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The Greene Recorder from Greene, Iowa • Page 7

The Greene Recorder from Greene, Iowa • Page 7

Greene, Iowa
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The Iowa Recorder, Wednesday, November 23, 1927. To Our Friends and Customers-- To all who answered our call for a settlement of their accounts, we wish to extend our thanks. To those who have not called at this time we wish to ask you again to please call at our office in the Thomas Block next to the bridge and meet your obligations without any further notice. If you believe in the Golden Rule right now is the time to put it into practice. Thanks again.

Evens, Blunter Co The Iowa Recorder Published every Wednesday. Amos Ingalls A. B. Mahnke INGALLS MAHNKE Publishers and Proprietors. AMOS INGALLS, Editor.

Official Paper of Butler County and of the City of Greene. Entered at the Post Office, Greene, Iowa, as Second-Class Mail Matter Subnerlptlon $2.00 Per Year Canada, 92.50. The circulation of a newspaper determines the value of its columns as an advertising medium. Our lists are open for the inspection of advertisers. Thursday, November 23, 1927.

CHARLES CITY VIGILANTES ARE ORGANIZED HERE. Charles City, Nov. the efforts of the Charles City Clearing Hpuse association, a county vigilante organization is being perfected for the. purpose of protecting the Floyd county banks and banks in adjoining counties against bank robberies and hold-ups. Some 50 vigilantes have been deputized through the office of Sheriff P.

A. Saddler, who is rendering every assistance possible. Elmer Waller, who has been appointed as chief of the Charles City Vigilante committee, assisted the local Clearing House association com- greatly in helping organize the various towns in the county. Each vigilante is equipped with a shot-gun and suitable -ammunition and instructions, so as to be ready in case of any emergency. Mr.

Quinlin, of Des Moines, who is state chief or leader of the state organization, has also done 'much in perfecting the organization. He expects to call a county meeting of all vigilantes in the near future to give further instruction as to proper proceedings in case of a call to action. APOLLO CLUB HOLDS INTERESTING MEETING. Mrs. Clyde Wegand was hostess to, the Apollo Club, Thursday evening, November 17.

Mrs. Ernest Koester, as leader, provided the third program of the jear on "Iowa Composers." Mrs. Koester gave an interesting paper on the chosen artists for the month, Frederick Knight Logan, a native lowan, and Cecil Burleigh, claimed by virtue of residence, and others. Club members assisted with the following program. Chorus "Iowa Corn Song" Club.

History of the original song and its writer, "The Little Brown Church In the Vale" Win. Pitts Miss Brandenburg, Chorus, "The Little Brown Church In the Vale" Club. Vocal solo, "Missouri Waltz" FLEEK QIS IN CALIFORNIA. William Henry Harrison Fleek was born in Lafayette, July 4, 1S41. At th'e of "thirteen -he -went" "to Broadhead, to make his with his uncle, Edman Fleek.

At the age of twenty, April 22, 1S61, he enlisted as a volunteer in the Union army in Company 3, Third Regiment, Wisconsin volunteers (infantry). He served in this company for three years and was mustered out, June 29, 1S64. He participated in the fol 'BEN-HUR" EMBODIES GLORY OF ROME. Forty-eight cameras were employed from a huge floating platform. The prizes to the sailors staying longest doomed fireship ranged from I "Ben-Hur," the $4,000,000 picture which will be presented at the Crystal 3,000 lire downward.

Theatre, Greene, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, November 28, 29, 30 and December 1, portrays the glory of the ancient Romans with a magnitude and magnificence unequalled by any previous spectacle of stage or screen. The Romans excelled in war, athletic prowess and speed contests on at the next presidential election. It has become a serious fact that our elections reflect more and more minority decision, rather than the will of the majority, and this is due Chester, Germania, Chancel-1 named, "Ben-Hur" shows a sea battle to the failure of about fifty per cent lowing battles: Bolriar, Win- the chariot race course. In the first- GETTING OUT THE VOTE. The usual pre-campaign effort is be- periment with democracy, ruler and ruled; the voter and the candidate, were very close.

