The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1935
Page 3
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\ CAGE FOU8 THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., FUBU8HIW 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HALNES, Adv«rtitlBf Villager Sola N»tlon»I Advertising R«pm«ntBUv«; , Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, CMcsgo, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas. Kansas-City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class' matter at the post oftlcc at Blythevlllc, • Arkansas, under act, of Coiii'rcss, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By earner In the City of Blyllievllle, 15o per week, or $6.60 per year, In advance. By mall, within a raaiui ol 60 miles, 43.00 per year, $1.50 for sis months, 85c for Ihree months; by null In postal zones two lo six, Inclusive, {6.50 per year; in zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. Crime Gets Bad Blow When Aid Is Cut The spooling to death of such out- litwa as John Uillinger and "Pretty Hoy" Floyd is easily the most spectacular purl of the UcpaiimcnL of Justice's drive on crime. Equally important, l.'tit fai 1 less oxciting, is the quiet and methodical way in which the "U men" are cracking down on who give aid and comfort lo ga Twenty persons stood before a federal judge in Dallas, Tex., the other (lay to receive sentences for having harbored or assisted tough Clyde Har- rpw, recently deceased, and his cigar- ji'uffing juirnmour, Bonnie Parker, recently deceased. Among them were the mothers of the two outlaws, assorted sisters, liro- thers; friends, and a scattering of wind might euphemistically be called business associates. At one time or another these persons had helped the outlaws' hide from the police, or had 'given them help ill getting from some hot spot to a spot not so hot, or had done this or thai to make their careers of crime more lucrative. * » * Judge William II. Atwell no time in handing out, sentences winch in some cases ran as years in prison. The two mothers drew 30- day terms in jail. And as a result, only, ,onu, person of all those who at one time associated with the Barrow gang remains unpunished 'today—the gangster Raymond Hamilton, now being hunted by posses all over the southwest. Now a roundup of this kind does not get a tenth of the public attention that the actual slaying or imprisonment of a notorious criminal ;;cts; bul in the long run it is every hit as important in (lie drive to stamp out lawlessness. No outlaw plays « lone, hand, in modern America. The man who tried it wouldn't last a month. There must be "friends who can furnish hiding places in time of trouble, who can advance funds in the low spells between robberies, who can carry communications and help in forming plans and do all the other little ser- vices which enable a criminal to carry on his career. * * * To knock off the lending criminal and !e«ve this network of friends and lielpcrc untouched ia to invite repetition ol' the trouble. Getting the leader himself is the first job, of course. Hut after thai has been done, the persons who made his career possible need .'itlejilion. Blows like the one against the Harrow clan in Texas are the best kind of crime prevention work. Nothing will put a crimp in activities of the DjlliHjfcrs and [he Vhyiix Me n general public realization that to give any kind of help to such men i» exceedingly nnhealthful. —Bruce Gallon. More Speed Would Help The whole network of laws, cxeeu- Uve) onlei'.s, mid ^iiblie a,grcetiiciiUs which cotiHtiltUu lliu'New Dual scem.s to bo liefidiiti; into Unit somuwluil constricled runnel Lliul Inw its onllel in Liic U. S. SiiiJi-eiiie Cotirl. Setllcinciit of tho gold chiuse eases ."'