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Palladium-Item from Richmond, Indiana • Page 6

Richmond, Indiana
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The Palladium-Item and Sun-TelegramRichmond, Friday, Sept. 7, 1956 Page 6 The Thrill That Comes Once In A Lifetime (A WEBSTER CLASSIC) The Palladium-ItEiM AXD SUN-TELEGRAM foH. Bov we COUi-O tPAIHT Published Sunday Morning and Each Week Day Except Saturday Palladium Building. t5 to 21 Norttt Nintb Street show up in the magistrate's court is going to be quashed, now, and some way may be found to keep the $14 in bail money put up for Nina's appearance from being forfeited to the stolid old British. Ah dear me, but it was a disturbing episode.

Imagine a Russian Communist girl stooping to steal a few cheap hats! Nina could do better than that. Crafty old Joe. Stalin and the crooks and murderers he trained ran away with whole countries and hundreds of millions SAY iC OOO GoL-F BALLS. IS reex DtreP. Pose WcT DOVe AW GOT 'cTwi VJ GET So eerrs a -Piece.

That would Be 7500 1 v-Nmj Collegiate Grid Players. Organizing Into Union? By Westbrook Peqjler SAN FRANCISCO. While I was waiting to see the president of the Seafarers' International union, a man introduced himself as Einar Gustafson, a port agent or, walking delegate, and said he was organizing a union of collegiate football players across the country. He displayed a document called a federal charter bearing a gold seal. Mr.

Gustafson claims jurisdiction for the sailors' union on ground of manystablished precedents. The Teamsters' MEMBER OF TUB! ASSOCIATED PRESS Subscription Rate. By carrier In Richmond area: 2b eenta per week. By carrier outside of Richmond area: 30 eenta per week. By mail Jn trading area: J9.00 tor one year; $5.00 tor six montiis; (2.75 for three months.

By mail outside of trading area, according to United States postal rate rones per month. Zones 1 and 2. 11.15; Zone 3, SI. 25; Zone 4. (1.35; Zone 6.

ALL. OUT scale and then in rising order come the guards, tackles and ends. Mr. Gustafson will demand more liberal time out and rum or vodka in the drinking water. "We want a look' at the books, Mr.

Whalen said. "We want a cut of the television. Notre Dame took in millions down the years and they keep saying everybody ought to join a union, but when it comes to recognition of our brotherhood and a cut of the gate, just listen for the beef." Mr. Gustafson said it would be unwise to distribute all the millions of dollars from gate receipts and television immediately. "Those dumb football bums are too inexperienced to handle that money," he said.

"So we will put it in a reserve welfare fund and I will accept the position of trustee." (Copr. 1956. Klna; Feature Syndicate. Inc.) of people. The British had better check who gets on their Red guest list.

Windsor castle may be lifted the next time. Zone 6, Zone 7. Zone 8. $1.75. Entered as second class matter March 3.

1939. at the Post Office at Richmond, Indiana, under the Act of March 3. 1879. The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed In this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches. union in California has jurisdiction over migrant farm labor and the Seafarers' International has jurisdiction over the tuna can Help Others Help Themselves nenes.

rating, the quarterback Is ranked highest. Mr. Gustafson said the quarterback was like the bosun. The center is the lowest in the -in 1 1 White Woman, Negro Husband Advised To Get Out Of Texas Truman, Hiss and "Red Herrings" Adlai Stevenson, defeated four years ago by Dwight Eisenhower in the presidential election, again invites defeat at the polls next November. In 1952 Stevenson won only nine states out of 48.

Stevenson's chances already are dwindling in view of the slapstick campaigning done for Stevenson by former President Truman. He was a millstone around the neck of Stevenson in the last election. Already Truman is weighting down the slim chances Stevenson may have had this year. Truman's denial that the convicted Alger Hiss was a Communist spy, and that Truman did not refer to congressional investigations of Hiss as "red herrings" drawn across the trail for political purposes, have opened the door again to a review "of Democratic administration left-wing sympathies. Sfc "It is time to show up the slave labor conditions," Gustafson said, "and obtain a fair share of the gate receipts for the players.

