The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1933
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Served by the United Press EHTHEVILLE COMBER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTH EAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL XXX—NO. 181 Biytbevill* • Bully .Nf»«. m>ilK-vUle Oourne. n; vrm.'Vll I I,' iiM'ivCAa Till men \ \- /I/-»IVMMM> • 1 y t u> ? L«rttr fllTthnlll* Htr«M. KM I HhVII.I.I-,. AKIxAfS.SAb, MIUIiSD.-U. OrlOliMS SINGLE COPIES FIVE mm Limitation on Wealth Essential to Preserve Civ- iliMlioa. miTOK'S XO'l'K: WilUum lU>pe U'olii) ll'.irvi-y. 81-year-olil udvcl- rale'of free j-llvi-r \thn rampaliinrd fur William .lenninss Hryan :i Hiird »f a. mitury at;o, tell-; fur 1'iiiled 1'rcss of the fuimms "' I 1 "- **"' I'dlitiral Parly. llajvf), as lie nu'l dffrut in Hie iarr for rrtsidrnt li:<l NovombH-, ^Jid he :i\\allr(l Uie "fall "1 flviU- Kitlru." Trvday In- ttlls his plans for tire birth of a "iH-rfM-l rivili/atinii. 1 Good Time Is Promised For • Cooking Pupiisj As plans for Ihe biff C.'ookiiiR Sclioot at the city Imll auditorium next u-i'ek draw lo a clow, it is move and more evident that there will be u mighty good lime hiul by everyone wlio allcmd.s. School days, the good old Golden liuli' days, minus (lie pains of arithmetic, spi-llini; Liiut if-atlinu and wril- u-ilt fa? re/ivcd lor • every ^kivjier in lllythevllle and vic- init.v. fiut ihi'fi- pupils * p ill not nii-d cairy :ui armful of books and a lunch box, like the old -time $25,000 a Year-Luce Money "K o'u r t li Intel-national" Would Comtml Socialism and Democracy, VIENNA, Oct. 19. lUPi— Pa-H.-l.sls 1 ait- conductllig sturet ncgctiulions) fo: a world congress to form a i "1'curih U i U'f national" di'dlcati-d to j traiNmd deniOL-nitk tendencies, U | \vii.; learned on high authority today. I'lruiiii'd U> function like the Hrsl i three imernaliomils. all of social-1 school days. Just a note book or isl-«immunisi character, the foiirfi -•' ' ' ' exactly an BY Wll.MAM II. tllOIKI HAKVIIV (VVritlen lor United Tn-ss) MONTE NE. Ark. lUPJ—Out of ti-tf paias in the wornb of the present time is the opportunity for the birth sf TL perfect. civlll?atli)n. As the ttilViiliun of civill/ation, a law limillng v.-falth, is imperative. For. V one hand Li Shylock demanding his iioiind ol flesh, wltii utter riiln to the human race. And, on the- o;hiT IK the happiness mid Lonteinnicnt of tin 1 human race here on '-arlh. Joliti A. Simpson, national president .of the Paimers' Union, and :KV.-:I-H, liavi- ronnr-d :i New I'olitl- Lui I'arir; have drawn up its platform. Promises Quick 1'rusiwrity By enactment, of ite laws as con- tMncd in the plalfcrm of this party, picsperily will come- In 90 days with the ways plainly marked to brin? happiiwis and contentment U the human race. Tile platform provides for '-he government taking over the bink- lii« system. Ho other banks pc-r- in'.lted. Il also provides: A mo-.-atorium law, giving five years to determine what shall be <lonc- with bonds, mortgages .and oilier itit'jrost Ixjaring debts, Ih" In lercsl 0:1 which, 10 billion doit-u- po; year, is taking all money pu in emulation, returning it to the money lenders; and confiscating til property of'tbe people who are ut Opening the mint--, to the free coinage of silver and the printing of sufficient greenbacks to put 10 million men to work at once, bui'.d- inj reads, levees. Irrigating ditches, canals and • other public improvements. Tne money thus put. in circulation, paid lor by services ren- ilprr-d by tha people, incurring no debts, ami all to be full legal ten- <ipr;' and Illegal (o make a debt payable in any specific money. Would Limit Wealth A limitation on wealth to be owned by any one, fixed as to amount, by a referendum to Ihe people. Abolishing taxation by profits from (Tovc-rnment and