Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 31, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1891
Page 8
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BED SPREAD SALE. 100 Honey comb spreads 2£ yards square only 100 Crochet spreads, extra value only 150 Crochet spreads, Marsailles pattern 75 Ejctra value spreads largest size only $ ^9 OZ .... .74 .'.'.'. 1 34 These are Real Bargains, You are invited to call and see the goods. SCHMITT&HEFFLEY. I J A C 0 B HE R Z The,Liberal Tailor is willing to Divide- his Profits With his patrons in the following manner: I will open a new measure book the 1st of Feb. and on every 15th suit measure, suit not to be less than $30.00, the customer is presented with an Pair of Pants Gratis, - Providing he is a cash customer. Same offer to stand for 3 months. :-: CALL AND SEE ME/:-: Harry Gr. Tucker, me Pearl Street Tailor. BEN FISHER, The Druggist. Keeps a full line o! Trusses. :-: 311'Fourth Street :-:. LADIES' warm Slippers and Shoes. CHILDREN'S Warm House Slippers. WALKER & RAUCH, 42O Broadway. For the Next Four Weeks I will sell you an elegant suit for XX) CASH. I do-this to make room for the finest line of Spring Goods ever brought to this city Daily Journal. SATURDAY MORNING JAN. 31. P. J. HOOLEY, Pearl Street. Miss Stacia Carroll is visiting in Delphi. C. 0. Fenton went to Indianapolis yesterday. General Superintendent Watts was in the city yesterday. To Mr. and Mrs. Henry Benica of the East End, a boy. Alva D. Kinsey and Ida M. Hann are'libensed to wed. Harry McQuinn of Fort Wayne was in the city yesterday. Miss Ada Sine is back from a visit with friends at Frankfort. Boys, you" should see our display of marbles.—McCaffrey & Co. Reliable!—A reliable cut on bedspreads to-day.—Golden Rule. ^ Girl wanted, small family, good wages. Inquire 724 North street. Miss Julia Fawcott, editress of the Galveston News was in the city yesterday. To Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dunn ol West Broadway, a twelve pound boy last night. R. S. Jones of Ft. Kearney A. T., is visiting at his former home in Washington township. Mrs. John Jenks and Miss June Ullery departed yesterday on a -visit to relatives at Bluffton. Henry Six, assistant clerk of the Senate, came up from Indianapolis last niglg; to spend Sunday at home. Mrs. H. E. Adams and daughter, Anna of the North Side, are visiting the sister of the former at Springfield, Ills. C. E. Dykeman has moved from 213 Market street to No. 1 Linden street) the house lately vacated by Dr. Taylor, Will R. Small, agent of the Mutual B. and L. Association, returned last night from a three week's sojourn at Goshen. So many have been cured of rheumatism by Hood's Sarsaparilla that we urge all who suffer from the disease to try this medicine. 12 A. H. Gump, of Fort Wayne, aged twenty-six, on a wager of §1,000, will endeavor to abstain from eating'thirty days, and will begin his fast February 2. During its continuance he will be given water. Marion Chronicle: Rev. Swadener returned yesterday from his evangelical work at Lafayette, where he conducted remarkably successful meetings. He will leave Saturday for Logansport, where .he will labor in Broadway Methodist church. Posters are out announcing the grand labor meeting to be held in this city Feb. 11, on the evening of which Samuel Gompers^ president of the A. F. L. will address the people at the rink. The local trades assembly is making every effort to insure the success of the mass meeting. The rehersal for the Chimes of Normandy, to be presented by local talent for the benefit' of the Women's Christian Tempearnce Union reading, room is 'progressing finely under the direction of Mr. Demorest and the se.v- 'eral parts are being- gotten well in hand. This will--, prove.an attraction of rare drawing power. The.perfor.tn- ance will be given before Lent. Monticello Democrat: Dr. Shultz of Logansport, performed a peculiar surgical operation on a little son of John Zink, Wednesday. The little boy broke bis arm last summer and when he recovered rs was.found that the muscles of his arm had contracted in such a. manner as to partially closes the fingers of his hand. Di. Shultz severed ihe.muscles, and straightened the fingers and says'the boy will be all right. POGUE'S THEORY. IK Saturn! Gun KCKpoiiHlbJe For tile ITllld Winters In This .Section! Chicago Herald: Men arc advancing the theory that the mild winters which have prevailed for 'the past three years are due to the gas wells down in Indiana, "For three years," said Allen L. Pogue. of Richmond, Ind., yesterday, "our wells have been pouring out 15,000,000 feet of gas a day and the pressure is as great as it ever was. Now for three years it has been a noticeable fact that the winters of Chicago and .vicinity have been unusually mild, the same thing having been noticed in the Ohio field. 1 It is also a, well-known fact that certain combinations of gases will make cold air. It is on. this principle that artifical ice is made. My theory is that there is a great cavern underneath Chicago and a portion of Illinois and Indiana, which has for years been a huge storehouse for gases which have the chemical properties of producing cold. The gas wells of Indiana have tapped this enormous natural retort, and for three years the gas has been escaping. At the rate of 15,000,000 feet a day the total amount of gas released' in the last three years, since the wells were first opened, is 16,425,000,000 feet, which is, I believe, sufficient to make a most radical change in the climate of even a colder place than Chicago." Mr. Pogue will consult Chicago savants before returning to Richmond, and hopes to.be able to make converts to his theory. _ Tliey lost Three Thousand. Dollars Delphi Journal: By shipping their notes and bonds and monies out of the State to avoid taxation the Bowen heirs lost $3,100 in one lump. When William Smith died he owed A. H. Bowen $6,000 borrowed money, for which Bowen held Smith's notes. When an administrator was appointed to settle up the Smith estate he proceeded according to law, paid off all claims filed and paid in §3,000 to distribute among the heirs of William Smith. After everything was closed up, one of the Bowen heirs came in, claimed to he a non-resideut of the State, and asked that a lion be declared on the $3,000 due said heir on notes payable to 'A. H- Bowen aad assigned to said heir, which notes were never filed against the Smith estate and never collected. Gould & Eldridg-e stood for the Smith heirs, and Judge Winfleld and Charley Pollard for the Bowens. After "a day's fight Judge Winfield asked the privilege of withdrawing the suit, which was granted, and the Smith heirs will •et the $8,100. 