The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1935
Page 3
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5E5 Oddly Matched Pair Launch Great Adventure In Chain System <Thls Is the fifth of a series of articles on the Smartest Man in Baseball—Branch Rickey, the brain 'behind the world champion St. ixxu's Cardinals.) • <-. i BY HAftUY OHAYSON Sports Editor, NEA Srrvire An unique friendship wns a spur to the success of the St.' Louis Cardinals. Branch' Rickey, whose Benin; .made lire Red Dlrrt organization the hitjest and most powerful in baseball, nnd Charles Francis Barrett, denu nnd foremost of scouts, wefc-^niici still are—oddly mnlch- cd partners in a great adventure. ' Rickey nnd Barrett first met In •1904, while the-former, fresh from , Ohio Wesley an University, wns doing a good job of talking Ihe owner of the Dallas Texas League club into keeping him on the payroll. :Barrclt was an outfielder with Houston whose weakness wns chasing curve malls lo first base. From the start their relationship was as unusual ns' it lias been close They had only one thing In common as players—a deep desire to crash the majors, Otherwise their thoughts were ns-far apart as Jim Farley and Huey Long. ',-Rickey, the college man, wns nn idealist and n basebnll theorist. He wns willing to burn the cnndle in :order, lo complete a inw course. He .grasped Hint.hrs future as batant was indefinite, nnd at best ^insecure He wns a lecloinlcr who refused lo play on Sunday nnd who detested profanity. Equally Unlike Today Bairett found It necessary lo quit school nl the age of 14" nnd . go to work as a messenger bov in St Louis Charley had no newfangled Ideas about biseball He knew that llio main one was to gel on and llicn •iiound the b'ises. A remarkable babe runnel his bjjgest handicap uns. that he could not steal first base Ban-ell was far. from n lolnl ab- stnlnci, had no qualms about Sun- daj activities, ami thoroughly en- jojed lih association with players 01. ihe old .school. Rickey and Barrett are equally imHke today. While Rickey admits that some of the exalted notions he look Inlo Ihe game have had lo be considerably modified, he still Is the man of four degrees, lite unit mil} trustee, and public speaker JIis older associates call him^B R, the -younger .'ones Mr. The' genial Barretts ~^-many, 'friends and acquaintances, the' vast majority of them tycars his junior, csal him Chailijy.i Mr. Barrett, 1 •sojnehou, just doesn't nt. JBarrclt's fault' at bat prevented hi|ii, front realizing . his major league ambltfon ns a player. He entered the big show'via the back door, so to sneak, when Col. Robert Lee Hedges, owner of the St. Loujs Browns', 'recognized his lal- 1 cut if or picking up unpolished ivory in 1903 ' .; ; , . -• Thus i It. wns lhat ;his lold iside-' kick TCas(first tp greet'-'Rickey, when B R relumed lo bjascbnll ns'busi- ness mVmageriof ihe; Browns'-in 1012 Tile tie between them 'tin's been more tightly' Knotted with each succeeding year. S^ids for OW Friend Barrett switched lo Ihe Detroit Tigers just long enough lo uncover Bins Miller shortly before Rickey organized Hie group Ihnt purchased the Cardinals in 1917. The' first man B. R. sought to assist him in his new undertaking was his intimate of the Texas League days, nnd the ivory expert obtained permission ^froni Frank J. Navin to renew his old relationship. •Barrett helped Rickey sell Cardinal stock nt $25 n .share, and bought what he could himself. .With the club heavily in debt, Rickey leased n small office in.the Railway Exchange Building in St. Louis. He managed to produce a desk and a couple of chairs'. Barrett du? down into his own pocket and bought ink nnd pen points. .Rickey took rugs from his home while Mrs. Rickey was away from the city, so that the office might have some aspect of, prosperity. "One day. I came' lo the olfice and Branch was on his hands and knees, rolling up the rugs," recalls Barrelt, '"What's the matter. Branch?' I .asked him. "'Hurry, Charley, 1 he replied, •Mrs Rickey telegraphed that she's coming home today. We've got to -get these rugs out to the house right away, or she'll find out about It. 1 " Barrett Fo*y Forarer > Rickey appreciated the worth ot Barrett, who had