The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1935
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHBV1LL1S, (AUK.) COUJUK* NEWS Cr .New Owners Arc In Possession Of Social Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS, Stated meeting Eastern blur chapter at hall, 7:30 P. M. Mrs. Joe G. Tricajhman having Yoiing Matrons Bridge club. Tue dsj Luncheon club meeting tilth Mrt, M. "A. Isaacs. Special prayer meeting First Baptist Unroll, 3:30 P. M, Executive board city council 1 J . •T.' A. meeting at high scliool, 9 A M lo'lowed by meeting of citj con til 9:oO A. M. Intermediate O. A.'c First U:ip- 1{5t t' iir^n meeting at clmrc); -1 T M 1,V fcDNtSpAV'S BVIiNTfJ - Dclphiaus meeting Hotel Noble, 9 3D 3 in ' - Mrs Wlnt Goodman having Wcdncsdav Brldeo club. Mines. G. G. Caudill. Gullii ic King and V. B. Joyner having tea for Cliarl-ivo::-: chapter National ^ojtety D. A, TV. al Jryner home. imiRSDAY'S EVENTS ' Mrs. A. Ccm'uy having Mid- Week J^ririiii 1 club, •• Thursday Contracl club mceliiK; v.ill; Mrs. it. L Bivri|ey. . Ml;,. 'Ji. A. Taylor hostess lu Thuriclay Bridge dub. ' Thurtdsy Luncheon club inecl- ing with Mrs. J. A. Leech. Fideli5 Sunday school class of First Baptiit crunch iiiccllns wUh Mrs. W. K. Glover, '113 Davis Avc. ' Jewish Liidks Aiii tcciety meeting ivilli" Mrs. link, of Luxoru 8 P. M. : B'Nai Brill! iiiccling B I'. M. will) E. M. Jaflcc. 6!' Osceola. FRIDAY'S EVENTS American Legion Auxiliary meet- Ing at Legion hut. were in chin-go ol liie enler'.aln- mciil. The hostess was assisted by Mrs. Charles Short and Mrs. Aaron I\'ler.-:on in nrrvins apple pie topped wilh whipped cream. Ha» llirthday Party Twsnly ijo.vs anri girls motored out lo .lack smith's suburban home Saturday afternoon to help him cciebratp hj.s seventh birthday. Various games amused the guests until the birthday cake was cut. In this were liny pi-i/cs and ball- ,'ons were ulca given lor favors. I'll? JIOM'.S moliser, Mrs. W. Leon Smith, tvivcd Ic? cream and cake. SiiJMiri Club Meets 'file (Saturday Nlsfhl Suji)x>r club, a new group ol six couples which K to mrci every other Saturday evening (or supper, bridge nnd dune-big, was entertained by Mr ."'lid Mrs. W. C. Higglnson Saturday evening. , In the bridj.- Raines ,Mr an. 1 Mr:;. Rub-ell Kivr wo,, Uic prize, a dri'u- ble deck of ranis. In u,|,s club Uic res ol each couple are added lor the total with uiie prize to be given. Bits oj NCUL* Mostly | J er.vjua.' Ohallanoojiii, Tenn., last night because of ihe death of his mother Ncul Ciuodman. of Memphis M if nt tli« ,i «•«(,„„,i ;, u „ * , wiin Mr. and , _ Hie light ol the Ihrcc things Jr. .MUND A V, iMAUGHj, Nu,Wa Cleaners Tlic f>Jant of the Nu-Wa Clean- I 1 "" 1 «"»l>Hee mid unreserved, bur- ers In thc Ingrain Building on I den-bearing to the point of sacri- Houlh _Plrsi street has been sold '!«e ''<"' U'e purpose of wilness- bearlns, and coronation beyond ilCKio ser•• There is lo b= gim. _ . nstrel I c'clac . contest will b<> . , , the most popular I i^ *'by of Hollund and vicinity will I be determined. ' by J. G. Barnes. Thc mv^ owners, Mr. aim Mrs. and Uuiougli the weinlng deleat. In the first ol the mornlne mes who Butlnes daughter, Elaine Anderson, ^wnl ihe weekend in Memphis. Mrs. James B. Clark bn:> returned Irom Hope. Arl;., where she attended tile executive fjomd moct- li>g of Dir,stale U.U.C., MS trejis- urer. At Llltlt- I'.ock she WHS Joined by oilier members ol the bourd. Mrs. w. A. Grimmctt