The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 9, 1937
Page 3
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TUESDAY^NOVEMBEU 0, 1937 1 BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK.) COUUIRU NEWS Smoking Out Chinese at North Station, Will Preach First Severa ScrrrjbHS As Melhodisl County Pastors Seven preachers will preach their first sermons as pastors of Mississippi county Methodist churches Sunday following iheir appointments ai Die 102nd Northeast-Arkansas conference of the Southern ^'fcthodlst Church held In Fort Smith last week T))> Hev. F. M. Su'ect comes to the Lake Street church from Mo- r.ette replacing the Rev. M. N. Johiison, who gees to Monctte The liev. A. W. Harris will ,< place the Rev. Don C, Hobnail mi! the Blytheville circuit. Tlie Rev 1 Mr. Holrnan will take the RcvJ Mr. Harris' former pastorate at' Salem. I The Rev. G, ',. McOehyc will come to the Dell-Half Moojv ehurclies from Evening Shade. The Her. M. A, Graves, «-liom lie r places, will go to the Bono cu cult. The Rev. E. H. Hall comes from Marmadukc to Leachvllle to replace the Kev. A. H. Dulanfy. The Rev, H. A, Stroup goes to Manila from Waldron and replaces the Rev. J. M. Harrison, who goes to Perry Grove. The Rev. P. E. Ramsey awl Die Rev. Harmon Holt are new men In this conference. The Rev. Mr. Ramsey comes into this church from the Methodist Episcopal church. He will be stationed in aj new west Blytheville circuit. The 1 Rev. Mr. Holt comes into this chwcli from the Nnzarene church and will be stationed at a cir-. cult at P'ferside and Garden Point. The Rev. Lyman P. Barger will re-turn to Dycss, the Rev. W. p. 4 Ccoley goes back to Joiner, the n <Hev. H. Lynn Wade returns to First Methodist Church here, the Rev. J. T. Handle will stay at Luxont, the Rev. E. W. Faulkner returns to Wilson, Rev. K. c. Moreliead goes back to Osceola, and the Rev. Eugene W. Potter remains presiding elder of- this district. The Rev. A. E. Hollaway, formerly of here, wfls superannuated at the conference and will now make his home in Morrilt- ton. His pastorate was at Crawfordsville last year. Among other ministers who have served here are: the Rev. W. V. Womack, who 'has been made presiding elder - of. the , Fayetteville district; tlie Rev. Jefferson Sherman, who has been at Marianna and is now going to the Gardner Memorial church in North Little Rock; the Rev J J,f Hughey, who goes to Earle from Wynne; the Rev. G. D. Davidson, who returned to Paris; and the ( Rev. R. E. I,. Bearden who ref turned to Russellville. Church Extends Call To Rev. John Schneedle OSCEOLA, Ark., Nov. 9. A call) has been extended to the Rev | John Schneedle of Bloomlield Ky to become pastor of the Christian church here, to succeed tlie Rev. Louis Saunders. who resipn- ed lo accept the pastorale of the Christian church at Harrison, Ark. The Rev. Schneedle attended Phillips University at Enid, Okla.. nnd fs a graduate of Johnson Bible College, Johnson city, Term and Transylvania College, 'Lcxin»- tou, Ky. Sunday School officers for the Christian church elected at Sunday's meeting were: superintendent, c. B. Young; assistant superintendent, R. L. Kendrick- secretary, Mary Stewart Butler; trea- t Mirer, C. L. Moore; pianist Mrs t C. L. Grigsby. Here the camera sives you a front seat at the most spectacular advance yet made l )y th c Japanese in the untile for Shanghai. - Crouched behind a wall, the front line, troops waiting to advance watch North Station go up in smoke durins; the intensive b-omhardmcut that drove Hie Chinese to the south .side of Soochow Crtck. Rev. Wade To Discuss Conference Highlights The Rev. H Lynn Wade will talk on the "High