Muncie Evening Press from Muncie, Indiana on April 14, 1934 · Page 6
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Muncie Evening Press from Muncie, Indiana · Page 6

Muncie, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE MUNCIE EVENING PRESS, SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 1934. SEE SHOWMANSHIP OF FAMED DIRECTOR Is f Four Frightened People :: DeMille Triumph. The showmanship of Cecil B. DeMille Is once more shown in "Four Frightened People," comes to the Liberty Theater for three days starting Sunday. Against a background of jungle scenery the story details the adventures of four cultured people, two women and two men. who are forced fto escape from a Dutch steamer -when bubonic plague breaks out. Lost for months in a Malay jungle, Uiey turn to primitive manners and habits. The transformation of a little school teacher into a jungle creature over whom the men fight provides some novel situations. - Justifies Her Stardom. This latter role played by Claud-ette Colbert more than justifies her elevation to stardom. Herbert Marshall and William Gargan, in contrasting roles, enhance the story with finely drawn portrayals. No funnier situation was ever devised for the screen than the placing of .the dignified Mary Boland in primitive surroundings. Leo Carrillo, in the role of a half-caste guide, proves his versatility with this newest characterization. . A story .well acted and simply and Ends TONITE! "4 Packed foil with exciting dram and daring- ... TimMcCOY VOICE IN THE NIGHT" 4 ; in Rin-Tin-Tin in "Wolf Dog" Comedy - News intelligently directed, is "His Double Life." a Paramount release which is an added feature attraction. It marks the motion picture debut of Arthur Hopkins, for many years one of the leading stage producers of the country. Story Straightforward. Mr. Hopkins brings to the 4 work of picture production the same knowledge of the theater that have made him famous in the world of the legitimate stage. He uses no tricks, no "angles' in telling the story, which is an adaptation by Clara Beranger of Arnold Bennett's stage play "The Great Adventure." Outstanding is the work' of Roland Young, co-starred as the bemused painter who, through an error and his own diffidence, watches his own funeral in Westminster Abby, and Lillian Gish, as the woman to whom the artist finally turns for contentment and a home. Roland Young never has had a role that fitted his style more perfectly. Miss Gish gives a restrained but effective picture of Alice. The two leading players receive support from Lumsden Hare. Montague Love, Lucy Beaumont, Philip Tonge. Charles Richman and the rest of the cast. The settings are good and always in the proper atmosphere. WITHHOLD JUDGMENT IN VEHICLE THEFT Homer Kerney and Lee McLane pleaded guilty to charges or venicie talcing in circuit court rnaay aii-er-noon. Paul S. Brady, judge pro tempore, withheld judgment in the case until next Wednesday. The two men and Walter Buck are accused of stealing an automobile owned by Ralph J. Whitinger from near the Rivoli Theater, March 25. According to testimony submitted Friday, Buck followed McLane and Kerney into the country where the car was abandoned and brought them back to Muncie? McLane and Buck also face charges of second-degree burglary for breaking into the P. V. Helm general store near Center School. President John Tyler had the largest family of any of the American presidents; he had 14 children by two wives. YOUNG FAIRBANKS IN DIFFERENT ROLE The M ;i 1 I ! rTriSOME PLACE TO GOrj 1 f ; ; r t r r t i t .... i Q Attend the Matinees Let's Go! O -------------, ------- -------- . , . . ... . .. .... . i Muncie's Home of Diversified Entertainment Now Opened Under Original Ownership and Management flerj STAR Theatre Home Owned C. RAY ANDREWS Home Operated Four Days Starting Tomorrow! jfiBL it 1 -sSf-- 47v Staee Show 0:30 A A5 H '.15 C:30 Vf Sundav at r.' LAST AND FINAL WEEK of (Verne) PHELPS and COBBS (Gene) SHOW or I - i Ml i s -5. ;S J With the Black-Face Comics sK-S J n i II nl buzz ana nuney uai In a Musical Comedy Farce 'CAFE DeCOZY' Intermingled With Snappy ML V J 'J llL With All th Favorites hit ht rmr mapt cit.vrnfi liuii iimvn) iuu ' g: Dor Cnllenbine Jimmy Ellison Hazel OXeary Att Candle? s ana me iv . Dancing Dolls Tomorrow starts the last and final week's engagement this season of the Boss and Honey Gal Show, before toing on tonr. Come to the Star twice next week and see their final bills. which have been augmented with many additional attractions. Give your favorites a send-off they will always remember. EXTRA ADDED STAGE ATTRACTIONS! 