Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 7, 1951 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1951
Page 5
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n a- Oakland "frifcune, Saturday, July 7, 1951 Attend Church Services Tonmorrow V CHRISTIAN Christian Science Churches Branches of The Mother Church. The First Church of Christ. Scientist. In Boston. Massachusetts. Subject of the Lesson Sermon, July 8 "SACRAMENT" First Church Tree Reeding Room 378 lTth St. Open Dully 8 a.m. to 9 P m. Escerl Sundav and Holidaye Ucdnffdjsi 8 a m. to 7 p.m. id Church eccm .14TH STREET Free pearling Room-?421 Telegraph Openldaily 9 a m to S p.m. Sunday and holidava 2 to 5 p.m. TfrrH Church 1R42 FlRCITVALE AVE. Free Reading Room, Church Edifice Open Dailv Except Sunday and Holiday. 11 a m. to 4:00 p.m. . nrrh Tree Reading Room. 528 Lake Park Avenue. Open daily a m. to 8pm.. Wednesdays to 7 p.m.. Sunday and holidays. 1 to 4 p m. Fifth Church 1500 90TH AVFNt'E Free Reading Hoom Church Edifice Open Dailv Except Sundays and Holinuvj. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sixth Church 2IS0 41st STREET Free Reading Room Church Edifice; Open Daily Except Sunday and Holidays 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Seventh Church 5333 HARRISON STREET Free Reading Room Church Ed if lea Open Daily Except Sunday and Holiday 12:00 to 4 p.m. Eighth Church 1219 FTLBERT STREET "Free Reading Room Church Fdlfica Open Tuesdavs and Thursdays 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Ninth Church 3.V15 3TH AVENUE Free Rrading Room Church Edlfica Open Dally Except Sundays and Holidays 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Christian Science Society 6211 LA SALLE AVENUE Oakland Dl O j- t- 8 30 am to 9:00 p.m Dally OWntOWn XXeaCUng KOOm (Except Wednesdays Until 7:00 p.m.) ,, ,,-r,, c-rnrc-r Sundays and Holidavs (Reading Only) 407 15TH STREET i oo o m to 5:00 o m. All are Cordially Invited to Attend Services and Reading. Hooma Piedmont FIF.ST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST ni MAGNOLIA AVE. Corner FONITA All or Cordially Invited Alameda FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST Jl4 CENTRAL AVENUE All Are Cordially Invited San Leandro "I First Church of Christ. Scientist ' 10a Diitton Avenua CHURCH OF Church of Christ 5433 SIIATTITK AVENUE per' i'ie Prrkrlpv. Oakland and Alameda Phone OL mp:c 2-3833 Church of Christ CENTRAL. 531 2TH STREET JESSE STEPHENS. Minister TE mplebar 8-4114 Church of Christ SAN LEANDRO Corner Lew is Street and MacArthur Boulevard Lloyd Moyer. Preacher CONGREGATIONAL First Congregational 2fiTH STREET AT HARRISON CLARFNCE R EI DEN BACH, Pastor Harold C. Youngberg. Music Director Dnvid S. Schaub. Oiganist Plymouth Congregational 3808 PIEDMONT AVENUE EHILIP Q. MURRAY. Minister DIVINE Divine Science SERVICES V.W.C.A. Hotel 15th and Webster DOWNTOWN Big Downtown .Mission 415 - 9TH STREET Near BROADWAY HARRY MORSE. Pastor TR Inldad 2-532 EPISCOPAL "A GOOD TLACE TO MAKE FRIENDS' ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Montecito Ave. and Bay Place (Off Grand Ave., one block above HarrisonI V REV. JAMES C. CROSSON. Rector Rev. Benjamin C. DeCanip. C'tuate J 8:00 a m. Holy Communion 11 am.. "The Paue That R.f i -bc" Rev. Benjamin C. DcC.unp Curate VOU AND YOUR FAMILY Wil l I.IKE SI PAULS TRY IT I'OH BETTER V'SgiON AND HAPPIER LIVING St. Peter's Episcopal Church A Fa mi Church A Friendly A Practical Workable ReliKion Bio.Klwa.i at Uw'nn Canon L. D. Gottschall, Rector Howard Albertsen Organist Bmadca-K Saturday. 