Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 1, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 1, 1891
Page 1
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tmrnaL YOL, XVI. LOGAKSPOET, DfDIANA. SUNDAY..MOENIN&. ^BRUIRY I.- 891. NO.'28. TAKEN HOME. DEWENTER The Remains, of Secretary Win* dom Reach Washington, Met ai the Depot by President Harrison aijd His Cabinet—Arrangements for the Funeral. THE HATTER. JOHNSTON BROS. "The Corner Drug Store." Johnston Bros, have removed to the Cor. of 4th and Broadway, . ( Strecker Building.) A Full and Complete Line of DRUGS ON HAND PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED. HERB WE ARE Ready to thank you for your liberal patronag-e the past year. Ho ping to See You This next new year you will find me at 41O Broadway as Usual With a large stock of Watches, Jewelry and Spectacles, D. A. HAUK, -Hie Jeweler and Optician. IF YOU WANT A FINE DRESS SUIT OR BUSINESS SUIT O R OVERCOAT, Fur, Beaver, Melton, Kerseys or any kind to suit the customer English Yankee, any Manufacture, you can find it at 318 BROADWAY, Silk lined and got up in the very latest styles to suit the purchaser. 'Come and examine Goods and prices. Goods sold in suit patterns or pants pattern, at reasonable rates and cut and trimed to order. JOS. CRAIG, The Tailor. E. F. KELLER Tailor 311 Market Street THE DKAJ) FISAXCIKR. WASHING TOX, Jan. 31.—The President and the members of his Cabinet assembled at the Baltimore & Ohio railroad • station Friday, afternoon at 4:15 o'clock for the purpose of receiving- the remains of Secretary Windom. The remains were brought in a special car attached to the reg-ular train leaving Jersey City at 11:30 o'clock and arriving 1 in Washington at 4:30 o'clock. The train arrived promptly on time and was received by a most distinguished assemblage, including all the leading- public officials in Washington. All the bureaus, divisions as branches of the Treasury Department were represented.by their principal officials and many of the clerks and subordinate employes. These all assembled at the Treasury Department at 4 o'clock and proceeded to the railroad station in a body. The Presidential .party consisted of the President, Vice-President Morton, Secretary and Mrs. Elaine, Secretary Proctor, Postmaster-General Wanamaker, Secretary Noble, Secretary Rusk, General Schofield' and Solicitor-General Taft. The entire party, headed by the President and Mr. Blaine, proceeded 9s the end of the platform and stood with heads tin- covered while the casket containing the remains were removed from the car and taken in charge by eight members of Company B of the Treasury National Guard in uniform, under Lieutenant Moore, and borne slowly to the hearse. Attorney-General Miller, Secretary Tracy, Solicitor-General Hepburn and the committee of the New York Board of Trada who accompanied the remains from New York were among the first passengers to alight from the train. They immediately joined the group surrounding the President. The committee was composed of Am- .brose Snow, Darwin JJ. James, James Talcott, JbVB. Thurber, W. H. Wiley, Seth Thomas and Norman S. Bentley. A procession was formed and moved cmt of the station, headed by the body-bearers with the casket on their shoulders, and ending with a long line of Treasury officials numbering several hundred. Carriages were provided for all. and the cortege, he.aded by mounted policemen, moved slowly by way of Pennsylvania, Vermont and Massachusetts avenues to the Secretary's residence. The bearers carried the remains into the house through a crowd of people, who reverently bared their heads as the casket passed. The President and all his official family followed the remains into the house and waited in the back parlor, while the undertaker and his assistants placed the body in the front rrom and opened the lid of the casket so as to expose to vie'w the Secretary's familiar features. ' Mrs. Elaine remained with the President, and was the only lady present when the latter and all the members of his Cabinet and the others who had accompanied the remains from the station were ushered into the room and looked upon the face of the distinguished dead. When the party left the house the bereaved widow and her daughters entered the room where the remains were and remained there for a few minutes. WASHTXGToy, Jan. Si. —The arrangements for the funeral of the late Secretary Windom are as follows: "Private services will be held at the Windom residence at 11:1;") a. m. Monday, after which the body will be removed to the Church of the Covenant, where pub- lie services will be held between 1 and 2 p. m. -The members of the Cabinet will act as honorary pall-bearers, and the Treasury guard will be active pallbearers^ In the Senate at the morning session, Senators, Merrill (Vt.). Washbum (Minn.), Allison (la.), Harris ident' will' really have about' five day within which to select^his Minister o Finance, as it is not reasonable to sup pose that he will give the,sxibject seri ous thought ton til after the funeral of the late Secretary Windom. ' By direction of the Postmaster-Gen eral all postmasters are authorized to close their post-offices as far as practical on Monday next, between the hour: of 11 a. m. and 2 p. m., during the funeral service of the late Secretary Windom. Gossip about -the successor to Secretary Windom includes the naro.es of Ing-alls, Spooner, McKinley and Tracy, the theory in regard to Tracy being that he will be transferred from the Navy Department to the Treasury in order to satisfy the demand of New York, and the Navy Department b« given to some Western man. •V A BLOODY FEUD "BEGUN. A- Pitched Kuttlti iletireen r»liee itnd T-rtivbreiikprs in Uoddridgro County, ~\V. Vrt.