municipal ownership of public utilities. Payment of Ihe soldiers bonus v;ili freshly printed currency. This 52.300,000.000 will go into all parts o 1 thc United States, paying an honestT'debt and pulling t' much money in immediate circulation as the boys will be finding il al once to relieve their wants. With thc government owning the tanks. Ihe public will have absolute confidence, thus putting an end lo bank failures. Ot course, all financial laws in tiMilliu wit I: this program would some iinpi-r, one or two sharpened ivncils or -.1 fountain pen, u pair ')!' KCod ems. j • nose to smell the S'iod UiiiiKii cooking on tiic plal- foi'm, and a |)air of c-yt-'s to sec how Mrs. Gcorse Thurn niixi-b. lii>i. beiits. whisks :i dish Inlo the veil and out uguin, ho" she cre- tos « gorgeous salad, ices a cake nakes a delicious pie. turns out a avory roast. This Ls the school ihe Courier \'e?,-s has planned, and vhich this nationally famous k-c- urcr will put on for every 'house- eepn of ihe city. "Tell your readers lo brln? their international wouM lipjio-illi' purposu-. It was learnt-d ttiut fAsdtf or- ?anii:aiiOTs in many muions have exchanged views fO;- montlis oil the l».-slbilliy of forming an organization Is the dciinlmillun of filletlidly otildatcd |X)lltical orguni- Zii|ions and ideas of government. Tvie proposed neiv international j Ls referred to synouiinously by its q:onMor.s as an inlfrnalional or- giiiii/»lion of ytuth. premier Mus- soilni was deelai-ed to be in the background of plans fo-- the con- problems, especially heir cookery uucsiions to the Jookinc School," said Mrs. Thurn 'i an interview about the School. There will be time to write down itidstlonr, iincl have them answered | 'loin the platform. Tell them I vant them to feel thnt it is their ••ery own Cooking School, planned "or them, nut on for them,' de•'•un&l lo help them. I am only too glad to hear their questions an- 1 iswcr them to the best of my ibility and txpc-rlence." As a setting for the cookery de- -nomlrailons which are an hn- xirtant part of the four dav ses- n rs. a kitchen will be constructed on the stage of the auditorium. It, will be a real kitchen with Ihe -ange attached and wo-k l n</ a rf~ r ri u t-rator, kilchen cabinet, work "ables. and all the small necessary •neiKlls without which a kitchen is useless. Mrs. Thurn will talk, from the •Midst of this kilchen, and while she talks, she will demonstrate new •"she*.. Each day's pmsram Is illf-. Krent.'Each dav is filled with val- ON Til TDBftl %''hevil!e Man Charged With Luxora Depot Robbery. 3,000 Men BalWr Way Into Maryland Jail to 1-HINCKfcS ANNE. Mi\., Oct. 10. (IJJ')-A niolj of almost 3,000 overpower ed slu ic police urxl lynched row Armwcnd, 28-ycur-oUI nu- io. last night. Arinwuud was charged wllh al- Settling down lo enjoy domestic- coinloils muy be all right for .some ! girls. but for Claire Luce (above), glamorous blonde ilnnccr, a Binge career is more Important. And so Broadway's former clgarel girl now performing In n musical show in London, liar, agreed to part v.Hli her miillt-nillllonulie husband. Clifford Warr-'!i Sinllli. and accept a settlement uf $25.000 a, year fur Hie. Tiiey were married five years igo. helps.'and.-ido*s..for- housekeepers •I every kind. • . - • • • Tlic brides of Blythevllle ore especially mued lo be present for Mrs. Thurn fee's thnt these new 'lousckcouers will find every de- -MOnstrnilon full of helo for them, ivcry discussion-full of ideas which •i-ill solve'tfti; bothersome problems if n new kitchen :md nc*- duties. But experienced' housekeepers •"U.