The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1949
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2,1949 BLVTHEVILLE , (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams we GOT TO HOLD OVER AM MIGHT ALL KUGHT 'CAUSE THEY LET THeT WONDERFUL I GREAT/ TONIGHT. WES-} A 6JT JUST LIKETH' / OFTK LOOK. AT ME.' HELD UP W A PRV CAMPs WITH OJLV THIS MUCH WATER, AN' VOU FELLEfcS DRJWKIN' COFFEE ALL NK&HT. TH' HERD AN' OUPBCrfS CROOWIM 1 TO \ LOVEP TH' CATTLE/ J SO BOY, I'LI 4 MUCH.' LOVE ITj l tf-2, \— rrR.wu.iAn Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc MV WORD.MftRTHA.' PROPE5SOR GMATZ MUSCATEL IS CC 'CWORROVJ TO VtEVJ M;. oTATUE.'-v" MOW ABOUT SOM& SPECIAL. ARTISTIC DISVA PIT •~~ PEKHWS PATS DE FOI& ' i ">Kf\<=> OK MllJCEO Lftr-VB ^ ^ He SOUNDS. UIKle ATElPE, MHW-eR TO Me / -«-*-~- | WE'RE HftMIWG 6PftR£RIBS' AMD KRftUT TOMORROW, AMD" IF YOUR ,MWJ l£. t-lKE THE REST OF'THE CUovJ SMMCU6RS VOUTDffAGlsi HER6, I'D BBTTeRL. ORDER (vJll^& MOR6 ] POUrvJTjS/J W t£ _ Jo, JUST SIX OR. ^®- For Rent 2 comfortable bedrooms. Furnace heal. Ph. 2K38 or 4971. 24 Jit 11|S Pb 2675 10^20 pit ) C'ormorlable bedroom. h'lasn camera* Tur OS1KKN B STUDIO ' KOH HEN'l': Proven FnnA Kicker* Blajlnclt's Highway 61 Phojie :i!12 ' Notice Someone to By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART c. M ,i,i,,. i«». NEA SERVICE, inc.- LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up . tree of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL . . DISPOSAL CO. 10.21 pk 11 [21 Help Wonted ^•taen and . women with cars for ^lood locations *lo sell used clothings , and hold rummage sales In nearby towns. Good profits. Inquire at 1919 W Mnln, Blythevllte. 10.31 pk Hie Wonted to Rent 3 or 4 room furnished or unfurnished apt. Fh.'A1&7. '"" Ilj2 pk 11[5 Business couple need small furnished or unfurnished apartment or hoiiEe. Call at 1919 W. Main. 10,31 pk 1I[6 Lost EnTeiope contaLng postal SRTlngs notes Iri name of Nina Render. Finder please cantacl_Mrs. T Ted • England. 409 5. Fir»t Ph. 2041 Days or fllBS nlRh-U. Keward. 11;2 pk 1L[4 LOST: Oreeri tipper money bag containing cards, punch, ting, toun.- taln pea. about $6 In money. Property of Corky ALkcn, Courier News carrier boy. Finder please return" to Covirler New* ofllc* or call «Bl. 10131 <lh U Photographs can . tx made ol stars no human eye can see. Wonted to Buy Usert corn picker. Ph. 4150. 10,31 pk Tllli STOHYi Jtmnr'* m-.irrlnKt to 1'od Dunrnn *•»» br*-n »inkii )M >7 liirciiiini- uI LI* r.mnver. wlti> jllird 'I'nd brforr hlj, niiirrtnuf. Klnnn- cJnl illHlvultlrj. ivhlfh iinuntli-Ll the lluni-niiH ni firm are •*<»!*«• J whrB l.l« K<-t» 'I'citl n foli "-lib her father 1 * NtJvtTlikiiiK nii<-m->. Hill tbrn ihrrr In uohklu. Wlii-n Jtnny ovcrk<-nr* l,iz irlliHK frlrnttH hov* Tu** niarrirti Jenn> •'<>»» Ik*- rf- h^untt.' 1 Jenny »»k* T^ri for • divorce. Jf-niiy »»v» 'I'ml hnii nrver hren In Invr \vflh hrr. .Irntiy . nnlci for Tod in deny ike HC- rMiAtioa, * * • • XXVII haven't gotten over Liz." His eyes fell away from hers. "Well, why not admit it," he said. "Maybe she's in my blood. But I've honestly tried, Jenny. You've got to believe that I-didn't want to hurt you or make you unhappy. And we can't just throw everything overboard. We've got the children to consider and—'* Jenny didn't hear anything els< he said, or remember going Lip- It was 8 o'clock by her watch when she wakened. . Wondering why the twins hadn't roused her earlier, she scrambled 'out of bee and padded to the nursery. Then she heard them downstairs, and Tod's voice. She had expected he would be gone b; now. One ol the twins v,-as laughing. Jenny stood still at the head o IhR stairs, Jerking nervously at thi -cord of her blue satin robe. Ten had never done such a thing a this before, gotten the twins U] and prepared their breakfast. B; rights he should be halfway t lown by now. If this were a ges lure of reconciliation, she though grimly, as she descended the stair: it wouldn't do him any good. When he looked up and saw he in the doorway, he looked unconi fortable, "I overslept too, an they wakened me so T decided I dress tljem and bring them down . 