2 BIG-TIME VAUDEVILLE HEADLINERS LITTLE ESTHER The Fastest Colored Dancer Yon Ever Saw and How She Can Sing! Formerly With CAB CALLOWAY ORCHESTRA MARKER ! and SCHENCK A Hilarious Rube Comedy ! Act With Harmony Singing. They Will Keep You Screaming from Start to Finish. I jVi i i i i i i i i i i 'Li Fon Our Screen Sunday at 1:00 3:30 5:45 8:15 -10:30 i I All the Thrills and Sensations i! j j of Carnival Life Behind the f X j i Scenes of the Girl ,y , i Show! ' fir - 'X'j L--i ri. ai i Sparkling Comedy, Brilliant Dramatic Portrayals and Gripping i Suspense Against the Glamorous Background! i EXTRA Oswald Cartoon Universal News "Men O' SAIL -j? 1 i ! ! I I I I. I- ! Watfh Announcement of Biff Attraction Opening Sun.. April 22 jj "Success at Any Price" Opens at Wysor Sunday. 1 . Making a drive for power and the love of a blonde beauty is the film task undertaken by Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., in "Success at Any Price," with Frank Morgan, Genevieve To-bin, Colleen Moore and an auspicious supporting cast, opening Sunday at the Wysor Grand. Fairbanks essays a new type of portrayal in "Success at Any Price," characterizing a poor boy from New York's slums. When his brother is slain by gangsters, Joe Martin Is determined to wrest a career for himself from the world. Sarah Grls-wold, his fiancee, offers him a start in the advertising agency where she works. By driving force he reaches the pinnacle of success. j Joe has now established a breach between Sarah and himself, his success leading him to covet Agnes Carter, a blonde. He is enchanted by her fascinating beauty, sweet smelling perfumes and lavish attire, and marries her. Actuated by Agnes desire for riches, Joe is involved in a criminal stock manipulation. Agnes is unfaithful to him with his J partner, and he prepares to expose the three. Reverting to saran lor solace, he receives only rebuke, until a sensational episode occurs to solve the situation. Cronin Story Adapted. A cast comprising many of the foremost stars in Hollywood appears in Columbia's "Once to Every Woman," the screen version of A. J. Cronin's widely read Cosmopolitan Magazine novelette, "Kaleidoscope in K," which opens Tuesday at the Wysor Grand Theater for a three-day run. Fay Wray, who in the last year has assumed imposing proportions on the Hollywood horizon, is cast in the featured role of "Mary Fan-shawe," a professional woman who falls in love with Walter Byron, against her better judgment. When Byron is unmasked as a philanderer, she seeks consolation in the devotion of Ralph Bellamy, a young surgeon, then to discover that his love is what she had mistakenly believed Byron's to be. Bellamy's role in "Once to Every Woman" marks his second co-featured assignment opposite Fay Wray, having appeared last season as her leading man in "Below the Sea." Plays Difficult Role. Walter Connolly again proves what a veteran he is in the role of "Dr. Selby," whose long reputation as a great surgeon is being dimmed by the brilliance of his assistant and protege, Ralph Bellamy.. In lesser roles will be seen such screen performers as J. Farrell Mac-Donald, Kathrine Clare Ward, Ed Le Saint and also such younger players as Mary Carlisle, Billie Seward, Ben Alexander and Rebecca Wassam. PHELPS, COBB HERE FOR ANOTHER WEEK Added Attractions Enhance Bill at Star. uncie Press Page of Theater News ZJ New Photo and Stage Plays at the Theaters Sunday jj?" CONGRESSMAN'S SON TAKES HIS OWN LIFE CHICAGO, April 14. (&) His $150,000 fortune wiped out by bank failures, the body of James Martin, 45, son of the late Congressman Charles Martin of the Fourth District, was found shot to death in his home. The widow told police Martin had been despondent since loss of his fortune, had been for a time a South Park policeman, but recently had been without employment. "He