The Oelwein Daily Register from Oelwein, Iowa on April 28, 1943 · Page 8
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The Oelwein Daily Register from Oelwein, Iowa · Page 8

Oelwein, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1943
Page 8
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THE OELWEIN DAILY REGISTER, QELffiEIN, FAYETTE COUNTY, IOWA. WEDNEDAY, APRIL 28, 1943. S O C I E T Y translating into concrete action the number one priority on supplies given Russia by Prime Minister Churchill and President Roosevelt at Casablanca. Aiding the army are tens of thousands of Persians, Arabs and UUUAU*-- Armenians, wtio receive rations of G W M y e r s of Oelwein and tea, sugar and wheat in addition Verna Mershon of Rowley were to a basic wage, married Easter Sunday afternoon «t the Methodist parsonage at Hwtleton. The couple \vm home in Oelwein. (Continued from Page One) part than the figures appear to indicate. Destruction in daylight bombing often is more concentrated than in the night assaults i-nd targets set afire in day attacks can be used as beacons for sister, Mrs. Freda Smith. Miss Kathleen Conboy, who leaches in the Greeley school, ·pent the Easter weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack make their THE JUNIOR MAC DOWELL MET-The Junior MacDowell Club met at the home of Jean Davis at 311 1st St N. E. last Saturday morning at 10:30. The meeting was called to order by the new president, Marlene Oartz. There were 14 present. Four new members ·were voted into the club. They were Marilyn Lundstrom, Edith Blott, Jane Stevens, and Barbara Chado. , . At the close of the 'business meeting the following program was presented: Chords and Scales ..Nancy Myers Humereske ..... Marlene Brown Song of the Rose .Salley Stebbins Butterflies ....... La von Moment Stabat Mater ...... Alice Lemcke Cotton Fluff ...... Gracie Simons See 1,000-Ton _ Attacks Daily M l/ictotu night raids. British Whirlwind fighter- bombers followed up the Duisburg raid by bombing, strafing and probably sinking three German strips off the coast of Jersey in daylight yesterday. STRAWBERRY PT, --v-Baptismal Service A baptismal service was con- _»uun nuij- ui...~"" ducted in the Congregational Following the program a de-'church Sunday morning, during licious lunch was served by Jean and her mother. The plates were in observance the morning worship hour for two I infant sons, namely: Barry Char- | les, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold MacKean; and Siegfried Daniel, the son of the Rev. and Mrs. Ver- i non Benson. Mr and Mrs. J. J - 1 Matthews were the sponsors f o r , the Benson child. a .,, Do make a suit from husband's discarded suit. Add a tailored classic, a soft type and a dressy blouse for a complete wardrobe. Don't let the moths get wool today. ·Mo Sun Syndicate ' Picnic at Park , One of the first picnics for the Good Friday services being held ' prettily decorated of JSaster. TT _ CLUB CALENDAR THURSDAY: --Mrs. Albert Werdel will be hostess to St. Veronica's Circle at her home 206 5th Ave. SW. at 2:15. Please notify hostess if unable to attend. --The Alpha Class of the Christian Church will have a pot-luck supper and fellowship at the home of Mrs. Inid Pagel, 24 7th Ave. N.E. Junior College boys, who were to Murray came this past weeK 10 --The Lawndale Club will meet leave ior the army Easter Sunday. SDen d the Easter season with their - - - - --- -- -, training at the home of Mrs. Tracey Small, Enough food was brought for both G aughter and sister, Mrs. R. B , plans to begm nurse s training. 101 6th Ave. S.E.. for a 1:00 pot- d j nne r and supper. Hiking and Leachrnan and family. | ¥ r . ^"Vh luck luncheon. There will be Red playing of games furnished the Mr. and Mrs. Reese Thomas of ron 01 wmtnrop, rni« sew,n«r amusement for the day. --v-- une Ul me A i i s L jjn.iiiv-0 iv/i v..~ vjOOQ r iiuu-y ocivn.v.a *,,_.*.