The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1933
Page 4
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FACE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS O. R. BA13COCK, Editor H. W. HA1NES, Ad vert Is IE g Manager Solo National Advertising Representatives: Arjuniu billies, inc, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dillis, Kansas city, UtUo Rock. , published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered is second da.ii rnalUr »t the post oftice at Blytlievllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 0, 1911. Served by Ihe United Press. SUBSCRIPTION KAT£C By carrier in me City of Blyllievlllc, 15c per week or 5630 per year In advance. By mall within a radius ol 50 miles, (3.00 per year, $1.50 (or six months. 85c for three montiu; by mail in postal zones two to six, inclusive, 16.50 per year, in zones seven and eight-, $10.00 per year, iwyablc In advance. The Future Remains Up to lndus(ry It commonly is said {\<MC rlays thai we are in the midst of n hluodlos.s revolution in the United Sinter. The statement is cilhev pleasing ov terrifying, depending on vouv menial iit.itudc—:i!itl, pci'hr.p.s isii (lie mmiUf 01 r igli-iMnveml Kmiritiiv you hiivc in your s'itfety deposit bos. But it i:; noc quite aceuiiitu. That there hns-bcen a I evolution in the realm of ideas is (on obvious to need comment. Holh tlie boom-time psychology of the Cooliclgc era and the v:liiil'5-ll:c-nsc altitude of more recent years are gone for {.'ooil. I'ni wliullici 1 we are to have an actual revolution in political and economic life—a full transfer of power from one class lo another—still is it mailer for jho future to determine. We haven't had it yel. Whether we i'.re to have it, depends largely on how well the owners of the means of production, transportation, and distribution are willing to play ijal! under Ihe new rules thai have been devised. . « » * Willis Thornton pointed out recently in a dispatch from Washington lhat iheve are two courses open to the NRA set-up. It can TO ahead lo u more or less complete sodalb.tition nf industry, un' tier-full (oiilrol of Uncle Sain; or it car. Ix'C'.imi! a referee in the competitive .struggle, standing l;y to enl'oiTO the rules of fair play and lo see that every contestant gels all thu breaks that are .coming to him. That the capitalist would prefer Ihe second alternative Koes without say- inc. Whether the second alternative is what he gets depends almost entirely on him. If he plays ball, well and good; if not, he is likely to wake up some morning and find that this bloodless revolution which people arc talking about already has taken place. An Important Step In Prohibition Repeal Rune.'il nf llic fiyhUMiuUi ;imcmt- menl, arriving with n spued few people in Amerk'H thought possiljlo, does not ."imply mark tlie. CM! of » great experiment. It alfo marks I he lic- ginniny of to be very cnsy for us to make just as many nmlakcs with I ho now as we did with the old. For Hi is rcitson tin Uorkol'ullcr plan for |i(|tioi' control is mi extremely vol- . liable thing. Whether or not wu accept (lit;"solutions it olTtjrs for thu various pliascs of the