=(" brin? ' Ihelr problems too. Thcv will finrl'n'eiv rrcincs tn ndd 'o those which are already favor- 'cs in their homes: new methods if mixing and cookine: new theories about food orcservation: new •=!i2gestions for cooking in thc re- 'rieerato for the modern . house- iraner knows that her automatic •cfriserato:- not only keei?s ' the family food at safe (temperature, Nit it can make cakes for her. r rozen desserts and salads to en- 'ivon thc menus. The Cooking School opens Tuesday at 1 o'clock, and continues '.hroiigli Fi-lday aftenioon. Gift baskets of groceries, dishes cooked on (he platform, and many suh- •situilial »ifts for the kitchen and i house will be n part of the big program of Friday. -Every dav's program contains OSCEOLA, Ark.. Oct. 19.— The case of the stnte aesinst Jim""" "mc-f:. Rivt.hevllle. chnrped w-ith the buriclan 1 of the Frisco Deoot: it Mivora in Ihe wilier of 19TO. is •voecled lo rench Uie jurv before noon lodav. T>>e sl»'o reeled il-; ^OFI laic vr-sterrtav afternoon. Jone^. indiciivl lolntlv with Mnnk ^iiilcrlse and Pft"r»sl. 'One Ron Chlsholm of BlylhevilJe. was tried •<t the last term of cnnn. |i>n case ••"ciillins! in .a mistrial. He has been at liberty.._under bond.. Chic- bolm a-as tried and ~co»vlcleri "of '•is P'in in the litirelarv aivl sentenced nt a previous irem of court nnd Hutlcdw entered si plea of Mrs. Mary ncnston. 71 whin-, u.s slip returned to IIM- farm home Monday nlehu Repulsed by tear bombs on Us Ihsl advance, Urn mob llnally bal- lorvd down the doors of the enmity Jult wllh Umbers and Belied tip negro. A i-opc was placed around his neck and he was dragged behind mi uiiloniublli! UirouKh Ihe dlrcets Nfur the liomi! of Judge Kobcrl DIIL-I. local pollu! Judge, thf mcb handed the neuro to a tree although apparently IM; already ilc-ncl' from Die e(f«:ts of the mob's trcnlmcnt, One of his ears had l*eji severed, Afti-r the liiillgiiiK' tile mob own the body and took It to the [house lawn when; it war irned. slate police, Including C&p- nln Edivurd Jolui^on. were Injured y members rif the mob who ear- led sticks and sltines. Governor Ritchie olaced • i«spon- Iblllty for tli» lynching on Judge Diici- and atulc's Attorney Bobbins, iiio hnd assured him, he said, thai i would be safe to return Arm- vood to the county jail from Baltl- nore where tr.e ne'<ro wrui ImprK- orcd after Ihe rillack, < Judge Duer pleaded, with the rnDh when II appeared. 'uL h\x hou« but o no aval). . ', . Whisky Will Help Killer MeetJ)eath KAN QUKKTIN PH1SON. Cal,. On . 19. cUi>j-Mellow Ifjiirbou whisky. Kentucky's favorite In pre- prohlbllion dayii. was si'lrclfil today lo usher Dallas KKUII Inlo tlw next win-Id. Ttir convict cors to thf! Billows loiiiorrow, "Hourbonla'd" by orilfri -1 Oov. Jiunes Italph. Eynn's last rt'0.ut\sL was for "KOtxl w'.Hsky and plenty of II." Perplexed |irl.-,on olllclols. nwnru of Itic ]ini!ilbilton laws, turned the Men ul tlio condemned m.iu over o (lovi-rnoi 1 Holjih. The prisoner jri'vlously h:ul rejected llui ^ov- unor's otfer of an exei-uttvcv hear nu mid refii.«il to ask for clemen- FBR IflEE Wit miillv and look a minimum sentence for participation in the crime. The Joucs rase Is the second 10 be heard in circuit court this week. A. W. Brown, f/ulle River farmer. ivlcd fo>- !>fsauli- to kill P. M. Barton of Golden Lnke. was acnuiUfid lury shortly before noon yesterday. The ninde it«: final reiiorl and' was ilischarperl vcsl dav uflernoou after returning 55 indictments and finding no true rlomeless Derelict Slain in!Fourteen .Polling Place cy. _un a good brauil mid al he ran .stand up under, let him RO cm happy," BolpV. Instriicli'd Aul- nj Warden li. I,. Stanley. 