threatened to kill himself when I came home," she said. "I made him promise not to do so, then I fell asleep." Sunday starts the final week's engagement at Ray Andrews' New Star Theater for Phelps' and Cobbs' "Show of Shows" before it goes on tour. For the first four days of next week, they have selected "Cafe De-Cozy" a musical comedy satire,that contains an unusual amount of fun, intermingled with songs, dances and pretty girls. . Mr. Andrews has augmented the Buzz and Honey Gal show with two "big time" vaudeville attractions, coming to Muncie from one of the largest vaudeville theaters in Chi cago. Little Lester, one of the cleverest singing and dancing colored girls m vaudeville, heads this portion of the stage attractions. She has been featured in vaudeville for many years, with her routines of tap and acrobatic dances and her ability as a blues singer. Present Rube Comedy Duo. Marker and Schenck, a rube comedy is the second attraction, in addition to their comedy patter and chatter, they offer harmony singing and dancing above the average of the usual vaudeville act. Miss Schenck is a sister of the late Moe Schenck, of the team of Van and Schenck. The talking picture has Boots Mallory in "Carnival Lady" portraying carnival life behind the scene. "Cafe DeCozy" will enable the favorites of the "Show of Shows" to further exhibit their ability to entertain, Buzz and Honey Gal, again appear in their blackface comedy roles. Mae Mack with her personality and voice has won herself a warm spot in the hearts of local theater goers, Mort Silvers, the little man with the big voice, will appear in new vaudeville specialties, along with Dora Cullenbine, Hazel O'Leary, Jimmy Ellison, Att Candler and Harriett Smith's ten Dancing Dolls. Life Behind Carnival Scenes. "Carnival Lady" concerns the adventures of young Tom Warren, who is bilked of his fortune by an absconding banker and determines to leave his former haunts and start life anew. He gets a job as a high-diver with a traveling carnival troupe and meets the leading lady of the girl show. Complications follow with the return of the former high-diver and an accidental death provides a whirlwind finale. "Carnival Lady" is marked by glamorous backgrounds, comedy relief and a good plot. Boots Mallory is excellent in the title role. The picture is almost stolen, however, by Donald Kerr, a comparative newcomer to the screen, who is seen in a comedy part. Other members of the cast include Allen Vincent, Rolo Lloyd, Jason Robards, Anita Faye, Gertrude As tor and Kit Guard. The added attractions will be the Universal News, an Oswald Cartoon and a scenic novelty "Man O'SaiL' ROMANCE, COMEDY ARE COMBINED CUBS RESUME SERIES WITH CITY RIVALS CHICAGO, April 14. (U.R) Chicago's two major league clubs, the Cubs and White Sox, will resume their spring exhibition series at Wrigley Field today and at Comis-key Park tomorrow. In four games in California, the Cubs won three SW -..MmmmmmrS- HER6H&SHAU J vgmA i'A JS STANWYCK $flfy , t AY tMBUMCAOrlg f iff VV7 , MAR6ART ' CM HSTtRDM uptown MAP MACK and the Sox one. Pat Malone will pitch for the Cubs today, with Whitlow Wyatt working for the Sox. The White Sox returned home today after their spring series with the Pirates, which closed yesterday at Terre Haute, Ind. Pittsburgh won 9 games and Chicago five. Last Showing Today "PALOOKA" With JIMMY DURANTE, STUART IRWIN, LUPE VELEZ irunette By Day and Blonde By Night! f y 'X. , t. k. tSjr urates' He Loved Two Women Yet - - Didn't Know They Were Both the Same Girl! One brought him "Coffee in the Morning" another, "Kisses Every Night." Surrender in her heart; defiance on her lips she invades the world's gayest man-battle and with the strangest weapon ever used by woman, emerges victor yet vanquished ! Here's a sweeping spectacle; melody, glamour, romance and. the screen's perfect lovers! CONSTANCE BENNETT CO-STARRED WITH X FRAMCHOT TONE IN THE SWEEPING, MAGNIFICENT ROMANCE At IVI With RUSS COLYjMBO BOSWELL SISTERS MOULIN ROUGE GIRLS ms STARTS, sun. "XWTA'iy 3tmr CONNIE, RUSS and rf,e BOta yWtTt jrfe Si sing Coffee in the Morning end Kks isist.:ai iw.'vw.w-w!,;.. ;'., . m w Wi Boulevard of Broken Dreams Hear S'? v nn solo. The Song of Surr 0nn' s sona