifll 70] New j-ntes on p,ir,y ic h 201? OPEN SUNDAY —2 to 5 p.m. Week Days, by appointment 3 Bedrooms - 2 Batjis $28,000 floine |?roivti ./e Oji foot E Hi-ssI When thlnklni: of hluk of Elect rohjx VHCIHII itid FJoor Pol.hhpt. Ltifi! r!\l) E C. TJinrnpson. ph You'll be Kind yon 12,Ifl pic 21 o bred ro . Mrs. N O. Jero pup.i. -. John Mils Cbalt icm, \v, oint. IJccrc f r icrs. -16 [i . . l All Piiillp- ('o!i(jrnvoo<J 12,30 pfc 25 JIJ-2 door Chevrolet. $375. On ho cen at 5212 Cnrolyn St. aftnr -J p in 1222 pS 27 l.nrge Moore's cJrculjitlnjf coal licat- -. Gooil roiuHtlon. finrctiLj] I'houc 528. 900 W. Ash, u 22 pk 30 for Sate or Trade 19-16 Jfcp in "xrHlpiit condition- 2 Hton trailer.-;: 1 2-row AlUs C'h.^nicrs «cior, cnltl valor, busior.s, planters. sk. harrow, cotton chopper etc 3 ts North Second A- M:»ynolU Avc an use KM A loan to build. Will lr»<le ir car or (nick. rh. 2877. 1221 [>V. 21 For Sale, Heal f state Real Estate Farms—City Property LOANS tiling Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Earls — .lencoe Blcig. Ph. 68fi3 a-rnom nnns tf ca*n Cull snoot' ,.,, „ l.ovety 3 bedroom, 11/ 2 bath, home .with attached ganiye, on Pecan Avenue. Spacious iiiK and dining room com- liination. Nire si%e kitchen any woman would like.'Ko screened back porch. Lot 70 x Ifiq. Large F11A loan. Price 517.000. Well located 3 - bedroom home. 90-1 Iloarn .Master bedroom 16 x 18. lartfe living room, nice size dining room and kitchen, screened hack- oorch, garage, 'i outdoor storerooms, beautifully landscapi'd tl fenced yard l'|ii s house is in extra good condition $3,:>00 cash will handle, balance PHA. Property is vacant ('rice $11,000. JOHNNY MARR PI: '1111 Res. Ph. yr>% H-2S ck tf 1313HEARNST PRICE REDUCED Is Irax-lng trm- fireplace, full vpry desirable 3-hcd- st be .soli) as thp ow-nrr i Has phi stored wsills. dining ronrn attncticd But a no system. ^Uunicd on Inntlscancrl lot. with gy [ ool f. Top PHA cfinstrnrttrin throughout N'lnr years old. M.MO down to iion-vricntns *:(.35n down lo Gl on -rn-ycnr loans Oivnrr will ronsl,!^ irtk- KI1A 2-hrtlroom ho»!t e Ln cood locntlcm in trade E. M. TERRY Terry Ai>=.irai-t ,V Renhv m 213 W, Wniiiui - Vh rim All or part . roved. -1 mi MO I. A M REAL ESTATE \! iiilciested in a home or I'arm, see us. We have any- lliing fmm a racant lot to a plantation. Also city ami farm loans. CATES-WIGGS REALTORS 115 S. 3rd. St. BlytlieviMe. Ark. Ph. 2751 0-11 ck tl For Sale, Cars and Trucks M "nick Special for sal. b, owner month* 10 pay Phono <SM «n,. r 6 n « tr CARL PAUL the man to see n you're lunVln* roi new OI.D5MODH.F. * a ne-* CMC cR. 01 » GOOD USED OAR He 11 t-lve you trie flfR) trans in tn'.vn! Tiiu'll untl htm at Horner-\Vilson Motor Co. 317 EnM Main hoii. 3058 N , ?hl Hat 11130 ck tl For Kent Modern Cabins v v. Apts $[ so un Vc'Sly ratrs Lost Boy Conn, Fireproof Dulldlng 30iBO C S tju...nt, " h »' 127 ck l;7 i rin Jiou^e nnr] bath, fur <|S n«r inth. wntrr turnlKhMl 505 N Btoncl- wa r . Call w.17. [3 , s pk 24 Noble Gill Pontiac, Incorporated You'll Fail in Love With These Models U'e inran Ilien- i;!umor,Mls. povv- eifnl UM-[| Cms or om-s. IXi tlu-v loot like n,»w! And are n- c sf!hn[; at nionry savinu prices'. COUJH-S. .snl.iiis. tvinverllbles. Ho- H>lKiillnni-<i late mncie] c ; ,is with i 50'SO t'ti.irantee on pnns aiui labor. Ka.-y leiins for vour ron- vcnicm-c. U II be a o j | ovc sight when you = L .,. tlicsc Duiir DrSiito nmrt. all values iralort The 61 Motor Co. Ytuir Kaiscr-Frozer Headquortcrs North mh «t. I'hiine 2MV Wen n« Hnc roMtmtunv to B*QX Up What Wt Sa T and EX> TODAY I" tloln^ pooil 'li 4326 1 0 pk 2A ^ __ 3ftXIO on (rin-y 10, »? mi" rcola, Ark , .it MK!VTIV Store piarp. fnr hlackimltli shop and Foi Inlonrmtlon l tl ( (l ,lre at y Store. Rt C. O.