The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1933
Page 6
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"PACK mm Shawnee Plays Chick Gridders Here Friday Night - — ' «K«^ 4 A K & A* t M M. """" *""• J ' "• " '•*'• «•!....- -.1 . .1 II !•.! ^^ ^^*i^^ Team That Surprised By Tying Chicks Last Year '•.Out for Win. "The Blylhcvillc Chickasaws will play their fourth straight gaiuu on their home gridiron Friday night as the result of the transfer yesterday of the HlylhevlV.c-Slmvnee same from here. - The galne was originally sched- ' tiled to be played at Joiner but officials of the two 1 schools reached an agreement, yesterday (o switch the game here and piny under tlie floodlights. Large numbers of fniis •from tlie south end of ilk; county, imemberini! last year's hard fought ivill be oia to cheer-the .;. eleven. . I > Points for Game' i are all set by trouncing ach John hk desire to ^i^iNSHHK^vIng had such a vlcM|fJHK|P" 1(1 ever 'sitice his Srmsme^fffBSs, an unheralded aggregation •••«- country boys, came up fronvJoiner last year to fight the Chicks off their feet land score a moral victory with a C-ii tie. "". Shawnee has los 1 , one game, lo the Paragould Bulldogs, and won two this year, taking Earlc and Trurnonn Into camp by big scores, incidentally tlie loss lo Paragould i was sustained before some seven; Puragould varsity players wvre ruled ineligible by stale athletic association officials. ;T*The Chicks have the same p?r- ~ centage In wins and losses as the boys from the south end of the county. They have one-sided victories over Osceola and PiggoU to their credit and o 32 to 12 loss to Southern California Wizard Tech high, Memphis champions, lait week. Tne defeat last week, in which the green Chlckasaw line saw more football than it ever had seen before, may be jitst Die Incentive the locals need to come back strong against Bhawnee. Aerial Attack Certain If study of the Chicks style of play means anything Coach .Burnett of th« Shawnee team should liave his boys well trained lo rneel the Maroon and White, attack. Burnett lus kepi'an eagle eye on the. .Chicks bfl far and probably Ims mapped Ws defense to stop. If he can, the spectacular aerial attack of 'the locals. The overhead same has carried the principal,' and probably the 6nlj r real tlireat locak have. It looked good even against -a superior Tech team so Stfawnce can cotint .on plenty of passes .Friday night, "it's jiisl pas- stble, too, that Coaches Kramer and Puckett-may snitch their tactics to a.hard running and smashing game knowing full that Slmwiiee cannql uiUEt'er strength in lu'c forward «iUl. to compare to Tech's line. .Charley' Brogdon. speedy Chick back, who can pass or catch the pigskin with equal ability, has been named caplain to lead the lorals into action Friday night. school of caulUlcnntr. Frank Morsii aud his "Mary Ami," as he calleij favorite roundliouse stfkjg'oj Ws,' were easy to understand. Chtick Wiggins, who regularly put the Indlunapolte jwllcc force,to rout during his cff hours, was an easy man to know. But now we have Carnera, a world cliampion, speaking LJUin: a clmllenger nami^l Ray Impclle- rf, and a heavyweight named A.sliKenazy, wiUi -wild eye and tangled locks, dashing from (!:e ring to finish a ballad about Melissa, or perhaps to finish his reading of Chapman's Hjpmer or tlie deeds oi Pellea 1 ; or Absolom or what have you? l!o\\: are you going (o understand guys like llu\s*? Hooks and Slides