The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 22, 1950
Page 13
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•MONBAY, MAT M, 1950 BLTTHEV1LLE (ARK.)' COURIER N1CW8 PAGE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople rt's HEARP--IWA.S THE LAST owe UP ' AMP 1 THOU6HT &JG& I TUF9-JED IT OFF, BUT I 6U6tiS MOT 6<SAivT«ieG&/ JAkrs E&KIMO DOS5 K£6eM6LB A THAT SO-CALLED AROOsJD Ul<e A MOUSEAWID -SLAPPIMS A PILLOW INTO SMApe.' .THe GULTAKl IS A FAR CRY FROM GOTCH HE'6 PRODIGIOUSLY CRUDE AtJD FAT/ YEAH. BUT ecoRe WITH A AT 6AT SO FAR — HE'S SHAKING tHEGOYOOT LlkB A TABLE CLOTH ' FULL. OP CRUM65.' MAO BETTER COMS TOWlMe AM ANCHOR/ Ui 15 THE '''H' NEXT ITEM OM THE IMTERt/IISSIOM FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Ramfeezled? WMCT Television on Monday 1:30 p.m.—News Roundup 1:10—News Summary 1:45—MldSouth News Z-M —Berle Olswangcr 2:30—Fashion i'aracle 3:00—Jr. Disc Jockey 3:30—Howdy Donny 4:00^-Caclus Jim 4:30—Hello Ladies ' 4:55—Wrestling Interview 5:00— Kukla, Fran & Ollie 5:30—Roberta Quinlan 5:45—News Caravan 6:00—Teleiheater -.30—rfowarrt Barlow Lights Out ?IO—Show Business 8:00- r Jackpot Calling 8:30-^Crusade In Europe SilO^Featurette 9:20—Baseball Fundamentals 9:20—Wrestling We offer complete Television service., supplying and installing General Kleclric, Motorola, and Capehart models. FOR FREE ESTIMATES TELEVISIONS RADIO SALES AND SERVICE 38 E MAIN ST. BIYTHEVILLE. ARK 5te fcl NEA Sf tLVKL. (MC Rent- A Car... Drive It Yourself *^~ Fresh Croppie Chicken Dinner I'ackage Delivery Anywhert Simpson's Cafe STATE LINE Phones J918 - 937 <IDS Pony Rides Are Funl Open Daily 3-9 P.M. ^Shetland Ranch t South of Starvue Drive-In South Hiway 61 ngBK*^ Cl* •»«•«> !«• h«« ieT Bmtoa. Hyrle. dopUlMic xhtiMd Jo* nod I* invr •rllh her-<-1f- knr» «f Clr«r««-y'» ^iMt-Bii *na tail* (•> kldr h» Tgr <:inmrmry. The follow- vnii»|E Jna. wh« ••« »«•«•• •'•he oujrhi r* know" thai Pfrr» and Srrlr had ^B«« •««>• »ic*c««i thai after Syrle'» Btarrtaa;*- Plrra had on Ij Ivviird rhFM !• II v* at al« bnme »• chat ^yrlr a»d fee • bo old b* iDK^(h« r . Clemency. Inifljfnnai. lfo*-« t« •**• Plrrn but fin (In him not In hi* •cvd?. A» Hhv milt* «hr Irtly pJrfcB •» fcl* rl»;»rrf cnne nnri nrra Ihr Indf rlpifon bn- aldej "I'lera trow 3yxl«. Tvulunra." xxvm pLEMENCY stared down at the ' lettering on Piers* cigaret case. Bier throat went dry Piers from Syrie! And he always carried it. "Ton jours"—forever. Suddenly Syrie's words came echoing back with new force: "They 'were parted through a tragic misunderstanding. Piers is a one-woman man." It Isn't true! she thought desperately. Not Syrie. Not Jon's wife. Then from outside the window a woman's voice, low and urgent spoke softly and clearly: "It will be ghastly If Jon tells her." She swung round swifUy. as through the aperture of the open glass doors Piers and Syrie came in together from the darkness out- side. Seeing that there was someone in the room, the two who had en vercd stopped dead, Syrie's han< went out. catching her com pan ion's; and so for a split second the; stood. Seeing them there with the In tlmacy of the night behind them something wild and alien to tier nature blazed up in Clemency She was in no state to analyz the feelin g or to recognize th estructlve power ot iertJousy bui :i thai she nad neard within this si hour came rushing upon ber, :aring ner heart and ner mind. s she gazed al the man she loved the woman she had been told e loved, something snapped in So It's