«OM)1 ( -\ 12 19 pR 27 fu cmly 3 rooniJi lorntrel Conner tint; h,i;li. rl pt-llptc llvlll',' III IHM Modern -1 V Hrarn llmds, ntllc . iii.iiu 1- PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock GtiarinlfcH Rest Prices Kirbv Druq Stores Insurance 1'his luvrly lirirk Home Is quality thrnngliniil. Beautiful KIT- CIIIIX, Ijfi-tj'me C.i-ncva Ciibim-ls with :ill (lie accessories, RKPAK I'ASl' NOOK, iiii-i-ly proiiortioncfl DININO KOOAI. M) .ipi, m , I.1VINC HOOM will, Unlian MurWr nrcplace. The ll,r« BED- liOO.MS have lar«e cedar linril walk-in rinwls. Botli BATIIS have cnlured lixtures anil gas wall heaters. Storage-nlus in lares lliiorMl ATTIC. CAK POUT. .Marble Kl;, K5 | ( , rl c TERKACK You will lilcc the spai-ioiis Si x 200 ft. shaily I,AXI)SCAl'FD LOT CliuiCf nri?;lil][)rs. Don't fail In InvcsUsali- (he 5 (ur.linrss and rhulre maleriajs used in cnnslruction of this home. JOHNNY MARR, Realtor Office Phono 4111 Hcs. Phone 2596 Wanted to Buy Right on the corner, right )ii the price. Dyer's grocery. 125 Lilly, corner Lilly & Ash. Highest prices paid for poultry and eggs. Ph WO. See us before you sell 12-7 pk 1-7 REAL ESTATE WANTED GI. PHA FINANCHO AN1J MEDIL^t PRICED HOMES WITH SMALL CASH DOWN PAYMENTS TO I1UY OR SFI 1 PHONE B1,VTHEVJLI.E HEALTH. 2:194' . 12,21 pk .i;5 i Bookkeepers Land to rent to experie Strele. ,.M O . 12 22 ck Land to Rent perience gin bookkeeper ecnilpmeiit. Dolphin fj| n F'Kgs In Denmark are stamped with the date en which they were laid. A1c?J/ oW t/?e« pleasures be yours this Chrittmasl SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. Bus/ness Opportunities tpi ^«la oy owner—cmnDmmion pon> • ••mi a..a dornliin ,i»rloi In Osceola -.qulpmem like new Cnod <op a tln[l .iiul a muj million dnllai tr.itlle pmni romliiii ft-un Dig payroll See or a-rlte f f Elclf,. jn w <j. Ave Blj-lhe- le. Ark Ph 6113 ll;9 pk no OROCEHY STORES AT INVOICE OTHER nuSI.N-RSS OPENINUS BLY- TKEVIL1.E REALTY PH 2.151 129 |i» 'a Chili con carne seldom is eaten in Mexico, although it Is known as a Mexican dish. Private Rooms on heat B'vllLe Hntel 11J28 pi 12,28 NEW Gl.ENCOE HOTEL Special rates monthly and weekly I'lr. 446*1. 12-4 ck tf •J bedroom* Men only Met R p~ Ulnmercr Hh M66 11|30 px 1230 Berlrnuin convenient to hath Sterra leat fill \v Main, ph 3325 Il|27 pit 12.27 Flowers ior Every Occasion BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART OUR N£W LOCATION isnn vv. MAIN PHONE r.ona In the Middle As;e-s. each stone cutter hiu! an individual mark which he put on :sll stones that he cut. These marks often \vorc handed clown from lather to .son. GIVE YOUR OLD CAR A New Look! flUTO PflinTIRG Call 553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Protection W Ash 31 HOTEI BUILniNQ READY TO RIVET - Mrs." ifrk-ii Doi tdi f.onj;sti cot, nbovc widow of Ihe fninnii? (.'onfrdri ale is ready to don her World \Var II slacks nRain and return to work on ,n bomber as- srnibly line ticur her home in M.niiclla, Ga. N,>w i,, Die BO's tint in "tip-tap sb;i|H " Ihe n.iliinnt widow List summer lost a bit! lo unseat Gov. Herman ttilmadgc for tlic Rovcrnorsliip of Georgia. Yes. dross up your car now wilh our ni!\v null) onamclinjr service. You can get either a complete j>;iin!ing jol) or a touch-up where p.-iint tiiis chipped off. Colors arc guaranteed. And you can he sure Irftl the rich, smooth paints, individually mixed, will he applied with a'factory-meth- od finish. Hesides ihe salisfac- (ion of havinjj it pood-looking car, you'll also find lhal a new- paint job will probably add mor« actual value to the car than the painliriK cosls. Come in and let's talk it over.. .you'll like Homer- \VilsurTs Real Service. You Should Read This! Rf sure your spt-frlninrlrr 1^ wnrkniK perfdiiy Drive in lo T. I. Sc.i.v Motor Co. anrt Irt us check II. One rl.iv jprv- Irr on .s|ir-ciloraclfr repairs for nil ears «nd trucks. T. I. Seay Motor Co. 121 Kasl Main 1'honp 2V22 S > Horner-Wilson Motor Co. Your Oldsmobiie —CMC Truck Dealer 309 Easf Main Phone 2056 ^ v^S

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