The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1935
Page 1
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,fcAGK TWO BLYTHBVJLL1B, (AKK,) COURIER NEWS crc Letu —. ^^ .New Sipcjal Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS, b'a'cd lueiiiug Eastern Blur Lhaplcr dt lull 7:30 P. M. !gre." Joe G. Trlesoliman having Yoiiiig Matrons Bridge club, ^Tuesday Luncheon cliilj meeting .with Sirs. M. A. Isaacs. Special prayer meeting Fhsl E?p 1st chi ah ' 5p I'. M. t t utl\L boaio. city council I 1 . V. A. meeting at high school, D A. M., followed by meethii; of city .council. 9:30 A. M. liltcrncdhl" Q A.'s First Bap- fit c itr<. i meeting at church,. •> f JF ;.• meeting Hotel MoMr, 9 35 a m Mr* \Miil Goodman having Wednesday Bridge club. Mines, 'o. G. rjaudin, Guthrie JiliiS and V. B. Joyncr having tea fo Ch^rl \o\ chapter N'tiional Bo ict\ D \ R t Joyner home, niUKSBAY'S KVENTS Mib. A. CciU'ay having Miil- \\cek 1 nrtj,t ilulj Th » d i Conn ict club meeting t I!' Mi H L Bradley. MJi. "II. A. Taylor lioMctv to Jinn <i.r bricj b e club. Thursday Lilm-lieun club mcel- ing vuu •< i j \, Lcffli. Fiaell Si nd \ school class of ~ First Baptist cl uch mccllng wjUikami! A,.,, Dr. Morgan speak of "The Terms! U'ay an old i.,«in,.,." , 'VIC of chrism,, Dlsclplcsftlp... He l rno;,,u, 1 ' d ° u l..!:""~T.l >K * m .«''- thal the requirements (or'a AJONDAV, MAUCli J, I'.KW disciple miist be -. ... ^.- s , were In elmrgc at (lie entertainment. The hostess was assisted jj by Airs. Charles tihorl mid Mrs.] Aaron l\Heison in fervlng um>lc pic lopjxxl wjili u-!il]i|)cd cream. s Birthday Party Twsnly boys un'd B jrls motored out to Jack smith's suburban liojnc Saturday tiffenioon to Iidp liim celebrate his seventh hlrthday, V.irious guinea amused tlic nut-sis mill! tlic birthday cake was cut. In this «ere liny prizes und balloons won? also given lor favors. Th? host's inolhcr, Mrs. w, Leon Smith, wived les cream and cuke. upjirr Cluli Mtfls The Saturday Night Supper dub, a new group of six couples which Mr. rlaiijlilcr, Kblnc Anderson, spcn ic weekend In Memphis. Mrs. Jiuiies li. CJarX has rslurn- cd Iron] Hope, Ark., where the attended Uic executive board mccl- lng of llic.Male U.13.C., us treasurer. At Little Rock she was joined Ijy oilier members ol tlie board. . Mr*. W. A. Grininiell plans to i ''I""" Mrs W H Go\ci, 218 Davis Ave. Je\ 1 li Ludl s> Aid tooitty inect- niS iili i\_rs Kirk, of 'Luxoi'a meet every other Saturday .. for supper, bridge and dune-lily, ivjs entertained by Mr and Mm. w. o. uigelnsoii Salm 1 -' day evening. . In (lie bndi?-3 unmet Mr. ain! Mrs. .(iiit«ll Kirr wen l!ic prize., a do'u- We <leck of cards, m ibis club the scores o! each couple arc a:lded lor "•P loin) K-Jtii one prize l« )jc (,'ivcn. K. V. I 1 , u. TU|JI|JI E Ki'bciil Is Conduced The second unniial AlitiU-ilnpi County U. y. p. u, Training school cumu to a ck.'io Friday • evening when 7i consecrated their live: tllt& O Mostly Persona. chaltaiiooea, Tcmi, last night uc cat so of the death of his mother. Meal Goodman, of in l/o:-;bt!8.siui) Of JXu'.Wij Cleauei-s —- di-)tie\i:. JVUiimiujJllll'lll LO UOti'i) The plain of the Nu-\Va Clean- [ v;il! compltec inwl unreserved, bur- tTi in the Ingrain Building on jdoii-bc-arlne to the point of sacrl- SoilUl Ph'fiL .slrpf»l im'u i in/*ti ..