9 30 am. KRE: Sunday. 8:15 am KSFO I o'.v Mass at 9 a m. Adult Bible Class 9 30 a m. High Mass 11 am. "MAKE YOUR LIFE REAL'' Wed ,.-..!,!' . 8 p.m.. "WHY IS YOUR LIFE IN OR OFF BALANCE? i may u.M am. to 12 noon. School ot Prayer a' the-Rectory Christ Episcopal, Alameda Santa C'ara Avenue at Grand Street REV HENRY M SHIRES Th.D. Rectm 8 00 a m. Holy Communion St. Andrew's Episcopal 8?M H1LLEN DRIVE. OAKLAND' West of 55th Avenua The Rev Canon John D Ie. PhD. MISS DIANA STEWART. Organist C, I V I IJU- JameS t-PlSCOpal "Church of Interior Beautv" 12TH AVE AND FOOTHILL RLVTJ. Serving Community nearly 100 Years REV. T. T. DENHARDT. Associate Trinity Church TELEGRAPH AT 29 TH STREET Buses 40. 41. 43 REV. W R. H. HODGKEM. D.D. EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN Rockridge Evangelical COLLEGE AT HUDSON AND MANILA Q. E. HENRICKS. DJ.. Minister CL rnpM S-41&5. KU mboldt 3-79SJ 10:50 m., "OUR BIBLE" Yt p.m.. TITE WAR TO END WAJtr SCIENCE 1701 Franklin Street Sunday. 11 a m. and 8:00 p m. Wednesday Evening Meetings at 1:00 Sunday School. 11:00 a m. Sunday. 11 a.m. and 8.00 p.m. Wednesday Evening Meeting at 8:00 Sunday School. 11:00 a m. Sunday. 11 a.m. and 8:00 p m. Wednesday Evening Meetings at 8:00 Sunday School. 11:00 a.m. 1330 LAKESHORE AVENUE s""d"'- - " 8:00 "" Wednesday Evening Meeting! at 1:00 Sunday School. 11:00 a.m. Sunday, 11 a m. and 5:1)0 p.m. Wednesday Evening Meetings at 8 00 Sunday School 1 1 00 a m Sunday 11 a m. Wednesday Evening Meetings at 8 00 Sunday School 9:30 am. Sunday. 11:00 In the morning and 3 In the afternoon Wednesday Evening Meetings at 8:00 Sunday School, 11:00 a.m. Sunday. 11 a.m. Wednesday Evening Heatings at 8:00 Sunday School 11:00 a m. Sunday 11am. Wednesday Evening Meetings at 8:00 Sunday School 11 00 a m. Sunday ' 11 a m. Wednesday Evening Meetings at 8:00 Sunday School. 8 30 and 11 a.m. Sunday Servlre. 11:00 a m Sunday School. 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. Wednesday evening Testimonial Meeting 8:00 o'clock Reading Room open 12 to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday Sunday Services. 11 a m. and 8 p.m. Sunday School 9:30 and 11 a m. Wednesday Meeting 8:00 p m. Readme Room 24L'7 Santa Clara Avenue. II a.m. -7:30 o m.. Except Sujidavs and Holidays Wed.. 7 pm. Sunday Services. 11 o'clock Also 8 p in. F ust Sunday in Month Sunday School. 9:30 and 11 a m. Wednesdav. 8 p.m Read ng Room. Church Edifice 12-3. except Sundays and Holldavt CHRIST CHURCH OF CHRIST BROADCAST Sundav. 5:45 p m. KWBR 9:4. a m.. Sunday School ll-0 a.m. Morning Worship 7 30 pm.. Mutual EdificatSon Program Wed.. 7:30 p.m.. Midweek Meeting Sunday School. 9:30 a m. Worship Service. 10.50 am. E ening Ser ire. 7:30 p m. R to 8.30 a m. KROW Rroadrast Sun. .Bihle Studv. 10:00 a m. Worship 10:.i0 a m. and 7 p m. Tues.. 8 p m., Men's Training Class Wed.. 7:30 p m.. Bible Study 1 Thurs., 10 to 3. Ladies' Bible Class LOcknaven 8-7062: LO ckhav en 9-0310 Worship Service, ll'a m. FOl'R WAYS OF LOVING YOUR ENEMIES' Dr. Lynn T. White. San Anselino. summer preacher Church School. 9:30 a m. Worship Service. 11 a m. "WHAT HAS DICKENS TO SAY? SCIENCE Sunday. 