It is absolutely un-American to pay a man $75 or $100 a month without any workmen's compensation or social security when a team is drawing up to $500,000 or $750,000 a season. "Those bum professors are always beefing what a tough time they have on salaries up to or $20,000 a year and the cheap bums go to the big banquet of the Athletic association and get gassed up on champagne bought with money earned by the poor dumb players getting their brains knocked out. "In the actors' equity, the hams get paid for rehearsals so why not the football players? It is not any wear and tear on an actor to grab some good-looking gal and give her the big wrestle over and over again in rehearsal. Want A "Fair Deal" "But, even if it does get monotonous it is not anything like scrimmage practise against a lot of big clumsy bums, 220 pounds and up. After all, football practise is rehearsal and all we want is a fair Park's Popularity Grows A report from the superintendent of the Whitewater State park shows that more than 200,000 persons visited the site from Mar.

11 to Sept. 3 this year. The paid admissions, which inc'ude all individuals over eight years old, totaled 169,662. Paid admissions for the same period a year ago were 137,944. The state park near Liberty is rapidly becoming one of the most popular attractions for visitors in this area of the state.

It has been developed into a recreation center for all who enjoy picnics, seek a beautiful beach upon which to acquire a fine tan, or who love to swim, fish or go boating. The lake has become a haven for sailboats and there is a place for persons with private boats as well as for boats for public pleasure. Many persons who have been accustomed to driving long distances for a place to spend quiet hours or to indulge in out-of-door activities have learned the value of the Whitewater State park. As facilities have been improved and others ed the park has taken on new attractiveness. It is an asset to the state and a rich addition to the recreational life of the people of the surrounding area.

Truman's Clearance Of Silvermaster Is Ripped By Victor Riesel Mr. Stevenson will not find this development help blonde, also disclosed she is preg- nant. The investigation started when her mother, who lives at Coolidge, wrote San Antonio Police Chief George Bichsel last May and asked that "something be done about tins marriage." Authorities did not disclose the mother's name. Air Force officials said she was listed as single when discharged. Her home town was given as in Michigan, but she declined to name it.

Green wouldn't say on what SAN ANTONIO. Tex. ill) A white woman and her Negro husband were advised by the district attorney Thursday to leave Texas because their mixed marriage is illegal in this state. Dist. Atty.

Hubert Green said he gave Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Brown, this advice after a grand jury declined to take action on charges he presented to it. The former Mary Zichterman, 22 and Brown, 21, met at Lackland Air Force Base where she was a WAF and he was a -porter in the officer's club. Green said he presented the ful to his appeal to voters to elect him to the White House.

It recalls that Stevenson himself got caught in There is a fellow who has been charged by congressional witnesses with using the basement of his Washington home as a clandestine photographic studio in which to photograph secret U. S. military documents for a Soviet spy ring. grounds the grand jury based its This chap, according to the records, put into the Soviets' lack of action. Brown recently has been work hands data on "production of airplanes, their destinations to various theaters of war and to various countries, new types of case to the grand jury without recommendation after the couple admitted marrying at Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, in August 1955.

He added that he told Brown's par ing as bootblack in a barber shop. planes being put out, information on when D-day would be. This fellow, Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, charged by the Two Who Climbed ents that "if the couple insisted same sources with being head of the most important Soviet spy on. living together as man ana wife to stay out of Texas." ring in the country, has just been, given Harry Truman's personal clearance. He says that Silvermaster wasn't "guilty deal.

"But, instead of raising salaries like they ought to if they had good American instincts, those lousy The parents said they thought Rainier Without Permission Found of anythin the couple intended to leave. The ex-president of the U. S. The penal code provides a prison whom Harry S. felt so impelled to the Hiss case when he gave a deposition testifying to the reputation of Hiss during the period Stevenson had known him.

In that deposition Stevenson said the reputation of Hiss was good. After Hiss was convicted of perjury Stevenson said in his own defense that he would have been a coward if he had refused to testify. Hiss, a former State department official in the Truman administration, went to prison for perjury because of his denials that he had passed state secrets to a Communist spy courier. As for Truman's denial that he used the term "red herrring," there is evidence that he did. Mr.

Truman used the phrase once in August of 1948 and twice in September of the same year. Senator Mundt S. has called upon Stevenson to repudiate Truman's remarks concerning Hiss. Truman is campaigning at the request of the Democratic National committee. What he says cannot be blamed on the diminishing intellect of a man in his dotage.