(is just Hie Jjcfiiinin};. 'Now we are i-einiiKled thfil this court is to liavc the final word on ninny other tilings— on section 7-A, on the TVA program, on the bituminous eoal code, on the liuiibti' code, mid probably un jiretly nciirly nil the rest. In (his connection, one win only wish thai judicial processes could in sonic way be. speeded, just a lillle. H \r,\>; bc'eii »|)W(inl of n year and a hall 1 since must ot : these issues were lirsi, brotigiiL i'onvanl. The long dehiy bclwueii beginning of a program and Una I decision as to its legality is a help lo none of the parties involved. Young America's Ideal The average high school youngster values good physical health above everything else, if n clieck made at Thomas JelVerson high school, in New York City, is any a'iteriun. Boys and girls at that institution agreed' Hint 'physical illness is their chief aspiration. Next, to it the'boys ranked wisdom, ' likcability, service, wealth, and fame. The girls shifted the order only a little, agreeing with the boys in everything wave'that they valued appreciation of beauty 111,01-0 than worldly wealth. If one wanted lo bo very serious and profound, one probably could draw a number of morals from all this. One could write, for instance, that it all shows n distressing superficiality on live part of the nation's youth, and so on and so forth. But the more we think about it, the more we feel that it proves only this: that these high school youngsters are normal, healthy youngsters, intur&slcd in precisely those things one would expect normal, healthy youngsters to be interested in. OUT OUE WAY By Williams (ARK,)] COUltlM NEWS SIDE GLANCES By George Clark MOTHERS GET GRAY. '" J-.«"-^-s MONDAY, MARCH 4, 1935 'S iii:.\jit;nso\, i !t ,.i ( , ...... i!3, num. Hi n tlllc lull! j|"J £ her «l->'Mr.i)hl lirolhtr, I*J l , • iiptiorl Ihvlr InriiTlil Inllirr vn-:vi-j MUYHIIS, „,,„ ..i... wurli» In ilii- ,,,lll, ,,»|,» unlc I **' •"""" «'"" by IIIIIA.\ WliS'l'MOIIi:. wliiVe full,,-r, nine ,!,•„, I, l.uJi, u, ( . 1JlJn hii« fiiuie liiunc nflcr nvo VICTKV TirvrClllill. lll.UKl.l.-r l millUUT TIIATOIUH, ur,,en,l innii KI , r of I!,* mill, .HII-, ,,<..., I,, '"|illvji[<> Jirlun. Kl»,. Krft him I'll (Inl.i Mini Is liirliinx. (•„,,. mine |o mi . Ft Cull-, «l,c 1,-IK Dull «hu (Vicky) mnl ||,.J, m iKKKrll la lie- nmrrlril. (;,,lc. Jlrjnti JIIIN !,(.«.„ inniivlnii f« Slic rolu*t« („ ,,.„ ,i"!!' S H<l ' l i !f t ",' sl)IIM(l <!'"'» I'uiin.v. Our '' ' (old ;m.vljo<!y about DEflL BI6S BlUtl) STRUGGLE (Continued From Page II X supervision and industrial plan- nnsr. Roosevelt ignored the wishes I Industrial representatives in NRA vhcn lie asked Congress lor permanency and the power both (o imend codes nl. any time hi- saw H mid to Impose codes oji umi-ijliiiif ndustrie.s. \Vhether his expressed hope or elnmiiatiiij,' the price-fixing, pro- uction coulrol, and other evils of NRA will be lidtillcd dciKiuls as- uinnig he acl.s the legislation he rants, on the character ol snbsc- Tlie administration already is ommitlcd to enforcement, of codes The banking hill is, a halfway neasnrc toward a central bank i :ts the bankers have howled gainst. The