11 a. m Sermon Topic "SON'S OF THE MOST HKIH" Marian Levering. Minuter MISSION Sundav School. 10 a m. Pastor's Bible Class. 10 a m Worship Service. 11am. Evening Service. 7:30 p m Church That Teaches You 9 30 a.m. Church School Summer Session. Also at Christ Church Chapel 8ih and Lincoln I! a.m.. Morning Prayer. Sermon Bv the Rector "MY CHURCH" Holy Communion. 8 a m. Church School. 10:30 am. Morning Prayer, 10:30 a m. IHoly Communion. Frrst Sundav) 8am.. Holy Communion 9:45 a m Church School 11 a m . Holy Communion "DOWN TO EARTH RELIGION'" Coffee Hour Follows. REV- W- H. G. BATTER9HILL. Rector Church School. 9:30 a m 11 a.m. Morning Prayer Sermon By tha Rev. Wilfred H. Hodgkin. Vicar of St.- Peter's By The Sea. Morro Bay United Brethren Church FULL Elim Tabernacle 1522 Eighth Avenue John K Hubbard Pastor Sunday School. 9:30 a.m. Philadelphia Church 6119 Mac ARTHUR BOULEVARD DAVID KARLSSON. Minister Sunday School. 9:45 a.m. j GOSPEL Gospel Auditorium 4?ND STREET Cornrr RICH ST. P 30 a m S.S Bible Reading 11am Breaking of Bread INTERDENOMINATIONAL Havenscpurt Colonial Churcl 1444 Havenscourt Boulevard SyNDAY, 11AM. I Rev. Bob Stacey EVANGELIST Norman Nelson LYRIC TENOR A rnie H artmann ACCORDION 1ST 7.3fl r M . SERMON BY THE PASTOR "Road Signs to Peace" . Rf'V BALDWIN SHERMAN. P,tor RF.V. WALTER GRAEr. ASSOCIATE LUTHERAN MISSOURI SYNOD . Churches of "The Lutheran Hour" International Broadcast EVERY SUNDAY AT j 10:30 a.m., KFRC; 5:30 p.m.. KRE. Not Identical SerHcei Wednesday, 9:30 to 10 p.m. Northern California Lutheran Hou. KRE Bethlehem Lutheran 1TH AND MAGNOLIA STREETS TE mplcbar 2-4073 CHARLES CLINE. Pastor Calvary. San Lorenzo 17080 Via Maedalena W. A THIELE. Pastor LL cc me l-788 First Trinity Lutheran "Oakland's Church Beautiful" 17TH AVE and EAST 15TH ST. ALFRED W KOEHLER Pastor KE ilogg 4-1630 KE lloKg 3 -.0625 Grand Lake Lutheran "In the Heart of the East Bay" r.i i. Liu f i cstrr..i 12 18 ..r 57 Bus HI Knaie 4-l'J17 HI ghgate 4-5382 Pilgrim Lutheran 390(1 35TH AVENUE R W SCHU'ER.MANN Patrr Phone KE l.'ogg 2-8485 KE Hogg J- '214 Redeemer Lutheran 61st Ave and BR ANN T. FRANK H A EDICKE. Pastor TR nudad 2-1592 TR Inidad 2-7016 St. Paulus Lutheran . TELEGRAPH AVENUE AT 41ST ST. V.'M t. PETERS. Pastor Phones Church. PI edmort 5-0724 Residence PI edniontr5-1 186 St. Prter's Lutheran 704 BROADMOOR HOULEVARD San Lcand'o SW cetvvood 8-4970 HERMAN C THEISS. Pastor E C Sohn. Assisiant LTniversity Lutheran Chapel 2740 roi 1 EC,E A'ENUE F F n K I-' I FY i FF.V. 1)"N DEFFNER. Pastor Phone LA nd -cane 4-503 Zion Lutheran Church KTH and MYRTLE STREETS PF ARNOLD LEVENHAGEN P i s o r TU inoaks 3-1007 TE mplebar 2-1279 -LUTHERAN- Central Lutheran Church E I. C, 215 RIDGEWAY AVENUE Belwrrn Broaduav. Piedmont ALE. M KR A ABEL. Pastor Epipl iphany Lutheran Church in SAN' LEANDRO "The I nited Lutheran Church" MacArliiui Blul . at lt'Cr.d At. AI.Bi' l: I S HIDY. Fa-lor Faith American Lutheran 2845 38TH AVENUE f:F'. W. GAMB' Pastor KE r.ocz 3-49itn KE Hoke 4-2863 First Lutheran I'NITKO LUTHERAN CHURCH GROVE at IfiTH STREET DONALD E. WAGNER. Pastor Church Phone TW lncaks 3-3872 Flaen5court Lutheran AUGUSTAN A SYNOD 2;il HAVENSCOURT BOULEVARD pr DONALD F. RYHBECK. Pastor Phone SW ertwood 8-9341 Our Saviour's Lutheran iri.r 1740 SEVENTH' AVENUE Chutch Thone-TE mplebar 4-8323 Sunda School. Bible Class. 