liijiior problem, it at least serves to rcmiiul us that simply repealing thu pronibition law is only'hslf of the iob. \Vc' ; hiive tried one methoil of mcct- , intf the liquor issue and v,v. have found llml it didn't work. Nr-w we limst try sonic olbcr inethwl: aiul the XIIK- (festions in the Rockefeller jjlon tan he very useful in helping us to make up our minds. + » * The best point, perhaps, is the one which the Rockefeller plfin emphasizes most .strongly—thai it •vniikl be wise to make a clear distinction between the kind of control that i.- 1 needed for beer and wine niiil I lie kind that is needed for hard li,|iior. It is .-.ugjjested, in hii-l. lliai the :<;llo of beer be almost uni'..slrit-lcd, at»l thill \XTV liheral rules he set up to jjoveni the u;ilc of Wine. Un Ihe other hand, very MriiiBcnl insulations for the sale of whisky iinil oilier distilled lii.iior.s lire n-coinnu'iidi-u. ¥ * * Let beer, in 'ollici- word;;, bu sold by almopt anybody who ceres lo gel it license. Let wlno be serve'd freely inciiLs in hotels, re.statiraiit.s, and titfuw. Confine (he sale of bard lit.nor to a feu- carefully chosen retailer;!, for consumption in .the Imynr's mm home. Needless to say, no such plan as this is going to satisfy everybody. The prohibitionist will I'uul it loo liberal: the man who looks back fondly to the old days will (hid it too strict. But it, does serve as an excellent point of departure for discussions of thu liquor control problem. It recog- _ nixes the perfectly obvious fact that beer and wine present mie kind of problem, while distilled linuors present another. 1'robably we shall hau 1 lo spend a long time experiment in;; .before \ve lind a truly .satisfactory i-onlrol plan. Tlie important thing is thai we gel. busy now studying what kind of plm. looks most sensible. The Rockefeller report can help us very greatly in that study. —Bruce Calton. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Oh, I hiive (o no !mck iiHititi. mi n-A." LMHiiujh vita- Right Foods Will Help You to Keep Your Teeth Healthy 11Y I)K. MOKItl.S FlSlinriN l.irale.'.i Editor, Journal i:f I hi- American] um -h Medical AiTni-iation, and 'of ' I-.M nf liyjeia, thr Health -Magazine . ir.r.l:i> Nfedicnl authorities now gen-11:1131 ii trzlly ndmii that the condition of | haw. your ti.-elli dcpci'rts on what you' ;::i:c' ml- ! i'..i!. «' :.;;•':••-: ! i of thr Ion 1 ; bones • Cri-. ill:!'. 1 : ::o i;cl enough I-:;!'::ni-. in Hie body lo !ICM fairly .-.olid with "the of tl-.e bones thnl tliey CHURCH EXCUSES By Gco. W. Bartuun - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - SO ESSENTIAL. WAS IHE VEW TREE, FOR MAKIN6 6OW-STAVES. THAT EARL.V EN6USH IftMS AAAOE THE, PUNT1N& OF THESE TREES COMPULSORY. Dear Aunt: v I know you will forgive me for not answering your letter promptly us I usually do and at this lime 1 wl)l,not comment on all tlie you. w,ioU' about your church work. 'We are sjlad lhat you have about i»rfcctcd your new solo. This gives you two so tlnil 011 Mi'.-clal occasions you can llin new one, or maybe il would bn belter for you lo Ihc :r.