The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1933
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOjjttUJ_8,iU3J BLrmEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NKVVa PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate p« r lin(i for Con5ecu ihe insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per line J<J Two times per line per day .. OUc •Jnrce times per llnp. per day .. Ooc bix times per line per day .... 05c Month rate per line Wre Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes and stopped before expira- lioii v:ill be chargci". for ilia nmu- tcr ol limes '.to ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy sur.mlUod by I'ersoa 1 . residua out- site of ihc city must be uccom- 1 timed by cash. RiUes may Da i-afily computed from above labie No n-!>pOBSi'-?IUly Kill be taken for uiorn then one income; in- si-itlou uf anv c!assifU-« •"!. Ativorlisiiiij crdercd lor irregular niitvuon'j laKe Hie one UUK . talc. Phone 306 or 307 AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wan. uau us wr beitcr ser- viw. fnoiu; WJ. Chevrolet Co. Ciatcway Gar»«e e-Nork Uuaraulctu rfc Highl Frtparc Your Car for Winter | WiliaiuuiUitrifa-r.YireaUy freatuno i ,u vtii UMKrs - A. C. bpark l-lugsl UUIiD.U.J/ liAuUM.luti *-U. I Auto All . ArkrMn Ark-.Mo WRKCKEK SEKVICE' Call us win-" you neeu a -wrecker Day and Nigni Service. Call liXi. i Shouse-Lituc Crevrulel Co. ! lOdUl-lCT being llic properly of J. U W11 Hams: Lol Ten HO), Block. Seven (1), Davis Addition to the City o[ Blylhtvlllc, Arkansas. 'An undivided one-hall Hi) interest in and 10 the Soulh Halt 1 (S'.i) of the southeast quarter iSE'I); Sonlheasl Quarter (SE'I) of southwest quarlcr (B\W,): Soulh Half (S'i) South Half IS 1 ;) of Northeast Quarter (NE''ii o! Southensl Quarter (3K 1 -. I; South Half (S'i) South Half (S'i) of Norlhwcsl Quarter (NW.i) ot Southeast Quarter iSEVI); all in Section Twcnty- two (22), Towns-ip Fifteen U5N); Range Eleven Eisl (HE). The purchaser ai said sale will proved sccurily for lh» purchiiM. price. C. II. Wilson. Sherill. 11-k property' as addlllonal swurlty . for tjie piymnu of such purchase money. • ' ' Wllnoss my liund ajxl the scat o! s*(d Court, oil this, t:-c 18 day of October, 1933. 10-18-25 R. b. GAIMES ship 15 Noilh, Range 11 , according to plat of e»ld subdivision on file in th« Record- cr's office In the chiOcssawba Distinct of Mississippi County, Arkansas. Said talc will be |ud lo satisfy Iv. LJ. V.inL41C«O voiu tiai\: u in u^ II*M w iHkvwi j Commissioner in Chancery, said decree In the sum of V137.8K. 31, 1931. Decreued HARRISBURP P». (UP)-An- tliratlte cos) production In Pennsylvania dropped 11,000,000 tons for a decrease In valuation . winding the coal that was duij i'nd uvd nt the mlpes. In 19^1, production for sale totaled 35,- 3,37J tons. Value ol tlio coal produced for talo last, yetr'uns MU.3H,«0 com- UV-.H >. m HH- Him* Vi T I* i-v«i jp iUOJS I OF 11 Htyl vttflB III V»llini+Wll 10 PIT