«i,i i litip fnr I lit* mimo.cp of wllum^. airi- ' " " to bs o m « of children's work, n-ili also | K . tmf ^ . " ..... l ' m hav « " 3rt °» the light ot the three llUngs Jr.- a babv »» Kill «'o. BUS said He, llic Kin *-" '- ' '- • >' C °'" CSt said He, llic Kins, achieve. Abaisdoument to ' C s «'o. iniimrtl c'elocX. sessloils ' ««r» l1 »l Ili >" \ uit God's g on Houtli Fli'Bi, slrcct has been told )iuc t | ton*. Mr. lUKlMr, Hfc ,s &,,„> .and ,Vur- icnc- i ownlsc spent Sutiirday in by J. G. Barnes. Tlic new owners, Mr. h c ami Mm. of . . . , tllb wcrk lor a visit In Hoi/ Memphis. They wore licuie Ijy Miss Velum Cm f ton who Is employed in Memphis, ,, m i (lie week-end here. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mnrlln arc m Memphis today. has return- iue eight years ugo iiuij considerable ed from nut Springs ,,,, VIC Mll . has been visiting since Thursday ^..S" 1 ° f *"•; °»d Mrs. dunuite Christian service, iol- . .. __.. r ._, lmvi11 !! 'he .service conducted by P M the Rev. T. H. Jordan, of Helena. BNal Bulh m«eti«E e I'. M. with There were 120 of Ihc Hu pies'" l w ')o look examinations in the wiriics tauglit by Hie Rev.,Alfred JarpcnU'i. licil uaslor, Mrti. ( J. L. Ncwsom ul this city, c. . .Anbry ifcnin ol Nushvlllc, Tciiii.', and '•Irs. T. li, Jordan ol .Ilf.lena. Mita I'nuline PruiU'wouithc dol- ai- prize for llic bcjit ixjslcr, C. .1, .Jiiviinniijjh received n', siniilur ni'BKl iw llic best, slot-mi, tli'o Deli n M JafT e of Osteoh!. FRinAY'S EVENTS All cilc n L 0 on Auxllinrv meeting 'at Legion hut: Miss Mdiguei-ilc Johnson Weclb Mi |\I Q |vin J. Brown Mr. and MI- LOU hive ed the p. John« - ----- . 'of their daiitiiter Marguerite Coa- ho-na to \Ei Inelvin J. Brown, of St !?1UI \ inn ihs werlctlng was •oleiiinizid in fet i.o U i s O n Sim- day Fibiu-iy !,(„. Mn ull( , Mr{ . Eio«n are now at liomn | n B t Pan) tha bride received lier later cditcalwt a MLiissIppI, synodi'cal college nom Spihigj, Miss .. am , \rka sos ^tate <.ol!ege at Joncs- b-io hi fci in livsdat Msvks. Ml ft i e in i9i> E h e wa s dios- ""f "" ^Is'forthe.ciui-ks- nalc- Cotton i inival. gi re I, i memb- of u pioniiucn,' MiSis- rpl fainuj he parents bavins moved heic » \cai .ago s'ie i- u •«ece of tt all a Mn * I; ajohn- i. « >v<m '•'Mr Bro\i] i , , Ul t Me h, c This \arlous id I ul prajscls. Mrs cussed ProCi>- a meeting •' • R - Hedlarcl, spnsor, dis- plans for a- garden, project. . --ds fram this will bo used expenses lo Fayettevillc. Of Hie 40 mcmb;rs. 35 were prcs- ^ Opilngs Mr. and Mrs. C- C. Wood liavn relumed frnjn n weekend siiciil in Cape Oivardeaii. Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Erniftt. Il-w and- daiijhters. of Menipliii., ^iiciil Hi-:| ''.' l!lln1 '. wll ° u ' c| il over iveclrf-nd ivith Mr. anci Mrs. K. K.I 1 " 1 *' wl " ''enialn for Woodton. i cl ' ul lllp ix'-int, t Dr, C. (J. aicvens has rccovrred I t1 *:, 1 . 