The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1935
Page 1
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PAGE Kme Crops Make Rickej Big Broker; Rich Club Stand in Line 1 (This Is the seventh of a serlr of articles on The Snwrlcsl Jl.i in HilM'b.ill—Ih.iiH'h i;kkcj, III lirain behinil Die \vorM ihamiiio SI, J/miv C'anlliiuls',) 11V MAIIUV CIIAVSON Siioits lidlliir, NKA Srrvlrn Possrsslnii little money. Ihe SI Louis Cardinals found it iilmos Impossible lo compete with Hit richer clubs in bidding foe promising players. The fabulous prices of from $25,000 lo $125,000 for minor league aura ond prospects were just coining Into vogue. Branch Rickey line been lucky to untlier $10,000 'to tether with which lo purclinse Jesse 'Unities from the Knnsns City nines In the fall of 1919. It seemed like a vicious circle The rich clubs bought the good players, Ihereforo had ihe hcvu tennis and the largest income from attendance. Rickey saw (his as L-urly ns 1919 when he assumed the inanngciuenl of Uic Cardinals and occupied tlic office of president, ns well. B. R. purchased n few shares of slock In the Houston club, chlclrj because hs wanted the good will of llml oriinnlznlion, nnd out of Ihis .ind the conditions which miidc It difflcull for the,Hcd Birds to com- IJi'tc with wealt'liler outnts for uia- terlnl on the ojicn mnrkel gi'i'v the vast fnrming system of Ihe SI. Louis Nationals. * • • Struggling C.irillnals Kaccil Stern O|i|insUinn Rickey decided that It would be ., impassible lo compete with (ho more niriuent clubs, ixirtlcularly Ihe New York CJInnls. for some yenrs lo come. John J. McClrnw enve Ihe San Francisco ScnLs $15.1)00 for Jimmy O'Connell. and Ihe Baltimore Orioles $72,5(10 In cash mid players for Jack Bcntley. ' Competition from the well-fixed Pittsburgh Plrnlcs and the Ciiicin nali Reds was n bit ico much for the Cardinals, loo. Another com- pctitor shortly was lo become aggressive—the Chicago Cubs, with the William Wrigley, Jr., millions behind them. In ndditiou to iheir rivals on Hie playing field, the Cardinals had American League organizations lo contend with In negotiating-for the pick of tlie smaller leagues. The Immensely wealthy brewer, Col. Jacob Rii|i|)ert, was determined to put and keep the New Vrafc Yankees In the thick of the light. The broken-hearted old Roman, CharlevA. Comiskcy, was nltempt. Ing Rochester, of the International; Columbus, of the American Association; Houston, of the Texas; St. Jo?c|ili, of (he Western; Bloonilng- ton, 111., of Ihe Thrfc-Eyc; Klmlni, or the New York-PeniLsylvanla; Springfield, Mo., of (he We.stcin Association; Greensboro, N. C., of Iho Piedmont; and Montgomery, of the SoiHhenstein. Thfsi- chilis ri'invsent $l,r>(K),OflO In pnipi-ny nloiip The Cardinals control two complete four-club Class I) leagues, the Arknnsns Sinn: nnd Nehrnska !tnle, to the extent of having ihe rlxlil to scion two players from •aeli club. They have Ihe pick of the first four players of ni least seven other clulxs. They control more than :t(JO players. "11 cost us money to operate tome of our furm clubs In lh<< ear- years." n.sserl.s Hlrkey. "They worn not slronj; cluh.s whr-n we look them over. "We bum them up, put !;i suit- Jble parks nnd furnished proper c(|ulpini!in. We did ihls at rtoclie.s- lo,r-and lloii.ston." Olinln-Slore Sjslein Kre|K Minors Alive Ktckity siiys Hint partnership operation of minor league franchises was not feasible, und thai optional iigwciiieiif.s ivere unsatisfactory. "Our minor league elnlxs