-w one mast of the lime so that should there bu strangers happen in for Sunday services, ilien yon could Miix the old one as il would new to the stranpi'rs and as von have been .sinitiiii; il nil these years, you miisl have il almost perfect. Archica'ld and 1 nave been so 'Juki 1 the past few days helping •ml in the library drive, we felt "Iko we owed it to Jiinhi- lo help -in in tins work as ilirve is until- j 'nn like ';ood books fo:- children I r: v.cll as the <mnvn ups ami as' '-en- art- a lot of booLs thai p?i-l ')> can't affo~(t to buy but if: IMTI- Is ;i Rood library handy any-. v." who pays a small fee can' 'law aeccfs to HI many line books . without additional cost. S-j ve !eol •hat .funioi- will ?oin«by be- n i;rcal bis boy and we would want him to have access lo r/jnd bool:s. I only wish ve had yon here to : help us in this drive-. However, : HK-:t everyone seems anxious to i I'clo. «o we eyiieel to r.ucn have a ' The rev, tree was so necessary to Knylisli for >.V makiny ol real library, Thoiisli. .some act in | bow-slaves thai the supply could not keep up wiln the demand m <o^hmU ik ;;or^?;T c a ^ °' ^^^ ™ f °™"= «* ^^ °<- ^ =««. lt ™ ,,^ s . dimes one time they seem to. tar i' lo I" 11 - li>to ' orce a lrnv provklnu for a ccrt.iin number of tow- bo imported with every .shipment of v ine brought intu the country. NEXT: IIc\v d!:l Illinois AN EXPERT AT FISH CATCHINS, ONCE WAS ee.iEVEO TO ATTRACT THE FISH WITH ITS LEGS', AND Ot-0 ANGLING BOOKS ADVISED THE USE OF MARROW FROA\ THE THl'&H-BONB OF A H6RON AS &A/r/ fa PD/ING SPIDER,, of AUSTRALIA / n CANNOT FL~X SUT KAi SAILS WHICH SPREAD OUT AS THE SPIDER LEAPS .-- they seem to. thirV that t'hoiild fcllli- llic mat- j staves lo '.cr lor .life, and some think it is iometliing totlcn up especially for: Junior and as they aic noi related j lo him. they would no; help out for even a book or some small! The stngin. "mount of money. . : sttunc iCoiiyrijjhtetli I musical notes S cl laiiiuus iMcmnon wn.s a in the mnriiinj and as it set at which gave out night: after the staim- was lipped when the smi rose;over, it no longer .sany. now knowVd-,, 1 of diets 1 mla uit-. phy- Eomc iuvc.slisnlors in Ihc Uni-. •': -ans thruiijliout ti'.c world arc versity of lown, for instance, found' '-tudyin:r the diet? of varimis ];co- ti-.r.l dlr>betlit cWUiren n-hn had re-h'° -Tid an: iliscoveriiie fomp ex- feivert .' diets for tvo or! .ci:!i:in:y i:itrrc-!ii>:; fiict:', aixJut llu'ic mo-.itl-..; t'lveluVril :: i:r.iilu.ii! ! ' :i ' rplalhiuliiv of iiir,; 10 licalth. l.arrienini: ol t.":- full spots m i i'-.rticiilKrly Hi-: ict-th. t.iclr tceih. The diet of these 1 children consisted principally o!: cream, mil!;, baiter, cod liver oil, I n-cal. liu!ky vcuctabbs und Irnst- : T3m:i tin- diabetic clulrirr-u *.\ci:. receiving (r.o;is which cnntaln mure' l (hi- rx.i'l-,!h! i»1ij.-|-:il- R-r! ":(.-- : mills thiin cio ;he diets of orilln-1 trlly hcalihy 'I he same 'y];r of e:<lJCrtji:t-:!: "hen v,as rallied fin \vitli M,II'C cliildicn M-hn v.n'f. in (he li[»|rit:i! I'cntis- of uccicicnts or tnjtiries oi various kinos, witlioul havinl: any .systemic disease. As IO:IK a.s these children «i-re on the .systematic diulF, l!:f..