Bill Braucher DID YOU KNOW THAT— \Vlicn asked If he would be willing'to le.f. .Jaok Dempsfy. share In the prqiiiotlon of .a Cauiera-Baer 'bout. Coloiipl Kilpatrlck sakl Mndisoii Square' Garden certainly would libt,'.; When asked If Daer would. Ijc. required lo liu himself up for fulurc nehts under Garden" uuaplces providing "he accepted' the Camera eliBngement, Colonel Kilpatrlck said he cerialn-... ly would...which ' Max prob-' nbly would lid do...especially' 1 if advlwd by Promoter Oemp- fey...unless it sliould lurn ouf that Dcmpsey becomes matchmaker for the which event Jimmy Johnston would gel the gate. Rend Courier News Want Ads. NSWERS TO JONES 1IIL HIS TEAM FOLLOW 4 BALL IN FAVORITE PLAYS OF .. FAMOUS COACHES Skhdfiny's sterling end piny «t Pill, and Paul Moss 1 nctlcji on otic of Purdue's wings during 133-2, the young "man atove would haw l>cen i certain All-America .-/-lection . Hc'n l-\>n\ Palmer, captain :md nd of llin Trojans this year . . . ' who has probably On' tot riiaticc • , . „ I °f al >y end in llic- country to make | Arkansas Kazorbucks and AU-A«»*ica ii«s... . A Trojans Mentor, On Bench, j^"^?^^ VAKOS Collects Matches Until: V . K . B «. v *«*'KICKS/. 11- D W?- A K ' n ' ic « Sports Writer HIS DOyS Win. v Coach nob Neylnml, who intro• (luci'd Army tactics at the Unlver- IIV KKSK1NK JOHNSON ! sil >' ° r Tennessee, and lmiiuvllau-1: NKA Srrvire Sports Writer LOS ANOKLES.—IlPdlam reigns us 80.000 fans cheer the start of th- University of Southern Callfornla- Sl. Mary's football classic. The Trojans, undefeated in 23 starts, hope- "Slip" Madlgan's husky Gaels will be Just another stepping stone to their third consecutive •niillonal title. "Slip" and hLs crew arc out to knock over the chuniploiis If they can. Do™ ui tilt boltom of Olympic stadium on the Trojan bench near Hie 40-yard line, Coach Howard Jones leans forward. Ills brown fedora is placed back, revealing graying hair, muscles ripple across the Jaws of his tanned face. A ImH smoked c-lgaret, hangs lUUCMly. precariously from .the side of his mouth. He might, be a gambler, awaiting the turn of a card, instead of the nation's "Emperor Jones" of football. He soon discovers that, the Gaels are plenty tough. They stop nu- 806 i C i i T. miv i i jxxtndcr who [i <:iid to Ix- tlie hanl- L. O. U. 1 Igcrs V-lastl In t-si ehnrgcr at:d best Big Game Saturday. FAYEflTEVILLE. Ark., Oct. 17. iSpcclnli—The" twenty-eighth 10- neu-al of a gridiron rivalry that had itr, beginning just niter the turn;of the century is tin- t;anie between 'the University of Arkan- ;#is.and l/)uisiana KaU- Univei.-iitv at Stocveporl Saturday. ' . The. Rny.orba,ck;T*igrr game.-, has r , ru , become one-of the -football' daisies! recognition of.tha South.g'-»AUho'.i|jli tnei tv.-o ° • ' --•—'- play iiy different, aihleiic! cr Soiulicrn calircrniit liai ever lad, will be playing twice as hard this year . . . because of his ]M:I- eiship rc'.siwnsibilily ... A hnntl- some lad is this two-letter man . . . whose curly locks and baby- face ,srn[]e are misleading ... as the Irish, from Notre n.imc can (ell you after mi-ediy t::ir gentleman last yi-ar. . . . He's only 21. An Injury Saturday may 311;! hLs certain All-America schools to balance the budget. In wins Tiim raeroufi highly touted Trojan puw- an d lasses ,u that school, described cr plays. The "headman" grows " lls o(T lockle play of the soldiers nervous as Madigan's boys make | nl We -*t I'" 1 " 1 ti> me, as