nre oj>- erated as sc.pnrnte units" ))lained_Ii. R. "Technically they arc] iy""e'lhnlnalcd. BLYTtflBVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER DISTRICT TITLE \Vcincr, Trumann Place Two Men in On All District Team TRUMANN, Ark. (Rpeclnl) - '"urimnn und Welnor placed two men first on the District teinn Marion ing to rebuild "tlir -Cliicago club following the Black Sox exposure. He went as far .is to pay the Sail Francisco club $125.000 for Willie Kamm. The Detroit and Cleveland entries repeatedly raised the ati:e ivlicn a player appeared renitv lo graduate, A short while Inter Philadelphia was to make itself fell n-iili $100,000 to Baltimore for Roller!. Moses Grove, $50,000 to tile Portland Coaster? for Mickey Cochmnc, a sum to Milwaukee for Al Darts of our system, but in reality they, me separate clubs, apart frou the Cardinals, ,,|1 basically sclf-sux- fining, and opcrnlcd wllliln tin. leltcr and .spirit of tilt; code so far as the niles relnlc to tlic minor; ind majors." Where most major league owners linighed lit Hlekey's' farm iile.'i n -lecnde :IRO. loday prucllcally all'of them have followed .suit. In many Instances Ihe supiMrl of nnjor league clubs has mcanl (lit .mvival of minor leagues. St. Louis farm learns have bee., iljjjosl us successful ii.s the pai-enl lub. liochestcr won flags In Its first four years of Cardinal affilla- lon. Excellent records have been omplled at Columbus, Houston, Springfield. Mo., and Greensboro Thirty-three of (he 35 men now nder reserra to the St. Louis club re either direct or partial products f Cardinal farms, or were obtained i v.vcliauffR for fanti products Tlic arms yielded both Deans. OeLmi- '?y. Collins, Medwlck nnd Orsatl '!'">: ;;:ibsidiarles made lilckcy the biggest broker In the annals of the business, other major league clubs lo him for replacements. Officials of Uic tourney, ending Saturday night when Welncr dc- Trniniiiiii, 35 to 21, (or the, dlslrlcl championship selected Ihe nli-stnr loams. JJny defeated Mnrlon, 22 to H to win In the consolation play. Ulyllieville ,dc'fralr(l TuiTcIl, 'JO lo 'I'L, In croiifiuliitlnn piny 'afti'r Irliiiinhii! IMI and Bhnwnce ii earlier romolniloh games font, wo ,r nimble lo advance furllier, belns, thrown by (in: fimmgcmeiii o: Uic brackets back agnlircl Hay nn< Hay nhoady having beiilen Bly- l)j!,'vill<; tlic Inker was nutomnl.ldil- all-sliir tennis follow: l'*bsl Team niirns, Marion, forward. llnrlan, Til nn, forward. Jones (C». Welner, center. McCulley, Welner, guard. Thompson, Trumnnn, guard, Secouil Team Keller, Joncsboro. forward. Seay, uvy. forward. Speck, Shawnce, center. Brick, Marlon, «iinnl. Hart, Welner, guard. Honorable Mention 'Upton, niythevllle; Moody, Trumann; lilaeksvell, Hector- Mcl-'.ir- and for land. Uono: liurnett, T'urrell; O'Neal, 'munaim; Pemberlon nay- Mastcy, Blyflicvllle; Walker,' Trumann; Chumblee, Turrcll- Purlle niyllievllle; Sanford. Marked Tree'-' Gibson. Welner; Martin, Huy : Koehler, niythcville; Mctzlcr, ,lon- Florida, David And Kobinson In "Wind" Triumph 'I s . I'. Florida, E, li. navld nnd nil! Robinson tied for first place In a Wind botiey loiirney in tin- Dlyllieville country cltib Sunday. Shooting fur the "blind Eomewherc between if, strokes, each scored an & nearest approach to ihe imjnlK-r drawn, • K. Florida won on n draw for Uic award, golf balls, U. S. DraiiKon was next in lini- wllh nn Bl nnd j. p. i^nll mid C. M. Iluok uirned In ia'n. In Die follwl bogey event each player w« s allowed to choose his own