9 4ft a m. St Michael's Lutheran The Un'trd Lutheran Church ALCATRAZ at BENVENfE AVE. ROSS HIDY Pastor 1'aiM.rAc Phone BE ikeiev 7-4721 St. Paul's Lutheran EXCELSIOR AVE.. AT WOODRUEE RE'. I.lAiYD L. BURKE: pastor Liitheian es-pcrs 4 30 pjn . KRE Trinity Lutheran A In, a and McKmley Ntar Fa:'- Boulevaid arc1, Viat Arthur IF n-ipichar 6-3135 METHOD I ST Fighth Avenue Methodist Sunday School 9.45 a m. Brcakfa.M Club lor Young Al!..t at 9.45 a m. First Methodist Church Or SAN LEANDRO 180(1 BANCROFT AVENUE REV HOWARD GREENWALT, Pastor Free Methodist Church Sunday school 9 45 a m. 61ST STREET ; h,p S"v.ces One Block East ot Telegraph Members u ill be A. C. ARCHER. Min.ster attending conference Melrose Methodist worship serv,Ce. 11 ..m. Evening Service 7:30 p.m. 5251 WENTWORTH AVENUE Th? Lavmen f the EDWIN R. rREXM AN, Minister Church' Will Be in Charge Church School, t:f5 a.m. of the Servicea. Pioneer Methodist; TELEGRAPH at STTH BIV. WILLIAM C. EDDY. Ptto t:45 a.m.. Sunday School i PILLAR Pillar of Fire 1987 HARRINGTON AVEJiTUE Rev. William S. Sharp. Fastor AN dover 1-SS62 j GOSPEL Worship Sendee. 11 a.m. Sfrmoti by pastor Evening Service; 1:4.1 p m. Professor John Huhbard Of Wrstmont College Special Music. Worship Servir. 11 a.m. Evengelistie Service. 7:45 t).m. Praer Meeting; Wed.. 7:48 .p m. AUDITORIUM- i Vonna rfrpl. (1:18 p.m. Gosprl Srr icr. 7-45 o m. Howard Rmheimrr VVe1. 7:45 n m Prayer Seifvirt Sunday Servlcei: Sunday School. 10 a.m. Worship Servlca. 11 a.m. S S. Bible Classes at 9 45 a i IIolv Communidp. R 30 a m. Divine Worslup. II a.rr. Sermon b' tl.e pastor S S 9:30 a m : Worship 10 45 i OL'R EMBLEM OF VICTORY' Rev. George Micger Oucst Speaker Pastor Koehler In charpe 9:30 a m. Sunday School 9:5(1 a m Adult Bible Clasa 1 am. Dnine Worslup "DIVINE PROVIPSNCE: A fJIFT AND A TRCST" W G Ruehle. pastor Sunday School Bible Cla 9 45 a m. Divine Worship. 11:00 am. "THE STIRIT OF PENITENCE" S-indav School 9 45 a m. Divine Worship Service 8 30 ,nf) 11 arl THE CHANGELESS CHRIST" Sermon bv Rev Haedicke Sunday School 9 45 a.m. D.vine Worship Services. German. 10 a m : English 11 a m. "TELLING IT TO OL'R CHILDREN" Sundav School 9:30 a m Dnine WoratuD Services at l: and II ii n. .loir; I's in Otir Prayers For Peace Sii.ndav. Vacation Rible School. Mon.. 9 a m. Searching Scripture Hour. 10 a m. Di me Services, 11 a m. 'THE HKiHEST IDEAL OF LIFE" Rev L. H Deffuer. Wichita Kanas. St ident Siirner Hour. 8 p m. Sunday School. 9 45 a m. Worship Service 11 n m. rmnn by the pastor 10 a m, Sundav School, ail age High School. Adult Bible Class 11 a m.. Divine Worsrup '(inn PROVIDES" Mr... Allan HnaCla.nH. SrcaUer 8:30 p m.. Radio KRE i 1400 kcl Sunday School. 9:30 a m. Divine Worship. 11:00 a.m. "MIGHT OF FAITH" Sunday School. 10 a m. Worship Service. 11 am. "IN NEWNESS OF LIFE" Luther Le.iEue, 6 p.m. Sui day School 9:45 a m TWO WORSHIP SERVICES 8 30 and II 00 am. "COLD HF ART AND CAREI ESS TONGUE (The Second Commandment ) 9.45 a m.. Sundav School II am. Dr M K Hartmann "' 'MIRACULOUS FEEDING ' Vwal Srln. Mr Irene Demp-ev. Tnet. 7:4S pm, FHC Special Frgiem Id 43 a m.. Installation Service For the Rev. Clifford Paulsen. By Rev H, M. Hansen. Sermon by Rev. Taulsen. TWO MORNING SERVICES 8 30 and 11 o'clock 'TFT FREEDOM RING" F'ustor Ross Hldy preaching 9:30 a m . Church School 9 :30 and 11 a.m.. Divine Worship 6.30 p rn.. Junior Luther League 7 p.m . Senior Luther League Sunday School 9:45 a m Woishio Services. 