Lights of the Conference" at the regular weekly prayer meeting tomorrow night at 7:30 o'clock at the First Methodist Church. He will include several points about Ills recent trip (o Fort Smith, where he attended Hie Northeast Arkansas conference of the Southern Methodist Church. Nazi Counsul Is Legion Target Miss Turner Conducts Psychology Program Miss Winnie Virgil Turner hod charge of (he program at the regular meeting of the Business v.nci Professional Women's club last night in the Hose Room of the Hotel Noble. The program was a lesson in a psychology study course. At the Hospitals Mrs. A. P. Dale, of Manila, has been admitted to the Blytiieviltc hospital. Gean Joy Jackson, of Caruth- ersvlllc, is in tlie St. Joseph's hospital at Memphis. Mrs. Lowell Morrow, of Caruth- crsville, has been admitted to the Oartley-Ramsay hospital in Memphis. J. H. Curtin was taken to (he Memphis Baptist hospital this morning in a Cobb ambulance, where an effort u-lll be made to set his jaw, which was badly fractured when h e was kicked by a drag line motor Saturday. -m, f Mrs. R. Chaflu MBS removed frofi the Blytheville hospital to her home at Higl/iower Uxtey in a Cobb ambulance. Marriage Licenses Marriage licenses were issued to the 'following persons frpm tlie coiinty clerk's office during the past-week with the name of the minister or official performing the ceremony given if listed: Miss Billie Bccknin and Lennie Fisher, both of this city; Miss Muriel Clifton of Blytheville, and Johnnie Brett of Raleigh, N. C.; Muss Al- moji Duke and Ruben Biggs, both of Holland; Miss Laverna Bomar and Dwlglit McCall, both of Leachville, by Justice T. L. Gas- sidy; Miss Imogene King and Austin Manes, both of Dell; Miss Margaret Dunlap and Edward Arnold, both of Clarkton, Mo., by Justice Cassidy; Miss Virginia Vande Mark of Mathcws, Mo., and Hershel Henson of New Madrid, Mo., by the Rev. M. H. Rhodes; Miss Sunshine Perry and Jimmy Fitzmaurice, both of Tyler, by Justice Cassidy; and Miss Gloria Kayler and Thomas Lee, both of Tyler, by Justice Cassidy. The potato beetle never harmed potatoes until 1859; now it does untold damage to the American potato crop from one end of the country to the other. Manfred von Killingcr, German ' consul-general in San Francisco, shown above as he appeared as a Nazi oflicial in Dresden before coming to the United States, is the subject of an at- taejs by a committee of the Los Angeles American, Legion. Demanding Killinger's recall, the legion committee hinted that he was sent to advance Nazi propaganda and to get information about the. Pacilic fleet. There are more women than men in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts. New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and the District of Columbia. All other states have more men than women. Tdks To Lions Club At Osceola Today The Rev. s. H. Salmon, pnstoi of the First Presbyterian Church spoke at the Osceola Lions clul luncheon today. He (nlkod on ai Armistice Day theme using "Youth's International Understanding" for his subje.t. ELIXIR DEATHS Says Congress Must Find l-a\v lo Govern Sale of Medicine «v IIOIWKV Cmirin- NVivs Calumet News Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Polk and Mr. and Mrs. Plorancc Cash, of Half Moon, were guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. G. A. Hall Sunday. Miss Mildred Ford has returned home after a visit with relatives In Jonesboro. Mary Sue Milter Is sick this week. Mr. and Mrs. B. Gauti entertained a group of young |>eople with a party Sunday night, WASHINGTON, Nov. 9. — Sul- j nmllnmfdi' rllxlr, supposed to hnvo been nvsiwnslMc for the rteiidis uf CO persons at lust count, drew wide imblli' attention because so many ]x>0|>lc who look It died so quickly. ri'.MiltliiK In « metodnim- ntic rare to pot remain!))