l;ai(dlnap.. Wnller I.'iowell, country club nee mid o;ie of iJn' crack golfers ol ihe stnlc, elected to play with n plus ti lrnc |, a u,|j. cap Instead of tlic usual minus lintidleap nnd bnrely got within the 75-85 limiL Hi; tiirmd In un nelnnl score of n, one below par for 18 holo.s, nnd aililins three, he only had n 7(1 curd Hill Pollnrd, n. P. Kirslmer ami E. Tl. ciee all fell below tljp 7.1- 8S flelil when Uielr iniiiiis handicaps ]>nl them below ihe 7!i IIH- lircs. Polliml shot n 77 wiih u C linndlcap. Kirslmcr shot n vj •••„ ..,.....„...„,? ur with n 1 handicap und Gee n TJ I ill's complaint, as See. 14, T IB N, R 9 E, lying south and weal of the north and post sides of Drnlnnuc District No 11 Hlght-of-Wny, containing 31.61 firms, more or less, estlmalcd as to vnlue nt $5.00 per ncre, or a total of 1157.85, Parcel Five—The Unknown Owner Tract (No 28)12.48 ucrcji. All that port of Hie NW'/, SW'/,, Sec. 10. T 14 N 0 '•-. lying north nnd ol the easterly nnd sonlherly side of Umlnngc District. No. 17 Right of-Way, containing 1248 ^crcs more or less, estimated as lo vui in. $10.00 per «crc, or n lotnl of $124.80. Parcel Six—The Ciiirnow. rifllrs Tracl. r>l.«:i ncrcs. All of i nnd 4, .Sec. 2H, T 15 remaining si.83 acres, lo acre, or Nlek (No. 32)>is i. a, .1 N. a o E, more or Vlllllt; 111 lotnl of •The Mrs. $518,30. Parcel 1 "*..-.. j iji: .Mary K. Cady Tract (No 12) acres. All ,, art of (he .„ of Ihe orlglnnl survey In Sec T If. N, H r .Drainage nisi Kinht-of-Way " >t a. more parllciilnrly "described follows: Beginning nt G L o meniuler corner A. r>. (i common' to the west side of Lot 2, Sec. lying casl No. 1C 1,1 westerly of •15 N, R angrets! W 5 chs. to O T O ner A. P. 7; thence N 4:1 de- niHl being situate In Mississippi ty. Arkansas, said in,ids i, e inn specifically described In plnin- ALLEY OOP MARCH llv Flamlin wllli a o liamllcap handicap strokes lowered score below the comnetlllve limit. »lck rteliLsma, country club pro. -Hie Irl LlHrtsey •10)— 29. M acres. s follows: 1'ar-e r Tnict All those parts of the SE'A SE'A Sec ' fald n Ihree-foiji'-five tomjiami'iit'l n 9 and EW NEK. Sec. •». ' T wilt probably be held ncxl Sun- dny K. lying United stales of America, Eastern District of Arkansas, Jonesboro Division, lie It Remembered, Dial nt a District Court of the United states of America, in and for the Jones- joro Division uf the Eastern District of Arkansas, begun and imld- cn on, Monday, the aijtli day of wcsl of Hie east November Thousand, Anno Nine Domini. Hundred One and • ••«mn*-n mm Ihlrty-pour at the United states Court Room. In the Cllv of Jonesboro, Arkansas, the Honorable John E. Martlneau, Judg License. TnR Collection ANDOVER, o. A set of uilomoblle license plalcs for 'ear since 1902 Is owned by W. Sargent, who, 33 years led (his town's first car. — .•••>> .Ulv.lll, Jllllyf residing and holding .said Court lid following proceedings were lind to wll: February 1th, 1D35. In the United stales District Comi Fast- ern District of Arkansas, Jonesboro Division. United Slates of Aincr- Icn. No, 7BO vs. At Law, ;t22C3 aito, ncrcs of land In Mississippi County, Ohio Black Scorpion" Another Nain e for Lon's Opponent; Smith vs. B A new malman to np|iear here, >r possibly nn old performer with ils facial fcalure.'i concealed, will nake his debut here Wednesday ilBhL aeainsl the wild and wooly Lon Chancy in tlic feiilinc match on the American Legion wrestling sizable Simmons, and the acquisition of Rube Walters nnd others at fancy prices. .' i ' • * e