The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1935
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILI,E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CTCL Society Osceola —- Personal Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Delphiniis meeting Hotel Noble, 0:30 a. m. Mrs. Whit Goodman having Wednesday Bridge club. Mines. O. O. Ciuidill, Outline of Dell; Troy Stevenson and Miss Alenc Dudton. boih ol Huffman; I Ko.v Bauglmiun and Miss Mitry Mercer, l-oth of Lcll, by Die Kev. Lian c. ilolman; c!icsu>r Harmon and Miss Dun ii. Simlh, iiutii ci Iwaiilla, liy tno Ki'v. v. t. liuuu 1 - v.cnli, piiitor ui me Ursl Kins :i"d 1'. B. Joynrr having leu for Charlsvoix chapter Nalional Sec);!;' O. A F. ui Jo'jwr Jicmc. - ^,,,,1 Ladles Biiile study of CJhin-cii of gy^ Christ meeting wilh Mr.-;. J. W. £ . Bader, 2:311 p. m. Sudtniry P. T, A. meeting at SehOOl. 'J p. 111. Business Women's circle, First Baptist church incelliiB ai church, 8 |i. in. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. A. Ccnwuy having Mid- J w uc-.,•' Vviim mill *Mlsa . . We.'k Bridge clnb. Tlimsiky Contract club with y«. R. L Bradley, Mrs. H. A. Taylor hostess lo Thursday Bridge club. Thursday Luncheon club meeting with Mrs. J. A. Leech. KiieiB Sunday school class of First Baj-.lisi church Hireling with •Mrs. W. H. Glover, 218 Davis Ave. Jar.isli Larit's Aid society meel- ing wllli Mrs. Kir!:, o[ "Luxora 8 P. M. B'Nai Brith incetiris 8 1>, M. will) E. M. Julfee, of Osceola. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Hy Shy Ny Simdiiy schoul class First Baptist oluirch meeting with Mrs. J. a. Smart, n:(2 \v. Miiin, 7:30 ]). in. American Legion Auxiliary meeting at Legion hut. First AlclhuilLil Church Women In Huiiiirss Milling The 33 members of (he woiiiun'ii missionary society of the First Methodist chinch at the mcctlni; Monday Dltern;iqn, ut the church, heard Mis. C. O, licdraaii p,)ve the devotional. She urcd "StcwnrdRhlp, 1 ! as her Iheine. Mrs. A. B, Falrfield presented a program on Japan. * * t ThctiiUn lira untie Club Has Social Members of the Thespian Drum- Htlc cliib, which has three business meetings and one facial each month, were entertained' by Mrs. Margaret Williams last evening at (lie home fo Iicr parents, Mr. ami Mrs. J. W. Parker. The 15 present were served rc- Iieslimenis alter nn evening ol entertainment. Has lilrfhilay- l>inner.y •> .j Mabel Hoguiv- was . guest of honci- ut a dinner party givci. last evening by her niece, "Mrs. Jess Horner, and Mr. Horner. : BesldeV members of Hie family Sirs. Etmics Youi", Mlises Era Wright, Jessie Srite uijtl Marv Oul law wjre . gusjls. A decorated birthday cake \va ; the centerpiece of the (able arranged for tha Jourrcoui'fio menu John I 1 . Matthews Mix. oust; ciwiov,', utitii ci ii", Us me iu'V. .iuiui'i, II .tin, piinur ol [lie 1'irsi Hris- liin cuiiivii; liuipli iv. t", 01 Ucil, and MiSi Ouruifj >.i.t:vn COOK, 01 i>uj\u'ito, cy tii- CIW ;illii A,\a. m i iMuiuiii; juin llW UUQJ IJIJvOll, IJUUI 01 llC'l'L', il., 1 .iev. 1. K. bnc|ili.