The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 8, 1937
Page 6
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PAGR SIX BLYTHKVILLE (ABK.) COURIER NEWS IB BE FEfiluf Undefeated Chick a s a vv s -• Will Be Seeking Eighth Victory of Season . The pells of the Ho)>e BobcaU , hum on their belts, the Blythcville ''CliHHttaws .meet the Scarcy Lions •'in the final home game of the 1937 V season here on .Thursday, Armistice Day,.Incidentally it will also be the only afternoon game tlie chieka- saws play this season with the exception of the Thanksgiving Day game at Forrest city, nnd will be one of the features of the Armistice Day 'celebration here. The Chicks will be seeking their eighth victory of the season. . While the Chiekasaws ore piny- ing outside the "Big Fifteen", Arkansas high school conference, this week the Little Rock Tigers and Pine Bluff Zebras will crash in an all-important game nt pine Bluff Saturday afternoon. ' With the Chlckasaws making a powerful bid for their fourth undefeated season In state circles It F.eems doubtful that the Ultle nook- Pine Bluff game can go as far toward giving Arkansas Us "first official and recognized Arkansas champion In history" as the Little Rock Gazette indicates that it cnn. But nt any rale it is the big game of the week and one of the big games of the year. .According to Little Rock newspapers the best team In the state is to be the one winning the most conference games and If either Little Rock or Pine Bluff come through undefeatedi'thclr record will include more conference games than the Chicks, who only have 'five compared to some seven for the Tigers and eight for the Zebras. Tlie Little Rock-Pine Bluff game is the flnal conference game for the Zebras who already boast seven wins within Die conference. The Tigers, if they win, still have the North Little Rock Wildcats to trim. Blytheville must overcome t\vo teams with a single thought—beat the Chicks—in the Jonesboro Hurricane and Forrest city Wildcats .within the conference. ; Games of other conference teams this week include: North Little Rock at: Newport, Caraden at Fordyce, Prescott at Benton, Fnycltcville at Fort Smilh, E! Dorado at Hot Springs,--Stuttgart at Forrest City and Russellvlllc at Hope. The Jouc-s- boro Hurricao.'! will rest In preparation for Its I'dpremefeffort to halt the Chicks at Jonesboro next week. Arkansas High School Conference Standings W. L. T. Pet. Pis. OP. 700 1.000 200 24 4 3 2 Wrestling, Boxing Card To Be Held Don Burton, oW-ltme claimant lo the state middleweight boxing championship before he null campaigning nmong (lie leather pushers soi)ic time ngo, will again pull on the padded gloves lo put on a six round exhibition as one of llic features of the American Legion's athlolic 'sliow here Thursday nlgtit, Burton will climb through llic ropes to, face another local boy, Nolan Lambert, In a six round fight at the Lesion hut. The liiii'ton-Uinibcrt match will to one of the .several boxing ton- tests staged in connection with the Legion's wrestling and boxing card. A fotir rounder is also scheduled between Hilly price of Mnniln and Omer "Kid" Misho, n promising Diythevillc fealherwelghl. Both have appeared on boxing cards here in-the past and both are adept with the gloves. Aaron Byrd mid Afton Cheim- wcth, two oilier local boys, are slated lo fight the opening preliminary or four rounds. Chcno- weth Ims been boxing with considerable regularity Ibi.s year. Byrd has not appeared on a local card for some time, but several years ago was regarded as one of (he most promising of the crop of young fighters here. Burton nnd Lambert, will fight the regulation three-minute rounds but the Piicc-Mlsho and Byrd-' Chenoweth houls will be abbreviated to two-mlnntc rounds. In addition to the boxing show, Promoter Clarence , Holder will singe mi all-star wrestling program, (lie principals of which coiilrl not be announced today. Meet^SearcyHere Thursday Afternoon The Dope Bucket Hy J. P. Wend Pine Bluff Little Reck Blythevillc . Hussellville N. Little Rock 3 Forrest City . 3 El Dorado ... 2 Hope 2 2 2 .. . Joiiesboro . Hoi Springs Clarksville . Fordyce .. Fort Smith Benton (1 1.000 118 0 1.000 7!) 0 .667 .600 .(100 .500 .500 .500 .500 .236 .250 .000 .000 .000 61 89 80 Gfi 64 68 ••!!) S3 00 52 132 34 70 19 C5 0 123 20 1,'il) j - Toledo Hank Loans Up TOLEDO (UP)—The commercial loans of Toledo, banks show n gain of about 17 per cent In the Inst 12 months. Bankers look for continued giiln in deposits nnd also in commercial loans during the luitil quarter, of this yenr. The city of Washington, D. C., has 121,025 trees lining ils streets. WAHNING OHVK K IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CH1CKASAWBA DT6TRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. . Pnul Jordan, Plaintiff, vs. No. 0568 Mary Izola Jordan, Defendant, The.jdciEndnnL. Mary Iraki Jor- dnn. is warned to appear within thirty clays in the court named In the caption'hereof mid 'answer the complaint of the pliilntiff. Paul Jovdnn. Dated this. G day of November. 