£, - - - - - Panmuartripr whn has season at the Backbone state park at the Emanuel Lutheran and Me- vei a_**^*"" ei ' id at water- was the Elkader Junior college thodisl churches The school was been taking nurse s aid at Water icmc held . th ere last Tuesday. also c i osed so Spons0 red by the college might attend. P that the pupils , , loo returned Wl11 vlslt in o ~ t , rriav anri Saturday and Spons0 re m g a e n . , aPs a S end-off for the .^rs. Louie Donner and Marie ot Baumg a rtner oue onner an ^ came this past week to P inning oi the next semester at e U n . v e r s t y o Iowa where she Mrs. F. J. Burke visited"Friday evening with their - daughter-in-law, Mrs. Harold Eurke, and granddaughter, Mary 'Jo, at Oelwein. i Bobby Burke was in Minneapolis, Minn., Wednesday until Saturday where he passed his examination upon entrance into the ! Naval Air Corps. He is now home j awaiting a call to report at a i training center. / Miss Harriet Matthews, an Iowa State college student of Ames, visited from Friday until Sunday m the parental J J. Matthews home. Sunday dinner guests in tne -home of Mrs. Olive Raders were: Mrs. Mary Raders, Mr. and Mrs. Elton Roe. Mr. and Mrs Francis Raders of Manchester; Mr. and -Mrs F. J. Burke, Bobby, Eddie, ..Vincent, and Kathleen. ' Faye McTaggart of Cedar naiads spent the weekend visiting in the parental Lyal McTaggart 1 Max Fhehler visited Saturday and Sunday m the home of his uncle, Will Fliehler. He was on a short furough at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Fliehler of Cedar Rapids from his training at Northwestern University at Chicago m the Naval Signal Corps - Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fivecoats and her sister, Miss Ola Lang ot Prairie du Chien, Wis.. were Sunday afternoon visitors in the home of their brother, Check Lang. The Misses Nell and Kate Westfall motored to Elkader Sunday afternoon with Mary Alee Raders. who joined friends there to §o to Garber, where she teaches in the school. Miss Raders had been spending the weekend with her mother, Mrs' Olive Raders Miss Bertha Kamoss and daughters Lavern and Josephine of Waterloo were Sunday visitors in the home of her sister, Mrs. Roy Sunday Guests Sunday dinner guests in the Will Oelwein spent the Easter weekend 'with the latter's mother, Mrs. Freda Smith. Jeanne Mae Phelps came Friday Cross sewing. FRIDAY: --The 3-Link circle will meet at O. O. F. hall. Glass home were the following 1 0 spend the Easter weekend with --The El Deen club will meet children and their families Mr. j, er mother, Mrs. Nellie C. Phelps. with Mrs. George Shirk for a ( an( j Mrs. Louis Niehaus and Jean- Miss Phelps teaches m the West i ctte of Waterloo; Mr. and Mrs Union school. Harold Glass and children of El- , urday to spend Easter with her Troupe. V----Want-Ads Bring Results. . 1:00 luncheon. Lewis Silent As 61,000 Coal Miners Strike V (Continued from Page One) -Liaiuiu. vjiaoo aiiv. ,_i..*~i.»." -- -- Rev. and Mrs. Vernon Benson, gin; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Meis- Gertrude Fenchel and Floydena j.eir and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wil- McTaggart were in Edgewood j liam G. Glass and Beverly of Dun- Thursday evening attending the j dee; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Glass j p F. meeting held in the Con- r.nd Gloria Jean. gregational church. --v-- I jj r . Fred H. Howard motored to j Death of Nick Lang Oelwein Friday evening where he ' (Continued from Page One) ^}[ c ^ L ang paS sed away at the met his son Dr. Tom Howard of Irving S. Olds, chairman of the I University hospital at Iowa City Minneapolis, Minn., who accom- tL S. Steel Corp., warned that a ' Sunday where he had undergone p ame d him here and spent the complete shut-down of the bi- ' an operation. His body was E as ter weekend. He has enlisted luminous mines would close , brought to the Gill Funeral chapel. ln t h e me d lc al corps of the U. S America's war-vital steel industry Mrs. Lang and daughter, Betty, 5e rvice and is awaiting a call tr ·within two weeks and cause "a 20 M.iin Vmri Vippn at. his bedside, ac- vorvm-t within two weeks and cause "a 20 cent cut in operations imme- who had been at his bedside, accompanied the body here. to report. v,v,..