Mr. Truman, as president, advanced Harry Dexter White in national office and influence after ignoring warnings from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that White had Communist connections. Truman's State department secretary. Dean Ache- sentence of 2 to 5 years for par clear? MT. RAINIER NATIONAL also cleared Harry Dexter White and Alger Hiss in a TV broadcast out of Milwaukee on Labor day.

ticipants of mixed marriages, in Miss Bentley's Testimony PARK, Wash. (JV Two Canadians side or outside of the state, who live together here. i The rest of you can debate with Elizabeth Bentley, then a Communist courier for a Soviet master spy called Golos, was testifying in "I fell in love and married Harry Truman whether Alger Hiss who climbed high on Mt. Rainier without permission were found Thursday night after a day long search, precipitated by Ollie because of his character and was a spy. That is like setting up 1948, after having gone to the FBI.

professors are beefing that it is immoral to pay anything at all. They are ashamed of what they are paying already so they want to wipe out the payroll altogether." One Morrie Whalen, claiming to be a veteran football player, is temporary executive secretary of the Collegiate Football Players' Brotherhood of North America. He holds membership card No. 1. On this point, Mr.

Gustafson said: "Do you know what union Bill Green belonged to when he was president of the A. F. of The not because he was black or white She was asked Pretty Cheap Of "Nina" Communist Russia's champion discus thrower revealed herself to be a common thief while in London with associates for a British meet. After doing a disappearing act with four cheap hats filched from a counter of low-price merchandise, Nina Ponomareva beat a hasty retreat to the Soviet embassy. One nice thing about an embassy, it is ''King's territory, as the kiddies would say when they want to avoid being tagged, and Nina got to keep her loot without any fear of the British "Bobbies." But the British and the Russians played a game, nevertheless.

Scotland Yard had its men out looking around dark corners for the missing Nina, and an international "incident" threatened to mar the fun. an international board of inquiry to determine whether Nikita Khrushchev carries a card in the or anyming else, Mrs. Brown series of distress signals. The pair, identified as Don "Could you elaborate on the mill said in an interview. She said they tary information which you secured Communist party of the Soviet planned to go to California as soon from the Silvermaster group?" Richardson and Earle Johnson of Victoria, B.

C-. was found on a ridge at the level by a as they could get enough money What fascinates me is that Har but she did not say where. Asked if her marriage had suf party of mountaineers. They im ry Truman has done one of two fered because of the attitude of horrendous things for political ex Musicians' union. Jimmy Petrillo Texans.

she replied, "no, it has pediency. He has either cleared give the bum a card because he only drawn us closer together three men charged in government spiritually." claimed he pumped a church organ in some crummy little dump of a Mrs. Brown, a green-eyed xt: snvnet soil ftrio m- son, refused to turn his back on Hiss even after Truman approved. DUl ma an 111c wine 1 vCoTr cmnHv trvinr on her new heacteear while Hiss was sent to prison. coal-mining town over in Pennsyl vania 60 years ago.

'J diplomats fumed over the Soviets missing athlete. I Stevenson and the Democratic party must accept An arrest warrant issued when Nina failed to Truman as a liability or repudiate him. hearings and documents with espionage or he is now belatedly admitting that while president of the U. S. he ignored heavy documentation of such activities, all of which is in government files he could have had by pressing a button when he was pressed to stop Communist control of some of our vital "So even if Morrie Whalen never got any varsity letter maybe that only goes to show how lousy those "Well, the military information came largely from George Silverman (sic), and Ludwig Ullman; and it was information on the most vaiied things you could think of," Miss Bentley charged.

"We had complete data as to almost all the aircraft production as to type, how many were being produced, where they were allocated. "We had inside information on policies of the Air corps. We knew D-day long before D-day happened and we were right." Silvermaster is the man the ex-president cleared; a man some of us have fought bitterly since he infiltrated the Labor department back in the Thirties. Mr. Truman is obviously more interested in red herrings than Red spies.

(Copyright 195S. The Hall Syndicate. Inc.) Lack Of Steel Causes Indiana Employment Loss bums treat the players without any organization to fight for them Those letters are made out of cloth and you can get a whole Service Tips: More Questions And Answers INDIANAPOLIS (INS) Lack of steel finally caught up with the alphabet, wholesale, for about $3." Quarterback Highest In a provisional scale of salary Making It "Democrat" Party Is Poor GOP Move By George E. Sokolsky A political campaign in a free society is the method by which the people are supposed to express their opinion of officials employment picture in Indiana William C. Stalnaker, director of From R.