uncovered such Stars as Jeff Tesrcau, George Pos ten Arthur Hetcher, BU! Klllefcr Hank Se\ereld, Muddy Ruel am Charley Grimm. Barrett's contributions to th St Louis Nationals include Jir Bottom ley, Ra'y Blades, Helnl Mueller, Lesttr Bell, Andy High Flint Rhem', Syl\ester Johnson ,. Pepper Martin, Allyn stout an Fritz Ostermueller, the southpaw sold to'the Boston Red Sox by th Rochester subsidiary. ..' .In K efmseeutive years HE'S A DANDY! Weiuer and Trumann In District Finals; Blytheville 'Stymied 9 Trumann, winner over Ilay, 29 to 21, anil Welnrr, winner over Marlon, 31 lo 14 In semi. final games will meet in (lie lln- als of Ihe IMstrlct Four high school tournament af Trumann tonight. Marlon and Wcincr will meet In one semi-final gome and Tnmiumi and Bay In (he other of the District Four senior high basketball tournament undcrwiiy at T tills afternoon. The winners will cliisli : In the LUIc_ game tonight and the loser will' meet the consotetion-winrwr. for second place unless the loser has already conquered the con- solution winner tournament earlier lit which event cliainpionship loser Is automatically awarded second plnce. •Marlon swarmc-a all over: Jones- bora In a second round to win 34 lo 25 and spore nn upset with case. Marion's sensation center set (lie ne and Appear Headed for Title Jonwiboro conquered Pine Bluff defending champions, In the nisi round of the Arkansas stale Junior high tournament, underway nt Jonesboro, and eliminated Blythe- vllle In ihe second round .to become a favorite to win the state iltle in the finals tonight. Blylhevllle was to have played Hot Springs in the first round but when only 12 teams appeared for the meet Instead of the 24 «x- IKCted another draw was held and nij'tlKiVille drew a first round bye' Jone.sboro heat Blylhcvillc 43 'to 24 but the local team mntlc n much belter showing limn earlier in the season when it dropped a CO lo 0 game lo Hie Whirlwinds. Joncsboro had n hard job Jn eliminating Pine Bluff In the first round, winning K to 22.' .Joiiesboro wi)l meet Harding conqucrers of .Hot Springs in a first round, upset this afternoon 'In OUR seinl-nrial game. East Side of Little Rock will play Casa or Holland In the other semi-final. lii Exhibition '__. . SATUBbAY, MAttCK 2 1335 Advertising ; Advertisement ' NOTED MEMPHIS BUSINESS FIRMS Who supply ftetail Stores, Wholesale Establishments, r ao fori M 1^;, • • • -»»*»-»* Arkansas with Supplies, Kquipment, Services and Com modifies of All Sort* ° th(>r Rllsill( ' sses in Nw ">east Mail or Bring Old Gold to Dardeh- Smith Jewelry Co. For Highest Prices The Uardcn-Smllh Jewelry Co., 110 Madlso;i Avc., Memphis, 'is oiie of Die most reliable' in the Tri- Slatc territory at which to sell old l-old. Here gold of every description Is purchased, Including broken jewelry, bridge-work, gold teeth, old watches, as well as silver by tvclglit. Diamonds and other precious stones are bought from dealers, estates, Individuals, etc. It also appraises articles of every description, free of charge. There are many articles lying around thr; house Hint are no longer useful, but which contain sold In cer- !nl» quality, thai can } ie turned into money. Broken Jewelry sometimes contains enough gold lhal can be turned Into a tidy sum. It might pay anyone to make a .search of the house and gather up scrap? of old Jewelry or other articles that contain gold or silver, which can be converted Into rcndy cash by bringln g.sucli articles to the by bringing such articles to the chases arc also made front dealers ns well as the public, It has been reported that after several canvasses have been made of old gold dealers as to prices offered, It was found that thR narden-Smlth Jewelry Co. offered top prices. On the next trip to Memphis be sure and take along whatever broken Jewelry, old nold teeth or other articles that are no longer useful, and pay the Darden-Smlth Jewelry Co. u visit. It will eerlnlnly prove ,to be advantageous. The service rendered here will be found prompt and courteous. Patrons may be certain to receive fair treatment for (bis company possesses a reputation for Integrity, reliability and lionrst business methods. Callers may be confident.thai the true value of articles-will be mtule, known, and that honest valuations will be made. -Gold nnd silver may also Ire sent by mall, for which prompt remittance wJli be made, and which shipment will be held subject to the final acceptance of customers. De Sota Hardware Co.