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The Star Press from Muncie, Indiana • Page 21

The Star Pressi
Muncie, Indiana
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J.J MUNCIE STAR, SUNDAY. MARCH 9. 1947 7 Falasca went around the country measuring holes in doughnuts. Recently Opened at Ball Stores Dunkers complained they were getting doughnut dunkers dimples from handling the present size. This was happening in the best eatries.

"The displacement value of the doughnut will not be changed," Falasca said, thus reassuring Admits Driving Car in Sept. 26 Fatality Evansville, March 8 UP Coroner Ed Dauble said today that Jack M. Burton, 26, came to his office today and said he was the driver of an automobile that struck Mrs. Emma Burke, 70, of Evansville, at street intersection last September 26. Mrs.

Burke died in a hospital here February 27. The coroner said her death was caused by injuries suffered in the accident. Burton was held pending further investigation. jean McKee Is Delegate to Student Conference Jean McKee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

C. L. McKee, 200 Granville avenue, is a delegate from the State University of Iowa, Iowa City, to a student conference this week end. The conference is sponsored by the American Friends Service committee at Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, la.

The meeting, to be attended by students from all Iowa colleges, was planned to organize constructive student action on national and international problems. Miss McKee attended Ohio University at Athens, for two years before going to the University of Iowa. A -senior majoring in psychology, she is on the executive council of Wesley Foundation, Methodist student organization. Indiana State's Debaters Winners Bloomington, March 8 EE H'ME'EN 'Jt 57iop3 pr: ih PlPWti If It 1 rtf 4 I tVW'lTrT find Culinary a nd Hat Reform By PAI PHELAN North American Newspaper Alliance New York, March 8 Reform was rife in this city today. At the Hotel New Yorker there was much ado about nothing, the nothing being the hole in the doughnut.

Edward Falasca, doughnut expert, announced that the improved official size of the doughnut hole for 194S would be three-eighths of 'an inch, one-half an inch smaller than the current size, in round figures of course. While Falasca was thus making nothing smaller, on the other side of town in the Waldorf-Astoria a former Brooklyn boy, Harry Rolnick, a hat manufacturer from Garland, was trying to make man brighter in the head. Colorful Hats for Men Rolnick wasn't trying to change their intellectual style but their hat style, by introducing more colorful headpieces. He is the guy who is responsible for "the hat," not politically but sartorially, as he designed former Mayor La Guardia's perennial skull covering. But it might be better to start w-ith the doughnut doings.

It seems dunkers of the same 12-ounce bulk for sinking their sinkers. "The important factor was the grip." The new size permits greater flexibility. "Flexibile fingers are as necessary for doughnut dunking as for playing the piano," declared. "As a matter of fact, harp playing and balalaika playing are the best ways to practice for dunking." At the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel the other reformer, Rolnick, was interested in people's apparel, not their appetite. But he was also interested in dough, the $12.50 to $40 necessary to pay for one of his new custom-made hats.

He's giving men the bird, with hats in bird colors. There's finch, kind of cream-like; thrush, a bit rusty; dove, like beige; bluebird, like bluebird. "Men are as vain as women but they lack the courage to wear bright colors," Rolnick said. "They'll wear maroon socks, a yellow sweater, a blue coat but they New Spring BAGS NORMANDIE BAGS Saddle leather In cherry, black and turf tan. 11.95 plus tax The Indiana State Teachers Col-i View of the new Teen Shop recently opened on the street floor at Ball Stores.

The shop is in charge of Mrs. Bernetha Wilson with Lavonne McKibben, Hazel Huber, Rosaline Ware and Fawnie Ware as assistants. All teen agers are invited to register in the "Guest Lounge. lege negative team won a debate tournament held at Indiana University and sponsored by Tau Kappa Alpha, debating fraternity. Capital University of Columbus, was runnerup.

Eighteen Universities and colleges participated. Members of the winning team were Ellis B. Anderson and Gene Moore. thinks. "Did vou ever see a bald Alexandria policeman?" he said.

"They wear a hat all dav. which proves a hat can't get a hat to match. So what doesn't cause baldness. On the do they do? They wear no hat." Alexandria, March 8 Mrs Charlene Knight of Fairmount, a Wearing no hat is terrible, he iSiW' 1 YD? nurse who was a prisoner of the Germans, will be the guest speaker at the Monday evening meeting of C7 other hand, look at some executives who don't wear hats." No, he didn't recommend wearing hats all day in the office. To show off his styles Rolnick brought along not a man but a Redkey the Alexandria Business and Pro fessional Women's Club.

The meet' ing will be held at the home of Miss Fermeh Johnson, with Miss girl, Louise Hyde, a model. Girls are less self-conscious than men, he apologized, though no apology was really necessary. Redkey, March 8. Glenn J. Williams, seaman son of Mr.

and Mrs. Glenn Williamson of Redkey, has been transferred from Pensacola, to the navy yard In Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Huggins re Deaths Portland, March 8 Mrs.

turned home Wednesday from a ten days' motor trip to New Mexico. Ray Gegenheimer of Redkey, assessor of Richland township, and PLASTIC PATENT Black. Shoulder style. 7.50 plus tax CORDE by Luxor Black, nary and brown. 3.00 to 16.95 plus tax Creations of LE FAYE 12.50 plus tax OTHER STYLES IN LEATHERS FAILLE PLASTIC LEATHERS 4.00 to 121 .50 plus tax Chas.

of Bits Cosmetics THE MAYFAIR SHOP Jackson at Mulberry Ruby Leah Haworth, 50, wife of Chase L. Haworth and former Portland resident, died at noon today at her home in Toledo. Besides the husband she is survived by her father, Bert Atha of Lo-gansport; one daughter, Jean, and one son, Murl, both of Toledo; one his deputies have started on the work assessing the residents of Kicmana townsmp. Mr. Gegen heimer will assess the rural, terri "Conversation Minx Modes' own Choo Choo print on soft Spellbound crepe, sizes 7 to 15.