Nor did one lose sight of the other in the months fol- ing made to insure a lowing an election. The business of government, to both, was a serious undertaking, and it attracted the best minds of the nation. Today we find the situation differ- maximum vote Oar very greatness has ob- lerville, Beverly Ford, Gettysburg, Water, the battle of the Wilderness, and accompanied Sherman on his march to the Sea. He was a worthy and efficient soldier. On January 17, 1864, while home on a furlough, he was married to Miss Sarah M.

Woodling, who died April 15, 1906. Frederick Knight Logan Soon after his marriage he re-enlisted Mrs. Miller. Piano numbers, "Blue Rose," "Thru 'the Night" F. K.

Logan Miss Meyne. Vocal solo, "Pale Moon" F. K. Logan Mrs. Voelker.

Vocal solo, "E'en as the Flower" F. K. Logan Mrs. VanEman. Piano solo, Burleigh Miss Merfeld.

PROPERTY TRANSFERS. a second time and served his country for one and one-half years more. He was a member of the Masonic lodge for more than forty years. He was the father of eight children, four of whom survive: J. Fleek, Greene, Iowa; Marvin W.

off Nisenum, in which more than a the voters failing to take aclvan- hundred Greek and Roman ships are! tage of their suffrage. engaged. The Romans defeat the! It ig obvious that this failure is due scured our democracy; the magnitude of the undertaking has overshadowed the real principles of government; and until we simplify the system, public interest in it will grow even more Gazette. W. H.

Watkin and R. H. trustees to George A. Stewart, quit claim deed, 7-8 of and Africa, China, India and Japan are the principal peanut growing countries besides the United States. Movie show, Crystal, tonight.

like MotherMakes I acres of SE 1 all in 29- 90-15, $1.00. C. M. Grouse, adm. to Kittie Caine, administrator's deed, SE-21, SW-22 (except.the village of Packard and R.

R. all in 9316), $20,088.97. Kittie Caine to Henry N. and James Graven, warranty deed, NEVi-21, SE14-21, (except the village of Packard and R. all in 93-16, $1.00.

Hinderikus H. Wolters to N. H. Reints, warranty deed, 1 of lot 7 and lot 8 in block 5 in the town of Apiington, Iowa, $1.00. Adelbert S.

Green and wife to George P. Green, quit claim deed, SWy 4 of 28-91-15, $1.00. J. M. Hewitt to Dumont Oil Company, warranty deed, of lot 6 and Wk of lot 7, all in block 3, Bristow, Iowa, $1.00.

George Coulon and wife to Orson E. Epley, warranty deed, all that part of SWy lying south and west ot R. R. and all of SE14 SWH, lying south and west of R. R.

and 5 acres of SW'i SW of 22-92-15, $1.00. Fleek, Los Angeles, Mrs. Ruth Cadd, Ontario, and Miss Gertrude Fleek, of Riverside, with whom he has made his home for the past fourteen years. He is also survived by twelve grandchildren and ten great grandchildren, and two nieces, Mrs. Stella Snyder, Bloomington, and Miss Jennie Pugh, Los Angeles, Calif.

died November 14, 1927, at the Greeks, but not without the loss of the head trireme to the piratical Greeks who ram and board the ship, kill the crew, then set fire to the disabled, sinking craft. This is the most terrifying action ever shown in a picture. For racetrack thrills, nothing can compare with the great Chariot Race scene. In the Roman mode a chariot course was built with half-mile laps, and this was surrounded by a Circus Maximums with a seating capacity of 100,000 spectators, the whole guarded by great gladiatorial figures in the heroic style of sculpture and ornamented with Roman eagles, warriors and amazons by the artists Carmelo Barbara and Carlos Romenelli. Twelve quadrigas or four-horse chariots enter the race, which is seven times around the course.

Midway M. E. MARKET DAY SUPPER. SALE AND to disinterestedness but the reason for lack of interest may be manifold. Some of it may be foxind in the system which prevails at present with reference to our government.

The voting public has lost confidence in those.individuals who come before them for election. People realize that there are but two incentives for a man to enter politics. One is the possibility of financial gain. The other is the desire to be of service to the nation and the world. However, those interested in the last phase of politics are generally smart enough and well-inform-ed enough in the theory of government as to realize the futility of making much headway in system as chaotic as our own.