8:30 and 11 am. "THE NEW BIRTH" Gordon Hanson Pastor 8TH AVE EAST 17TH STREET Worship Service. 21 a m High School Young People 7 p.m RICHARD STEIN. MINISTER TE mplebar 4-9389 Church School, 9:45 a m. Worship Service 11 am, Music and Message bv Mr and Mr Thomas A. Missionaries to Borneo Y outh sei vices 6 30 p.m. Harru, 10:50 am, "WHAT HAST THOU TN THINE HAND?" Fellowship Service. 7:0 o.m. In Social Hall SpecUl Muaical Feature and Readings. OF FIRE Sunday School, 9:4 a.m. ; Worshi P Senrtee. 11 a.m. Evening Service, 7 p.m. Wed. T p.m.. Prayer Meeting MISSION Mission Covenant Church East 21st Street and fifth Avenue Off P.u k RKd Bus No IS to Newton Ave. HAROLD W. ER1CKSON. Pastor 1 1 a.m., "Love Is Well Behaved" I Fifth Sernmti in Series on I Cortn'hians 13' 30 pm.. "THE DANGER OE A GREAT EXPERIENCE" NAZARENE Nazarene First Church Lakeshnre at Foothill. Oakland HERMAN L. G. SMITH. Pastor PRESBYTERIAN First Preshytenan Brfladwav "The Brautitui Chinch DR. THOMASi ERANKLYN HUDSON Minister Wolship Service. U a m "A Sermon I Do Vesper Service 8 30 Mrs. B. Fruitvale Presbyterian Church vu-arthlr nol i fvard 11 A si IN EAK''M OF A KUll'E" HKV 1'F.KCE i( U.W 1 r 7 ::! . . ( " .M MO.'.' SENSE 1- '.Cl'.t; of. HIE J.IOI'OR Sill ATION IN O K1.ANIJ. " H.UiOi.ll W VVII.SON" DAILY VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL Moi;d.n ThriniKh Fnd..' . J ;lv 9 to 20 Daily K iii'i to l:. Akc- 5 to 15 4 Bibie Stor:c H ;mdn a f t On " ics - A flrds All Children of the Neisnborhood lnited COMING: John Biuivan's '-PilBriin's ProBiess." Color Movia Sunday Evening. July 15 Alameda Presbyterian SANTA CLARA and CHESTNUT Robert T. McFarlane. D.D.. Minister' Mrs. H. V. Starr. Organist Emil Q. Miland. Choir Director Brooklyn Presbyterian "THE FRIENDLY CHURCH" 12TH AVENUE ind EAST 15TH ST. P..,e 4(1 41 4 R3 RALPH E. V'ANDL RS ALL. Mlnistea hirst Presbyterian DANA and CHANNING. BERKELEY ROBERT B MLNGF.II D D Pastor VV M, Phillips. Minister of Music First United Pr?sbj terian The Friendlv Church 5951 COLLEGE AVENUE i Bilges 51 and SS i Rev Llo.vd O. Gaut Minister Park Blvd. Presbyterian 4101 PARK BLVD and HAMPEL No 1 Bus on Franklin St DR. A LOR IN RIDINGS. Pastor Home Phone AN dover 1-3078 Saint John's Presbyterian ?P40 Coileee Avenue. Berkeley DR STANLEY A. HUNTER Pastor Rev Vernon C. Richard Minister of Education RELIGIOUS Join the "Morning Watch" H-rn ii m.. Weekdava KRE. DIAL 1400 RELIGIOUS SCIENCE Oakland Church of Religious Science FOUNDER -DR ERNEST HOLMES 1440 Han ison Strcctj Sunday 11 a.m. 'WHATSOEVER YE ASK . Rev. Daisy Mae" Beckett Mis. G L. 7-acharie. Pianist Rav Manton. Soloist At 1452 Alice Stiret - Daily meetings at noon Clashes m Rclictoiis Scirncp dailv Mon . g pm . Mr- Hopper: Tup- 1 30 p m .. Mrs Hammond Wed, 1.30 pm. Mn. Beckett. Thurs.. 7 W p m.. Mrs. Chtnn; F . 1 "0 p ni . Mis Ie elt. ffinsvinv. S p in . "Our Ycnr-e People and Religious Science". Grace Pedigo HAYWARD CHURCH OF Religious Science Re" Biry Bassett. Leader Wed.. 7 3d p m.. Healing Meetirg Phone Pleasanton 4416 REORGANIZED REORGANIZED Church of Jesus Christ OF LATTER DAY SAINTS W24 ASHBY AVE.. BERKELEY ELDER A. C. ANDREWS. Pastor -SCIENCE MENTAL SCIENCE CHURCH P.-irn Theater. 