Ilickey Decides lo Deal Others lo Prospects As far back ns 1910, Rickey believed thnt if he could go but ulid tie up youths nroiind 18 nnd < 20 years of age. and patiently conch Ihcm for thrre or four years, some of Ilicni might equal tile $100,01)0 boys. Several years ago Ihe Cardinal .system developed to the point where scouts visited high school; all over Ihe country, nnd, whil< they did not sign lads in these in- ilituUcns. oblnlncd written promises trial the boys would deal with the St. Louis club first In the event they elected lo follow base ball professionally. Rickey definite'ly decided to p into the chnin store business in big way in 1921. B. R. sent the veteran scout, Charley Barren, lo. trail a short- slop in the Western Association. Tlic St. Louis club, pinched financially, could not pay more than SI.OOO for this particular bit of ivory. BurretrolTered that amount. Tlic owner of the club felt that if the Cardinals ollcred $1,000.'another big league club would pay more, other clubs were eager lo take the sharp-eyed Barrett's recommendation. The We-stcrti Association owner negotiated with another club, and obtained $3,000 for his youngster. Rickey's answer to this was the purchase of half interest In the Fort Smith. Ark., club of the same circuit. He made up his mind to develop his own players. R.inncr Crop From First St. Ixmis Farm Among the players who come from that Fort Smith club were Chick Hafcy, Taylor Douthit p c p. per Martin, Wild Bill Hallahan and Flint Rehm. The Cardinals bought the Syracuse club the following year, later transferring the franchise lo Rocli- cv.tcr. The Houston club was taken over. The St. Louis club starts the 1935 season owning 10 or more minor league franchises outright, Includ- is usually staged on Momlny night but has ucen changed to Wednesday this week because of a conilicting date with national guardsmen, Uic later having n special Inspection •session tonight. Lon Chaney's opponent is listed 5 tlie "Blnck Scorpion" and | s "Mnsked Terror". ..All of which menus Hint Chiuiey probably be scared out of his n'm' lf llc (ak<1 ' s llis oPIKHicnl's Wiling too seriously. Chancy. v-umv u S ,| U though. Is linrdly Die type ( o go condemn nnd enforce n le»iil cln nromid worrying himself sick nbout lo certain trncls of land }*<„, nny "unknown" he. might be call- E - n - "oilman Tracts (Nos 33- cd upon to meet, even one with 33n)-138.04 ncrcs. AH three ''parts such terrible immes us (he gran- of "» SEK. Sec. 35 T is "N n "I"" "'- " - ' ft P O...J .!,„ ,.....,' .. "' IV ip- Pier (he really must be human) who climbs into Ihe ring with Chnncy Wednesday night. H y ng. H ..... - «., .yiujf wes youldnt be such a big surprise ™sl«ly sMe of Drai u Mr. Ca Nn " IJI "'" -«••-.. M ^1 ^>i -..-.^ .. w, 6 .)*II^I1.1U if Mr. Chancy, who has u reputation ns n "mennie" to uphold I be so ••rude ns (o rip the mask right off (he "terror' fnlls. In two hour or less limit. a preliminary' match, .. , - - - ..... - iviiv* fiuuit:- - o fi* 1 ! ifl time [luring the performance. They p " rcel Three— The C H KlrlrlVnrt «re down for u -o out of (hree T ™^ 'No. 34)-S5.G8 acres AM hat part of the w/- EL." S cc ". T 10 N. R a.m. lying west and 101 westerly of the cast 'and sou heaslorly side of Drainage Dis- ricl No. n night-of-Way.contnln- "? 5S.88 acres, more or less rstl- mitert as to value nt S5.00 per acre or n lotnl of S218.40. Parcel Four"• v" >u.