administration spon- ors another measure to regulate lolling companies and to brcnk hem up at the end or live years. One idea behind Hint bill is' thai «islness mustn't be allowed to bc oo big.) II ii proposed to e.slcnd Ictleni! rust'', and its liigh electricity rales 'ill continue. AAA. if the administration ci ,ii ct the ixwer from Congress, will c empowered lo examine hooks and coords of food processing concerns .'Well its marketing agreements programs. w in ael to rc( | ut . c wasl( , and prolUceriiig ,„ ) 0 od distrilni- t.OJI. The fanner slill receives only •tt'.i per ccnL of each dollar consumers spanil for his products and AAA officials who :ion:!ht lo ic- «uci! the spread lor the bcnelil or consumers have .-mined 'signal defeat, at the hands of Administrator Chester Davis. Koosevoll will conlinuc to exert a balance or power between in- Juslvy and organized labor which menus (hat, labor will get. the .short «!d ot the stick except as it progresses iu organization or its economic power. What about '|j, c vast (Mll lm ._ si winch was a basic cause ot the depression and, instead of be-in- ciuldalcrt, has ton preserved by the New Deal? And what about the concentration ol national wealth another basic depression cause'.' What, about the tariff walls, another depression factor — described Uy Secretary Wallace as a "legalized thievery — probably workin- more harm to the people of »1ie United States than all other forms of robbery put logoUicr _ which nas gone uiiuorrectcd? TAXES KXl'EC'J'KI) TO KISH The national debt will continue lo rise for at least (he i, C vt t vvo years and its worth noting lint Governor Marrincr Ecclcs new head of the Federal Reserve Board is one of (hose who think a could Liberal New Dealers i.ciieriillv feel Lhal. (he day of higher '-•--taxes, (specially jn the brackets, i.s inevitable. Th'cv uuirr. expect Roosevelt to make any move hat way until after election, whs,, xcinpt from •aiiMlnisl laws' " I foV'sciVniir,'"!' l> ?- SC " t " l lr °I >DS!lt II I™L-C In,-,,- I , . ,, ' SC 'C1UI(IC taxation in .,,t,;«i. n looks loiward to trouble ircvcntltiB chiseling by farmers IBII reduction contracts this vccu, "I who arc tempted by high p'riccs o plant more than the quota Its conomists, meanwhile, me con- .. Inced that iirescnl Improved fai... nirchashif; power won't, hold jis round unless industrial production Hid payrolls increase. "AltJIKIl STIl.I, IlIl.KICII Nor is there any J JI]MIC| irotnisc ll'iil AAA. although c ,\- wwlinj acreage ti: its adjustment 'title taxation nd state levies i,, which , •-- t)ovs hccome too llrt i cu|(lt immerons m Uie meantime pre-election ( ,, x ,,, ovc mBy ^ necessary. The current slate of lo w ,, 10 raie ^Washington probably i s o ,,| y that, the administration seenicd in a bait way in (he fall or 1033 "LS admirers Insist, there's still , lot of bounce in (he president lf( , ||ccs ruberculosis Costs People of America $350,000,000 Yearly BV |)K. MOKKIS i-tsiim-iv i\,.. tn i ,,,„, ,](,.„. , .„,. ..... '''^ " Uktt '•" r( '»- ». Hs control, uccn ir.r , J """ U . >r tllr American rarly, cum r, ficqwal: ;,ccn l,io 'Icdn-al AwocMliuii, and of Uy. cure i:. difll-ult If not lii " Btia, Ihc Health .M,, su h,r l-'igurcr, ,-,!,.,«•' that llu- ,,-ir -Wliilc people talk it, |, ren n .._ kind of liiaimcnl given widiln V |JC5 about natlon.