- also did well. .'nr us cl?c:iy ot 'iu-ir trctli 1U.YTIIEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Kiom flic's of the lltr Daily Courier iu;i:i.v nunv 11011 \Vi:b'J'U.\. M,II ,,r :, niil- Ininulrr. i: I-H lu .lU'inphK an .•uttMv-ctlon whh a tcillK- lilynl un[]LT i-uiislTin:ttun Cnr hi^ riithtrr'* iiiniiir. »,,[, .ni,,] .l(>.\>- tt'.VU- IMi frill in lo\t- niih rncli iillirr 1>III 11.1II11AKA COI.mi.VKV. «ncl- r.ty ^-IrT. KI..)<L-]IJC% lo lufce Uim mvay I shiiVnu IrnTn Junu, j , , '1'hrnneh ll:irl,:ira. J.)iin |« in- ! Uu" t. jiKil_tu ,1 lici unc i.r.tlT 'AYMOND now. They saiil '(lie girl sure is I "What accident?" Tha hand bo lucky, Inn tiiat poor fcllov.!' Ulrek-hcd out for the jiaper was im- .k-rry's dead, Joan, ami I'm liv-1 steady, lie bad let Joan K o homo ins;. And it ivas all my fault!" ; willi Jim, hnowiiis Jim was ilruni. Tal'd hysterical voice rose. If Joan w.-n hurt—! Oil ' Thursday. Oil. IS, \aa. Mrs. M. O. L'm-j- and Mrs. Dim f'arrar were |-,o,H''sses to me o! the mcs; briili.!!:l nflairr. of the season _ Wcdni-alay alirrnoou when limy .__.,: entertained at :i liridijii-rcok pally I'm so happy, 50 thrilled (•> have-a chiincc lo woik. I've never hud IL }ob in mv lite- thai Is. n real Job. — Mrs. Isabella Clrccnuay. new congrciswomun from A:-|/ona. -* * * N'ollilni; fails like success. —IXan livjc. Wlml we need to protect ll:csc iiuidvrii-J.iy youths Ls a youths' iipostolale. in currfn'. times when temptations are bcln-^ liiiov.ri aboul them on all .sides. —Bishop Stm'Jii A ."i-.ritch ot Milwaukee. » « • I v.ant lo comply wun (h>- ls-» »::•! i -*ill wear whatever Is necessary. —Sslly I'.sr.O.. One trouble with lliu ttx'iUr rsn L, it's become a cull. --Otorge M. Coh:!ii concerned. • j ;it li'.c home- of Mrs. Usrcy. Just as .scon ns they v.ere ;i'.it' There- v.cre 13 taWc-.s of bridge. back .in tile ware!, where liny could thooic Ilicii fcod. they ug'jin hcgan lo have trouble uilh llvi teeth. You may be niij of tho^e ul:o b 1 - iievo t!io Chir.ivo diet U in.irh- - because il cmir.ists larui-lv c! rico. If :K>, you're all '.'ron^. "II," Clnncso iictuallv do cat other food; than rice, whe'i thoy urt able n get money for Ihcm. The complete Chinese tiict. 'iliKh l.i ii:-:i: a illMi c.l cliop siu-y. :,:• Ibi'imh that us not. I iind'T.^'.i:,'.!. ;•. real Chtnc.o dish, is lil:t>;v n: (.cjir.ain leafy vcgc-tahic.s, soy I:.-:,:•. . eegs and ill! parts of ;:miit.i!;. ineiiidin; rven the blood: For yrars li'.c; 1 . rivili^rd j--,^-.' rti--<".nl many i:nrlion.> of tli-. oi:: nal !;r;dy. paiu:x only the :-.i:-. .. Lal-r the fatly pans •-•..•• altn. Bui today liver, hr.:-.^. brain r.nri sp^cii. v.i.-.'n oimcrly wen: discarded, an- tld:>-- rics. ... ;lse. Mrs. Marni- Rcbinson rcct-ivi.'d high score ar.d (hr cmi£3laii:,n went to Mrs. c. .1. Little. Ti'i-rc | were four tables of rock, Mrs. D. j H. I31ackwoo<l rpfeiving the liiuh score nnu Mrs. J. il. Eikii-.s tmj consolation. >!,-s. Mori is of St. Louis. wl:o is visitlii}. tier daughter. Mrs! Otto Kochlilzky. received tbc cull prire for the entire party of G8 8 nests. The Junior Hii;]i (ir-partiiu-i-.i oft the school is to take an active part in thr editing of ihn Ecl:c. the l-,i-h school paper. Al a m ielln 3 Tuc";aay the following uK-n-.cers « t -rcl elected to compose t ii 0 j m ,ior U:cii i Stan: liobcit Bo;uic. criitor in cl.lcf- -Iin-.n-.y Hc.ul jr.. itlcr.iry editoi • I l>clla I'urtle. society iditor- N.