'Til finish with them," Jenr L gilts t price paid for CHIUK.ENU— JH Asti titrevt Grocer? <k blfcrfc«i W As ft • 417 ck U Business Opportunities tJoort business opportunity for n or women. All or half Interest In lucrative uaed clothing, wholesale or retail business. < 1.500 cash required. ini9 w. M»tn. 10.31 pk female Help Wanted ARE YOU UNHAPPTT A nicer home, better clothes and security c»n be yours with a good Htcatly income. We must select nn energetic well groomed woman now lor a pleasant full-tlms career In line silver Liberal percentage basis. No delivery collecting or cftnvasslng. You mual nave-a car and be OTCT 25, Complete mining at our expense. Alter * Jrienmy interview and aptitude tests we will give you /in honest yes or no answer. Your letter to us may cnange your lite. Write today to Frank F. Noble, Empire Crnrts Corporation, Newark. New YorK State. _^ • 10:31 pfc ™OU MAY BE THE ONE we're loolclnE lor. Avon Cosmetics hns fine tncxpcnMve new Chrlsltnas Gift, line rcwly now. We nctd women to act as neighborhood Representatives. For appointment Phone Mrs. Fowler -1125 . H|l Pk Hjl il in briskly. "You'll be late to e ofHce." " Tod rose from his chair. He urned back.from the doorway, a .eading look on his face, . "I did lot of thinking last night— flcr—" She straightened and faced him, fling her chin. "1 don't think lere's anything to discuss, Toct verylhing's been said." He shrugged, and went off, and •orn above a few moments later he could hear thumping noises took the suitcases down from hall closet. He v:as packing his hings. A wild p:mic nssniled her rno- lentarily. But what had she ex- cctcd? . • * • * HE phoned Rick right after breakfast. The sound of his /oice was reassuring. "Arc, you 11 right, Jenny?" "Rick, I've asked Tod for a di r orce. He's gone—took his thing; hts morning. Now what do I do?' A long shocked pause and then 'Jenny, are you sure it's what yoi really want to do?" "There's nothing else to do. .hought about it alt night. I kno\ t's dreadful for the children, bu ive just can't go on, and consider ng all the years ahead it's bette io make a clean break now." Rick said he would handle ev cry thing. And a week later h went with her to meet Tod at law firm's office. Tod Ipokecr-thlnher, and subdue somehowi 'Strange, she though this divorce was what he ha wanted, he should be expansu about it. On the contrary he be came angry when she told tr, lawyer she wanted nothing Eroi him for herself and would prefi. to support the children. To pounded his fisl on the table an shouted, and had lobe repnmanc cd by the lawyer. Jenny had hoped they could g the divorce over with at once, it was legally impossible. A in Umc ol separation, had to Tod kept staring al the blc w h ilc the, ta wy cr la Iked. hen al last Rick and Jenny were aving Tod touched Jenny's arm. low are lino boys?" "Fine." "I suppose it v/ouldn't do tor e lo—come' out and see them?" Jcimy glanced ill KioK and then au-k to Tod. "1 suppose it .would c all eight. Tod I've tured a onian io look after them while m in lown during the day, You ould go out any afternoon." COFR. IM9 BY- MCA BCRVICC. Iw. T. M. mo. U. I. p» T . orr . lore, l suppose. Her heart leaped involuntarily t the notion that ho had wanted o come when she was home. * * • '_j'OW lucky it had been thai Max had wanted lo selJ out riyht at iiis piirlicular time. ; Lucky too ha I she and Nina had been able o borrow enough to go into partnership, They'd • always goUun iloujj well together, at Least until he had married -Tod. Together in he shop they would regain their close relationship.. Jenny left the house ill the coun- ry at 8 each morning and during he long busy days of getting the business organized .she had little ime lo think of anything else. Dinner was ready when she got jack home. , At