-il l>nrf. c(s a| ' { ( " ' he ciwt or rellcl, ttw' fall' to "'iff that sonic itwarr-. take a ibte toll of dollar;. . :irh year Iroin tlio American pcoiiii-. WSUH'S Just, made avaiLdile indicate dial, the yearly ,r,.i, | o t | lc 050,000 Americans wiio i,n|[ cr ,,.||j, iubercnlosis is S35t).()<ui.ii(i'j Avcracc duration of n,,' (ijf,e., sc Is live years. Thai, mm,,., : , 'j o ' la j cost for that period m ;r,,-|,. «•>' COfl.OCO.OOfl. - '" ^"^^^':^^^^^ i-lale is (he f.ict t\[:\i \i : .,| s ' c l-.-.^ ••"utoiium 01 similar, people in raily r!(inu , n ,i '.„, ,,, JiBc than doc.-, nny ",..1,.', ,.!'!.' TubcrcuUK-is wiurani j... "^,' IciKion (han hns h- : n."riv, ,,,/"." nnl,,. , ., . ' »° "• "rliin, irrlnc In Inttol Cnlc, lurn» In Vicky. I !„„,, |,|., j,, t ,. 1'hc mill ivorlcer* urt. orh'.-iiil/,- Incr kcerrllx null Ciilc julua. iilic KiifH (11 lilt ilniK »loro mi in, tr- riknil ani] eiiL-oun(cr« Ilrlnn. .vow nu ox WITH TIII-; STony CHAPTEU XI, WRJAN said, "Jim!" and cleared hla throat, (ialo turned and looked out Cho window. There, wan nolhliiK hut the empty street and tho tain, falling In ulanliHg linea. There was another drnu store, two .jloi:k:i down the street. Slio could Hlii! whirled ;t» llrian went on sjiealiinK. "I iiaveii't seen you for a loin; time," ho said, luoklng at her In that slraiiBo way she had noticed a inr-iucnt hcforc "No." II luiil licen a lon« lime. Two weeks and foisr days, rsuclly, her heart cried, :;incn IJin nji ; |ii ,,-lic had met lirlan on llio way home from .work—the ni^ht that h:ul hcen tho curl ot everything. Two wcelia and fuiir dayc. That wasn't counting the tlmo ulin'd .;ecti him in Vichy Thalchnr'a Broeii ronrtaler. That waii only laiit Tlinrsiluy. Brian secmcil delerinincd to malie conversation. lie asked, "Evc-ryUiing going along all right?" "Oh, yc:;. Ves. I'ine." Why didn't Mr. Sclioiieljiuim come, the girl Ihouuht wildly. \vhy didn't ho coineV As llioiiKh in direct answer, she saw a shiny halit heud through llio window. Mr, Schonchanm, red nf fai-o anil puffing .slightly, pushed the door ot tho drug stoic open. "I jniM been upstairs for a few Winnies." ho explained anologct- ii-allr. "»'o gnt a, place in tho root thai, leaks. 1 got to sec—hut what ran I do fur you?" _Tlic i|iiestitm came, us It always dill. Mr. Schoiicbaiiin invariably Kreeteil customers with, "What can I do Tor yon 1 ;" lie was ^landing- hcliind (he counter,' 1 , drying l], 0 '• raindrops from his Vipcctiii-lcs. Hale looked at Jirian ainl said, "Von wcro heir lirst—" "(.lo ahead."v He Elood track, Wjiiliiig ror Iier to niiike her iiiircliiiKc. (ialo eairt to the druggist, ''I'd like to have this prescription filled," and handed him the holllc. "Yah. Just a low moiuonf.s—" Jlc moved on, fussily, tii the rear ol lhe store. Galo turned to (ho shelves of .books that wcro for rent. They wcro worn hniik^ and e of tho covers were soiled. She , . ,. •-• mem, OIK ac cast they woiil* keep her from looiitiiK at llrlau, iryhi B to think of Kometlilng lo'say to him. QAL1C took'out ono or tho hooks ".id inrneil the pagos, put u down and took out another. Then alio stole a Blanco over her shoul- ner. Ilnaii had moved farther '!