-ui; Boiitlicusi Mlssuiiri Teacher • " -•-"• " -VI- iltl , lIU Hflcr spending ihe spring va- Brooks CllllOn ' ' Mi! KlBlil rs col- 'tier Jur nnlnimv , „ i ,i , - - ' Jlmmle Ue The W. M. u. met Monday af- terncon at the Baptist church with nn unusually good attendance. In the business meeting, monthly reports were heard from all ''"' crfllcers and committee chair plan- <l!ci.«t;ll, lutul u-ucu, ol Ainiorci, anil ivii ij ^uuiM:, ul filltlLUUII, l;y lnu r*-.. \V. v. .Vomncji, j)iiait>r ul ttiu L-.i.i. .iicuiomii, ciiuun; mi luc- ^.IIIHOCK and uliw hioise Waiter, •i-i.ii in LIIMIIII,. »y me Uev. n. i. nih; w. is. WisdieK aim ivii*, rti.viiii.' LuusU'i 1 , coin ui USCC-OHI iioil iiinyarvc ami miis n, Onus I.UH 01 uuxurii. uy me Hev, Al, "• PIVSH.H; ualu. S. ilmicr, 01 tiffl, in., ana MISS TiKia jonn- .Oli, Ol I'CIKS, ill., Ijy im, ltcv . jlliari u, taiuniun; uin Murru -d;o Ana.-, OaiDL-ijiii' iSinvuwnb. uuiit Itlllllilll, ll> JllSlla' .lullll U. iciiiiuiii; W. O. iViurun, ul Uly- e\iue, ana Miss ijoiuue Mnrle .iiii-.H, o] iiiiw-s, Tenn., t) y j us ., :u uauur Alc.\at)der; \Vuuurow iniveii mid Miss oiiic I'ereu- ii. coin ui SU'cje, Mo., uy Jus- uscur Aiixuinli'i; Fivclurii.-!; idls mm Rjrs. saiuh uniont com 01 loiiiiuo; /ilnvu LaiKirinn Plans were completed for the „-„ kill, wllli Mrs, George 'Deer as Ullllil), UU1II Hin for several monllis and „ 1 [• cn ™ v '" l! - lul(! visitors «l«ler, Mi» Dorfa Cruder i,^'^, ™M. Htooorl. ai-t'r.,,, »..,,..(..., i.£... , _ . I I lillis U1JI I1C. U'wl'nrl rtllll liijthevllle, -Miotley. Luia !>)' Hie iiuii. uotli ol Hev. N. ii take St. Women uvo Study nieeliue Mrs. w, L. (.ireiui was In charge at the sumy mceims ol the woman's mlssioniuy society of the f'irst Methodist clnndi Monday auenioon at Hie church when Mrs <->ecrM Uisingw lauaht ilia lesson Onwitnls In American Life." The •"in Psalm wns used lor the scrlp- ,%"'"' M '' S ' J ' W ' lto " °" cral Hu W m-esent were dismissed "irs. Cireen. llcinlim 1). A. K. «u AiU'iirt State •• Waller HoEcnlhal lefl todny noon or b't. Louis where lie will buy joods for Ihe New York store and o be with his mother. Mrs. Selmii loscnlluil. of Denver, Col., who is "Isitiiii; lhcr,e. fie was accoinpiinieil '.V Mr. mid Mrs. Mux Borowskv of Manilfi. M, ritzsinuiKHi.s i.s m Piifiiicali, Ky., lor the funeral of his sister! '•le will be away several days. Liltlc Theater Will Give First Play Stion Tlic Ural pluy "Let Us tSe Gay" " be presented by the Ltttle Ihealcr jjroni), will be yiven \vllli- n three \-eclis. Mrs. Anne Stcv- -, -..M of th{f ch&flfi- i-oi.\ ciiuiiior of the Knlional Soc- •eiy. u. A. H., plan "u, aUciid ihe 'taie meclliiM In Jonesboro Thurs- My ami Friday. M,- s . James B Qlarh rcgem, BOSS by virtue ol wr oifice. mid Mrs. U. o. Gaudlll Giiclci- Meet Al Church. Circles.of the Woman's Mission ary- union of "ine Vim u ohurrli had tile - (tot of -j of home mission iiro3iv,nu HI ranged for thi> week on Mond^; afteriiOoii nt' ihe cliuvcli v.-hei.. Mrs. H?nnmi Wptjiole u-.-ss leader Included in the 49 present \\-.KI a new member.. Mrs. Charles Colh-1 II ran, and a visitor. Nirs Ctorcncc' i Kolwyck. Before ihe liomc mission pio- Bvain opsncd Mrs.. n_ g. iiarrhor led a general or, k | w theme -"Stewardsliip" 1>m i r-'ac scriptures which baraii with '-ncl letter of th» v.ord. it, -ilnfi \ •-"*• " *-* •- V'f^LCH -leeaies. The oilier nitiiiuers plan imm,*" ",'!" " lcy - '"" y furillcr imilliuiie themselves with the <•!'