his pet. nret down In two line plunges. He I " T1 'ls play is hard to stop short lltthte a. clgaret from a lighter 0[ ' w 'o to three yards and a hard which he falls to return to the own- running bark Is in the open in a er, and Jerks violently at Ills hat as -hurry if [lie blocks arc well peril at. Mary's- reverse gains six -yards. I forln cd on the guard, tackle and "l>id you see tluu?" he asks the I fullback," says Neyland. reserve quarterbacks seated, near I No - ' *>"<* receives ilie ball from bim. - ' I center and JMS.WS to the No. 3, who A l«un doctor asks h'im a que's-! r °"°'*' ; No. 2 off tackle. As stated lion, but lie doesn't'hear until the' lx -' forfr . success of the play depends •phyKician pokes him in''the side not ° 11 blo <.*iii|f. No. 4 buck and the once but twice. Troy has tho ball again. A faked Menu and the ball is on the Gael five-yard line and first, down. . "I Uttnight thai would work." Jones thinks out loud. He Jerks at Ills lut and crosses ills legs. Two more plays and the ball b over. Jones, outwardly unmoved, holds an unlimited clgaret in Ills himd as the conversio.n Ls made. "Oolta match?" lie asks an as- WOVKX received the right « ' ^1^^ ™«Sl.' M ^^ Tlie tide of battle turns. St. Mn- n p 's has the bill on tl-.e Trojan 48 after .roarchintf. from the 25. Jones Thb • assistant secretary " ot .state la the sketch is R. WALTON MOORE, of Vlrghiltt. VOTE on An*. 2t, I*SI. "An" In tbe>»ymbol for OOLl). and U derived Irom the Ltttlo word (or (IpLD, "»urum". Steady Girt frfcid* ; ' Tabooed/for. Grid Men nervously' lights another cigaret, again nsklng (or. and falling to return n box of matches. -.He \i-alks up anil down In froiit of.rthe bench with hU hands on hips, one can see he's playing the i__. j Knme KiUi his team. He sits down, A St. Mary's man throws a long pass. Jmies leaps ( 0 his' fec.t. Tre , ch Pita Is gooil for 47 yards and a touchdown. .-The- -saints convert. prospective . foo^bau :;.players llnols College, according'" to C< * iRiie Vaji Metejr'. ' : ' .- . - ... Van Meter.-.laid' down Uie law. ™' s , c ? r f b llal - Jones s«s do™, — -••--• ••-•->-.- - ' '•••- •• •- nulls lite'hnt a-liflle lomf; but n- act 1 ;' And'hir clocsn't A little liitfr three substitutions for Troy are icady tc - scut in the game" tecer|tly L .when, -'ojie of -his out- tes rceer|l Stniidini; '..ffishjneh'. athletes quit school aud' reiuYiIed to tils lionie. the thoughts of Uie girl i: e left bclund- being • stronger. Ulan the call'.of the gridiron. .''-"'Next-.spring'-'Tra-going to lay down the; law to my ^prospective freshmen, I may'.interview," Van Mo'ter;said."'Tm,gotaj; to caution them againfi! keeping company with any one girl. There's safely J 1 "" 5 ^^ ftns a "P° !£er sa "".a- word." "You know to do, you're . he says. In three plays, s. C. makes 25 in numbers, but a steady date Is iusi another coach's nightmare." TEST YOUR FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE! offensive end take- care of the defensive- left tackle. .The defensive guards ILTL' blocked by the center, two guards and the right tackle. The play as diagramed is used ngainsl a 0-2-2-1 defense. •cprcscntud by exceptionally strong elevens. The Kara-backs, "defeated for tlie past three years by L. S. U., have won four straight games this year and hold a vt-rdlct over Texas Christian University, 1932 Southwest champions. Of the previous 27 games between the Ras-.orbacks anfl the Tigers,.Arkansas lias won 