plans lu leave Ihb week lor a visit in Hot Mr. , :J« • nwom cviiflon — , ... vw », umi • VY 111 - icno Biownlee spent ttntiirdiiy in Memphis. They were atcompaitiert hcmc by Miss Vclmii Crafton who Is employed in Memphis.' U ml Hie week-end here. ... Dptrolt where he In charge of dry cleaning tor eight years. He hus liad expericnc in several othe iod of 15 yea sages at ID from ihc prophpt iinggal, a. m. today, Dr. Morgan . . , . tliew n parallel between (he times of Haggal and the present, and showed how the messuge of Ihe undent prophet rings out with eaning for life today. He brought llow Ood, tlli'ough Hiiggnl, ap- r ' business present He ling had experience (oul how Pod, tlirough lingual, ap- :her pliinls over u per- j pealed to the mind, liie licarl, and Mrs. llho will of Israel, to put first ••> established his clean-1 things first always, and so He chilihen's work, will alto b c pi-etunt nnd will have part on the pro-run Thc .sessions will oii«n -,° )L \' i-ourier News Want <VU . This play is. being staged under Hie direction of Miss Rebecca Mad- tttw, of Nashville, Temi., ami Miss Pauline Cowlln is assisting at the piano. Methodists Will Hold Zone Meeting al Manila FiWER COLDS HUM PRtVENT MANY C010S Al*.— SSonc Number 3 ol the Woman's Missionary societies ol the Methodist crmrcn. South will meet Wednesday mornin;;, Martin arc Mr. ami Mrs. 0. C. Wood have J Mr. and Mrt. Tom in Memphis today. .. Miss A< l" Uunavant has return- retained from it wcekr-nd spent In' e(l |1 ' OJ)1 llui SpriiigK where sin- Cape filrardeuu. Mo. I " as l: "« visiting E | llt , e Tluirsdtiv Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R.-JC and! j|s ^'" 1; ' t - of Mr. ami Mrs. ij Illuliiill wlm went over with hei •J'hcy will remain i nr i\ K |- cma j,,,|. er ul Ihe racing Miss Marguerite Johnson \Vecls Mr. Melvin J. Brown ../Sir. and Mrs. tjuuucl P. John- fon Irjvc.aunuuiiijcd t!ie i.iantase of their daughter, Murgueiiic coa- hanj». lo Mr. Melvin J. Brown of SI. Paul, JUini. The weddin« was Eolemnizcd in St. Louis on Sunday, February 17ln. Mr. and Mrs Brown are now ui j] 0n , e j,, Sl . P*ul. .•-.--•• . The bride received her Ulfr Mississippi. Syiwdieal college, Holly springs, M 1;s .. ;nl(1 Arkansas Slate co!!e g e at Joiics- .boro, £.,n fcn; ,cr!y liv;i[ at Mark!, Miss., wnc.-e In iOi.) £ i le ^ a& tllus j ri', 1 !^^ ~ s&M:s " fur lhc 'Clarks- aale. Cotlcn eaujivaj. s) JC is , member, ot, a promlncju ,Vii^h- »FPl family, | lcr lmrcius , ^*, moved here a yen- a feo . S ' i a •toeofDr. aiKLM^. I. n. John" - on - ' j.\\. t , i.. - V. 1>. U. Trdiiijns ' Seliuol Is l.'oiii-luiled 'i'Jic sccciiul minimal Mitsi'^ippl [Cuunty li. Y, P. U. Training'school I came to a close r-'rlday evening ivheii YJ consecralcd their live;. to dcilnite chrislian service lol- low!n« tin: service conducted by llho Rev. T. H. ,lordi!ii, uf Helena. IVicrc were \'IQ of the I'll) pre.-i- oni, who took examinations in thc courses laught by the Ucv. Alfred • :; '"""""i, iicst pastor, Mr«.( J, b. m ihis cJiy, c./.Anbiy licnrn ot Nashville, Tciui. 1 , and Mrt. T. H. Jordan ol lltlci'iu. Mits Pauline Prnitt, 1 u-on!l|io dollar prize fur the biysi iwstcr. C. J. pavaiiuiigli received ;i, similar mvi>rd tor ihu |, cs t siogaii. tlio Doll •Jiiio-i won a picture for the union traveling tiny larae.sf total of mibs,_ aud the /Junior union 'ol life first (iiincti licrc received n similar awurtl t'jr thu largest,ul- ii-mlanee, i J ' P.