.•. nicy nre undcrlnklng At tne colonial cim,, 01 . Tnlll . 5( , , ;!~of u ,,« i( s^: i v^ s1 ;;: S'-u?^*^"- -..-. ^i MI_ «<uiu. *'• • I/vim i-. ituwiaiid Mrs. Theodore Lcgan coiKliieloci s l :i 'i"as, who has c.vtensi !,„„» ,....,..-._ . interests in Mississippi ^ arrived ysslcrdiiy to .spend . a brief busmen session. Mrs. Walyoli; pnsmt:il lh»-r numbers on the Ihcme "Revival --'J' s here. Fires Betwarn Ilio An:?vic^'j:'- dsvoticnal. Mvs. J. W. Bnhop. tl si»3 fi:« and second chapters of Acts: piano %> i 0i n ll!s ; v;ii [ u ,,. V] , W.iipole; talk "Mcatim Oo;V' Condition for a Rcvivn't"; talk "Revival Fires Between t!i" Americas", by Hi? Hev. Alfred Carpenter: (aih "-jj, c f.jtssiniwiy lite of Miss A mm Aniislion"" ,,i , WrlpcJe;-prayer. Mr^. w. M' Kl-.v- lock. Pl-ira v.cre ui'iicunccd-for ilu /., W. M. U. plnyJM. to h= presented!/^ aC the churcli Weitnealay in cenncclton \\illi - i meet ins;. oj A/eu;a tJy Personal Oi. Jolm K Kowiand of Mot In iid county Mrs. Charles Cilcnii is a nal<eiu .ii tile Memphis Baptist hoipJi'a] Air:., u. ,\. Taylor ami Mrs. A ^- Hull motored to Cape Gliur- in""illc f r:' , J ', cs!elch - v - accompany- Martha Lcc Hall who rctimled'To iccciiipaiiyini; him home. I'liiiu «lll be worked out fo. •sllor, fm! r,""" TllC Metll( «ltet Missionary soc Isltois fiom t'em- i3ly met Monday ufUrnoon ui llv I'burcll. end with Mrs. E. M. Howard. Mrs Etlircdgc lormerly lived In Jjjacli- ville, where her husband wiis '»' j business. ss Dorolliy Robinson imci for her KHOJits Friday eycnlnj Minnie ... is Hohcrs, Margie Payne, An- ni3 I'raiipes Wood, Jay Kirclioff, Ciaylon Hopkins, Iie,ssy Tuymnii mid Leon Ileaion, all of Pa™. goutd. Dr. arid Mrs. A. E. Hobiiison, and their daughter, Dorothy, spent Sunday In Memphis as the guests of Mrs. J. L. Brntten, Mrs. Rou- IILIOII'S mother. Leachville mid Manila high sclicol basketball teams met Friday alternoon on I-cachvlllc's field. Leaelivillc boys won, 13 to 8. The Manila girls defeated Lcaclivllle 18 to 0. Miss Hillie fliggs entertained wilh a party in honor of her tlithduy Friday evening. The evening was s]ient in dancing Tlii'st.' (ireciHl were: Misses Nell Rcse Paee, Mary Lorlnc Cox, Dor- dMiy Robinson, p a '<sy staudeti- meyer and Geneva Tuber; and Freeman weliftsrg, "Mut" ftow- erlon, Evert KeniicU, Harold Sclince and R L. McHnn'cy all of Leachvilb; Miss Minnie Annie hfi' .i"" 1 WLW ' Cincinnati, each Sunday noon. 'J1 1C thc Lulllera » church does observe Lent as a period abstinence, it for nn intensive study of the. Passion of our Lord, according to the Rev. Mr. KlcincHeim. "Tiic entire per- Wd, he says, "culminatlne in Holy Wcek,.Jias been wisely de- slgjied to give Christians' an occasion to review all Hie occurcn- ces of the last days of Christ before His substllullonary deaili on the cross for their spiritual edili- calion." Robbo, Annie Francos Wood and Mrs. Line llnbbard has returned cm ii visit lo Sun Antonio. Tcx- is and iiolnls of Mexico. TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 1936 American art in the dramatic world. W. 13. I'ollanl. ,,f the nice' , > " toc1 ' 11 !llld na '™' O'Neal Shoe Co., of st Lo, ; l.v , t- -' '?,',"", ll0 '"' al , whl °" ''Cf^Hments ended to bushies-s