'I'.ie ccccnlrlc Kgan convicted of murdering William J. Klrkpat- rick. Hut tie Creek, Mich., dudnp Hi. 1 Olympic games al- Los Angeles. I--KIHI uiuioiinceil he wi'K ready lo tilt, lie reasoned II out like this: "If 1 stayed In prison several years, llien UMS paroletl, I'd be lo- o!u to work or commit crimes. If my sentence were commuted lo llf : I'd lose lln> fuse food Ihey serve In Ihe death row hero. So I'm ready to go." Itolph hhnself defended the order, saying; , "Thai Is the only request E?au nibdc. He might, as well go lo the gallows happy, It's Ihe lensl we can do for him." Dry lenders Kllacked Itolph's ac- llon. "It is cheallng ihe law," said Dr K. .1. Maulbelsch, chairman o! the headquarters commlllee of the Au- DISTRICTS W Tells Rotarv and Lions Clubs of Efforts lo Solve Problem. ; - ( Hope Unit this next 90-.days, •^nulil sec a final seUlerr.ehl of DralnaKo District ITs boiid prpb- . 'cm wns expressed today by Cllf- •on II. Scoll ol Lillle Hwk, refelv- T for Ihe district, who spoke fat •he Hotel Noble before it Jomt 'uncheon rawllnK of the ilnlary. ind Ijlom; club.^. ' -.,'.' Mr. Bcoll warned aijatust' over* optlmLsm, ixilntiiig out that, aft ->mv»l hv the K. P.. C, of il *!,- !: 312.000 refinancing loaii to, the dli- •;. Irlel giiens Ihe wav U> i-elundlnir 'if Ihe district's debt,'on a reduced : basis but does not comoel It. Thc. , 'nan makes avatl&ble to holders of j "he d'si.rlcl's bonds 32 cents on. ( 'he Collar In eush In full and rW v = •il soUleuiuil of the dl^tikl'n 'do*"!! ,| Mr. Stott polntfld otit that this -! he maximum amount which '• H. K C. believed Ihe district' able to "pay, - - ,, ; '" ' Cnt I>»ht Servkt . V rtCiVnl/ til*--, r. district's debt will r;ed t'" rtw > '*> {^"''."Rs of ft^^ ' 'to »l.S1?fmo. The tnUni-si '; -iio win i^. ^1^^ lo i nor c°nt, ; <i»rl jfl vcttrs will lie' allowMl • for '• •"ilreninnt of th» P. P. O. in'is: ! nununi cn't. of debt so-vice 16! '., d'«i.vlct. will he rcd"f;«l mnr« j l 75 i*r rent., to in II"' n^l ft h- -^ of MOfKHX uerei'tt'n^ .^ibr. .j redilC'ldn In tile lirntmTO. ..; tiv mtft. TWs. It Li he-'. If HID (l-Ll(juor League of America, Trie deterrent force of his death sentence Is lost It he Is allowed l<" ilt-'aden lus senses.and be executed while In a stupor."!- •. E. A. Hcacock, another dry leader, Bald a "limn should at least be ilnd when lie gats to Plot to Collect on $l,-j '--788-Policy. i Designated:* Joe .Pride, Joe Rauls.May Run. NEW YORK. Oct. 19 iUP)—Pouv Fom tteu polling places were ilis- mcn were found guilty of murder ignnud today by Ihe Mississippi tcday for killing a homeless dere-' i-oidity election commission for t:c llel wlicm they previously Insured. I election to be held Monday, No- Tln-fo separald altempU were, vcinber U, when five members of made on ihe man'.s life tefore fin-1 the si. I-Vancls Levee District ally he succumbed. The verdict carries the penally of dealh. T'"e convicted men were Francis Pasqua, 24. an undertaker. Daniel KieisberK. 29, Joseph Murohv. 23. and Anthony'Marino. 27. .speakcasj- propiielcr. Their victim was Michael -Malloy, n homeless engineer. .The men apolied in several com- osnie.s In an attempt to insure Mil- hills in n cas"5 l)0und over from i Iny's life. Fimlly they found magistrate courts. board will be elected from this county. Judges and clerks will be named lalcr. The first district, composed roughly of the section west of Big, will vote tit Leachville, Manila anil Elowali. Reslcienl.s. of the second district will vote at Yarbro. Blythevllle and Forty pntl Eight, while the thlrf, district will vote at Dell, Luxovn. No cajcs which chnreed .7. A. HoOson of Keiser and Dr. O. W. Brown of Whitton with murder. .Hodson. a former dcniity fhnr- iff, who .shol throiish the window of his house at Keiser one niaht last Mnv. fatnllv wounding Tom Dolen, voun? filliu? sialion opera- lor and brolher of Wm. Dolcn of Blylheville. wos exonerated bv the eiiind jury, which also declined to nrefer' charees against Dr. a. \V. Brown, well known physician of \viiitlon. who shnl and hilled Wll that wrote .1 p'licy for S1.788. T - e:i Oicepla and Pace's Store. Fourth rue bills were returned inlhe*nn ihe Hectic nro:cdnre of e!!m-! district boxes will be open nt Wll- Hie durable victim, firs!' '•'•" n"' 1 Kclwr an;l Ihe Illth dls- hr- wns fetl eroiuid glass ami olhcr j l ' lcl «' 111 vote at Joiner and W.rlt- indieestibles. H= thrived. A laxii ton driver was cmoloyej lo run ovi-r II was revealed loday that onl> him. He sutTercd no other incon- L °- Bycrley of Leachville. firs vrnicnce tVnn a week in 3 hosuilnl.' < ) is ', l '' cl :.? rd J .: . L : w! ! llnms Finally in dcsi: drunk, took 1..... .. .. ._ room, [.