!; supplies oil' the drugstore .shelves. IJut other drug preparations nave killed more people tliun (his one thoiiKl) loss conspicuously, of- llclals of Hie Food nnd Drug Ad- inlnistralion assert. And (hey couple Hie reflect tan with the question of wlurther thc> once-ci'lcbjiil- cd "Tuuwi'll Bill" would have prevented tlu> recent series of ih-alhs the piirtlnilur siilfanliamide preparation wlilcii proved so deadly In the present case was distil- billed through regular channels, put out ijy an established firm, i\iul ailminislered by comclenliotis physiciiuis. Dr. E. Kemicrly Marshall, Jr., professor of pharmacology at the Johns Hopkins University, siiys passage ol tb e Tugwell bill would have saved lliose who, In Ihe present Instance, died after takliif the "elixir." Food and Drug Adinln- Islratlon oflidnls say the meusiire In Its original form "probably" would have averted these tragedies us well ns others. LOUR since I'ulverlzcd But the original Tugwc'll bill, prepared by these government, experts to protect consumers against dangerous or worthless drugs, cosmetics an foods, ban IOIIB since been pulverized by lobbyists and i ^ en ' I'oiigresslomil sympathizers And under present laws, ihe only ohttiiu' llmi could i)i> brought aenlnst the elixir manufacturers would bo n tr-ehnlo'iil oiw at "mis- unindlng." which involves » $200 line In case (he violation should be eM<il)llslie<l. To i',xpi'rl.s or tin' Moot! mid DniK Administration, the Milfinill- nmlile all' only Hie luU-sl of a si'i'lr-s of similar cases. The iiuili lies in ih,.' willingness of some drug imiimfiu'lurt'r.s lo distribute ccrlnln preparations wllh- oui iu!i't|iialdy U'stlni; llnilr pos- filuli' effect*. nliillropliPiiol used Jn "fat-iTiliieliiu" prcpiii'iillons. dm'hophi'i). and radium waters, are .said to have .shocking fatality K'ven the oilxfna; Tugwi'll bill, however, curried no m'lnlii an- suranci' I bat lniuH'<]UutnIy.|i>sletl Iriigs might mil be snld. The most /I'oc'tlve nrevi-ntlvr would be u fodonil net rcqulrlni; .such tests. "Unl we didn't Imvo (he politl- ral temerity In oiler such « pro- til." says u Koixl and llrun of- flclal. "We tlioiiflu, we would Jmve rouble i>noiii:h Ki'Ulntj the less drastic provisions of the TiiKWell bill udoplwl. Aiul wi> did." li'dlve laws In Di|. coniliin scwlnn ol' Concress, Is ipicstloimblr. Mrs. Lena Copeland, 66, Succumbs Early Today Mrs. I.PIUI C'opolami, 0(1, dlecl Hits morning at the home of her daugh- I«.T, Mildred Coix-land, \\pre. I'mieml sorvlct's will be held tomorrow morning at, n o'clock at the home witli tlu> Rev, o. W. Rml oiJlclHtlut;. Jjiirlnl will be at tlif Norlli Bawba cemetery, Shu Is sinvlvifrt by her children: Clarence unit Miitoii Copeland, who live hero; Hid Copi'Unid of Siiniburg. Tenn.; Walter CojH'lund of nyers- burK; MLss Conolnnd of tills city; i ml Mrs. Flow-line Knits, of Uyer.s- nirtt. Funeral arrangemenls will lx> In 'lini'ue of Moss I'Mneral ScrviiT, •Yienils of i-luiii Itml-ilnin supervision ami backers «f Hie 'nijj- we|l 1)111 credit .Senators lialley of North Carolina, Clark of Missouri, nnd' Viinili-iita-u of Miclilsnn «-itll Hie llual i-mnsculallon of sm-li shreds of (he Tugwell bill as remained when It wtis last heard of. Dr. W. O. Campbell, Voad <ind DniB clilef, believes thai In tlie cinrenl case the munufactoroi' colnmllk'd "an exceedingly Dluiighth-.'