The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1933
Page 3
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•m Till) USD AY, OOTOIlfil! Ifl.V, BI.YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE T7IRI5R ere's Hand to Test Your Ability as a Mathematician Two Sentenced .for Fatal Torturing of 82-Year- Old Woman. * A q : y AS;: » A s ." A A I :: . NEWTON! in., Oct. IQ. I.UPI— Hairy Sliflliy. 44, of Tillot). 111., and liii neptiev:, John Allen, 20, v.-W I then tin 1 death pt-naliy by ;i jury 1 In n luiaj' f«r Uie brutal loriurc i i.iiirdiM- of Mr.;. Mary Selirador. Si. i un August 28. j A X I>M( . Afl«- slightly more than four| y o r. 4 hours deliberation lii? ji.ry brought| + \t,r, In llic verdict. 3i-m«'iioo will IK- I 4:): parcel a re* days heneo. In Il!i- f, ,T 10 ; nois lli« jury fixes tin- penally. J r, Mrs .Srir.'irti-r. lp-r clnii°!itc-r An- j A S IIL[, 44, and her brollu-r, IJrrwinl, y J Wf.!don, 84. were criminally at'.aek- i « K <; i Mi. braicn. and lelt bound nnd ' A K (; 5 . gasge;! by Ihret men who raided! Suliiiiim in nntl* Usuc. If. llif-ir farm home !ntt August. The <lii.xl mt-mW of l):e gatiir liU-ii.i- . McKKNS'KY ded a.s Ear) Htu;-k. Wo.s'.vil!e, III.. 1-, s'.ill ••'- large I Swrplary, Amcriran Brlilje l.eajue Today's Contract Problem He,.: nlioulil ilif bidding KO li'i i he I'olluu'lni; lianJ'i If Uoilli ,;>•'( > i In' 'OnU'J^t- Jt .••llDUUt tilt 1 I'rocil 111.TO 1,0 l>! 4,K J !:• c, 2 V K: Q HI ft »JT *7 (.Blind) iHHnJ) 18 or one ot the 40 ]>er <;'_>nt hand.' and you try to gamble wllli lh rrsull that you lOie in llir- ma Jority of limes. Today's hand in a goc<i o>mmpl hoover, of Hi« value of mallio jnaiics ui conlraci. | Thr Blddhif South W»*t N«rtli Kant I'BXi Paw 1 spade Pass I 2 spodPs F-IIBS 3 Spadts Pass ! 4 spades Pa« I'afs Pass Ojjtnlng leaul—the dub kin?. o lake the K, J, 10 nnd 4 of spndes nil dlvid* tiiem b»tw»en lh» E«t nd We«t. hnnrls in different combinations, and yoii will bo surprl 1 ;M to learn that ll-.o only time you will low your gsinie Is when llicro. nre tlfrw spade* to t!w king In he East hand, Therefore, the flnew would do Mr. V/aldnittn no good. If Iw finds three spmtes In ihe West hand— wliclhcr the king is in the West land or not—lip still nefd not lo.w his game. In such event, a llnosse might, produce live-odd, but first ot all he niUKl mnkc game. Tlwrefore. his correct play wit! UiLs romblnailon of cnixls, whei he wishes lo lose only one spide trick, Is to load ihe nee. Then, if the kint' does not fall, he could K" over to the dmjnny, lead u'.l spade and, if West (ollou-s. put on Vanilits" Bring Star Povfonnors To Rit/ Theatre 1034 edition of the Non-Eye-Batting Champ Will DoHii Stuff Here Chlcngn In 1038. nnd offers n to anyone who cnn nmke him lauoh while he Is In the Btirko window. Sara." the • meelinnlcal man, who boa.sU n record of stand Ing an hotr and 45 minutes with- ! The new '•Broadway nne of iho brs! musical presenta-' ills powers of self control In the Uoiis of (ho M'n.son, will bo al the window of the Burke Hardware Hit/, theater Saturday and Sun- company' Friday from 1 to !i::iO p. day :is an added atlrncllon to the m. und Siilimlay from 1 lo 1)130 n-Biilnr ilim [ironram. p. m. Hu.