cent interest from July ow III 1933 conip»rccl "" - .. with the pwedlng \,i department of Internal, revenue Kporls. ml by Ihc Chancery Court tor aml a | lcll wlll 1)C routined upon CMcltnsiwb! Ulstrict of Mis- sa i,i ,iro|H-ily an additional secur- ipl County, Arkunsas. on the (ly to , lll( . p , vm< , l ,t O f such pur- day of Se|)lember, 1933. where- cnaw moncv . ' H24,125,000 wlille ployes .were paid $12,3«»,bpO. BOCKHIli, Mo. IUP) ~ AH; u -.v—v,,,.. T , —- annoyed, populace, concerned over. pared with a value o! 5284,055,400 u* decl&loli of thousands of spas-' in insi. • I mm in mnke trees of this aiv . The HI mlnltiG Mtnbllshmcnts! surrounding towns, •Weir . in tlie stnlc last yt-nr gave em-, place, armed themselves and began ploymenl to 106.M9 wngc earners ;'a campaign to exterminate IKJltS- l'^') llll iH \W ^Wit'VP Hiijjv vi'*•**•«" , " -'Thu t»n inthrnclte counticn hisllmid S.'JSI Dialled workers. Wageibllrds I-'OK SALlO ! CAt'E, good bu.-iness. Selling bei 'caute uf oilier inlcresis. Adda's^ "E" Courier. id-iJj COMJHSSIONEIl'S SAI.i: Notice is hereby (jiven llial tlv. nndcr^l^nt'd cummissieniT, iu eom- pliance with the lerms of a d:-crc- rendered by the Chancery Court toi- li-.c Cliicknsan'ba DLsulcl of Mississippi Couuly. Arkansas, 01) tru- IVIIUVLVM |>^ nil: vy^uii\.vij wwii. * »". Ihc Chickosa»bi Ulstrict of Mississippi asihdii, . In Marion Waison, Suite Dank witness my hand and the seal cl Commissioner In charge of Amerl- 6a | d court, on lilts, tte 18 day of can Hiilldlug A: Loan Asfoclutlon, Oclober. 1033. 10-18-25 et al. were plainlilfs 0. 5473 R. j,. CiAINBS and Wlllinin McF'nrland, cl al. were ConnnLssioiwr In Chancery. Defendants, will sell al public auction to ilie highest unit best bidd?r. on u credit of Ihw monllis. at HIP fto:il <|r,v ot the Court Hoircc, b<'- tm-cn ihr proscribed by 'mw. in l!u- City uf Illytl-uvllle. Arkun- S.IL-, i>n Ihr 'Ji'Mi diy ') 19.O. i: 1 .-.- •..'.'_• wit: •1'IH- Wi'S'. 3. of Vu-k'i A hern [HOME PLACE on Easl Ma sonable icrms. Prank E. cr, Phone 147. Commissioner in charge of the momgemjnt of American Building _ liSS 1MKECTOHY Me\v and Used Furniture Bouijlil and Sold Stoves're pal red—Any make Alvln Hulfly 5» W. Asn •_>0p kiO-iU Die BEER niw are drinking BUIJ- & Loan A5soclatlon, WElSi:R klr.K or bottled Ikcr. Plainiitls No 5510 20c kiQ-^. and E. J. Browne, cl al. u':re Do "Happy days are here asiio Diink BUmvEISKK, Uins «J _____________ I-OK SALE — 19^2 Chevrolet Sedan -. . . , . fendants. will sell . al public . highest and best bid- Good condition. X, Courier News. ,] eri 011 a credit of three moiurs. j 7dh U REAL ESTATE Water-Proof Tarpaulins •;;U '$2.15; 8x10 -53.20; 9x12 *4.3a; 0x15 $6.00; other sizes and weights cuide to ordei. Carney AwmrjB Co., 113 3. First St. 18pJklO-l(i EXPERT TjpfWritiiis and Adding •.Machine RtpMring. U. S. Blan- 116 E. Rose. Call Ifo-J. 21c klO-2l ("OJHU ir, list your real estate See what we have lo sell K. M. Terrv Licensed Dealer, Terry-WorthliiRlon Title Co. Eljthcville FOH SALE—40 unrcs good land art- snid decree in Ills sum of $-J032.20,; ••"=•-»"'" -" ""—' '«"» M»VI Rc-isfcrcri 'F.pencer Corattlcre Mrs" J. i- '»•••'• rlllllic 4il 20- -:lH-« Fiji: x n -. n i: New uni- Ustil 3. J. Utdson "' Jl '-•. -'V 1 rhone 53c klO-^ Hie from door of Itie Court Houie, bewceii Ihe hours prescribed by law. In the Cily of Blylhe- viiic, Arkansas, on the 20lh day nf November. 