-s net" 111 miirki'llii); his preparation without, adequate lesls of all K.I passible ellects, Hut, there Is apparently no ipiestlon o( legality, the IHW lM.'lii|j \vhut 1 It Is today. Whether the Incldunt will sltmulale a revival ol some ver- ,slon of Ihe Tugwell bill, or fur ther drii.'itlc preventiire nnd pro- ELKCtlHC & ACETYLENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPr 8EHVIOE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 19 James Hasson Guest Of Lions' Club Today James Hasson of San Diego. Calif., sou of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hasscn, was lire only guest at the regular Uons club luncheon today at Uie Hotel Noble. Thirty six attended the mcetin". A low, as the weather man knows It, is an area of the relatively lowest barometric pressure, it matters not what th e barometric reading in a low may be, as iong as there Is no lower reading within the )o\v.. The Jos' is called a cyclone, and the v/ind around it. is knoirn us n cyclone circulation. . : • Shoes Arc More Comfortable When Repaired at Smith Shoe Shop 115 So. 2nd. Why Uuy a Photo-Coupon from itinerant crews when Tilt' SOUTKWOIITH STUDIO will issue you one ABSOLUTELY FREE, givinsr you BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS, QUICKER SEft- VICE AND DELIVERY anil all absence of HIOH-PRESSDKK lo increase your order. PATHOMZE YOUR HOME INSTITUTIONS SOUTIMVORTII, ilTakcr Of Fine Photographs. _^ PAGE THREE , The (lag of the President of tlie United States conslnts of his seal In bronze, upon n blue background, with a large white, star in cnch corner. 'Hie design may bo seoi in Die Hoor of the entrance corrldtr of Ihe While House. "MAKING" "TOBACCO" BATS HIGH WITH LOCAL SMOKERS! The ouk IITO is preyed upon by more Uiiui :ioo Insect nests. 666 COLDS and FEVER first day I/lmild. Tnljle Halve, Nose ' HeiirtaMie, M Drops minim's, Try "Kiili-M>"Tlsni"-WiirI(l's Nest Mttlmcnt I'VE KINDS Of TOMCCOS, AND FOR MltDMliS, COOP TMT1, AND r«v KOUINO, IT; MI ros MINCE M«ftr DRIVE TO MARTIN'S AND SAVE THE DIFFERENCE Hemorrhoids-Piles CUHEl) WITHOUT SUKGERY & CUAKANTKKI) Sate, sure and wllh less discomfort. All diseases anil conditions o( nervous origin, fool ailments and skin cancers treated anil cured at our clinic. DRS. NIES & NIES 5H Main Oslcopathlc Fhyslclanj rhohe 98 ') Blythcvllle, Ark. GAS 9c i less 'I'han Arknusas IVInJur Oomiiutil Ili-'lVst »«(?. Gas 12 (Tax Piiid) Anti-Knock Gas 13 (Tax Pnid) All POPULAR I!KAN1)S «f POPULAR liKANUS ofgf .§ CIGARETTES 1 1C 2000 A11I.K Pennsylvania Motor Oil 20c (,15c Till.) NOW With Hach !iOn Vurrtias* nf Oas or Oil. FREE PREMIUMS MARTIN OIL CO. STEEf.E, MO. Carnivorous animals lap iipwatci-l wilfi their tongues; herblcorous animals, such as the horse and ox suck- it up. Pecans Wanted WE WIU. PAY YOU Highest Market Prices ANY QUANTITY Goldstein Hide & Fur Co. Rear Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 265 Blythevillc, Ark. Gel Our Prices Bf fore Selling Af Hia very flrsl sip; you'll give Crab Orchard your stamp of approval— it's ; KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON TWO YEARS OLD TOP-RUN WHISKEY Attention, Farmers GINNING REDUCED In view of the fact that the price of cotton has declined materially this season and resulted in considerable loss to the farmers and growers of this section, we have decided to cut the price of ginning propor-' tionately. Until further notice we will gin your cotton at the rate of 20c PER HUNDRED RRfNG US YOUR COTTON AND SAVE THE DIFFERENCE! A GOOD SAMPLE AND TURN-OUT GUARANTEED NO CHANGE IN OUR FORMER SERVICE GOVERNMENT ^ e w ' 5 ' 1 to announce llial we are now m a y ^^ __ -. T^N position to aid farmers in securing govern±J\*)<£\ J.\| O menl ' oans on tfleir cotton - Let us help you. SHAVER-FOSTER GINCO.

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