true—what Jon told me." he hardly recognized net own oice. it sccmeo as though it must >e someone else who was speak- ng. some other girl whose whole fe'had been shattered Into UtUe leces about her •^Clemency—* Piers moved iviftly across to her; but when ne 'oiild nave taken her hand she rew back "Dont touch me, please." M My darling—what is it—what s the matter?" he asked- She was deaf to the appeal In is voice; all ihat registered was he slender, bright-haired woman the background — watching hem. She said: **1 came to look for ou, to tell you that Jon could not stay under your root any onger, because he had lied about ou wickedly." "Well." Piers was dangerously quiet. "What did be say about me?" "That—* She paused, fighting !or self-control; then forcing herself to go on; "That you were In ,ove with his wife, that you arought her here, because—* • • * WTf TOLD you so," said Syrl without moving. "1 Knew that .ne would tell ner—" Sku spread her nands in a small, hope less gesture, adding half to herself "It's unfair that he should mak her pay—" And then in a toude tone: "Clemency, listen to m To have Syne, of all people offer her an "explanation" of wha wab quite impossible to explain seemed veritably the last straw It snapped the Bnai thread of Clemency's endurance- WiLb a muffled cry T she brushed past Piers and before ne could stop her, she had wrenched open the oor and rushed out ot the room Piers would nave followed, but yrte caught hold of hiv arm. "Leave her alone." «h* said. Piers pulled away, but Syrl* ung onto his arm. "Let m* fo.' e demanded. "1 cant let bet go n believing—* Syrie repeated, "Leave bet »km« night She is not ID the mood accept anything you may say tell you. TOO wont get any- here with her In that coood, 1 now my own sex. Leave oer— it her cry about rt, above all sleep D tt Tomorrow with the *UD lining you will find it much easer tc explain." Over the years circumstances ad not taught Piers to trust Syrie ut he had never entirely, clven er credit for the subtlety ot /hich she was capable; what sne ad done to him had appeared Imost crude in Its directness In any case It seemed to him hat she must know by now that er chance ot making further mis- hiet was past. Heaven knew, i iatl done enough. He said: "Of al) the horrible ituatlons." **I know rt IB," she agreed. now you must hate me, but—you may find my advice worth taking tomorrow you will have tar more .hance wtth her—tell h«r the whole thing. You need not spare me." He made no reply, and alter a moment she went out of the room shutting the door behind her. • • • OY the time Clemency had ^ reached the bottom ot the stairs again, that wave of passionate resentment had become • ' dull, searing pain. Holding on to the banisters she dragged berseJt upstairs, listening oh every step fot the study door to open, knowing the feeling to be wild and irrational, she still hoped that perhaps Piers would follow bet. She longed to feel his arms about her,' to Bear him deny th« truth of what Jon had said, what those heart-breaking moments 1usi past had forced her to believe With Syrie there, ail Horrible things had seemed possible. If she and Piers could have been alone. i <Tc Be Continued) I>flke Baikal, Siberia, believed the world's deepest, has been plumbed at 4,892 feet. You'll,Love Our Flowers! BLVTUtVILI.E FLOWER MART Mem phi* Ulw»> Pbuu* ftOU2 I air LOANS CARS, TRUCKS RenI Estate & FIIA United Insurance Agency A. F. 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