-id turned on the ras. Mil- llons and P ald their sl ° fllill! f tee -• • - Others who have already Indicated that they will flic before the ox iwratlcn they sot W:« i coola - lhlrd ^ Istrlc t. have actualij him lo :1 'furnished I fi!cd ns candidates for toard posl- loy died. lo be lepcaled. 1 •ro-prlses..- Evei-j- day is free. Tlie n am \v. wardlow. 23-yenr-old ten- In pulling the 10 million men to I Courier News tiroes every woman -mt farmer of the samu community work'll would mean 530.000,000 |>cr I-racier to he its Ruesl at every one nisjhl last Anrli. day al S3 por man. For a month I -rssion of this yrcat homemakingr other defendants against whom of 25 day:. S7SO.OOO.OOO—in two or ivent. no-true bills were returned are Scott Miller. Pearl Dugnn. Lanza Bradley. Elton Pearson. Jas. White, • -, Giles Denner. Clarence Walker,['.o 1 ft-u payrolls this per month. Add to per month for ma- LI.IS SDJ,U'UU,l,UU P< T H1UIIVII iw, >"" p tf»np* AAA teilal and you have $800,000,000 per i ?)eek 5.15-000 ironlh: with' practically all of it back in U:e government owned banks in time Ic use it lo meet the payrolls of the' second month. A re- vtlvlng fund With the money thus paid to labor going into circulation among all for Highway Fatality OSCEOLA. Ark./Od. 19.—A to*,il of $35,000 damaecs is sought ipainst J. E. Anderson. McrtiDhis In a suit filed here yes- pcople creating general prosperity I 'i-dav uv Hcrschel Cowland. bro- nt once. It would not mean infla- i f hcr-in-law. and Mrs. Bonnie lion, as generally imderolood, but a normal amount of money for the functioning of. business, society and civilization. A limitation on wealth would be the keystone in tfce arch of a per- fecl financial system—thus prev'enl- ing a monopoly of property or inon- ev—thu to be psrl of a law pro- hlbitin; covporallons. trusts and combines. As a salvation of civilization thi law is imperative. | plrstlon of the lllbi? jwrlod, 10 [ doys before the election, are c. C. Ltngston. second dlstricl; Charles Coleman, third district; Charles Lowrance Jr.. fourth district, and John Uatell, fifth district. It was rimmed |-cre lo-Jay that Joe Rauk of Manila is to file as a candidate for Ihe first dlslrlcl Slain ,on Streets of Springfield at Union Demqn- / • .stration. __. , •" SPRINGFIELD, 111.. Ocl. 19 (UP). —One mua was snot to death today is several thousand - ProgreisUrt! miners marched on the capital In a demonstration dealgntd to force elilcmenl o[ the Illinois mine con- roversy. Melvln, Staple was shol' through .he hearl on a downtown business corner as l-.c walked with a group of other Progressives in Ihe direction . of Uielr headquartevs half a .ilock away. Jeuse Halne, president of the provisional .United Mine Workers of .America local at Taylorville. was sought for questioning Staple also wns from Tny- loivllle. i Thc shooting- occurred shortly be-i (ore 9 a.m. Witnesses declined to lalk - but Dan McGill, PrOsrcMlvc executive board member of the Springfield sub-dlstrlcl. who lalk- ed to Staple's companions, said Staple was murdered. The killing, which is one of more ihan 25 In a year long strife be- Iv.ecn Ihe Progressives and the United Mine workers of America, made more tense a -situation that authorities had earlier classified ns ping grave. Staple and his companions were among several thousand Progres- SIEELE •flT« . ''-hr,r, Luella Jones and Eddie Jones. Stock Prices »« T W 1 d' vcctor . opposing Byerley, while