A strictly committee government has choked all pos- of age of eighty-six years at his home, 537 E. Ninth street, Riverside, Calif. "Memorial service was held at Preston's funeral home, November 16, 1927, Dr. J. L.

Gillies, pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal church, conducting the chapel service, and mem- bsrs of the G. A. R. having charge of the service at the cemetery. Interment was made in the soldier's plot, at Evergreen cemetery.

"It is not death to fling Aside this sinful dust, And rise on strong exulting wing To live among the just. It is not death to die, To leave this weary road, And, 'mid the brotherhood on high, To be at home with God." there isa wreck, in which several of sibilities in the direction of states- the teams drivers and chariots are manlike procedure, and the individual piled one upon another. It is Ben- with the qualities of greatness either Hur a-cl Messala's race-duel toward refuses entirely to mix in Messala's wheel is t9rn mental affairs, or he is strangled in off, he is smashed beneath his chariot the very beginning. The field, there- and his team. The other goes on to fore, is left open to the other class i a a i the plaudits of the enter politics and the govern- Methodist Ladies Aid -Society will hold their Market Day sale and supper in the church basement, Thursday, December 1.

Supper from 5 o'clock until all are served. Prices 50 cents and 25 cents. Useful and fancy articles suitable for Christmas gifts will be on sale. Menu. Mashed.Potatoes Chicken Pie- Baked Beans Rolls and Butter Cabbage Salad Beet Pickles.

Cranberry Jelly Cherry Pie Coffee Picture show, Crystal tonight. ItlinmilimiUllllllllllllNIIIIIIHlimimlllUllllllllimilllimmilllllimmimillllllll i Machinery Bargains crowd. The grandeur and accuiacy of the above scenes--as well as of the en- ment service for purely personal gain. Once they attain their objective, and there is no connecting link tire story in its faithful depiction of between them and their constituency. I Roman triumphs, Roman legionaires is known of their activities, and and Roman civilization--are due is heard of them, except during the fact that Marcus Loew, the fam- a short period preceeding the elec- ous head of the Loew tbpplres and It is only natural that the voter of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film should lose interest in a thing which concern which produced the picture, seems to him to be so little depeu- sent the entire company, the techni- dent upon him.

Mrs. Henry Passmore was called to Peoria, 111., Tuesday, on account of the death of her sister. LONGEST WHISKERS. IT'S HARD TO DO. It vas my misfortune to be in the chair some time ago, and while undergoing the ordeal that accompanies such a position I looked! around to find something else upon to concentrate my mind.

eyes fell upon a card on the wall and I tried to forget the dentist's merciless performance by repeating the over and over that were I ten on that card. When I first road 11 them I tried to smile because HE first bite--VOU smile. seemed humorous, but when I (I Of)1 tii-i nv-n Ihe That's what yen get when you touy Home Maid Bread chuckle s'good!" read them once or twice more, the I sound philosophy came to the front. I 1 Here is what written: "A vuse old owl sat in an oak: The more hs saw the less lie spoke. The lebs he spoke the moie he heard; Why can't I be like that old bird." --W.

E. B. you rn rn And after the first helping is gone, be it our Bread, Cake, Cookies or other baked delights, you'll ask for more. Not I A A TRAPPERS GET $132.00 i i 1 i. FOR SKINS TAKEN ONE NIGHT only do they satisfy but-- baked of the very best in- 1 gredients they're nour- ishing! 1 AsK For Home Maid Bread 1 The City Bakery I J.

fcM.Bittl*, Props. I Greene Nashua, ember night's tiapping, for which 400 traps were sot, netted James and Henry Hamni .1,, uiABCi aiiijniuiiuu of tins place $U2 for muskrat skins, ns a of to it when his Will Ml 1VPFP Cnlrl tr -j Northwood Anchor: Hans M. Langseth, aged 82, well known in the Ken sett vicinity where he lived for years, and in Northwood and other parts of the county, died Thursday, November 10, at the home of his son, Peter, at Wyndnere, N. Dak. Mr.