1933. tr.e following r:- eslale. lo-wit: \ai Eight, Block "E' 1 of the niehards Addiiion to Blyilie- | villc, Arkansas. S»id sale will be had to siuisfy'. joining No. 0 E'lantntlon. ncre. Terms. F OR SALL — Preily cottage or Kentucky, 5 rooms and bath, 5SO! tush. Quick sale. TllOMAS LAND CO.MI'ANV 1'lc 575 ' with 10 per cent j 20, ,1933. The purchaser • at said -sale will I j be required to execute bond witn . i approved security, to secure the] ! piivinem of Iffo purchase money j anil a lien will he retained upon I-'OK RENT ~L7(j. Sloss Blyllieville's Cut Rate 10p-kll-10 i r'or Quality Cleaning i-iionc 180 Barnes MuWa Cleaners HttU. Blocked Looi; ijifce New Frc-nc 171 TJnique oieanina Service 20c k DRESSMAKING J room apartment, ;.....- ' TICiUl :'....-.rC';l". ' ".'.I <• • .,:;.-. r,;i tb: ..:ii- iurnished or Ijfitfncmj, iuv.-ly K rjy Drus^Co. in- adjummg h.mijn, iju W. LJ FRONT ^:^S I i - ( -\V\;i *'\' " 'i i''!iwR^NS/^ Aparlmem, BCOd location,! fe\ \\\\\\C^t^f 10 .chool. 914 Hearn , I feW^^:- iCUltM & 1(0 A UK SOWING Al^rnalioris, Very Rea- =oiiable. Mts= Louise Crane, Plior.r 86. 22c kl °- 2 ' BATTERIES IlattEo- & Raillalor Scrvh-e We guarantee you better battery or radiator work for less money Any make radiator repaired or re- cored. Gel our prices on new ana rebuilt batlencs. Call 633. Shousc-Little Chevrolet Co. lOckll-lu For Prompt Battery Service Phone 8 I 3 or 4 room furnished npaitmeiK UC^Ml fitUil'b. Udll Jt/.llLSvU d( u. i'HITEE KEYS on riiii;, rnruierti isnnl: ana j tyiviii-r it.sty nave same hy .u t^ourtur and j>aymg tor au. 11 xx Nev; Fird Bnltcrles Renlal-RcrharEitg-Kepairins 777 TIP.E A; L'ATTERY STATION 25e klO-- DOGS, PETS For Healthy Do;? feed Miller's Ration & Quick Lunch HLBBARD HARmVARt CO. llckll-11 Sl'OHTIKG GOODS ONE BROWN MARE MULE, 7 yrs o:a, weight W* Ibs., one Horse Mule, 7 yrs. old, weight u. Leu U. J. Cole's pmct: ,m. LOST — Jersey b.Ui yearling, dc- lioniert, weight lOO or 800 Ibs. Reward. A. L. Lovelace, Route 1'ERSONAI, You will limi a complclr line, of Ni;W MODK1. B1CVCLKS at llul)linrd Hardware Company. 16ckll-16 BUILDING MATERIAL WALL PAPER Single viom lols $1.00 2,000 lolls old patterns at Be I&--4 MAYFLOWER line lOc to 20i E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO Will "are for children by the dny or hour. Phone 715-J, Lorna W11- io;i. »lc kill Flues Cleaned, repaired, inspected. Work gunra'Uccd. W. W. Booker Cnll 100. 13p Drink the t>cM for the same price, HliDWElSER Wns of bottled bcrr. 20ckiO-20 CURTAINS expertly laundered and flrelched. 