—Diebold Safe Products, Safe & Vault Repairs Gillejpie Bros. Co.-^Large Line Bird One of the' most prominnhtyb'ird supply concerns Jn the ' Sonlli'^ Is the Gllicspie BTOI. Ca, in''North 1 Front St., Memphis. Tlit-i concern carries one of the mast complete stocks of bird .supplies In-this territory. Here mny bs hnil bird pete of almost every, nature and description. Whatever the requirements may be In birds, they may be procured liei-c to Ihe entire fatlsfacllon of patrons. Manyhard- lo-flnd pels may be secured, and a visit lo this establishment will prove to be a reveladon to many A full line of cages, bird foods, medicines and other l! supplies is Pel* & Supplies—Hen Caharies^Boujfhl carried to satisfy almost any wants. ThLs company • is . also In the market to bu ycanaries, and the highest market prices are paid for them. All pels and supplies are uncohditlonally gimranteed to bt exactly as rejirescnled. The service will be 1 found prompt, reliable iiiid eo.urteoiis, and tlic prices as Indeed reasonable. A full line of. fish and aquariums is also han- dtol. Hera may be had aquariums In many designs that will suit the tastes .of the most critical For pet re:[uiremcnl.s .nn<i iwt supplies Oillesple Bra?. Co. surpassed. The patronage of northeast Arkansas Is solicited J. B. Cook Auto Mach. Co.—Reliable Motor Re-Building Service for Auto Repair Shops pace scoring 27 points, more than the entire Joiiesboro team combined. Bay pul Shawnee, Mississippi county's last hope, out of the championship running with n 30 to 24 victory In the second round. Trumann nnd .Welner won their games handily lo advance Into the semi-finals. Blytlicvllic defeated Dell in : a consolation game today, 18 to 17 to gain the right to men Shhiv- nee in n .second- round eoncola- • lion game. Should Blylhevllle beat Shawnee It can-go-no further In the' consolation series toward , a possible 'as Us next opponent would be Bay;and Bay by virtue of its victory over Bly- Ono of the most reliable safe concerns In this territory is the l)c Sota Hardware Co., CO South 2nd St., between Monroe and Union Ave., Memphis, telephone (i- 23GG, distributor for the Diebold Safe & Lock Co., handling a com- jplet« line of Diebold products. This company carries a complete slock of new, used and reconditioned safes suitable In all tines of ^f"'• business, for retail stores, offices, factories, Institutions, -etc. Here may be had advanced types of and well burglar resistive as cash-guards, bank I veteran:..billiard one -hour Ihcvllle earlier In the tourney instructor, -will devote _,„..,..,„, would automatically be -given the'to-teaching' the f un< | am( , nt|lU ot game. Should Shawnee - defeat .the .billiard game free of charge Blylhevllle it . would likewise by ,'»' Uiosc' attending hu, exhibition stymied, hayTTig lost tq Bay in the second round tllle play. Whitton Boys Play Blackwater; -Whitton Girls Tackle Yarbro Blnckwater fitted well into the role of "darkhorse" In the Mississippi county junior high school basketball meet in progress at Osceola loday and will meet Whitton boys in the finals of their division tonight. In the girls' play Whitton will meet Yarbro. The girls' game will begin al 7:15 o'clock to be followed by the boys' championship and games between consolation winners and tars In the championship games of both divisions if necessary to determine second places. Tlic consolation play was to lie concluded in each division this fternoon except for the lilts for econd place tonight. Blackwater boys started oil by beating Annorcl Friday afternoon 22 to 17 nnd followed with n 28 to 19 victory over Yarbro In the semi-finals this morning. Whitton gained the finals of the boys' division by beallng Hatcher Friday nigh,I 21 to ID. and trimming Gosnell 20 to 12 this morning. Yarbro girls had lo play only game to .win ^i place in the finals, defeating Hatcher Friday night, 43 to 8. Whitton likewise had to play but one game to reach the finals in girls; play, (rimming Gosnell 30 lo 13 this morning. Other results are: Ynrbro boys 21. Burdette boy.s, 6; Gosnell boys 31. Little River boys. IS. Gosnell girls- 'and Osceola second team girls played an unofficial game Gosnell losing, 21 to 6.. :out, Barrett has traveled more han 500.000 • miles by airplane, ailroad, automobile, bus, and even tractor. Barrett's rcputalig^ ns n judge f future phenomenon. 