- Friend! president of > the Mississippi comj.ty IT Y. P. ;oclaligji, spc'usorcd the school... Wiaidcrllcli had H boys and tiirls :is ;licr gucjt', iuiva partv Fric'uy uiK-.niooii in eetolirallng !iar KL\(li birchduy. In the 'ixmtcst ol Itm* potato sun, si : v ving, Anna Clkra f Wilson, ef. Luscra, and Cluster ( C'aldwell won the m-izcs. Enclrof tiie children iccr.yeih 11 lop us a t favor. LVVe. cjipi '.ware tcn'cd' with :, de.V)mtc(;cakc .with tlu ncsl«:-s awistifl |jy her mother "'" "' J. Wnnd-rlich. ; and her ii En,. Cooke, of, Lu\or«. daughters, ol Memphis, spent tin wefkrnd \vllh Mr :in;j Mrs. K. 11.! Woortson, ! , 13r. G. (J. Slrii'jis h;is n'comcrl i lioin several day:; illness Irom in- flueiKsi. ! Mr.: and Mrs. G«U| C Blackwell and Mrs. w. .1. Pollurd iittt-mlnl the basketball tuuniiiinciu at Trn- itnn Kutiinlay. Miss Martini cliambcrs. who is: employed In Memphis, spent thc ri'kcnd ut (joins. Mr. and Mrs. Jones j, Uunhuni. of Memphis, spent tho wcckenil with Mrs, Uunliam's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ernest llasson. They will leave Tuesday lor a wrek'.s vacation to be spent in TiiEcaluo.s-1 and Abbcyrillc. Ala. I . , years ngo and considerable through Friday, r)r. Morgan equipment lias been added ol Mr. and Mrs. p. T. Malla;'k itml I,' family are niuving lo Houston, i Twtus. Mr, Mallock le|t today am! 1'ls family will leave loiuorruw They Imvc been making Iheir homn In Miss iMome's upaitmcnt at 70(1 W. Wnlmil. Miss Mary Cummiiigs, who attends Arkansas Stale college at Joiu'sboro, spent Hie weekend ai .. season, hsivui, i!.'.ii u house tliure. Miss Blossom Christopher li;i: '•' her Kui'st her mother. Mrs .0. Onrislouhcr. ol bt, Louis, Mi. and Mrs;. Julian E. Brtn. 'rnjjlilii, who are iiwe for si-v. Eii'l ivrrks while Mr. Bell.', i:, <!(ilng survey work at Bis Lal--- ure making their home with Mr and Mrs. M. Fitzsbnmons. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hardawuv wli-J have been in Memphis sine' Ilifir inai-rluse Christmas, i-. turned h'aturduy uiul will i m ; , t liKinc with Mr. and M|- B . y' K Keck for the present. Mrs. rrjcl Goldncr lias returner! Unit time. Mr. mid Mrs. Barnes plan any new business' but will enjoy u vacation. at the present. Thc new.owners ol Hie business mid Ihcy would'malic'iu> changes in His personnel of Uiclr organise- at ion. - - — ^.Jtiitt- i - ^-- - - - -f~* ...-^. ul . , f ^ Murcn 0, in ;in all riji v iiic^tlii" in lieru 18 years ago. (speaks (o us today. - , I the First MelhodLsL church'Manila plant was Installed! Tonight at 7:30^and each niiilil [Iherc will be delegate Irom Bly"""" '"'Ihcville, IX'll, Luxora. L?achvilie, Maniii, Moneite, Osceola. Proinisi.'d Land, yaruro aim olher iwinto Mrs. Oils Eberdl, Blylhcville, is the president, Mrs. Minklc. Prewill, Joneslioro. seeiclary for Uic Joncsboru d'stricl. will give an address. Mrs. Sam B. Wiggins, Joiicsijoro, sucrclary for -. on the- general theme, . "Christ In the Pretence of Human do not Need." The particular theme for venture,'tonight is "Christ in the Pres- ce of Moral and Physical Dereliction." Holland School Will Give Minslrel Friday v. F. Crossley Morgan Opens Bible Conference al rVesbylerian Church , , ......,, .,„;, ll;LUIIIl'rl t" her home in Nashville. Temi. i A -...,,u. ,,:,,„. = c congregation m-eled Ihe visit irillt. her iifcler. Mrs " cv K Crossley Morgan. D. D . lio-cnlliul,' uiul :ianiily. I" 1 A "B»«la. Cia.. yesterday inorn- tiurrul' Mc.ver • lias returned '"" "t H'e Mrst Preibvleriau church as ho delivered the lirst lo lii'l- Jioiiu In Button/," Ark., fol- " ' " _wllh;Mr. iiiirl Airs. Mrs. RoseiHhai home. She had us her guests Misses Bess Eleanor Thwcnll. : ,iici Mildred and Madeline Majors, oi Lusora. Bethany Faiighl iin;l n A Ncl- i«», students ut Arkansas state college at Jonesboni, spent tlic weekend ul homo. Mrs. Clyde Davis was taken to Ihc Memphis Baptist hospital al Memphis Suliirday in ;l cobb jun- biilancc where she underwent a iajor operation Sunday. She was :com|Kinled by her daughter. MLss - •-..'* *«,, iimi iurs message oi the Bible Conference Duller Rcuenlhul. Mra. Rosenlliit! '^W'-iUy hilcrprctini! ihu last '- , llrl ' S 'SI<:''. chapter of the Gospel of St. John .Kit: Hunt;;,, lonneily (if here, and [ thc '"hiislcr spoke-"on "Christ's Bnxlcr Kirkpalriek. of Mcmpliis.l Charge .io His Church." guesls of Mr. and' . Ur : Morgan .stressed thn Mrs. Pat O'Bryanl. — ^— —.•.^^.v., I.,., ideas ---- — " ^..,.i. u i the thoughtlessness and help- iVMs.s Dorothy Ei'ans spent tin, 1 Ifsness of people, us sheep ami wi'CK end with fi iunriK j n Mcm . | lambs arc thoughtless ami help. J"" s ' lJ<«. of the obligation mirl ,,,-ivi- " ---- -".u Dorothy. wi, 0 retuine<l W. BrcsJ; niade^p 5 "' x ' r to " 3ti! p "°~ This Wis' iif.. various projjcts. Thui£ttHy -idCU al a meeting Mrs. "o' cussed - - "• "edturd. spnsor. dis- PiX)Cf- P'a" 5 for a garJen. project. foj. -ds trom this will be expenses, to Faycttcvillc. Of the 10 memoirs. 'J5 wers present. ClilMrtn Cuiifetleracj Members of the Cliridrcn ol Ins ConfeSsracy liad u luncheon meeting. Saturday at tile i:cma of Mars Jean Afflict when Betty McCulclf- eii. preslfcnl, presided in thc busi- HKS s;«s:o!i, and Miriam Smltli l«d Hie program,.Miss Smith told D! the music iy Ooorsa \Vashin';tim's lime. Evelyn .Smalt riiocur^d the 111? ot r rhnmi> Jeiterson, ard .Jan F Branssm Uiid ol hew lha United [jUtcs Comtitn- tion was tonneil. Mrs. c. W. Attlhk. rutitli n ol Ib- hoiles;, served ;• [w.j com:;; i,i"in": at UW.,-3 decorated with spring L'cninlcr.T Ajs9ci..>iiin Mrrls. ' .ilr:,. risnk VvVlib rnlvfiviuc'l !' nifiiifccrs of til" Map]-. (Jrin-e" Cemetery at£cciaiit,i> "fri:by cvnilir M?" , ti ™ v/li " **> "'« B"VH MIS. J. D. E'ltlsttEf!. • Mrs. Kamssy DUPCJII conduct.:i Ihc dcvotitna!, i-,im (| lc 2j lr P.sslm tefcre tusincss \vas l»|-ei, m. with Mrs. L ;•• Anr.-.irong pn-. In Ihc tucial hour Mrs Ch-sili-- F. Wood and Mrs. G. .1. Curing To-Nighi's Milk u)/?'7c; il's ,;:jn.. liM^uj.ivc. Heard. Mio. \v. M., Ur'liiiinii;. aii'l Mrs ",,,' J ' '•Vi.aiiiioij; entertained li :it"nl;cn, ui, ll't' enccutivo boaro of llu l r ils!,.'Biiij.> lt chmx-h w . M. j.. :ciia i,:if B u..-st, Mrs. T. H JcnlsJir, oi^t-flenii. with a iunclji-oi fO'. HE 111 •ide: i;' two :iijirbc menu, wcr led with ilttiqiilLs and sliam- whicli inSiib favors. Uic biMiiess session pre,ever ly I MVS. .W. J. Logan president, Mrs., Lli/,'ci Stickmoi itps cycled pnyram' chairman t, WKCE Mrs. A. C. iBlaylock whi .ensued because of ill health, sh. »»'•• ySvcn a vi«n u f thanks loi -irr wcrk und bu;l, whiles cxpre.'s ;d itr her rcmi'vy. M,-., Q ^ Aiita was a;);<)ituco . isublldt •.•Miririiirtj:Epi:,ciuj Mis. SHckmoii BSue Star Kills The Itch Germs •(clridonti-lM-aKl.jritrr.foi.l i_tugii-(inn "fucxcnvi, cover wi Hi »"!! Blue Slav Oii^mriit wbidi nns Icstcd mrtliriiinllint molls, < in "luickly and kills Ihc ilcli. •y fiack if firs! j:u- fails in tims for //our 74 There Air MOliK (1000 Cl?l\S Of ColTrc hi Evciy Vcuild Ot Four JSr--5W ?.te»~Si .Si nw-^T^ Bvntoii Mcliridc, of Kaii^is Citv ll 'ee spent the week end here on liiisi'-' m^i • Mr. and Mrs, Hubert Potter and,- •-.. .