R. S. of New York the Indiana Employment Security ALEO'GREAT City: "What states are still pay division, said that a total of 40,468 unemployment claims were filed mediately were started downhill toward National Park Service headquarters and a possible stiff fine and jail sentence. Presence of the men on the dangerous mountain heights first was learned Wednesday night when lights were seen flashing a distress signal from about the 13,000 foot level. Rescuers Thursday reached the 12,000 foot level and exchanged shouts with the pair before being forced to bed down.

Another rescue party led by Wally Minor of Tacoma later encountered the pair at the 6,800 foot leveL They were hiking down toward Paradise Inn, at the 5,550 foot level. It is not known when the pair started out on the climb. Permission for such venture must be obtained from park officials after Labor Day. Curtis Skinner, acting superintendent of the park, who announced finding of the pair, said no further details were immediately available. He didn't know when the pair would arrive at park headquarters.

He did say, however, that Richardson and Johnson would be taken before a U. S. commissioner as soon as they reach the headquarters and charged with violation of the mountain climbing: regulation. Penalty for violation of this regulation carries with it a fine up to $500 or six months in jail, or both. ing bonuses to men who served For example, Harry Truman, then president, could have called for the Civil Service commission files on Silvermaster, whose buddy, William Ludwig Ullman, has been similarly accused of taking Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBD reports out of Army G-2 files for dispatch to Russian agents.

Those Civil Service files would have shown Mr. Truman that Silvermaster came to the U. S. along a strange route, Moscow, Siberia, Mongolia, China and then our west coast. in office, and leads up to the selection of an administration of the Korean war period? for last week, slightly more than for the previous week.

Connecticut, Delaware. a Massachusetts, Michigan, He attributed the fact that the New Hampshire, Vermont, and unemployment level stayed above Grab Bag One-Minute Test What state has frontage MB Washington. From D. M. of Oakland, Calif.

40,000 to lack of steel, inventory stoppages and model changes. the people's choice. It ought to be a very serious undertaking. For the right of the people to go through this process, great quantities of human blood were shed in many lands. Naturally a people with a sense of humor will find some things that occur during such a campaign funny and it is often true that the politicians will create incidents or use phrases that are amusing, but it would be unfortunate if the election campaign were turned into a circus and if the American people were regarded as morons who need to be made to laugh because they do 1 1 on Of the total, 31,885 claimants had I'd like to locate an officer I served with in Korea, He was been out of work for a week, or four of the Great Lakes? 2.

What is a charivari? 3. What is the Hudson present when I injured my leg in more, and 6,644 were River a jeep accident. Because we were under fire at the time and I was Auto and auto supplier indus tries account for 32,000 idled work treated at an aid station, the fact that I was injured wasn't put on ers, some of whom are no longer eligible for unemployment my medical record. Since being out of service, I've had a lot of trouble with the injury. The Vet erans administration told me when I applied for compensation that trouble witti my mivfoi.

And with the Pace I see tlnere, 1 -that my. eo gets no boost "By Knowing that it me tbeve- school? It Happened Sept. 7 1533 Queen Elizabeth I of England born. 1822 Independence day in Brazil. 1940 Vichy (collaborationist government in France in World War II) arrested Gen.

Maurice Gamelin, Paul Reynaud and Edouard Daladier. One-Minute Test Answers 1. Michigan Lakes Erie, Huron, Superior, Michigan. 2. A mock serenade of noise makers, usually following a wedding.

3. A group of painters. would have to get affidavit proof of my injury being service-connected not dare to think. The Republican press agent who thought up the stunt of minimizing the name of the Democratic party Into the ungrammatical Democrat party was not very smart. When Joe McCarthy first used the phrase, it was one of those McCarthyisms which evoke a smile and should then be forgotten.

But when a political party is Jed lo believe that it can downgrade its opponent by removing an adjec-tivial suffix from its name, it reduces itself to childishness and should not be encouraged even by those who favor its nominees and its platform. cent years, committees appear that want the voters to go out and register; and there 'are other committees that favor a clean election by which they mean that the candidates should not call each other foul names or even tell the truth about each other. Forget The Press Agents Perhaps the American press can co-operate getting the campaign back to a discussion of the problems of the country and out of the hands of press agents, Hollywood stage managers, professional "singers and hula-hula dancers. These consumed an immense amount of Those files would have shown that Silvermaster was moved into our Board of Economic Warfare (BEW) back around 1943. What do you think he had charge of? The Russian desk! Distrusted Him Those Civil Service files would have revealed that the commission dumped Silvermaster because it did not trust him.