solo, The Song ALSO - - Muslral, "LAZY BOXES" Comedy "BRUM L BAIL BLONDES AND REDHEADS" PA THE NEWS EVENTS WINCHELL OFFERS PEEP AT BROADWAY Glimpse Through Keyhole at the Vaudelle. Walter Winchell Is giving the public a squint at "Broadway Thru a Keyhole" in his story of that title which shows Sunday at the Vaudelle Theater. In "Broadway Thru a Keyhole" Winchell reveals the romance of a night club dancer who is loved by a racketeer and by a radio stager. These three roles are played by Constance Cummings, Paul Kelly and Russ Columbo. In Broadway Palaces. Also appearing in the picture, are Texas Guinan, night club hostess; Abe Lyman and his band, Eddie Foy, Jr., and Frances Williams, Blossom Seeley, Gregory Ratoff. Hugh O'Connell, Hobart Cavanaugh, C. Henry Gordon and Helen Jerome Eddy. Most of the action takes place in Broadway palaces of entertainment. Gene Towne and Graham Baker wrote the screen play. It Is presented by Joseph M. Schenck and Darryl F. Zanuck. Men will not be permitted to wear bathing suits without shirts or jer-" seys at Atlantic City, this summer. When it comes to that, let the law of the sea prevail women and children first. DISCONTINUE PREP TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP CHICAGO, April 14. (U.R) The University of Chicago's National In-terscholastic Track and Field Meet, which has been held for 30 years, has been discontinued. Director of Athletics T. N. Metcalf announced today. The National Federation of State High School Athletic Associations withdrew its sanction of the meet which was the only one of its kind In the high school track world. LIGHTS ARE RESTORED, TOWN CELEBRATES SULLIVAN, Ind., April 14. (P) Restoration of street lights in the residence district of Sullivan after 16 months of darkness was celebrated last night by 4,000 citizens. Lighting services in the residence district was discontinued as an eco-omy measure but was resumed after Mayor Fred F. Bays negotiated a new contract with the Northern Indiana Power Company. The new contract effects an annual saving of $6,000 over the former contract. TREASURY REPORT. WASHINGTON, April 14. P) The position of the treasury April 12: Receipts $17,200,150.44; expenditures $16,801,211.86; balance $4,660-051,620.32. Customs receipts for the month $8,372,205.87. Receipts for the fiscal year (since July 1) $2,403,918,-791.87; expenditures $5,143,406,2778.-31 (including $3,078,102,954.50 Of emergency expenditures); excess of expenditures $2,739,487,486.44. Gold assets $7,734,514,314.30. Constance Bennett Scores in Dual Role. "Moulin Rouge," is the musical romance starring Constance Bennett and Franchot Tone, which opens at the Rivoli Theater, Sunday for ft four days' run. The story is based on a French stage success of the same title. It Introduces Miss Bennett in her first dual role and as a singer of songs especially written for her. Surrounding her is a cast which includes Franchot Tone; Tullio Car-minatL stage star-of "Strlctiy Dishonorable;" Helen Westley, one of the founders of the New York Theater Guild, and a star in many of its productions; Andrew Tombcs and Russ Brown, comedians in numerous New York Stage shows. The Boswell Sisters and Rass Columbo. radio stars are another attraction of the film. Miss Bennett portrays both the stage-struck wife of a playwright and Raquel, gifted but notorious French music hall artiste. Situations Complicated. The plot has to do vita the efforts of Helen to convince her husband that she should follow a career rather than make a home for him. It accumulates complications which include the situation of the husband making love to her while thinking she Is Raquel, and putting himself in Jeopardy of a divorce suit. The story gathers considerable dramatic momentum, and teeters between comedy and romance. Its action, for the most part, takes place backstage of an important New York revue and in the Park Avenue penthouse of the actress Raquel. Miss Bennett introduces two songs, "Coffee in the Morning and Kisses in the Night" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" Tullio Carminati sings "Song of Surrender." Franchot Tone is the last word as the author husband, who Is outwitted, sometimes to her consternation, by his