12, Louisiana has i 14, and one game—'way back in I9CG—resulted in a G-to-6 tic. The Razorbacks, however, lead in total points, having scored 342 points to the- Tigers' 2C1, in the 27 games to date. - Most of '.he gomes have been fairly close, although the Razorbacks hold two scoring records for the- series—Arkansas' 51-0 victory in 1910 and 40-0 win in 1922. Forge Kitchen Restored confcrcnMs," conwdcrabV interest i Gen. Washington's Valley aluiches lo the gome because of the 32-year-old' rivalry and because, tne game has become one of the features of U« Louisiana State-' Pair. The 1933 meeting of Arkansas find Louisiana wHl h:ivc adiicd interest, since both |nsiiiuilo:is arc VALLEV f'OHGE. I'n. iTJPI — The kitchen ii^ the headquarters tifecl by General George- Washington during l he .bitter winter ei.campinent ' of 1777-7(1 is being restored to its original condition. The V:illey Forge Park commission announced tliey would remove all alterations wJiich had been made since the days when the ragged Continentals lived ori the. hills and v:illcys by the Forge Crr-ek. ALL-AMEQICA PROSPECTS yards. On the next play Jones is watching another part ot the line. "Who broke through tt:nt time?" lie asks an aide. The Gaels tighten up nna Troy has third down and eight to go. "What would you do how?" he asks his reserve qunrierbuclcs. jerk ing his fiat nroimd nnii tossing nwft- a cigaret with n neat flip.whlcr would make any' poo] room' shark envious. Before the players can answer, it'r firs', down. Ten plays lalcr the ball « over. Troy (jainin;; 73 yards in 13 plays. Ti:e kick for goal is good Again Jones is unmoved, but the tension, previously written all ovei his face, is gone. -- • - - Eventually, after the Gaels unleash n desperate passing attack in the fourth quarter which-has Joins Joking at his hat again and pacing, up and down, the final''gun barks. The Trojans win by seven points. ' . Jones arises from tlie bench, his left coal pocket bulging with match boxes and lighters, abscntmindcdly unretui-ned durini; the heat- ot the frame. Bill Hunter, hLs chief assistant, congratulate* him on his 25th straight victory. .-Tlinnks. thanks very much." he says. "Have you gotta match?" What Will Bacr Say? Primo Carnera, addressing a' crowd assembled to greet him at his o!d home town. Sequals. Italy, took a deep breath and let go with this: "Mens sana in corporc tano!" Aside from the angle that for a boxer to say "sound mind In sound body" might sound a bit- like bragging. Camera's quotation from the Latin may do something toward establishing a precedent for boxers callled upon lo speak lo tlwir followers. In such a situation I wonder, what Maximilian Adelbert Bacr wouM say to the multitude. " We may have to wait a while for that. But U Is not entirely guesswork to predict lhat It will be something like: "Who was that lady you seen me with last night?' •• - 4 e o IPs a New Note Boxing has been complicated lately by strange names and strange people. Harry Lenny, who used to untangle, the ttstlc destinies ot his' protege Paul Swiderskl, the Sad- Eyed Pole, now hurls a challenge to the four winds in behalf ot one Ray ImpeUellere. Where arc the Prank Morans, Fred Pultons, Bill Bren- nins and Tommy Glbbonses ot Hbt only do we have to contend with Impelletlcrc, but along comes a person with such a handle as Irving Ashkenizy to trouble oiir drctttns. He is not only a boxer but h* writes what he calls poetry. Nol only does he .write what he calls poetry, but he sells the stuff- though Irving admits th&t he gets more money for his uppercuti than for his odes. * « t Aal New Faces 'Actttcwru * collect man— OnlmtltT of FlorW»-*nd it.cetn* to t*« thtt lie' rtfrw*tta « MW OAMJJ ,S. Cal.