^.«~-- ..-- ~--., Will Schultz was taken to Ro- diately." He said steel companies _v-- ichestei, Minn., Wednesday, where have a very small reserve of coal Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Mantz have i ie remained for a checkup in the and coke because they are oper- b een enjoying a visit from their Mayo clinic. Otto Feulner and Jting at close to 100 per cent of | J o n an( j daughter and their fam- Dr. F. H. Howard accompanied capacity. I jjjgg Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mantz ] lirn there, returning home the Mine operators estimated that ' ano j imm y o f Ogden came Thurs- same day. production already had decreased day am j X ri S ited until Saturday. MISS Hattie Hock of Clinton well over 100.000 tons daily be- ] Friday, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gerdy cam e Saturday and spent Easter cause of the gun-jumping walk- 3nd sons Donnie and Richard of V vth ner sister, Mrs. Alex Schmidt outs. The threats also extended to the smaller anthracite industry, which I is in the midst of rew contract ' negotiations. For the first time the hard coal contract and the extended bituminous agreement expire at the same time. Thomas Kenney. secretary- , . . nd sons Donnie and Richard of Chicago, 111., arrived and are spending several days here. V vth ner sister, Mrs. Alex Schmidt n d family. Shirley Huntley, a Coe college . irey u n e y , a oe coe Mr . and M rs. Wendell Eidahl btudent of Cedar Rapids spent and sorii David Lee, of Cresco, f h e week end with her pare nts, came Thursda y evening to spend Mr and Mrs c C- H untley, and Easter Wlth h er parents, Mr. and , ; t Mrs Darwin Newton. D a v i . Mr. Eidahl Mrs. Fred E. Davis. Mr. Eidahl returned to his duties as coach in the Cresco school, while Mrs. jLiiuuiao ikciiJicj. oc-i Giai J- ·jfjg (JTeSCO SCI1OO1, WnUtJ 1VJH B. treasurer of the UMW, said there ! Eidahl and son are remaining for would be a strike at midnight Fri- - · - m.*^m day unless a new contract is by then or hard coal a longer visit Mrs. Reese Thomas and Mrs. Blanche Storms of Oelwein were Miss LaRue Tarbox of Cedar Rapids was a weekend visitor m the parental Percy Tarbox home. Mr. and Mrs C. B. Moser and Joyce of Cedar Rapids visited with -ENDS TONITE- Crosby, Bob Hope in "ROAD TO ZANZIBAR" John Hubbarcl in "Secrets of Underworld" Tomorrow · Friday · Saturday DAUNTLESS DAREDEVILS FIGHT AND LOVE! TIGHTM DEM DOGS THE R A N G E B U S T E R S BACK THEIR WORD WITH STRAIGHT SHOOTING! U POWELL IRIX Also "G-MEN vs. BLACK DRAGON' uy uicu ui ndiu i_-un Blanche storms 01 ueiwein were , operators and miners agree on an ca umg on the former's mother, , extension of the present contract | Mrs . Freda Smith, Friday. I rv^oHna «n nnn mor, i covering 80,000 men. U. S. A i d R e d s --v- j William G. Smith received word of the death of his brother Henry, ' of Dundee, which occured at the n · Willard hospital m Manchester JrersiaI Thursday, April 22, following a Ltroke. Funeral services were ^Continued from Page One) held from the Shelly Funeral ·daily and I counted 140 planes of i Home at Manchester Sunday af- »11 types at one airport awaiting ! ternoon at 2 30 o'clock. the arrival of Soviet pilots to fly i Mr - and Mrs - Gorda J - Gl11 and them to Russia, since the Rus- I family spent Easter Sunday in the sians insist on doing that job | nome of her father, W. R. Monm- themselves. Only four Soviet «er at Marshalltown. pilots were available that day. " "" The time required from the day supplies leave the United States ·until they are turned over to the Russians has been reduced to an "Hm-m-m . . . betcha that's what it needs this spring!" Anne Thompson and Janola Spencer were in Des Moines recently, where they took their examinations for the Waves. Miss av UMi «,, s uda UCC M icuuccu iu cm (Thompson is employed in the average of 88 days. On at least ! "ank here and Miss Spencer is the one occasion, tanks nave been in action in Russia against the Germans in less than 70 days after they left the United States. Reports were given to me of fhips being unloaded and "turned in an average of 12Vfe iys. Trucks, semi-trailers, scout cars and jeeps are being assembled at hours operator of the Modernistic Beauty shop. Miss Hilda Zwanziger, an employee of the Union Bank Trust Co., was home the first of last week, ill with an ear infection. Dr. and Mrs. James Alderson of Dubuque came Friday to spend the Easter weekend with her sisters, Miss Helen Buckley and Mrs. B. W. Newberry. The business places were closed noon until three o'clock Fri. . an en- r o c o c ri- gineers bear the main burden of day afternoon in observance of the the rate of about apiece. , U. S. army soldiers Tonite - Thursday * Friday 'll Him ··4 ftvivtr it Your car's Otv* It tttfe r*fr«*h«r! Your cu will never be any younger than it is to- diy, but you can make it act younger -- by htving your Standard Oil Dealer gire it this 10 Star Wartime Tune-up, expertly designed for 1943 driving conditions: *1-- !*«». Check, add ·water; recharge if necessary, it 1-- Tim. Inspect rubber, rims, valves, etc. Check need for replacement or recapping. (Maintain tire* at wartime pressure-- older now! 32 Ibs. Switch as needed.) * J--TfiM- riiflM Ml OtffwprtUL Drain. Install sturdy summer grade Standard lubricant. * 4-Ctot* (jMtMML Wipe off all fittings and apply fresh Standard lubricants. * S-6« $**« S«*M. Air cleaner: clean and re-oil. Spark plugs: »clean and regap. * I -- ffi* *!*·! JMrtmi. Clean and repack. * 7--SiMy Stnto. Check lights, clean lenses; inspect wiper. * I--CMftf S|MM. Dram and flush radiator, add rust preventive. Drain heater. Check hose and fan belt. · I--»***»«*· PnfcefrMi. Wash, polish. Wax the body and bright metal. Remove spots from upholstery. * II-- CrMkctn. Drain, flush, refill with summer grade Ijo-Vis. Check oil filter. · A nation on wheels is a stronger nation. Help keep America on wheels. · Buy more War Bonds and .Stamps. Drive under 35--share your car. OIL It AM MUNITION . . . UtM It WlttlT Y O U R S T A N D A R D O I L D E A L E R I S C A R C O N S E R V A T I O N H E A D Q U A R T E R S MORE EFFICIENT SERVICE TY ISO-VIS MOTOft OIL · Drive in today! Brant's Standard Service 110 North Frederick - - PhoM 186 PRICES EFFECTIVE APRIL 29, SO and MAT 1 GOLD MEDAL FLOUR £ £ " . * L CURTIS MUFFIN MIX 2!£15C SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERS S£Slc SIMM'S--BARLEY AND WHEAT PONDS CLEANSING TISSUE FOLGER'S COFFEE 15c 1»C SlC SUNSHINE Graham CRACKERS 1 £ 19C BOUNTIFUL pi r\I IP Fully r LA/UK 49 Lb - 1 7Q Guaranteed ............. Ba* *· * «* CAMPBELL'S (3 Points) Tomato SOUP 4 SL 29C LUNCH ON Peanut BUTTER RIVEREDGE SWEET PICKLES r rt 31C RIVEREDGE DILL PICKLES 2ic STOKLEY'S Fruit Cocktail DEL MONTE PEACHES " (A Can 2'/j Size . jar 21C COLLEGIAN CORN No. 2 BIG SMITH TOMATOES SAHARA CUT Green BEANS No. 2 Can No. 2 Ca^ CR1SCO ' 3 Si67c DREFT Large FELS NAPTHA SOAP 10 p G LAUNDRY SOAP £ 49c SlLK TOILET TISSUE 3 CARNATION IRRADIATED MILK Lb. 29c HAPPY VALE PINK SALMON CALIFORNIA GREEN TOP CARROTS 200 SIZE CALIFORNIA ORANGES FRESH. RED RADISHES COBBLER - TAGGED SEED POTATOES "I? 4.25 YELLOW ONION SETS WILSON'S MOR FRESH COUNTRY. RUN EGGS LOIN END PORK 9Qc ROAST m. LJ b PORK LIVER, Ib. SLICED BACON, Ib. BACON ENDS, 2 Ib. pkg. . . SPARE RIBS ib' MMMMMP ?2c BULK PU LA RE ID 2 IDs 45C NECK Bones, 2 IBs. BULK KRAUT, qt COTTAGE CREESE, pt. 3* 15° IOC ECONOMICAL FfJOB-DISTRIBUTION Wt Rwww th* Rtgtit to Limit 'SFAFLR

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