'A Rich Young Mliiiatrel Manager. W. S. Cleveland, the busy minstrel man, is the owner of three minstrel companies, viz: W. S. Cleveland's Magnificent Minotrels, headed by Willis Sweatman and Billy Rice; W. Cleveland's Consolidated Minstrels headed by Billy Emerson, Barney Fag-an, Luke Schoolcraft and Hughey Dougherty; . Cleveland s Colossal Colored Minstrels, which have taken in sixteen odd thousand dollars. A fe*w years ago the lucky man was an assistant agent with a burnt-cork band; tq-day he is the ministrel monopolist of the country. The organization which appears here has just completed a wonderfully, successful engagement in New York. Mr. Cleveland will next season have not less than six minstrel companies on the road, all under his own management. "W'liere Compcr*'Will Speak. The route that -has been arranged for Samuel G-ompers, president of the American Federation of Labor is as follows: Cleveland, 0., South Bend, Logansporfc, Evansville, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansa^City, Omaha, Denver, Pueblo, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, Tucson, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Ore., Seattle, Tacoma, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Duluft. The committee .appointedby the Trades. Assembly of this city, to arrange the meeting to be held at the Broadway rink, is leaving no stone unturned to make the affair a success. It is expected that a large delegation of workingmen from neighboring cities will be here to attend the meeting, also prominent labor advocates. There will be a .street parade at .night:.:/:.' _ . , Leaders In tlic* Trade. •: • Mo'nticellp Democrat: The Connor .& Trick .Notion 'Co., of Logansport, has'been succeeded by the Sh'royer & UhlCo; The new company is composed of three of Logansport's best citizens and most enterprising businessmen and the firm as now organized will lead the State in the wholesale notion trade. _ Our presonal acquaintance with the members of the firm make it a pleasure for us to recommend them and their manner of doing business to all dealers who have occasion to use goods in their line. Wanted,'a good girl to do house work; only two in family.—Mrs. J- L\ McNary, 1117 North street. ,| G EN U I N E Red Letter Sale. It will eclipse all are former efforts. Our entire Stock of Scarlet Shirts and Drawers and fancj .striped Underwear, , •;•.;}; ONE-THIRD OFF 1-3 From Original Price. Ladies and Gentlemen! In order to reduce the whole line of Underwear, we make the most gigantic reduction ever quoted here. (SELLING PHICES) NOW. Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers $150 $1 IS~~ ' Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers 125 100' Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers 1 00 75 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers 75 57 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers 50 ' 38 Fine all wool fancy shirt and drawers 1 00 . 75 Heavy -white and mixed shirt and drawers 50 25 And all other lines in proportion This is less than Manufacturers prices and less than you can buy them at Auction for its done to make room for Spring purchases. Buy now, for never will you buy as cheap again. This is a Cash Sale by the enterprising One Price Clothier • i Harry Frank, Logansport andDelpM. Our grand distribution of Presents takes place next month, all are entitled to it, come and see us. City Orders bought and sold. 16, O O O Letters goto the Dead Letter Office Every day and most of them are destroyed by the government.- RETURN NATIONAL LETTER RETURN STAMPS, INSURING THE SAFE RETURN Of all Non-Delivered Letters, adopted to every class of people under all circumstances at any place and at any time. Endorsed by the Post Office Officials and by all who are using the stamps. For sale by Wilson, Humphreys & Co., THOSE PINK SACKS Trusts, rings, combinations—anything to advance prices on a commodity—never helped the man who. had to buy it in the least. We are here to help the man who has to buy an article—and that's the reason for our pink flour sacks. •Our own brand "Snow. Ball""'in'these pink sacks was put on the market because we -are friends of the consumer. We did it to defeat the millers who fbo.' the retail price on flour higher than it should be. A hundred pounds of "Snow Ball" flour costs you just Those whom we oppose by selling at this price \\ill say our quality is not as good as their's. Natural that they should say so^-but we guarantee it equal to any flour made. ' , Those who have used it are delighted with it. Those who have not can prove its quality in this way:— Try a first sack, and if you do'not find it equal to ;the best, we'll buy it back, less the first baking, at just 'the price you paid us for the whole. A costly guarantee if it is not the best, for last week we sold .'--'. 10,500 Pounds. "Snow Ball" is made from selected wheat," ground _ a way that makes it the finest flour offered in Logansport, The price will please consumers. Others we : do- not cater to, M. McCaflrey & Go.

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