Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi on November 30, 1900 · Page 6
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Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi · Page 6

Jackson, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1900
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLAKION -LEDGER; NOVEMBER 30, !. I I m """ " - , MILLS APS TEAM WAS VICTORIOUS STATE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA FEATED BY SCORE OF 6 TO 5. DE- The Game One of the Best and Most Stubbornly Contested Ever Played on a Mississippi Gridiron. Six to Five! B Bah for Millsaps! The royal purple and pearl white -wipe out the stinging' defeat of two week's since. On their own grounds Millsaps gave the State University of Louisiana a good drubbing. One goal and a touchdown by Thompson did the work. A crowd ot several hundred people witnessed the football contest between the teams of Millsaps College and the University of Louisiana on the fair grounds gridiron yesterday afternoon The game was called promptly at 3:30 o'clock by Major Claevonne, of Baton Rouge, who had been selected as the umpire. Prof. Young, of Millsaps College, officiated as referee, and Dun bar Holder held the watch as time keeper. The two teams lined up as follows. V XOTTISIANA STATE MILLSAPS UJriVEfiSITY COLLEGK Graham L. E .MuLeod Mundinger L. T.... ...Aby Fuchs L. G .Stevens Byram .C. ..... . . .. .Simpson aged and disheartened, and among some there was a desire to disband. But Coach Aby and Captain Thompson at once set to work with a will and put their men through one of the hardest courses of practice that a football team has ever experienced, and the game played with the same team that gave them such a crushing1 defeat speaks volumes for their good work. FOOTBALL GAMES. GOVERNOR M'CORD 1 Recommends Pe-m-na For Catarrh. Result of Several of the Important Contests of Yesterday. Chicago, Nov. 30 The football game between the University of Chicago and the Michigan, State University teams yesterday resulted in victory for Chi cago by a score of 15 to 6. Des Moines, Nov. SO The Iowa City and Northwestern University teams met on the gridiron here yesterday afternoon. The game resulted in a tie score of 5 to 5. Philadelphia, Nov. 30 The Cornell University football team was given a crushing defeat yesterday in their cons test with the University of Pennsylvania team, the score resulting 27 to 0 in favor of Pennsylvania. .New Orleans, JNov. so Ihe game here yesterday between the University of Mississippi and Tulane University resulted in the victory of Tulane by a score of 12 to 0. LOVE'S HARD ROW, ....... Wood . . . .A. Fridge .......Shields .. .Thompson ;,. . ..J. Smith Garland .R. G. . Gremillion E. T. McNeese R. E. . Coleman .R. H. Moitimer.. . . ... .L. H. . Schwing.. Q. . . .Howell, or Nail Landry F. B ....... H. Fridge The game was undoubtedly the most stubbornly fought that has taken place on a Southern gridiron this season and it resulted in a victory for Millsaps by a score of 6 to 5. FIRST HALF. . Millsaps kicked off. Louisiana made no gain. Landry caught but was downed in his tracks. McNesse ran three yards and lost on fumble. Millsaps with ball. Thompson, kicked' ten yards. Fridge gains twelve through left tackle. A wrangle ensued, but was quickly quelled. Thompson made touchdown and goal. Time nine mins utes. Louisiana kicked thirty yards and ball" was caught by Shields. Thompn Bon gained three yards. Thompson kicks thirty yards. Millsaps still has "ball. Two downs. Louisiana makes five yards in three down. Louisiana hits the line for twenty, ten, ten, five, five and ten yards successively. Howell falls on ball. Millsaps fails to gain. and kicks twenty yards. Louisiana gets "ball, makes five yards . and fumbles. Millsaps gets ball and time is called. Score, Millsaps 6, Louisiana 0. SECOND HALF. No change in line-up of either team. Louisiana kicks fifty yards. Shields caucrht ball and advances fifteen yards. A by rushed through right tackle for ten yards. Millsap3 loses ball on fail to - gain. Louisiana gains two five yards successively. Smith downs Louisiana behind line. Louisiana gets ten yards on off side piay ana loses ban. Millsaps gams four five yards successively and loses ball. McNeese runs for 20 yards. Louisiana gets ball over line, but fails to kick goal. Score, Millsaps 6, Louis" iana 5. Thompson kicked 50 yards. Louis-inna runs for 15 yards and was pulled down Dy aimpson. Louisiana gains two successive 10 yards, get down be hind line, run for 5 vards and fail to make gain, Millsaps getting ball. Mill saps makes three successive 5 yards, ana time is aeciarea up at 50 yard line. o r:i i a t : jujic, iM.xij.ei(js u, .Louisiana o. THE FOOTBALL VICTORY. Citizens Prevent Marriage of Old Wo man and Young Man. They have some queer, old fashioned notions down in' Connecticut. Ihe otner aay a man namea iewis Ji. ey, aged 38 announced to the citizens of Hartland, a small town in the interior of the State, that he was abont to marrV Mrs. Gower, a widow 66 years of age, by whom he has recently been employed as a fartc hand. He had even secured a license, and she had made various preparations for the thrilling event, says the Chicago Chron- ieie. - Then the neighbors began to get in erested. They held mass meetings and made speeches, and came to the general conclusion that Dilley was an inglorious wretch a base deceiver- who wanted the Widow Gower's mons ey, lor it was Known tnat oesiaes ner farm she had '$1,000 in the bank. No man, they argued, would want to mar ry a widow 66 years of age except for the gratification of mercenary mo tives. . Having thus decided they eallied forth to cover Mr. -Dilley with tar and feathers. This they were unable to do on account of Uiilev s powers as a splinter, but one ancrry old man suc ceeded in tearing the marriage license out of the lover's hand as he whizzed past, and the document was quickly rendered unfit for further use. Dilley, safe in an adioininar county, is now threatening legal proceedings, and the widow is sighing alone and waiting. This case teaches a lesson mat is very plain. Dilley should have had the ioresignt to pose as an impecunipus dude or a hare-brained count, and the old woman should have disguised heir self as the daughter of some railroad king, li they had done that no man in Connecticut or anywhere else wbuld have dared to cut the wire or pull out the plug or otherwise break the cir cuit. The people of Connecticut should be severely censured. If our beautiful, golden-haired young girls, scarcely pastel and neiresses to millions, may make fools of themselves and by so do1 ing reach lofty social stations, why shall our 66 year old widows be rudely yanked out of love's young dream? Somewhere in this business a balance must be struck, and the earlier it is done tne better it will ne lor all con cerned. m Hon. M. H. McCord. Hon. Myron H. McCord, Ex-Governor of New Mexico, in a letter to Dr. Hart- man, from Washington, D. C, says : Dear Sir At the suggestion of a friend I was advised to use Pe-ru-na for catarrh, and after using one bottle 1 began to, feel better in every way. It helped me In many respects. I was troubled with colds, coughs, sore throat, etc., but as soon as I had taken your medicine I began to improve and, soon got well. I take pleasure in recommending your great remedy to all who are afflicted with catarrh. M. II. McCord. The spring presents a much more favorable opportunity for the permanent cure of chronic catarrh, especially old, stubborn cases. Now is the time to begin treatment. Insist upon having Pe-rn-na. There are no successful substitutes for this remedy. Send to Dr. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio, for a free ca tarrh book. ' A Woman's Medicine. Action of a Home Remedy Upon the Delieate Female Organs. Even Those Who Have Been Sick for Years Quickly Recover. There is a simple vegetable medicine, of healing and strengthening herbs, that has a most peculiar action upon the female organs. it is called a. t f. (uerstie s i?emaie panacea) and has been tried in hundreds of cases and even among those who used everything prescribed by the best physicians and under went doctors' local treatment, this simple medicine was the only one that seemed to touch the spot. It was discovered many years ago and used by a leading family or me south. Its fame began to spread, first through the county, then the state, until now its remark able virtues have been taugnt, to ramiiies m every part of the country. Many a beautiful woman owes her present loveliness to the magic influence of G. F. P. taken at the time she was just budding into womanhood.' It is a certain cure for an such diseases as falling of the womb, difficult or painful monthly sickness, nausea, vomiting, headache, ovarian pains, leucorihoea, dragging pains in the back and legs, change of life, green sickness and the first years of puberty. Every druggist new sells G. F. P at one dollar a bottle. Be sure and look for the initials. Should you be in donbt about your condition write to the Ladies' Health Club, care L. Gerstle & Co. , Chattanooga, Tenn. This is a private information bureau wcere ladies can obtain expert medical advice without any charge. Mrs Sarah Jenkins, of Glenmore, Ga., writes that she suffered for years with painful menses, dizziness and whites, with nervous spells and palpitation of tne heart. She owes her present Rood health entirelv to G. F. P. Incase the druggist hasn't G. F. P. and wont get it for you send one dollar to t. Gerstle & Co. Chattanooga, Tenn., and they will supply you direct. Her face wai marred with !Ji r freckles, his face was aor r 4 4K from Bhaving. Both wen I Quickly cured with 1 ? If elskell's Ointment the specific for all akin die- V f"?jyfl, orders, slight or savers. ' J fir 60 cents a box. V HeiskdPs'Soap M Keeps the skin soft, smooth '$ f and healthy. Prioe 26 cent W&i 1 Sample free. j J ViS Tehnston, Holloway & Ctk bs-fll8 T Philadelphia. Pa. 1 mmmmmmmmMmmLmmtML& CONSUMPTION is, by no means, the dreadful disease it is thought to be-in the beginning. The trouble is: you don't know you've got it; you don't believe it-; vou won't believe it till vou are forced to. Then it is dangerous. Don't be afraid ; but attend to it quick you can do it your self, and at home. Take Scott's emulsion of cod-liver oil, and live carefully every way. This is sound doctrine, what ever you may think or be told; and, if heeded, will save life. We'll send you a little to try, if you like. Game by Millsaps , One of Most Re markable In Southern Football. The Louisiana boys took their defeat very gracefully and frankly acknowK edged that the Millsaps footballists had won the contest by dint of hard and scientific playing. At the conclu sion of the contest the crowd went wild wnn entnusiasm. Mats, canes ana umbrellas were tossed high in the air and a mighty yell went up that almost shook the leaves from the trees over in Rankin county. The members of the victorious team were grabbed up uni ceremoniously by the lusty and strong voiced "rooters, "and carried in triumph around the gridiron. The scene was one that beggars description. Mr. E. Hayne, who was one of thejmost en- thusiastic supporters of the. victorious team, called the boys together and gave them carte blanche to buy all the football , clothes they wanted and he would pay the bill. Capt. Thompson accepted the offer uite graciously and the team will have pharaphenalia gas . lore. ' ' ' .. -v Bevond anv Question of doubt, the contest was one of the most remarka ble that has ever taken place on a Southern gridiron. When the Millsaps boys returned from Baton Rouge two weeks ago after a crushing defeat by . v .n'r'SOi .fo-ft- rr1r'ZOSXJt JFijWt sbcey New.Vwfc.