-Ort. SUU-. S. M. U.-Okli A M Syracuse- Cornell Alabama-Ten!!. Ctntmiry-Te.xas Gtor. Tech-Tulane Vind'bll-M(st A. M. IIUroli-Armj Yilf-Brown C«lif.-W»sh. State Ilamird-Holy Cro^s WUconMn-Iowii lam SUto-OUa. Nrb.-Kuuas State Marquette-Mkh. S. jl Ohio SUte-Mkh. Pltl-XinnesoU • N. V. U.-Cotnte BKAUCHER PICKS Purdue '* ; : S. OW. S. M.' 11. Cornell Alabama Texas Tulanc VarnlfrbUt ' nim»n Yale • Califomia Harvard Northwestern Iowa" OUnhonu •• KSUUA.S state SUrquctt*- Ohio State Pill Navy SPORtS -EDITOK '• COtfllEtt''. NEWS Yot , rlc K SCOItK PICKS Purtlut • r : S. Calif. ;... S.-M..V. Syracuse Centenary Geoff la Tf ch .' . Vandefbilt " A ... • •• '.-• niinols • ' VaJe •".:"': I.. Wash.tSUtt '; Harrani Northwestern Iowa ;' : . ... KantM Stale • Mar^ielte Mithifiin nit ^ ; . is vdi Ul Stll for 1 prr rio. slo •\ ses T0| po t eri .h 1 de m( to .'f 1'a in •h a m it( lu in a Roosting Pigeons Give Students Good Alibi : NORMAL. III. (UP) - pigeonf ch have a hnbit of roostii-.g Ihc hands of ihr tower clock Nornml University ore giving lents an .ilibi for being late clnsses. The pigeon?, slow down the of the hands on the clock with the result lhat it runs When studenls report for clas- late they contend they were S by the tower clock and point to It as an nlibi for their lateness. University officials are consid ing a campiii E n of warfare oi he pigeons. Read Courier News Want Ails. LAST TIME TODAY MAT. 10c-25c NITB 10c-35c EDWIN (i. ROBINSON and KAY FRANCIS in "I LOVED A WOMAN" MOHAN & MACK COMEDY - - NEWS THURSDAY - FRIDAY MATINEE—IOc - 2k NIGHT— lOc - 35c . BY JIMMY; irfJNAHUE! • NEA Ser'yicr. Sport*-Wrifer If it hadn'-t - : been ; , for ROXY Wed. and Thursday MAT. & NITE—lOc - 2 "A'Grand Hour on whMU . v . rarfllng good «nurtaln. menr," Motion Plctur* Dolly. Notre Ptnn-IHrUpwth. I iifciliili ^ iiiiiiini N'olre Dame Peun C«l«nbU c«ir»t« Notre Dame ColBBlbU :)cad Horse'Wrecked Man's Fox Farm SELINS GROVE. Pa. (UP)-A dead horse wrecked T. II. Splegcl- meyer's business of raising silver When Spiegelmeyer fed a hall the horse's c&rcass, which ho I'.ad received as p. gift, to his ani- . three adult fox and more hnn 100 youn? ones died within short time. Others died Ictcr, and Splegel- meyer wns forced to turn.'hls business over to B committee of creditors. His liabilities totaled i than $90,000. It \\as learned that the horsc- hnd been fed prssnic In a treal- inent for a disease and the imlson : " the llo.s-h killed the fox. 'EMORRHOIDS (Piles) car•1 wiltioW the kcife. Skin cancer, rtrieosed veins, ton^l« rcmoTrd non-jurirlrallj-. DRS, NTES and NIES Office 5H Main Fhone M WitS ESTHER RALSTON.CON- RAD VEIDT. Jo«nB-rry,!d Huth, Gordon Hirlier/iC'i'tic Hirdwicki. Dinctcd by Walttr fordi. A GMIOM Pittur* re. fflitd by UNIVERSAL. Prt. itnttd by C»ri Ltimmlt. ROME s^a^ea^^^^^^^j^i^^^^^^^^ ^^^•^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^••^^^^^^g ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^»5^B ^^ff^^»^^^^^^^^^^»^W^wW^^ EXPRESS Fox News—Comedy BDGAR KENNEDY COMEDY COMING - - SATURDAY & SUNDAY On the Stage in Person BIG TIME MUSICAL GIRL SHOW BROADWAY VANITIES RITZ CARLTON ORCHESTRA ' '25— PEOPLE— 2f,

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