^i Fonii. ill-scribed as Droad-j wnys favurii,' inastt-r of cercmon-' ll)K \.i ml iipionslilp ws. head Hie slunv. and lie has smrmiiKliil'lf wllh nn nrr.iy of tiilent from recent, musical comedy successes. I-Vniiin (1 mi tne bill are Fen-Ls ill Ituv. funsters from 'The Cat find the Fiddle' 1 iu:d "Kid Doot.V the queen If you these lour trump around you will find It, an dlslrilwtloii. atudy in iiiaDiematlrnl club.? The J-bs Alien broke town c<j:npV:lcly asj i-'l'ipmalic.-* ) |;1 "> a big part in! y^i ),is led tht kins f.i jury unnoimced the verdta. :ind t!ll; I'^J' °- :i '• anrt - Bul ' al " "°- 1 2nd follows! with the ace. Eoiit ••^•d he would -isk ii new trip! as im'iintd 10 favor il except \vneii llle]l : ei! u small club, which North boon as p3«ibi« Shelby s-emctl thcic is " D lx -' U(J '' Vl ' a >' to arrlve al ruffed »'iiti tlie five of spades. J. A. indlllcreii' lo i:- fate mc-led oul '"V dcdv.cilon«. Thi. biMing or ihe waliiman of Clnciniittll. who was to him bv-the lii?v of fanners and (]r0 )' of th( ' car<ls ca " hn ^°' m ' H[ playing this hind, now v.-as con- on far bc'.lcr than can matliemal- fronted with Uie following uiob- i«. !em. Tn-j trouble wit:i inatheinatiu It Is true that in this hand you is lhat. while you may win on a can see thai if lie lays Die ace of certain p'.ay CO per cent, ot the spades right down, the king will lime, you do not know whether fall and the declarer will low only you lio.'c! one of the W) per cent one spade trick. But I want j'O'.i .small 10'Mi fnlk and merely shrn?- geii his shoUders. Only the defendanLi. ihcir coun- ^i, \hiet: newsiiaiK'nnf'ji and the state's attorney 'i'ere prr'.vnt \vher3 tlie jury rc-tum«i. Experts Doubt Story Of Five Buried Toads ,,. . (.l»n« f ,„ ., ,.. Visits Store Cilno and Ci.iino, dance team from Al Jolson'o "Wondoi- Hnv" ami "Hliow of Shows;" Tudor Cameron, former Oipln'iim and RKO hi'.idllne conifdlan; llnriy Forbes. Iin-iniei iliuuvr of "SU'lki: Me Vink;" Cluicli Wilson, comedian front "Take a Chance;" [he Alue Bisters from "Hot Cha;" the llltz- Ciirllon ui die.-;', ra, and eight 42nd Stn eL uulicinK beauties. lie claims the world's non-winking cliiuiipionslilp, cstnbllshrd In WJusf Another PillToDeadenPain CIREFNLEAF. Kail. IUP)~"OU '.c.irs. Is (lend, a victim of put- Ina |x)LM>iini (owl. Tlu> old iloa Wits well known in Oils urea iiiul ln> I'oiiirnii'liix from lov,'n lu luwn on fivitflU''!'