Langseth was noted for years for the length of his whiskers, which measured 16 feet. However, three years ago he came to national attention, tthen, at the reunion of 49'ers in California, Mr. Langseth won the distinction of having the world's longest whiskers, winning over his nearest rival by four feet. He was given free transportation to the west coast to compare his whiskers with a man who claimed to be the winner in the contest. However, Mr.

Langssth's whiskers were found to be consi lerable longer. He received a cash prize of $300 and a return ticket to his home in North Dakota. The body was brought to Kensett and the funeral held at Elk Creek church. LOSZS FINGER THROUGH JURY. IN- Xew Hartford.

November Jo'ies had his index finger amputated i which were sold to a Charles City 11 dealer. The muskrats were taken the first 11 night of the open season here. The I brothers also caught a mnn- 11 ber of muskrats and four coons. A 11 Teller alo caught coons last I week. i Picture show, Crystal tonight.

hand was caught in the blower of a corn shredder Friday afternoon, but Physicians hope to avoid removal of Mie other finders and thumb, also severely crushed. Jones was cleaning out tho blower when his hand became caught in the machinery. operates a farm eight miles northwest of town! cal staff and the directors to Italy, which is the source of information as well as the locile of that of civilization. Operations were carried on for two years, and have been described from time to time in the news dispatches from Italy. Returning about a year ago, Fred Niblo, the director-in-chief, and the company completed their work at Culver City, a few miles out of Los Angeles.

Among the chief favorites of the Italian people during the Roman filming were Ramon Novarro, the handsome young picture star of Latin type, who plays the role of Ben-Hur, and Carmel Myers who enacts 'he Egyptian siren Iras. Mr. Novarro took a keen interest in historic Rome during his stay there, visiting frequently the treasures of the Vatican, St. Peter's, the Castle of St. Angelo, and endearing himself to Italian newspaper men and to Italian artists alike by his courtesy and amiability.

Miss Myers was the heroine of more than one public occasion, being at the forefront of receptions given to the Italian Deputies and to the diplomatic representatives, and also was furnished with a guard of honor of Roman soldiery. Her chic dress, dashing style and bold sparkling beauty were certainly captivating. The scene of operations was a tract of 6.000 acres back of the Esquiline, about 8 miles out of Rome, This was known as the Quadrate, and on it were built the huge constructions used in the filming. Thousands of Roman extras were transported to HH --amp daily by the company's act'-i bases' in addition, there! were man- p- fl brought up i i Italy's African colonies, imported, beauties from the Follies Paris; also an extensive stockade of Arabian coursers, Lybion camels, and other domestic animals of the Oris at Livorno a large shipyard was taken by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for! the construction of Rome's fleet a i the Greek Golthar's pirate galleys. The sea battle was staged on the Mediterranean off the northern city.

In the early stages of our great ex- 1 second hand engine. Two second hand Tractors. 1 slightly used wagon. 1 second hand re-cutter. Wilkins Implement Co.

Allison Iowa limn imnmiKiimmm i iiimiiiimiiiiiiiinitiitimmmiiimimimmu Tell It With Pictures immimiiiniiiiiiiiiNiiiiiniimiiiiiiiiiiinmiiiii mmiimiiiimiiiiiiii mmmiiiiiuiiiiiii uiiiiuiimiimiiti Come in early and have that picture taken, thus avoiding the rush in December. Twelve photographs will solve twelve ideal Christmas gifts. When it is stormy and the men folks cannot get out- of-doors to work, bring in the family for the group; the weather makes no difference for pictures in the Studio. Make your appointments now to have the group taken while the family is together on Thanksgiving Day. Photographs Tell The Story! We can take care of your appointments any day between 9:30 a.

m. and 3:30 p. m. niimimmmiimi miMii.mmmmimmiiimiimiiiiiiiimmi nil rm iiiniiiiimiiiiii The Swab Studio Phone 160 Greene; Iowa Maplesota Flour Now Seling at Per Sack Former Price $2.40 Try a Sack-You'll Like It! Fanners Elevator Co..

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