*ivn dm counter and his hack- wan loward her. Mr. Hchonclxiinn's short, unick footsteps caused her to whirl about. lio carnc hack to the front coniKcr. ''Will It ho all right it 1 pay you next week?" "Yah—sure." Tho dnifuist wag wrapping the l">ttle In brown iiaper. lirjan came forward leisurely, no said lo (,',-ile, "It you'll wail whilo I |niy ii^omo clgarots I'll drive yon "Thanks," (Oalo knew Itmt the color liad risen in her cheeks "lint I'm not goinc home mat imw. I have some uioro er- randa." "I see." That wan ul] || lcr c , V aa to It. Brian ilruiipcd hn:k lo sludy (ho Ifcpfay Insido dm counter' once •noro and Oalo took her package nut went out Inlo tlio street. Khrs felt the raindrotis befpro idle cnnlil get tho umbrella raised. The '.'nut iiwiio say whevc, w\,,, i,,"' of work?" I "Xo. J ust sulil ho was goliij. over town and sco if ho could scimethlny." Gale tapped ajaliisl the window Mine- iioivonsly. Alary said, in ., soothing voice, "1 wouldn't worry' It isn't late yet—" "it'n not that," Oalo lold her "ft'a because Phil didn't conic home lo mippcr. Or to lun,. That's not like him." "Ilo'u all right," her tatli< assured her. (laic did not onswx-i-. tjlu crossed llio room ami sat down picking- up a flcwsiMiper. lint ; few miniitea later ehc dropped h There waii u sound outside' the house, dale got to her feet aur Imrrlod lo (he door. There w-i. notlilnj; there—only the wine! "Maybe Phil got a Job," Jlan suggested after u time. "Jlavli< he's working." J "Ho could hnvo KI , H i wo , couldn't he? He might l;i,o»- ,v e '<i he worried." "Now, Oalo!" Her talhcrur.r-i closing hia hook. . yoiirsolf get upsc over nolhini;. Pli" can let himself in when h omes. There's no » sa MlluK here nny longer. It's Uma M ui uu wcrci in hcii." "Yes, Her •atch was hurd to work. Then sho IK anything. Kho readied tho imcltor ot lire itorn ciitranco and paused lo look it a nalo day poster. Jirian'ii Mack :uiipo i:|icd past. Welt—that wa.i Itial. (iale wait- til a moment Iciiser, (lien retraced ior slcps. Tlio sky was dark- now and she'd have the long walk iu tho rain, lint that was heller Ili.-ni accepting Uiian'a invitation. Suppose Vicky Thatcher knew Brian liad asked Ortlo lo rido home 1 ; What would she Imvo thoiighf; And wfierc was Vicky now? "1'ioliahly wailing f or him to «mio and lake her some, place," iJrtlo lold herself. Hho i>lctured Vicky wearing a lovely rrock, slt- tiriK before a dressing table. The mom—everylliiiiK about Vicky- would ho beautiful, just as she was beautiful. A twislcil soh escaped licruely. No. it "It isn't lair," »lio nhispered wasn't. It certainly wasn't fair lo ho HO much in love ivllli Hi-Inn tt'osdnore when he was engaged to another girl. . * * * A .S1NC!!,H light hurncd in the . Hcmlerson home, in tho kitchen. The evening meal had been linibl.ed morn than two hours before. Tom Henderson sit al [He (able, a Iwofc open before him. Mary Cassidy was bending over some sewing in her lap, and Ualo stood near a window. KI.e said, "Father, did Phil Bay anylliiui; ( 0 yon about whcro he was going today?" "Yes. fjahl he was goiuy to IBok Tor work." j-JEll father i;atd, "Good night," 1 • arid disappeared Into ttio trout of dm nonce. I'roiiciilly Cale, wearing lu-r nightgown, was in lhe kiiclieii alone. She put up a hand to cx- lii.KUish _.tho light, suddenly cliangod her mind ami hurried back into tho bedroom. Mary said, "Why, Gale 1" "i can't stand it," Gain (old her. She- was RoHiiiR into her clothes again. "I'vo got to know. about Phil." : "But what are you poinj; to do?" "f'rn Koiinr to ask Jitevo Meyers to flml htm." Wary asked, "Do you want 1119 to come with you.'" "No." l''if(ccn minutes lal-ir Gale was' knocking on the door , } [ a IIOUSQ mrthcr down the street. Tlinrc was no answer, hut n [>w mo-i nicnta later a light appeared. A voice called, "Who Is it?" "It's mo, Steve! It's Halo," The lock turned instantly,' , Steve Meyers Iluiif; tho door otS "Gale," ho cried, "whal'n Imi pened?" Hhe told him as rinickly as tho "Don't you worry another minute," Klcvo said, "i'll find Phil for yon. Sure, I will. Just as soon ' "3 I ;;ct some dollies or;—" dale's voice, was grateful. She said, "I'm glad—1ml hurry. Stove. 