The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 22, 1950
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY 22, 1950 1950 Model Embezzlers Hit All Types of Business in U. S. dreaming too much of the ficsh|X)ts. That description comes from the United Stales Fidelity and Guaranty Company In a study of 1,001 case histories ol embezzlements since tf. 1947. The same study published a ^ similar survey in 1931. A Blurred Image The new study discloses that the typical embezzler today Is a "considerably blurred" linage of his predecessor of 15 years ago. But there are some differences. The postwar man or woman who makes off with company funds is younger, earns more money, less often married and has fewer dependents. Their characters and p?.st records are less favorable, and they have worked shorter periods for their companies. " They are more likely to abscond, less likely to commit suicide than their earlier counterparts. 1950 Mnclel Ahscnnrirr The survey describe.! the 1050 absconder like this: "As a rule he succumbs to the same tcmplatfons and fails his trust under the same general clrcum stances. Loss ot savings, reduction in income, accumulated or fpolis'nU acquired debts, living beyond his means, the -'other woman,' excessive drinking or gambling, an ill, nag ging or extravagant wife, sick chll dren, any or all of these may leail him to be false to the trust reposed in him." The new study of 1,001 embezzlers covers 845 men and 156 women who .among them took $3,648,641.27. The jgirien were responsible for losses to- ^Jiling 53.544,222.89. The women stole $140,418.38. ' . Of the total U.S.P. and O. can- nlly emphasized only $2,066,245.40 was covered by surety bonds. The employers lost Sl.618,395.87. The tabulations show that the Postwar embezzlers lived anywhere, everywhere. Every state In the union and all types of business were represented. Worker! Everywhere Some worked in large establishments, others were the sole em- ploye. And they were In positions of every degree of importance, from handyman to heads of establishments. Here are a few samples from the one thousand and one: Case No. 57-S-211 was a $10,000 a year financial house official who became an Inveterate gambler afler a casual visit to the race track. Before he was through he had sunk 4192,000 of the firm's money on im- _profilable "investments", at the '•WWThe $5,000 a year business man- 53-5-129 eloped with a woman em- ploye, taking $2,270 of the ho money. No. ll-S-129 was a 23-year- old bookkeeper who became infatuated with a salesman and advanced him enough 'of her employer's money to buy a car. All passed scrutiny of the employer and the underwriter and were bonded against dishonesty. The U.5.F. and G. saw no reason to change a statement in Its earlier survey that embezzlement is "proof that it is Impossible to predict with certainty the future actions of any man." WARNING ORDER The defendant, Patricia Jackson Dunn, Is hereby warned to appear . In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days, to answer the complaint ot plaintiff, William Owen Dunn, filed against her in said court, Case No. 11,283, and npon defendant's failure so to do, said complajnt will be taken as confessed. Witness my iinnrj as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof this 29th FOR SALE Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! TRUCK $275 Hauling Cotton Choppers 503 EAST MAIN Our Tclephoni Number 4438 She I ton Motor Co. RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Kactory-lVsincd Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Pricei Phone 2642 \Ve 1'ick Up and Deliver Fred Callihan MllSn Plrsl SI.. Hlylhfville ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD COLLEGE STODKNT-Bobby Gordon (above) H, will attend freshman chemistry classes at Western Reserve University m Cleveland starling June 19. He is about six years ahead of himself m science subjects but will continue other studies at an elementary school. His grades In other subjects are normal and he plays second base on R baseball learn. He is shown at work In his home laboratory in Cleveland.—(Ap Wircphoto). 'Hairless' Musician Can Be Well-Paid .'ay Judge P. L. E. Rawlins sees it, a musician can be a well- paid longhair without any hair at all. Or so he told 46-year-old Theodorus Peondies, pianist and tenor, who sued hairdresser Charles Ellis for 200 pounds (S560) in damages. Theo, salt! his lawyer, had a "magnificent head" of shiny black hair. It turned gray at the edges. He went to Ellis and got his locks blackened. He also got a skin disease, he charged, and lost most of his crowning glory. He feared a bald dome would cut his earning power. Long hair, Theo's lawyer asserted Is accepted in musical circles as part and parcel of a musician who wants to appeal to his public " Not so, ruled the judge. There's bald Sir Adrian Botilt, retiring this year after long success as conductor of the British Broadcasting Corporation's symphony, one of the country's best. "Sir Adrian isn't well oil for hair, is he?" asked the judge, "and fie is a famous musician." Awarding damages of only 60 pounds ($168), the jurist remarked: There Is not a title of evidence day of April, 1950. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Magee, D. C. Reid and Roy, attys. for plaintiff Oscar Fendler, atty. ad litcm. 6U-8-15-22 to support the contention that musicians with hair are more highly paid than those without." Blue-Tailed Monkey Is Returned to Cage After Drive- In Romp INDIANAPOLIS, Inrf., May 22. ^ — A blue-tailed monkey fresh from Africa was back in her cage today after a three-day romp in a 90 foot screen tower in a drive-in theater. She escaped while being transferred to her cage in the theater's zoo Thursday. The theater owner received scores of suggestions on how to catch' her, but nothing worked. •;- ... •, . . . Unaccountably, the monk came down yesterday. She was chased around the basement of an adjacent home and trapped in a section of tile pipe. Her homecoming in the zoo cage was less than cordial. Her mate paid her no heed until she got a banana. Then she had to slap him down before she could eat it. You'll Love Our Flowers! BLYTHEVTLLE FLOWER MART Mempbli Biw.j Phone Mm Are Termites Ruining Your Property? Government slalisdcs say (hat Termite damage was second only lo fire in the United States. We will make an mspcclion and give you an estimate, if needed without cost. Our work is licensed by (he Arkansas Stale Plant Roard-we have 12 years of exper- lence to guarantee you satisfaction. • FREE INSPECTION • SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. H. C. Blankcnship L j 7Mer 309 East Kentucky ,> none 23 50 or 357 For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In o majority of cases invesli gated in several hospitals one. clinics, subnormal Kidney function wai improved. Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after (he use ol Mountain Valley Water. If your doctor has diagnosec 1 your condition ai functional Kid ney impairment thii natural, un treated mineral water may be ver> beneficial Try it for a few weeks ft is delicious, pure-tost ing, and may be consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division JtoantainYalley " Mowtr Blytherille Machine Shop -'!! So 2nd Phnne 2828 Store River Basins Subject- of Study WASHfNGTON, May 22. 1,/r, _ President Truman has directed si) government agencies to form ; committee to study and recommend co-ordinated plans for developmenl of Arkansas, White and Red River basins. The six are Departments of Agriculture, Army, Commerce and Interior, the Federal Power Commission and Federal Security Administration. The action was announced Sat. in-day by Senator Kcrr (D-Okla), who was advised- of it in a letter from the President. Kerr was a co-author of IcRisla- •ion to establish a commission for lie study. The proposal once was >art of the rivers and harbors flood control authorization bill signed recently by the President. It was elini- nated by a conference committee, vhieh substituted n section that Army engineers, in cooperation with other federal departments, should make a survey.of the basins, Kerr then asked President Trn- an to establish an Interagcney committee by executive order. The "resident's action is in line with hat request. Fronkie Denies Triangle in Spam NEW YORK. May 22. (,T>/-Frr,nk Sinatra didn't want to talk about "crcen star Ava Gardner when he irrived from Europe by plane vcs- erday. The singer made a quick round- rip to Europe that took him to Spain, where Miss Gardner is mak- '~>B a picture. When asked about reports that E and Ava were romancing, he declared "No comment." Sinatra safd he would stay in ••lew York to prepare for a television how with Bob Hope Saturday and lien fly to Hollywood to visit hi s .'ife arid children. In London, on his way home he Icnounced as a "vicious lie" the re>ort of a romantic triangle invoiv- ng him. Miss Gardner and Spanish oiillflghler Mario Cnbre Department Store Sales Exceed Figure for 7949 ST. LOUIS, May 22. (/P)-Depart- ncnt store sales in the Eighth Pcd- ral Reserve District last week were even per cent higher than the cor- esptmding week a year ago. The Federal Reserve Bank of SI -ouis said much of the gain could be atlribulcd to the fact that Mothr's Day came one week later this car. Sales were up 33 per cent at Little Rock and 15 per cent at Memphis weather hurt sales in some Ities. the bank reported. . (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ••Bl SFVKN IN THE OOCiHOUSE Cnnhnp iheh paw; m 'he village npose- gow are these young canine vagrants at Brooklyn, O., a Cleveland subuib The town's qnlk-e chlel Uogei lames, declared * irac-k- down on wandering pups «nd rounder! all he -joulri snare Brooklyn has no dog pound so Chlel James Inke:- them to the local lait until theit owners ball them oul si tines ranging hrom $5 to $200. IN THE 'CHAXCKIIV COUItT FOR THE CIIICKASAWUA MIRTH ICT OF .MISSISSIIT! COUNTY, AHKAXSAS W. C. GATES, ct nl,, PHfs. V* EMMA WETSEL CROUCH El nl., DOs. WARNING ORDER Defendants Lillian Welsel, Louel!a Walsh Durrer, Mrs. Homer Koontz Martha Adams Faulkner, Mrs. Maude