™. i-jin;ei l-our— Ihe Marvin Dilldlne Tract (No. ,fl) , out of (hree -falls. OIIG hour or less Profes-sor 'italp], Smit i, , hc Jackson. Trim., acrobat and tumbler. will meet Cyclone Burns who rclums to HID ring here after nn absence of several weeks or more Burns is one of ilie" of the prapplcrs performing here. Smith tA fast and aggressive and ninny fans think he Is n lopnolcher on tlic MI<l-South. Booking apcncr ciilt that includes Blytheville. —31.57 acres. WRESTLING I.ON liillla ARMORY, WEDNKSDAY, MARCH G x'l'.'Y vs. -m,ACK SCORPION Xlashril Terror Cut of 3 Falls, 2 Hour I.I n ,|| RALPH SMITH Jackson, Trnn. lour Mmil Out of .1 Falls, i • Truly itnart pcopU have but one """"'• for, when overythinq'i counled. Iho Pcabc ' - •-• "-"« */i nit; i-it.M 17 nil, r , D ™ in "t'e District No. 17 nighl-of-Wiiy, conlnlnlng 2930 acres, more or less, estimated ns o vnlue at, $5.00 per acre, or n lolnl of $Hi5.50. Parcel Two-Thc "^...y 4 ' S J!. clls - 'o ™.u side iy miniiles thence s i E 13.41 chs, degree Will) acres, to , - ^...), w JlJl Cil.'jt (to of said Hlght-of-Way: thence N 40 degrees u 7.03 . t . hs . lo B cBlnnlng: containing 37' '"ore or j e .w, csllmotot value at $20.00 ptr acre, ire located in Mississippi 'comitv Arkansas. Snid suit beh B nn "c-' •on of the united or A m- -HC.1 to condemn said land for the IKC and benefit of (he United ±^ S , of ,. Am(lr1 ^' for public pur- nnl Bird lo ihe • al " 1 , (hat the follmvini. defendants, to-wil: Mll ,-y Daniel I L. Cady; Ja tOOTIT/USSEN -WHEN i r ON TH 1 CLIFF ABOyg HER, you MUGS START A FAKE ATTACK .' THAT'LL GET HER SO /~ry EXCITED SHEWON'T/- (r ", P o' l ^ c,Pf= KC , IkrrM _ ^f GENHRAL, ME UWTIL 6LOOIE/ HMMM -I HAVEN'T SEEN AWYTHIWG OF THOSe LEMIANS FOR QUITE AWHILE.' I WOMD6R x \ WHAT THEY ARE UP TO. WOW. THIS IS 60IM6- TO BE A MICE LITTLE URPB156 PARTY, Annie May Fisher; I. L. Fisher '"" E ' of Ora I'.ec Sain, deceased, and of I of Mary E. MmircF; E. D. Hoffman; Edward Daniel Hoffman; Lydln Hoffman; c. H. Kirklaiut' Charles H. Kirkland; Mrs. Chnrles II. Kirkland; Arthur I!. Prince- Ashley B. Rozell; Dozier Thorn- Ion; Charles E. Wyatt; Margarette J. Wyalt; H. O. Hanson- New England Securities Company- Bankers Trust Company ' Louis. Missouri; Lake Shoot- "cies D. mud in Jflsslsslppi Coiimv Ji "" LI u C(1 «y; Jajne.s n c-imii Arknnsns. Order of Publication! ^"' Tl '»Moo; Otis Davis ' Jr'- R upon application of the plain- "• P RV 's. Ro^ell Davis; j ' T tlir United Slntes of America. diilv" enn ' Jr ' : L ««y 'B. Dean; o F verncd, [i append,,, tlmt , 1)e1 »ean, Orln p. Denn ' M ' ' United States of America has com- ?',"™ w °<™y: ». W. Drury menccd in this Court a suit to ' rl Undscy Fisher; i ra n comlCDm ami enforce n legal claim Iin " cr; M « re '« L.Foster Ir •' „ J '- i " "". A li> i\, H E, nnd (lie SW'/i NEK SF" , sw ''''. Sec. 2,: T 'i4 lying- westerly of the — _„ u.nnij\gt: i~f|.llr - Hlghl-ofWay, contalnl 1JB.04 ncres.. niflrp, >or :Iess. estl- malcd as to valilc : af $150 lffir a totol of Sfi* 1 ! ifl those parts of ROXY Matinee — Friday, Snlttrday and Sunday Only LAST TIME TODAY MAT. & NIGHT—lOc - 2Sc MARY AST.OH, ROUKR PRYOR and 1UHY ,IANK in 'STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART' Novelty Reel Comedy Tti Woman Didn't Dare Talk Poms Out Her Story! 