1 ; In the raw roved a boomerang in the' 'lean ays, however. Oth'er major -league lubs accepted his recommendR- lons. When he offered J2000 for nstance, for an athlete, the minor eaguc club would contact other major league outfits, and tlic Cardinals constantly were outbid Firs! and 1,1x1 Pnrchase gather $10,000 together with which o purchase Pitcher -Jesse Halnes rom Kansas City in the fall of 1919, but something had to be done. It was. During the winter of 1919, Samuel Breanon, a young automobile distributor who came In with an original investment ot $2000 quietly bought up stock. He succeeded Rickey as president, giving the latter more time to devote to managing, although always with an eye to the /business problems. direct expenditure of any size made for material by the Rickey-directed Cardinals. liickcy and Barrett worked out Ihe farm system. Breadon, a shrewd Scotsman, co-operated in a business way. which is scheduled at Pastime Billiard .Parlor '07 W Mam St at -8:30 P. M., March' 6. Spears needs no introduction to bl.lllard fans throughout the country. He has been playing regularly for 45 years, during which time he has traveled many times throughput [he United States with such-veterans as Jake Scha'efcr, Albert Cutler, and others. Spears was born in Shelby Michigan in 1871. At the age of 1« he won the pocket billiard championship of Michigan but lie has never entered a national or world's championship having specialized on matched games and exhibitions of all styles of billiards. At nn exhibition game of rail he ran 5<Hl without " , ml f?- T'«'s occurred at Jackson Michigan in 1895. In Sioux City Iowa, in 1915. ii c scired a them-' sand point gnme in spot, in 1921 in Boston, Massachusetts playm* against Yamada and Sutton Spears, playing 100 or no count] ran 8 straight games in spot He has a high r ,m of 198 in IBI balkline and 332 in 18.2. From 1887 to 1888 he was a Pitcher I,, the Tri-Staie Basebnll League. He has devoted some O f Ills life lo boxing. Spears Is of n genial disposition nnd willing at all times to help those interested in Ihe game. Cardwell Beats Marston In Portageville Tourney .... «.. .,-M r.rcr.ase wen°o£ AOf T^ , M °' ~ C ^~ Rickey was lucky enough to nu \°" t, , ? f !! vorltcs ' *«* >">rd ithnr *in(wi i~..iL. "..^lu,.^ !"«• lo eliminate the scranov Mars« n 35 to •'» . ^ ten thousand dollars was httle enough to pay for a pitcher of Halnes' caliber as far back as 1819, but it w»s the first and last .-.( .-- ,- ..>.-,/ J " hi tp'Urn'ajncrtV -underway Here - Porlagevllle had a hard ''time putting Deering out, 16 to 15 but Senath "coasted lo victory over Arbyrdri9 to 10. Matthews easily defeated Gideon, 24 to 12. Other games of the second day of play found Senath swamping 1 Mars- Holcomb, 51 to 24 ar1 Arbvrd rmt region- ling Maiden out '25 "to ]<l' WRESTLING ARMORY, WEDNESDAY, MARCH G LON CHANRY Indiana vs. BLACK SCORPION Masked Terror " Out of 3 Falls. ^ Hour Limit CYCLONE BURNS vs. noridl 2 Out «f 3 Fills, 1 RALPH SMITH Jackson, Tenn. Hour I,lmH vaults, safe deposit . boxes, delayed control time locks, etc. Safes may be procured here that arc absolutely fire-proof, affording complete protection against fire, as well as Tlic merchandise for tamper-proof qualities, due to unusually heavy construction, dlfHuiiK, to attack by burglars. Bank vaults of every description may also be had here. for all uses and purposes. Delayed burglar proof. here is known conlrol lime locks arc very effective against robberies, and offer patrons protection at reasonable cost. A specialty Is made of remodeling, re-arranging and changing of banks, regardless of size. The service department here has complete facilities for opening, repairing and changing of combinations for all makes of safes, vaults, el«. No job Li neither too large nor too small for Oils organization to handle. The De Sota Hardware Co., is widely