—Ltv<?n Sacrificed on Hotli Sides in the Deadly'Conflict. CIXCINN-ATI, Jan. 31.—A dispatch from Clarksburg, W. Va., says: What promises to be a serious mountain war began Wednesday night in Doddridge County. A man named Perkins, of Rulings Mills, was arrested charged with sedu*.ion. • A mob, headed by Mose Smith, attacked tha officer and liberated the prisoner. The officer •tt'ent to West Union, secured warrants for the ringleaders, summoned a large posse and returned to the mountain, snrroun'ded the house in which the leaders had taken refuge and demanded a surrender. On/ being refused, they opened fire and fatally shot Smith and his son-in-law. Cotterell. The fire was returned, killing Chief Deputy Goskins. Smith's son, a boy aged 13 years, attacked Deputy Hamsay. cutting him severely. Smith - was. finally captured and taken,in a wounded condition to the prison, but Perkins was not recaptured. Fifteen warrants were issued for the parties connected with the riot, <incl the sheriff, accompanied by many assistants, left Friday to endeavor to. execute them. .It is reported that the mountaineers are gathering' to resist the officers. All are heavily armed and a'bloody time is anticipated. ; REVOLUTION RAMPANT. AS USUAL Is Again PortuRuese People Trying; to Overthrow the monarchy and Establish a Republic —.111 ooilj- J-ifflitljig in the Streets of Oporto. OPOKTO. Jan. 31.—A tremendous sensation h;is been caused here by what in ay turn out to be a revolution against tljj'authority of the Government. Three regiments of infantry, 'comprising- a portion of the garrison, have openly, revolted. The remainder of the garrison, including the municipal guard, remains loyal to the Government. The population of Oporto hold aloof from the movement at present. It is alleged that the object of the mutineers is 1 to establish a Portuguese Republic. The rebels and loyalists' are as this" dispatch is sent fighting in the streets. Rumor has it that many have been killed on both sides. Citizens are barricading- their houses, and the report is circulated that Government troops are being sent in haste from several points to this city. FIRSTINTHEFIELD With the latest of Home and Foreign Productions for the spring of 1891. Lovely dress fabrics, new Plaids, ephyr, Ginghams,, new printed Batestes, Novelties in White Goods and Embroideries, Being large buyers we are enabled to give very closes prices on everything we handle. Heavy reductions now- made on all Plush and Cloth Cloaks. WI-LER& WISE 315 Fourth Street A LAWLESS GANG. More Outrages by the White Caps .... . .. _ ..' .in Indiana. dicted, petit jurors composed of White . Caps or' White-Cap sympathizers clear the scoundrels or faii to agree. The result is that immigration avoids these,., counties and many of the better class'V; of citizens in "the White-Cap districts^ A Woman Dragged from Her Home at Midnight and Lashed in a Merciless Way. HURT IN A WRECK. Several Persons Injured in it RalHi'ay Disasters at Chicago. CHICAGO, Jan. 81.—At 10 o'clock a. m. thfe accommodation on the Ghicag-o & Erie road dashed into the accommodation' of the Chicago & Eastern Illinois railway! which was unloading milk jiist south of Thirty • third street. The two,hind coaches of the Eastern Illinois train were telescoped and the Erie engine badl}' wrecked. Five persons were badly hurt, and it is thought one will die. Tlie engineer of the Eric locomotive made a statement in which he said that the smoke was so thick on the tracks that he could not see the other train until they were so close that it was impossible to have avoided a collision. LIEUTENANT SCHWATK.A DEAD. (Tenn.), Payne (0.), and Gorman (Md.) were appointed a committee to represent the Senate at the funeral'of the late Secretary 'Windom. The President has recalled the invitations to the army and navy, reception next Tuesday, M»3. Harrison's reception on the 7th proximo, and the public reception on the 10th proximo. It is understood that, other dates for these events will be announced hereafter. The death of Secretary Windom was" made the subject of a special message to. 'ongress. Assistant Secretary Nettleton has returned to Washington and is now acting- as Secretary of tie Treasury under a designation issued by the Presidenj^several months ago, authorizing him to actin that capacity n the absence of Secretary Windom. The President conferred with At- ;orney-General Miller and Assistant Secretary .JXettleton this morning- with regard to his powers under the statute in. making temporary provision for the vacancy. The, conclusion was reached that in case if the death of the 'head of a de- jartment, the next in rank of official itation could act for a period of ten days from the time of death and no onger. Under Attorney-General Mil- ,er;s construction of the law the Pres- Tli<; Intrepid Arctic Explorer Pusses Away at IttusoirCIty, in. MASOX Crrr, la., Jan. 31.