re. |. YV. i j^ [i,.) t | C p] ails lo announce as a il]r - Hospital Here. Assailant Fractures Skull Of Franklin Michie, Service Station Manager. Franklin Mlffiie, 32-yeur-old Sleele. Mo., service station manager, who sustained, a fractured.skull when he was attacked during in apparent atlempt at a hq!d-up last nlghi, was reported resting.well Bt the B|ytl:eyllle-hospital this afternoon. ' Two brothers, living near Sleele. Windy und Jo™ Johnson, were laken Into' custdCy at Steele today charged with the attack on Michie. The'service station manager, who operates a station at Highway 61 arid Main streets owned by his father. Dr. T. A. Michie. said ho was called out of Ihe stalton about 11 o'clock last night. He said one of the Johnson brothers called .him out of the .station and the other .struck him with a lire lool. Relatives said no ill feeling existed between Michie and -his 'assailants. Mi"hie's attackers ran after 'li>v«l. would result In »w 'rfitiirh Ihrt tax rolls mn<t. of the n-no- :: v In the dMrlct. now ieVln- . •nl. nnrl «ouM n'«i \ fi\ Imm-ovwnKTit the collectloil •• of "ewral orojv.rlv tnxcs. >•"••" •., Mr. Scolt outlined the camonlgrf, .' h'eii he unrt others hnve carried - nn for mor* thin two wnrs to-'»'ln.;'.-, of the leeWatlon under. ._. which the K. P. O. loan was ob- J inlncd. Vte raid tribute to Ihe se'r- ;' vice riiedered bv -Coiwr««sm*n ^Wi"*? 1 .T. Driver, w'.'om he described.(U ; j 'he mnst riff»<5llve moil In' :the . 1 hr/jE* -oil' ^f^t'J'Vf?', pattirfi. S^nut- y or"J66 ''iV hbmnsdH^'Jiillan -Brtant.'ii nf Cape Qlrardeati. ancl .others: ' Earlv annroval of OLilrlcl IT* loan •»onlic»lion. he snld: wns due lar«e r . Iv to llw worlc of J. -W. Mnver rmd C. O. Ridmnn. engineer and audl- tor of the dislrlct. -...':' -Will Cost ficott.Hls Job If his hopesi-Ipr n t\n$\ wo-Jtlng out of the'dlslrlct's boiid difdcuU lies arc realized, Mr. Scott-said. he will imve: worked .hiniself put of a'Julj.pavlng.$8.000. a .year and expenses;. He. .admllled ,thal he llkfrl Uie -Job and' Ihe sal«v ot- : tached to It. but said- dial.->he would be glad to • lose them If It meant a permanent solution of the district's niianclnl problem. C. W. Atfl'ck. who introduced Mr. Scott, declared that' Scott, above all others who have Interested themselves in 'the drainage-district situation,' deserves credit lor the progress trmt has been' m»de toward a solution. Anhei'«»r-Bnsch Cuts - • Wholesale Beer Price ST. . LOUIS. Oct. • 19. (UP) — Smaller breweries were following , tl'e lend set by Anhcuscr-Buseh striking him and • anollier station i here today In reducing the whole- Still Critical at' ca " dlc| ale "for the second district sives who yesterday vo'.ed to Join lu a one day holiday strike and march on SprlnefieW lo dcmon- slrale in behalf of federal recognition of ihelr union which would re- Jtore Progressives lo Jobs they left when they isenl on strike lasl year. opposing L-iiitrston. who has| already filed a corrupt practice net! NRA Sttllfment WASHINGTON. Oct. 19. (UP) — Cotton Co-op Demands Four Cents on Options NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 19. (UP)— Fifteen cent cotton and an advance of four cents a pound to holders of '' options on 2,400.000 bates of -plow«;>• cotlori are demanded by Ihe directors of the American Cotton CocpcrallVB association. Tile directors, declaring they represent 559,000 southern producers, have called on their allied and affiliated organizations to Join In nh immediate drive to these ends. The federal government-«-'aa asked for the four cm advance lo prevent ll'.c 600.000 hold in if farmers from dumping their options on the "alncs, widow of Hither Baines. ?'