known for quality merchandise. Those contemplating the purchase of safes, cash-Bunrds, vaults, safe deposit boxes, etc., will do well lo get in touch with the establishment, for here- patrons will find the best, 'that t)ie markel has to orTer. Inquiries are solicited from business houses and banks located In any port, of the South, and the assurance is given that customers will receive the highest- class products at reasonable prices. For expert motor rebuilding Die J. B. Ccok Auto Machine Co. 278 Washington, Memphis, cannot he surpassed, It lias long been known as one of the best motor rebuilding firms in this territory, where (expert workmanship is characteristic of all jobs performed. Here a specialty is made of rebuilding motors of every description, including nil makes of cars, Irucks and buses, catering to aulo repair shops, garages, service stations, Brunner Printing Co.— Successful Lithographed Letterheads It cannot be denied that a lithn- work in the design and execution graphed letter-head invariably de-1 of • notes reliability.' In' the absence of personal contact, there is no way for the receiver of correspondence to.form an Impression of the 1m- porlancp, size or reliability of Ihe sender other Ihhn'fthe gefieRiT ap- pLaranec of ; a Iptter-heaiV : Ton much stress cahriot'be Maid on a Finely lithographed'letter-head, and it should be considered more than a detail. A lithographed letterhead sent lo a prospective cuslom- ei or to one whom sonie important business Is .'expected • to be transacted with.- will, silently work magic in results, and will create a .favorable background' for the sender, as welly as-confidence and respect. A prominent speclaljst in the lithography of letter-heads and checks is • the Brunner Prihtin" Co., :4M3 North 3rd St.,- Memphis. It is one of .the most 'efficient 1 lithographing'.concerns in Ihe slate,, and is. noted for artistic high-class letter-heads and checks in one or more color.?. It art department submits Ideas foi designs.: and is distinguished for iti unusual ability in orisinaling distinctive design.^ nnd uniuual fnonogfahis" letter-head trademark! and- special lettering that. will b; a .credit to any firm's stationery. The -Brumier Printing Ci>.~is well known for its integrity, reliability ami fair, dealings, and the'"service rendered is prompt, callable and courteous. .The prices- are attractive and they will be a revelation , to many. Business houses should have their next letterheads and checks lithographed, and this- company would be glad to submit sketches and' prices. This concern also manufactures sales books of all kinds, tags, labels. tickets and other printing specialties. Estimates will gladly be. submitted upon application either by mail or {lersonal call. W.C. Pitts—Equipment for Grain Elevators, Mixed Feed Plants, Oil Mills One of the most prominent deal-1 in grain elevators, mixed feed ers In the South in the line of grain elevator equipment, mixed feed planls and oil milk U Ihe firn; of W. C. Pitts, 154 North Front St., Memphis. Here the produces of the best manufacturers in the country are, handled for the installation of grain elevators of every size and capacity, as well as mixed feed plants for the manufacture of almost everything In the line of feeds, and oil mills to produce any sized output. The apparatus handled here has been In use for many years having stood the acid lest of long wear and usage. Oil mills are handled hi all sizes to produce cottonseed and other products of almost every description. Besides, handling new equipment, the firm of W. C. Pitts also carries used machinery of many types for use plants, oil mills and other establishment.';. Used machinery and equipment may also be had here for use by glnners and for other ;operalioas In' the cotton industry. A visit to this establishment will prove a revelation to many. These conlcinplating the installation of new plants will find it to their advantage to make Inquiries here, as well aj those desiring lo make replacements, additions or alterations to present planls. Valuable advice will be given '. lo the trade regarding the best equipment to use for particular purposes. The prices here will be found reasonable, nnd the service