here yeslcrd-v , )c £cnT<L Gnmc5 »»<1 >'Walter Hosenlhal ] c f. tn,h\i± '^hinents will he in keeping wi ,h -- --- •'" .., Looping ^vju the spirit of 81. Patrick's Day. week is training course study \vcek for the young people of the'Baptist church. Rev. E L. Cole -will Icuch the senior manual and Mrs. Cole will teach, (h- Inlsrinediate Manual, is. j. C. McAdams [ Of Monetle Is Dead i Mis. J. C. McAdmiis, 72, inollifi--} in-lavv ol Mrs. Lucy MoAdaius, died at her home 'in Monctl; this morning. Mrs. McAdams ami daughter. Miss June, went over Ihis morning and a number (H Leachville Society -^- Personal C. C. Mead has returned rfom Litlle Rock, where she spent tllicrs, Including Miss oilllie Webb i" lcw <iays wllh '"-'' duuglilcr, motor over for the fimei;,, tomorrow. Mrs. McAdams, who was well knoii-n hero, Is survived by iici husband, J. C. McAdams, a son H- McAdums, of Jones- . rs. nne Stcv- - . . cAums, of Jones- Jns 1'otler. prc-iidenl, aiinoimcMl ! ' Jc "'°. ll »'«: diuiBhtcrs. Mis. w 11 ^ . IChild ircs s '""I Mrs. K. Ruebush Miss Huzcl Kample mid E L.! both of Moiiclle, and one who riilliifciro, of Osceoln, have llie;" VL ' s '» Okliihouui ending roles, wilh others in tin: cast: Mrs. U. F'. Kirslmer. James Terry. Chester H. Uabcock. Miss Mra. O. L. Dn/lell. J. R. McHaiicy, ol Uyersbiirs;. Tenn.. has returned home utter spending two weeks wilh his son, T. C. Mcllnney, and lamily. A 17-piccc orclieslra from Arkansas Slate college. Joiicsloro, entertained the teachers and pu- -"-**»'i«"o, nun'-itt j . When Aliss Redding returned from church the ifiXuid the dinner awaiting her. Martin D. Maydcltl, son of Dr and Mrs. M. D. Mayfiekl, a junior In the ArkuiJii'i Slate anleac Jonesboro, is on Ihe college honor roll for (he first .semester He finished his high school work ul Manila in 1933. Misnor Players To Give Ham Id At High School Shakespeiirc's TniBscly of Hamlet, Prince oi Denmark, will be prcseincd at Ihe high school auditorium ai 10 o'clock Thursday morning, March 7, by Ihe Misnar Players, ,» traveling company ;il- reeled by Emcsl Raymond Mis- ncr. author, actor and producer. Universiiics, colleges and Ji it'll schools, parliciilarly of Ihe middle west, where Ihe major part of his work has been done, have giv.cii mutinied prnta lo Mr. Misner and his plnyers. His visits lo ihcse seliools have become an annual event, eagerly anticipated by faculty, patrons and students alike. Critics familiar with his work declare that unflagging devotion to the highest standard of dramatic art and a keen appreciation of the elements necessary lo attract ,-uid please an American audience liavc made. Mr. Misner a leader in keeping alive real Attend Services For Frisco Agent's Wife A number of local lav enforcement, officers are In Memphis to-| day to attend funeral cervices lo jbe held this afternoon for Mrs. J. [H. Rclnmlller, wife of a Frisco | railroad criminal investigator, who died yesterday. | Mr. fienmlller is well known among officers In Ihis county having aided in the solving of a number of crimes in tills county. Attending the funeral services are: Sheriff Clarence Wilson and Homer, E. D. David and Arch Lindscy, deputies, and Police Clilet Ed nice and Patrolman Thurman Atkins, - ng e