Pink, oquo, taupe 1 7.95 Okayed by the famous Minx Modes Junior Board of Review, sister, Mrs. H. E. Francis, of Tole tory and Mrs. Ralph Rex will have Ms Keepsalce A mzzhi WW charge of the work in Redkey and Mrs.

Virginia Hurst and Claude do; two brothers, Dorsey Atha ol Portland, and Harold Atha of Hartford City; and four grandchildren. McDaniels will assess Dunkirk The body will be brought to Port property. Edith Hull assisting hostess. Miss Martha Nell Ellis has returned to Riley Hospital after a brief visit here with her mother, Mrs. Thomas "Ellis, southwest of the qity.

Miss Ellis is a student nurse at Ball Memorial Hospital, Muncie, and with two other Alexandria girls is taking a three-months' course at Riley. The other two are Misses Peggy Seybert and Thressa Roesler. Mr. and Mrs. E.

E. Reavis will observe their fifty-fifth wedding anniversary Sunday at their home, 516 West Washington street, with a family dinner. Mr. Reavis taught school for more than 50 years, his last position being that of principal at the Clarke School. They are parents of five children, ten grandchildren and tjiree great-grarWchil-dren.

Sons and daughters are: Mrs. Mendal Hamilton, Daleville; Jesse Reavis, Cowan; Joel Reavis, Lynwood, Harold Reavis, Muncie, and Mrs. Rudolph Wells of Alexandria. Members of the Alexandria Ministerial Association have been asked to meet at the First Methodist parsonage at 10 o'clock Monday morning by the president of the association, Rev. E.

D. Imler. Mrs. Howard Oliver, who has been ill at her home, has been taken to the home of Mr. Oliver's parents Mr.

and Mrs. Earl Oliver of North Harrison street. A Woman'f New York land at 10:45 o'clock Monday night and will be taken to the Williamson funeral home where services will be held at 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Burial will be in Green Park Cemetery. Oontinaed From Preceding Ff jTHt been invited came anyway, broke into the house, drank up quanti ties of champagne and smashed 1 1 Winchester, March 8 Leo 1 12 East Adams W.

Summers, 42, who for the past six months had resided with Mrs. Lasna Black, of near Farmland, died at 6:45 o'clock this evening in the place pretty thoroughly. The police called it a wild party, arrested three of the boys for burglary and now await court action. the Randolph County Hospital here. He is survived by one son, Jack, and his mother and, step 1 is? father, Mr.

and Mrs. C. A. Fowler, one brother, Calvin Carlton Summers of Detroit; a half-brother, C. A.

Fowler, of Lansing, Mich. Funeral services will be held at 1 o'clock Monday afternoon at the Fraze funeral home in Win 300.00 15000 36250 350.00 ASTOWA Set Engagement King HEATHER Se Engagement Ring chester, the Rev. Zelma Mills officiating. Final services and burial will l)e at Lansing. Tuesday afternoon.

Friends may call at the Fraze funeral home after 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon. So bright her eyes Winchester, March 8 Mrs. Alia J100 to J475 end in platinum $300 to 3430 WELIESIEY Sot 530.00 Engagement Ring 450.00 Also $600 and 750 Alt Knot illustrated available ki wntte os well OS noturol gold Rings enlarged to show details Prices include federal tosi Emma B. Wolfe, 77, a lifelong resi so proud her heart because of the magic quality of her genuine registered Keepsake Diamond Ring, the traditional symbol of love. Identify Keepsake by the name in the ring.

THE IIBVV MODERN WAY OF HOME DECORATING If you like modern, like a change, and want to be up-to-date, you'll want a modern sectional sofa like this. It's it's different. dent of Randolph County, died at 9:30 o'clock tonight at the home of Broadway Continued From Preceding Par his balance, fell, and fractured his ankles. TALLLXAH BAXKHEAD is the only star who has (in her contract for every play) a clause stating that the vehicle must be publicized by a press agent of her own choosing the fabled Dick Maney. Some years ago when she first talked the Theater Guild into submitting to this unprecedented stipulation, she rushed to Maney triumphantly and said, "Now! Who do you think is the best actress in America?" Unabashed, ingrate Maney answered, "Helen Hayes." P.

S. He still has the job. It her son, Neil, eleven miles south west of here. The daughter of and ask for the Keepsake Certificate of Guarantee and Registration. Better jewelers are Keepsake Jewelers.

Prices to $5,000: Solom and Harriett Steel Mosier, she was married to Alonzo E. Wolfe, who preceded her in death several years ago. Survivors are the son, Neil, with whom she had made her home since her husband's death; one sister, Mrs. David Les ley, and two grandchildren, Mrs. Wallace Warren, of Pomona, KEEPSAKE DIAMOND RINGS.

A. M. Rend Co, b. 120 t. Washington.

Synxuse 2. New York Please send ee useful 20-page book. The Etiauette of Se Engoaement and Weodtng" a complete gude to social correctness planning the betrerhol and wedding events Illustrations and prices of Keepsake Rings and me name of the nearest Keepsake Jeweler. I enclose 1 Oc to cover mailing. Spring Ensemble and Cpl.

Verl N. the armed forces in Tokyo. Funeral services will be --conducted at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon -at the Maynard and Walker mortuary, Winchester. Burial will be in the Maxville Cemetery. Guaranteed by VA Good UottktpInf I Street and No City.

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