as prompt, reliable and courteous. The firm of, W. C. Pitts has long been known for integrity, reliability and high standard Business methods. The patronage of northeast Arkansas is solicited. Memphis Paper Co;—Paper, Twine, Specialties—Mfs. Paper Folding Boxes fleet owners, transportation coastruetion companies, and etc. Crankshaft and cylinder grinding is done to the complete satisfaction of patrons. Automobile mechanics will find it advantageous over all motor rebuilding to turn jobs to IliLs company. A job turn- -vii ed out by the J. B. Cook Auto Ma- '- 1 chine Co. carries with it every characteristic of new motor 'per- ; formtuice. Auto mechanics and ' garages will find that work turned over to this firm will add to their ! prestiee and good will In the i comimmille.5 in which they arc lo- : caled The large clientele of this ! organ zallon will attest to the excellent workmanship performed. ' The service rendered is prompt, ! reliable and courteous, and the : prices are reasonable. Fleet owners i construction companies, auto r»- ! pair shops, garages, etc., nre urged to make inquiries here where en- lire satisfaction is guaranteed Estimates will be furnished inquiry by mill] or telephone. upon Thompson-Katz Lumber Co. Will Pay II* in* r n* + The Thompson-Katz Lumber Co Florida Ave., Memphis, is in the market to purchase tough white High Prices for Tough White Ash Logs nsli logs, •jreen from Ihe incites and with preference over, saw if necessary, given to 14 feet ind 16 feet logs. This company vill ]iny premium prices for this :lass of lumber and will purchase any quantities, regardless how large 3r small. Those who have 14 foot inrl 16 foot tough white ash lo°s an hand' will do well to get '.ouch the Thompson-Katz Lumber Co. Spot caslt will be paid 'or all consignments, and sellers ™l find it advantageous ;to deal vith this organization, which is widely known for reliability, inlc"- rity and high standard busineps methods.. Sellers ivill find it, pleasant to establish relationships with this company. Ready cash can be realized in the sale of these logs, and deals are consummated Immediately. Lumbermen everywhere arc invited lo get in touch with this concern, and the assurance is given that sellers will be afforded every satisfaction. The service rendered to sellers here will be found prompt and courteous. All inquiries should be addressed to the Thompson-Katz Lumber Co., Florida Ave Memphis. Tenn.. or telephone 3- U15U. . i . . Bonrter-Wells Belting Co.—Belting & Belt Repairs for All Business Lines One of the best known belting: clientele will :oncerns in this territory is the, ceilfnt- merrl,, Bonner-Wells Belting Co., 804 South .Main St.. Memphis-. This organization manufacture.^ n complete line of belting 'fir use In machine shops,, factories, mills aiid attest to the: ex- other establishments operating ma- :hinery, as well as rubber and O f the-hichpst ntmvai tlirosliino l, n lle it «V rn 7. l . lle .. ni i"e«- canvas threshing bells. It also conducts an expert repair' service, ivhere belting of every nature is repaired, renovated or remodeled. Here may be had belting of every description that is noted for high quality which will afford customers long nnd satisfactory service. Belting is carried in nil sl/.es to meet all requirements for power transmission, as well as rubber and canvas belts for threshing machines. Its large cciljnt- merchandise and fine service. ,The. ptlccs. are reasonablV commensurate; with present - dnv economic, conditions. The service is mnikcd by promptness; courtesy .and efficiency.. Orders are almost Immediately filled, and patrons to .receive merchandise quality, for quality is the foundation upon which the good reputation of this coni- w'tf h £ S , 1KCU Wi "' The Bonner- Wells Belting Co., would be glad to quote prices on any belting re- ST", 5 ° r kiting "M, «*cther large or. small, and cW omers are assured: complete sat•s for. ihonesly, reliability solicited, from northeast Arkansas anil any confidence placed in tlik organization will be deservlns." Southern Tire Co.