142B Alice St. DR. ITNWICKE L. HOI MFS. MINISTER Devotional Service. 11 am. "How to Change our 'Luck'" Editorial Talk: "What Will Happen in Korea" SPIRITUALIST CHURCH OE Spiritual Proclamation Ehell Hall dovvnstairs- 1440 Harrison Street Rev. R. Eveivn Miller Pastor hirst I emple of Spiritualism 1142 Alu r Street Mini-ler. Mit7ie Monroe THEOSOI'HY United LodgeofTheosophist? MASONIC TEMPLE BANCROFT and SHATTl'CK. BERKELEY CALIF No fees or dues UNITARIAN First Unitarian Church In Downtown Oakiand 14th and Ca.-tro -Streets Three h!ocl:s vvet of C'ltv Hall AKNOLD CHOMT'TON' Minister UNITY Lakeside Unity Temple 144 Atho! Avenue Affiliated with Umtv School REV ALMA M MORSE. Mn i-ter 9.45 a.m.. Sunday School Classes Oakland Unity MADIfON STREET TEMPLE MAY ANDREWS WIGGIN Leader 1433 Madison Street San Leandro Unity Alta Mira Club ftfil Lafavette Tue;rflav. Thursriav. J o m Werineswlav at 8 p m REV BARBARA B. LVON. Minister Walnut Creek Unity Eagle Club 1704 Walnut Ave. Affiliated with Umtv School Wed Class 2 o m . " PROSPERITY" Mane M Giles. Minister Vedanta Center HASTE AND BOWD1TCH STREETS. BERKELEY Busses SI and 43 ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Bethel Tabernacle 25th Ave. and E. 14th St. Arthur M. Otton. Pastor "ONCE A VISITOR NEVER A STRANGER" First Assemblies of God 10th Ave. and Eait 14th St . Oakland Rev. E. Elsworth Krogstad Pastor Glad Tidings Church 1SH GRAND STREET. ALAMEDA Rev. Earl T, Da'yis. Pastor Sunday School, 9 45 a.m. COVENANT Sundav School. 9:45 a m. Worship Service 11 a m. Evening Service. 7 30 p.m. Sermons by the pator; Church of Oakland at 2fith Street witn the Injuring M-iicf Not Want to Preaih p m. Honoring Rev. and Ross Ctilland 9:43 a.m., Church School 11 a.m.. Worship Service "The Redemptive Fellowship" Rev. Thomas Holder). D D. 6 30 p m.. Joint Fellowship Meeting of Youth Groups. Sunday Church School. 9:45 a.m. Worship Service. 11 a m. "THE PARABLE OF THE PRECIOUS PEARL" N-.uscrv for sruail children 1U :.( a :n. ' -TRIUMPH ANT LIVING" (Bioadcast KROW 960 on dial) R fXi p in. "WHAT ONLY PRAYER CAN DO" Coiiirmniion Sundav Vorship Service 11 a.m. ' FACING THE W ILL OF GOD" Evening Set v ice -30 p.m. "LIVING WATER" Sfiinniij t Rev. CiAiit Worship Ser ire. 11 a rn. "THE CHRISTIAN LIFE AT BEST" 7 n m . WrlinHistrr Ff llow "h'n An Fvenuvg of MuMc Servicemen cordially welcomed! 10 am. Dr. Sianjev A. Huntef "NEW FRONTIERS" R P.m Dn-o'hv'Dean Scott ' LIFE PATTERNS IN NATURE" With Color Fi'm. BROADCASTS Pipe Organ Chimea Ji.spiratlonal Talk East Bay Church Eederatioa At 101)9 "A" Street S mday. 11 am.. Sermon: "WHATSOEVER YE ASK" Public Cordially Invited Phone LU cerne I-HW3 LATTER DAY SAINTS P 45 a m.. Bible School all ages 11 am. "The Prescription for Mental Health '. Elder Jerry Runkel. fi .iO p m.. Missionary Class 7:3(1 p m . "God's Giorioua Gospel" Deacon Russell Dessire. OF MIND- Siiiidnv. 7 30 p.m.. Lecti and oie. Mi -age hv Rev Ophelia Pool St Ixtius. Misouii. Rev. Baihara Mercer, soloist Message for everyone Fridav, 7:30 p ni.. Ail Message .Meeting S-mrlay 7-30 nm lecture H-'deeard R'ehl (i refnas. Fan Do'Arl and Mrs. RreM Tues . 7;.i() p.m.. All Met?ge Night Th,,!'li,v'- 8 D m study cia m "AN EPITOME OF THEOSOPHY" hv William Q. Judge All welcome Church Service. 