* tt'us not ui) Fire lottos of Frcat Britain and Ireland amounted - lo over $15,000,000 during Ihe first four months of 193:!. '' Help Kidneys • If ii'Aily funrt!onfr.fc K&ruyi an UladJfr a:akfi yiHi t'-liT*r from fottfc Up NJirhu. Km'Ouir.pai, l<t.ou:r.aiJ ., 9 1'alnj, .Sitiriieu, HL,n.fnnr, or Af ktily iry the n ' i tiyatex - Munt IJJC )f>'l uyor J ROSE^llUKCi. Ore. lUPj-Com- wrce M the 1-lsK-r IX-parlmml Siore was (|iiiic ilUniptod when a iif Chlnpst- pheasant roaotor w into Uw IjiiU'.llnt'. He had up- ----- .............. _. , --------- -. jxm'inly lit-c-n uinicwhal daiwl by t-iiy or Montival Hip i-x|u-iull- slriklriK « ii-lvphonp wire. A rtis- lim-s of tin- administration will 1 Unner finally captured tin.- lilrd made this wiiittr liy and released iiiin outside MON'tUHAI, i UP) —An inquiry into the I'maiii'ml no.iitlon of t!'.<: city rommitliT apiwiiUed by the Cuiia- dlan Manufiirtiiriirs' ussocbtlon. BtK • womltrful mod*m m»di- tlae which Hell upoo lh» cooditlooi which CAU.SK the p«lo. Tik« «htiB rciiularU nod TUU should lufff r k.« and l»i Mch month. PFRSIRTBNT USK BRINGS PKRMANINT Rt- I.irr. Sold M all good dnif nom. Soull sue 50<- IYDIA L PtNKRAM'S TABLETS TOf RFJ.1KPAND PKBVENT10N OP PERIODIC P^INS FALL SPECIAI $5 Ik'aulil'nl Port rails IMIIIT 'I .••: l> in :<in.'ci;il iiiotiiii.-; One H x 10 iti (itisi'l mount This oHYr is liniili'd. Cli-l your onlriv in I'iirly. Belt's Art Studio I'hnnu XII9 for Appiiinlnu'iil llOCHESTKn, N. Y. t!jp>—Pnh- ll'ihed rc)»r'.s frosn Scheiif-eindy. N. Y., that, live toads found hy a Cioup of ]<tbou'is wej-e believed in have h'-tii buried In tlie tartii 34 years, weiv ftoffctl at liy Dr. Slitrman C. Bistiuj;, uf the" University of Rochester. No conclusive evidence iias been lircduced yet lo prove (hat a fro-i i:ui live moif ihaii 10 yr-ars. Dr. UL-hup, n bialogy |irofevor, de- eterod. Boy! I can breathe now!" PREVENTS many colds l« CASH GROCERY PHONE = 6O3 Free Delivery Free Delivery SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Potatoes 15-lb. Peck Sack Tomatoes Ko. 2 Cans, 3 For 25c DATES 2-I.b. Cellophane Package Each A-FULL LIM FRUIT PEELS Candied PURE LARD Rex. Pure 8-Lh. Carton 66 :t POWDER f'kg. Cuke Flour Free with 1-lb. can Calumet SOAP Lux or Life Ruoy Oleo K lOc Figs - 27c SNAP BEANS I'ound COFFEE A Good Peabmy I'ound PICKLES .Monarch. Dills. No. 2 1 /. Can IT 1>remier - Vacii " m GRAPE FRUIT Premier No. 2 Can Salad Dressing King Taste, Qnarts 23c Spare Ribs ^.^ 6ic SAUSAGE Pure Pork IrtC Lb. 1U BACON Wrapped Pio^ ^ 101' BEEF ROAST K - ( '- Hr !t < i: BOLOGNA ,,, lfl u VEAL ROAST """ ..,. STEAK ^VSJ.*." 2IT- I-arj;c GROUND BEEF ,„ 1IT Salt Meat S, c :ib.7lc RIRBY BROS. WEEK-END SPECIALS FOR CflSH PRICES HEADQUARTERS FOR COD LIVER OIL Largest Stock of Cod l.iver und Halivcr Oil Products in Ihe City. Norwegian Cod Liver Oil pi (We Super I) Co'd Liver Oil, 3 m: 39c Super D, $1 size 79c Super D, $1.50 siate S1.19 Haliver Oil Caps $1.19 Mint Flavored C. L. 0., pt. 69c 50CC Haliver Oil, plain .... $2.19 Super D, Concentrated, 5cc $1 Super D. Capsules $1.25 Black Draught ..... 