-, 318 Capitol St. Pennyroyal pills f,9i4LVJsAFE. Always reliable. Ladle, ask Oruedrt for CHICHESTEK'S ENGLISH in liEI and Gold metallic boxes, iealei with bin ribbon. Take no other. Kefase DaneerMi Sabatttstlons Bad Ianito tlontu Buy or your Druggist, or send 4c in tamps for Particulars, Testimonial and "Relief for Ladles, "tn Utter, by re. mnnaui J .vw Testimonials. Bold hi an Drueeista. rhlnk.. k.l l f' Ventiea this wp. Madison Saoare. PHIXA pJi Special Sale of Piano Scarfs 1- Largest and most beautiful assortment ever brought to Jackson, Come and be convinced Everything in sheet music at half price for next ten days. We will sell you an upright piano for $50, $5 cash and $5 per month r don't come too late Patton White. MISSISSIPPI FQffM ...BOOK... A MANUAL FOR COURT OFFICERS, JUSTICES OF PEACE, BUSINESS MEN, etc. ADAPTED TO CODE 1892. Price $2.GG, lltl. PUBLISHED BY THE CLARION-LEDGER, JACKSON, MISS. ; NO BOOKS WILL BE SENT UNLESS - PAID FOR IN ADVANCE. THEY LAUGH. SING AND TALK! Loudest, Tjfetest and Best Talking Machines on Earth. - AN IDEAL GIFT Grand Concert Machine S50.00 Grand Ccacert Records, each.. $1.00 Southern Sales , Department. Exclusive Territory, including State of Miss. Insuring prompt aid less cost in delivery. Machines from $5 up. New process Records, $5 dozen. New catalbgus ready; write for one. ' : ' "'. AGENCY COLUMBIA PHONOGRAPH CO. Of New York and Paris. 143 Baror-ne, St. New Orleans, L.a. CHAS. U. KENNEDY, th'gr. Our exclusive local agents are Patton & mite. . . . . Twelve Cents a Week. Have The Clarion-Ledger Delivered at Your Home. Twelve Cents a Week SOUIB COMMERCIAL COX,I,EGB, New Orleans, X,a. 41 years renowned as a lead-er. No false promises made. No litimbtteginsr ptacticed-Over 100 Gold and Silver Med ns by American and European j Expositions. Commercial ; course mciuaes iiipert iic- 52. cottnting: and Anditins:, and is Guaranteed liigner ana Superior to any other in xne South- Unequalled facilities. Unexcelled Faculty. Thorough Business Practice and office routine. Complete college bank and wholesale offices. Graduates hold leading positions all over the country. Instruction all personal. Having numerous business connections and being universally and reputably known, we uave superior advantages in aiding students to secure situations. JKg-A store is connected with Soule Coliepe In which students do actual business with real goods and actual money, and students keep the books in the ktfestlabor saving forms. Students enter at any time. English, Ac;-dernc, Shorthand and Business schools. All separate faculties. Send for Catalogue. Business Men supplied with, competent bookkeepers and shorthand writers. Addrecs GEO. SOUI,B & SONS. Head Right Stoma h Right Eyes Right, All's Right with those who take Berry's Creole Tea, 10 cents. USi. Berry's Matchless Scap, 25 cts At all Drug Stores. MAKE T HE TE LEPHONE A FACTOR m YOUR BUSINESS. IT IS THE deal Means Of reaching your customers. it RATES as low as $1.50 per montb. Cutrterland Telechcro & Tel Go W. T. Naff, Mg'r. Special Low Rates Via Union Pacific Railroad every Tuesday to r0lo-rado. Utah. Montana, Tdabo. Oregon, Wash ington. ior particulars, address J. F. Algar, Geu'l Agent, St. Louis. Safety Appliances on the New Passenger Service of the Q. & C. Route. All of the passenger equipment for the new ast train service of the yueen & Crescent Route between Meridian and tehreveport is now being equipped with safety grates and ex-tensiou platforms the same as are used with square vestibules, in order that passengers may pass to and from the dining car with ab- solute safety. Music Stoke. Murphy & Co, BROKERS, Cotton, Stocks and Grain OF FICES : 204-206 Varieties Place, New Orleans. 