—Lieutenant Schwatka, of Arctic fame, is dead. Lieutenant Sehwatka's death is the result of injuries, received here on Friday. Upon returning from a drive he ascended the steps of his ho-, tel and -when near the top fell backward over the banister to the floor beneath. .His nose was broken, and he was otherwise badly inj tired. Concussion of the brain was the immediate caiuse of death. A Diamond, Palace Koblied. SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 31.—The statement is published that the diamond palace of A. A. Andrews was entered some nights ago and over sixty-five diamond lockets and about fifty diamond scarf pins.of a total value of S7,- 500 taken by the burglars from the show-case without disturbing 1 the watchman who was sleeping in the store. Detectives have kept the matter quiet, but have not succeeded in securing any clew to the thieves. Cracker Trust Shbrt'bf Funds. ST. Louis, Jan. 31.— The cracker trust has borrowed a huge sum. Friday morning'-the -American Biscuit Manufacturing- Company filed a mortgage amounting to $540,000. This covers all the buildings of the company inMis- iouri, Nebraska,,':Wisconsin and-IUi- The mortgage is_due in 1910." WHIPPED B\' BAKBAHIAXS. NEW ALBAST. Ind., Jan. 31.—One of the mos* horrible outrages that have beea committed by the infamous White Caps of Harrison and Crawford counties occurred Thursday night about thirty miles southwest of this citv. Jacob Perew, a poor but industrious and upright farmer, had gone to Leavenworth, the county seat of Crawford County, to visit his aged father, who was ill, leaving his wife and four small chiidren home, intending to remain a,way all night. At mid' night a gang of twenty masked men rode up to the Perew dwelling, and dismounting marched into the yard and up to the door and demanded admission. Mrs. Perew had retired, .and refused to open the door. Then the White Caps, after firing 1 several shots from their revolvers, procured a rail, and with it battered down, the door and entered the house. Mrs.^Pere* had left her bed as had her four*]rttle children, and when the^ savage brutes entered the children were clinging in terror to their mother, weeping and begging piteously that . the men would not hurt them or their mother. But the merciless AVhite Caps seized the helpless woman, tore the shrieking children from her, dragged her from the house and to a strip of woods on the opposite side of the highway, where they tied her face foremost to a tree, and with stout switches literally laid the flesh open, from her shoulders to her hips. No fewer than forty licks were given the helpless woman, the blows . being i-ained upon her after she had sunk in a.faint against the ropes that bound her to the tree. While this awful scene of demoniac savagery was going on tho four children of the wretched woman stood by weeping, and wringing their, hands, and imploring the cowardly brutes to desist. Finally these torturers left Mrs. Perew apparently in a lifeless condi- tk». After they had gone the children went to the house and got a knife, with which they cut the ropes that bound their mother, and finally- succeeded in getting her to the house.. She will probably not recover from the awf nl torture she passed through. The villainous White Cafps told the children that they had whipped their mother because she was not virtuous, hut all her refawyes agree, as do all who know her, that she is a woman of. unspotted character. In all the history'of .White-Capism in Harrison and Crawford Counties the whipping of Mrs. Perew is the vilest, the most brutally savage crime they have committed. The law is powerless against these human fiends. Grand juries fail to'.indict them, or. where in- the Lrwtis respected and enforced,, At Butte, Mont.r Thursday night the dry-goods house of James R. Boy**, Jr., & Co., made an assignment with, liabilities of SlOO.OOO and assets of .5125,000. The Black Diamonds, at DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. Tuesday Eve.,Feb. 3. W.S. CLEVELAND'S Colossal Colored 'Carnival MINSTRELS. "W. S. CLEVELAND, Sols owner. The Big Month Comedian; TOM MelNTOSH, Highest salaried Colored arjlst in the world. Ja.ii.es A. BLAND, Eccentric Original. Billy • Farrell, Doc Sayles; the four Brewer Brothers George Tlchnor. Harry Maton,. Lon Lwls Frank • Kennedy, the Great Jaivan, G> W. Pickets, James , Wilson, MODS. I/evard, Louts G.. Rector and*» other.colored minstrel notables. . •' The March of the ilazomblque Gladiators In" "Darkest Africa," An original and unique novelty, with correct Representations of ttie native African. The erandlV realistic, claslc. first part spectacle, THE TOREADORS, • Unequaled In its Splendor. The truly grand'ana, "' Gorgeous Parad« takes place every day at noon Don't miss this prand display. ••-. •" , RpiCeS' S5.-S} and .75 cents. 'S«ats oa aale at ; B. F. Keesllng's. Secure seats.': Avoid the jam DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE... ONE NIGHT ONLY. _* •Thursday, February 5th, REEVES' ENGLISH OPERA BOTJFFECO. REEVES * MUXROE, Proprietors. H. B REEVES, M*n«g«r.- U FAUST B. H. Seveer. Happy Dick Turner. C. B. Ward Miss May Duryea. — Miss Helen ilnckaye. Miss Maude Wllmot. Jllss Victoria Castellan. .Mephtstopheles ..Brander: Slebel' _ .Marguerite , , —.Faust . .. .Valentine Martha, 3O ARTISTS 3 O. / Our Own Orchestra Full Chorus Grand. Baflet, & Dazzling Marches, Magnificent Costumes. New, >J andUlaborate Effects, Produced under tbapcr— "ja sonal supervision o{ tae Authuc, ^ J?\ J.-W. MUNROE, Of Boston. */ Secure Seats Early. Reserved Seats at B. Keesllng's Drug Store.

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