<-vear-old farmer of Boonevllle,! M'ss.. whose .death n few dnvs BRO followed nn automobile accident In which he was struck down by An•Ic-son's car. . Copelaud is sueln* for $10.000 ns administrator of Babies' estate and hb widow asks S55.000. Balnes \vas struck down bv Anderson's car ns he stepped from a loaded col- Ion wagon onto Highway 61. a mile south of Oseeola. lasl Friday. , The suit was filed by Bruce In', i Osceola attorney, who represents Mrs. Balnes and her brother-in- law. Flat Loke Infant Is Victim of Pneumonia Charles Edward Johnson. 13 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Johnson, died M 6:30 o'clock this morning al the family home In the Flat I.flke community. His death was attributed to pneumonia and whooping cough. Funeral services will be. held tomorrow afternoon »l the family home at Iwo o'clock with the Hcv, 'Alfred S. Harwell, pastor .of • the First Baptist church, officiating. Tnlcrment will be made at Elm- markel "because of thr-lr dire )itcd|wood cemetery .Moss Morticians are of A. T. and T. .......... 112 3-4 Ana'conda Copper ...... 101-8 Bethlehem Steel ...... 23 1-2 Chrysler .............. 30 5-8 Cities Sen-Ice ............ 2 1-4 Coca Colo .............. 90 7-8 General "American Tank 26 General Elecu'c ........ 16 1-* General Motors . ....... 24-1-4 International Harvester 30 1-8 MoKteomery Ward ---- 153-4 New York Central ; ..... 26 1-2 Packard ____ ............ ' Phillips Petroleum .... 125-8 lUdlo ................... 0 '- 8 Simmons Beds ......... H 1-4 St. Ifluis-San Francisco 2 3-4 Standard of N. J ........ 38 1-2 Texas Co. . . ........... 213-4 U. a. Steel ............ 3= 5-8 New Orleans Cotton NEW OHtEANS. Oct. 19. (UP) —Cotlon closed steady. Mrs. J. W. May. 53. of Manila.] I* in i\ criHcal condiHon al r he'«- . i" hnsmtni todnv after murderer Says Victim pledge preliminary to actual filing. I Donald R. Klchlxrg, NRA counsel. i today made public a report to Ad- Put "Hoodoo" on Wife nllocodly Iflken a half craln of strychnine poison about noon The Manila woman was piven i Claiming that his wife left him emcr»cncv treatment noon for another negro bccnuse of a it th« hos»ilnl but her condHiou ; "li'ocdoo" Ihe latter .exercised over wns still remarried as critical later. ! her, Oscar Stevenson, Steele, Mo., Details of Ihe pot.vmjiie wre nefro. last night confessed ths m»nger. Members of thc woman's slaving of a negro tenant on Henry familv are said to have tound her, Lutc-r 1 farm below Blytheville. n an unconscious condition. It was | ii le ^ngro victim was s!;ol In Ihe aid lhat she had made an atlemDt j nlxiomon as he arcse from a table o take her life some time prcvl- Bt h | 5 hmi ^ afl( , r a sl )por mf3t '« recomme ouslv. The poison hid bc"n kno Ttt E £day night. Although the shol p J n Ihe house by a relnllve who had wa - nred (hrou^li a window and I ihe tablets to use for o heart all- the- assailant was not seen a ne- rncnt according to reports. Some gro wom C0mpan i 011 ot the ln . 20 of the tablets 'vcre believed to ;!.,-„,, „„„„ ,_,j .„ .^ ,.. Ot-t. Dec. Jan. Mai. May . July open 897 907 910 932 945 ..... 958 high 911 930 942 958 975 low 807 902 909 955 939 9S1 close £99 Oil 916 «•> 944 961 Btiendont, notified officers. The station manager was unconscious from Ihe blow for some time. mlnlstrator Johnson recommending lhat rival Illinois mine unions agree Immediately to permit each other to fulfill their contracts with coal companies and Immediately desist from further violence. Richberg's recommendations were based on a personal investigation or the long standing dispute between tlie United Mine Workers and Ihe Progressive Miners Union. Thc conflict has caused frequent bloodshed in the Illinois coal fields. Tite recommendations were ap- mlnlstralor Johnson. Mrs. Ru«h Tankerslev Injured in Accident l ,. ..; Mrs. Hush Tankersley Is recovering from shock and Injuries received In an automobile accident Tuesday on the Dell hlghwav when the car driven by I^esttr Gill, of Dell, was practically demolished. Mr. Tankersley