1 fioni several days illness Ironi In- fliieiuj. Mr. uiid Mr;;. Co/.ine. filackwell and Mrs. W. .). Pollard attended Uic basketball tournament at Tm- niann anliirdny. MlM Mnrtba Oiamliers, ivlio i.s employed In Memphis, spent the eekcnd at ijoin;. Mr. and Mrs. .lours j. Dunham McinphLs, spent Hie weekoiul Illi Mrs. Dunham's parents. Mr. nd Mrs. J. ErnMt Hasson. They HI leave Tuesday for a week's va- tion lo be speni jn Tusculoasa nd Abbeyvlllc. Ala. with her. I'Oflisifiirl. I <l of 15 years. " "^ " ''"" Mr. Barnes established his clean- Inn business The present here JB years ago plant was iiistulied equipment tlial lime. Mr. and plan any Has been added Mrs. Barnes new bush: - lllc pui'PMe of wllneis- bearing, und coronallon beyond , and through the seeming defeat. In the Ilisl ol the inorning mes- from the prophet lingual, n. in. today, Dr. Morgan sages 10 . , . •. • * •-." VU.IH..1V Ul|[ IU: lew. in wfilch the most popular of Holland and vidn ly win tie dctennlncd. ! This play Is. being staged under llie dnwtloii of Miss Rebecca Maddux, of Nashville, Tenn., and Miss Faullne Comlin is assisting ut the pinna. • ^ -.^.. "W^KivpO VLJJUJIC, but will enjoy u vacation, ut the preset]!. The iiew.owtici's ol the 'biihipcss .said tliey would' make lib a parallel between Ihc times of Haeisal and tlic present, and showed how the message of the ancient prophet rings oul with ineiininy for life today. He brought oul how God. through (illegal, ap- |»alcd to the mind, the heart, nnd Ihe will of Israel, to pul first. thiiiBs first always, and so He speaks to us today. Tonight at 1:30 and each nlg'hl through Friday. Dr. Morgan will M .....v., speak on (he- general theme, . "Christ in tlie Presence ol Unman do not Need." The particular theme lor venture, • lonlghl is "Christ In Ihe Pres- Courier News vvaju COLDS won a picture for the nn on. traveling i\\ f ; ] a rjeat total of nibs, and the t Junior union 'of ])e First chiirct, licie rccehcd « imilar award t'jr the largest, .nl- endaiicc. i J. P, . Friend' president of < llie .lbsltsipjii coufly 13," Y. l>, \j.\m~ pciatipji, spuiwtcd the M iioys Joi'l.a purtv cefcbraling ilU IjJHIllhy.' (':iHv. Dcnna Wmidevllch had and uii'ls as jiicr euc3ls rlcliy afternoon in =r sixth birthday. la ihc 'ixinlcst, ol the! potato nu a. uriug, Anna Clara/ Wilson, of. LIIW.I-J, .and Chester .Caldwcl) won lt\ K ynws. Each of QIC cliii- nrcn recrtvodi a ion us a I favor. -V*, cfijis Ware served.' wiih n fclary Cuiiiiiungi.. vvlui at- ids Arkansas Slale college at i onesboro, spent llin weekend nl oinc. She had as Jii-r eiiests Misses ess Eleanor Thwcutl, and Mildred u! Madeline Majors, ol Luxora. Bethany Faught an;l R. A. Nei- 'II. students at Arkansas 3tnte ollckje at .loiir.sboro, spent the Dckend at home. Mrs. Clyde Davis was taken to lie Memphis 13ii]ii!sl hospital al tomphls Saturday in a coub am- ulancc wlicre she underwent a lajor operation Hundav. She was ccoinpanltd by her daughter, Misii 5orot)iy. «-lici returned here today nl who will (jo back tomorrow «rs. Davls's condition is serious. Jiniinic Cannon was called lo -, dc.V)iated •cir(:V!ay! i)Cile;s ufslsttfl li cal;e .Children Had LunoIieoii..5lEctin; Members ot. the Children ot llic - J ai Confedsracy had. a lunchc-on meet- ' mj E3turday at the r.cma ot Mai-j Jean Aitlick when Betty McCuW>- en. ptcsUsnl, praildHl in itic business seislon, and Miriam Smith led the prosrani. ... . Miss Smllli told -jf the unisio ig Oeoije WasliinjlonV ll mc . Evelyn bmarl discmsJd t'rc UI; ol 'Ihoun- Jefferson, and j3ii e HraitKin told of hew th = United stat;s CoiHtitu- lioii.was formed. •Mrs. C. W. Atlli-k. iiuithcr of Ih- hobte served :: l«- u coins: mrm: at tallies decorat£d willi t flo'^'er5. ; Cemetery A:, r; or^!i'.in r»iret* - ,Mn, frank V»vbh rnuir''Valued l: liieinbciB of ll;c Maph o'fove nem- ctcry arrccialitn Friday cvtniii. Mrs. j. a Eutledge.'