^.., ^ ^.^^ dnughter. Elaine, spent the week I an<l ot 'he "regal umjesly" of the [end in Memphis. . j word "my," ns ,| cs iis used it to j emphasize His right of possession HOLLAND. Mo. — "Thc Dlx'u Blackbird Minstrels" will ba presented on 1'riday, March 8, at t!:0t) Constipalcd 30 Years Aided By Old Remedy "For thirty years 1 had coustipa- .,L,.i\.M \i,i i-iinuj, tM.dik.ii o, in. o.ui* f ..en. ^.otttmg loocl truui stomacli p. in., under the auspices oi the choked me. Since bklmj Adlfflkn Holliind higli school anil Aliunni! 1 am a new person. Constipation association, al the high school an- i is " lll i n s of Uic past." —Alice '" Citj-Drug Store and Kirby ditorium. The several short sketches using Burns. Bros. Drug Co. liiii'lon Service Sta. AUK. 1MO. STATli UNli Super Shell Gas Missouri Prices i' ranees Sandwich Shop in connection —Adv.K-2 WOOU-WOOD-WUOI) (iOOIJ AN!) DK\ ".My Coal Is lilack Hut I Trail Von \Vliitc 1 !- I'UONK 107 - ; JOHN BUCHANAR \voon-\vooi)-wool) GAS, INDIGESTION local talent arc entilled. "A Dark ' "Juvenile Minstrel." "Now and Then," and others por- [ FRFF SHOW TIPKPTt •Given Iree, two tickets to any ; show lit tile Rilu or Ilosy witii i ( he purchase ol one ton of'x-CKL ]F you're troubled ;oi- ] ticket with tin. pmchaso o i' wilh Mouiarli ilis- ;'i loll of X-CEL, Hie World's Best tress Kis and yon .Coal. We give these tickets in or- hccil rodder Monti, 'dcr lo introduce X-CEL more try Dr. Pirrfc's ]quickly, tice add over comics on Ciolden Medical the Want Ail page. Discovery. It is a Superior Coal & Mng. Co. "'hone 11K) t of the Clnircr," lo'";,rou,oio Jt'.'J'mr.Tti,""',, Kiowth and well-being tinough I*.' "'"«. i»r •> c every legitimate meant, and to guard against every sort of danger n i i 1 . L. I'. l-Jiyli^i of 1537 W. 24th 1'laa-, — . ,„ - Tii Is. -i (West). Okla -aid A lc» jrJis ago my jluiincli lloul.lcil me. After «ii Ml .-, 1 Kas anil »i>- [o(«l jccmetl lo sour. At limes 1 Ind rrinnv5 in n^v Momrtch llinl rn:irlr nu- niiscr.lblf. I never (ell trt;e calilly and I ».<-:l Dr. Announcement Dr. Chas. Chiropociisl ineiit Slwt: u in Sliui! Uu|jtii'l- ul 1 Uic New York Tueitlay, Mar. 5lii, Jo f> O'clocii. today churches, •• ' •-- "M [iv J v I'Jllii Y (TJirEl U'JlllOllJ til ,.'])n ii'fll ^ 1 i , ' 'MiilUUli ,., m, v , utn, •ivjaniij I Snui K>morroiv.|v,-llhont resident puslors, and 30-1 condition is serious. \m.m children under 12 \ylio are' .niioii was called to [receiving no religious instruction. At article bought .)[ BU1IKE HAKUWAlil'. t!O ..... .1 satisfactory in every way nr will refund yolir niuncj »-ilIiou( qucstbn, provided j-ou return it in the sami: cumlition as received and in a reasonable lcn s lb of line, iviy a week or ten .lays. Our lirst price is um best price, anil \Vc Have One ('rice Tn ALL. Burke Hardware Co. Blylheville, Ark. Phone 644 Day or N ' X JJUI1L- U-fi' Scni -Nothing? else *;, Anything else Sir ? > j, \ \ *-* - tliey 5a \s ;IL-U matlc for your pIc;iiiiL-c and for y {)U r enjoyment , , . iioijiji}^ And when ;i cigarclU; t;ivcs you (Jic eiijoymciil. iii;it Chcstediekls do ihctc are no "its" "untls"or "buis" about it... *9*'^ •> , -f^k , <^H$ te^^p

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