was driver of the car struck by Mr. Olll as the Tankersley car was turning In o driveway. No one wns injured except Mrs. Tankcrslev although both cars were thrown Into a dttcli. sale price of beer. A price cut Of from SIC to S14 a barrel was announced bv the makers of Bndwclser. Simlli' cuts were nnnoun^ed bv a number of o'.':cr l)tcwe<-!e<> and others were expecld to follow sull. When Fanner Fires Gun It wasn't n eho<it that a fa r mer, Hi-Ill* a short d'stance fmi'h of town, heard In his cornfield last ni»ht. '"'• He found a p«l>- nf Ixvits .end o irk that the Intruder left, tehlrid when lie opened fire wllti a 'shot Bun. ,.,- cd [oM ^ bfi . have been swallowed by the wo- u.,, ve(1 ner husband ,, Rd flrcd thc tna "- shol. The n»!iro victim died with- Farm Strike Sentiment Growing in Northwest York Cotton 19. lUPI NEW YORK, Ocl. Cotton closed steody. ooen high 897 914 918 935 945 Snot's'closed sleazy al 906. up 10 Chicago Wheat. orien hlfjh low , cioso Dsc. 75 1-2 79 1-2 75 1-2 -.79 1-5 Ocl. Dec. Jan. Mar. May Julv .. 960 903 927 930 945 959 974 low 897 9u6 910 927 949 955 c!--e 900 916 9'0 933 9W 963 Spols closed steady at 935. unchanged. May 796-» 78 80 5-« Dec. Chicano Corn open 'hl?li low 41 42 3-8 40 1-4 II 1-8 May <7 7-3 4» 4* 6-8 47 !•» In d short time. 'tevenson was arrested at Steele and placed In the county Jail here. He K charged wllh murder. Osceoia Agent Gels More Plow-Up Checks OSCEOLA, Ark.. Oct. 19.—County Aaent S. D. Carpenter has received this week 101 "plow-up 1 checks for South Mississippi county fanners. The checks bring the lotal number received to date to 928 checks aggregating J319.260 Tlwre are yet due 3M checks, Mr C<up«iitej- Mid. find Ke«y'$ Car j CHICAGO, Oct. 19 (UP) — The powerful I6-cyl!nder automobile In which George "Machine Gun" Kelly raced about the country In a vain effort to escape close pursuing federal agents was located In a Chicago garage today. Will Make Mattress ST. PAUL, Minn., Oct. 19. (UP) — Thc threat of a national farm strike was heard again today as wheat growing slales of Ihe northwest and their sister stales of Iowa and Wisconsin grumbled at the fall- lire of farm produce to reach the cost of production levels tn re spouse to the government's »grl cultural program. In Wisconsin and Minnesota thc Farmers' Holiday Association, thc most militant of farm organizations. quietly has been polling its local units for sentiment on such a slrjlcc, The result, the United Press was lo!d loday. has been strongly In lavor of the movement; Dakota Wheat Shipments PTSMARK. N. D., Oct. IS (UP) — Wheat shltim"nts moved hv rail out of KOI-HI Dakota d«sn»e Oov- tmor William H. Langer's pro- clamallon of tin emba-<?« dlr-cted asalnst wheat exports. When Governor Un-'er's attention was called to reports shnw'n? llwf trains carrying the golden grain _ *"' WILSON, Ark.-A feature of the caning iiwgu m:,, »™ » Wilson community fair, to be ^Id.crossed,^ vst »J< I" 10 .,.?™* 1^,1 at the Wilson schoolhouse Friday, i ?;._ m - .J.^,,^" 1 , tlie " ' will be the maktn? of n mattress by the home economics girls under the supervision of MUs Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent. and EUQENE, Ore. (UP) —When George Hicks started remodeling his home, he was temporarily stop psd. very suddenly. A swarm o.r.p ar i; v cloudy. tun. \\ttrt klAcfarl VL^ITf^Pn IhP Cpil*' ' ' ' ' WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, local rains in extreme northeast and warmer in northwest portion tonight. Friday bees had nested between Ihe cell ins »"d upstairs floor. Hicks recovered more than 100 pounds o! honey »lter ths Migry Insects had tew ioduetd, into » Ww- The mixUnum temperature here yesterday ; wis 82, minimum 45. clear, according to 3*mu«l P. Not- rls, official wt*th« otaetver.

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