11 a.m. "WOULD YOU END WAR? (.hurch Service. II a m. A MESSAGE TO THE WELL" VV. J. Cameron T-.:day, 2 p.m. Healing Wed.. 8 p.m. W. J. Cameron Church Set vice, 11 a.m. "JUDGMENT ' MARIE PARKER HANDLY Thursday p m Healing Class MARIE PARKER HANDLY. teacher Affiliated with Unity School S inday Services at Masonic Temple 118 Hepburn St. San Leandro Church Service II am. "BE THOU MADE WHOLE' Devottopal Service Sunday 11 a.m.; "IN GOD WE TRUST" Open 11 am to 4 p m. Monday through Fridav. to aerve vou All servicea at above addresa VEDA NT A Sunday. .Tulv 8. 8 p m. "THE FOUR PILLARS OF WISDOM" Speaker' Swaim Ashokananda 9:45 a.m. Sunday School At 11 a m. and 7:30 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Olaon. Guest Musicians and Speaker g 30 p.m.. Christ's Ambaesador 9 45 a.m.. Sunday School Servicea 11 a m. and 1:43 p.m. Rev. H. T. Meltzer. Preacher (I 30 p.m.. Christ's Ambassadors Wed . 7.45 p.m.. Prayer Meeting- Vacation Bible School fuly 30-Aue;. M 11 a m.. Worship Service "CHRIST IN THE HOME" 7.45 p m.. "THE CHURCH'S GREATEST NEED" ; Revival SUrta July 11 YOUTH TONIGHT! 7:30 Arnie Hartmann, Accordionist Norman Nelson, Lyric Tenor, ', Rev. Bob: Stacey, President of Baker Lake (Evangelistic Foundation Yfluth for Christ Rally4 Auditorium Theater J i APOSTDLIC Emmanuel Apostolic Church East 15th Slreei and !4th Avenue RALPH D. UtLOCK. Pastor TR inldad 618 Bancroff Ave., San Leandro fs m.. Sunday school PANCROFt ' JOAQUIN AVENVES SI a m.. Worship Service off ESTL'DLLf k 30 p m.. Vouth Groupa Puses. 4.1. If! arid "N" Dr Richard Aitfeust'ne Patrr Brfioksirje Bantit Church .l.nn MarAlgTHtR ROULEVAflD Wm E AP'l EfeERRV Minister A.N dover cwj First Inllfrendent Baptist (The CollfW Ratift Churrhi 528 33rd St?-et.snear Telegraph Dr. H O ?an Glider Pastor Bible Schodl. 19 a m. Fundamental Baptist 1416 SEMIffARf AVENUE ORVILLE fy. Tt'CK, Fastor TR inldad -3RfiS -f- LakeshoVe Avrnue Baptist .tMR I plfr-nrfA'f!' H N. GEirrVA f IT P D Pastnr Prrvarira ts KSf O Sun 11 am . 30 p.m., Teiejhsioi KPiX Sun.. 6 p.m. Lakesicfie Baptist 3rd Ave. aid ft 1Mb Street ORIEL L.HAisEN Pastor i Me! ros Blptis 47TH AVP.'UEf and BOND STREET ERNEST HASTINGS Minister &E li'pg 2-3840 -rr rv-klanp First Baptist TELEGRAPH AVFM'E at TWENTY-SECOND STREET Dr. Georgf M.fDerhvshire. Minister Church Sooli9:40 a m 3 $ i CONSERVATIVE BAPTIST Calvar Baptist Church of Alamecfa i Hntei Alahiedaj. Broadway and Santa Clara i 0.45 a.m. Bible School, all ages ElmhusM Raotist Church 141 SOTIliAVtNIE One Bloi fc off K..t 14th Street REV Pal EfllORN. Pastor LO Ckhavn 9-? Ill 23rd venue Baptist 23FD AYjfXl'E near FOOTHILL CI'Y ARf Hf R-WENIGER Pastor "The Frtnd!v -Church for Friei-dlv reocre" SOUTHERN BAPTIST p 1 I in .- . sl vjoiociviaic oapiiH vnuicn -T ,. 6 10M Flft'fr fourth Stirrt Clarence fA. Mj-ore. Ta-tor ? i Bethanjy Gospel Hall " Tliursdav. 7:43 p.m. Prayer. Breakmg.of Biead. 11 a.m. Bnfi Ministry Sundav Sfhooli Bible Class 9 30 a m. P"n Parker. 1 1 CATHOLIC St. Frincisi de Sales In the Hrt ol the City CORNERGROVF and 21st STREET Special add S4oi al Devotions j Our Laijdy df Lourdes Church 2800 LAKESHORE AVE. GI.encout l-iri90 5 'j 4- First Qhnsiian rith. STRi'FT Kcu BROADWAY Dallas L itGladion. Minister F.i nr-i Wjrsl. Mui'ster ol M-itie Maude WJrher iMini.