Shobc Hnycraft. Henry Bell and Sue Bell, Herbert Bell mid Louise C. Dell, Harold Bell and Im- ogenc Bell, Ralph Rogers and Kath- erlne Roger.';, Lawrence Rogers and Virgie Rogers, Mrs. Vcrn Bell, Earl Bell and Grace Bell and Mrs. Laura Bell Renr.nig are warned to appear the Chancery Court, for the GROWER'S BODY SHOP Clear Lake Ave. & Clark St. Expert Body Hml render Repair Highest Quality Auto Painting All Types Radiator Work liy Highly Skilled Mechanics Every .lob Guaranteed Owned & Operated by Grover Canada Phone fi!)8l Clilckasiiwbn District of Mississippi County. Arkansas within thirty (30) days lo answer complaint of plaintiffs w. C. Gates. Mildred Mltch- iisson Cutler and Francis Wilbur "Possum" Adams. said Court im<l the Seal thereof WITNESS my hand ns Clerk of this 20th day of May, 1950. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Magce, D.C. 5|22-20-6|5-12 Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up lo 8< In. Automatic Flood Gatea Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes up lo 36 In. Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices We Dtlirrr A. H, WEBB Highway 61 »l State Lin. Phone 714 STATIC-FREE AIL SUMMER WITH A WHOLE NiW WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT Hundi«d« of n»w projrcimt • Wider, gi>olir •lalion coverpg. . Stalloru and program, you hov. ntv.r hnard b.fort (op to 3 lime. mor« .lotions In man y areas) . FavoriH nilwoik programs with new and truer [f- d.lity . Seller, mor» eomplol. broadtail Mrvic*! Super-Sensitive FM Hear! THE FINEST RECEPTION IN RADIO, BAR NONE! Ctenr, ilnrlc-free, drlfl-fre», fad..),.. t K»f- lion . . . day or night, summer or winter, even during woril ilorm. . Mayi tuporbly where interference and croulalk make ordinary FM and AM radioi practically uieletl • Guaronlsed ai (he flneil radio receplion you've ever known! <|]NEW ZENITH "MAJOR" ONLY " ipcr-Seminve FM only. PI jyj even where { A A C any AM or ordinary FM KM .re prac-^ T 4U v m jg uiclm. Hijt >er tone Walnut phllic cattirm. AO'DC NEW ZENITH "SUPH-SYMPHONY" [) -tHsiMv. FM pl m l ans D i,,, na ONLY AM. Fcxure. Urge 71/j-Alnfco-5 Snc a l<er for rich. p,,,c lone. ,Vcw., ype IDn ' t con . ' "' ] "''' C ^ <lNEW ZENITH "MEDALLION" ONIY lli» Rtnuine Tcnirh-Armitronn F.\t «nj C M f\ QC Long Diuancc AM. VFavcmiiir- T/1LJ93 ntri" .nrl l.tRhr.Mne >nl<nQii.7^nilh.buili *T«J Alni<r> ipcafcrr. Cablnel in Swirl Welnul ** Hic. AOOC Use Our £asy Terms ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. Complet* Service Department in Connection 206-208 W«t Mqin J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. Phone 2071 Formers Income Drops in State LITTL EHOCK, May 22. I,T>>— I He Arkniisus fanncra casli Income has dropped so Jar tills year compared lo last. Tlie crop Reporting Service snid Hiat cash receipts through March 31 amounted to t04,Q14,000, only 02 )>er CCM of tJio $10-).557.000 total lor the first tlircc months of 1919. Prices are generally lower, but nn- oll>er [actor was the earlier harvesting anil market ot the 1919 col- ton crop'as compared to Die 1348 crop, the service siild. Much of the ISIS crop proceeds counted as 1940 Income, but llltle 01 the 1049 crop was on hand lo be solif In 1050, the service snid. Political Announcement The Courier News Im been author- ixed to announce the following can- dictates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8. FOK COUNTY JUUGK Roland Orccn FOR STATE REl'KBSENTATlVl K n Autry Rc-elcctlon Post No. I John J. Cowan Kenneth S Sulcer Post No 2 E. C. "Gene" Fleoman (For re-election Poet No. «) W. F. Wells For State Senator W R Nicholson J- Lee Bearden The State Financial Responsibility LAW Is Very Strict! Ucl'orc you liitve iin :tcci- ilenl. call 3301 for uulomo- hilc Insurance protect ion. l ( 'or small |>rcmiiiiii, we include 510,000 Personal Liability. W. M. BURNS Insurance Agency Our Telephone Number 4438 Shclton Motor Co. SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! Prompt Servic* Expert Workmanship H -fl LT C R S "UflUITY SHOC SHOI '121 W. MAIN S PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Gu.'iraiilecd Best Pricra Kirby Drug Stores CORNER LOT FOR SALE Located at 1600 West Walnut Street—on* of the best residential sections in Biyth*- ville. Good elevation, well drained. For Sal. at $2 750 ^ °' T " m '' RAY F PRICE Day 2271. Telephone Night 2733 AMMONIA FERTILIZER EQUIPMENT 1,000-Gailon Storage Tanks with all hose and fittings $497.50 BarksdaleMfg.Co South Broadway Phone 2911 GASOLINE _ TKACTOK FUKL - KEROSENE KUBI, OIL _ D1KSE1, FUHL OIL & GREASE G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phone—2089 Office: llfi W. Wnlnui IJulk Plan I: Pi-omised Und In Kngland — It's the Chemist Shnp In Prnncc — It's the Apodiccarv Shop In Hlythcvillc — It's " BARNEY'S DRUG KOI Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Call 6911 for Biytheviile TIN SHOP 111 North Firtf VVe offer complete Sheet Metal service . .gin, oil mill & feed mill work, house gutters, duel work. Call Tajtor i.ayton. shop manager.

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