* •. Mrs. Ranissy biincan conduc'cc tnc cicvoticnal. i,-,ii)7 n, e jjji Psalm tefcre lii'iineK was [.ai:t In llic tocial liuur Mrs. Chalice •t. \Vood and Mrs, G. ,1. Cartel Wv-.. W. J. \Viuicl2rlich. 'and h uul, .Mis.* En,, tv-oke. of. Luxorn. • if'. ' :!ilcrli'.inv Ksiieuj.lve Heard. Mis. W. M./ WilHlanu; and Mrs " j. '.Viuifsotij entertained li .is'nLcri, ol M'L' 1 cnecuMve boarci oMlu I''ii'sl./Bait,vst cliureh W. M. .... :<nd mo yiissl, Mrs. T. II Jordan. oi/H.i-lcnii, wilh u hmci'.coi mectui^^-jrldayi ai thu William Tliu-icnr s:niu tables, amiiwc -o:' ,».':ie two idjirse uioiin, wcr. Gecc.-ntcd with 3o;iqiilb and sham- ro'..Kb which i:i l ,ido favors. !n. the biiidness 10531011 presided" ever by l Mrs. w. J. Lo gu ii Fi'Oiiden!,, Mrs. Ltiyd Stickmoi >x!is ehcled program/ clmirmnii U ~ ' Mrs.' A. C. 'Blnylock wh t because of 111 health. 8ru •ias given a vr«e of thojiks foi .icr u-cik and boil wishes cxure's "' '" her rccucry. Mn,, c. E n replacing Mrs. Silckmoij Blue Star Kills The Itch Gorms To jjctrid of l[i-|..rasli,l clln -.foul r '" SV l i i r " 1 " r ™W»V.MVCAvilI, g Blue SlarOii^iucnlwIiU'li s Irslcd luollritt tl, n | melts, \i''m' S "/ ''""-:^.-''"d U»s (lie itch. Money l,. lc k if first jur fails. To-Night'sMilk wlvlc'il's in-lime for //our CEAIO'S DAIRY Pfiolie 74 ' ^^ 'SB lioi'^c there. Blossom Ctiristophrr ],;i.-. I," ,! lc ' r . 18 '. u ' st " C11 '"oilier. MLS !C. O. Chnstuphcr, ul St. Loiiis Mr. und Mr:;. Julian r, Belt ol Memphis, who are here lor .scv- fii|! "'r.eks while Mr. n ctUi " is (!oin 3 survey work al Big Laki arc making thuir home with Mr and Mrs. M. Filzsiinmons dice of Moral and Physical Dereliction." — - and Mrs. Oscar Hnrdmvav i ,. in,;'" Dr. Holland School Will Give Minstrel Friday HOLLAND, Mo. — "Tile Dixie Blackbird Minstrels" will ba presented on Friday, March 8, al «:00 1>. in., under the auspices of llic Methodists Will Hold Zone Meeting al Manila MANILA, Ark.—gone Numljpi a t the Woman's Missionary sireii- Us ol Ihc Meihodisicliiircn, Soutii, will meet Wednesday moinina. March G, in an ail day meeting in the First, Methodist church, Manila. 'Ihere will be delegates Irom Bly-, LHU, Lusora, Lsaclivilie, Munlu, MoiKtte, Osci'ola, I'roraiscd L:uid, Yaroro and other poinla. Mrs. Gus Ebcrdl, Blylhevillc, is (lie president. Mrs. HlnlElc Prewilt. Joncslioro, secretary for the Jonesboro district, will give an address. Mrs. Sam It. Wisums, Joiitsburo, K'crelary for «-]!'j Have been in Memphis tlinr marriage Olirlslnms, uriieil Si.ludny und will be ,,i home with Mr. and Mrs. t i 1! Kci-Jc for the present ! Mrs. Fmi OoUlner has rcliimrd' to her lioiue In Nuslivillc. Term. Crossley Morgan Opens Bible Cuiiferaice at Presbyterian Cliurcli ,-- f , H.