-,[l I'arsmorc. all-.ldic (tlilor ?jlaDnJcr- . . .-j Ihat ke no Icmjjcr ciirus «yr hr.r, »hr relurna TnMrtiuihli nlih JIM TV.UU'lELU. I'.IT \V.lltt.\U.' Jonn'.-i r S.-IT ItOHi: fOUKKSTEII, ion ol 'ln-'r *-ruplor«:r. Joan learn* from lu-r moclu-r (Iial I'nt feun lifrn gi-jtic tn iunk'» ivlicru there SB o icooil •Ifiil O f dilnklnB, -Irrr.v'w fnltcFM In C'.MltK XVII,- I.IAMS, a married ffumin. Jrrrr ,-all» fut I'at one nljrht ond thcj ,[TMC to n road huusr, '1'hc uninc •-iciiliic Junii Kut< In Ihe ejccln- -slic "X! B ln Cm, ClilV iilth Jlr>i. ll,,l, ^nd Hnrluirn nre there. Jim ilriul;v lien\l[y, ncslctllnjc Jonn. I'Jil .-mil Jerry, ApeL-dinc home from ilir ruai] hou*c IH Jerry'n mr. i-idllite «Jlh QButbcx aufomu- arms \\~cre arouml (he liMiire, holdius Pat close. darling. Vou must be ! i|ulct. It wasn't your fault. 1'ou ' Hut it was not Joan. The liinsli- iiiK, merry face ot 1'al ifcavcii -u'li. at lifm from HIP printed paje. 1'a'. ' i couldn't have iircvcntcd it." i '*'? I "' tlllrei1 . llr « scl1 i" ;t «"'». ! -riien he. is dcail," I'at bc E an ' wllllc fror;k - I'^ta'-U' •<• commeuc* lliriikcnly. "Ob, my Hod!" Con-! l "™' Il ' l " :k - jvnlfivc craolinn swept her again "lilntslly artldi-nl," llrl> said at- I^Tliilu slic cluas to JOLU!. l°r a nioin[.;:t. "t'tn .^la-l tiio poor "It was all my fault. Joan, lie i kil1 Wils nut ^riounly hurl." was anyi'y v;ilii mo, JL wo had stayed—" "II miijlit, have bappcncd anyway, Put. You muU bcliovu lhat." llut I'at couldn't believe it. Her bright lioinl, n mass ot lan- 11I.S father, uoliin; llio bctrajin^ •'"'• siKUP, .raid: "Vuu thonslil it was tlit sislcr." "Vc=," Uolj an-ni-rcil. "'i'lln fellow ^lie win last niglit been drinkjiiL: "ll'jli, you didn't let me know liow much yon i:i,rc'l for this girl. You aie iiielty far g'jn'. 1 , areu't sn\v to o.\ WITJI TUI: STOHV CHAl'TEl: XVIII X a Binall white card in a hos- mobile accident." Otlicr were recorded briefly. ! Over Tiic new accident case was ly- i tlrrltel ' ;'" c ' l ,, " gw ' j "I'm afraid sn." ! "Why itfraid':" . --i.'lr'l. fiiilicr Pel Crow Pays His Master for Fun TALIHINA. Okla. iUf'1— Jack Wilson's |ict crow. Jim. is honest. When the bird broke a romb, ce'.h. A Chlne-o illicit;.:.Uor 11.11::-1 l-.t- p.iid for it -,villi ;i dime 'd TM> believes thai ihe lit.-: .! j Recently the bird, which picks if/ of rsjs in '.lit diet of Chin,--• jpci-Jtcls. pilfers, and performs cv- •rcvldes (hem wiih utamir. ulriy oilier ainioyiii!; prank, was prank, pirtiin- UK- iecll> out ol Wilson's vest ;»ckct comb. Wilson scolded liis "Jim" Hew away, and soon ic- turnrd to drop n shiny new dime aniutsl Hie niiiiA of the comb. citizens ^f America's two foremost cities to call up and. kid. each otha civic corruption I <UiK WAY BY William] OVA , M A Av4l COMiMCir . x've. A GOOD NOTIOK1 TO UET HIM TM<E TH PICTURE-P.MD I VMOOLD. IF vr ' FOR vou MS NEAO OiPPY , M A A AH I M A A_ ' T VNOM.V HtUP V-UM" OP TrA' ^/AftO, AMD HE'S Such a diet supplies al! Mibstanccs nccc.saiy decs much '.n prc'vcn ce'.h. for lioalili. nnri Ihe abiorpiion i;f r:-.!m as an aid lo liardeni:i<- ill? tcelh. Many txplaln (lie sh.iri ..!;it;:;- , Chinese and .Lipam.