— Wholesale New & Retreaded Tires A leading wholesale concern In the business of new nnd used tires Is the Southern Tire Co., of 377 Monroe Ave.. Memphis. Here may be had tires of every size for all makes of pars, trucks and buses. Tiro dealers, baitery .sliops, garages, repair shops and other dealers handling automotive equipment will nnd here a stock of new and used tires to meet all requirements. Tires of many makes may be had here and in many sizes. Dealers will find it advantageous lo trade here, as the prices will be fount 1 reasonable and the stock large anc 1 varied. Expert re-treading is alsc done for the trade, where the fill' circle system is employed, assuring full, non-skid (reads equa 1 A leading concern in the paper and twtne business and In the niniiufaclure of paper folding boxes is the Memphis Paper Co., 139 East Georgia, 'Memphis. It possesses nn enviable reputation for carrying complete stocks of twines and cordage, wrapping paper, paper bafs, paper towels, sanitary drinking cups, school supplies and n diversity of specialties too numerous lo mention in these columns. A strict policy of this firm Is quality merchandise at prices that arc reasonable, conforming to present day conditions. Its dealings with the trade have always been fair, and its large clientele will attest lo Ihe quality merchandise and sallsfacllcn obtained. A complete line of folding paper boxes is manufactured for use in oil lines of business, nnd paper fold- ing boxes may be had here for every use and'. need, and In all sizes and shapes. The service is characterized by promptness, efficiency and courtesy. Shipments arc marie to all points in northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri. This firm caters to retnll dealers, wholesale houses and jobbers, shipping department, offices and nil manner of establishment where Iwlne, cordage, paper, paper boxes and other specialties are needed. All qualities of paper are carried suitable for particular requirements. The Memphis Paper Co. will gladly submit prices on paper, twlno, folding boxes nnd paper specialties iu cither large or small quantities, and the assurance Is given that all will rc- cplve 1 utmost tenttsfaotlon. The patronage Is solicited of retail merchants. lo those In new tires. All kind.' of dealers in automotive equipment and automobile service art catered to, and (he assurance Ii given that dealers will be afforded complete satisfaction here. A large stock of re-treaded tires i? also carried, where advantageous purchases may be made. A visit lo this establishment will certainly prove lo be profitable to any dealer. The service rendered will br found prompt, reliable and courteous, and shipments arc made to all poinls in northeast .Arkansas Prices will gladly be quoted upon application either by mall, telephone or personal call. A. L. Deal Flooring Co. — Hardwood Floor Specialists Specializing in the Installation of hardwood floors, the A. L. Deal Flooring Co,, 710 Decatur St., Memphis, is probably one of the best equipped, concerns In the South to lay new, high qualitv floors. This company is known for great skill in the laying of Hardwood and other floors that will be a credit to any building, for here 110113 but expert craftsmen arc employed. New floors are laid cither in old buildings, or for new construction. Here old hardwood and pine floors are also re-surfaced and finished In a manner that fa difficult to delect from brand new floors, displaying a skill that Is outstanding. Tlic A. L Deal Flooring Co. caters not only to homes, but also to stores, res'- tatirnnts, night clubs, offlcas schools, hospitals, institutions, public buildings, etc. H also applies Duroficx Asphalt Composition Tile or clubs, kitchens, baths, offices, •orndors, show rooms and retail •tores. This asphalt .composition ile Is noted for toughness and great resistance to wear and will withstand a great deal of traffic, and can be laid over wood or concrete. The A. u Deal Floor Covering Co. will bo glad to submit :stimates upon all floor requirements. The prices will be found reasonable, and the service as prompj. reliable >nd coiirtcoivs. Customers will be Impressed with Ihe high-class workmanship. The patronage of northeast Arkansas is solicited and appreciated. RHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CQ. INSOUNCB PUT. 1

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