-VO u] nit, •— J4U..4. t tirv>ii£ MUivri Jl.ti Holland high school and Alumni J al 'i a new person. Constipation association, al the high school an- i ^ il thing ol Uic past." --Alice diloriiiin. '" " "" ~ The several sliorl sketches using local talent are entitled, "A Dark Triangle, 1 ' "Juvenile Minstrel." "Now and 'Ilien," and others |x>r- ' — I "Chiist's ideas sister, " lirhajilcr ol the Gospel ui Joe Hauga, lonnerly ol here, und llle n»»i*lei- spokc'~on i'.ixler Kirkpntrlck. of Mc]np!ils. !CJlal '8 c to Hj s Church.' vvcre U'eck c'ii<| guests of Mr. and' Ul '- Moi'Ban stressed „„„. ant. ! ul o Bryant. of the thoii B hllessncs,s and hclp- MISS Uorolhy Evaiis s]>ent the Irssness of pcopJe. «s sheep and «™" end with Wends in Mem-1 lillnbs ! "'c thoughtless and help- lets, of the obligation and privi- Uily, ll 'KC of the Church lo proniulc bnsi- pi'owth and well-being llirungh. und to l McUridc, of Kausa spent the week end herc.'oi nesi'j. MI. and Mrs. Iluberl Pottci Consiipaled 30 Years Aided By Old Remedy "For Unity years 1 had conslipa- licn. Eoi.iiug food from stomach choked me. since taking Burns. City Drug Siorc and Klrby Bros. Drue Co. —Adv. K-2 GAS, INDIGESTION SHOW TICKETS •Given free, two tickets lo any t sho\v at ll)o KHz or Rosy with ! lire [Hirrhasc of one ton of X-CI5L JF you're troubled ;or I ticket with the pin chase of with hioinachdis- ;'= Ion ol .\-CJEL. the World's Best tress, sas, ami you jCoal. We give these lickets in or- HELPS PRCVtNI MANY COLDS Burton Service Sla. AKK. MO. STATE MNE Super Shell Gas at Missouri r ranees Sandwich Shop in connection WOOD-WOOD-WOOI) (iOOD AND DKY ".My C'ual Is Black lliit I Treat Von Wliitc". 1'HONIi 107 -' JOHN BUCHANAN. \vooi}-wooi)-woo] , , . nced redder llo<icl. ',der lo try Ul. I'icrrc's Golden Medical Discovery. It is a dependable Ion ic. L. F. liiislisli of introduce X-CEL, uion, quickly. Uei' add over cotnlea on ___ he Want Ad page. Superior Coal & Mng. Co. Plione 10U daughter, Elaine, spent (he end in Memphis. There arc 111,0110 villages erica without churches, . ivitliuut. resident pastors, and 30400,000 children under 12 who are receiving no religious instruction. ....XL , Bimrcl aeainsl every sort of danger, week '• Rm> al " Ie "fespil miijesly" of tlie word "my," as Jesus used it lo emphasis His riyiu of possession ; of all the sheep and all llic linnbs by virtue of crralion, preservation and redemption. AL llie evening hour :m even larger crowd, nimosl doubling tliul in. of llie morning hour, heard | Announcement 1 Ur. Chas. Chiropodist \Vill be in Slim; Dupai'l- tiK'iit ul Ihc New "Yorli Stori 1 Tinjjctay, Mar. 5lii, .lo ^.O'clock. I^'jor incuts else Sir? _ ;p ratiiiw, (or a. change," New size, labfcis 50 tts., liijmJ JLOO. LutKe siic, tats, cr liumd. $|.JS. AH Jtui Any article bought of BUKKU HARDWARE CO.. uul satisfactory in every way we will refund your money without ijucslian, pniviilcfl you return il in (l, c tame cumlition as received and in a reasonable Iciiclh ilf time, E.-iy a week or ten days. Our first price is unr iitsl pruc, and We Have Olio Price To AI.U Burke Hardware Co. Blylhevillc, Arls. Phone 644 Dr : yvlu ' , Nothing else — they Satis! * «' t> ^ .uc made >i your plc.ibuic and,for yom tiijoynicni . . . nothing dsc, cig.ucdc j;ivcs you die tiijoynicni: i.hat -—. —^ —-• ilo ilicrc arc no « ^ ^^ "«k""aiids"or"bu ls » a bout;c... 1* *«T s.V 1 ^^' *^' ' (? tN 1 ^ ' ;| ^3/ ;^ ^n.oAt^ SriBLrfSs^ r*xvx~ ^ \ gKC^ N *•'- v^' ^'V^ J '",«* & . ^m® , >•" u r)|l!f 'Cv - '.,-r^r-i&^- ••

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