937. II. M. CRAIG, Clerk By Elizabeth Roddy ,D.C. Gene E. Bradley lAlty ad Litem) C. F .Cooper (Ally for pl(f) C-13-20-31 Ladies & Men's Tailoring , Fur Coat Alterations Ladies' Custom Tailol-erl Suits Alterations of ail I'(ionc 5,'i HUDSON'S Last Week's Results , Little Rock 4, Jonesboro 0^ I Pine Bluff 14. North Little Rock G i Camdea 33. Hot Springs 13. j Russellville 23. Beebe 13. ! ' Blytheville 27, Hope 0. i Forrest City H. Clarksville 0. j Games Thus Week Little Rock at Pine Bluff. .Camaen at Fordyce. I El Dorado at Hot Springs. j Russcilville at Hope. j .......... All Games Team Pine Bluff ____ Blvtheville • ...... '..'. x— Little Rock ..... RiusellviUe N. Little Rock ...... . Camden .. ............ ..„„ x— Tied \vith Byrd high. Shrcve- pcrt, La. RMiCTRIC A ACETYLENE WELDINS AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVtCE Sarksdaic Mfg. Co. W. L." 80 t 0 .7 0 Pet. 1.000 1.000 1.000 .875 .750 .750 The earth travels around the sun at an average speed of 18.52 miles a second, or nearly ia.000 miles an hour. PKONE 19 Pecans Wanted WE WILL PAY YOU Highest Market Prices ANY QUANTITY Goldstein Hide & Fur Co. Rear Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 265 Blythevillc. Ark. Gel Onr Prices Before Silling Poy Hammoiis expected his Hope liobcats to (jet Iho works rrom the Clilcks Init nol as badly ns they Old . . . Mnnnged lo get n word in sldpwuys between hello's from old friends und tulmlroi-K . . . 1I(> praised the Chicks . . '. Said they d n good tenm nnd deserved to win . . . Doubted seriously Unit even tlie great, VIIKCO BrlghL's n|>- pciu-uncc in good shape would, have materially nlfcctcd the result . . . Might Imvc made It more Interesting . . , Tin; worst tiling !)(? liali'il about the game wns Ihe Inllim! ot his boys to slop that end nroimd pluy that tallied three of tlie four touchdowns . . . Said they lm<i drilled for more limn two weeks tu stop It fuul felt MVIISOJI- ftljly sure, thai it would lie t'nrmvii lor a loss when attempted . . . Don't feei to batily iiboiil It, Coneli! . . . Your cnls are nol in a class uy Diem-selves. Members ol the team hud plenty of respect for the Chicks, too . . . "That was the toughest Ijiincli I ever played against." .said one ... "How those •$',»&(*)"x birds could 'block . . . They didn't lilt you haul just once, but every time . . . And you spun for thirty minutes iiflerward" . . . "Yeh. that big 250 jround tackle (Tonr Wise) hit me und It was a long time aHmvards liclore I couttl feel a thing . . . Was numb all over." chirped iniotlier . . . "It's a sliame for uny high school lean) lo play a bunch of btg boys like they are ... We didn't have a chance . . . You couldn't block 'cm out of the way to save your neck" . . . etc. . . . etc. . ." ." (censored). Your correspondent Is not going lo worry any more about the Tribe . . . Am convinced that they have it ... They cnn be depended upon when the proper lime comes . . .In the clutch, If you please . . . Our fedora (the one Joe Applebaum gave us when Bob Feller finished the yenr with Cleveland) Is on to them . . . Captain Alfred Meredith, Russell Mosley, LeRoy Brown, Homer Besharse, Eugene Hood, Hugh Hnr- bert, Murray Thompson, Carl Hughes. Willis Ford, James Roberts, Lloyd Wise. Calvin Moody, Bill Godwin, Jnmes Burton, Alvin Justice. Hlldrcd Bunch. Leon Stafford, Charles Hardlti. Garland Moody, Everett Craig . . . They can play for my flleen cents . , , 'n extra fox ... An extra lunik o' glory to the flue way In which liunch ciiinc through at right wid , . Nice going. Mildred! . Tin 1 olticlnting was perhaps the hc.'.l of tlie .season , . . Have ht'iird lompllmwits on !>. A. system . . Added much lo (hi; game, they sidd . . . with possible ex- ciplion of the scrcwcy announcer. Only two sights marred Die olJu'nd.-* iierfect game . . . To .see Dan Warringtoji, star fjljlck end, and Vasco Bright, Hope aco, slttiiiK on the. bench, out because' of Injuries . . . IJlg I ears streaming down tlicir faces. . tcclJi t'llltfd . . . Faces determined . . . wanting so mncji to get In there . . . Would have .sacrificed u rkjbt arm Anything Just to play . . . Do his shaiv . . . That's the stuff out of which champions are inadB . . . That's the spirit that makes this giune of footr tall (jrent ... ft makes men out of boys . . . Men who cnn take tlie hard knocks nnd come on for more. Hope's ")7 record of not having i\ pass Intercepted and run mak for u touchJoivii Is silll Intact . But II wn.s not the fault of 11111 Godwin . .