Pb of the Lcachvillc high school each week. A weekl Lutheran* Will Hold Special Lenten Services Bel-Inning Wednesday and con- tiiHiiii E throughout Lent, pilgrim Lutheran church will have .s|ic- eial Lenleu services each Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. A ssries of sermons, centering around the general topic, "Tile Cross," will be delivered by tile pastor Hie Hev. El. j'. Kleindlensl The worshippers will be given u reproduction of a famous painting Illustrating the topic treated with Craig, of Osceola, Mrs. Poi- tcr. O. p. Moss, Mrs. W. L. llor- TOO 1,.Vl'i; TO CLAiv'JIl'V c ., ,,„ sage WANTED TO BUV GOOD Used Oil Cook Stove Call ISO or ill 130fi w. Ash. 5c klf j solos were rendered by Jen Free- „ ,, JO <lt 0 „. ,„. OIlorli ac =ari,f r^tuy/r:^? s^ 1 ^i 11 ^;^^ ^^. c ^^^^ drcn of Bate,"-'"- --- • ' "vmti uuun,idn Blue Star Kills The Itch Germs To ;,•(•! rill ,,i ;(<•;,. .,..,5^ ict,,,^ fnf) , ilcli.nneiyjirMi or eczema, cover with I'KilhniB lllue Slur Oinlmcnt which cniiliuns tested medicine Ihal melts, M«IKS in (|iifcl;ly and kills (lie ilcli. Money Lack if first jar fails. . Chewing Gum LAXATIVE TASTES FINE Childrtn ind finicky r [Madly, fo^ Fren-t-mini, tl J U1 , , - - -. JWJ , ,,^ K f«VBnr* gum. The« i* no <»•* but <hc nut most imyatiint, rten-i-mlnf ii crSe-A'fti .o ,l, e U ,,u,,, |ik, | 0 «|. i, rt s 3'"& lllrlul ulivirr juicn. !!,„,. , lo „,,„ . !»...,>« hiu ,-our ,„,«„ Sl ,jj, a l y „ „„,„ - 1'" iliDipu^h iciiort of. . (/ 9m llic modem ici«ti- ,-in B . Thuj, inicciiiiis AI. illy >limul>i«i n.her Inin is id«il f^r bo:h (hildren i» >ItliciVc~bii ... l-e«n-a mini re»ul "(it mtikoJ—clu foicrd! ™nn.."mi! • id C'mn.up,. I'Xfli.i! in i.. D,l Gti Pp 1S '^"" ^ ftuy Burton Service Sla. AKK. MO. STATE UNI! Super Shell Gas at Missouri Prices r ranees Sandwich Shop '*' ui conneclion When strangers meet I break the ice U0UA cuuuowv 0 You like mo best |ICC;»IKC 1 ;un so mellow, rich, Ihvorful. She chooses me in preference in other cigarettes for another reason; because i ;tin so inilil and easy on her throat. But you both prefer me because f am made exclusively from feagraiii, MiM Jamie Statics, both ol Dyers-I I .^crg. Tcmi.. married .by. JuslWl Phone P-car Alexander; J, B. Wright ,,fl . Burc-etts, .and Miss Elva stom-v, M'OOD-M'OOU-WOOl) GOOD AND DRY "My,Coal Is BlacU But I ' You \Vhlle" PHONE 107 JOHN BUCHANAN WobO-WOOD-WOOD 'there ,iic ' i GOOD. CUPS Or CnlTcc I U Every I'ciintl. Oi Four I^af ffiiTfl:aM?ifj;ii IUCKIES CENTiR NOTICE Any article boughl of BURKE HARDWARE CO, not satisfactory in every way we will refund your mone intlmiit .-.ucslu,,, vtm{M ym rc(urn u { > as received and In a reasonable leojlh of m,e, say a week or (en days, Our first price is our bcsl niT, ant) We Have One I'rice To ALL. Sundays at 3 n. m. Short address Burke Hardware Co. 312 W. Main BlylhcviUe, Ark. . , spent the week-program will come from WXY', expensive ccntrr leaves. That's why I'm milder. That's why I uistelxjUer.Ntiiop leaves, unripe a ml stinging; no bottom leaves, «»arse and sandy, arc penniltcd lo destroy my uniform inijdnc>ss and good taste. I'm your best friend. I am your Lucky Strike. CENTER LEAVES THE MILDEST SMOKi

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