first it had been.bad id eat alone, for the twins were in bed jy then. But she asked Mrs. Drew, the housekeeper, to eat with her after a while. One thing Jenny did miss'ter- ribly. Caring f&r the twins. She had loved every detail of it," giving them their baths; the small pink bodies and fresh little faces with moist hair curling about them. Jenny often wondered how she could have possibly managed to get along without Rick's help and kindness. She wondered if perhaps after a while, she would forget all about Toil, and Kick would grow into that particutar "spot in her heart that Tod had occupied so long. (To Be Continued) Private Rooms Large front, bedroom, privmc en- Ufince. 622 \V. Main. 1111 rfc 8 bedrooms Adjoining biUh. Men only. Mrs. E. F. fllomeycr. ph. 2666. 11(1 pit 8 Comfortable bedroom, close to town Men only. 31U W. Walnut, / " 1029 pk 11'29 Sleeping room Adjoining bath. WorJt- inK couple or 2 glrla. 102 E. Kentucky, ph. 4021. 1027 pV: IIP Sleeping rooms, InterBprliiB Mattress fn. 2818. . . . 10j25 pit IMS Nice Bedroom. Men only Ad]nlns oath 813 Walnut Phone 2496 6,28 cfc H]28 Bedroom, private bath Ph 4M3 10.i pk ll|S RENT A CAR Orlvt Anywhert Von Plrasr Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 '-Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Guaranteed For 12 Jlunths I 531 North I nth Thone 6(101 En England It's the Chemist In France it's the, Apothecary Shop In Biytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUGSTORE For Expert Prescription Service THE Real Is Idle - Mortqa<i^Loan« 'Insurance >SCFOIA .;•"•*••• ' -.BlXtHEViyi sne 521 Phone 3075 n •BAGS BAGS BAGS BAGS We offer new bags, never used, at about the price ot used bags, heavy 10 ounce burlap, no patches nu bad seams and no rotten bags Also No 1 used ba«s as low as i!Uc each The bags are stored at Gay & Billings warehouse across the street from the Frisco depot. See the samples there and buy bags that will last you thru the season Phone 3418-31 52 PAUL D. FOSTER DISTRIBUTOR Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2723-2700 tc U 00 S S T U D E B A K E Rome Good - Some Not So Good, But Bargains al !!ie Price "I've been pretending I'm crazy about his food. so he would eat it—tha third helping K ot me!" HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERHILL BL088EB Giveaway? ._ Jgsr A MHJL! I MOMMT-. -- .. Ol*. LAt>Y UJTi , TOE DOLLS SOLD YOU. MR SlutPU£BF>M I A"O i THou&Kr YOU WEKE A XP 8USINSS5MAN/ GREEDS ! I JUST | I Do/r DOTE ON GtmN& I See ^tow I wow/ Perils of Parenthood in 1 AL VERMEKR IT MAKES ME 5ici< ALL OVER WHEN 1 HAVE TO PUNISH HIM! IT'S BEEW THREE HOURS SINCE I SENT HIM TO HIS ROOM I 1 . I CAN'T 5TAMD IT AMY LONGER! VIC FUNT Cull in the Night BY MICHAEL O'MAU.EY «nd RALPH LANE « IT It STALLCUP.' Nb*TT WHAT DOES HE WAMT? NOW TO GO ASTERN AND DIVER! THEIR ATTENTION WHILE VIC SNEAKS ABOARD. CAPTAIN EASY it's a Knvo BY LESLIE TURNER ( VHAUKS, HKIEUD! BUT tw AFPA.ID PUR LITTLE Fe/kCf S HAS MTRACTEO THE LOCAL f M.WB6 7U1S IS NOME O'UV J f AFFWfic BUT I HATE TO SEE < t ANVOWE SO CWTWUfABEKEO! BLA2ES, THATS AM ^^.^ER[CAU THOSE HOOOLUWS HWE GMJGED UP CW'. BUGS BUNNY / Insulation HERE WE GO AGAIN...WHAT/) A WAY I"'WAKE A UVIN'/ WOMBLtS DEPT. STORE" LOOK AT THESE SOCKS... BLAH...FIRST TIME t WASHEP THEM...BLAH- BLAH ... FURTHERMORE. GET OM WITH VCR SPIEL, LAPY... MOW I C'N TAKC IT/ VIPE/ I KNEW X Si FORGOT SOMETHING ALLEY OOP' Go Ah end BY V. T. HAMLIN '11 Ford Coupe '10 Kortl 2-door '40 Slml. Comm. ';)!! Chcv. (Two) '49 I'lym. 2-door '37 Fnrd 2-donr '37 Chev. Coupe '3fi Chev. Coupe "35 Dodge 2-door '27 liuick J-cloor U1 H C D m oo > 7s YEE DANG TO5TIN i WILL: n>i TH AN' NO CPACKPOT UP : I'M OFF T'PUT TH' CUFFS ON THEM KIONAP/N' VARMINTS.' STAND 'TWEEN M MY DUTY/ See These and Many More Today Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad ond Ash Phone 888 -S T U D E E A K E R HOOTS AND HEH Rt 11)1)1 ICS No Dice BY BDGAR MARTIN

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