masquerading spouse. He has a sense of comedy and an infectious way of getting his scene over. Tenor Makes Screen Debut. Lanny Ross, silver-voiced tenor who has become a national radio favorite, will be seen during the last half of the week at the Rivoli in "Melody in Spring." He is making his screen debut with Charlie Ruggles, Mary Boland and Ann Sothern. Lanny presents three new song numbers. Charlie Ruggles, married to Mary Boland of course, is a wealthy manufacturer of dig-biscuits, who owns the most popular radio hour. He has a penchant for collecting souvenirs and curios. Ann Sothern. his daughter, falls in love with Ross, but her father isn't so much In favor of the young fellow. When, however, he learns that Ross has a hobby of climbing mountains, things look brighter, until, through an innocent action on the part of Ross, Ruggles is thrown Into Jail. Then amidst laughter and song, romance blossoms. ' The shorter subjects on Sunday's program include a reel of entertainment in which a harmonica band, under the supervision of that harmonica director and comedian, Minevitch is featured. A 20 mlruite comedy with the Blondes and Redheads, "Bridal Bail," an issue of "Hollywood on Parade" and a Path News will complete the program. FUNERALS 4 DAYS STARTING SUNDAY MATINEE J Aalk a John -soles Margaret Sul avan and a Great Cast of 93 Featured PJayers A more thrilling picture, created by the man who gave you "BACK STREET" "ONLY YESTERDAY" TONIGHT-'Trontier Marsh'al"-"Hell and High Water' w iff-' 'iTTr Hi f?" i' ti iTriri- irifriinrTtfinnrir I'ninmr ini i iinn 3f VAUDELLE SUN. MON, TUES BUOADWAY lit A KEYIIOIE Too big, too daring for his column. A: V j . ft A Telling it all on the screen VI K I i 1 MRS. ELLA WILSON. Mrs. Ella Wilson, 70, died at 7:30 p. m. Friday at the home of her son. Fred Wilson, city fireman, 1324 South Jefferson St. She had been ill for some time. Funeral services will be conducted Monday at 1 p. m. at Meeks Mortuary, the Reverend Arthur W. McDavitt officiating. Burial will be in Gas City Cemetery. Surviving are two sons, Fred and Dee Wilson, of Muncie; two grandchildren, Marlen Don and Barbara Ann Wilson, of Muncie; two brothers, William and Arthur Reed, and a sister, Mrs. Emma Stark, all of near Linton, Ind. The body will be removed from the mortuary to the residence, where friends may call after noon Sunday. WILLIAM MYERS. Funeral services for William Myers, 79, retired, who died Thurs day at the family home in Gaston, will be conducted Sunday at 2 p. m. at the Gaston M. E. Church, the Reverend J. E. Jensen officiating. Burial will be in the Matthews I. O. O. F. Cemetery. Surviving are the widow. Jane, and a son, Marvin, of Indianapolis. The body was removed from the Kimmell Mortuary Saturday to the home of Burt Murphy, in Gaston. MRS. EMMA SWEARINGTON. Funeral services for Mrs. Emma Swearington, 75, who died Friday morning at the home of her son, Ralph Swearington, on West Charles St, will be conducted Sunday at 2:30 p. m. at the Mollitt and Piepho Mortuary. The Reverend Mr. Tran-barger will be in charge. Burial will be in Beech Grove Cemetery. MRS. CORA HUNTER. Funeral services for Mrs. Cora L. Hunter. 57, who died Thursday at the family home, 1805 West Eighth St., were conducted Saturday afternoon at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Charles F. Griffey, 1520 West Seventh St. Burial was in Elm Ridge Cemetery. RALLY GIVES TOPPING FIRST MAJOR TITLE WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. W. Va., April 14. -(PV A rousing rally on the last three holes has enabled Dan R. Topping of -Greenwich, Conn., to win his first major golfing title. Encountering Robert Lester of West Orange, N. J., in the finals of the 14th annual Mason annd Dixon Amateur Tournament yesterday, Topping was two down with only three holes to play but flashed a great rally to win. WARSAW MAN KILLED. WARSAW. Ind., April 14. (U.R) Wood D. Robinson. 35, was killed instantly here last night when struck by a Pennsylvania passentrer train as he attempted to crank h's stalled automobii. His son, Albert, 12. Jumped to safety a moment before the car was demolished by the locomotive. 3GET THE STAR HABIT 1

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