The commission could not get anywhere in official circles when it tried to fire Silver-master out of the government entirely. It went to friends of mine for help. But we were helpless, for we soon found that Silvermaster had become Harry Dexter White's assistant and was on his way to that pleasant capitalist retreat, Bretton Woods, to represent us in the wartime international monetary conference. It can also be shown that those who tried to help the government stop this Sovieteering combine This officer I served with could give an affidavit. I'm sure he is still in the army.

Can you suggest how I might get in touch with him?" If the officer is still in the army you may be able to get his latest address by writing to: The Adju Denomination's Definition Of Ordination OK'd LANCASTER, Pa. HI The Evangelical and Reformed Church Thursday, for the first time, defined the precise meaning of ordination within the denomination. Delegates to the 10th triennial DAILY CROSSWORD niciAiNnuiuinrri pHMLE UAjL OKj Dl Any press agent's counsel should time at both conventions to no pur- Float at 2 tant General, Department of the Army, Washington 25, D. C. Give complete information about the man you are looking for and the pose The idea of a Hollywood direc reason why you are looking.

tor telling serious-minded men how From Mrs. P. I. of New Or to speak as though they were star Reservations Due Saturday For Chest Drive Dinner Deadline for making reservations for the United Community campaign kick off dinner next Monday evening is 5 p. m.

Saturday, according to Community Chest officials. Reservations may be made by contacting the Community Chest office, 29 North Eighth street, phone 2-4616. Price of the "Dutch treat" dinner is $1.75 per' plate. Dr. DeForest O'Dell of Butler university Indianapolis will be the featured speaker at the dinner, which will be held in the Ma-gaw room at the Young Women's Christian association at 6 :30 p.

m. The dinner will signify the official opening of the twenty-ninth annual drive to raise funds for the Community Chest's nine Red Feather agencies. Goal of the campaign, which will continue through Oct. 12. is $176,093.23.

Chest officials announced that reservations received to date included Mayor and Mrs. Roland H. Cutter of Richmond and Congressman and Mrs. Ralph Harvey of ML Summit. 22.

Fragment of pottery 25. Croatian title 26. Coin (Turk.) 27. Extract satis lets brings mtc contempt the process of free discussion and free anchor 3. Sums up 4.

Former title of courtesy (Turk.) 5. Sober 6. Contributes 7. Town (Ind.) 8. Apportion 11.

Areas around teeth 13. Queen Elizabeth's daughter 15. Purchase 18. Likely 19. Forbids 21.

At one time were hurt and persecuted and almost fired from their government jobs. It was during these years, incidentally, that the combine also opened some Secret Service files. Now it was told me that Harry Truman knew of the combine's activities. If he didn't know who made up the rings how could he have snapped back on television with the statement that Harry White and Gregory Silvermaster were guilty of nothing. And how could Mr.

Truman ignore congressional testimony which had this to say of Silvermaster, Yesterday's Answer 36. Exhibition 37. Measure of land 39. Lion's home 40. Rebel faction for 28.

Equip with men 29. Go beyond 30. Perishes 32. be screened with the finest sieve because it is characteristic of this trade that they leap at an idea as a white-faced hornet alights on a blackberry. Goes Back In History The term Democratic is old in American political history.

In fact, the Democratic party was once called the Democratic-Republican party. It has, in its day, opposed the Federalist, the Whig and the Republican parties and has survived numerous defeats and great changes in its purpose. Party consistency is not a characteristic of American politics. The Democratic party, for instance, was the states' rights party during the Civil war, but during the Roosevelt administration it favored a centralization of government closer to the Federalist ideas of Alexander Hamilton than to the democratic ideas of Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson. But the same can be said of the Republican party which started at Ripon, as the most radical group ever to be brought together in American politics and became the party of conservatism.