1 Jiavo a feeling—I've had it all evening—that somclliiiii; dreadful bus liapncucd!" (To Ite Coiilinncd) involves a Ciirclul history of (he ; >aticnt. use of the X-ray, iisc of the skin tcst.s now gciiernlly .uvait- nulc. ami r.iially use of the \nsual mctliodfi of uliyslcal cxainin'aMon by thumping ttic chest and by! listening to the sounds of th" uincs in brcatliinsc. \ Kcd U<[uor—Kctl l.ichlK ' RALEIGH. N. C. I UP) '— .J. ii. Powell. :a, in to face court charges for drivinr; a Wind mu i e whiifc drunk through downtown RalcislH Powell di.srcsardcd all traffic lights: I signals. So did v Ihc mule. j Auto Race Drivers ! To Wear "Grid Helmets 1 WASHl.vCf'rON ( IJP i — Automobile rachii; drivers soon may re-1 scmblc football players—they havo been ordered lo wear safety crasli helmets licginntni; April 1. , The Contest Hoard r,v tlie Amcr-I ican Anlomolnlc Association issued the order in its latest more toward safer compclilion on the nation's siwcdwiiys. Tin: doict also inc-l'.idfs dirt track drivers. Cr,i«h l:elrnei,-, arc tnarle nf lisht i _ , ^ comfortable and unbreakable ma tcrials and arc lined n -ith shock absorbing rubber headpieces. The arc .similar to licliiicts worn IV miners. Maj. 11. o. D. Sesraw.! intn riuccd tin: equipment in thr unit cd Stales diirinc; his world rccoi speed trials at D.iytonn Bead Fla. The Contest, Hoard said tti helmets would ticlj) [ o prcvci fatal accidcnls. Head Cornier News Waul Ad, average r-sprn;,; of li:iudlin« th| iscaw about Siw a patirnl. On he other l w ,, ()t u Ulora js a ((c ,_ ri,rri(- ai , 5 , Of h.llldlnr; | S ,j, n , c (!,;,„ , patient, ,„• ,«t, w ul t of the .o m ,.p. t , ir rarr. ,,i tmvr. niaiy hat whin, , s :„,„„. il(lvallccti >. WmBOARDIJNG'HOUSE __ J3y Ahor E6AO ( 5NUFPY-v.^VE NEVER MEATOj^V' c ^~ ^ "^ tTROLJD OF THRT, MAiORH ME T£LL Of fAV El*. ?%\ "THE W&R~ TO FORGET THIS IS THE -tve TRIED i WsK THkT SWtD EO6 HE SHOW BARKER l -\<; WITH A DOG AKi PQWJ '• c . CIRCUS,"DURIM' TI-V / ( ,AY UFE.COUNTLMiS \ •BMTLES Of- THE JfiC ( V1MY T3ID&E, MONfe, ARRAS.CArMBRAl. \\ 'w^CR ^fo' LIKE' ' > W AMIENS ,ST. QUENVIN .SOiSSQNS AMD-)\ TO 6EE H^ IWTTo{ ^-"'-V S^ AH-OAVES.VERDUW \ / { TACK HIS NOSC S ^ -*««« I rA boMATING rAV / ^-< f IM ^ M [ / GAS\ MASK TO THE ) c - c '-^-~ ^-^"" .y>JS MWL-S ' ~^ >^^/Vv >v.. ..^ . ; --» 'f-v"V.^j A "^ ^ sx ->S-^H^ ^ vMi ^•^ tions i."iv.i>cinarrs ?.'i':.(i .-, ,ia' v ,' impiiVBinr'rs'n'ii" '''"' "' ;>l ll "=| n .'™" 1 l " 1Vt ''' 1 »''ith-!"l'l"t,mvc!-r l Ueath ratrs dmnv «„, ,,,., , n \i">tT uhTil"), '" •''*' 1 "'' 111 " 1 years have hern ,-,„ „, „ '.'- ',' ,'„,,.,!,,' '" ""' l " i " i ! ^"- r 300 a thousand .o ... „,,. ,,-^ « ^ \*^''''-' » 1 »" "««'«^ «-»y l*A! u illUH:-yiui tlfi'vr\ rt a i Th/i be iiosslUlc lo '„.,„.„. „„. •; 1 °™ - ni:i " - ot deaths even uioir 'ajcal dni' i "",'"""«• "ivaiw a • . V acai townd lowering the, Nowartavs lhc ,„.. . l^ 1 , of r """? lo ' Hw tubtrculosis! n- oif-o inr3ns that «" rtr * K*J» i -/. •• ^ -t:r- 2ASS.i.t 1 Si- r r s ^ ~ »-^- ^,!S —-.— -_jv or the'di. es .i:,;. ? "«V;,?f c °™;y •^t--'^ l i^f^, ot detect!ng

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