| . He intercepted i four of six thrown ,ln his dh'ec- tton . ., . Made a mnije and barely missed the fifth. . . Don't believe he was repealing his Sunday School lesson when he got up. were; you Hill? . . . Freeman Stone. 205-pomxl all-stale tackle for (wo years. Is deserving of all the nice things said about him . . . Played n whale of ti game . . . Many faas lire still chuckling.' over how they were fooled over that fake kick . . . The Bobcats were too. but innybe not chuckling . . . Pctey Barren, recently dethvcnsd featherweight champ, mailed a cl:eck for one grand to the Birmingham Community Fund-. . . The Conch of Tuskcgee Institute plans to use Mabel Smith, cheer leader, as point after touchdown kicker, Turkey Day. Something ought lo be done about these underdogs rising up and .smiting the favored teams ... Is bad on us dopes who try lo pick the winners . . . Records for the week was 1) winners and 15 ' losers Wolla ma»! . . . Among those which didn't do right by mile Nell were: Tennessee . . . May^ r - p| ' - • • Arkansas . . . VMI . . Southwestern . . . soulli- i'j'ii California . . . Ohio StnK' . . Washington State . . . Michigan . , . Forrest city, et al . . . Called I,. K. U. . . . Alabama . . . Ijlyllieyllle '. Lltile nock . . . pine Bluff . . , Camden . . . Maybe we can ge/ t!ic "noo d:-al" lo come to our assistance. In 1931 Vanderbilt and Torn- ttscc played without n penalty na called . . . Leon Nonnen- kiunp, Little Hock jnfldder was selected by the Sporting News as tlie most valuable in tlie Southern Association . . . The Memphis Chick:; .'iccoiulc;! the motion P.ronko Nugurski was unable lo play but 5 minutes aguinst Ihc Olants because of an injured foot • . . Yet wrestled the following Tuesday . . . the Friday before . . . Won bolh . . 13 teams are entered in the 38lh running of the day bike race in Chi Dizzy Dean Is peddling his gas now. ilccontly bought a filling station . . ^. piace kick are held faster than drop type boots . Arc gotten off 3-10 lo 4-10 seconds (liiicker and at a time when split seconds count. Famous words of tho coaching iwofesslon. "We ho;jo to hold Sowa-sh to four tonclidowns." Shoes Are More Comfort- When Repaired ill Smith Shoe Shop 115 So. 2nd. WRESTLING * Monday Night, 8:15 NAJEEB RABBAN SID MARCUS Man's Best Friend Called His Worst Enemy Also ALBANY, N. Y. (UP) — A do<> may be a man's best friend, but he is also his worst enemy, us far as animals go. £o says Deputy stale Conservation Commissioner John T. Glbbs, who asserts that dogs are responsible for more Injuries lo human being than all oilier animals put together. Hclall sales of toys in tlie United j Stales reach an annual value of I SSI.flOO.WO. ' SPECIAL Morc-hanls I'la'.e Lunch HOTEL NOBLE "Where Hospitality h a Kealily." ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms fastest closing service nf any ' mortgage loan company doing; business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Securities OSCEOLA, AUK. GRABER'S STORKS' A HAT FREE With Every Man's New Fall SUIT Sold Durinq This Sensational Sale! Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday WHEN YOU TELEPHONE City Paving and Sewer Taxes For Paving Districts 1-2-3 For Sewer Districts 1 and 3 All sewer and paving taxes are now due and payable at the office of the City Clerk in the City Hall. Please pay these taxes without delay and save penalty and extra costs. RUTHBLYTHE , City Improvement Collector CHAS. SINKEY PIETRO ROSSI American Legion Arena With Every *15 or $16.50 SUIT We Give You FREE Choice of any New Alan's Fall Hat, WORTH RABER' Graber's Continue to Be Not Only the Leaders in Giving Red Hot Values, But Are Style Leaders in Men's Clothing — and We Ask You to Compare the Fabrics, Staling, Tailoring and Value in These Suits—You Will Not Find Their Equal in Any of These Price Ranges — and Remember the HAT IS FREE. CUP THIS COUPON^ Good for One Hat When presented at (he time of purchase of oni' Man's Suit durim' ihis 3 Day Sale;. GKAHER'S STORKS (Not Good after Nov. 11) O a, > a M With Every $25 SUIT We (five you absolutely FREE your ff •• in our entire ^ Jp^ choice of any stock, WORTH hat 1. Be slow to hang up when calling. 2. Be quick to answer when called. in the Southwest, 25,000 people o day hang c p before the called party has a chance to answer, GRABKR'S STORKS With Every $17.50 or $19.75 Suit We Give You FREE Choice of any New i\ Fan's Fall Hal. WORTH

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