19c Wine of Carihi ..... 89c Syrup Pepsin -.'-"- - - 49c Analgesic Balm ..... 45c Absorbine, Jr. - - 99c Wampoles - • • 89c Iron ' Strychnine. uml Pint •••^ -Friday, Saturday, Sunday Quinine, loz. - - * 89c Quinine Caps, 5 gr. Doz. -- 19c- Groves Chill Tonic ..... 39c 666 Chill Tonic "--19cand39c Nash Chill Tonic - • Me Bromo Quinine • - 24c Brownie Cold Caps, gnar. - 24c Jad Salts, Concentrated 60c Doans Kidney Pills Zerbst Colcl Caps Bayer Aspirin - Citrocai'bonate Vicks Nose Drops - - - - 44c Penetro Nose Drops - - - 25c Star 0 Hair Dress ..... 15c 19c 10c 79c CANDY- "KHlllY IIIIOS." <.'iii«ly Is Ciuirimlotil l» lOtiutil Any SI.51) a I'linnil ('sillily on (lie Murliut — Try II! i/, Ib. 25c; 1 Ib. 50c; 2 Ibs: §1.00 Johnston's, Whitman's and Miss Saylor'a,§llo $1.50 per Ib. Special Hallowe'en Packages Hard Candy, y 2 Ib lOc Wrig'ley Gum, 3 for lOc ^^^^^fg^^f^f^asasasafessKe^Ksst VicksSalve - - - 29c Penetro Salve ' - - Sc Cough Syrup wSmr25c&45e Maltkoff, for coughs - - 45c Cascarets - - - 17c 25cSterno' - - - He Drakes Glessco Cough - 4lc Haypo Hair Dress 15c MAIN AT SECOND Phone 89 iilytheville KIRBY DRUG STORES 'MAIN AT BROAD. Phone 23 Blythcville 5 Cell Spot Flash Light SI.48 - The Stores Where Only Registered Pharmacists Fill Prescriptions and Quality and Price Are Guaranteed to Be the Best 3 Cell Spot Flash Light 800 Ft. Range 89c 35c Man-0-War shave cr lOc Olafsen Cod Liver Oil - 69c Gillette Blades - - 19c Lavender Hand Lotion - 39e 5-yd. Adhesive Tape - - 10e Ub. Cold Cream - - - - 25c Red Cross Baby Soap---15c Fitch Shampoo - - 49c SODA FOUNTAIN Hot Chocolate 10c Hot Chili 15c Hot Tamales 10c Tamale with Chili 15c Chocolate Ice Cream Soda 5c Pint Brick Cream 15c Ginger Ale . 10c Butter Toasted Sandwiches Choice of Egg & Olives, Tuna, Chicken Salad, Pimento, Ham 10c—With Salad and Slaw 20c Cream of Almonds, 6 oz. 39c Mentholatum - ,- 2§c Phillip Milk Mau. 19c & 39c Mineral Oil, pint 35c Norwich Russian Oil - - 49c Ovaltine 15c & 89c Tek Tooth Brush - - - - 39c Malted Milk, 1 Ib. ---• 55c Germiddal Soap - - 19c Cleansing Perf, 500 tissues 42c Watches and Alarm Clocks $1 Zinc Oxide Ointment — 19c G.F.P. - - - - 89c Lysol 23c, 45c, 85c Milk Magnesia, viscolized 39c Dandrasol Hair Tonic - - - 49c 5c gc 5c Ipana Tooth Paste - P'alraolive Soap Life Buoy Soap Baby Castile Soap Fountain Syringe 59c Bath Alcohol, pint - - - 15c Marvelous Radio Offer — Buy • Face Powder ;J5c, Gel Unstick and Kuebroio^ncJlFRSKWf^ TOBACCO DEPT,"^ Cigarettes - 15c Prince Albert lOc 5c Chew-Smoke Tobacco ti-25e lOc Chew-Smoke Tobacco 3-25c 15c Chew-Smoke Tobacco 2-25c DC Creino Cigars, 3 for lOc Havana Sweets, 2 for 5c Factory Smokers, 2 for 5c Yello Bole Pipes SJ.Jj? Kaywoodie Pipes Loose Cigarettes, each lc MAKE KIRBYS YOUR DOWN TOWN HEADQOAR

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