-trr o( f.d n atinn hruitvale Christian E l"'li ajd Frill t vale A-e . HI" CJH N 5 M i-CjA LI I'M M"tw Nanr v ru i ii e;. Turner. Choir Dir Bertha Cj Kitchel Oiganist Mills I errace Christian El EMINig AVENUE JL'ST OFT S.'TH AsJ:NI"E M J Vo-uha.i Minister Inez Plesj.mon. Organist Sr University Christian bfrkeiJ:y Bus 7 tosCENIC and LeCON'TE Dr. -JarkFinegan. Minister Lester G McXliistci . Associate -I-CIIRISTIAN AND I t ft Last Chance to Hear Rev. J. W. Woodward of Canada (Sunday at 1 1 a.m. and 7:45 p.m. AT Cprisfian and 1300 Grand Avenue. Piedmont Rev. Ches Aruiey. Interim Pastor The, Neighborhood Church j! THE CATHEDRAL OF TOMORROW- 1 ' MacArthur Boulevard at 4th Avenue t Hear k '-; I H Rev. Cecit Thomas Concert Pianist, Bass Soloist and Preacher 1 Sunday at 1 1 a.mi and 7:45 p.m. Als$ Monday, Tuesday if! Criur$ of -The Cedars IKi Oxford Street. Berkeley i vi. ;.-IhamaaJ WlUlamson. paator i ii: FOR CHRIST f undav school 1 p m. Poaching. 8 p.m. . tv.ngel.stie Service. 7:M p.m. fTuesday and Friday. 7:30 p.m. BAPTIST 17:30 p m. Evening Service Sunday Si r.onl. it 45 am. i'f:V. VKI. H M!tO. f . it -t Prc.u l:f r v Bt 11 a.m. and 7 JO p.m. I! am. DIVINE PARADOXES Or THE CHRISTIAN LIFE" 7 m p m . "TITE D"VINE IMPERATIVE OF SEPARATION" Sermons by Dr. Van. Glider. Sunday School. 10 ajn. Morning Worship, 11 a.m. Evangelistic Service. T:45 p.m. A GROWING CONGREGATION Wor- ,,p Service II a m. "WHERE TWO OR THREE" Evening Service. 8 o.m. "I THINK I CAN" Sermons by Dr. Geistwnt Bibie Sy-hool 9 45 a m. Worship Service II am. Evening Service 7:30 p m. Sermons by the Pastor. Worship Service, 11am. "COBWEBS ON THE CROSS" Evening Service, 8 pm. "HOW TO OVERCOME SATAN" Sermons by Rev. E. L. Hastings. Morning Worship, 11 a m. "HE ATTENDS ONLY" Peop'.e s Service. 7:30 p m. "BELIEVING IN THE SYMBOLS" Violin Solos Vernei Olshausen. Rev. Robert Kay Iu'.erim Patnr. will preach 11 a.m.. "God's Mighty Foundation" 8 pm . "IS THE CHURCH IN APOSTASY?" Worship Service. 11 a.m. "HLS MESSAGE" Evening Service. 7:4! p.m. MY DESIRE" Vacation Bible School July 9-20. 9 to 12 noon. Worship Service 11 a m. "The Foundation Standeth Sure" Evening Service. T 45 p m. Aram and Be'tv Phi'.ibosian In a Musical Frogram. 1 Sunday School: 9.45 a.m 30 p rn. Wo!h.ip Service. 11:90 a TTI.-7 45 p.m. Revival Every Night. 7:30 p m. Homer C,' Robinson, Evangelist BETHANY JIALL Gospel Service. 7:30 p.m. Tin., Parbar Sunday Masses: 6-t'O. 7:30 . 9 00. 10:00. 11:00, 1J18 Sermon Music at High Mass. 11 a.m. Sunday Evening Service. 7:30 o'clock Da ly Masses 7:00 and 8 30 p.m. S mday Morning Masses: 7. 8. 9. 10. 11 snd 12:15 o'clock Holv Dav Masses: 6:30. 7. 8. 9 and 10 o'clock -CIIRISTIAN- Worship Service. 11 a m. "RELIEFS THAT MATTER" co. HOW PFALTIFL'L LPON THE MOI'NTAIN"; Ha'ker ( nipfti Robert?. Soprar.o Soloist 11 a m. " Fooli'-.Hr.p-.s Abov e Wisdom" Ai'thrni ' The Graf e of GoH". Wilson. Soio "I V!Vp1 Toda-.' Where Jesus Walked '. D. Murray. Soloist. 7 r "Knowing or Believing In God". Ch'irrh School, all aces. 9 45 a.m. Worship Service. 11 am. "TIME AND THE LIVING GOD" Clifford Penr.ctt. Speaker. Special Mu'.c Worshlo Svrvice 11am "AI.IRIS AND ARRAIGNMENTS" Soio "The Lord. Is Mv Light". AJlitsen .Mm ir S'rpnensnn. Soioict. 7 n rn . O'drr Youth Gto.p Meet at 2017 Durant Avenue. MISSIONARY ALLIANCE- Missionary Alliance and Wednesday, 7:45 p.m. Sunday School. t:43 a m Vorshtts Service 1 1 00 am ''THE SECRET OT A PROLTriC CHRISTIAN LITE" f:30 pm. "THE DIVINE ANTIDOTE EOR SIN" FIT

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