-.- i>y :; ; '.hrir (ilei-i ro;-,:.i:r, r.M.;i i!:i:(;-.i:;i5 of vUanir. I) in TUBE C.UPKK 1469=FerdinaJid of marries k-Chicago teleplione opened, enabling kkN At ^ fled hair, moved from ~ide to side on tlie wiiitn jiillow. Now and then a moan csca-ied her parched lips. "Oil, .Tfjan. I want lo die-! Why d'nln't tliey let me diV; 1 can't bear to live, know-In;; I killed Jerry." "JInsli. deiir. Ynii -.vcren't to pital cabinet npiienred the blame. Jerry v.-as lirivins like :t j "Von n-:, l;,nl. I was iirtiiy EN™ name. "Waring, r-ntrlcia. Auto-1 maduiau. they hjij. u was «, alu-ul lur. I lin-iiKlii nil'- was tlio facts Imirack- yo,, both weren't lulled." ! Icvelie.--!. the ilc.ire-1—" and nver tlio pitiful. | "' now yuu aren't K.J sure? oice. "Oh, i!o3n. If 1 liud | Wlial's wr<i:i-;, ma?' 1 ing in a imiall, darkened room. ;'" c ",,, lrjo - •- rau '' b " r ta livc i ''H's hard t°o tsplaisi. Siimelinici eye:i i:loscd, listeiiiii-; vngucly to:" gw ' j S' 115 "°-' s mi'-'xpiiclcil lliiug-i that an nufamlliar voice. : A " llrse 1!1 a * r '- i l | whltc «"I-limit. And somcliniiM nhu'i f> "Vou needn't worry at all," tlio i [l'™, 1 *™.?T* ^ ^^ \ ^"J" *™ l l ^ ^ s ^"^ » w voice tutul. *'.SIic's coinhiK ni'-t'ly. \\K gi'vc her clticr when Hit ynsh wns suwcil up in her lieud because she wua no ticrvou?. Kxtcpl Tor Lhut and ?DHIC bad hruisuf. she'd iicrfcttly all rfslit- Sliu \v»s Certainly lucky." 'Hi'. 1 last v/orrls brou^lit bach liotror, bldcknujs, uiid tbc memory cC utbcr voicejj ''She was ; lifltd I"' 1 — 1>at ' a hi:lli nn ' 1 Placed a lu:r t wantr;^ lo run off v.-ltli her.' l -sla^ ngain.sL lie? MIH. "Drluli ; H-mirtim-; T wi-'t 1 liatl." i tUir." ^hc s.ii'1 >:*»(]ly. •loLin vriititsL' l!iu torn' from lic-r |, IUi I.ilhcr ^iinuX hi;; hca'I. "N*-i L>ll SOtlllUi? \\\\\Y^ llKll \VJV. !>!«>-'<» JlVLlllUM I ill ML:.1 t llitL V. J V. own face, sa-.v (Hi stricken eyes | Til( ,., (]on - t K ,. ]V ,. cUk[I ... closniK and watciicd i,c-acu slip-1 „',, (iil , wl ',.,,,._ u , j , !!!":. ^".r. 11 ™ ™™ UVCr 1>UIS J «':«!•. IrjInB lo ,l,,.ribo .!,«„', certainly lucky . , .the v.-Iiolt 1 thing is in s pi niters nnd linnlly a KcKiltli on lior , . . lji-t that poor Thn -ll of 1 l-JOi! to*i1rl nut ^l'--J!i. ! 12 lucJ i ll'.ni^ IiiuiseK inlo iictl nvoniul |tv:n oMntk, fculini; lm wa? | licimil'jly throng)). Any t;irl \viiy ; (jfnil-i contiini" In p1:iy around ; vviiii :i weak idiot liki; Jim War-: ! li.'irm :isnl her cxn^iirvaliHK iLU .^ Lit lli'j ioiiiG lime. His faliifir y.\\\\ :0o-,vly, "Hho ^'H.> iii'oninl with wild ycsuit; I:K.-M i\nt\ llio :i^lcr".i bicn ^uiiir; anvin-t v-ilh ;i:i;>liur Iiartl <lrin'Ki-r. \'(-.^ :-.jys the/ wrrt* .vclurn- ,.;...,' 't'-^ fvu;i] a road "I Know," ];n!i rroU'slO'l. "lln'. Joan i-=n*i. n wiM horl—jur-t a IU... i IJt. IL LJIV^ IJII/.- 1 •/iiii-, sraliiis sound. Voices roar.:"" '" ' Ul|; " :ini1 f "''•-' l ''"' iiiK above licr. -J htn darkness. : l!l:l ' dcsnito bis rcsolutioiif-. 