6EKEfUYMOHD.GENEVIEVEI08llt JDHH ELOBEOSt Fox News Paramounlj Pictorial Conicdv Marcus * - — j *•• . L-.ufi, • t'Oster; Lillian Gimiow; Last Time Today K- 2:0 ° -'10C&25C NITE_8:45 - lOc & 35c ClIVE INDIA R<*e&L COiMAN A loth CENTURY PICTU8E Paramount News Musical Comedy "Show Kids' Tuesday - Weds. Regal romance, noble nonlenio ind royal muitcf Sec [lie ncwdanc* LCnsalion " Dano- Ing the Viennese" Zulot - ng Club; Rattan Mound Club; Unon Central Life Insurance ComKiny: Paepcke Lelclit Lumber com>any, arc not inlm,bUaiits of and "™ within this Dis. non-resideuis of his Stale. And it appearing to lie Court that the unknown heirs of Ella M. Brown, deceased Black Davis, deceased, of j' T. Dean, deceased, of E.' E Driver Win. C. Dunnavant' , Leslie Gurnow, deceased, of Nick Gurnow. deceased of Cleveland Otirnou-, deceased of Virginia c. Hunt, deceased, of w Isaac, .deceased, of N. Johns deceased, of Andrew P. Jones,' deceased, of A, B. Rozell, deceased deceased. s hou,d be made parties defendant in order that Ihey may assert any right, title, or interest they or any of them may claim in anil lo the said lands; that none of the defendants above named herein have voluntarily entered their appearance to this suit, nnd that personal service upon them cannot be had; it is hereby ordered that all the defendant's above named herein, non-resident'; and unknown heirs, and each at them, appear. plead, answer or demur the said complaint filed by (he plaintiff, Hie (Jiii(«l States of America on or before the 30th day of March' 1935. and in default thereof thnt the court ivill proceed to the hearing and ndjuiliclnliou of said suit, and that this order he published in a newspaper of general circulation in Mississippi County. Arkansas, once a week for four consecutive weeks. This the 7th day of February. 1935. John K. Mnrtlneaii United States District Judge for the. Eastern District of Arkansas. A True Copy I ricrewilh Certify. By Bess Sid United states District Court America. Eastern District of Arkansas. Jonesboro Rcddin Division, i, Sid B. J, Clerk of the District Court of tlic Unilcd states for the Eastern District of Arkansas, in the Eighth Circuit, hereby certify thai the foregoing writing annexed this certificate is true, correct, and compared copy of the original remaining of record in my office, at, Jonesboro, Arkansas. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of said Court, this 12!h day of February, in the year of our Lord, one thousand iilne hundred and thirty-five and of. the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and nfty-ninlh. Attest: Sid B. Redding, clerk. By Bess Matties, D. C. One-Third Try for Varsity CLEVELAND (UP)—More than one-third of the students at Case School of Applied Science arc trv- ing out for some varsity athletic team, according to a survey. »iii> Edward Everell H 0 ,t 0 n K.atfiefino DeMillo Pnrntnomil N'ews Comedy and Service" • In assuming the management of this cleaning plant we, the new owners, feel a deep sense of responsibility to the people of Blytheville. We have a reputation of 18 years standing lo maintain ... a reputation gained through conscientious workmanship and long experience . a repuln- lion for ."Quality Cleaning." We intend io carry on in the same spirit. I hat is what our motto, "Quality and Service shall stand for. We have some of he best cleaning facilities in this part of the slain nnd we have the experience. Our prices will Lie as low as is consistent with Rood work. We invite you to visit this plant, get acquainted with us and send us your cleaning with the assurance that it will be properly (lone. Phone 180 MEN'S SUITS 50c LADIES DRESSES 75c Suits and Coals MEN'S HATS AND LADIES DRESSES RE-SKE1) AT NO EXTRA COST NU-WA GLEANERS Mr. nnd Mrs. ,j. W. Dickcrson

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