25, pair. Mrs. Ilrnley r-nii 335-W. 18c k23 COAL & WOOD Before you buy Coal-.You can s.ire money. Phone 119. Corner Railroad and Ash Sts. Barlnlck's Coal Yard. 29c klO-M •\Ve are exclasive ajents for otltr- in.-il Genuine Monlevallo Coal and Sipsy. Arkansas Anthracite and llione 477 Kentucky Coals. E. F. fry ^Vondtr City Coal Company Oc kIl-9 PHONE 107 BUCHANAN "Cair Cunl is Ulaci: l!«t We Treat Yon White." Oc kll-'J I Jll 30X—KnVx 1-1 jrr !! -. V, I'u- Aut.i V.iii-.[;i-; Itortv and I'nidcr Hiri-d-c Vormerly with Khousc-IJI lie Co. £Gc klO-l! 1 ) 1LAKKEST S10CK t.SEl> I'AKTS Between Mcniuhls and SI. Ix>uis Also Auto Olass — Phone fifi LEGAL NOTICES "sorTciToF EXKCHTIOX SALE "Notice it. tereby given that underiiKncd as thetiil under nm by authority of uu execution bsucd on Ihe 2nd day of October. 1933 ciireclcd to the Shcrilf iu the chirk asnwba Ulilrict r.f Mississipi County. Arkansas on a judgment icndercd on tr.c 29lh day of Sep- U-inbti-. 1332'. in the Chancery 1 Court for luc Oiccola District uf Mississippi Couuly, Ihc case of: IS THE-MATTER °V WALTER I- TAYLOR, STATE BANK COMMISSIONER, IN' CHARGE OF THE BANK 01' OSCEOLA, 1N- CONSTRUCTION INTKHVKNOaS • O \-*». c kll-2 • vC:ib--il real WAPPENtti "TO TX5U<y4NUT "DUSTER vou I.COK so MUCH SW^VED IT OFF i VOU IOOK 3UST UKfc VOUR WITHOUT TH 1 L\P VE.S S\T^ AS AS. TWO •BOTH •PATROL \ OTHERS VJOUUD (WOVE . Aer« tti Br Fluoilnl ALTON. 111. (DPI—Approxinml;- ly 16,000 ncres ol land In Missouri mid Illinois is lo be flooded, forming two lakes, under prcsrnl plans wnich c;ill (or construction of n . fiaiii nml 1-Jcks In upper --ML- 1 •ir.'nppl River i-y l!'v \; A' Till •DO VOU THINK 1. "BROTHER f ,JAK&, WITHOUT'- :lll our cUl Irkl 1: anil ruslu- «liu have uiinilrroil i-lsr.- wltrir, «t «!rh l« extend :«> Invl- (a'.icn for yen "In rome cij licm;.' 1 Wu still r.i'.i sl»'e .von the li«t bamplr. best dirn-nul anil lop for your llnl. lli:ST SAMPLE - - I!KST TURNOUT - - BEST SERVICE G!VFS ORDERS! WASH TUISHS OBOYj \fr7oT ON VOUR l-lFEt GET BftC: t.e's oerV TO^OUR HSHINS, . _ Ll ,_ 1 .. (: AROPE l5MILE,OFFVOUR MftP. THtSUME, AND ACT WSCiUSTEa I'LL 00 THE. !'JH6. not wi QOUO. snip<D WCJI'S I CDH6?. FROM CREEKS.. GOLD NOME, F'RlNSrAMCE.Wny, DOIN 1 ... __ _ ._ . " . GOtD RIGHT BESIDE THE 60TTOM\ OCEAIO. RIGHT OMTHE OF A I BEACrl—IT WAS OKIE OF THE BKMKT STRIKE! ALftSKA JUST ftSl SAID- WHILE FISHIMG, ._, ^/oa PULLED THIS OLD PAN OUT OF EH THE LA(tE- SOME. "3AMD CAME UP t^ IT, AND, MlltE-O WITH THE 3^10, is GOLD DOST, . We'RE 60(M6TO KEEP OUR DISCOVERS A SECRET SINGUKAU MISTAKE DALESMAN SAM A ONE-POINT LEAK: FilKClTLES AND HIS FRIKNDS JOCK 5UTHSRLA.MD : WITH ive WAY.CL-&AKEP 'F2ECliL6S SNA6S THE IT BACK TO CRASH, AMP SLOCKS OUT TV.'O TACKUERS !,' LASr PlAV » WE 7WIW S^ 6N*VS FOR A PASS. FROM RED FRECKLES TO HlMSSUF . on!)- ih: K-^ p.-o!K!::r. Tfis r.cwtub( Woie the KJSM b tMl 1 ebrpn; cra, jili tobiti uj. ' A. K. H. BOW:i- and N. K. '. Lit Bl.VL. OVlUC. ... - 5ale OIP

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