Surely, the Republican party can hope to defeat Adlai Stevenson without resorting to such impro choice which is what the election is about. It is possible that Caesar had a ghost-writer and that Moses hired an Egyptian to write the Ten Commandments, hut it would be refreshing to have a candidate for high office this country rise and speak his own words, unpolished by professional speech-writers, intellectually unwrecked by committees that pass on such documents. I once sat on such a committee for a day or so and came no more because never had I experienced such baby-talk among adults. It would be even more wonderful if a candidate for high office were to speak extemporaneously, to say what he believes to be true, without first consulting counselors and advisers, lawyers press agents and the smart men who know now to sell soap and automobiles. But then this would be Utopia! Copr.

1958. King Features Syndicate. Inc. 1 leans: I the mother of a young man who was drafted into the army about four months ago. If an emergency should come up at home, would it be possible for my son to come home? How could it be done?" If your son is critically needed at home, he might be able to get emergency leave.

You should immediately get in touch with your son if an emergency arises and then notify the local Red Cross chapter. Your son will have to apply to his. commanding officer for the leave. The local Red Cross chapter will verify the emergency condition. From B.

F. of San Diego, "I've heard that the Veterans administration gives a burial allowance to the survivors of veterans. Does this apply to World War I veterans? If so, how much is the The allowance is made to the survivors of any wartime veteran or any peaoetime veteran who was drawing compensation from ACROSS 1. Kind of small apple 5. Wound mark 9.

Conceal 10. A law (Jewish Lit.) 11. Dizzy 12. Girl's name 14. "Employs 15..

Offer 16. At home 17. Personal pronoun 18. American 20. Untidy 23.

Walking stick 24. Adverbial particle of negation 25. "Big famous clock 26. Agreement 28. Collected into a mass 31.

Of the Avesta 33. Greek letter 34. Music note 35. Female fowl 36. Confront 3S.

Mountains (So. Am.) 40. Contests of speed 41. Girl's nickname 42. Ireland 43.

Finishes 44. Produced DOWN 1. Shaping tool him before Dec. 14, 1944, or been married to him for at least ten years before his death. general meeting of the church approved unanimously an interpretation of the status and privileges of ministers as proposed by a theological committee.

"This rite (ordination) does not raise him (a pastor) to a unique spiritual estate as though it conferred upon him gifts of the spirit which he did not before possess or which those not ordained cannot possess," the statement declared. "But it does entrust him with the privileges and responsibilities of a spiritual office to which God has called him." The interpretation further stipulates that whenever a minister "fails to discharge the responsibilities of his office it is the duty of the church to withdraw his right to exercise such office." Church leaders explained this latter interpretation was sought as a result of certain situations where ministers without charges engaged in other work but continued to hold the rights of a pastor to preach, baptize, administer communion and conduct marriage and funeral ceremonies. "Such a person shall relinquish the privileges and responsibilities of a minister and deposit his certificate of ordination with the secretary of the church," the statement directs. The new interpretations were written into the minutes of the church by action of some 400 delegates. Local questions may be taken to the district Veterans Administration (VA) representative, whose office is in Rooms 407-408 the 1 I1 1 I7 la iTr 22 L.sZy.

TP Wysor building, corner of Main Aunt He Sk 1-7 and Walnut streets, Muncie, or to the Home Service department of the local Red Cross chapter on 191 Cities Tax Sales North Thirteenth street. the VA at the time of his death for a service connected ailment. Readers may write to Major Nial in care of The Associated Press, Survivors mav be reimbursed for 300 Star building, 1101 Pennsyl vania avenue, Washington, D. They must include 2D cents to burial expenses up to $150. From Mrs.

N. R. of Norfolk, "As the widow of a World War I veteran, I believe I'm eligible for a widow's pension from the cover research costs 5n gathering prieties as the phrase Democrat party which is not only bad taste but incorrect English if that matters to a press agent. And it is very doubtful if It will make one single additional vote for Eisenhower and Nixon. They will get votes on the record and by the presentation of issues convincingly, not by small undignified tricks.

In each election campaign In x- WASHINGTON (SF) At least 191 cities of more than 10,000 population had a sales tax by last February. Such taxes throughout the nation produced an estimated annual return of nearly according to the Public Administration Clearing House. The word "circus" comes from the Latin word meaning a circular arena. material for a reply. Veterans administration.

How long North Carolina grows more than two-thirds of the btright leaf tobacco produced in the United I hear a tot about freedom, but the only free folks are the ones so rich or so poor they don't care a whoop what anybody thinks about 'eni'j must I have been married to my husband to be States. You must have been married to.

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