44 and 46 Broadway, New York. Private leased wires. References : New Orleans National BankjLowry Banking Co., Atlanta; First National Bank, Binning? ham; Mercantile Agencies. "JVrlte for our Daily Clarke t Letter, 4ec 18 d 3m ' Piano Terms 00 We sell pianos on "such easy terms of payment that you do not miss the price and have the use of the piano while paying for it. We'd like to explain in detail if you're interested in buying a piano. We sell the Mathushek Dimpprool Pianos, the Aeolian and the Pianola. PHILIP WEIRLEIN; LIMITED, - 614-616 CANAL ST, NEW ORLEANS. r 4- On Receipt ot $2.75. I Ship a R;Cs IMFORTED CERMAS VMUm WARRANTED GOon c,v EXPRESS LIIARGE A!oama.f,r Lou,siina (Ih Quotation fcrOcw . iSovcxabercnlj.) e; Louis Ruhe, Birdlmpcner 319 Cbart:est,. 0 Arrival and Derate cf Tra;: F the Union Depct, Jackson, V. I1LINOIS CENTRAL SYJ-im. MAIN LINE. North Hound. Ari.ves. 2 - !2:.Mam Na 4. Ch:c:,-oLlru! "i!! No.M.lwaIlreij;tt....5::ofS H: bouth Uourd. Arrircs. hiZ No. 3. N.O. L miu-.l Srwpa. No 23. loca' passcr'cr. S 5- m t n I: No.W3.locU frtirht.... 7 5,san) mI; Ni iRI HBOVXD. Na 302. yai, ,:iX NO. 52, loca! frt Lt. ieivcs J-OI'THIUjUND. No. 3M, tr:i;!. arrives No. .S91, loi-:;! fr-'ifci. Y. k M, V. K. R 111 NATCHi: rive 1 It t pen like -1 . rut -1 f be i pec-I I 4,1 i co ni i a 0: raiil of t ! far i brcl I ottt i C3tl I Ut ; him ; t: i In t wer lm saiil mot' o!be Hat ihot torn and man the hair hea "V'1 soL'nJEcr;.:-. . j -- - --vj1? -vtou oii, iutai i.,.ni , 7 nij--" 0 . - , No. 522. mail arrives lif'ps No. 591, oc;il frtri.'tit arrives..." 5 pa QUEEN 4 CRESCENT A. A V. DIVUKS. Westbound Arrives Ln? No, I, limited .... b;) a m 5.;4u So. 3, liQiited 2.20pn Eastbound, Arrives Lfava No. 2, limited 10; 20 pm ln.Srs No 4, limittd 2:25pm 2iiri Local freights will not carrv txtssr.fitrs. Nos. 1 and '2 ill s'op at Newton. Eicifj Fori-m. Morton, ISrandon, Jackson, h,-ton and Edwards. GLLF MI1P ISLAND. Soulli Bound. No. 1, leave Jac-.son 5!0as No. leave Ha't:ebnrg 9 zii No Arrive (iulfrx'ri I2:. a No 3. leave Jackson S'i1 No. leave iutneslur 6.S5pt No. arrive (.ulfpo't J.ft1" North Bouctl. No. 2. leave OuifDori .6:Wt No leave Hattiesburs 9 TCo. arrive Jjrksna I4" il Na 4, leave ulf?or No. leave I!altiei-btr(f No. arrive Jackon ll:.9- man brok I vou "A "if y ; t i i me, i the f I Th I man 1 'f ? v I youn I if no Th j and i I am j wild ots v file i .'?Vfn " SI ! Hitching posts, Stable fixtures Carnage steps, and other sdi small but large improTcmcCs to the home. Then, cf course, we have cTerfi in the way of Lawn furniture :.o, Fountain Benches, Vases, etc., also Gre 71 r Ws aad Fence Matena- (rf f a r,; sWst HMV sshw "Iron ftnat cheater lia tL HINDERER'S IRON FENCE 11124118 Camp St whfn TRAVELING Ufa MAKE NO mibiAM BUT SEE THAT YOUR TlCKP Rcac!s via tte iOne and hut $t i a sou of th, ! sb? si 5 and s '-f a i .The I i?ree; W)V J ;'ear it, -ere ? in 'Hot!. .te w i "I'v. Tight Treat 1 The a hi 'he ti r:. f.oud. "Do Thunc the ei I ! v f at i v THROUGH TICKlTsp. To All Point- Solid Vss!ibu!ed Trains Fast Time, Close Connection Thro us t ,.n .fnfnrmation. cal. nn y.js t" " nr' Queen & Crescent Ticket Agent w j Geo ; v it w v 'rd C3t t XctrCr4

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