1'afs lashes niitlcrctl, bcr C;TT : s! ' ;t 'l' rctiiseil to conio and be ofii-neil nondcrliiiily. ] lus.-cd from tide to tide, btarins "I'.u, darling!" I :lt ''"-' eellins or wall. It was only It n'as Joan Ijciirilns ubuvc her, • urlor '"= h '" 1 <Icc.itlc-il that il stim|.iu B lo kibs her. Ami Mrs.' 1 ™" 1 ' 1 '"- " 1nre sc"'' 1 ' 10 '" l; * vc V.'nrliii;. "My own liule girl, my j'I °)" lv . ilil ;' oal ;- lo_lelHKr jirc- poor llulc Klrl!" Mot!n-r. tircri ' ' " '" lines about her reddened eyes, "Wlu-l ;;:;i,!i; Jjiij ,, Kc-linr: Uir.t. lie loo. And there wa? Hill. "Well, old nirl, yon'io com'nig aluiiK line!" Hill grufily kind, bis voice queer "Wo had an uucideul, Jerry and ; O'T'.. t!ij.^ ilci-i^ion v.\'S *,na f ':, I." i-:nic I'af's voirc. gnipitis. ! fi:ll Letter. Lisiit-licarted. 11" \ ^bc tiinl lo i.outctilrale. "Jerry wlii-iiins sof'ly when In: lurnc'! would drive (aEl. I lold him—" i hi.- |i.,,li. [}n tboulrt liavc i.o; "Ve;. (lai'lliiK. Vou liuiiln'L talk lo .l, J: i-. l^forc. I«ii'.l the t.ird^ K'j^ 1 . Tlin doctor \\auls yon to bo lii: t ;|jlc. iiul-'i. 'I'ry to ticcii." | "fu-'j moruin" U-^ 1 " b Cat Hotcd her oycs wearily. , Jir ^ Jjo1l cl , u .^,. t ] K , h Sii-; fr-lt i,,o tired to talk, too 1 ,,;,, ile _ -YOU-rcm V Hred ID Iliiuli. \\hcn tbu nun.k- ,T. Tlil-i htrango room with Its tiuit wiiili; dresser, whlto \\alls and ulilie luhlc ,vilb botllca of dainiiiiu Jojii T/iiU (:vrry word, l?u!i nu- swe-,-i:il, "Tbc motlicr is liue, Djil. Kivi-ct and i-li:ii-i,]iiK. I've bear'I btj!i!u ;;cs 5 ip ul.oilt Mm fatllcr. Hi) kill-."! liltiisclt over tiiuncul wor- , what hr- Iliousllt ul hrr he-: 1 '".; , lic "'''' ;1 II ' 1 " 1 ''"ukcr." haviur. tlint. Ih-! nervous tcu=bn; »""• yu'v.i iro-yl, sirens rebnstl. ''Ami then slccii \va~ o-it lr: ;' ll; " :li pt yon." ot Ilia i]ai:-Uiou. He waited ini-, "' know. 1 ' pati':i;ily hour \v!r. JOLIU. ;,rV you not lo f~* i- ior a youii? man »n!> M-.I-M t i:.x nilir!, bli-f]!." Ti".- t-Mrr \\Ynwi laid Ihc mornins in-.v.-iiuiitr u:i hU bji as be spoke. and n roll of Kauze.! l! ^ luinucd. WiniWii't llu .,!.] MllillK iic.u a «li!dir,v' r ! 1 'H> ^ EUl'liri-d] I-.' l.n-'.v m- : huilirt tlepl nl .ill! i "Alliaclivc lookin; :-"I :•"' «>i«' lialking tu ytjlciil.') :-l.u llic tnc y,,'i \s,-o i,c-u »; uiil. IVl llsuiiglit her Ul..-! lie lii'l I;:bill lil'lil. "I !li, , lil-c. 1 sir. iM [.- yull, D.Ul, lli'.ll I!;. fere. It's ;--;iF''ii fur in; -If." 'l i!u.:,:'l her ijCo .ind > .tl'jL-iily mu-nniiy tamo!;. 'U-;irs tll|iiril frn livi I.'I.^IK-S alxl loikd "bite cllcck-i. «'!'. I'ul. dcuivel. ilim'i! liL-'s ilc.'.J, .loin:, t Kiii then : lluuil- I 111 Ull- ' M I il iT.l i I ." ,-! nsvcr t v.r:uy. "Ve>-. tliat was . "I wag wumlcii .- ;, I..,' il to llic for d.iylijM mul an! ""'•! ''" n a mailer of Khc v. iili h'! conlil i)iu;)'.-ily i ;i!l ; li:n - ^', I,,:,;. They've V' pt ilio t:-:- ' Thr uomcn ii:c We. loin br.^ • .uir'3 huvi^br'rn Irjr. wc^.- :,," .'->'; fiiti'.,-'. 1 >.ild : ; Vj\sl>-. ";\.-;:-r : :i- •r. ilir: ivrnii^ wifn ian 1^ i.^tii. il'-n't liki- lo iulcrtrrn v. :r. i^-,r i\ii:s bu 1 . U:ij v.oui 1 :: r.r. K I Oil'-!. lilllct bl;. ic- I t\Lii imcr- lie (.'ylilinncill

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